Things didn’t go the way that the Cincinnati Reds would have liked it to on Sunday afternoon as they fell 6-3 to the Milwaukee Brewers. With the win, the Brewers completed a 3-game series sweep of Cincinnati and sent the Reds to a 23-43 record.

Final R H E
Milwaukee Brewers (38-30)
6 8 0
Cincinnati Reds (23-43)
3 6 0
W: Houser (4-7) L: Minor (1-3) SV: Williams (5)
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The Offense

Cincinnati threatened in the 1st inning when Brandon Drury singled and Tommy Pham followed up with a walk. With two outs Kyle Farmer hit a blooper into left-center, but Andrew McCutchen made a sliding catch to rob him of a hit and end the inning.

After the Brewers took a 3-0 lead in the top of the 4th the Reds got to work. Tommy Pham walked to lead off the inning and moved to 3rd base on a hit-and-run with Joey Votto, who singled into right field. Pham scored on a fielders choice off of the bat of Kyle Farmer on a weak chopper to shortstop. Mike Moustakas would walk to put two men on with two outs and that’s when Albert Almora Jr. came through with a 2-run double to tie the game up.

With the Brewers leading 6-3 entering the bottom of the 7th inning the Reds tried to get a rally going. Aramis Garcia started it out after he was hit by a pitch. Jonathan India grounded into a force out, and then moved up to second on a Brandon Drury single. Tommy Pham then beat out an excuse-me check swing single on a ball that went about 50 feet up the third base line to load the bases with two outs. That brought Joey Votto to the plate, but not before Craig Counsel brought in a lefty reliever to try and get the match up advantage. It worked as Votto struck out to strand all three runners. That was the Reds final at-bat with a runner on base in the game.

The Pitching

Mike Minor had not given up a hit through the first three innings of the game, but Milwaukee got to him quickly in the 4th. Andrew McCutchen doubled and scored on a Luis Urias double. Victor Caratini homered later int he inning to make it 3-0 for the Brewers.

Minor kept the Brewers quiet in the 5th inning, but things didn’t go as smoothly in the 6th. Back-to-back 1-out singles were followed by a walk to load the bases. A sacrifice fly followed to give Milwaukee a 4-3 lead before Christian Yelich flew out to end the inning.

Joel Kuhnel took over in the 7th inning and saw Andrew McCutchen single on a 108 MPH ground ball before Hunter Renfroe hit a 108 MPH fly ball that landed 444 feet from home plate in the upper deck in left field to give the Brewers a 6-3 lead. Jeff Hoffman had to work around two baserunners in the 8th but he kept Milwaukee off of the board. Dauri Moreta, who just returned from Triple-A earlier in the day, tossed a shutout top of the 9th to give the offense one last chance.

Key Moment of the Game

Hunter Renfroe’s 2-run home run in the top of the 7th inning that made it a 6-3 ballgame.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Cincinnati Reds

Tuesday June 21st, 6:40pm ET

TBA vs Tyler Mahle (2-5, 4.46 ERA)

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  1. Klugo

    Ya know, the Reds were bad when the Brewers were bad. Now the Brewers are good and we are still bad. The Reds were good when the Cubs were bad, then the Reds were bad when the Cubs were good and now we are still bad when the Cubs are bad. The Cards are consistently good. We only compare to the Pirates. We deserve better.

  2. Hotto4Votto

    Seen enough of Mike Minor-leagues. Show him the door as soon as Lodolo is ready.

    • LT

      Send Votto down. A chance yesterday and a chance today, failed both times.

      • Bill J

        Remember he said when he felt he wasn’t helping the team he would retire?

      • greenmtred

        Send him down? I assume–I hope–you’re kidding. He’s showing his age, but the very best hitters in their primes fail more often than they succeed.

    • LT

      He said a lot of things BJ. He’s quite good at running his mouth, much better than hitting.

  3. JB

    Tough series. This week will only be harder.

  4. Jeff Morris

    Is there a Reds pitcher or player that has NOT been on the injured list this year…these players and pitchers are very very brittle!

  5. Erik the Red

    The schedule looks brutal for the next two weeks. With the injuries and lack of depth be prepared for a lot of losses like the start of the season.

    • Jim Walker

      They are already playing at a .333 clip for June. How low can they go. I guess 3-20 or whatever exactly it was would fit that bill. Never mind 😉

      • JB

        I got them at 8-18 the rest of first half. Thst might be nice.

    • David

      A 100 loss season is still really in reach.

      As to why the Reds have been bad and remain bad; their farm system has really not produced any good position players until the last year or two (Stephenson and India).

