The struggles for Mike Minor with the Cincinnati Reds continued on Saturday night in San Francisco. Minor allowed three home runs in the pitcher friendly Oracle Park – in route to a 9-2 loss to the Giants.

The Reds took an early 1-0 lead on a Nick Senzel RBI single, but the Giants scored 9 unanswered runs. Brandon Drury hit his 15th home run of the year late in the game for the Reds.

Final R H E
San Francisco Giants (39-32) 9 9 1
Cincinnati Reds (24-47) 2 5 0
W: Webb (7-2) L: Minor (1-4)
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Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the biggest play of the game for the Reds was Nick Senzel‘s RBI single 2nd inning with 2 outs, giving the Reds a 1-0 lead with runners on 1st & 3rd. That play increased the Reds probability of winning by 11.5% (from 49.4% to 61.1%).


Brandon Drury hit his 15th home run of the season.

Mike Moustakas reached base twice for a second consecutive night.

Nick Senzel drove in a run. He is 5 for 11 over the last three games. We have said this many times before, but hopefully this is the start of a really nice stretch from Senzel.

Daruri Moreta and Ross Detwiler each pitched scoreless innings of relief.


Mike Minor‘s first 5 starts with the Reds have been rough as he now has a 7.71 ERA/7.95 FIP. He has allowed 10 home runs in 25.2 innings. I suppose the positive for Minor is that he has at least gone 6.0, 6.1 and 5.0 innings in his last 3 starts. Minor was brought in to eat innings for the Reds. You just hope that he could mix in a few starts where the Reds actually have a chance of winning.

Jared Solomon had a rough inning his his first appearance since being recalled, allowing 3 earned runs and 2 walks.

Not so random thoughts………

Jonathan India was hit by a pitch in the 5th inning. He stayed in the game until the 7th inning when David Bell took India out along with Pham and Votto due to the game being out of hand. Hopefully that was just precautionary.

Up Next:

Reds at Giants
Sunday, 4:05 PM
TV: Bally Sports Ohio
Tyler Mahle (4.57 ERA/3.37 FIP) vs Anthony DeSclafani (7.71 ERA/5.08 FIP)

67 Responses

  1. Mark A Verticchio

    Votto is giving this team nothing, he no longer needs to play everyday. Father time has caught up with him, it happens to everybody.

    • jessecuster44

      Votto has no protection in lineup. He’s the only reason to watch this pathetic team.

  2. LDS

    Anyone want to bet that India is headed back to the IL? And that, if so, Reynolds starts ahead of Schrock?

    • Greg

      That would be typical of David Bell. Schrock should be the regular DH instead of Moose. I am guessing the orders to play Moose regularly are coming from Bob and Phil.

    • Jim Walker

      Word late last night/ very early Sunday AM was that post game X-rays of India’s were negative, NO breaks, at least.

  3. jessecuster44

    9,5 MM to eat innings. It would have been so easy to sign 1-2 waiver wire SPs to do the same thing and then spend the 9.5 mm on an OF who could produce.

    Thank you Nick Krall.

    • PTBNL

      all because Big Bob gave the mandate to get rid of Amir Garrett.

    • 2020ball

      In a number of very questionable moves over the years, Minor looks particularly terrible. Garrett’s been worse than I expected, admittedly, but why you’d trade a questionable young arm for a questionable old arm that costs more is simply mind blowing. Very puzzling trade.

  4. JB

    The Reds desperately need Senzel to produce because there isn’t much in the pipeline for outfielders in the next couple of years . The Reds are getting nothing for Minor. No playoff team wants a pitcher with a 7 era. When Lodolo is ready bring him up and cut Minor loose. This season has been a disaster.

    • west larry

      Minor can’t be in the starting rotation. try him in long relief. If that doesn’t work out release him. Schrock should be given a chance to play. If he starts for a couple of months, the reds will have a pretty good idea of what they have in Schrock.

