The Cincinnati Reds (20-37) will look to rebound from a disappointing homestand against the St. Louis Cardinals (32-26) starting tonight at 8:15 PM. The Reds lost 3 of 4 to the last place Washington Nationals and then had to settle for a split against the Diamondbacks after winning the first two games of the four game series. Meanwhile, the Cardinals were swept by the Rays in Tampa to start this week.

Starting Pitchers

Luis Castillo has a career 4.41 ERA in 17 career starts against the Cardinals. However, he’s had more success at Busch Stadium, where he has a career 3.07 ERA in 9 starts.

Andre Pallante will be a semi-opener for the Cardinals. He pitched exclusively in relief for the Cardinals up until his last appearance where he started against the Cubs. He threw 4.0 innings and 64 pitches. Both were his season highs for Pallante. He was a 4th round pick for the Cardinals in 2019. He has walked a lot of batters the last two seasons between the majors and the minors. It would be wise of the Reds hitters to be patient tonight.

Starting Lineups



News and Notes


This will only be the second meeting with the Cardinals so far in 2022. The Cardinals are coming off being swept by the Rays, and they only scored 6 runs in the 3 game series. It would be nice to see the Reds put a little bit of pressure on the Cardinals and get them into a nice losing streak. Go Reds!

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  1. Melvin

    Well we at least get to watch a Hall of Famer when he’s getting hot. Enjoy it.

  2. JB

    Congratulations to Okey. That has to be an incredible feeling. Wishing him the best.

  3. MK

    Staring with Bryan Price the Reds bring someone up from the minors then sit them for a few days so the can get acclimated to big league life. These guys always have anxiety and nerves for their debuts. In my mind put them right in get it over with and don’t let them sit for a few days on pins and needles. In Okey’s case do they really think he is going to be much different than Garcia’s .169 batting average? I guess better to cool off his bat and let him sit around.

    • Melvin

      Has Okey been hot down there? Haven’t followed him.

      • Old-school

        He hit for the cycle last week and has his highest OPS at any level of pro ball

      • Melvin

        Sounds like David Bell is doing his usual thing of pouring cold water on a hot hitter unfortunately. If Okey is hot at all he’s a better option than what we’ve been getting with Garcia. Ride a hot hitter while you can. Keep him going. It’s important to say the least.

  4. Wayne Nabors

    At game tonight, sure wasn’t counting on them injuries when I ordered tickets,did get an arenado jersey to give to someone tho

  5. Redsvol

    No senzel , again. No almora. What does it take to stay healthy in the outfield of Cincinnati? I would love to hear what Ricky Henderson or McGee would say about these guys. Sheesh, this generation are glass dolls. DL both of them and bring up Santana and Dawson. Let’s get Someone hungrier up here.

    • Eddie

      Almora day to day from pulling his throwing shoulder when diving for the ball one game. I agree though seems everyone always hurt this season mostly the outfielder. I curious when naquin be back haven’t heard his name of any update lately. Also be nice younger fielder send aa n tj down bring those to up. Soon we be getting shrock soon

    • Kevin H

      Man can’t believe Tyler Stephenson got hurt again. Man he made of glass? Sounds silly to me. Senzel and Almora hustle and play hard. Injuries r part of the game. And no I was not serious about Stephenson.

      The rhetoric of some on here is comical at best.

      • greenmtred

        He got hit in the thumb with a pitch. Broke the thumb. Probably would have broken mine, too. Are your thumbs made of steel?

    • greenmtred

      Henderson or McGee would probably say something like this: “Jeez, Skip, I pulled my shoulder, Can’t throw.”

  6. Old-school

    India, Solano, and Shrock not playing in AAA.
    Almora and Senzel not in the lineup
    That could mean:

    1.) The cavalry is coming in India and Solano and Shrock
    2.) Almora and Senzel are being given an extra day to be ready for the rest of the road trip.Anything other than this is not good.
    3.) Moran is being DFA’d.
    4.) Friedl and Lopez back to AAA.