      Look at their line up. Votto, India and Senzel are the only “home-grown” talent on the field. Votto was drafted in 2005. Senzel was a #1 and has largely been a disappointment, and India has been hurt most of the year. Stephenson is hurt now.
      Okey has played a little, but he is largely riding the bench. Max Schrock has been injured, now he’s back.
      Everybody else came from “somewhere else”.
      Number one draft choices HAVE to pay off, somewhere.
      Nick Travieso, Nick Howard were absolute flushes. Devin Mesoraco was injured and had only one really good year. Mike Lorenzen is pitching well…..for the Angels.
      And the real lack of talent coming out of the farm system is why the Reds continue to be bad. There has been no “rebuild” because there is nothing to rebuild with.
      They have some good young pitching, but they will likely lose both Castillo and Tyler Mahle to trades in the next year.

      • Oldtimer

        Votto drafted in 2002 (I think) and played in minors through 2007.

      • JB

        I think Schrock came from another organization. CARDINALS maybe

      • Kevin H

        I tend to disagree, as remember when they were good from 2010-13 I think it was. They had home grown talent all over the field. They had Leake, Bailey, Cozart, Bruce, Hamilton, Votto, Mesaroco, and I think Barnhart. I am sure a few others. My point is they had a lot of home grown talent. Now, not so much.

  6. Old-school

    Happy Father’s Day to all.
    Reds are 23-43 in last place and 14 games out.
    Stop playing as if the next 10 games matter.
    Move on to finding a way to develop players who matter in 2024.

  7. William

    This season is already over. We need new owners. The current owners are just not smart enough. The GM and manager are nice guys, but need to be replaced. It is time to trade some players for some prospects. I think the Reds might get a good deal with San Francisco. Check the Giants top prospects. The Giants need Castillo and Mahle. I think the Reds could get two top 100 prospects for Castillo alone.

  8. Votto4life

    To me it’s not just that the team is in last place and 20 games under .500, it’s there is absolutely zero accountability. How is Nick Krall and David Bell still employed? It just shows me once again that Ownership doesn’t care if the teams wins or loses. AT LEAST PRETEND TO CARE!

    For those of you who think the Reds have a grand plan to compete in 2024, I afraid you are fooling yourself.

    There is no plan. There is absolutely no plan.

    • David

      The plan is to have a payroll that matches their budget, and hope that the people of Cincinnati and greater Cincinnati have no place else to spend their entertainment dollars and will continue to come to the ballpark and watch this baseball team.
      That’s their plan, as nearly as I can perceive it.

      The Castellinis have been the managing partners of Reds’ ownership for 13 years now. They got within a whiff of actually going to the World Series in 2012 (basically on a team that the previous ownership and management built), and then a long downhill ride. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

      Quite frankly, I wonder what the other ownership partners of the Reds think? Dick Williams (the younger) was GM for a while, and his legacy is leaving the team with a big contract (Moustakas) that produces about zip. He did make some other good personnel moves…but here we are. Firmly entrenched in last place in the NL Central, waiting for the day when the Reds unload Moose and Votto’s big contracts.

      • Votto4life

        I get their plan is to reduce payroll and not to sign players to multi-year contracts. Their plan is to sign any cheap free agents who are left unsigned at the end of Spring Training each year.

        They are reducing payroll. Good for them, I suppose. But it’s not a great way to maintain, let alone growing a fan base.

        Personally, I don’t care if they move Moose and Votto’s contract. It makes no difference to me because ownership has shown they don’t care about the product they put on the field.

        Great it saves them money. They won’t put it back into the team, even if they would spend money, no free agents are going to sign here unless it’s players like Tommy Pham and Mike Minor who have no other options.

      • doofus

        This is the Castellini’s 17th season as principal owners. The most since 1963. marge Schott is second with 16 seasons.

    • LT

      Highest paid player on team failed yesterday and today to deliver big hit. Biggest failure of ownership is hanging on to Votto year after year, 4 life 🙂

      • Daytonnati

        He has a no-trade contract, which I recall, most of Redleg Nation celebrated when he signed it as an indication he was a loyal, foundational piece, committed to the Reds’ future.

      • Votto4life

        That’s not how it works. Votto sign a 10 year contract with the Reds. The Reds could have signed him for fewer years, but they would have had to pay him more upfront. He signed for less in exchange for a longer contract.

        I really don’t know why people can’t get this concept.

      • Daytonnati

        In a sense, Votto was more committed to the Reds future than the ownership.

      • Corey D

        Who would play first base? And would they be that much better?

