The Cincinnati Reds (19-35) are coming off a rained-shortened, yet dominant 7-0 win last night over the Arizona Diamondbacks (26-30). Hunter Greene pitched the best game of his young career and continued the Reds recent strong run of starting pitching. The Reds starters have a 3.44 ERA (3rd in the NL) and 1.07 WHIP (1st in the NL) since May 12th. The Reds will hope to keep that run going against the Diamondbacks this evening at Great American Ballpark at 6:40 PM.

Starting Pitchers

Graham Ashcraft has been spectacular through his first three big league starts. He only has 9 strikeouts in 17.2 innings, but he has been getting a lot of weak contact as you see below with his Statcast chart. The Dbacks have the 2nd worst strikeout rate in MLB, so this might be a good matchup for Graham to rack up some K’s.

Tyler Gilbert was recalled from AAA today to likely just make a spot start from the Dbacks. This will be Gilbert’s third trip between AAA and MLB this season. Gilbert has a 10.65 ERA/8.75 FIP in 23.2 innings at AAA. He did pitch fairly well last year in a hybrid role for the Dbacks: 3.15 ERA/4.27 FIP in 40.0 IP. He barely throws 90 MPH, but we have seen the Reds struggle at times with soft tossing lefties.

Starting Lineups

Diamondbacks Reds
1. Daulton Varsho (C)
2. Pavin Smith (1B)
3. Ketel Marte (2B)
4. Christian Walker (DH)
5. David Peralta (LF)
6. Jordan Luplow (RF)
7. Jake McCarthy (CF)
8. Jake Hager (3B)
9. Geraldo Perdomo (SS)
1. Nick Senzel (CF)
2. Brandon Drury (3B)
3. Tommy Pham (DH)
4. Joey Votto (1B)
5. Tyler Stephenson (C)
6. Kyle Farmer (SS)
7. Albert Almora Jr. (LF)
8. Aristides Aquino (RF)
9. Matt Reynolds (2B)

The Reds have been hitting left-handed pitching much better of late. Since May 1st, the Reds are hitting .266/.335/.440 vs LHP and they rank 5th in MLB with a .342 wOBA (weighted on-base average).


The forecast is 79° at first pitch. The radar looks mostly good in the Cincinnati area, but there is a chance of a pop up shower possibly disrupting this game. The forecast for tomorrow does not look good at all. We might see a double-header on Thursday.

Loaded Louisville Bats Lineup

Jonathan India and Donovan Solano will begin their long awaited rehab assignments starting tonight. They are part of an absolutely loaded Bats lineup tonight with Jose Barrero and Max Schrock. This will actually be India’s first ever appearance at AAA as he skipped that level altogether prior to his 2021 NL Rookie of the Year season.


The Reds are 16-13 since the 3-22 start to the season. Graham Ashcraft has been such a breath of fresh air since being called up. The Reds are facing a pitcher that really probably doesn’t belong in the big leagues tonight. Let’s hope the Reds can have another big night and start putting a nice win streak together after this disappointing series over the weekend against the Nationals. Go Reds!

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  1. Old-school

    The Farmer data against lefties isnt a fluke. He has a good track record against lefties and also big time power splits. He is going to generate a lot of trade interest at the deadline as a good righty bat and good multi-positional defender.

    Ashcraft might just be an up and coming Corbin Burnes with his cutter. Burnes has the complementary curve ball so lets see if Ashcraft has that 2nd pitch and continues his ground ball soft contact parade.

    • LDS

      Trading Farmer may be Barrero’s best chance at playing time

      • Old-school

        Why Barrero can spend June in AAA getting healthy and getting his timing down and getting 100 more at bats and daily reps. No rush. Hes not ready….yet. He had a significant baseball related wrist injury and that takes time to come back from surgery and also to fine tune all the other aspects of playing baseball at SS every day at an MLB level.

      • LDS

        I agree with that. We’ll see where it ends up. But history doesn’t favor a lot of playing time.

      • DaveCT

        Trading Farmer at the deadline is the right baseball move. It’s also doing best by Farmer, as getting onto a competitive team and earning some more chops is likely his last, best chance at getting a good contract for himself.