      • Votto4life

        I’m afraid we are stuck with Mike Minor until the end of the season. It was a terrible move by Nick Krall. No one wants Mike Minor. No other team would waste a roster spot on him. Only Nick Krall would see a pitcher with a 5.00 plus era the past two season and see an opportunity (he is a bull in a China shop I hear).

        I’m not sure if Nick Krall is arrogant and thinks he is smarter than every other GM in the league or he is just not that bright.

        I’m sure Kansas City was pleased just to dump his salary and anything Amir Garret could deliver is just a bonus.

        I mean I guess some would say the Pham signing was OK. Still seems to over paid for him to me.

        The Moran signing was a failure. He is currently struggling in triple AAA.

        The same could be said for the Solano signing. He was been injured all year. That is the downside of one year rentals, one semi-serious injury and you have wasted a lot of money.

        Drury has turned out OK, but he is about the only move that Nick Krall made this off season that has paid dividends.

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    Minor replaced Gutierrez in his rotation spot doing exactly the same: giving 4 runs up or more in every outing he makes with a lot of homers allowed. It is a nightmare when the turn to start the game comes to him…

  6. RedsFan11

    Everyone keeps saying after trade deadline this time will be even worse because players will be traded.. which players? Who would any MLB team even want on this roster outside of Mahle and Castillo?

    • Votto4life

      Drury is doing his best to get a ticket out of here. He is about the only though. I mean someone would take Greene and Lodolo if the Reds would make them available.

      I went to a Tigers game in the early 2000s. The Tigers were awful. Anyway, a Tiger fan was talking to a Yankee fan. The Tiger fan said there had been rumors in Detroit that the Tigers may trade, their only decent player at the time, Bobby Higgenson. The Tiger fan asked the Yankee fan what the Yankees would give up for Higgenson. The Yankee fan just shrugged and said “Why would the Yankees want Higgenson? Typical Yankee arrogance.

      I felt bad for the Tiger fan, but the Yankee fan was right. I suppose same could be said of our situation this year.

    • 2020ball

      Well…with India, Stephenson, Ashcraft, Lodolo, and Greene obviously off the table, youre mostly left with Drury as a prime candidate. Votto probably doesnt make himself available, but plenty of teams would trade for him. Pham, Farmer, Hoffman, and Diaz would/might attract some interest, probably more so for the relievers. Id take a chance on Santillan if I were another team Solano may play himself into a candidate too, albeit a minor one.

      So yeah…not much goin there. Maybe more than most might think though.

      • Jim Walker

        The remaining sunken cost on Votto’s contract. is pushing against $45m (~11m left this year, 25m for next and a $7m option buyout for 2024).

        Votto has more than earned every cent of that with his past performance. However, what team is going to take on even a quarter of it for his remaining future value?

        Maybe in the off season if Votto wants to go home to Toronto for his MLB curtain call and the Blue Jays are willing, something could be worked out. However, Votto recently traded in his Green Card for full US citizenship, so who can say if he would have an interest in such a deal.

      • VaRedsFan

        Plenty of teams would trade for Votto? Seriously??
        Who’s lining up to pay half of this years salary and all of next year?
        Batting .200 with 5 HR’s

        Nobody wants the Slapper Pham…it’s bad optics.
        Several teams just lost outfielders. The Dodgers purchased .180 hitting Trace Thompson. The Rays lost two in 1 game…Where’s the line at the door asking for Pham?

        Please step back into reality.

  7. Kevin H

    I thought Burrero was the future? Might as well call him up and play him everyday. See if he can hit mlb pitching. Same with Friedl. Yet Bell continues his analytical stuff which doesn’t work…

    • Oldtimer

      He can’t hit minor league pitching in 2022.

    • 2020ball

      Hm… yeah lets put hitters in the lineup that cant hit and then try and slam analytics as not working. Cute. Turns out the “non-analytical stuff” or whatever you’d prefer probably doesn’t like their performances either.

      A bad team’s a bad team. Really not sure what anyone expects some random other manager to do better.

      • Kevin H

        Funny the “non analytical stuff” worked for years. Take away the shift, bring back hit and runs, steals, bunting, and use a regular lineup. You know like they did years and years and years. It worked.