    • JB

      Jim Day said yesterday that Senzel should be ready by Saturday.

    • DataDumpster

      I was thinking along the same lines but with less insight than your analysis. The “good” scenario you mentioned would give a nice needed jolt for the team especially if done all at once. One way or another, this lineup is going to be missing many players at least semi-permanently soon. I think it is pretty apparent who the names are, except for the continuing story of sunk cost moose.

  7. Joe P.

    Well, if there’s a silver lining to this season right now, it’s that the entire NL Central stinks. The Reds are 12 games back and if this division was any good, they’d be 20+ games back.

    • Bet on Red

      so you are saying there is a chance

      • Joe P.

        A chance to see a lot of bad baseball? Most certainly.

  8. Doc

    When is the last time a Reds pitcher started a game throwing six straight strikes?

    • JohnnyTV

      Palladin is showing a pretty good pitch mix in inning 1.

  9. Old-school

    Audio is not muted.
    Cowboy on the TV broadcast.
    Cowboy just said Drury can play 2b SS or 3b.

    • Melvin

      if that’s the case there’s probably a good chance he could learn to play 1B, LF, & RF too. Generally if you can handle SS you can play most anywhere. He’s my third baseman right now for sure.

  10. Melvin

    Probably smart move by Votto there. Don’t need him falling over the railing getting injured too.

  11. VaRedsFan

    HP ump Tom Hallion (SP?) Has missed 3 strike calls. Arrenado was struck out…now gets a hit…error …run.

    Now another error….run

    • Old-school

      Farmer was struck out too but not called. Obvious strike above the knees.

      Umpires make up calls.

      • VaRedsFan

        Indeed he was…that’s why I said 3

  12. Eddie

    Wow defense sucks and this game over

  13. JohnnyTV

    Castillo getting a lot of help from D again tonight.

  14. Old-school

    Aquino bad error on throw allowing unearned run to score
    Drury ugly throw on ball thought foul.
    Votto might have recognized both throws weren’t going to be outs…so just become a catcher and block the throws rather then the Ole’

    Ugly inning. Castillo deserved better.

  15. Joe P.

    What a comedy of errors. Aquino in particular must be brain dead to try a play like that. With Castillo pitching always take the safe play, especially with 2 outs.

  16. MK

    Throwers forgot when they threw Joey Noglove was on the other end. Hard to pick those one bounce throws when you turn your head.

    • VaRedsFan

      Correct. Not much he could do on Aquino throw, But on Drury’s he needs to come off and just stay in front….no run scores That was a bush league, back handed ole’ attempt. He averages at least 1 of those per series.

  17. Roger garrett

    Already out of here.Reds are not ready to play

  18. Mark A Verticchio

    This team will get swept this weekend and most likely embarrassed, if that happens it will be time to say good by to Aquino and several others. I only wish Bell would be one of them.

  19. Old-school

    Reds are 7-8 against the Pirates, Nats, and Dbacks.

    Schedule is murderer’s row till AS break except the Dback’s next series ( on the road) and cubs and make up DH pirates. But dodgers/Rays/Cards/Yankees/Brewers/Giants/Mets/braves.

    1982 worst team ever at 61-101.

    I’m calling it now with Stephenson out, no outfield, no bullpen , Krall traded deadline purge and Mike Minor pitching every 5th day.

    Worst team in Reds history. 60-102.

    The 2022 Reds will be the worst team in franchise history.

    Indy or Bet on Red , get me some odds on 102 + losses for the Reds.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      At times this past month I didn’t think so but now I am leaning that way. The reality is it doesn’t really matter this season was over almost before it started.