        It’s best for the club as well, as Barrero, is the future (and if not Barrero, one of the young hotshots pushing up behind him.). And Reynolds can more than capably back up or fill in until Barrero is ready.

        I don’t dislike Farmer. In fact, I was one of the very, very few advocating for him in spring two years ago. But, for the club to turn the SS position over effectively for the next 6 years, having Barrero looking over his shoulder won’t help.

    • Nelson coble

      Is Drury hurt? They took him out .

  2. VaRedsFan

    Angels fire Maddon.
    Turns out there’s consequences to losing 16 of 19.
    I can’t believe they didn’t extend him…for two more years.

    sarcasm font off. 😉

    • MBS

      I feel like I’m in the minority, but I would like Larkin as our manager next season. Bell had his shot with the last group, I don’t want him to get the next group to.

    • Jim Walker

      Maybe the trick is to lose the games before winning a bunch so the manager can be hailed as a great leader for holding the team together then inspiring them to rise from the quagmire. 😉

    • Daytonnati

      Apparently losing 12 in a row has consequences … someplace 🙂

      • LDS

        2nd high profile manager firing so far and both teams had substantially better records than the Reds. Go figure.

  3. Bet on Red

    Did not get bets in but gotta think Ashcraft plus a soft tossing left is going to equal the under today

  4. Dennis Westrick

    I would love anybody other than Bell as the Reds manager! Would take Madden or Giradi in a heartbeat!

    • oklared

      yep they did so much better with a worse line up provided(sarcasm).

  5. Mark Moore

    A pitch efficient, Kyle Farmer kind of inning.

    Oh, and I only saw two pitches. One was the 0-2 strike called a ball. I’m hoping the HP umpire doesn’t haunt us (or the game) tonight.

  6. SoCalRedsFan

    Calling their shots…homers today for Drury, Farmer and the Punisher.

  7. Old-school

    Senzel with the catchers interference is becoming Dietrich with the hbp.

    • earmbrister

      I think that Senzel digs in behind the catcher … it’s his niche.

  8. Votto4life

    Why not hire a manager who has absolutely no connection to the organization? Someone who came bring in new a perspective and new ways of doing things.

    • Indy Red Man

      Who gets immediately stymied by the Castellini’s old way of doing things

    • Votto4life

      If they are dead set on hiring in house, then hire Freddie Bennivedes. He deserves a shot more
      than Larkin. Besides, it would be a great way to reach out to Cincinnati’s growing Latin American community.

      My preference though is that the next GM and field manager come from outside the Red’s organization.

      • JayTheRed

        I want Benevides as manager the players seem to have a lot of respect for him and Whenever, he has taken over for Bell he has always done a nice job not making bone head moves.

    • DataDumpster

      Well, they did that in hiring Sparky Anderson, Lou Pinella, and Dusty Baker. But, I guess those hires didn’t quite work out since almost all of the other managers hired in the last 40 years or so were NOT outsiders.
      Furthermore, with the plan for “success” put in place recently, a compliant manager and GM was needed instead of a manager who has playoff aspirations. Hopefully, they will replace the field management team when they clear the financial obligations after next year to demonstrate the seriousness of their vision.

  9. Mark Moore

    And it’s a but … but … but … Joey BOMB!

    • JB

      I would have been surprised if that didn’t go out. He got it all.

    • Votto4life

      Joey just missed three other home runs this week.

  10. Bet on Red

    BUT BUT BUT…. I was making dinner watching the phone…. now I need to remake dinner lol

  11. Kevin H

    Wait Votto hit that off left handed pitcher. Thought Votto couldn’t hit left handed pitching?

    • Votto4life

      I will never doubt Joey Votto. He is one amazing hitter.

    • earmbrister

      And Joe eh was finally washed up. Two years ago, last year, but certainly this year. Every year he starts off cold as the Artic and people start throwing dirt on him.

      I’m not dead yet.

      When will they learn?

      • Daytonnati

        He is the “Lion in Winter”, but he is still a lion.

      • Melvin

        He may not be that far along in his “winter” as a lot of people think.