  8. Old-school

    Zero lefty hitting in the entire organization
    Votto is done
    Moose is done
    NaqUin is on the IL mostly and a FA.

    7/9 hitters were righty against a righty. Lefty hitters in AAA? No one
    Who is in AA? MaybE 1
    Where is the lefty hitting?

    • Jim Walker

      Looks like a case of failure to avoid peaks and Val alleys! Fo years they were short RH batters and now they are short LH batters.

      One man’s peak is another man’s valley, like ceilings and floors?.

      • Jim Walker

        I hate tablet/ phone software keyboards and laptop keyboards 😉 Hopefully, I will be back to my good old fashion real keyboard in a couple of days.

    • Luke J

      I can think of one lefty with a high level hit tool that sits the bench everyday. If we had more lefties in the organization, would Bell play them?

  9. Andrew Brewer

    I’ve watched a couple-few M. Minor starts now. He just doesn’t have it. How he got paired with Webb makes no sense. We have Mahle going against the old Red DeScalfani (who wasn’t bad) tomorrow. The Reds surely have a shot at this one… No reason to get overly down with Minor on the mound. Just hope our hitters can stay hot !

  10. Votto4life

    Paul Dougherty had a column in the Enquirer on Saturday discussing Eric Davis’ home run in game one of the 1990 World Series. His basic point was, we will see moments like that again.

    I sure hope he is right, but it is hard to conceive of it right now. The Reds are about as far away as they can be from competing for a World Series title. If the Reds were in the Premier League, they would be moved to a lower level.

    I am 61 and honestly it seems far fetched that this organization will ever win again in my lifetime.

    From my count the Reds need a first baseman, Shortstop, third baseman, three outfielders, a DH and a full bullpen. Depending on what happens next month, they made need a couple starters as well.

    It’s a real shame how negligent this ownership group and front office have been. The only hope we have is if a new owner comes into the picture and even it that happens it’s going to take time.

    Hopefully, when Bob passes on, Phil will want to wipe his hands of the whole matter and we will get an owner who cares.

    • TR

      After this season, a lot could happen in Redsland in the coming off-season.

    • Erik the Red

      I am about the same age and you are correct. A lot of pieces needed to fill out the everyday lineup in order to be competitive. Also as mentioned by a few we will at least need two or three of these to be LH batters. The worst Reds team in my lifetime is 1982 and this team is a lot worse than that team. Not even close.

    • Jim t

      @votto04life Couldn’t agree more. This team is much further away from contention then 2024.

  11. Votto4life

    Apparently, The Yankees have approached the Reds about Luis Castillo. The Reds have been scouting pitcher Will Warren who is in AA. Warren is 23 years old and has been pitching in high A ball until recently.

    If Warren is the centerpiece of this trade, it’s because the Yankees are taking on Moose’s contract. I am going to be ill if the Reds give Castillo away or get a crappy return. .

    • Slicc50

      Yep, a 23 year old who has just recently been promoted to AA! Just the kind of player I would expect THIS front office to get for their number one trade piece!

    • TR

      Regarding Moose, let’s hope it’s not a rerun of the deal with the M’s to get rid of Suarez by including last years All Star, Winker.

      • Luke J

        That trade was a good one. Overton and Williamson are very nice prospects and Dunn is about ready to come back from injury and contribute. Meanwhile Winker and Suarez are hitting around .220 a piece and we no longer have to complain about Suarez’ contract. Reds made a lot if questionable moves in the off season. That wasn’t one of them.

      • TR

        Winker was just coming into his own when he was traded, so that trade was not good for me. It was clear Mr. Castellini was in budget cutting mode, and so we have this season. Down the road I hope the pitchers acquired do come through provided the Reds, at that time, have an offense to support them.

      • Luke J

        Winker was coming into his own? His own is poor defense and he can’t hit lefties. That makes for a low ceiling.

    • JB

      Reds don’t need another pitcher. They have plenty in minors who are strong candidates for the rotation. They need outfielders. Now they are stockpiling pitchers and shortstop.

