Tonight the Reds open a three game set versus the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix to close out the current road trip. The Reds need to win this series to finish .500 on the 6 game trip.  Anyone among us wondering if the  Reds might sweep the series and come home to Cincinnati with a wining road trip is hereby nominated for the RLN optimist of week award. Game time is 9:40 Eastern time.

Starting Lineups


SP: Mike Minor


SP: Merrill Kelly

1. Nick Senzel (CF)
2. Brandon Drury (DH)
3. Tommy Pham (LF)
4. Joey Votto (1B)
5. Kyle Farmer (SS)
6. Matt Reynolds (2B)
7. Mike Moustakas (3B)
8. Albert Almora (RF)
9. Chris Okey (C)
1. Jordan Luplow (LF)
2. Josh Rojas (3B)
3. Ketel Marte (2B)
4. Christian Walker (1B)
5. Daulton Varsho (RF)
6. Carson Kelly (C)
7. Jake McCarthy (DH)
8. Alek Thomas (CF)
9. Geraldo Perdomo (SS)

 Starting Pitchers

Lefthander Mike Minor gets the call for the Reds. Righty Merrill Kelley is scheduled to go for the Diamondbacks. These same 2 pitchers squared off against each other 5 days ago at GABP in a game won 7-0 by the Diamondbacks


Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
Mike Minor

(2 starts)

8.1 8.64 1.44 7.9% 21.1%
Merrill Kelley

(12 starts)

65.0 3.32 1.71 9.9% 19.8%
Links: Mike Minor’s Stats | Merrill Kelley’s Stats

Mike Minor

Mike Minor makes his third start of the season after an extended stay on the injured list with a shoulder issue which arose in spring training.  As Minor’s WHIP and ERA indicate, he has been rocked in both his previous 2022 starts. Left handed hitters have actually hit slightly better against him in 2022, if that really matters given his OPS versus right handers is a robust .936. Looking back to Minor’s 2021 and career splits, there is not a significant difference how left handed and right handed batters have fared against him. The question for Reds fans is whether Minor is still getting up to speed or is at the end of his 12 year career.


RHH 27 6 1 0 3 1 7 .240 .296 .640
LHH 11 3 1 0 2 2 1 .333 .455 1.111

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Change Slider Curve
Velo 90.4 84.1 84.3 799
Usage 40.0% 27.6% 29.0% 3.4%

Merrill Kelley

There is also not a lot to choose from on Merrill Kelly’s handedness splits. Kelley is not a power pitcher. Instead he uses a variety of pitches to keep hitters off balance. As the usage table below indicates he uses each of 5 pitches more than 10% of the time. He sends three different variety of fastballs toward the plate at virtually the same speed and trusts the differing movement patterns to keep hitters from being able to barrel the pitches. Then when the hitters think they have the fastballs figured out, Kelley will show them a curve or change up. Kelly dominated the Reds at GABP last week, allowing just 1 hit in 6 innings of work. Reds fans can hope that seeing Kelley again so soon will tip the scales to the favor of Reds batters.


RHH 153 34 7 1 1 14 29 .248 .320 .336
LHH 120 25 8 0 2 13 25 .246 .319 .368

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Sinker Cutter Change Curve
Velo 92.4 92.4 91.0 88.2 88.0
Usage 32.2% 12.7% 17.2% 23.5% 14.5%

Bullpen Status


David Bell called 5 relievers to the mound Sunday. Jeff Hoffman threw 25 pitches. He figures to be unavailable tonight. Alexis Diaz and Luis Cessa have worked on consecutive days accumulating total pitch counts of 34 and 25 respectively for the double duty.  Diaz is almost certainly unavailable and Cessa  questionable at best.

Reiver Sanmartin was been activated from the Reds taxi squad.


Caleb Smith has worked consecutive days logging 43 pitches in the process. He appears to be unavailable. Sean Poppen and old friend Noe Ramirez also worked Sunday and have thrown 27 pitches each Friday through Sunday

News and Notes

Hunter Greene has been named the NL Player Of The Week. Redleg Nation has the details here.