  12. Indy Red Man

    Catcher’s interference isn’t exactly sexy, but Senzel has scored in 5 of the last 6. If he’d ever drive the ball again then I’d be more hopeful.

    • VaRedsFan

      I’m with you, I don’t think he is a starter on a great team, but at least they can use this lost season as a chance for a full look. They are so far away at the outfield position, barring a huge trade, he will get more looks next year.

  13. VaRedsFan

    Farmer steals the base leads to an instant run

  14. Jim t

    I’m not ready to fire Bell. Love how hard this team plays. Players are stepping up. Would like to see a commitment from ownership to upgrade the talent Bell has been given.

    • earmbrister

      Still playing with “half” a team. This team gets healthy and they may start making some serious noise.

  15. LDS

    Maddon’s comments subsequent to his firing are worth reading.

  16. Mark Moore

    Had to clean up the flat-top griddle, so I missed Farmer stealing 2nd and then scoring. And I missed Ashcraft’s second inning of work.

    Good start to the evening.

  17. Jim t

    Really excited to see Lodolo join the rotation with Greene, Ashcraft, and Overton

  18. CFD3000

    Senzel with a six game hitting streak may be starting to round into form. Reds starters definitely in form – 25 straight batters retired and counting. And of course, Joey Votto Still Bangs!

    • Mark Moore

      Soft pop-up and then a swinging K. They go down quietly.

  19. Bet on Red

    Lets go ahead and see if Senzel is going to even get a plate appearance tonight lol

    • Bet on Red

      while scoring every time…. great Job Drury. Maybe Moose can have Covid the rest of the year

      • Mark Moore

        If he truly has COVID, I hope it isn’t severe and ends up lasting a long time. But I can’t say I miss seeing his name in the line-up.

  20. Mark Moore

    Actually thought that might go out as well.

  21. Bet on Red

    Something about if the sun is out….

  22. Indy Red Man

    GilberSanmartin isn’t very good

    • JB

      Yeah I was looking at his stats in Louisville last night. Gives up to many hits and walks per inning.

    • Old-school

      Sorting Indy. good to know now. That’s what this year is for.

  23. JB

    Pham might be a butthead but he comes to play every night. Somebody will take a flier on him in August.

  24. Mark Moore

    TySteve wanted in on the hit parade.

    Chased him in under 2 innings.

    Time to go take my post-dinner walk. Everybody keep hitting and scoring.

    • Melvin

      As much as you’re seemingly always eating you must take a lot of walks. 🙂

      • Mark Moore

        I certainly don’t miss a meal. 🙂

        Mornings normally 1.8 to 2.5 miles. Evening is just a mile.

  25. Melvin

    Drury has good power. I don’t see how you can move him off of 3B. Since Stephenson has better OBP and a better BA I’d like to see him and Drury switched in the order.

    2 – Stephenson
    3 – Pham
    4 – Votto
    5 – Drury

  26. Mark Moore

    Schrock just knocked one over the fence.

  27. Indy Red Man

    I could be cleaning up tonight! As long as Graham doesn’t get lazy with a big lead

    Reds -1.5
    Dbacks Under 2.5 thru 5 innings

    and same game parlay:

    Reds win
    Drury hit
    Stephenson rbi

  28. VaRedsFan

    Kudos to the ground crew after the deluge last night.

    On my trip to Cincy over the weekend, I took the ballpark tour on Saturday morning (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). We went down on the field, where the crew was hard at work, mowing, dragging, and raking. I stopped, and talked to one of them. They said for a 4:00 PM game they get to the park at 9:00 AM to start preparing the field. This after several hours raking and dragging after the Friday night game…even during the fireworks. Side note to that…Several Reds players brought their families out on the field and sat down to watch the fireworks.

  29. Jim t

    Really like Drury at 3B. Would love to get India back at 2B

    • Kevin H

      For all the complaints about the trades and rightfully so. The Drury and Reynolds signings look like good moves.

  30. Kevin H

    So when India comes back Lopez goes down I assume. Solano comes back maybe send the 9th reliever down. I like the idea of a 4 man bench.