    • Jim t

      The manager and GM can only play with the hand they have been dealt by ownership. Firing them we not solve the issues with this franchise. Your making the assumption that ownership cares about winning. When the direction is to cut payroll I really don’t care who the manager and GM is the team will not win.

  9. LDS

    Nothing will change. At least tomorrow Is an off day. Tuesday, the Dodgers come to town and the Reds will likely continue their futility.

  10. William

    The NL central division is not as tough as the west, so I have hope for the Reds. I think they have some good young pitchers. I agree that the Reds have not produced a lot of good positional talent. Yes, they have produced some, but not nearly as well as some other teams. They may want to trade for some top 100 position players and try to finish developing them. It is The GM’s job to trade for the right players, so I hope he gets the job done.

  11. JB

    I’m afraid to say the Reds have become the Pirates. They have so many holes that they won’t be able to fill them from within and Bob is to cheap to go out and get good free agents. Buckle up people it’s going to be a heckuva ride.

  12. Roger Garrett

    Reds started 3-22 and that was it.I hang in there because at some point I hope they get healthy.I hang in there and hope we see Ty Steve back behind the plate.I hang in there and hope Barrero is given the keys to short.I hang in there because we have some good trading chips in Mahle and Castillo that could bring some good players to Cincy.I hang in there and hope we play as many young players as possible the rest of this year and next.I hang in there to see if there is any hint or sign of a plan at the trade deadline.I hang in there and hope we get new ownership that will make all my hanging in there and hoping produces a winning team in Cincy.

  13. Mark Moore

    It’s been a great day today. I started by pushing my normal 2.5 mile walk to 3 miles (my own Father’s Day 5K). Then the wife, DD#1 and I went to the local art museum where I tacked on another 2 miles in the sculpture part and then sat in the shade with the WLW audio feed playing (because for some reason the video was blacked out … again).

    Getting ready to heat up a cast iron skillet and use that to cook 5 8-oz tenderloins to perfection (including a browned butter bath). Somewhere, there is dessert and also a nice glass of Ruby Port (or maybe 2).

    The disappointing loss here just piles on to the nearly complete loss of hope, especially when we don’t see the younger guys all up and playing (for the most part). Glad 3M got a hit today and worked that BB. Pham’s value has to be about as high as it will get considering the semi-load of baggage he’ll carry with him.

    Have a great Monday, especially to those who have it off. Catch you all when the Trolley Dodgers blow into GABP.

    • Old-school


      I had a great day too

      Great weekend for that matter

      God bless your positivity

      This isnt our year

      On to 2024

      Happy fathers day

  14. RedsGettingBetter

    The visiting teams at Cincinnati are taking a lot more advantadge of GABP than Reds. I haven’t reviewed the splits but i´m sure the away teams have really better hitting stats where the number of homers connected should be favouring the visit in a overwhelming way… It was not enough to dismantle the team during the offseason but it was plagued and depleted by injuries specially about the better players, if a player starts performing well you can bet he will go to the IL in short term for sure…never seen…

  15. Bill J

    They play players on past performance, if that’s what you do with the front office I’ll say they will wait until Castillo and Mahle have a sore shoulder, bad hip or knee before they try to trade them.

  16. RedsMonk65

    Facing facts: We are on the same level with the Royals and A’s as among the worst teams in the Major Leagues. As to future outlooks, that remains to be seen. Not a good time for Reds fans.

  17. Gpod

    Last season this team was battling, & made some moves at the trade deadline to bolster the bullpen & was in position to get into the playoffs with a weak schedule down the stretch….instead, it was a total collapse….this year has been a total embarrassment….how this manager keeps his job is beyond explanation

    • VegasRed

      I disagree GPOD. It is real easy to understand. Bell isn’t expected to win. Not by owners or FO. And even the majority of fans on this board still back him. And Bell knows he is bulletproof.

      It wouldn’t make any sense in any other franchise but in Cincy, winning is secondary apparently.

  18. west larry

    The reds play the dodgers and giants at home in the six games. This team is so bad I would be thrilled if they won two of the next six. The relief pitching is awful. with a few exceptions. What do you expect when you get your relivers at the 99-cent store? They have a few AAA players starting, they are defensively challenged in the infield, otherwise, they aren’t awful. It’s hard to root for this team.

    • Votto4life

      and then the Yankees, Cardinals and the Mets. It is likely to get really ugly in the next few weeks.

  19. Luke J

    Anyone know why Barerro didn’t play the last two nights?

    • Jim Walker

      Wondering the same here. He was in the original starting lineup for Sunday then was scratched late. Solano was at SS all along. Barrero was at 2b prior to being scratched.

