The Cincinnati Reds needed a win to pick up a series win over the Giants in San Francisco and they took care of business. The Reds scored seven runs in the 3rd inning and added three more in the 5th behind Tyler Mahle’s quality start, taking down the Giants by a score of10-3.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (25-47) 10 15 1
San Francisco Giants (39-33) 3 5 1
W: Mahle (3-6) L: DeSclafani (0-2)
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The Offense

It took a few innings for the Cincinnati Reds offense to get going, but once they did it was an all out assault. Nick Senzel led off the 3rd inning with a single, but Aramis Garcia and Max Schrock recorded outs, setting up a situation that looked much like the first two innings – a chance for no runs for the Reds. Except it wasn’t like the first two innings…. Brandon Drury tripled to put Cincinnati up 1-0 and things just built from there. Tommy Pham singled, Joey Votto doubled, Donovan Solano walked, Matt Reynolds doubled, Albert Almora Jr. singled, a pitching change occurred that ran Anthony DeSclafani from the game, Nick Senzel then singled for the second time in the inning, and Aramis Garcia singled to make it a 7-run inning. The inning only ended when Aramis Garcia was caught stealing second base.

Two innings later the offense got back to it. Nick Senzel singled with two men on and thanks to a throwing error by Brandon Belt both runners scored to make it 9-1. Senzel would score on the next play when Aramis Garcia singled to extend the Reds lead to 10-1. That was all they would get on the day, but it was all that they would need and more.

The Pitching

In today’s game preview we said that Tyler Mahle had turned things around in his last five starts as he posted a 2.14 ERA in that stretch. He kept that going on the afternoon as his offense gave him all kinds of room to work with. When he exited the game it was 10-2, but he was responsible for two runners. Luis Cessa came on to relieve him but an infield single brought in a run to make it 10-3. Mahle’s final line would be: 6.2 innings, 4 hits, 3 runs, 1 walk, and 7 strikeouts.

Reiver Sanmartin came out for the 8th inning and worked around a leadoff walk to hold the score at 10-3 and send the game to the 9th inning. Art Warren took over for Sanmartin to start the 9th inning and he retired the Giants in order to preserve the win.

Notes Worth Noting

David Bell was ejected from the game in the middle of the 9th inning after arguing with the umpire after Matt Reynolds was called out on strikes.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago Cubs

Tuesday June 28th, 8:05pm ET

Luis Castillo (2-4, 3.71 ERA) vs Keegan Thompson (7-2, 3.10 ERA)

81 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Let’s go with more much funner baseball like this one. And a series win in SF to boot!

  2. Jim t

    Really anxious to see the team with Tyler Stephenson.

  3. Klugo

    25-47. Not long ago, we were inching closer to 10 games under .500. A goal that I thought was achievable before the All-Star break that would’ve given us all a little hope. But, alas, even after this series win we sit 22 games under. Pathetic.

    • Kevin H

      22-25 since there horrible start. All things considering they are much better.

  4. LeRoy

    Overall a good game for the Reds. They scored a lot of runs but had some wind blown hits as well as weak contact hits, but they all count.
    Bell has been doing a better job managing, but he must have coached Little League baseball and used the old start a runner from first with a runner on third and attempt to score when they try to throw out the one on first running. It was an embarrassing move and doesn’t show good common sense.

  5. JayTheRed

    Just wanted to say Umpire needs to get his eyes checked. That was a pretty bad strike zone today.

  6. Rednat

    I have noticed Bell gets a little more aggressive with his offensive play calling as the season progresses. i wish he would just start the season this way. I love the bunt call in the 3rd. Garcia would have either struck out or hit into a double play which would have led to a three up three down inning.

    this series provides a blue print for reds success in the future. a lot of base stealing , bunts, first to third on singles, scoring from first on double. i know this goes against the sabermetric philosophy of the 21st century baseball but I think it is our best chance to be successful.

    this is just me but I would try to resign Pham. i love his aggressiveness on the bases. I also would consider trading Castillo and Greene but keep Mahle. i think he is starting to really figure it out now.

    • Tom Reeves

      Trade Greene for what? We probably have one of the top pitching talents of this generation. He’s 22, learns fast, and has an electric arm. There’s nothing we can get with more potential than him.

