The Cincinnati Reds will have their hands full as they begin a 3-game home series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Cincinnati has the second worst winning percentage in the National League, while the Dodgers have the second highest winning percentage in the National League. Tonight the Reds will face off against Tony Gonsolin who leads baseball with a 1.42 ERA. Cincinnati will counter with Tyler Mahle at 6:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for this evening’s contest:

Los Angeles Dodgers

Cincinnati Reds

Trea Turner – SS Jonathan India – 2B
Freddie Freeman – 1B Brandon Drury – 3B
Will Smith – C Tommy Pham – LF
Max Muncy – 3B Joey Votto – 1B
Chris Taylor – LF Kyle Farmer – SS
Cody Bellinger – CF Mike Moustakas – DH
Justin Turner – DH Nick Senzel – CF
Eddy Alvarez – RF Albert Almora Jr. – RF
Gavin Lux – 2B Aramis Garcia – C
Tony Gonsolin – SP Tyler Mahle – SP

Starting Pitchers

Tyler Mahle 74.2 4.46 1.25 30 86
Tony Gonsolin 63.1 1.42 0.82 20 60
Links: Tyler Mahle’s Stats | Tony Gonsolin’s Stats

Tyler Mahle

On May 24th Tyler Mahle allowed eight runs in 4.0 innings against the Chicago Cubs. Since then he’s been absolutely dominant, giving up just four runs in 27.2 innings (1.30 ERA) while striking out 36 batters and walking just seven.

The OPS against Tyler Mahle from both lefties and righties is similar, with just a 14 point difference. How each type of batter gets there, though, is different. Mahle doesn’t walk hardly any right-handed hitters, but they do hit for a higher average. Lefties draw walks at a good clip against Mahle, but they also strikeout a lot against him. Players from both sides oft he plate hit for about the same amount of power.


RHH 134 30 8 0 3 8 36 .244 .291 .382
LHH 183 33 6 3 4 22 50 .208 .301 .359

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Cutter Slider Splitter
Velo 93.6 86.2 84.0 85.6
Usage 50.3% 10.1% 13.4% 26.1%

Tony Gonsolin

The Dodgers pitching staff is hilariously good, and in 2022 Tony Gonsolin has been the best of the bunch so far. He’s got an ERA of 1.42 through 12 starts and a WHIP of 0.82. Left-handed batters have had more success against him than righties, but the word success doesn’t mean they’ve done anything. Lefties are hitting just .160 and have an OPS of .517 against him. Right-handed hitters are much worse than that, hitting just .128 with an OPS of .431 against him. He’s yet to allow three earned runs in any start. In June he’s made three starts and given up one run in 18.1 innings.


RHH 95 11 2 0 2 8 22 .128 .211 .221
LHH 145 21 6 2 2 12 38 .160 .235 .282

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Curve Splitter
Velo 93.2 87.5 80.7 83.5
Usage 37.0% 22.3% 13.4% 27.3%

When and Where

  • Game time: 6:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 92°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Donovan Solano activated

Prior to the game this evening the Reds activated Donovan Solano from the injured list. The team also transferred Nick Lodolo to the 60-day injured list (he’s already been on the IL for 58 days and still has at least one more rehab start to make, this just buys the team a week to figure out a move).

All-Star Balloting

Major League Baseball released the first update on All-Star voting. The Cincinnati Reds are not doing well. Only three players showed up in the top 10 (or top 30 for outfielders) and only Tyler Stephenson was in the top five among his position. He has nearly 400,000 votes. No other Red has 100,000 votes.

139 Responses

  1. Eddie

    Max schrock back yet only pitch hit why not play Okey Garcia ain’t that good

    • Chris

      Yep, it’s a real head scratcher that’s for sure. This love affair with Almora Jr. is rather mind-boggling as well. .301 obp, with NO power whatsoever. Schrock should be playing instead of Amora Jr.

    • MBS

      I fear the reason Schrock is sitting is worse than not wanting to play the youngsters. It seems like they are dead set to play MM as much as possible, so they can package him to Castillo or Mahle in a trade. They are probably hoping MM has a good 2 week stretch soon, and jam him in on a deal. I hate to go negative, but it’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

      • Mark Moore

        +500 for the most likely reason 3M is in the line-up at all.