      Reds are at 13 pitchers with an open roster spot on the 26 man. Barrero surely hasn’t looked ready but who knows.

  20. Votto4life

    This team will likely be 30 games under .500 by the all-star break. Let that set n.

  21. Gpod

    At some point, somebody, anybody has to be fired, right?

    • Votto4life

      I thought that at 3-22 or whatever it was, I was winning to bet my house that Nick Krall or David Bell was going to be fired. Good thing no one here took me up on it or so would be at a homeless shelter right now.

      Seriously, the only good thing about this season has been this group. I am so happy I can come here and talk baseball with you guys. I am getting married this fall, so I’ll have that and the Bengals to look forward to at least.

      • Alex

        I literally don’t think they are firing ppl because that would require them to speak in public and who exactly is going to do that?

    • LDS

      No evidence of that so far nor reason to expect it. It’s just the roster, you know.

  22. votto4life

    The Reds worst record in team history was in 1934 when they went 52-99 with a .344 wining percentage.

    Currently, this season, the Reds are 23-43 with a .348 winning percentage.

    • LDS

      Have faith, they are well on their way to their most losses and their lowest winning pct. No worries though, they’ve discovered another fossil to join the team on Tuesday (Solano). I guess we won’t be seeing young guys like Barrero anytime soon. Congratulations on the upcoming marriage.

  23. Indy Red Man

    Love Almora Jr. but swung at bad 2-0 pitch then later worked it to 3-2 before hitting into dp. That should’ve been a walk then he was 2-0 vs their reliever in the 7th and the first pitch almost hit him. 2nd pitch was way off again so he should be thinking center cut or take on 2-0, but instead he gets jammed on a perfect fb on the upper inside corner and pops up. Just take the pitch, tip your hat, and its still 2-1 in your favor. Bell should have these stats and make more of an inprint on the game. Make AAJ take on 2-0. In all reality though its Minor and a pen without Diaz or Santillan. Needing 7 to win is about what I would expect.

    Once LA and the Yankees get done with them then our pitchers will really be nibbling. 100+ losses is definitely a possibility. I just hope 2024 can bring a little optimism and we can go in fresh with a much better roster and a new manager too

    • Jon

      I keep seeing 2024 mentioned as the year to aim for in regards to contending. Why not try for 2023? Go into the season with the rotation as Castillo, Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, and Overton. Sign or trade for two or three big bats this winter to go with India and Stephenson. Use Mahle as trade bait at the deadline next month to get another bat. Sign a few bullpen arms. Then when Votto and Moustakas are off the books use the additional money saved for more pieces.

      • Votto4life


        I think the Reds could be competitive next year if they followed the plan you have laid out, but they have said over and over again their plan is to develop young players to maintain sustainability (whatever that means).

        So to answer your question, I think the Reds could compete next season if they signed a couple of middle of the line up bats, a closer and one or two established bullpen arms.

        I think the reason people are not optimistic about next season is that the Red’s front office have repeatedly said they are going to develop their own players.

        There are no young, impactful position players who will likely be ready next year. But sure, with the pitching rotation the Reds currently have, they could compete next season if the team was willing to spend money.

    • Jim Walker

      +100 on the 1st paragraph. The Reds have more coaches with the MLB club than they have ever had but seem to be inadequately prepared to cope with many in game situations.

      They don’t understand how to work counts at the plate. They make poor decisions on pitch calling. They deploy defensively sophisticated shifts but show a lack of understanding of coverages and responsibilities playing from these shifts.

      These are mental errors born largely from a lack of focus and preparation. Someone should be held accountable for them.

  24. Ryan

    Several posters are mentioning 2024. Is 2023 already a lost cause? Does anyone think that any of the Reds, Pirates, Royals, A’s, or Twins will win a WS in our lifetime? Salary cap please!!!!

    • LDS

      Do you see anything that makes you think 2023 will be better? And IMO, 2024 is wishful thinking. A lot of potential talent on the horizon but it will be mismanaged and stunted. So, my guess, is if any of the teams you mentioned were to win a WS, it won’t be the Reds.

      • Votto4life

        LDS, agree I am not sure why people think this team is going to be competitive in the near future or the rest of the decade for that matter.

    • JB

      I’ve seen all 5 of those teams win championships in my lifetime. I don’t think I will see any of them win another but maybe the Twins. Twins spend money and the others do not.