    Schlock can take place of Moose lol

  31. Jim t

    Goodness it must be the reds night Aquino draws a walk

  32. Indy Red Man

    Ashcraft needs to face better teams and then everyone will know more then we do now. Looks outstanding though….doesn’t try to outthink himself out there and just pounds the zone.

    • Kevin H

      Like the dodgers or brewers. I agree, not taking anything away from him. As he has been great!!!

    • Kevin H

      Was just looking at Ashcraft games played. He pitched against the giants and did well. Forgot about that one.

    • Kevin H

      Well Band box ball park. Has that effect. Otherwise a great ball park

  33. Bet on Red

    I guess we are trying to get Lopez his first homer

  34. Dennis Westrick

    Ashcraft playing Solitaire in the dugout between innings!

  35. Old-school

    Drury is a really good find. Id take him straight up for Eugenio Suarez. Saurez is slow and bad defensively and a poor base runner and is leading the AL in K’s. 0-4 with 4k’s last night. yes he will hit 30 home runs. He’s also leading the free world in K’s. A poll out on the most disappointing teams. It’s mariners and angels.

    Mariners can pay Suarez 36 mil. Ill take 2 young pitchers and Drury all day.

  36. Bet on Red

    In related Reds news the Reds have hired Criminal Defense Lawyer Saul Goodman in order to defend themselves against the murder charges relating from the Reds Murdering the Diamondbacks on 7 July

  37. Mark Moore

    Back from my walk … I see we’re trying hard to play the “everybody hits; everybody scores” game.

    Everybody on base and/or scored so far.

    Why did Lopez replace Drury?

  38. Old-school

    Almora defense absurd.


    It’s not Almora or senzel. its both

    • Melvin

      I actually don’t mind the current outfield configuration.

  39. Indy Red Man

    Almora Jr! I always root for a Jeff Keppinger, Jerry Hairston Jr type underdog and AAJ is my new favorite underdog! He’s smooth as silk (error aside there) and sprays the ball around even though his swing seems long. He’s a keeper….maybe 4th outfielder on a really good team

  40. VaRedsFan

    Drury strained elbow.
    He made a nifty play on infield grounder….wonder if he hurt it then?

    • Old-school

      That is not good and a day to day. Ouch.

      Hes been a nice contributor. Solano is on rehab so maybe sooner rather than later.

      • Mark Moore

        Solano, Schrock, and RoY all playing tonight. All potential options.

  41. VaRedsFan

    Farmer Wallbanger to the deepest part of the park.

    • Doc

      He’s kind of putting to rest the frequent critique that he built his current career on one good month. Hitting over .400 for a couple weeks will do that.

  42. earmbrister

    Had to take one of the teenagers to Target. Not as exciting as cleaning the griddle, but she seemed to appreciate it …

    The Reds offense has collapsed. They were on a 27 run pace for the game and then they put up a goose egg in the 4th? Man, not a good sign.

    • Mark Moore

      The “exciting” part is eating whatever I fix on it

      • earmbrister

        No doubt, I’m all about the proteins. Just having a bit of fun with you. The exciting part of going to Target is the silence upon the return.

        A happy teenager is a happy father.

  43. Mark Moore

    Completely weird cue ball shot by Lopez

  44. Mark Moore

    RoY India looks like he’s just starting Spring Training. 3 K’s tonight.

    I’m just happy his hammy is better. He’ll be fine.

    • Kevin H

      I saw that as well. I wonder if he and the others will be back for st. Louis trip?

  45. Jim t

    In a 9-0 game do we run GA back out there to pitch the 7th? Pitch count I believe is 76.

    • Doc

      7,8 and 9 if he keeps pitching like this.

  46. Doc

    Ashcraft does not need to rack up Ks. He needs to keep doing exactly what he has been doing, racking up ours on soft contact.

  47. Old-school

    Ashcraft looking like Corbin burnes
    Abbot in AA 6 k in 4 shutout innings
    Boyle dominating in A
    Elly de la Cruz 11 th HR

    Reds are better than Pirates and Dbacks and Royals and Orioles and Tigers. Not the Nats yet.

    • Doc

      Reds AAAA team has been doing pretty well over the past 29 games. It will be interesting to see how they progress.

    • JB

      They are better than the Nats. Just had one of those series. Just like The Pirates swept the Dodgers.