    • Bet on Red

      I am not taking 102. Too many Good players on the IL that when they come back, will get us enough wins to go over that. I am not saying they are world series ready of course but, 102 is a little too steep for my money

      • Old-school

        Except when guys come back,,,others get hurt too and go on the IL. See Tyler Stephenson
        Greene probably only has 15 more starts with innings limits and will be done by Aug 15 . More bullpen guys will get hurt.
        Another position player will get hurt.
        Pham, Farmer, Castillo and maybe Mahle will be gone for August,September.

        What’s a money line bet on 100 losses for the Reds?

      • Bet on Red

        I do not think they would accept one by now. But the odds would be low enough not to be worth it

    • JB

      They would have to go 40- 65 from here on out. It’s quite possible.

    • LDS

      Did you see Nightengale’s post? The Reds are 17-22 when Stephenson starts and 3-15 when he doesn’t. And the Cubs dfa’d Clint Frazier. Seems like the perfect Reds claim, a poor performing malcontent. What is their not to like?

    • Joe P.

      40-65 is certainly possible. Even more so if they end up trading starting pitching and if they don’t get the bullpen figured out.

  20. SOQ

    Get used to it guys. The owners have shallow pockets compared to the big guys. The Cincinnati Reds will always be a group of retreads and prospects under this owner group. Unfortunately, as Phil said, a new owner may want a bigger market, so “be careful what you wish for”. I don’t expect much anymore. But I love my Reds. I’ll enjoy whatever there is to enjoy. And accept the rest.

  21. Votto4life

    I understand those who have given up but at least root for a good outing by Castillo. We need his trade value to be sky high next month.

    • SOQ

      Why do we want to trade guys who are enjoyable to watch? It isn’t like we’re going to win any time soon–or ever

      • Votto4life

        Because the Reds are not going to extend him and even if they would spend the money to extend him, he is still probably going to want to test free agency anyway.

        If the Reds can extend him that’s fine, but they need to do it before the trading deadline, because he will not bring as much in return, if they wait until the off-season.

      • Votto4life

        But I agree with you SOQ I do enjoy watching Castillo pitch and I would love for them to extend. I just don’t want him to walk away without getting something substantial in return.

  22. Votto4life

    One third of the Reds line up tonight batting below .200. Man oh Man.

    What has Friedl done to warrant hitting lead off?

    • VaRedsFan

      No other options???
      3 hits last game from the leadoff spot?

      • JohnnyTV

        I would have likely put Lopez at leadoff with the depleted crew.
        But the bottom of the order is already puny enough.

        Farmer and Reynolds are the 5-6 hitters.

        Grim times.

        Fortunately, the Reds starting pitching (Minor excepted) is very watchable which is what keeps me hanging on.

      • Joe P.

        They could lead off with Reynolds or Lopez. Both those guys have a higher OBP than Friedl. By over 100 points. Friedl hasn’t shown enough to warrant staying in the leadoff spot when he’s in the lineup.


      Most of the time Friedl bats last for Louisville especially now with all the Reds on Rehab. He has struggle most of the year at both levels but at least he has been given a chance and so far failed.

    • greenmtred

      Friedl is the last man standing. He’s pretty fast. If the blind pig finds the acorn, he might get on and score.

  23. Mark A Verticchio

    My question is why did any one think that this team would have any offense tonight? When you have Friedl leading off you know your in trouble.

  24. JB

    Castillo would be around 60 pitches and the score would 0-0 if it wasn’t for the clown show in the first inning.

  25. JB

    Pallante makes it into the 6th. No bad for an opener. SMH

  26. Old-school

    Luis Castillo has to be the #1 target in all of MLB for a trade at the deadline.
    Hes going to get $110+ mil after 2023 till his age 35 season so its an easy decision to trade him in 1 month if he keeps this up and max out on the prospects.

    SP is the #1 commodity at the deadline. Mahle might surprise people as to his return and that will be the hard decision as he could fit into the Reds budget for an extension. He eats innings, and strikes out a lot guys and is durable.

    • JohnnyTV

      If I had any faith in “Bull” Krall and the Reds management, I would feel positive about the trade opportunities.