      • earmbrister

        Yes, in Greene they have a dynamic top shelf pitching talent on a league minimum contract. You trade pitching that is getting expensive for prospects/other players. Cincy needs to, and will, hoard cheap starting pitchers like Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, Dunn, etc. Trade Castillo? Sure. Trade Greene? He’s almost untouchable at this stage of his development. Players like Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, Dunn, India, Stephenson, and hopefully Senzel are the nucleus of the Reds team going forward and should be built around. Glass way more than half full, with plenty of salary coming off the books in the next two years with which to add a FA or three.

      • Eddie

        Mahle getting up in age and no team control after next year like Castillo. Greene being 22 be future with nick lodolo Ashcraft and Overton even tho Overton 28 we just need one good young pitcher or two. I wouldn’t mind have 2 good young pitcher and do occasionally 6 man rotation. A lot of money about to fall off the books after this season unless votto opt in his contract unless it team option then idk if Cincinnati would. Also let Moose go we be better off same with minor off the books.

    • Joe P.

      That was a good call by Bell to have Garcia bunt in that situation. 0-0 game and it was sound strategy to move the runner along and avoid the double play.

      I agree on Pham and Mahle. Keep both. I’d keep Greene too, but I’d look to trade Castillo.

      I’m guessing Pham’s looking for at least a 2 year deal and Mahle’s probably looking for a 4 year deal not counting next year, or a 5 year deal if they include next year in the deal.

      • Brad B

        it might work if the reds would move the walls back in the ballpark especially since Mahle doesnt pitch well at GABP. There is road mahle and home mahle. I also wouldnt be opposed to extending Naquin because there is very little for outfielders in the pipeline and would cost very little.

  7. JohnnyTV

    I wouldn’t like to see Mahle traded, but offered a nice, well crafted deal.
    He’s home grown and is still growing.
    A good pitcher.
    Move the fences back 10-20′ for him.
    He’ll win 15-16 games a year over the life of his contract.

    • MK

      Johnny just how do you go about moving the fences back? There are permanent load bearing walls in place in right and left. Might be able to move center field back in front of batters eye but that would be about it.

      • greenmtred

        Somebody here suggested raising the fences. That would cut down on homers, but wouldn’t make catchable balls out of doubles. Still would help, though.

  8. JohnnyTV

    All the glee at pounding out 11 singles aside, what do folks suppose is up with Disco?

    That last connection back to the ill-advised ‘all-in’ Latos deal.

    I always liked his pitching makeup and sense.

    But he had trouble staying arm healthy.

    I hope that’s not the case now.

    Hard to see the Reds pummeling Anthony on top of his game.

    • Old-School

      3/36 for average over 30 guy

      Why reds need to
      Not pay over 30 guys

      Hows castellanos lookin’

      He will hit that solo homer in the 8th inning down 5-1 but play bad defense and be terrible runner and hit .224

      Phillies and tigers and cubs and Mariners arent winning anything …, just like the Reds

      Twins are but it aint because of sonny gray

      • Old Big Ed

        Sonny has been fine for the Twins when healthy. He has a 1.031 WHIP and a 9.7 K/9, in 42.2 IP. He has given up more than 2 runs in only 1 start.

        The Twins will live or die on Byron Buxton, who is a top 4 MLB player when healthy. They are playing him about 2 games of 3.

      • JohnnyTV

        I highly doubt what were seeing with Winker, and likely Suarez, is the definition of this trade. Along with Tucker, all three swapped leagues as well as teams and all suffered from the same shortened spring training as the Reds hitters did.

        New pitchers, new ballparks, new teammates.

        Castellanos was hot and cold in his first year after coming to the Reds.

        One can certainly expect him to return to form.

        Miley and Gray have both pitched well when healthy.

        Making an evaluation on the consequence of these trades based on how folks are doing so far is way way premature.


        In these terms, the Reds have benefitted absolutely ZERO from the Winker-Suarez trade.

        (Fraley hurt, Dunn rehabbing, ‘prospects’ in MiLB.)

        Or the Gray trade, or the Tucker trade or the Miley give away.

        Can’t realistically measure things that way.