  2. Mark Moore

    OK, that makes sense with Lodolo since it’s just for the sake of timing and he’ll continue to rehab.

    I’m hoping Mahle can pitch well tonight and get over 7 innings in. My biggest concern will be our ability to produce enough runs to outpace whatever the Dodgers can muster, even if Mahle is pretty much lights out. Not going to be a fun series to watch from where I’m sitting.

  3. Optimist

    So begins the Donovan Solana era!

      • Chris Holbert

        Woo Hoo another mid 30 something, who will not be on the next good team…

  4. LDS

    I saw a post the other day that the Dodgers starting 3 this series were 20-1 with a 2.10 era. Could be a really ugly 3 game series.

    • Hanawi

      Reds are throwing their 3 best as well in Mahle, Castillo and Greene. Should be an interesting dynamic in GABP in the summer.

      • Kevin H

        Mahle and Castillo have pitched better than their records. Greene as well.

  5. Kevin H

    So Reds have 3 outfielders on their roster. Unreal, this organization makes me laugh. Friedl should be up, and Moose should be gone.

    • Hanawi

      I think Solano and Schrock can both play OF as well. They don’t really have a true RF on the roster at all though.

      • Kevin H

        The players from high A ball and double who play outfield need to hurry up. LOL

        I am kidding, however I do wonder if Sani (spelling) would be a option?

  6. Rednat

    A series like this will likely demonstrate the illegitimacy of the league right now. Tiny crowds where the home team has little chance to even put up a competitive game. Yet crickets from the commissioner’s office. The only chance is for twitter and social justice warriors to take notice and say something. Maybe that can bring about change

    • Votto4life

      Rednat, I’m listening to the game, is the crowd pretty small?

  7. Old-school

    I look at the Solano return as something very good for the short term. He adds to Drury such that Moose is third on the depth chart now at 3b/DH against lefties. They arent going to give Shrock any chance against righties as he might tear the cover off the ball and with Naquin coming back soon claiming an OF spot, Shrock’s only potential role with Pham,Naquin,Alamora, India is DH and that’s Moose’s new role. Bell and the FO dont want to back themselves into a corner such that Moose quickly has no role at all and is benched.
    Shrock will not get a meaningful opportunity with regular playing time.

    The first step in showing Moose the door is to find situations where he doesn’t have a role. There are now 2 scenarios/roles where it appears we wont see Moose going ahead.

    1.) in the lineup against left handed pitching.
    2.) playing 3b. India is back now so Drury isn’t playing 2b. Very good sign that Drury is at 3b and Moose is not against a righty. Solano can be there against lefties and DH Drury.

    Who had Brandon Drury as the starting third baseman against a righty starter and Moose at DH 3 months ago? Small victories…..take them.

    Having said all that, Moose sees the handwriting and will probably go 2-4 with a bomb. I dont really gamble, but I would take a prop bet on Moose tonight.

    • Votto4life

      But how are the Reds served in playing Solano the rest of the year? He is 34 years old and held way through a one year contract. Old School, you say yourself it’s about 2024 and you are right. Winning a couple more games this year doesn’t help this team.

      The Reds are now paying Solano $4.5 million dollars to play a half a season. For a team that’s so tight with a nickel, they sure waste a lot of money.

      They are scared to death of multiple year contracts, so they sign one year deals and the player goes on the IL for three months and the Reds came away with nothing.

  8. Jim Walker

    For those who might be wondering when the Reds talk about versatility in their current roster and all the bench guys who have experience in the OF. Here are some numbers….

    Solano: 10 games; all in LF; all in 2012 (yes, 2012)
    Schrock: 25 games; 23 in LF, 2 in RF; all in 2021-22
    Drury: 126 games; 89 of these in 2016, 25 in 2019, 12 in 2021; 76LF, 56RF
    Matt Reynolds: 15 games; 9 in 2016 and 2017, 6 in 2022; 8LF, 1CF. 6RF
    Kyle Farmer: 4 games; 2 in 2020, 2 in 2021; 2 each in LF and RF.

