The trade deadline is still five weeks away (August 2nd, 6pm ET), but the Cincinnati Reds aren’t waiting around to get things going. On Friday they traded Trey Amburgey to the Seattle Mariners. This morning they moved another minor leaguer that they had playing in Triple-A. Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that the Reds have traded catcher Sandy León to the Cleveland Guardians for cash considerations.

The move itself isn’t too surprising. On Saturday the Reds picked up catcher Michael Papierski from the San Francisco Giants on a waiver claim. That gave the organization five catchers on the 40-man roster. There is only so much playing time available to go around and so Cincinnati probably picked up the phone and started making calls to see if anyone was interested in acquiring one of their upper level, non-40-man rostered catchers.

Back in 2020 Sandy León played for Cleveland. The now 33-year-old got into 25 games in 2020, hitting .136/.296/.242. He played in 84 games last season with the Marlins, hitting .183/.237/.267. This year he’s spent all year in Triple-A with Louisville, though he was on the taxi squad for one road trip. He’s played in 26 games for the Bats and has hit .222/.321/.306 with 3 doubles, a home run, 10 walks, and 12 strikeouts.

Known for his defense behind the plate, León has spent parts of 10 seasons in the big leagues despite hitting .212/.277/.319 in his Major League Baseball career. The most important defensive spot on the field, catchers – and particularly ones not expected to play every day – aren’t asked to hit much if they can work well with the pitching staff. That’s what Cleveland is getting, or at least hoping to be able to get from Sandy León, who is reportedly being added to the Guardians active 26-man roster. It’s happening so quickly that León is in the starting lineup for Cleveland for a game that starts today at 1:10pm.

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  1. Rednat

    the way the game is trending i could see a day where they have a dh for the catcher. these catchers are no better than pitchers now when it comes to hitting it seems

  2. Rednat

    the way the game is trending i could see a day where they have a dh for the catcher. these catchers are no better than pitchers now when it comes to hitting it seems

  3. Jim t

    Being reported the Yankees will have scouts watching Castillo in Chicago Tuesday.

    • Votto4life

      Noooooo! I want nothing to do with Yankee prospects.

      • Jim t

        Hopefully we can use the Yankees interest to drive the price up for other suitors. Really need to create leverage in these situations. Would be nice to see the Dodgers and Yankees competing for Castillo.

  4. LDS

    Reds FO hoarding cash. Probably doesn’t bode well for the trading deadline.

    • MK

      Not like they got much for Leon. Probably enough to pay Votto for an inning and a half tonight.

  5. JohnnyTV

    The Bull rattling the China shop….

    • Mark Moore

      Not even a Chinese take-out spot yet …

  6. LarkinPhillips

    Please trade Tommy Pham to Philly to replace Harper. C’mon Bull.

    • Rednat

      idk. Pham is starting to grow on me. we need outfielders and he seems durable and a good baserunner as well

      • LarkinPhillips

        Hopefully Philly or someone else agrees with you. Just my opinion, but an immature and “me first” veteran isn’t who I would want around my “young rebuilding” franchise.

      • TR

        Pham has what has been called grit, often found in St. Louis.

      • LarkinPhillips

        @TR, there is a fine line between “grit” and “jerk.” If he had grit like they have in St. Louis, then the devilbirds would have kept him or resigned him. Pure speculation on my side of things, but it seems they didn’t want him for a reason.

    • jmb

      I’d love to see the Reds trade Pham and Almora to the Phillies for Schwarber of Middleton, OH. Though, the Phillies signed him for WAY too much money. But if the Phillies were willing to eat, say, half of his $20 mil./yr. salary… Maybe if the Reds through in Hoffman the Phillies would do just that.

  7. Roger Garrett

    Castillo is a big chip but Krall can not just take the best offer as many have said.He must demand big league players that are playing now or will play next year.

    • Jim t

      Roger demanding and getting are two very different things. We need to create interest from multiple teams. Without that we might as well keep Castillo.

    • Mark Moore

      I think the league knows the Reds are selling. What they offer is yet to be seen. Krall probably isn’t in a position to “demand” anything, especially if the FO has mandated further salary reduction (which I suspect is the case).

      • Roger Garrett

        You are probably right and I don’t know what they may do but Pham and Minor will not be back and thats what 18 mil off next year and of course Joey and Moose in 2023 for over 40 mil.Of course players they keep will get some of that.I guess I just don’t want the Reds to just settle for low minor league prospects but they may have to do that.Hope Krall is a good poker player.