The Reds have made a number of roster moves. Bobby N. Has them nicely organized:

UPDATE: In a later breaking roster move, the Reds have placed Aristides Aquino on the 10 day IL (calf sprain) and Activated Jonathan India.  India does not appear to be starting tonight.

Thought Of The Day

The Reds win Sunday felt good, especially after the crushing 27th out walk off winner by the Cardinals on Saturday. However even in victory, warts were evident for the Reds.

On Sunday, the middle infield failed to turn a simple GIDP on 2 occasions. One GIDP misfire cost a run. Both cost the starting pitcher extra pitches which shifted the responsibility for additional outs onto the beleaguered bullpen. That bullpen nearly blew a 3 run lead the end of the game (again).  These miscues added to the impression over the weekend that the Reds defense often looked more like Little League than MLB quality.

Hopefully the Reds will find a way to win at least 2 games in Phoenix. In the process, let’s hope they play more fundamentally sound baseball.  GO REDS.

When and Where

Game time: 9:40pm ET
Where: Chase Field Phoenix, AZ
Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
Forecast: 100° but who cares. Chase Field is indoors and air conditioned.

Data courtesy of Baseball Reference, Fangraphs, Baseball Press and Rotowire

103 Responses

  1. LDS

    Let’s hope Moustakas found his swing on the off time. Otherwise, I think I’d rather stick with Lopez. Let’s hope Minor finally has a decent game.

    • Eddie

      I am not holding my breathe 2 games minor look he belongs in the minors like our bullpen. Hope we start clicking though since reds are few games from pirates n cubs

    • Jim Walker

      Well they certainly cleared the decks for Moose by sending both Lopez and Moran packing

  2. Craig Z

    India has been activated and Aquino to the IL.

      • Craig Z

        It was announced after the lineup was released. Great to have him back.

    • LDS

      How do the Reds make such inexplicable moves? Earlier today on the initial lineup posted, Aquino was starting and now he’s on the IL? Much rather have India back rather than AA but these types of convoluted messages really erode the team’s credibility.

      • Jim Walker

        I was hanging around all afternoon waiting for the starting lineup to drop to get it into this preview. The lateness and silence ahead of the original lineup drop fairly shouted something was going on behind the scenes.

        Word leaked first that Moose was in Phoenix then maybe an hour later that India had arrived in town. My guess is they were working on the move to get Moose active and also for AA and India to go through pregame workouts before the final pieces fell in. It was probably more clear AA could not go than that India could go (at least off the bench) and thus the very late switch with Reynolds’s going in for AA with Drury and Almora shuffled around in positions in the lineup and on defense.

      • LDS

        Thanks, here’s hoping Moose fields like Brooks Robinson and hits like Mike Schmidt. Yes, I’m that old.

  3. JB

    Well I won’t be watching. Rather go to bed.. Got to get Moustakas right in that lineup. Lopez could out hit him with his eyes closed. Moose 5 hits in his last 50 at bats.

  4. Mark Moore

    So the IL carousel really spun today. Great to have India back (though that means I won’t go over to Durham to see him). I’m still hoping Moose is only back to be moved somewhere somehow. It’s past time for that …

    I won’t watch much if any tonight. That start is too late for my blood and with Minor pitching, I don’t need to go to bed with all that active angst still rolling around.

    Hope they can get something done against the Snakes.

    • Kdavis

      Given Senzel lack of offense wouldn’t it be advisable to move Almora to lead off?

      • Jim Walker

        The original lineup did not include Senzel. The OF was Pham, Almora and Drury with Aquino as DH. To be honest things were changing so fast I don’t recall who was lead off. But when Senzel went in it was CF and battting #1. Privilege?

      • JB

        Yeah thst would be good. I like Senzel at 6. No pressure and hopefully he can get going.