    And just for fun:
    Joey Votto 7 games; all in 2007; all in LF

    • Bet on Red

      SO move Votto to Left. easy as that

      • Jim Walker

        I was hoping Moose had some OF appearances because that would have stirred the pot more. But no. 😉

      • SOQ

        If I remember correctly, Votto played Outfield in the minors as his primary position.

      • Votto4life

        Moose in centerfield would be fun.

    • Old-school

      Great numbers Jim. This isnt fantasy league and I think Reds are committed to outfielders playing OF. Per reports, Naquin is getting close. Barring injury until the AS break, it will be Pham in LF, Senzel in Cf and Almora/Naquin in RF with a lot of Almora until Naquin gets back. Votto at 1b, India 2b, farmer SS, and a 3 headed platoon at 3b/DH with Solano/Drury rotating at 3b and Moose/Drury at DH. Barrero will stay in AAA and I cant argue with that until he pushes the issue and gets healthy. It wont matter in August.

      • JB

        Barrero could hit 400 and he isn’t brought up until the Front Office trades some people. Totally agree on your Schrock assessment. Honestly they should just send him down and give him play time.

    • Hanawi

      Thanks for that Jim. I definitely misremembered about Solano. Thought for sure that there was mention of him being able to play LF when he signed in the offseason.

      • Jim Walker

        Well according to BBRef, he did play in left field, 10 times all in 2012. 😉

        Too Johnny Bench got so old. He made 111 OF appearances, evenly split between LF/ RF plus 1 in CF!

  9. LDS

    Versatility and mediocrity are closely linked.

    • Jim Walker

      In this case for sure. It will be really interesting if there is any injury to any of the three legit OF currently on the MLB roster and all RH hitters. Friedl? Fairchild? (pause) or “he’s only a shortstop this year” Jose Barrero (7 OF appearances: all 2021: all CF).

  10. Joe P.

    Will Smith slapped that one pretty good!

  11. Kevin H

    According to gameday it was a 366 ft homerun? Is this accurate, and if so what a band box of a park for sure.

  12. Mark Moore

    I really hate to start a game saying, “Well, it was only a solo HR, so the damage was limited.” But I supposed that is the case.

    Didn’t see what Mahle threw to Smith that got hit out of the park. The rest of his work looked pretty sharp. At least he didn’t have to throw 30 pitches.

    • Kevin H

      I do wish they would move the fences back, and take out a few rows in the outfield. I mean routine fly balls are homeruns in this park. I know it goes both ways, to me though it cheapens the game.

  13. Mark Moore

    Left that one up and fat a bit, didn’t he?

    Nice work by RoY keeping his head in on that swing.

  14. Dennis Westrick

    Let’s see, couldn’t win a single game in the 3-game series against the Brewers AND didn’t face their top 2 pitchers! So, yes, we can definitely sweep the Dodgers!

  15. Dennis Westrick

    Mahle The Nibbler again auditioning for the August 2nd MLB trade deadline! Hoping for the best from him tonight with few if any walks, especially prior to any HRs. Need a good night by the Reds offense, especially from Votto and the DH du jour!

  16. Mark Moore

    Gonsolin didn’t look all that sharp, yet both Joey and Kyle seemed pretty impatient. Not surprised at the results.

    At least we got the run back. Onward to an 8-inning game.

  17. Old-school

    Death taxes and home runs in GABP are life certainties.
    Just keep them solo jobs.

    Bronson arroyo and Tom Browning gave up a ton of solo home runs and were great pitchers.

  18. JB

    Dodgers looking for an outfielder. Krall you awake? Pham could use a new home.

    • Votto4life

      I’m not the sure the the Dodgers are going to take any chances with hotheads after the Trevor Bauer signing.

  19. Kevin H

    Justin Turner, 2006 Reds draft pick. Who saw that coming that he would have a solid mlb career.

  20. Mark Moore

    I thought Farmer air-mailed that one … but it was just my mouse sitting on a line above Joey’s head 🙂

  21. Kevin H

    Mike Siani is having a decent year in Double AA. Thoughts on bringing him up? Has 19 steals

  22. Mark Moore

    Yep, look at the strikes 3M. Just look at them.

