An error by Kyle Farmer in the 4th inning led to two unearned runs crossing the plate that put the Nationals ahead for good, but a mental error on the basepaths in the 9th inning that saw Nick Senzel picked off by the catcher with the tying run on second base ended the game as the Cincinnati Reds dropped three of four to open their 8-game home stand.

Final R H E
Washington Nationals (20-35) 5 7 1
Cincinnati Reds (18-34) 4 12 2
W: Corbin (2-8) L: Castillo (2-3) SV: Cishek (1)
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The Offense

Trailing 2-0 before they even came to the plate, Cincinnati’s offense got going in a hurry. Nick Senzel and Tommy Pham each had singles before Joey Votto doubled to tie the game up at 2-2. Tyler Stephenson followed up with a double of his own to put the Reds ahead 3-2.

Tommy Pham led off the 3rd inning with a single and he stole second base. He was stranded there, and it was the last time a Reds runner reached second base until the 8th inning. Trailing 5-3, Brandon Drury reached on a fielding error by the pitcher to lead off the inning, and unfortunately Victor Arano also injured himself on the play and was replaced. Pham then singled to put runners on 1st and 2nd for Joey Votto. It wasn’t meant to be in that situation as Votto grounded into a double play, moving Pham up to third. Tyler Stephenson came through with an RBI single to make it a 1-run game.

With the score at 5-4 entering the bottom of the 9th, Albert Almora Jr. walked to lead off the inning. Mike Moustakas popped out in foul territory for the first out. Alejo Lopez took the first pitch he saw and lined out to center. Nick Senzel then legged out an infield single that was challenged by the Nationals and the call stood, placing the winning run at first. Brandon Drury came to the play, but he didn’t get an opportunity to do much after a ball on the second pitch of the at-bat was then fired down to first base and Senzel was picked off to end the game. Cincinnati challenged the play, but just like the one before it, the call on the field stands.

The Pitching

Washington didn’t waste much time getting to Luis Castillo. Cesar Hernandez led off the game with a walk and moved to third on a double by Lane Thomas. Castillo got close to escaping after getting a ground out and a strikeout, but Josh Bell doubled with two outs to plate both runners and put the Nationals up 2-0.

Castillo was cruising through the next two innings and he held a 3-2 lead, but an error by Kyle Farmer allowed the leadoff runner to reach in the 4th. A walk, single, and a ground out later led to two unearned runs against the righty and put the Nationals back on top 4-3. A long solo home run in the 6th inning by Maikel Franco made it 5-3 in the 6th inning. In the 7th Castillo retired the first batter, but the next two batters reached before Art Warren was called in out of the bullpen and he stranded the runners by inducing a double play from Nelson Cruz. Warren returned for the 8th and threw a shutout inning to keep the score at 5-3.

Jared Solomon, who was just recalled from Triple-A prior to the game, took over for Cincinnati in the 9th inning. He allowed a single to start the inning, but he worked around it to hold the Nationals lead to one and give the Reds offense one more opportunity. They couldn’t get it done.

Key Moment of the Game

Nick Senzel was picked off at first base by the catcher to end the game with the tying run on second.

Notes Worth Noting

The Washington Nationals entered the series with a worse record than the Reds. They no longer have a worse record than the Reds.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Arizona Diamondbacks vs Cincinnati Reds

Monday June 6th, 6:40pm ET

Madison Bumgarner (2-4, 3.31 ERA) vs Hunter Greene (2-7, 6.19 ERA)

77 Responses

  1. Old-school

    I won’t know that Nick Senzel was out. Replays never showed an angle where he was tagged out. Maybe ones from NY did. Infield defense wasn’t good. Neither are the Reds.

    At least the Reds cant feign playoffs as a reason for playing guys. This series undoes the “good vibes” and returns the focus to a reset of the team for 2023.

    • Jim Walker

      Maybe there was so much dust nobody could see and what the guy on the field called had to stand.

      Regardless, Senzel should have never been in that situation. The team is a run down with the trying run on third, what is he trying to prove?

      They can try and put lipstick on the pig but that was just a senseless play to be caught off like that whether you are the biggest star on the roster or the 26th man.

      • Kevin H

        Eh, I dunno we all have made bone headed plays in sports, and or life. It happens

      • Kevin H

        Good news is the fact Red had a winning month and pitching has gotten better.

        This series well not so much. LOL

      • Joe P.

