The Cincinnati Reds have acquired catcher Mike Papierski from the San Francisco Giants. He was placed on waivers a week ago by the Giants. Cincinnati claimed him this afternoon and then optioned him to Triple-A Louisville.

The 26-year-old catcher made his Major League debut earlier this season. He played in five games with the Giants, going 0-9 with a walk, run scored, and four strikeouts. Papierski has spent time in Triple-A with both the Houston Astros organization and Giants organization this year. He’s struggled at both stops. In 26 games with Sugar Land he hit .211/.324/.278 with 14 walks and 9 strikeouts. In 14 games with Sacramento he hit .208/.246/.359 with 3 walks and 18 strikeouts.

For now the Cincinnati Reds do not have to make a 40-man roster move to add Mike Papierski. With Jeff Hoffman on the Covid injury list he does not count towards the 40-man roster, which sits at a full 40 players right now. If no other moves take place between now and the time Hoffman is ready to come back, then the team will need to figure out a move to make.

Cincinnati’s addition of Papierski puts five catchers on the 40-man roster. With Tyler Stephenson on the 10-day injured list the Reds have both Aramis Garcia and Chris Okey on the big league roster. In the minor leagues at the Triple-A level they have Mark Kolozsvary and now Mike Papierski.

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  1. LDS

    I’m sure Louisville needs additional catching. He doesn’t seem likely to be a big contributor anywhere in the future.

    • Nelson coble

      Start transitioning Stephenson to first base. Extend his career.

  2. Scotly50

    Predictable signing. Dumpster Diving Reds.

    • Redsfan4life

      I get being down on this organization. But this was a depth signing nothing more. He replaces Okey at AAA. For the time being till Stephenson gets back.
      I mean what do you expect for them to sign a big time catcher in June when they already have Stephenson?

  3. LDS

    The Reds are more a The Price is Right team than a Let’s Make a Deal team. At least, this guy isn’t 35.

  4. David

    Well, before we think too little of the front office, they did find a player to fill out the depth chart here, without spending one of their minor league players to do so. When Tyler Stephenson comes back, either Okey or Aramis Garcia will go down to AAA, and somebody else will get jettisoned. Likely this guy, Papierski.
    So they make a trade to get a guy that will likely be gone in 30 days? Unless more catchers get hurt.

    • LDS

      I agree with all that but an actual ML catcher and send down Okey would have worked also. Obviously, Garcia is Bell’s started.

  5. Mark A Verticchio

    I see no Schrock again today, the invisible man. I don’t know what he ever did to Bell but it must have been bad.

    • Old-school

      India healthy has kicked Drury off 2b and on to 3b

      Solano healthy means he shares 3b/DH with Drury against lefties.

      The net effect of India at 2b, Drury having a career year and Solano healthy is that Moose is done at 3b except for the occasional once a week deal.

      Moose is going to DH against righties as thats his only role

      The good news:

      Moose is done playing 3b
      Moose wont play against lefty pitchers.

      The bad news is Moose only role is lefty bat as DH against righties and at $16 mil this year and $22 mil more in exit fees after this year….they arent playing Shrock over Moose as he profiles exactly the same as Moose. lefty bat at DH.

      PErhaps the Reds trade Drury at the deadline and even Solano and that opens up playing time for Shrock.

      • LDS

        Schrock is only about two years younger than Drury and cheaper. Solano is older and cost more. That tells you all you need to know

      • JB

        Schrock isn’t playing period until the trade deadline is over. Right now it’s about showcasing about 15 guys that need to be traded. I good with that as long as they trade guys and get the the rebuild started and get younger.

      • LDS

        JB, don’t attribute strategy to incompetence. You’re giving the FO way too much credit

    • Old-school

      Not for a awhile

      Good news is cast is off and hes doing some light throwing and catching

      But hitting and reverberation of ball on bat is weeks away

      Maybe all star break would be a good target

  6. DaveCT

    That’s a lot of letters of the alphabet playing catcher at AAA.

    Mark Kolozsvary and Michael Papierski.

  7. RedsGettingBetter

    What happened to Chuckie Robinson at Louisville? He is the 2nd catcher behind Kolozsvary at AAA. I think really this is a no need sign as long as Papierski has not shown nothing intriguing. I would prefer acquire a AAA top prospect catcher from a trade at deadline in addition to an top prospect ready-to-ML OF too…

    • Greenfield Red

      No team in MLB will trade a top prospect at AAA that is not overrated or has an injury that will threaten his career. Those kind of guys are too hard to come by and too valuable.

      The Reds have been haunted by the “major league ready” returns from the Jocketty era.

      Must get 17-21 year old high end talent in all deadline deals, or they will get shafted again.

  8. MK

    With Solano, Garcia, Strickland and now Papierski the Reds have a lot of ex-Giants and the Giants have some ex-Reds as well but not as many as they used to.

    The Reds are getting quite a pipeline established with Seattle as Amburgey traded there today.

  9. Tom Corcoran

    Minor has proved he can’t pitch in the MLB anymore. Time to bring Lodolo back from the IL or promote one of the promising pitchers from Chattanooga. No more starts from Minor unless we are trying to get the #1 draft choice in 2023.

    • Tomn

      I agree. Think Minor could be valuable out of the BP though. But to give a couple innings or facing 3 LHs.