  25. LeRoy

    Everybody is looking forward to 2024 when the Reds can compete. I think the best hope for 2024 is that the young pitchers get experience and the young hitters in the minors are ready to begin the move up. 2024 may well be the year that the Reds can actually begin a rebuild. Too bad for us older fans-2024 is a long way off and we may not even be able to come to a ball game by then.

    • Votto4life

      Also, in 2024 Tyler Stephenson and Jonathon India will be in their 4th year and getting expensive so the trade rumors will start to heat up. I see no reason, other than wishful thinking, to believe this team is going to be competitive in two years.

  26. DataDumpster

    Be a little more patient! This year is done. It could be a spirited fight for 3rd place with 90+ losses, or last place but what does that matter is the “core” and trades are not established for 2024? Krall picked up the bullpen on the cheap mid season last year and some of the acquisitions in the off season are producing mightily. Let’s see if Nick can build on this. I am not convinced though that the field management can shepherd this talent to maturity and a game ready strategy. Expect mediocrity but perhaps some unexpected success but value the rest of the season as a good measure of who among the players belongs past this season and if not, a management failure at many levels.

    • Jon

      Honest question… which “acquisitions in the off season are producing mightily” besides Drury? Minor…absolutely not. Strickland…perhaps the biggest flame in the dumpster fire that is the Reds bullpen. Pham…mediocre (unless facing the Padres) and certainly not a $7 million bat. Moran…not even on the Major League roster anymore. Solano…hasn’t appeared in a big league game yet.

      This is what terrifies me about having Krall in charge at the trade deadline next month.

  27. TR

    The pandemic has been tough on everyone, especially the Reds. The team has been hit with cost-cutting and long term untradeable contracts. Castillo and Mahle must be traded next month to get some young talent for a team with a weak offense, to say the least. An organizational housecleaning must be done by next years opening day if the Red’s are ever again going to be a competitive team. I’ve been a fan for a very long time and I’ve never felt so let down as in this past year with the breakup of last year’s team that was competitive.

    • Gpod

      I agree …I have been a Reds fan since the days of the Big Red Machine, and there have been ups & downs…..I remember when the Reds fired Dusty Baker because they expected more from the team….it made me feel like the Reds DID want to win & expected to make the playoffs….now the feeling is totally the opposite…..this is the first year ever, that I have a hard time staying interested in the Reds ….the management has shown that they don’t care to win anymore….their words earlier in the year proved it and keeping bell around as the manager reminds me every game how much management doesn’t give a rip. If you can kill the love for the Reds of a diehard fan like me….what have you done to the casual fan?

      • TR

        You’ve spelled it out. The current ownership’s affect on the casual Reds fan is spelled out with the empty seats at GABP. And we wonder why every game at Busch Stadium has at least 30,000 in attendance. Success starts and depends on ownership. The only positive for this die-hard fan is the potential and development of the Red’s young pitching. Without change in current ownership, there are many other things to keep me occupied.

  28. Andrew Brewer

    Just watched today’s highlights. The Reds are definitely in the heat of the action, and they are competing. They are going to win some games against the tough competition ahead. I like the effort I am seeing.

  29. GreatRedLegsFan

    The next roster move shall be to reactivate Solano, so the active roster will be back to 26 with 8 infielders. India and Senzel are struggling now at the plate (.500 OPS), I hope they’ll find the stride. Minor is consistently pitching 6 innings of 3 or 4 runs lately, good for a mid-rotation spot in a better positioned team.

    • AMDG

      In no game this year has Minor pitched 6 IP with allowing only 3 Runs.

      In his past 2 outings he’s gone 6.1 IP and 6 IP, and in both games gave up 4 Runs. That is a 5.84 ERA.

      I’m not sure many good teams would want a starting pitcher in the middle of their rotation who gives up an ERA near 6.00 in his “good” outings?

      For a guy who is no better than the 5th best pitcher on a bad Reds’ team, I’m not sure he would qualify as a solid middle of the rotation addition for a good team?

  30. Jim t

    Folks this team will not compete in 2023 because ownership will not make the commitment to winning. I have my doubts they will do so in 2024 with Moose and Votto off the books. The shame is they have some really nice starting pitchers and 2 very promising position players in Stephenson and India to build around. Phil C made it very clear on opening day with his comment, where are we going to go.

    People want to blame Bell and Krall but no one could compete with this group under this ownership. Firing them would not fix our issues. People want to criticize the deals he has made but when other GM’s understand you are under orders to trim payroll you lose your bargaining power. We had to give up Winker to unload Suarez. Good teams release bad players. Not give up good players to cut bad players. We are a bad team with a ownership that has one interest and it is not winning. Firing the GM and Manager will not fix this mess. Even if they do fire them do you think they will support the next GM and Manager by making a investment to winning? My kids took me to the game yesterday and it reminded me of the great times my Dad and I had watching the reds over the years beginning in the late 50’s. It is shameful to watch this ownership destroy those memories and deprive my kids the opportunity to have memories. Seek the freaking team Phil. You have made enough money.