        @Jim Walker

        The tying runner was on second, not third. But your point is valid.

      • Old-school

        I dont know. He got on first base only because he ran 100% and extended the game. He got 2 hits and plays good defense in CF. I never saw a replay where he was out. So if he wasnt out, and he was safe, then the mental error was on the umpire.

        Farmer had an error and missed another ball most shortstops make. Reynolds had an error for the second time in 2 days on a routine double play ball that a high school 2b makes.
        Moose pops us every time. Farmer was 0-fer

        Distilling the narrative of the game down to Senzel got picked off as the last out doesnt really tell the whole story. Especially if he wasnt actually out.

        I mean put anyone in RLN the 7 hole for Moose the last 3 weeks and go 0-4 and 2-37 and have a SS boot 2 plays and a 2b miss an easy 5-4-3 and a first baseman miss one and RF make a bad throw, yet let Senzel and Castillo take the blame for the loss?

        I dont think that’s why the reds lost nor is it why removing them will make the Reds win.

      • Melvin

        Not to pick on Senzel too much as we’ve all made boneheaded mistakes. The fact is though, no matter how smart Senzel may really be, he doesn’t play the game of baseball with wisdom. I’m talking about plays like today, the way he handles CF, and some of his injuries that have occured (looked like he may have injured himself again today on that last play), things like that. He is his own worst enemy at times. He would do well to take a deep breath so to speak and think things through. He gives maximum effort with his body but not with his brain.

      • William

        I am for trying to win ballgames. Watching a team rebuild is very dull. It makes me want to change the channel.

    • Pete

      Error(s) are part of the game. Mental errors, are lack of focus, and discipline in key situational conditions. Reds poor performance is indicative of marginal field and substandard managerial and coaching direction and leadership.

  2. Joe P.

    Maybe the Reds can find some wins on their schedule to make up for these 3 home losses, but I doubt it. Perhaps they sweep the Diamondbacks but I certainly wouldn’t count on it.

    When I looked at the Reds schedule awhile back, I viewed this homestand as pivotal for the Reds to stack some wins and make a push to turn their season around. I thought they had to win at least 7 out of the 8 games, because I just don’t see enough wins through some of the more difficult parts of the schedule, starting June 17th with the Brewers and Dodgers. So, I’m now leaning heavily toward “sell mode.”

    Someone in the comments awhile back mentioned a trade with the Mets to get their minor league catcher. That sounds like a good move. Add a power hitting catcher to the Reds and move Stephenson to first base or DH. Look to add a lot more power and speed through trades. As far as the bullpen goes, I’d like to see the Reds add a proven closer, but I also like what I see out of guys like Diaz and Solomon, and Kuhnel is not too bad either. Bell needs to put these guys in the right roles and just ride with it. Let them learn and develop.

    • Rednat

      i totally agree. this series was the death of the reds 2022 season in my book. time to really look ahead to the future and i don’t think that includes guys like Mhel and Castillo

    • Tar Heel Red

      Agree +100%. I would like to see Stephenson moved immediately out of catching, not because he can’t do the job, but because his next concussion could end/shorten his career. It has happened many times. He can platoon at 1B, DH and even play a little RF from time to time. He is actually a better defensive option at 1B anyway.

      I also agree that the team needs to appoint a closer and stick with him, but Bell will never agree to this. Captain Analytics will continue to employ his “matchup” philosophy and continue to fail miserably…letting the team down and stunting the development of his bullpen.

  3. Dennis Westrick

    This and last year’s Reds teams have found more creative ways to lose games than any team in MLB history! Seriously? Getting picked off 1st base in the bottom of the 9th inning with the tying run at 3rd and YOU represent the potential winning run!

  4. JB

    Moose 0-2 with his usual popup to the infield. I’ve tried to be optimistic but until they decide he is a liability, this team isn’t going anywhere.

    • Melvin

      He came into the game as a pinch hitter correct and then played 3B???

      • JB

        Pinch hit for Aquino. He is at .200 and going south quickly. Aquino got a hit his last plate appearance. Right now I would go with a blind man getting a hit over Moose.

      • Doc

        Pinch hit for Aquiño. Weakens the offense, at least power potential, and defense, it seems to me

  5. Old-school

    Kyle Farmer Matt Reynolds Alejo Lopez Aristides Aquino and moose were 1-12 with 4 errors.

    Reds pitchers gave up 3 earned runs and lost. The Reds scored 4 runs!