  5. Bet on red

    Agreed, India being up nixes my plans for Bulls baseball. Can’t wait to see the flow go though

    • VaRedsFan

      You and Mark could go see Lodolo pitch.
      Maybe get Barrero going too!

      • Mark Moore

        If we could definitively nail down when Lodolo is pitching (have to get through his AZ start tonight), I might consider it. Even so, I have to think it will only be about a 3-inning thing.

  6. SteveO

    Starting lineup for 6/14.
    India, Drury, Pham, JV, Farmer, Reynolds, Almora, Senzel, Okey or Garcia.

    • MBS

      My only request is to have Okey as Greene, and Ashcraft’s catcher. I think he’s going to be able to catch those 2 better than Garcia can. That might be true even when Stephenson comes back. That’s assuming a Stephenson / Okey combo behind the plate.

  7. Don

    Jim, love the honesty in the article.
    Been a tough year to watch the Reds
    Will watch tomorrow, 4AM EST wake up for work, cannot watch west coast games
    Hoping Moose finds something with the bat and that Reynolds and Farmer do not have to figure out how to turn a double play as Minor pitches a perfect game.
    Doubt it will happen but hoping as a Reds fan.
    Not being a pessimist, I am just an experienced optimist.

  8. Redsvol

    Jim – good into to the game tonight. Since I only followed the game via gameday on, I did not realize we missed turning 2 double plays yesterday. What would you say was the problem in each case?

  9. Bet on Red

    Well shame about that Double play

  10. Indy Red Man

    Sadak? AAJ makes a fairly routine play on a foul ball and Sadak goes insane and says Rojas was robbed.

    • Jpser05

      I thought the same thing! Turned to my cat and asked what the heck is Sadak screaming about on a fairly routine play!

    • Mark Moore

      It was a good play, but that would have been a foul ball, correct? So he was robbed of a foul ball?

      Exactly why I put the WLW audio feed on. Sadak just isn’t worth the heartburn.

  11. Indy Red Man

    Moose is back. Same feeling I had when I’d look out the bay window and see the in-laws pulling up.

  12. Old-school

    Derek Johnson is just good enough to get you fired.

    Mike one can tell me Minor is here for any other reason than Derek Johnson coached him at Vanderbilt and went to bat for him. Nick Krall…C’mon man. You got an ownership group throwing you under the bus telling you to cut 35 mil and a pitching coach saying spend 10 mil on Mike Minor???? Talk about organizational schizophrenia…He was pretty good when Maroon 5 sang about payphones.

    • Indy Red Man

      I liked Danny Duffy back in the day when it comes to washed up lefties. He had outstanding stuff in his prime.

      • Old-school

        Reds washed up lefties is a Chad Dotson pod cast.

        Thats frightening.
        Mike Minor, Sean Doolittle, and Zach Duke are the first guests on that show.

    • Chris

      Mike Minor, more than any other reason, is why Krall should be fired. I can’t believe how much of ownership’s money was waisted on this guy, especially when you consider the dumping of our best pitcher last year, who would have earned the same amount.

  13. Indy Red Man

    Young guys in their primes need to rehab, but chunky overpaid slugs near the end have to make sure their 0-4 occurs for the Reds.

    • Mark Moore

      He definitely looked wide on that shot heading back to the dugout after rolling over on that ground out.

      What I really can’t understand is why he’s wearing a glove tonight. That’s just a bone-headed move by DTBell.

  14. SteveO

    Lodolo line
    2.1 4 5 5 5 2 0 19.29

    Does he go to Durham after this start?
    I guess if he’s not hurting and got to his pitch count, he’s headed to NC.

    • Mark Moore

      Wow! I have to wonder if they’ll decide he needs another try out there. Sounds like he struggled to find the zone.

    • SteveO

      Sorry, they mistakenly put Williams stats with Lodolo’s when I first looked at the box score. When I went back to look at the end of the game , they had it corrected. Stats were actually

      2.0 4 1 1 1 2 0 4.50

  15. Bet on Red

    I would say its health determinate. Let him get a few starts in there then start worring about numbers

  16. Chris Holbert

    I am wondering how the lineup is better, with Moose in there instead of India and DB could still have his DFA starter Reynolds in there at 3rd, since Drury is DHing. 70% of India is better than all of Moose..