  48. SOQ

    Is it possible that the 21st century version of Koufax and Drysdale are wearing the Red C?

  49. Doc

    Angels were 24-13 and have gone like 3-15 since, including a 12 game losing streak. Level of talent is not the complete answer in baseball.

    • VaRedsFan

      They have the type of team that a manager like Dusty could turn around.

  50. LDS

    Why did Bell pull Ashcraft at 76 pitches? 3 hits, no BBs, only 6 innings? For a guy that likes to “save” his relievers, this looks a perfect opportunity to do so.

    • earmbrister

      Maybe because they’re up by a TD and a safety? If you can’t pull your starter in this situation, when can you?

      • LDS

        Why would you? Ashcraft has been more effective than the bullpen. Sorry but unless Ashcraft is having a problem, stick with him. Now with a rain delay, it probably means yet another reliever, if not a repeat of last night.

      • earmbrister

        Why wouldn’t you? Why run up his IP’d in a meaningless game? He’s on pace for 168 innings, up from 111 in 2021. If he gets hurt you’d be the first person blaming Bell for mismanaging his innings.

      • MBS

        Pull a vet, but why take a kid out of a game where he is performing so well? These games let him know he belongs here. It’s probably not a big deal either way, but a bit odd.

      • Kevin H

        I truly believe reds could win 10 in a row. Lose the 11th and some on here would whine. Reds winning 9-0 and some still complain.

      • LDS

        I don’t buy into the theory that a pitcher is only good for 150IP per year.

      • LDS

        And Kevin H, I’m sure you’d be right there to cheer the team on and tell us how losing was in the team’s best interest.

    • Moon

      I like the move. The Rookie pitcher gave us six shutout three hit innings. Get him out with his 1.14 ERA and save that arm for the next start. Even the Reds bullpen can hold this lead against the Diamondbacks, haha.

    • Joe P.

      I thought it was a good move to take Ashcraft out. He was a little bit taxed there at the end of the 6th and he looked a bit worn down. Even though his pitch count was at 76. Thankfully he got the strike 3 call on that final batter on a pitch that easily could have been called a ball. I think the ump’s call surprised Ashcraft, but I also think it was a strike.

  51. Dennis Westrick

    I thought Bell’s pitch limit for starters was 100 pitches? I’m OK with his decision to take GA out in a lopsided game! Again, small sample size for GA but his ERA is currently at 1.14. Nice outing/effort by GA against the Snakes!

  52. Mark Moore

    RoY India with a 2 RBI single to the opposite field. He nailed 3 foul balls down toward LF. That first hit has to feel pretty good to him. He’s out for a pinch runner after going 1 for 4.

    • VaRedsFan

      Nice to get a knock.
      Update on the other guys??? Besides the Schrock HR??

      • Mark Moore

        Solano 1 for 3 with a K
        Schrock 2 for 4 with that HR
        Barrero 1 for 4 with a K

  53. Bet on Red

    Went to Rain Delay estimated a 20-minute rain and the associated delay

  54. Old-school

    Lots of comments about Bell pulling pitchers and all legitimate.

    But, with young pitchers and injury histories and innings limits and a losing season and a long season, I want to see Greene and Lodolo and Ashcraft and as many young pitchers pitching all year long. If pulling Ashcraft after 6 lets him pitch in September, I’m all for it. Same for Greene.

    • VaRedsFan

      I’m good with that decision as well.

  55. VaRedsFan

    Raise your hand if you had Romano and Robert Stephenson as the last pair of Reds rookies to go back to back 6+ innings of shutout ball.

  56. Mark Moore

    What the heck???

    Can we just play the D-backs at home for 7 innings every day?

  57. JohnnyTV

    9 GOs vs 2 FOs for Ashcraft.

    I could grow fond of this.

    Even an old hand like Minor has something to learn.

    • Dennis Westrick

      GA pitches to contact, unlike Mahle and others, which leads to a high number of ground ball outs. Strikeouts are nice but an out is an out!

  58. JohnnyTV

    I’ve been a big fan of Schrock since the Reds acquired him.