    Reynolds wasnt charged for an error because mlb doesnt allow errors on double plays….but…it was an awful error after he made another one yesterday too.. Kyle Farmer wasnt charged with 2 errors but he didnt make 2 plays mLb shortstop and was charged with only 1.

    Reds pitchers gave up 3 earned runs.
    Reds offense scored 4.
    This isnt a loss on Senzel or Castillo.

      • Old-school


        101 mph hard hit ball to raise is average to .145 and OPS .473

      • JB

        Average isn’t to far behind Votto and Moose who are suppose to be the leaders.

    • Doc

      Errors are part of the game and all runs count. Great plays by fielders save pitcher’s bacon also. Over a season those things even out. When an error puts a guy on base, but then hits and walks move him around to score, the pitcher may not be charged with an earned run but he certainly was a major contributor to the run scoring. He has to be able to work out of jams no matter how the jam occurred, and more often it is the pitcher who caused the jam, errors as the cause are less common.

  6. Mark

    Senzel really is not that great of a player…… besides getting injured all the time what does he really do well? I honestly feel like he is the position player equal of Mahle, very frustrating players. Both should be in the same trade for a new prospect outfielder.

    • Kevin H

      Senzel isn’t the reason they lost. Sure his blunder ended the game, however it’s not on him.

      Senzel could bat 500 and people still complain. He did well his rookie year. Now in year 4 he is coming around. A modest 5 game hitting streak and plays good defense. He hustles.

    • Hanawi

      Mentioned it in the game thread, but the biggest concern has to be the complete lack of power that he is showing. Think most thought he would be a doubles machine, but hasn’t happened. Maybe the injuries have sapped some of that?

      • Votto4life

        I agree. Lack of power is a problem for the whole line up. I am not sure if there is a way to verify this, but my guess is the Reds set a record by losing 89 home runs during the off-season.

  7. Bill J

    Why don’t we put the blame where it belongs, coaching.

  8. DaveCT

    Tyler Stephenson is a very good ballplayer. I don’t claim to know if he ultimately transitions off of catcher, but I think it may be more when or how he does so rather than if with every clunk on his head. It worked out OK for Dale Murphy.

    Albert Almora is earning more playing time with outstanding defense and some timely hitting, but more so with his competitiveness. It’s almost as if he is channelling Nick Castellanos’. Perhaps Nick told him to play the game the right way and this town will appreciate you a lot? Plus, as pointed out recently, he’s only 28.

    I am not sure what will help Nick Senzel. I suspect he isn’t suited to batting leadoff, however. I give him credit for his aggressiveness, and for working so hard to turn his career around. I think, ultimately, he hits and grows as a CF. But when India returns, I do hope they drop him to 7th and let him play with less pressure of hitting in front of the bigger bats (if you can call them that). Rather than trying so dang hard to create breaks, perhaps he’ll benefit from just trying to contribute.

    Brandon Drury could be a find as well. I can definitely see him in the bench mix at 3B and 2B for the next couple of years until the middle infield kids appear. Same with Matt Reynolds. and of course Max Schrock. Alejo Lopez drove that ball at the end of the game. More of that, please. Good problems to have with the return of India and Barrero.

    • Doc

      Is that the same Barrero who is hitting .204 at Louisville. Wow! Can’t wait to add that bat to the mix!

      • DaveCT

        It’s his spring training. Take it easy. Breathe. You’ll be ok. Or not.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Agree Dave. Some continue to struggle to grasp sample sizes. It’s essentially his ST time (against guys who have been playing for months) coming off an injury to his wrist, which has be known to have an effect on hitting/power. Yet, he’s still getting on base (three times last night) and doing some damage when he hits the ball. His .765 OPS is perfectly fine for where he’s at in his rehab. Farmer, btw, has a .735 OPS currently which is below average. Once Barrero is fully back to health and gets his reps, he’ll be fine. He just needs to play everyday, which is perfect because the Reds are out of it.

      • Doc

        Always excuses.

        BTW – his OPS has nose dived some 70 points in the pst week.

      • DaveCT

        Facts are stubborn things. And unrealistic expectations are the excuses, not the facts.