        Give it a little more time and we’ll see.

      • Joey Red

        Those trades didn’t exactly help the Reds either. Despite what many think this franchise is light years away from being competitive. This team might not have been in serious contention if the trades weren’t made but I’m not sure they would be over20 games below 500. Plus the comments that were made by the Reds after the trades were a PR disaster.

    • Joe P.

      Disco had those kind of games too when he was with the Reds…cruising along and then he would get bombed from out of nowhere.

      Chris Welsh said Disco’s velocity is down from 95/96 to around 92, but the problem for him today was bad pitch location with 2 strikes. He gets Drury and he’s out of that inning with Senzel stranded at second base. But he couldn’t get Drury and then Pham got a single on a bad pitch and the wheels fell off. That’s the Disco I remember…either unhittable or one horrible inning that costs him the game.

    • VaRedsFan

      Ill advised Latos deal?
      That was a great move to acquire a very good pitcher in his prime, when the contention window was wide open.

      They didn’t give up any future HOF’ers in the deal. Grandal may have had a few good seasons, but that too, was short lived.

      • Mark Moore

        I had a weird “personal” connection to the Latos deal. I had just started a new job (moved to NC) and the HR person found out I was a Reds fan. She told me her little sister was dating one of the Reds players. When I asked who, she said, “Chris Denorfia”. I laughed and said, “He’s not a Red anymore. He just got traded to Oakland.”

      • Jim Walker

        Yasmani Grandal had a decade, 2012-2021, with his OPS+ every year >100 and a cumulative OPS+ of 119. His career bWAR stands at 20.6

        Brad Boxberger is still playing and is a useful bullpen piece.

        Yonder Alonso finished with 8.1 bWAR and a career 108 OPS+

        Edinson Volquez posted 3.9 bWAR after leaving the Reds

        Latos posted 5.1 bWAR before the Reds then 7..8 bWAR in 3 years (actually 2 positive years) with the Reds and was negative bWAR for the remainder of his career.

        Yes, the Reds caught some lightning in a bottle with Latos but I think there is a legitimate argument overpaid for it.

  9. Steven Ross

    Drury needs to bat Cleanup. Seems rather obvious. Been crushing it lately. The more I see Solano, the more I want him in the lineup.

    • David

      Batting Drury 4th would be a pretty good idea. Or 3rd.
      I could see several guys in the 1-2 slots in the lineup.

      Maybe Senzel gets a second look, as he has been hitting really well for a couple of weeks.
      India still hitting leadoff?

      All in either 1 or 2 slots in the lineup. I would even think you could move Pham up to 2nd in the lineup.
      But Drury 3rd or 4th in the lineup, fer shure.

    • Dewey

      Agree with Solano in lineup, good bat and speed, let the rookies get there feet wet, Reds will be better in the long run

    • Redsvol

      @sultan – I’ve been banging this drum for awhile. I don’t care if he is only a middle of the rotation starter many nights, that has value. And then every once in awhile he is dominant. 4 years, 60 million – buying out 3 of his post-arbitration years. He gets financial security and he gets to go for a 2nd contract when he is only 32 years old. Maybe make the last year an option year if negotiation gets too tough. We need a veteran pitcher amongst the youngsters for a few years and $$$ is coming off the books. Trade Castillo for a king’s ransom.

      • SultanofSwaff

        With salary coming off the books, there’s no justifiable reason not to extend him…..not from a baseball or financial perspective. To me, the Reds ability, or should I say willingness, to open up a competitive window hinges on this decision. At some point you have to extend your homegrown players, otherwise your only chance at the playoffs depends on catching lightning in a bottle once every few years. The revolving door has to stop. Heck, yesterday we look around California and see no less than 5 former Reds who are meaningful contributors to competitive teams. The ONLY reason they’re not still playing in cincy is tightfisted ownership. The endless cycle of trying to fill holes from within because you traded away anyone making real money is the primary reason the casual fan doesn’t invest any emotional energy in this franchise. Even w/o Castellini’s boneheaded comments, the fans have long understood their loyalty is something to be exploited. If the front office is serious about building a ‘sustainable’ team, to me this is the litmus test…..and it’s why I bang the drum for an extension every time he pitches.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Here’s the argument against extending Mahle. His career ERA on the road is 3.74, but at home, it’s 5.10. His career is not a small sample size. He’s a fly-ball pitcher who can get good results when not pitching in GABP.