    Can’t help but think of Max Schreck, the great German actor in the Nosferatu movies.

    Having a vampire in your lineup is bound to help.

  59. LDS

    Minor is scheduled to pitch tomorrow. I’m guessing that the Reds will need a lot of bullpen coverage (unless a miracle happens). And I would hope the team was monitoring the weather and knew they needed maybe one more half-inning out of the pitcher. I understand everyone’s view that he’s protecting/extending Ashcraft. I’m just not sold on the theory.

    • JohnnyTV

      I’m expecting more better from Minor tomorrow. There were precious few positives from his intro performance.

      If he melts down, he’ll melt down big and Reynolds can come in and mop up.

      If it’s tight, then the familiar bullpen nail biter will play out, whoever the usual suspects Bell tosses into the fray based on his Tarot cards.

    • Moon

      Reds have six good starters right now when healthy. Overton, Castillo, Mahle, Greene, Lodolo, and Ashcraft. Minor isn’t one of them. When that staff gets healthy I would guess Minor becomes a bullpen piece. Perhaps an inning eater in games that are out of reach. Or a backup guy in the event there are more injuries. So be it, but again, I keep asking why pay 10 Mil for that?

      • JohnnyTV

        Minor is liable to get 4-5, maybe 6 starts before a decision is made on him.

        Hopefully, by then Overton or Lodolo will be back to being productive members of the rotation.

        Neither of which are guaranteed.

        But that Minor’s flyball approach to pitching in GASP will cause hearburn for all is likely guaranteed.

  60. Roger Garrett

    D Backs came in not hitting much at all and Greene last night and Ashcraft took advantage but make no mistake these guys have the stuff to get it done at this level.They will have some stinkers and Greene has already had some but the future looks bright for both pitchers.I don’t watch the games but I watch a few videos and both these guys just look the part.I have no problem with Ashcraft being pulled after 6 cause the rain delay was going to end his day anyway so let some of these other guys get some work especially after Sunday’s game.

  61. JohnnyTV

    Can we make note of the fact that last night and tonight Greene and Ashcraft issued ZERO walks?

    I’m imagining Magic and Bird on the same team.

    • Roger Garrett

      Great point Johnny TV and we know how bad we have been in walking hitters.Our pitchers just need to trust their stuff.Solo homers won’t beat you but in our park especially walking hitters is just asking for it.Again great point.

  62. Bet on Red

    10:10 restart. Tarp is coming off

    • Indy Red Man

      I need it. Red run line bet doesn’t pay unless they go 9

    • Bet on Red

      I actually got saved by that yesterday. since Pham was not going to come through for my bets yesterday, i was set up to lose. Instead with the rainout, the Bets Pushed and I got my money back

      • Indy Red Man

        It does go both ways. I primarily play DraftKings and they’ll pay you right away on Overs, but I often wondered what happens if the game is shortened? The old rule was everything was called off except win/loss.
        If I had Under 9 and it was 6-4 but got called after 7 innings then I’d expect my money back, but can’t find any rules anywhere on their site?

      • JohnnyTV

        Youse guys.

        I hope you both win big.

        But I shudder to think what Pete Rose is up to with these new betting operations.

        This from a fellow who in his Cincinnati years spent his fare share at River Downs and Raceway….

      • Indy Red Man

        Ohio is pending if you live in the area? Or you can run over to Lawrenceburg. DK has 5 inning team totals and they had Arizona Under 2.5 thru 5 (-125). I knew its was highly unlikely they would get 3+ off Ashcraft….esp when Josh Rojas was out of the lineup. Alot of good opportunities if you don’t become an action junkie and bet everything.
        Its like poker….have to be patient and wait on quality hands

      • Old-school

        I did some weekly college football plays in Lawrenceburg and won some. NFL bets pretty much undid the college football wins after 6 weeks.

  63. Bet on Red

    With the delay, I dont mind if it is not a shutout. But please trade those runs for outs

  64. Roger Garrett

    Just can’t hit and walk guys at any time but with a 9 run lead its just not good at all.Hope this kid gets out of this but you got to make sure it doesn’t get silly here.

  65. Old-school

    Nothing like the grand slam to kill a rally


  66. Mark

    Solomon is awful we have to have someone better at AAA.