    • JohnnyTV

      You make some excellent points:

      “Folks this team will not compete in 2023 because ownership will not make the commitment to winning.”

      “People want to blame Bell and Krall but no one could compete with this group under this ownership. Firing them would not fix our issues.”

      I believe the Reds could win — a few — more games under a different manager, but not enough to ‘compete’.

      “People want to criticize the deals he has made but when other GM’s understand you are under orders to trim payroll you lose your bargaining power.”

      I don’t trust Krall to make the big trades (eg. Castillo and / or Mahle). Fraley, Pham, Minor were not value added. Some of his smaller, marginal moves have paid off in the short term.

      “We had to give up Winker to unload Suarez.”

      Suarez’s contract was not that bad (relatively) and even in his recent bad seasons he’s been a far more productive hitter than Moose…but likely noone would take Moose’s contract without Greene, Lodolo and more attached.

      “Good teams release bad players. Not give up good players to cut bad players….”

      Reds got two bonafide pitching “prospects” for Winker and Suarez. The loss of their hitting along with Castellanos is a major cause of the team’s collapse this year. To be fair, adding Votto’s prolonged slump and India’s injury to that….

      “Firing the GM and Manager will not fix this mess. Even if they do fire them do you think they will support the next GM and Manager by making a investment to winning?”

      I understand that as a rhetorical question. I know the answer to it, though.

      • Jim t

        JohnnyTV thanks for your response.

        I actually think Bell and Krall have not been as bad as many make them out to be. Especially with the support they are given. I would have know issue replacing either but not before ownership changes hands.

    • MBS

      23 is going to be tough. Honestly there is no way to know who’s going to be here and who will be traded. Then there are guys like Drury, and Almora who are here on 1 year deals, that would be nice to have in 23. At the very least we will probabley lose some important pieces from this 22 team.

      We have never been near full strength this season, not that it matters for 22 going forward, but it does in 23. We haven’t had Barrero play. Lodolo played, but for just a short time. I don’t know how many games we had both India and Stephenson together, but that has also been a limited time. Overton showed promise, and Dunn has a good track record in the majors.

      There are too many moves that need to happen before opening day 23 to say if the Reds will be good, bad, or somewhere inbetween.

      I am an optimist by nature, and 24 to me seems like a year with many possibilities. A lot of our top prospects should be coming up that year. De La Cruz could be an organizational changing player.

  31. Jim t

    For those wanting to fire the GM and manager. I have a question do you trust this ownership with finding 2 people that can win with the obstacles presented by this ownership.

  32. Gpod

    Keeping a manager around “because nobody could win with this roster” is not a reason to retain him….you keep a manager because he’s a good manager….Bell proved last year is is not a big league manager….that roster was good enough & should have made the playoffs, yet under his leadership, they collapsed down the stretch despite bolstering the bullpen at trade deadline & a weak remaining schedule ….he should have been fired after last season….NOTHING that he has done as the Reds manager says that he deserves to continue

  33. Steven Ross

    Bell and Krall should probably be let go but does it really matter? All starts at the top and unfortunately, we’re saddled with an incompetent Owner. Not much is going to change anytime soon. I’ve already given up. I record games then see if they won or lost. Lose and I instantly delete. What’s the point of watching? Too frustrating.

    One positive: I can see Bengals Football over the horizon! Woot-woot.

  34. SultanofSwaff

    Like old skool said, the Reds need to stop acting like the next 10 games matter……or even the next 90. The first order of business is playing the youngsters while protecting our 3 young rotation arms. To that end, Minor has to be a part of a 6 man rotation or relegated to middle relief so he can step in if necessary. Second is to unload the logjam of veteran infielders. Approach Drury about an extension, if he declines then we trade him along with any or all of Reynolds, Solano, and Farmer. Instead of the usual bullpen lottery ticket, they should attempt to package them for a better prospect. Last item is to trade Castillo and extend Mahle. Castillo would net the elite OF prospect who would shore up the position player core.

    Any day not spent working on these goals is another day the franchise is choosing to not see the obvious.

    • Jim Walker

      They also need to clean out the manager’s office and start from there on the coaches.