        IMO, the front office has to hold out for high-minors top prospects or big-league position players when discussing both Mahle and Castillo in trades. They can’t ask for offers and trade those two for the best offer. What if the best offer is two class A pitchers?

        Mahle can have a better-than-average career if he winds up with a team that plays in a bigger ballpark. I think he knows that, and probably is not lobbying for an extension at this point.

      • Jim Walker

        Until recently I would have been with you on Mahle. But I like the growth we’ve seen from Mahle in the last couple of months. He is finally starting to get better pitch efficiency which allows him to go deeper into games. His home FIP has dropped to under 4 so far in 2022 which is in the range of the overall league average FIP.

        While any team would always prefer an ERA or FIP lower home than on the road, given the way Mahle performs on the road, this home FIP seems tolerable to me.

        In the end, maybe signing Mahle versus signing or trading for another pitcher comes down to the devil the Reds know versus the devil they don’t. I’d take the league average for Mahle at GABP to get the superior performance he provides on the road.

        Then again maybe Mahle id trying to pitch his was out of town; and, if that is the case, let him go rather than overpay him to stay where he really prefers to be gone from.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I don’t believe Mahle is trying to pitch his way out of town. I just think he’d be smart to put himself in a position to test the free market. To sign him now, the front office will likely have to overpay him, which they won’t do. But since his performance is trending upward, the front office should drive a hard bargain in trade talks. There is absolutely no reason to trade either him or Castillo on the cheap.

      • MK

        My son is a Mets fan, think his mother dropped him on his head, and he says the New York press is reporting the Mets and Yankees are competing for one of the two. Yankees like Castillo Mets Mahle. Supposedly the report is the Reds want Jeff McNeill and prospect(s). Mets are reluctant on McNeill.

      • Jim Walker

        Not questioning the accuracy of your son’s reports of the published rumors but Jeff McNeil is in his age 30 season and has 2 seasons of arbitration salary level team control remaining after this year.

        That doesn’t seem to fit for where the Reds are at or be the type of guy they’d be looking for in return for Mahle. He’d be gone or off the charts expensive by the time the Reds were serious contenders even if everything fell their way,

        This said McNeil’s 2022 OPS+ and career OPS+ do look mighty sweet.

    • Redgoggles

      The other real – and growing IMO – issue is the player’s desire to re-up in Cincy, especially a fly-ball pitcher. They see the ownership’s impact – see Castallanous distinction between ownership (bad) and Bell’s management (good) – really points to why would Mahle want to extend in Cincy without the Reds having to overpay? Continued poor ownership/management leads to higher free agency costs, which only puts more pressure on the drafting/development of the farm system.

      • Jim Walker

        Yes, agree they are going to have to overpay for either a long term extension of an in house guy or a free agent to clean up the damage that has been done in the last year.

      • Old Big Ed

        If the Reds offer Mahle a good extension, why would he care about the effect of a homer-friendly ballpark? The financial point of having good stats is to get a big contract. If he got a big contract, why would he be concerned about cosmetic stats?

        Besides, teams all know how to account for ballpark effects in evaluating pitchers.

  10. Redsvol

    Senzel!!! I don’t care if he hits .300 for the rest of the year with all singles. I just want that young man to get 500 at bats under his belt and end the year healthy.

    Solano!! – this dude is a professional hitter. I would rather see us extend him for 2 years than get a very low level middle relief prospect for him at the deadline. This guy has value on a young team. Every contender will want him at the deadline but they won’t offer much.

    Bell! – I loved him arguing balls and strikes for his players. And he was smart enough to wait until the game was decided while still making his point. Guy managed a good series. Its amazing how good a manager is when your starting pitcher makes it into the 7th inning and your bullpen doesn’t allow multiple runs per inning!!!

  11. Doc4uk

    Keep Mahle. Couple him with Lodolo, Greene, Overton, Ashcraft and perhaps one of Boyle , Williamson, Dunn, or Abbott. Then trade Castillo for top outfield prospect of some organization but wait until a contending team loses a pitcher in July to injury. At that point bring up Williamson and Boyle and Dunn and see if they can give you any innings.