    • Old-school

      Solano has been a good hitter last few years. I dont know that Moose against righties is better than Solano against righties. Thats the bell handedness narrative. But, we got a fair fight now and Bell cant hide behind experience.

      Veteran-ness against veteran-ness

  23. Mark Moore

    Yep … Gonsolin isn’t really looking sharp. Need to take advantage of that.

  24. Old-school

    Almora and Drury have been good pickups by Krall.

    Infield defense has been bad. Let’s keep the OF defense good.
    Almora is a keeper.

  25. Kevin H

    Off topic question. If memory serves me right, didn’t San Diego a few years ago bring up alot of young players and just took their lumps? I ask only because it seems to me a few guys in double A could be here and heck even Cruz could make the jump. Burrero as well

    • Votto4life

      Kevin, you’re right and that’s depressing. Look how long the Padres have been re-building. They have have taken on some pretty heft contracts (e.g. Machado, Tatis etc.) and they still haven’t made the play-offs.

      Poor reds have no chance.

  26. Mark Moore

    Looks to me like he’s nibbling just a little bit. That 2-0 count kind of forced him to make a pitch in a location he didn’t want to and Lux hit it very sharply.

    • JB

      He isn’t getting alot of help from his infielders

  27. MBS

    Ok, don’t take this as a knock on India, but he needs to be our 3B in 23. He’s a natural 3B, and we are about to have more SS than we will know what to do with. Barrero, Farmer, and McLain could all very well be here next year. Of corse Farmer boots one as I’m typing this.

  28. Bet on Red

    Got lucky with that challenge. Seems like the reds are batting well enough that one run is going to be an issue.

  29. VaRedsFan

    In addition to the Dodgers losing Betts. Tampa Bay lost 2 outfielders yesterday. Teams aren’t going to get the Slapper. He used to play for the Rays… had 21 HRs and hit well for 2 years.

    • Votto4life

      My guess is that any team that he has played for in the past will not be calling to inquire about his availability.

  30. Old-school

    Ive made the regrettable mistake of not muting this baseball game.

    Sadak is insufferable. He talks 100 mph and incessantly. He erroneously thinks his job is to spew out every ounce of irrelevant minutia constantly as if we arent watching the game. He is the worst announcer Ive ever seen in any sport.

    • Mark Moore

      At some point, somebody had to have told him that’s what a successful announcer does. It certainly wasn’t the fan base.

  31. Mark Moore

    I went for my evening walk … came back to my wife sitting in my chair watching the mess that is unfolding. Looks like Mahle has decided being pitch efficient isn’t his game. And of course, the Dodgers, so … 😮

    • Joe P.

      The Dodgers have worked him over pretty good. A lot of hard hit balls. To Mahle’s credit, he’s given up only 4 runs. It could easily be more. Freeman getting thrown out at third helped.

      • Mark Moore

        I saw Freeman try and stretch that one. It did help.

  32. BigRedMike

    Haven’t really been following the Reds as much this season, checking up on the hitting stats and see that Moustakas is still getting plenty of PA. Tells me all I need to know, negative WAR after that great signing.

    Senzel has a career negative WAR. Guessing Pham will be flipped, should be at least

  33. JB

    Reds could have all rightys in the lineup tomorrow, including DH, against the left handed pitcher. Somehow I doubt they will.

    • Mark Moore

      3M has to play. It’s written somewhere or there are pictures or something …

  34. Mark Moore

    Only 4 runs given 11 hits is pretty amazing. And I have seen the IF D not perform tonight. Farmer looks pretty gassed out there (and at the plate).

  35. Roger garrett

    Big league team vs a team that has 4 old guys hitting 3-6 who are 0-7 with a walk.Now why oh why can’t we play some younger guys?Oh right we are trying to showcase their talents in order to sell to the highest bidder.What a joke

  36. Hanawi

    11 hits for the Dodgers in 5 innings. Maybe Mahle should be nibbling more in this one. I think he’s an ok starter but probably not a 1 or 2. Not sure what the Reds would get for him. Maybe a solid, low-ceiling upper minor leaguer plus a lottery ticket. Not sure it’s even worth it.