  9. Mark Moore

    I’m probably alone in this position, but I don’t pin all of that last out on Senzel. Yes, he wasn’t paying close enough attention to where the catcher set up. But the 1B coach is supposed to COACH and that’s definitely part of his job to pay that kind of attention to things. If he barks at Senzel to get back a little earlier, then he’s back in there, no replay (which probably showed safe but was not definitive enough to reverse it), and we see how things play out. May not have made a difference and the errors earlier just dug another one of those holes too deep to fill back in.

    It’s rarely just one thing. It’s a lot of things. And we saw a lot of BAD things again today.

  10. Still a Red

    Sorry…bang bang plays but looks like to me on replay, Senzel was out at first on the single, ball in Bells mitt before Senzel’s foot hits base. Also, dust or not, I think Bell got him before Senzel slide his hand on base.
    By the way, no kudos for Joeys play earlier?? OK, maybe he misses some, but he turned that one, and with a flip to pitcher from his arse.
    Tough series to lose.

  11. Jon

    On the bright side, we are on the verge of having India, Barrero, Schrock, and Solano all back on the team. Krall is going to need to make a boatload of roster moves in the near future. Will that spell the end of Moustakas’ time in Cincinnati, at least as an everyday starter? What about Farmer?

    At that point, you’d have something like:

    C) Stephenson
    1B) Votto
    2B) India
    3B) Solano
    SS) Barrero
    LF) Schrock
    CF) Senzel
    RF) Aquino (until Naquin returns)

    • Oldtimer

      India is not close to returning. Neither is Solano or Shrock. Barrero, maybe. His results at Louisville is far have been just so-so.

    • Votto4life

      I would be surprised if any of those players, with the exception of maybe India, will contribute much before the all-star break.

      This is looking like a lost year in terms of winning and player development at the big league level.

      • old-school

        Shrock is doing a rehab assignment at AAA now and Solano starts tomorrow. Barrero is already there and India gets an MRI today and has been cleared to start a AAA assignment tomorrow if the MRI doesnt reveal any residual concerns.

        C Trent commented the Bats lineup on Tuesday could have India at 2b, Barrero at SS and Solano at 3b.

  12. Indy Red Man

    Radio guy here in Indy named Dan Dakich. Played in the 80s with Steve Alford at IU and coached hoops at Bowling Green. He often talks about a guy thats good enough to get you fired. Meaning good talent and a guy you plan your team around, but just never really pans out. Luis Castillo is one of those guys imo.

    The Reds are 15-31 in his starts since 2020. You score 1 and he gives up 2 or 3. You score 4 and he gives up 5. I’m aware that 2 of their runs were unearned today, but he usually finds a way to contribute to the loss. 1 strike away from getting out of the 1st inning today and they get 2. Has a chance today to hold down the bottom of the order and get into the 7th and keep us within 1 and grooves a HR to their 8th hitter. Its always something then occasionally he teases you like last one in Fenway. Idk? The Reds won’t pay him big money and nobody has faith they’ll win a trade either. Maybe extend Mahle for alot less, but he’s an average talent imo. Soured on him too. I’d consider dealing both for the best young hitters you can get and some quality bullpen arms wouldn’t hurt either

    • Indy Red Man

      Rereading that and Castillo can’t do much when we score 1. He is a huge victim of a lack of run support. No denying that

      You could do worse next year though with Ashcraft, Greene, Lodolo, Overton, and Justin Dunn

    • Mark A Verticchio

      I agree 100 percent. The time has come to move on from both Castillo and Mahle. They might have some good starters coming up in Green, Lodolo , Ashcraft and a few others. The problem is what young hitters do the Reds have coming up besides Stephenson and India. They need to find some young hitters in trades. As for the pitching they need to get Green on track, Lodolo healthy and not change anything about Ashcraft.

      • TR

        I’m changing my tune on ‘do we keep or trade Castillo and Mahle.’ Both are good pitchers but inconsistent and not what the Reds need to build around for the future. The need for pitching from other teams is definitely there. The Reds have starting pitching just about ready to step to center stage in Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft and Overton among others. Castillo and Mahle should be traded for offense and defense and to strengthen the bullpen. The pressure will be on the G.M. and this organization of make good choices.

    • SultanofSwaff

      I had Dakich as a coach at IU summer basketball camp in ’87. He, like everyone else there, was a real hardass….he gave me pushups cuz he didn’t like the shorts I was wearing! That camp was like boot camp lol but I learned a lot. I hear what he’s saying about a guy just good enough to get you fired. To me, Farmer is the epitome of that guy…..a 31 year old with little track record, not in the long term plans, but reliable enough… less thing for the manager to worry about. Probably doesn’t hurt the manager sees some of himself in Farmer—overachieving grinder.

