The Cincinnati Reds have activated Max Schrock from the injured list. The team also placed right-handed reliever Tony Santillan on the 15-day injured list with a back issue. In their third move, the Reds moved Lucas Sims to the 60-day injured list – he is also dealing with a back issue. The moving of Sims to the 60-day opened up a spot on the 40-man roster for Schrock, who had been on the 60-day injured list.

Max Schrock had been out since spring training. His time on his rehab assignment ran out. He had played in 11 games with Triple-A Louisville and went 11-39 (.282) with a home run and two walks in his time down in the International League. Schrock gives Cincinnati tons of flexibility. Last season he played every position on the field except shortstop or catcher. Yeah, in case you forgot, he pitched in two different games. At the plate he hit .288/.328/.448 in 2021 in the big leagues.

Tony Santillan is heading to the injured list after dealing with a back injury. The injured list is back to being 15 days (it had been 10 earlier this year), so he’s going to miss at least two weeks. This season has been up-and-down for Santillan. He’s allowed just one home run in 19.2 innings and he’s struck out 21 batters. But he’s also posted a 5.49 ERA, allowed 23 hits, and he’s walked 12 while hitting another 4.

Lucas Sims missed the first two weeks of the regular season before making his debut on April 23rd. But three weeks later he went back to the injured list, making his last appearance on May 10th. Moving him to the 60-day injured list would mean that he won’t be eligible to return until July 10th if he’s ready by then.

Roster changes…..

In a rule that was supposed to take place in 2020 but never did, Major League Baseball notified teams on Thursday that beginning this Monday the limit on pitchers you can have on your big league roster will be 13. It had been 14 up to today.

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  1. LDS

    Surprised there weren’t more transactions.

    • LDS

      Wouldn’t surprise me if the Reds resigned him. Sounds like a Reds type move

    • JayTheRed

      Wondering how long it will be before the Reds sign another Japanese Player considering how badly Akiyama failed. They sincerely thought they had brought in a player who was going to make a difference in the outfield, and it just didn’t work out.

  2. SteveO

    My guess Solano next to be activated with Lodolo to the 60 day IL to give the Reds another week to DFA someone. Another option will be Gutierrez to the 60 day IL and give him the full 2 months to recover. Teams will only be allowed to carry 13 pitchers, so when Solano activated, Friedl to Louisville is my best guess.

    • MBS

      Did Lodolo get injured again? I thought he just starting his rehab assignments, already moving on from bullpens.

      • SteveO

        No, he’s been on the 10 day IL, but has a retro date of 4/25. He’ll make another start tomorrow in Louisville with possibly another one next week before being activated. In all likelihood, he’ll be optioned to Louisville after being activated, unless there’s another injury to the starting 5. They could put him in the bullpen with the Reds as the long reliever and ramp him up too. It’ll be interesting what they do when he’s ready. The Reds will only enable to carry 13 P max. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the bullpen and Warren sent down, as he has an option.

      • Doc

        Can’t they option Lodolo, unless he is not recovering quickly from his 2 inning stint?

      • Jim Walker

        @Doc, It is all paper shuffling to get a 40 man spot for Solano without DFAing anyone. If Lodolo is ready to go in a week he would still be eligible after moving to the 60 day list since his time already on the 10/15 day list counts toward the 60 days.

        However, since Lodolo is allowed a full 28 days on rehab, there is no reason to move him off IL until they want him at MLB or the 28 days is expired. And who knows what injuries or trades may change the roster situation in the interim.

    • Old-school

      Solano is expected back Tuesday.
      Lodolo will make a AAA start and could be back by the end of the month

      Having Drury and Schrock and Solano and moose will make it interesting. I cant see Moose every playing against lefties.

      • Old-school

        Solano and Drury against lefties makes sense at 3b/DH and its step 1 in isolating Moose away from being an everyday player…..which needs to happen. Shrock needs to step up as a lefty bat and with Naquin reportedly way ahead on his rehab , things at the corner OF/3b/DH slot could get tight quickly. I’m interested to watch the DH /3b/corner OF rotation.

      • SteveO

        Yeah, looks like bench will be Okey, Solano, Schrock and Reynolds. Drury is the starter at 3B. Bell is starting Moose at DH even against LHP, so he looks like the full time DH. Schrock had been playing the OF on his rehab assignment, so I think he gets some time there. Reynolds can play both IF and OF too and is the backup SS when Farmer needs a day off. Solano sees time as a backup IF and PH. I’d prefer to see Schrock as the DH against RHP and Reynolds against LHP. What do you think?

      • Old-school

        Against lefties its Pham In LF, Senzel in CF and Almora in Rf with India/Farmer up the middle and Drury/Solano DH/3b.

  3. SteveO

    Moose hitting .188 vs LHP this year and in the lineup at DH? Reynolds hitting .344 vs LHP this year. Just don’t understand the decisions by Bell.

    • LDS

      Contract dollars count, hitting doesn’t

    • JB

      Front office seems to think thst if they keep showcasing him and his 200 average , somebody will want him and his 16 million dollar contract. They can’t fathom that they are the only ones that were dumb enough to give him a $64 million contract.

      • Jim Walker

        Just like it only takes one team to get a player a larger FA contract, it only takes one team to get another team off the hook for all or most of a bad contract.

        Look at the coup the Reds pulled with Barnhart’s departure because Detroit agreed to take the contract. The Reds not only avoided paying the $550K buyout and/ or waiving him, but they also got a face saving return player for him (albeit a lottery pick type guy).

        The Reds are probably fingers crossed that some team will suffer an injury that will make Moose’s contract just palatable enough that they can get off the hook for at least some of the sunken amount.

      • JB

        Come on Jim ,who you fooling. Barnhart was wanted by Detroit to catch their pitching staff and have a 2 time gold glover. He isn’t doing well this year but he has changed leagues and it takes time yo get adjusted. Barnhart contract is nowhere near Mooses. Nobody and I mean Nobody is taking him or his contract unless the Reds attach a nice prospect with him.

  4. RedsGettingBetter

    Well , the bench has more depth with Schrock activated and no moves to position players but Santillan going to the IL the bull pen would be relying on Diaz, Warren, Cessa, Hoffman, Strickland at the first hand…

  5. TR

    Max Schrock is not known for his defensive skills, but he is a consistent hitter. He should occupy the Red’s DH position most of the time.