    • Roger garrett

      Mahle would be great not having to pitch in GABP

    • Joe P.

      Mahle competes and I appreciate that. Tonight, he didn’t have that fastball with the late life on it. The one that explodes by hitters. He has to learn how to pitch by subtracting, and taking something off, and I think he did that tonight. He induced a number of pop-ups by changing speed.

  37. docproc

    Hey Sadak:
    If the infielders were OVERshifted, they’d be in foul territory.
    They’re just shifted. Or in a shift.
    The spirit of George Grande is upon you.

  38. Old-school

    Indy was wrong.
    He said Garcia was a .160 hitter.
    If only…….

  39. Bet on Red

    Well there goes 10 grand as the run every inning ends in the fifth

  40. Votto4life

    I just want to point out we are in late June and the Reds have 23 wins.

  41. Mark Moore

    On the one hand, we’re only down by 2 runs. On the other hand, the bullpen and our near complete inability to hit and score with any consistency.

    Gonna be a long series.

  42. Bet on Red

    I call that a ground-rule But But But

  43. Old-school

    This team cannot hit
    You gotta score 5-6 runs in GABP to win.
    This team cannot.
    Moose is done.
    Votto is still below replacement in late June.

    2023 requires $53 million in exit fees for Moose and Votto

    Move on to 2024

  44. Indy Red Man

    Brubaker and Keller are starting to settle down for the Pirates. My theory is that bigger parks help a young pitcher get away with some mistakes and help their confidence when it comes to pounding the zone. Reds pitchers don’t have with Gabp. Turners double off the wall was just a can of corn in Pittsburgh

    • Kdavis

      I have said for years they need to move the fences back.

  45. JB

    SanMartin! Do we finally have a lefty reliever? Time will tell but not bad against the Dodgers.

  46. JB

    Moose and his popups. He is really good at those.

  47. Mark A Verticchio

    Senzel and Moose are as close to automatic outs as I have ever seen.

  48. LDS

    It’s been a while since some of these guys have had a meaningful hit, eg Senzel. Give them a day off and try Schrock or even Solano. Come on Bell, at least pretend that performance matters.

  49. Mark Moore

    I might just be done tonight. That inning was pathetic with a capital “P”.

    They may love DTBell, but I just don’t see any fight or heart in this lineup. It’s just tough to watch on a night like this.

  50. Old Big Ed

    It is time to give up on Nick Senzel. His OPS is 100 points lower than what Billy Hamilton posted a decade ago.

    Senzel is Hamilton, without the speed or defense.

    • Bet on Red

      Speaking of Hamilton, Marlins just picked him up today

  51. Indy Red Man

    Cubs cut Clint Frazier loose. Wasn’t their 1st rounder, but he was a highly touted 1st rounder and he was doing more then Senzel. The White Sox cut Dallas Keuchel loose. The Mets cut Robinson Cano loose. Production matters to most teams.

    Cut Moose and Senzel loose and it opens up playing time for guys that might be part of the future. Both can go a week without hitting 2 balls hard

      • Indy Red Man

        Did he accept a demotion? Didn’t see that.

      • JB

        Yeah he cleared waivers. I thought somebody would grab him.

  52. Hanawi

    Think it’s time to give up on Senzel. He looked like he might be turning a bit of a corner earlier this month, but now back to very little production. Don’t think we’ll ever see him get his power back and he also only has 2 stolen bases while being caught twice. Injuries have caught up to him.

    • LDS

      Ward & Zinter ruined him, not to mention his fragility. At this point, it doesn’t matter. But it would be nice if the Reds organization, collectively, pretended it did.

  53. VaRedsFan

    So the Dodgers went out and paid cash for no-hitting Trace Thompson. That tells you all you need to know about the market for Tommy Pham, who’s a competent player on the field….certainly better than Thompson.
    The Reds will be stuck with Pham for the entire year, and Bell will play him every day.

    • Old Big Ed

      Thompson is a former Dodger, and we don’t know how much cash they paid.

      Pham is not necessarily a right fielder; he has some personality issues; and the Dodgers would have to pay him 8 times more per month than they do Thompson.