    • Jim Walker

      I tend to agree IRM. Castillo is a story of potential never quite fulfilled from my vantage point. His performance has been mid to back end of a solid front line MLB rotation. Still, there are teams with those types and better rotations that would be glad to have him because they believe he would be better than somebody they now have. And even more importantly, they think in a winning environment, Castillo might find much of his unrealized potential.

  13. Jon

    Don’t look now, but Suarez is almost at a higher batting average than Castellanos and he has eleven doubles and eleven homers. Castellanos has been in a free fall for three or four weeks since starting the season like an All-Star. Winker is still hovering around the Mendoza (Billy Hamilton) line. Miley and Gray are both on their second IL stints of the season. Barnhart is hitting .226 with zero home runs. Weird that after a third of the season, the MVP of the ex-2021 Reds is Suarez, the one guy they had to basically give away by throwing him in with Winker. (Lorenzen also has pitched well, but I don’t think the Reds had any chance of re-signing him given the opportunity he had to pitch for his hometown team.)

    • weigarp

      Great points, Jon. I’ve been following the ex-Reds all season and I keep thinking, “Which of these players would we want back?” And the answer continues to be NONE of them. Maybe Krall knew what he was doing after all.

      • Jon

        Given the signings he made of Minor, Pham, Strickland, and Moran, I find that doubtful.

      • Kevin H

        I would rather have Winker, Suarez, and Barnhart has well as Nick C. Compared to what the Reds do have

  14. Rednat

    we criticize them a lot on this site but Senzel and Aquino are not going anywhere. they are just as much a part of this core of the team as India and Stephenson. they are just what ownership is looking for . they will be cheap, good defense and good speed (although both players must really improve their base running skills).

    this year has been frustrating but a road map is developing for the next 5 years. We will have the core of Senzel and Aquino in the outfield, India, Barrero at 2nd and short. Stepehenson moves to 1b and back up catcher when Joey retires. do we hold on to Farmer and move him to 3rd ? Then we will need a strong defensive catcher to do most of the heavy lifting behind the plate. can we get Tucker back?
    Then we continue to sign guys like Almoro and Pham to 1-2 year contracts.

    ok it ain’t exactly the BRM part 2 but with good starting pitching we should be around that .500 mark competing for wild card spots most years. the starting pitching will be there even f we trade Mahle and or Castillo. you have to hope ownership will be smart and dump all extra free agency money they have into getting some experienced relievers. ok I am not exactly jumping up and down with excitement but i do think that starting next year we will be around the .500 mark. hopefully this will be our last crappy year for a while

    • Hanawi

      They already tried to give Aquino away and no other team took him. He seems to have found something back in AAA so he has at least been playable to decent since his return. That’s twice he’s been pinch hit for after getting a hit since he’s been back though. So, Bell doesn’t seem to have much faith in him.

      • Jim Walker

        some day, some where, some team is going to just put Aquino in a line up and not jack him around and he will be no worse than Adam Duvall has turned out to be, which is pretty good. For Aquino, it may happen in Japan or Korea instead of the USA but I think it will happen.

      • Still a Red

        I think if Aquino could read pitches, even just a little bit better than he does now, he could walk a lot more, forcing pitchers to pitch him strikes…and then watch out. Problem is he’s swinging at breaking balls way out of the zone.

  15. Rednat

    i think Senzel has the potential to be a decent lead off guy. in fact i don’t know where else in the line up you can put. he doesn’t have enough power to be in the middle of the line up and if you put him in the end of the lineup he will just ground ino a lot of force plays and double plays with all the ground balls he hits.
    he really needs to work on his base running skills however. Nick has good “catch up speed ” when he gets going but does not get very good jumps on the bases. this is something i hope he can work on and improve

    • Jon

      One more thought before I go to bed. Senzel and Billy Hamilton have a lot in common stats-wise. Hamilton in parts of nine seasons had 2,966 AB and hit .240/.293/.327, and an OPS of .621. He was worth 10.1 WAR, per Baseball Reference.

      Senzel in 657 career AB over his four seasons (including 2022) has hit .240/.301/.376, an OPS of .677. He has been worth -1.1 WAR. What’s most interesting though is promising his rookie 2019 season was: 375 AB, 20 doubles, 12 home runs, and 14 SB. If Senzel could revert back to his 2019 form offensively, he could be a potential All-Star if he stayed healthy. That’s two huge “ifs” though.