    • Bet on Red

      he was the someone better. lol. we have better on the injured list

  67. Roger Garrett

    It just got silly so why is he still in there?Try him again later please.

  68. Bet on Red

    Alright, enough fun and games, I do not care who you have to use, but get three outs

  69. Old-school

    This gets back to a 20 man roster

    No bullpen and no legit lefty relievers.

    I’d start lining up trade candidates and SP and hitting OF and lefty bullpen guys a target. Castillo mahle Farmer Pham

  70. Roger Garrett

    This is just dumb.What is Bell trying to prove here?What ever it is it is not working?

  71. Indy Red Man

    Soloman says you take half (the lead). Wasn’t that in the Bible somewhere?

    • Old-school

      Reds have done a few biblical things the last 6 years. Bullpen a few times.

      • Indy Red Man

        I don’t think this Soloman will be King of anything. Maybe AAA?

  72. Roger Garrett

    How can a manager allow what just happen happen?That is insane to allow a kid to stay in there and get pounded like that.He should have pulled him after the walk?

  73. Joe P.

    Bad outing for Solomon. He was due for a bad outing eventually. He was his own worst enemy out there – hitting a batter and walking a batter.

    Looked like he was just too amped up. Hopefully, he learns to relax out there, dial it back a bit, especially with a big lead and let the defense play behind him.

    • Dennis Westrick

      It’s called “pitching to contact”! And, by contact, I don’t mean hitting the leadoff hitter in a 9-0 game1

      • Joe P.

        Exactly. Looked like Solomon was trying too hard. Sometimes these guys try to throw it through a car wash without getting the ball wet, when the answer is to dial it back a notch, hit spots that miss the sweet part of the bat.

        Also, I thought Votto had a chance to catch that line drive that went for a double, and the home run that Marte hit I thought would be caught by Aquino on the track – I was surprised that ball carried as far as it did.

  74. Mark Moore

    Pham got one back.

    Is it just me, or does his little “time out” seem to have him playing with a little more focus and intensity?

  75. Old-school

    Pham competes and doesnt back down.

    ill give him that.

    Hes a really really really big dog in Lawrenceburg!!!!

  76. Dennis Westrick

    Let’s face it gents, Bell is clueless with a capital “C” in dealing with the albeit suspect bullpen staff. I’m checking out for the rest of the evening hoping that someone, anyone can get the final 3 outs!

    • Indy Red Man

      9-0 lead. No need to overreact. 9-4 and he got 2 out then another HR and he was gone. Give the kid some slack on the rope and let him try to work it out. Its not like we’re in a pennant race.

  77. Mark Moore

    Very good to see TySteve crush one.

    I think I’m shutting it down for the night. It isn’t an early day tomorrow, but I’m feeling a bit tired and this feels a bit safer now.

    Thinking the rain tomorrow at least delays the start.

  78. earmbrister

    So does a 14-5 lead stop the chicken little “the sky is falling” cries?

    Relax folks. It’s a long season and one that we are just looking to turn around.

  79. Old-school

    Survivor producers and Jeff Probst researching survivor 44

    Dbacks and Reds bullpens pitching in Wrigley on a windy day with Coors field the finals. That would be a free for all and must see tv.

    Reds fans could pick Eric Milton Coco Cordero and Alex Blandino as add-ones.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Absolutely hilarious Old-school

  80. Roger Garrett

    Nope on Coco.Gave up some bad habits since he pitched and would like to stay that way.You could go out for dinner come back and he would still be pitching.Guy took longer to blow a game or save one then anybody I ever saw.

  81. Roger Garrett

    You just have to laugh at what has happened since the rain delay.Good night all.r

  82. Bet on Red

    Went and took my roommate to work. Got to hear and not see thee five run eighth. Agree with others. When we are up 9 0 it is ok to get a look see at some of the staff that might be suspect or might be gems. We win in the end. Too bad I didnt run a bet out there today would have collected

  83. LDS

    Another impressive bullpen performance. Hope for a rainout

    • JohnnyTV

      Mother Nature proving to be a far more effective closer than anyone in the Reds bullpen.