The Cincinnati Reds have activated infielder Donovan Solano from the injured list. He had been on a rehab assignment with the Triple-A Louisville Bats over the past few weeks.

This spring Donovan Solano only played in four games for the Cincinnati Reds before he injured his hamstring. He would miss the rest of the spring, but at first the injury didn’t seem to be as bad as it turned out to be. In mid-April David Bell told the media that Solano may be able to begin a rehab assignment within a week. But instead of that happening it was Solano getting a PRP injection into his hamstring to try and help his recovery. It would then be another five weeks before he would begin his rehab assignment.

The 34-year-old played in nine games over his two weeks with Louisville and he hit the cover off of the ball in that time. He went 10-29 (.345) with two walks, four doubles, and a home run. He posted a .998 OPS with just four strikeouts in his 34 total plate appearances.

Donovan Solano was on the 60-day injured list. The Reds 40-man roster was full, so the team needed to make a 40-man roster move in order to clear out a spot. That move was to transfer left-handed starter Nick Lodolo to the 60-day injured list. That’s not a big deal – he’s already spent 58 days on the injured list and he’s still going to make at least one more rehab start before he’s activated. This move simply buys the Reds another week before they need to make a real 40-man roster move.

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  1. Eddie

    The reds not using max schrock and Garcia keep staying in lineup when Okey did well yet hardly playing. I am disappointed in the reds

    • LDS

      It’s the Bell way. As for Solano, another 34+ year old, who cares, regardless of how well he plays, he’s not part of the future.

      • Eddie

        U r right unfortunately there n I don’t like solano sign bc age. Also wish max would play more

      • Josh G

        Solano could have a little trade value if he hits well

  2. Votto4life

    Solano will play because Nick Krall has to justify signing him. Just like Bell will continue running Mike Minor out their every fifth day regardless of how he pitches.

  3. DataDumpster

    I thought Krall made some very good pickups with Drury and Almora but never saw the logic with Strickland, Solano, Minor, Moran, etc. The end result seems to be that other guys who seemed likely to be part of the core going forward (Schrock, Barrero) get kinda dirtballed while all the trade pickups get most of the playing time to see if they can be retraded for a “profit of sorts.” Add Moose and perhaps even Senzel in this category and it seems less about building a team and more about playing dominoes. I understand that Mahle and Castillo will likely be gone soon but there are still perhaps 6 field positions to be filled beyond next year. If 2 or 3 candidates don’t get a flighting chance, maybe 2 strong performers get dealt, and all the deadwood drifts away, what will have been accomplished in the last four years?

  4. MBS

    Solano was probably the guy I was excited about when I heard they signed him. Drury, and Reynolds filled the gap that losing Solano created.

    C: Garcia, Okey
    OF: Pham, Almora, Senzel
    INF: Votto, Moustakes, India, Farmer, Drury, Reynolds, Schrock, Solano

    Looking at the 26 man, or more accurately the 13 position players, it seems a bit heavy in the infield. I’d trade Reynolds right away, get some cash for the guy. Move Drury to RF, Almora to CF, and let Solano/Schrock man 3B.

  5. Chris

    This love affair with Almora Jr. needs to end. Light-hitting outfielder with a .301 obp does not cut it. Schrock should never be sitting in favor of Almora Jr. Solano can flat out hit, so he also needs to be in the lineup.

    • Votto4life

      But Chris how are the Reds served by starting Donovan Solano every day for the rest of the season? So they end up with 102 losses instead of 106? He is 34 years old and on a one year contract? OK, granted they might be able to flip him in a month but they are not going to get a lot in return. The 4.5 million they are paying Solano has just been wasted.

      For a team that is so tight with a nickel, the Reds sure waste a lot of money. They are so afraid of multiple year contracts, so they waste money on one year deals, the players then ends up on the IL, kisses half a year and the Reds end up with nothing. So what do they end up saving?

      Funny way to run a business.

    • Redsvol

      totally agree with Chris on this. Solano has proven MLB stats – especially the last 3 years. He needs to at least platoon with someone. Anyone remember that we absolutely stink against left handed pitchers? Solano does not stink against left handed pitching. We need a couple professional hitters out there and Solano will absolutely have trade value.

      Likewise, Schrock needs to play. He is under team control for many years and has super utility. He should not sit so Almora, Moose, or Pham can play. He at least needs to platoon with Solano. Also, India needs some time off to keep the hamstring from being reinjured. Trade Pham as soon as possible now that we are getting some injured players back. If we want Almora’s defense it needs to be in center field in place of Nick Senzel. I want Senzel to play but he needs a break once a week. Center Field is a taxing position.

    • greenmtred

      How is Schrocks defense? Probably not as good as Almora’s. Two possibilities spring to mind: A) The Reds desperately want to be a bad team and, as a result, don’t play guys like Schrock and Lopez because they’re really good and would make the Reds a winning team. B). The Reds, having seen a good deal more of Schrock than we have, understand that he is possibly a useful bench guy but doesn’t project as a starter.

      • Old-school


        C.) Shrock and Moose profile in identical roles as lefty bats who are best used as a DH. One is still owed $22 mil in exit fees after this year and the other isnt.

    • Mike

      Almora’s OBP is just over 0.300 but his slugging % is over 450, which is one of the best on the team. That figure is comparable to Naquin and much better than the other OFs.

  6. Roger garrett

    Bell won’t change unless his boss tells him to change.Older players play period.Some of it is because of the money they are owed and some of it has to be love for the player as we saw in the past.Unless they are traded they will play and the younger players watch.Its the Reds way and a big big reason why they continue to lose.

  7. Mark A Verticchio

    I don’t understand why Bell is refusing to play Schrock, I have to believe he is being told to play Moose. I also think Okey deserves a shot, Garcia may call a good game but he can’t hit a lick. Oh well, the only thing that matters the rest of this season is the trade dead line. I just don’t trust Krall. I know I could do a better job.

  8. Eddie

    This offense swing at everything just terrible senzel keeps swinging at everything and we need play solano n max shock that bell don’t use max since returning besides the pitch hit. This organization a joke to mlb and to us fans. The lockout didn’t accomplish small market competing like players tried bc owners like reds r joke to mlb organization

  9. Eddie

    A lot of fans in stands which sucks bc it time to have hardly anyone in the stands to hurt Phil pocket. The reds only 5 games back for 3rd place and 12 games behind the Phillies who are 2 games behind giants for wild card spot so we r 14 games behind