      But I have none.

      They got him for Dan Strailey, for crying out loud, but Castillo, like Jonny Beisbol
      before him, is a rare and unique pitcher in the recent Reds history.

      A history of casting these folks off.

      The Bailey contract likely has folks’ knickers twisted up still.

      Castillo is no Homer Bailey.

      I have little faith that the Reds will get much in return for him no matter how many teams come knocking.

    • LDS

      I saw one writer has him as #2 behind Contreras. But like many here, I have no confidence in Krall and company making a good deal. More likely to package him with Moose and then give him away.

      • JohnnyTV

        That would be a trade I would make with Barrero.
        Bell will never play him and with McLain and De La Cruz in the pipeline
        his window of opportunity is pretty well closed baring an injust to the Lunchpail.

      • LDS

        I agree. Unless Krall trades Farmer (unlikely), Barrero never sees much time at short.

  27. SOQ

    We have seen the “rebuild” for 8-9 years. What do we expect for the future? Trade for prospects and then trade them in their prime. It’s the same old story and will continue to be. And so on and so on. So it goes

  28. JB

    Take a good look Castellinis. This is what 40,000 people look like. You won’t see this for awhile in GABP

  29. Old-school

    Could be a big transaction day tomorrow with guys being activated and others being sent to AAA.

    Someone convince me that Aristides Aquino needs more opportunity? Yes he hits a home run every now and then and has a strong arm…but Almora is a better outfielder and while Friedl cant hit, he can run and play a great CF and fits well as a 5th OF bench guy. The only reason to keep Aquino is as a full time RF or platoon OF and I am finally out of reasons to keep him as even a platoon RF. The guy cannot hit enough

    Someone tell me why I am wrong.

    • JohnnyTV

      Debating whether Friedl or Aquino is your fifth outfielder is a clear sign of desperate condition of the Reds outfield.

      Neither will ever hit MLB pitching with any consistency.

      Aquino might K a lot, but Friedl’s haircut has is worse.

      Way worse.

      Coin toss.

      • Old-school

        I cant argue with that.
        You win the internet.
        Strong work.

    • Joe P.

      You’re not wrong. He’s been given a couple of chances and he’s not produced. When the Reds DFA’d him, nobody picked him up. That tells us a lot.

      • Daytonnati

        That pretty much sums it up. The Reds are playing a guy they already DFA’d. It is like an absurdist play, “Waiting for Aquino” … and like the play, he never shows up.

  30. Joe P.

    Hope Okey gets an at bat coming up here soon. Garcia is hitting in the 9th spot.

  31. Bet on Red

    I want to see Okey get a real shot. The way I see it now, Okey and Garcia are in competition for the Back up Catcher position when Stephenson returns. Garcia has not produced enough to be considered the Starter outright

  32. JB

    Well that should about do it. Our amazing Bullpen is coming up. Can they not walk the first batter?

  33. Old-school

    This could be challenging new Reds low point.

    Benny hill Circus first inning on defense.
    Shut out awful offense
    Back to 18 under .500 and within distance of worse than 3-22.

    • LDS

      Yeah, it’s definitely a low point when you cheer Moran pinch hitting for Garcia- or anyone else for that matter.

      • JohnnyTV

        I got a package shipped up from Mexico City years ago. The items were wrapped up in the city’s newspapers, including the sports page which featured a game recap where Paul Householder had driven in the winning run.
        That was either a high point or a low point.
        Maybe both simultaneously.
        I’m expecting to see some current Reds in future packages.

  34. Mark A Verticchio

    My question is. Why in the world are Solano, India and Schrock in the minors? Let them get their at bats with the big team. They could do no worse than this crap line up Bell had to put out there tonight. This is embarrassing. I also think Okie should be the everyday catcher, Garcia is an automatic out. You would think they would at least try to be competitive. This is so sad.

  35. JohnnyTV

    How can one team, the Curds, continue year in and year out, to have so many hatable ballplayers?