    • Chris Holbert

      23 and AA Woo Hoo….#getthehitting

    • JohnnyTV

      This would be a nightmare trade and fully believable for the Bull Krall.
      More broken china, no refund.

      If the Reds can’t swallow the rest of Moose’s contract in order to make a good trade for a highly desirable starter, than this organization is even more pathetic than it seems.

      Spending fool’s money on Minor so you have to throw in your best pitcher in a bum trade to dump another foolish contract?

      Say it isn’t so.

  12. Reddawg2012

    I think the worst part of all of this is knowing that Krall wont even get anything valuable for the few assets we do have (Mahle, Castillo) because he is so incompetent. The decision to get rid of Wade Miley and bring in Mike Minor to replace him says a lot about Krall’s judgement. If the Reds get fleeced in a trade for these guys, it just might put me over the edge.

  13. TR

    A rare occurrence this season as the Reds go for the series win today at Oracle Park.

  14. Old-school

    Is there any reason to play the rest of the MLB season. Can we just fast forward to October. Other than Milwaukee and STL in a dogfight for the NL central, every thing else but maybe the 6th wildcard is done.

    Yankees and Astros 1/2 and a bye
    Minnesota the 3
    Boston /Toronto 4/5
    Cleveland and Rays can fight out 6

    The entire Al west other than Houston is out. Baltimore out, tigers/royals out.

    NL is the same
    Pencil in Mets/Dodgers 1/2
    MIlwaukee and STL will slug it out for 3
    BRaves and padres 4/5

    Loser of brewers/Cards will fight with giants for 6

    Phillies done with Harper now out
    Reds/pirates/cubs/marlins/Nats/Dbacks/Rockies stink.

    Playoff fever….Catch it!

    Give the Brewers and Cards credit. They compete year in and year out.

    • TR

      When October rolls around and the Reds are done, I’ll concentrate on the Bengals and football. Probably watch a little and check the scores of the baseball playoffs. Any action to revive the Reds will get top priority for me.

    • Jim Walker

      But there is no reason the Reds could not be in the middle of the NL Central race. It is a multi step process. The first step is to get into the playoffs. win some games, and be seen by the other players in the league. Then things start to happen to help keep a team there and climbing.

      Baseball is not football or basketball where one guy can turn a team on a dime. Baseball requires a plan, patience, and time. I know a lot of folks don’t like hockey analogies, but that’s the sport that matches more closely with baseball in this regard.

    • Daytonnati

      You inspire another “Greene Day” lyric: “wake me up when September ends …” 🙂

  15. Old-school

    Could be worse Reds Fans

    Phillies ($227 mil) terrible roster construction and bullpen and will be sitting home in October. Angels( $190 mil AND Trout and Ohtani) might be .500 and White Sox take the cake( $193 mil plus they hired Larussa????? ) get a good seat on the couch to watch the small market Twins in October.

    • Alex

      So, then we admit, being smart matters way more then money. That actually is worse, because the reds aren’t smart.

  16. Roger Garrett

    Bell is told to play the money and to show case players for possible trades.Beyond that it is probably up to him to play who he wants to play and then he scripts everything and it becomes total chaos.Injuries happen and then there is more chaos and the guys he is told to play don’t produce but he must play them and young guys who are better or could be better set and watch or stay in the minors etc etc.Reds need a plan,a clear plan that is simple to execute.They are so messed up but until they release or set non productive players it will remain total chaos.Reds have players on this team that are not part of the future and who are doing nothing but keeping the Reds from finding out who is.Thats insane to keep doing that and they could easily lose 100 games and not find out anything about Schrock or Barrero and others then start this insane process all over again next year.The only thing they have going for them is their starting pitching and then we see Minor on the mound and we know that does nothing for this team now or in the future.Its a joke and the rest of the league is still laughing.