    Next year Antone will return and perhaps can fill the role of closer . Perhaps Boyle and Dunn can be used out of the pen next year as well.

    • Jim Walker

      I was thinking Dunn could step in and provide some stability in the pen in the 2nd half of this year.

      John Smoltz reinvented himself as a reliever for 3 years following an injury; so, why not give it a shot with Dunn

      • Tom Mitsoff

        That’s a possibility. Not every one of the starting pitchers in the organizational depth chart will remain a starter. There aren’t enough rotation slots for all of them.

      • LarkinPhillips

        I like the thought of Dunn as reliever, maybe his stuff will play up and the Reds catch lightning in a bottle. Another one, I like out of the bullpen is Mike Minor. So far this year the only inning he has been good in is the first (super small sample size). He has pitched effectively out of the pen before in his career as well. It may give the Reds an effective lefty out of the pen and some leverage to move him closer to the deadline. I hate the idea of a 6 man rotation and short handed bullpen for this team as there aren’t many reliable arms in the bullpen.

  12. DaveCT

    Jesse Winker channeling his inner Amir Garrett yesterday.

    • west larry

      I would like to know what the angels yelled at him from the bench, He looked like he was going to go to first-then the shout out-and he went ballistic. I have never seen Winker go off like that before,

      • David

        He (Winker) may be frustrated, as he is having a bad year.

        The Angels may be feeling cocky, as they look to be winning the division.

        Joe Maddon managing the Angels. Go figger.

        That Mike Trout, he’s just an animal. A fish, if you will. 🙂

      • west larry

        If the angels win the division, I’ll let you hit me in the butt
        with a baseball!

      • west larry

        Shout out to Joe Maddon, wherever you are.

      • DaveCT

        I think he went after Phil Nevin, the manager.

        Mariners were ticked off because the Angels subbed in a reliever at the last minute, who threw behind their leadoff guy and best player, Julio Rodriguez, who is a beast. Next batter was Jesse and they hit him. The Angels ‘starter’ was ejected and they brought in the previously schedule starter. Nice.

      • David

        Well, duh.
        Don’t know why I was thinking the Angels were winning the AL West. The Astros are WAY ahead of them. Dumb.
        They aren’t even above .500 now.
        I think they did get off to a good start, but have faded since May.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Saw Jesse got that pizza. Glad to see M’s fans support him. And good to see him standing up for his teammates. Raisel on the other hand looked extremely petulant throwing seeds and gum onto the field after all the festivities were over.

  13. CFD3000

    It’s been frustrating watching the Reds this year, of course. Between weak roster construction (especially the bullpen and the outfield) , injuries, and growing pains for the young starters there has been a lot of losing. And I’ve grumbled plenty. So to be fair I’m going to tip my cap when a little winning happens. Two of three from the Giants in SF is a nice weekend’s work. Go Reds!

  14. TR

    A winning series at Wrigley could give the Reds a bit of a turn around as they begin the 2nd. half of the season and face better teams as they head toward late July.

  15. Votto4life

    I am glad the Reds won the weekend series, but let’s face it they are still 22 games under .500.

    As a Reds fan, the only thing I have left to look forward to this season is the trading deadline. To me it is our all-star game and World Series combined in 2022.

    I really hope the Reds get a decent return for Luis Castillo or the season will be a complete disaster. On the other hand, if the Red’s receive a couple of prospects who project to be middle of the line up type of bats, then I will look forward to next season with some degree of hope.

    When I read the Reds are scouting the Yankees 27th best prospect, it sends chills down my side. Hopefully, he is part of a deal for Pham or someone else, because if Krall trades Castillo for that type of a return, I will seriously have to take up drinking.

    Right now, it’s all about August 2nd.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I agree with you. What Krall absolutely cannot do is tell all his fellow GMs to make their best offers for Mahle and Castillo, and he’ll take the best one. Krall has to demand position players who are either top-tier prospects at Class AA or above, or else position players already starting in the majors. Getting Class A or lower prospects sentences this team to at least two more years of what we’re seeing, and I don’t know about everyone else, but that won’t cut it for me.