    • Indy Red Man

      Schrock too….supposed to back anytime so where is he? Not that many teams are at/below the Reds talent level so why do you want to play them at half strength?

      • JohnnyTV

        I doubt we see Schrock until the next Red winds up on the IL.
        Bell favorites, Friedl and Reynolds and maybe others (Moose) are blocking his spot on the roster.
        We might see Fraley before we see Schrock.
        Bell and Bull Krall make for one strange pair at the helm.

      • Jim Walker

        Yeah, as I was following the situation, I kept waiting for Schrock to be the next rabbit out of the hat.

        They were very cautious in how they used him at Louisville last week following his “tweak”. My guess is the tweak may be bordering on a clear setback.

        If not that, then the situation just doesn’t right them for him to be activated. If they send Friedl back to AAA, they will have only 3 true OF remaining. On the other hand until Solano is back, Reynolds is the 2nd SS.

  17. Old-school

    Reds are worst team in baseball.

    Their average age of starting lineup tonight is 31.1

    What is wrong with this?

    I’m ok with Votto finishing what he started…but c’mon

    • LDS

      +1000 We all know why. It is the way of he who shall not named.

      • Chris Holbert

        As the unnamed will say, ” they are a big part of our team”.

      • LDS

        LOL – hence the reason they 8 games under .500

  18. Indy Red Man

    This ump is ridiculous? I’m going to track him for Unders cause he gives the pitchers leeway on both sides?

  19. Old-school

    Senzel is lost. Zero power or barrels.
    Not the same player he was in summer of 2019.
    Whether its reds screwing him around and Turner Ward or Covid or Senzel himself….hes not the same prospect. Hope he figures it out, but hes not the prospect he was. Time to move on.

    Almora might be better in the short term but he ain’t the long term answer. Move Elly De la Cruz to CF.

  20. Old-school

    Watching Mike Minor is like the watching that last Bronson Arroyo awkward embarrassing reunion tour. Why is Mike Minor in MLB?

    Nick Krall forfeited all credibility with this signing.

    • Chris

      Yep. More than any other reason, Krall should be fired for the Minor move.

  21. Roger garrett

    Minor doesn’t remember Walker?Guess 10 million will cause you not to.

  22. Indy Red Man

    Reynolds has a little Tyler Stephenson in his game. No real power in a normal setting, but he’s dropped 2-3 in the RF stands at Gabp already. Not a bad player at all

    He won Reds Over 3.5 and Under 4.5 with that 9th inning 2 out HR vs Arizona last week so I’ll always remember him for that

    • Bet on Red

      gotta remember them for the important stuff

  23. Votto4life

    Why is it I am always a bit surprised when I see the Reds have scored a run?

  24. William

    Micheal Lorenzen is having a good year so far starting for the LA Angel’s. The team is not doing so well, but Lorenzen has a good won, loss, and ERA. I follow only Trout on this team, but noticed the good year Lorenzen is having.

  25. Indy Red Man

    Moose is a magician with the glove. He turns ground outs into infield hits like a true wizard!

    • Jim Walker

      If guys can’t cover the area they need to cover to make a shift work then the team needs to change the shift or change the player.

  26. Old-school

    Tejay Antone interview

    I went to a Covid game early last year with attendance max 12000 and separation. Quickly figured out Woman and family behind me with Antone bling might be family.. Struck up a conversation and wife super nice and Dad super nice. Great people. Hope he comes back.

  27. Chris Holbert

    That throw from RF reminded me of a little leaguer not knowing what to do with the ball and just chucking toward the pitcher’s mound.

  28. Indy Red Man

    Minor has nothing, but that ball to Reynolds was not a hit? Poor guy doesn’t need anything artificially added to his era.