    • DataDumpster

      Old-school is correct that there is a very uncompetitive landscape for playoff seedings (in spite of the expansion which wasn’t suppose to happen). Lately, I have been catching the Brewers-Cards game on MLB when they come up. Very entertaining competition here. Later this year, there may be an even more intense 3 way competition for 3rd place in the NL Central that at least a few fans may be interested in. The Reds are sitting on nearly even odds to plum the depth of the 2015 team (64-98) while the Bucs and Cubbies are probably on a similar trajectory. It would seem to be a major embarrassment for David Bell if this were to happen but more excuses will be proffered as usual.
      How low can they go? If they make some good trades and get rid of Bell later in the season (as Old-school offered recently) that would smell like major opportunity for prospective GMs and manager candidates. A $100 million payroll can be parlayed to a championship if you hire a manager like The Snit, have outstanding developmental support, and a savvy GM like Alex Anthopoulous. (Just dreaming of course but a sale may not be out of the question.)

  17. Steven Ross

    I was at the game yesterday. About 20 rows above Giants dugout. Minor was throwing BB. It’s time to admit he doesn’t have it & move on from him. He’s awful. Solomon can go as well. You come in and walk 2 batters,, I pull you out. Inexcusable.

    Maybe he’ll prove me wrong but Votto has no biz hitting 4th. We’re almost to July & he’s nowhere close to being productive. Looks lost.

    One more beef…move India out of Leadoff for a few weeks. Drop him down the order & move Senzel up. I see things long before Bell ever does. Maybe the HBP will force Bell to do it anyway.

    • Kevin H

      “You see things long before Bell does”

      Do you have inside information? Are you in the dugout? Are you in the locker room?

  18. Mark A Verticchio

    I don’t understand why nobody calls for Santana from AAA. He is hitting .309 and is only 25, a year older then Barrero, who is hitting .221.

  19. Kevin H

    To me the shift in baseball has ruined the game. Not to mention lack of bunting, hit and run, and steals. The game isn’t as exciting as it used to be.

    • Mark Moore

      I can’t disagree. I like to see some HR’s, but I prefer an active small-ball game overall. Gap shots that go for doubles or triples, hit-and-run, etc.

      The 2 or 3-outcome players don’t hold my attention.

    • wkuchad

      I miss some of those, and agree the shift needs restrictions.

      But man I don’t miss the days of constant bunting. There is nothing exciting about that.

  20. Kevin H

    Mahle pitching today. See if he can keep his hot month of June going. Era of 2.67 5 walks and 32 strikeouts.

  21. Old-school

    A Max Shrock sighting, leading off and DH.

    Must be the Sunday day game rest for Moose.

  22. Mark A Verticchio

    India not playing, to be on injury list soon. What a year!!!!!

  23. William

    Votto should play as long as he is a Red. However, retirement might be something for him to consider. He is going to be under .300 career batting average for the first time this year due to his current performance. I hate to see it. He has been so good. Johnny Bench retired at 35 when he realized age had caught up to him. This year counts in his HOF consideration. He will make the HOF, but the more years like this one will not help. Retirement is up to him. I am sure he has made more money already than he could ever spend.

    • Jim t

      He’s not walking away from 25mil. And moose isn’t leaving 18 mil.

  24. Jim t

    This franchise is being run like a minor league team. Until ownership changes this is the product we can expect.

  25. William

    The Reds are not a contender right now because of years of bad ownership decisions. The GM is a nice guy, but no other MLB team would hire him. I like Bell, but he needs to go as well. He will find another job. He has served under some of the worse decision makers in the game. The ones I feel sorry for are Cincinnati Reds fans. I grew up a Big Red Machine fan. They spoiled me. I was use to seeing the Reds win. I think they could make it just fine with better leadership of the organization.

    • Jim t

      @william I don’t think your taking into consideration the economic changes in the game since our glory days.

  26. Mark A Verticchio

    I don’t know how Votto can continue to look lost at the plate. I really think the Reds should welcome him back next year but let him know his days of being in the line up every day are most likely over. Moose is a different story if they can’t dump him on somebody, which I don’t want because it will hurt the value of what ever trade he is in, they should eat the money. He can not be on next years team one way or another…..

  27. Bill J

    Nothing will change this year because that would mean they have been wrong.