    Only the Houston Asterisks can compete with St. Louis.

    Okay, the Yankees, of course, but they’re perennially, eternally hatable.

  36. Old-school

    What is wrong with this umpire?
    Easy strike on Moran a ball? I like the reds but you cant call obvious strikes …balls? Balls and Strikes this game a joke on both sides.

  37. JB

    And the bullpens bring the game to a screeching halt.

  38. Jeff Morris

    Hoffman has been pitching good…why not use him as a closer. He probably would have closed out yesterday’s game against the Diamondbacks, and gave the Reds the win!

    • Bet on Red

      I would agree, even if just as a short term fix

    • Joe P.

      Hoffman still walks a few too many batters to be a reliable closer. His control has improved in that regard from last year, but still not enough to close. Plus he has the ability to pitch multiple innings which you need in middle or long relief.

    • JohnnyTV

      If it were up to me, I’d send Santillan back to Louisville and shift him back to starting and let him get his groove back and trade him to a decent organization.

      I don’t think he has what it takes to come out of the bullpen.

      No knock on him, but Bell is probably the worst manager the guy could be playing for at this stage of his career.

    • Hanawi

      Been good overall, though he had a rough couple of outings in a row until the last one or two. I’d rather see him than Santillan, but Kuhnel might be better suited for the end of games.

  39. JB

    Looks like Kuhnel just put his name in that hat for closer as well.

    • Joe P.

      I think he might be a good setup man with Diaz closing.

  40. Chris Holbert

    Why would DB take Farmer out of the game and move Reynolds to SS Drury to 2B and leave Moran in the game? Am I missing something. Does that the defense better? Just to do something because he thinks he has to?

    • Hanawi

      He doesn’t want Okey to bat. Surprised he even put him in the game for his first time being called up. Bell does not like playing younger players unless he has no choice. It’s a pretty consistent pattern.

      • Joe P.

        Not letting Okey get an at bat in this games makes no sense. This would have been the perfect game to do it. Cards coming off a losing streak and a low scoring game, not much energy coming from the crowd, the 8th inning was a perfect chance to let him hit.

      • Chris Holbert

        True, that is the pattern, and it has lead to a lot of success

      • Chris Holbert

        It seems there is a DB seven day waiting period when you arrive from AAA.

      • LDS

        And they’ll probably be sent back down in that 7 day period

  41. Old-School

    Kyle Farmer pop up with bases loaded.
    He’s 0-13 this week vs Rh pitching
    He 4-7 against lefties.

    Kyle Farmer OPS against righty pitchers now under .550 and his wRC+ 50

    Kyle Farmer is 50% worse than the AVERAGE hitter against RH pitching

    He is literally one of the worst hitting players in baseball against right handed pitching.

    • JB

      He kills lefties but I see your point. The only thing is who is going to replace him? They are terrible team right now.

      • Old-school

        It’s not about now. They are terrible
        It’s about 2024 and to some extent 2023.

        Cant make decisions based upon winning 66 games instead of 60 in 2022.

        2022 is dead and gone.

        I guess its going to take Dodgers and Cards and Rays and Giants and Braves and 10-18 next month to drive that point home more,

      • TR

        The point of the lost season is made for me. I’ll stay interested in following the Red’s strong suit, young starting pitching, and hope for the best from the FO with the coming trades and acquisitions(?) to hopefully strengthen the offense and bullpen.

  42. LDS

    Shutout twice in three games. Another good starter performance wasted. Another series of inexplicable moves by the Reds manager of the year. If “Mr. Analytics” actually paid attention to numbers, as Old-School noted Farmer isn’t hitting RH’ers. But I sure, given enough chances, he’ll work it out, just like Suarez last year. It’s time for the yes man in the front office to clean house. There’s no accountability in the Reds entire organization.

    • greenmtred

      Can’t wait for your managerial audition, LDS. Please give it serious consideration.