The Cincinnati Reds have acquired outfielder Stuart Fairchild for the second time in his career. Originally drafted by the Reds in the 2nd round out of Wake Forest in 2017, he was traded at the deadline in 2020 along with Josh VanMeter to Arizona for Archie Bradly. He moved to the Seattle Mariners organization in April of this season and then a month ago he was traded to San Francisco for another former Red, Alex Blandino. The Giants then designated him for assignment this past week and the Reds front office put in the claim to bring him back to the organization.

With the 40-man roster full the Reds have to clear a spot and to do so they designated pitcher James Marinan for assignment. Marinan was added to the roster in November in order to protect him from the Rule 5 draft that wound up never happening due to the long lockout. The right-handed pitcher has had a lot of struggles this season while pitching in High-A Dayton. In 10 games – 4 starts and 6 relief appearances – he’s posted a 7.71 ERA in 32.2 innings while giving up 38 hits, 10 home runs, 16 walks, and he’s struck out 33 batters. He flashes quality stuff with a fastball that’s been up to 98 MPH and secondaries that have potential, but he’s struggled to find any sort of consistency with it.

Stuart Fairchild has very limited time in the big leagues. He’s gotten into 20 games over the last two seasons but he’s only managed to get 28 plate appearances in that time. He’s 2-26 (.077) with a walk, a double, and 8 strikeouts in his big league career while playing for Arizona, San Francisco, and Seattle. In Triple-A this season he’s also had limited time, splitting action at three different affiliates. In his 19 games played in the minors this season he’s hitting .232/.377/.449 with 10 walks and 26 strikeouts in 85 plate appearances to go with 3 doubles and 4 home runs.

Fairchild has played all three outfield spots in his career and he’s still capable of handling any of them. Most of his time has come in center, but he’s got plenty of experience in the corner spots as well.

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  1. LDS

    Now the Reds are going for their own castoffs? And he’s worth a slot on the 40-man? They already have AA and Friedl who appear to be unable to hit MLB pitching consistently. What’s one more? I guess I’m missing something as usual.

      • LDS

        I’ll look at his numbers later but he’s been dfa’d more than once. So I’m not optimistic

      • Luke J

        I see the numbers and this move is insane. There is no reason for it. It doesn’t fill a single need that the organization can’t fill from within. If for some reason his services were needed, there are a dozen others already here who are just as qualified. And you wouldn’t need to use a 40 man spot unless such an unlikely situation were to happen. Rule of thumb is don’t make a move unless it serves a purpose. This one doesn’t.

    • MK

      He was the right handed twin of Friedl when here before. Don’t suppose that has changed.

    • Jim Walker

      Fairchild was picked 11 spots earlier in his draft than Jesse Winker was in his and in 2021 had a .945 OPS at AAA over 188 PAs. He has been jerked around over the off season and this year.

      This is his age 26 season. He is still optionable next year.

      Settle him in at Louisville and see what he does.

      • JayTheRed

        I’m with Jim on this. Let play every day in AAA. See what he can do. The fact he has options left is a plus too.

  2. MK

    Great move with Marinan. He single handed my lost the first game of the double header the other night. He has had one good month in his years in the organization.

    • Redsvol

      Glad to see the front office starting to pick up designated guys with potential. Would also like to see Clint Frazier claimed – Cubs designated him for assignment this week. He has had some success at the big league level and former 1st round pick. Lets get him in here too and designate someone else. Churn through ’em like Wayne Krivsky used to do until you find someone worth keeping.

      • Luke J

        What potential are you seeing? I’m not seeing any.

      • Redsvol

        Have you seen the ops of our current AAA and AA outfielders. I see potential to provide much more than they can.

  3. MK

    At what point does Bell allow Diaz to pitch at the end of the game. At least if he fails he might learn something. Strickland needs to be relegated to mop up duty.

    • greenmtred

      Diaz pitched to the heart of the order. Why wouldn’t that be a learning experience? The ninth isn’t enchanted: A team can out the game out of reach in any inning, so why wouldn’t you want your best facing their best?

  4. Hanawi

    Count me in as one that likes this move. He was looking really good last year in AAA but has been yanked up and down between AAA and MLB with little consistent time in either to get comfortable. I’d put him in CF in AAA for a month and see if he can get some good at bats in.

    • Jim Walker

      .945 OPS in AAA last season (188 PAs) before the yanking started. Prior season (2019 b/c COVID) .824 OPS at AA (179 PAs).

  5. AMDG

    Fairchild was pretty solid in AAA last year.

    Of course, the same could be said of Fraley, Senzel, Aquino and Friedl.

    With a roster full of below replacement level hitters, I suppose they might as well add another?

  6. JohnnyTV

    Reds gave up two players with seeming potetial for a quality reliever who they chose to ditch after one year.

    Clear sign of the inanity of the front office.

    Getting Fairchild back doesn’t undo the previous knuckelheadness but at least they can take another look.

    For the little difference this move will ultimately make, it is a lot more agreeable than taking a stab at Yankee / Cube castoff Frazier.

  7. GreatRedLegsFan

    Another light hitting minor leaguer, how many more do they need?

      • Redsvol

        @greenmtred – this is my philosophy, if you have guys you’re willing to designate (Friedl, Matt Reynolds, Ronnie Dawson, Hunter Strickland), then you bring 1-2 outfielders in every month until we find one that can hit and field. There is no reason not too unless you believe those designatees have some kind of unlocked potential you believe in.