      I’m also concerned because this team has not done well in trading established players for prospects. Aroldis Chapman, Todd Frazier, Jay Bruce, Johnny Cueto … all of those trades resulted in the big ol’ goose-egg for the current Reds team. Some will argue that the Winker-Suarez trade was a good haul of top prospects. Not until they make it and stay in the big leagues, it isn’t. In 2017, the White Sox traded Jose Quintana to the Cubs for four prospects, two of which were Dylan Cease and Eloy Jimenez. Those two are still with the Sox and contributing. That’s the kind of trade Krall has to make for Mahle and Castillo. I have no interest in Class A players who have about a 10 percent chance of ever making it to the big leagues.

      • JohnnyTV

        I don’t mean to be a downer, but I don’t think Bull Krall has it in him to pull this off.

        The Reds don’t need to trade pitching for pitching.

        They don’t need any more shortstops or second basemen.

        This isn’t a salary dump.

        The Bull doesn’t have to make ANY trade if the returns aren’t good.

        No need to get knickers twisted up about August 2. It’s not doomsday.

        The Reds can work an off season trade if the Yankees (or whoever) are offering up Rookie Davis II, or Jake Fraley, or equivalent.

        Likely a career defining trade for the Bull.

        Chances of him blowing it feel substantial.

      • DaveCT

        Tom, I hope we no longer practice the previous strategy of acquiring ‘ML ready talent at any cost’ which I believe contributed to at least 2-3 of those mediocre trades. At the least, I hope we increase our demands, such as high quality AND upper level players vs. accepting the Schebler’s, Peraza’s, Dilson Herrera’s, Rookie Davis’, John Lamb’s etc of the world. Castillo would merit this, with a bit of a drop-off for Mahle. Otherwise, realistically, Pham, Drury, Naquin, Almora, even Farmer are all 7-9 hitters on a contending team and will return maybe a top 30 prospect. Maybe. If you want quality, you have to give up quality.

      • BK

        Of the 4 players that went to the White Sox for Quintana, Cease was at A ball at the time of the trade and Jimenez had been promoted to AA about 3 weeks prior to the trade. The other two players were at High-A and never made the Majors. Injuries have limited Jimenez’s productivity for the last two years. Cease has improved each year in the Major. To date, the best player from that trade was in fact in A-ball at the time of the trade. I don’t like where the Reds are either, but the Reds need to bring in the best possible talent in each trade, regardless of level. This is especially critical when trading a legitimate #1 starter (i.e., one of the best 30 in MLB) which Castillo is.

    • BK

      @Votto, Will Warren would be the centerpiece of a return for Castillo. FWIW, the underlying source on Warren, Peter Gammons, never stated he would … simply that the Reds are scouting him. Gammons went on to explain how well Warren has progressed in the Yankees’ system this year. Warren has gone from a mid-major college with a decent baseball program SE Louisiana (they make the NCAAs about every other year) to pitching well at AA with good command, a plus slider and a fastball now hitting 98 mph. I would expect he’ll move well up on the Yankees’ prospect list when it’s refreshed. That said, he shouldn’t be the best player coming back to us for a 4+ WAR starting pitcher in his prime with about a year and a half left of arbitration.

      • Votto4life


        I hope you’re right, it just seems odd for him to mention Will Warren without mentioning the centerpiece coming to the Reds.

        I saw one writer speculate the Reds see something in Warren that other teams don’t see. That type of statement scares me to death.

        I also don’t like dealing with the Yankees because their prospects are usually overhyped. For the most part, writers in New York are biased and over value players in pinstripes.

        The Reds need to be focusing on middle of the line up hitters. Prospects with some pop who can drive in runs is what the Reds need. If they weaken Castillo’s return by taking on a pitcher in AA, then it’s a failed mission in my opinion.

        Krall has one shot to get this right. It’s a difference between a 2 to 3 year rebuild and a 5 to 7 year rebuild. I am 61 and who knows if I will be around in 7 years. Get it right Bull!

      • DaveCT

        The Yankees and their media machine always hype and overhype their prospects, especially during trade seasons.

        If you do trade with them, target their undrafted free agent (Latino) signings. They have a long reach.