      You are correct about what Bell will do with Pham.

  54. Indy Red Man

    We could be the Cubs…lolllllllllll

    They’re in the process of dropping 13 of 15 and outscored by 78 in the process. 10 of the losses were by 3 or more. 8 of the losses by 5 or more. That has got to be historically bad. Our 3-22 didn’t seem that non-competitive, but I haven’t checked the numbers.

  55. Dennis Westrick

    The Arson Squad strikes again! A 4 to 2 deficit now a 7-2 game! Time to watch reruns of Mayberry RFD.

    • Mark Moore

      At least you know the outcome no matter what happens in Mayberry. Andy always restores order.

  56. Indy Red Man

    Bell said “Matt Reynolds is gonna play”. Haven’t seen him since. Why do baseball managers have to be politicians?

    Lord how I miss Buddy Ryan!

    Media “Coach Ryan is anybody hurt?

    Buddy “Nobody that matters”

    Buddy “I’d trade Luis Sharpe for a six-pack and it doesn’t have to be cold”

    • JB

      Lol. It’s a new era Indy. We have to protect their feelings.

    • LDS

      It’s not politics. It’s bad management. The Reds need to hire a communications guy and forbid Bell to talk to the media.

    • Joe P.

      The problem with Bell is that he believes he has to demonstrate resiliency through maintaining composure, but that comes across as being insincere. He’d be better off showing some fire once in awhile. Throw some bats, knock over a cooler, lay into somebody – do something to show people you’re mad as hell. Show some attitude. It probably wouldn’t change results on the field but more people would respect him for doing it, especially the fans.

      • LDS

        I could go for that. Anybody in the Reds entire organization acting as if results mattered would be a step in the right direction. But, alas, it’s not going happen. And that’s one reason 2024 won’t be better than 2022. Just a lower payroll and more money in the ownership’s pockets.

  57. Bet on Red

    I was so happy when we picked up Cessa last year, this year, he has shown to be a disappointment. hope that this is something temperary

  58. JohnnyTV

    “Putting out fire with gasoline….”

  59. Joe P.

    There’s no movement on some of these pitches. The pitch that Lux hit to left field off of Sanmartin and now the pitch Freeman hit off Cessa. No movement. These guys are going to hit flat pitches.

  60. Indy Red Man

    Lets not pinch hit for Garcia and actually attempt to fight or anything. Assume the position

  61. VaRedsFan

    Note to Reds management….this (Dodgers) is what an MLB bullpen should look like.

    I would say it’s the #1 thing the Reds should be trying to acquire by 2024.

  62. JB

    8-2 in the 9th and Bell Challenges a play that wasn’t even close.

  63. VaRedsFan

    Pretty useless challenge. Bell didn’t challenge a Farmer play at the plate a few games back in a game that was very close….and play that was closer than that.

  64. Old-school

    Reds are back to worst team in baseball

    Played a bunch of games against bad teams of late.Now playing tougher part of schedule

    Time for Reds fans to accept the fact joey Votto isnt hitting 30 home run or magically getting even 3 War. Joey Votto is done. Senzel isnt a future CF . Sorry to the Farmer Clan..He’s not leading us to the World Series in 2023 either.

    Also time to recognize Moose is done

    Reds owe $53 million in exit fees on Moose and Votto

    STop the 2023 nonsense. Trade Castillo yesterday and mahle now.

    On to 2024


  65. Doc

    The BP is so bad that I focus on enjoying the youngsters and the veteran bright spots like Drury. There are glimmers of hope for the future, and we should get a look at more of the future as the season winds interminably through the summer.

  66. Bet on Red

    reportedly done Votto with a multi hit day….. making records

    • Old-school

      C”mon bet on Red
      you are a great contributor and i love votto.

      Are you really going to double down now that Votto is going to magically hit 30 home runs and OPS .850. Really?

      Votto is done. He might be ok and not embarassing and better than Farmer…..but his career is over. His 2023 year is a joke

      • Bet on red

        30 no. But he will contribute. And he is light years ahead of Moose.

  67. LDS

    Mr. Handedness let Moustakas bat against a lefty. SMH. I sure hope these zombies play enough to work out their problems.