    Guys have a good night. Watching a little of the Twins-Ms and calling it a night

  29. Eddie

    Minor and the defense sucks losing by 3. I rather not watch and John sadak annoying to listen to ever since last year. It ruin watching at home for me lately. I rather watch NBA finals since we will lose anyways how bell manages while Pete rose defense him over. Also our defense whacky tonight if we have lead anyways bullpen will ruin it

  30. JohnnyTV

    Minor doesn’t look hopeless out there, but he is throwing a lot of meat pitches.
    With his stuff, when his location is off, and it has been off a lot, he gets hit hard.
    We’ll be seeing a lot of this in the weeks ahead.
    Maybe a return of Hoffman for a few starts?

  31. Bet on Red

    And Drury got a hit too…. tie game

  32. Old-school

    Someone explain Brandon Drury?

    Hes a better cheaper version of Kyle Farmer.

  33. JohnnyTV

    Drury is doing what I expected from Moose.
    At what? 1/10th of the cost.

  34. Bet on Red

    How much team control do we have Drury for?

    • MBS

      Occording to Cots he’s an Arb 4 for 23, but Sportrac has him as an unrestricted free agent.

      • Craig Z

        Baseball Reference has him as a free agent at the end of the season also.

  35. Eddie

    Drury is a huge pick up he was good player always just never been given a lot of playing time. That dude our hr leader. Hope he comes back next year he be good

  36. Eddie

    If we win I think we be back 3 game from pirates since cardinals won

  37. Andrew Brewer

    Reds tie it up in the top of the fifth with Drury’s homer with two on… No way can he put Minor back out there…

  38. Andrew Brewer

    Reds escape the bottom of the 5th… Minor still on the mound.

  39. Bet on Red

    Moose just got us the lead….smh

  40. dhmorgan

    Well whada ya know!
    The Moose is loose.

  41. JohnnyTV

    With Moose’s hit the entire Reds starting lineup is above the Mendoza line for likely the first time all season.

    • JohnnyTV

      Well….it didn’t last long, but it was nice while it did.

    • dhmorgan

      Which lasted until the next batter.
      But at least that’s progress.

  42. Andrew Brewer

    Moose hit it hard again, this time for an RBI ! Reds go up by 1 in the top of the 6th.

  43. Joe P.

    If the All-Star game selections were made today, Brandon Drury would be the Reds representative. No doubt in my mind.

  44. Bet on Red

    Minor on the mound in the 7th and I am not exactly against this

  45. Bet on Red

    beginning to think I am the only one left….

  46. JohnnyTV

    I was wondering if we’d see San Martin this evening.

  47. Hanawi

    What was the point of taking Sanmartin out after giving up an infield single? Perdomo is a switch hitter without big splits so it’s not like made a difference from a handedness perspective.

    • Joe P.

      I thought the same thing, but it worked out.

      It was good to see Bell have a plan and utilize it. Waiting for the PH Smith to be announced and then bringing in the lefty Sanmartin was a good plan.

    • Andrew Brewer

      Sanmartin was wild and not in the zone. Glad he was pulled.

  48. Joe P.

    Crazy game. A lot of hard hit balls finding gloves for outs and weakly hit or well located grounders going for hits.

  49. Jim Walker

    That was a really good PA by Drury to draw the walk and push Almora into scoring position.
    Now can Pham cash it in?

    • Jim Walker

      Nope. Caught looking and knew despite whatever he said to the umpire.

      • Andrew Brewer

        That was an interesting at bat. Pham doesn’t like high pitches. Kennedy threw 4, 4 seamers at the top of the zone, the last one on the corner as well. He just didn’t get a pitch that he liked. Gotta foul those away…

  50. Jim Walker

    Strickland on for his umpteenth shot at redemption.

    • Jim t

      You could say that about the whole bull pen

  51. JohnnyTV

    There’s a W I was never expecting to happen.

  52. Andrew Brewer

    Strickland closes it out for the Reds… had two pitches called strikes with Rojas up that were balls, but we’ll take it !