      • TR

        Well stated. Salary reduction is the key to this unbelievable season.

      • Votto4life

        I disagree, the Reds are exactly in a place where they can make demands for Castillo.

        Just because the Reds are selling, doesn’t mean other teams have them over the barrel. Every team, including teams not in the pennant race, are looking to add pitching. So while teams like the Yankees and Dodgers are the most likely to pursue Castillo, other teams like the Mariners and even the Orioles could jump in. Castillo has a year and a half of control and is not making that much money.

        The Reds have Minor, Moran and Pham’s salaries coming off the book, so they are Not desperate to trade Castillo and Mahle.

        Neither Castillo or Mahle are free agents after this season. So, If the Reds don’t get exactly what they want, they can just keep Castillo. Trade him during the off-season.

        If they wait until next summer to trade Castillo, then they were not be in a place to make demands, the advantage of trading him a year and a half before free agency, is they don’t have to move him unless they get the right offer.

    • jmb

      As the Yankees top prospects are performing so poorly thus far this season, and as the Yankees have wanted Castillo for so long, the Reds should trade him to the Red Sox, who would be willing to give up a little more in order to stick it to their arch-rivals. Brayan Bello (SP–AAA), Chris Murphy (SP–AAA), and Verdugo going to the Reds.

    • DaveCt

      Roger, Krall must demand players that are high end, first, and if possible, higher level. If not, you will see Jose Peraza, Scott Schebler, Rookie Davis, John Lamb, Brandon Finnegan, Eric Jagiello, etc.

      This club lacks elite talent. The are decent prospects by the handfuls. They are a dime a dozen. There are few elite players. Castillo is highly talented, and the Reds need to acquire highly talented player(s) in return.

      If not, keep him. Elite talent doesn’t grow on trees. There is no point trading him otherwise. He’s not a rental.

      The Walt Jockety, ‘major league ready’ demand was no more than a smokescreen for economically driven field practices. But that’s another story ..

  8. Roger Garrett

    You right for sure and since he is under control for 2023 there is no rush except we can pretty well be sure he will get 16 mil or more when he hits the open market.I don’t see Bob paying that on a long term deal but he may chose to do it.

    • JohnnyTV

      This is why I feat the “panic selling” mode and all the knickers twisting about Castillo and the trade deadline.
      This is how bad deals are made: eg: Chapman.

      If the deals aren’t good now, wait until off season or 2023.

      I’d love a team to “overpay” the way the Reds did for Latos.

      This is a career-defining trade for Krall.

      If he blows it, then that will be his legacy.

      If he can pull off as score, then his future looks brighter, here or elsewhere.

      However, I just don’t see the Bull as being that sharp.

      I’m sure other teams are looking at the Bull and rubbing their greedy little hands together.

      • TR

        Bulls often charge ahead, so let’s see what happens.

      • Mark Moore

        At least part of the Chapman deal was his looming domestic issues. Plus, he was (and is) more than a little bit of a headcase. Still, I’ll grant you we should have gotten significantly more for him. Frankly, we shouldn’t have let him “decide” to be a closer and shut down the SP route. Look at what Tampa did with David Price back in the day. To me, that’s a much better model for an elite pitcher.

    • jmb

      We’ll give them Strickland. Teams that are in the hunt like veterans. And some players turn things around in a new environment. You won’t get much in return, of course, but then the Reds are merely taking a flier on him.

  9. Kevin H

    Line ups are out. I do wish Okey would get more playing time. I haven’t seen him play as I follow on game day, however from what I read he is a solid defensive catcher and calls a good game? Especially the fact he has caught all 3 reds rookie starters. I would think that counts for something.

  10. JB

    Flea market Bob loves these cash trades.

  11. William

    The GM needs to be listening to the fans. They demand elite talent in return for Castillo. No Cueto or Chapman mistakes.
    There is no room for error. GM: It is why the Reds pay you the big bucks. Get the job done. I would get a position player. The Reds do not need another SS or 2B player. India has 2B covered. Barrerro/McClain/De La Cruz have SS covered. Check and see if you can get Boston’s 1B prospect (Tristan Casas). He will be a star. He is an example of the kind of player you need to get. The Reds future depends on how you deliver for the Reds at trade deadline. Hope you are listening to these fans. They live the Reds.

    • JB

      They need an outfielder on the cusp of being called up. No projects and no more pitchers either.