      • BK

        I agree, just wanted to share the substance of the article … the Reds have scouted Warren and the Yankees have talked about Castillo. Connecting the two was speculative. It’s one paragraph of 33 if I counted correctly.

      • Redsvol

        Warren is not nearly enough for Castillo. Think berrios trade from twins to blue jays last year and raise it. Plus Yankees and red Sox prospects are always over hyped. I wouldn’t even trade with them. I’d Prefer a trade with blue jays, dodgers, Cleveland, padres, twins or astros. Plenty of options and good farm systems.

    • Hotto4Votto

      No worries, I have it on good authority that Krall is a bill in a china shop.

  16. William

    It will take awhile, but the Reds young pitchers are encouraging. There is some real talent there that will bloom in the next few years. The Reds need to trade for some impact position prospects. The Reds will have a contending team on the field by 2025, hopefully 2024, of course.

  17. William

    This is my childhood team, win or lose. It is my favorite team in all of sports. Yes, I am frustrated as well.

  18. William

    My dream as a kid was to be a major league baseball player. I never missed the All-Star team as a kid, but never achieved the dream. I wanted to play for the Cincinnati Reds. I will never give up on this team because of this. I loved Pete Rose.

  19. Doc

    Went to an Italian restaurant in Houston for dinner while visiting our daughter. When we were seated I started looking at the sports memorabilia on the walls. Directly in my sight line was a framed photograph of the Cincinnati Reds exiting the dugout to take the field at the start of a game. Crosley Field, under the lights, with the old sleeveless jerseys. Brought back a lot of memories as that was what I grew up watching in the 50s and 60s. Nice piece of reminiscing, in Houston no less.

    • Ryan

      Crowley was a treasure to this pre-teenager

      • Ryan

        BTW Greg Rhodes’ book About the Reds of the fifties and sixties is an absolute delight fir fans if a certain age

    • JohnnyTV

      Nice story.
      I grew up in Houston and started following the Reds, believe it or not, because we could pick up WLW on the car AM radio.
      I worked in Cincinnati for awhile and saw the Reds often at Riverfront.
      You could get “top six rows” seats for $3 or something.
      And then take the river taxi over to Newport.
      Too young for the Big Red Machine which I count as a blessing now, since it’s not hanging over my head as a fan.
      46 years ago.
      Joe Nuxhall’s laconic delivery was summertime for me.
      In Houston, Texas, laying in the backseat of the car trying to keep cool in Texas.
      I still enjoy the Reds for that spirit of summer.
      And the memories of those brats and metts they served at Riverfront…
      Only in Cincinnati.
      Better than the chili.
      But the chili is good.
      Take it from a Texan.

  20. William

    Here is the player the Reds need to get: Tristan Casas. He plays first base. He is 22 and the 14th ranked MLB prospect. He has great power. Trade Castillo for him. This guy is going to be a star. Look at the videos. The Red Sox need Castillo, and this guy would be Votto’s replacement in two years. If the GM brings this guy to Cincinnati, all is forgiven.

  21. William

    Tristan Costas is in the Red Sox organization. He is at AAA.

  22. DaveCT

    Ask for the untouchable player(s) in exchange for Castillo. Insist. See who caves.

  23. DaveCT

    Phil Nevin ordered the Code Red. Suspended for ten games for directing both Julio Rodriguez — one of the games rising stars — and Jesse Winker.

    • Redsvol

      the way the Angels manager brought in a reliever to open the game in order to throw at Mariners hitters is beyond the normals of playing baseball. He got a 10 game suspension and probably deserved 30 games. MLB cannot let a team so blatantly plan to throw at another team’s hitters in a future game. Its one thing to do it in the same game but its a totally other thing to plan to do it with a reliever-opener in a future game. I think Phil Kevin ought to have to bat once against a Mariners reliever that throws 100 mph as additional punishment.

  24. Roger Garrett

    Looks rather obvious that is exactly what Nevin planned to do.In a court of law planning in advance gets a much greater sentence.Yes he deserved much more but he is the interim guy replacing Madden and he is back to somewhere as a bench coach or bullpen coach after this year cause they like his fire and all that stuff.Headhunting and intentional headhunting has no place in baseball period.