      It is not just that this Reds team is outgunned on the field which isn’t (for the most part) the manager’s fault. The way the team plays and looks on the field shouts they are not well prepared and focused. That is on the manager and coaches regardless of the physical skills or lack thereof on the players’ part.

      • Jim t

        @jimwalkerI don’t see that at all. This team is out manned but plays very hard.they have be hit with many injuries and a lack of talent but they compete very hard.

      • SultanofSwaff

        You’re right Jim, I didn’t want to ask for the moon lol. 3-22 means the team wasn’t ready to play from the get-go. Bell gets 100% of the blame for another laissez faire spring training leading to another slow start. Derek Johnson for all his hype hasn’t produced. There’s no evidence guys have improved under his tutelage. Rather, the ‘try to strike out everybody’ approach he espouses has them 2nd in walks allowed, 4th in home runs allowed, yet only 9th in strikeouts. And where does that leave you? 29th in ERA. There are serious issues with pitch sequencing that aren’t being addressed. Other teams simply prepare better….it’s like we’re playing checkers and other teams are playing chess.

      • Jim Walker

        @jimt> Playing hard and playing smart is not always the same.

        The team I see on the field has trouble with defensive coverages in the middle infield. They routinely can’t get a shifted player in position at 2B for GIDPs or even to cover on steal attempts. Grounders that look playable aren’t played and converted to outs.

        Either players don’t understand their responsibilities or can’t do them. That’s ultimately on the coaching either way because even if the players can’t physically cover the assignments, the shifts should be changed if the players cannot be coached up o rreplaced.

        Then there are the throws to the wrong bases or physically bad throws that never should have been attempted in the first place. And how many bad throws have resulted from guys needing to hurry it because it took so long for them to get to a ball due to positioning (shifts again).

        Also the Reds have had a high number of TOOTBLANS.

    • Jim t

      Sultan, ownership knows the issues with the team. They have know interest to act on them if it cost them money.

      Phil and his guys understand what is being done. There is a part of me that feels some of their dealings have been driven by the new CBA. Reds ownership was not thrilled with how the smaller markets were treated. If that is the case sell the team, take your profit and enjoy your gain.

    • MBS

      What younsters are not playing? Lopez is the only one that comes to mind, but I think it’s more that the Reds don’t value him. Santana is the 1 player in AAA with good numbers, so you could make a case for him. However he’s been blocked by Drury, who’s been very good, and is also fairly young.

      Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, Stephenson, India, Santillan, Diaz, Warren, Kuhnel, SanMartin, and Solomon. That’s 11 players who are rookie or 2nd year guys getting every opportunity to play. Some have failed, sent to the minors, only to be brought up again.

      I guess you could say Okey isn’t getting the AB’s, and I’d like to see that, but the catcher is a bit different. If they think Garcia is better at handeling the young pitchers, then I can see why they play him.

      • MBS

        Barrero has been injured, not held back. They are letting the kid get some swings under his belt, before he faces MLB pitchers. He is not being held back, yet. If they bring him up in a week and keep him on the bench that’s a whole other thing.

      • SultanofSwaff

        I’ll have to gently disagree. Senzel rehabbed for like 5 days and declared himself ready and there he was, back in Cincy. Barrero is being held back because of Kyle Farmer and that’s inexcusable.

      • MBS

        I get your point, but imo the mistake is valuing a players word over results. Players always want to play. Senzel was 0 for 10 in his rehab.

        On the positive side for Senzel, he had a full spring training and a month of regular season games under his belt.

        I will be on your side however if Barrero is in AAA much longer (1 week to 10 days), or riding the pine after he’s promoted back up.

      • Jim Walker

        Sultan/ MBS>> Here is something to chew about re: Senzel’s return from the IL. He came back to MLB a day after Aquino was recalled.

        Since then Senzel’s OBP/SLG/OPS is .291/.228/.519; wRC+=48.
        From the time Aquino returned until he went on IL, his same numbers were .298/.500/.798; wRC+=115.

        Aquino is 14 months older. The career numbers skew about the same as above to his favor. Which guy do you want if it comes to 1 roster spot between the 2 in a month or so?

      • MBS

        @Jim, to me this is deciding on which bench piece do I want going forward. If I had to pick one as a starter, I’d say it’s going to be another losing season. I am going to pick Senzel, as a bench piece.

        The main reason I would go Senzel is, they can turn him into a utility player. He can cover OF, 3B, and 2B, and I bet he could cover SS for 15 games a year. That could be upwards 90 – 100 games of utility play giving him good playing time, and good rest time. Maybe with less games per week he could avoid the injury issue.

      • Jim Walker

        @MBS, Your reasons for picking Senzel as a bench piece make good sense as baseball reasons. However, he is already making $1.25m with 3 years of arbitration left. That’s a hefty price for a guy who might struggle to hit his weight while bringing little or no power to the plate. Contrast that to what Farmer gives them, at least against LH pitching. Still a guy who can be spotted anywhere on the field except pitcher or catcher is valuable. And also, I think if Aquino is ever going to really thrive, he needs to be playing 4 or 5 days a week (that remains a big “IF” as of now) .

  35. JB

    Has the front office come out and said what their plans are for becoming a playoff team? Aligning payroll and resources garbage doesn’t specify what the real plan is. What exactly is it? Because right now they have 15 guys on the 40 who will be 30 and over this year. Another 5 who will be 30 next year. Do they plan on spending money on top free agents or are they only rebuilding through the draft and farm system? Because if it’s the draft and farm system then let’s call the Pirates and see how that’s working out. They need to stop signing over the hill guys and take their lumps with the young guys. I would rather watch a rebuild with Freidl,Lopez ,Schrock and other guys than Pham,Reynolds ,Minor,Moran,Strickland and Garcia. If you’re going to lose a 100 then let’s lose sorting young guys out. I would rather watch the kids play under a plan to get where we want to be. Whether it’s 2024,25 or 26. Let the young guys play and hold spots for Cruz,Barrero,McClain and others. But for the love of God , let us know what your plan is so we can get behind it.

    • TR

      I cannot recall any statement this year from the principal owner, Bob Castellini, regarding his plan for the Reds. The only utterance has been the fan putdown statement from the son of the principal owner. How encouraging that is.

  36. Rednat

    I don’t know , I am more upset about the state of mlb than reds ownership and management. The league is unraveling from the bottom up and nothing is being done about it. Weak leadership from the commissioners office imo.

    There just isn’t enough talent in the league for 30 teams when you have the Yankees and dodgers cornering the market on available talented players. The reds spent money on players this offseason, they just are not very good.
    Someone questioned earlier will we ever see the twins , royals reds or pirates win a World Series again? No way with the current state of the league

    • Jon

      Someone asked the former Dayton beat writer Hal McCoy something to that effect in a recent column. When you consider the fact that there are more MLB teams today than in the 70’s, as well as the fact that fewer kids grow up playing baseball, it is a recipe for failure. Not to mention large market teams cornering the premier talent once it hits free agency as you mentioned.

      Aside from having a salary cap and a salary floor, I don’t know what the solution is. A large market team can manage wasting $23 million on the bad contracts/poor performance of Moustakas and Akiyama. (Over $45 million if you add in the five guys Krall added this winter making $1 million or more). The Reds front office simply cannot evaluate talent well, especially considering Castellanos and Suarez are borderline All-Stars this year.

      • JohnnyTV

        No argument about Reds front office, but here’s an update:

        Suarez .229 12 HR 35 rbis. 92 Ks in 247 AB.
        Castellanos .253 7 HR 36 rbis.

        I’m a fan of both those fellas but that All Star borderline is going to have to be pretty wide.

      • Jim Walker

        A major issue for the Reds baseball people seems to be they are always cast in the position of having to evaluate cost as a deal breaker ahead of evaluating quality first and then figuring out if there is a way of affording that talent.

        The salary dumping this off season followed by the spending spree (for the Reds) suggests the baseball people were given a hard redline figure then several weeks later told they could/ should now spend the money they had just dumped.

    • TR

      What do we expect from the baseball Commissioner’s office when he’s a big NY Yankee fan. The small group of super wealthy teams are doing just great.

  37. old-school

    If you go back and look at the Bengals in 2019, they were the worst team in the NFL. No one would have predicted they would make a SB run in 2021-22. But they brought in a new culture, and coaching staff turned over the roster with elite draft picks in Burrow and Higgins and Chase. The plan was explosive offense through the draft and defensive roster reconstruction through Free Agency and it took only 2 draft/FA cycles to do it.

    The Reds have 2 drafts and a huge upcoming trade deadline and 2 off-seasons to transform this roster.

    1.) Trade Castillo and Mahle for 3 top 100 high end prospects- 2 positional big bats and 1 high end SP
    2.) trade Drury for a good AA pitcher
    3.) trade Pham for a high ceiling low A pitcher
    4.) Nail the upcoming draft with 6 picks in the top 123
    5.) play the second half of the year focused on player development at the AA/AAA/MLB levels.
    6.) Keep Greene, Lodolo, and Ashcraft healthy and manage their load.
    7.) Figure out Future CF and Joey Votto’s succession plan.