    • Indy Red Man

      Almora Jr. has a track record and I asked for a walk pregame yesterday and he got one. That’s the only thing holding him back from being a nice ##8-9 hitter for a long while. Senzel? Showing zero power, but he will work the count and this season is all about tryouts anyway. I just don’t think he has it? Maybe too many injuries so even if he does pick it up it’s impossible to count on him to stay in the lineup. He’s already had 15 different in injuries including 4-5 bouts of covid.

    • MBS

      I hate trashing Senzel, I feel bad for the guy, never staying healthy. I just don’t get how so many people still think he’s “Good” or a “Key Player”. I agree with most people, if he stayed healthy it would go a long way to a more productive Senzel. The problem is, for me anyway his ceiling is a lot lower than we initially thought. His ceiling is a solid big leaguer, not a star. His likely outcome is a guy that bounces around the league because of his defense, and draft status.

    • Doc

      There is only one AB in every game in which the lead off hitter is guaranteed to have no opportunity to hit into a DP. All other ABs are luck of the draw based on what happens during the game. If you move him to the bottom of the order he will average 1 fewer AB per game, meaning he will have the same opportunity to hit into BPs as every other spot in the lineup.

  16. 2020ball

    I defend the coaching staff regularly on here, only when i think it valid, but ive consistently seen fundemental mistakes from this team over the years. Its not bullpen decisions or lineup spots that confuse me like most, its the defensive mistakes and bad baserunning that bother me. Those mistakes happen to good teams, and i admittedly I didnt watch the game, but im sure i know what happened here.

    • Indy Red Man

      Same old same old. You missed nothing. Farmer is playing hurt and made a key error. Our guys are always either on IL or heading there. Reynolds couldn’t turn an easy double play. Votto did his best Dorn (ole’) impression from Major League as usual costing the team. They scored 1 run in the last 8 innings with the wind blowing out versus the worst starter in mlb and some scrub relievers. Nothing really new

  17. Redsvol

    Very disappointing series to me. I went to the Friday and Saturday games at gabp. Nationals have no talent, how we lost games to that team makes no sense. Players and coaching staff seem lifeless to me. I know they are out of playoff picture but several guys on team are playing for their careers yet don’t have energy – Lopez, drury, Reynolds’s Aquino have no enthusiasm. Moose I would cut tomorrow if I thought there was someone in AAA that would play harder. Votto has sold out and only looking to homer which leads to some really poor at bats.

    I was impressed with almora and Pham. They are the only 2 that really battle and give a major league at bat. They don’t always succeed but they know the strike zone. Everyone else lunging at balls out of the zone.

    Poor Nick senzel. Capable of so much more but it won’t happen in Cincinnati. No control of the strike zone, weak contact/lazy pop up when he does make contact. His swing is just a mess.

    I have some confidence in the pitching but Time for total reboot of the offense/defense. I would rather get rid of all offensive players with more than 3 years mlb experience and watch the young guys figure it out on their own. If I had to keep someone with experience it would be almora and farmer. Get rid of all the rest.

  18. SOQ

    There’s some earlier criticism of Farmer’s poor performance in yesterday’s game. It happens to the best of them. Farmer has 20 hits in the last 15 games and leads the team in RBI’s with 30 (on pace for 90 for the season). Last I looked, Runs wins games. The trick is to score more than the other guys.

  19. Roger garrett

    Farmer is a good player on a bad team and soon to be 32 years old with close to 1800 at bats so will he get better when the Reds are better?Of course he won’t and neither will Pham or Moose so every time they take at bats away from young players it just prolongs the Reds ever getting better.

    • SOQ

      Who is he taking at bats away from on the current roster?

  20. Roger garrett

    Just for the record losing is losing to me and to lose with older players while younger players watch is dumb.I am not saying the young guys like Barrero or Aquino or Senzel or even Amora are better players I am just saying we need to find out what they can do.We know what the guys I mentioned can do.Look at the Cubs and Bucs are doing.They are playing young players and both teams are bad and they know it and their fans know it.

  21. votto4life

    It may be time to move away from the whole lot, even India and Stephenson will be too expensive by the time the Reds are ready to compete again.

    Replace Nick Krall, hire a competent GM and let him do a proper rebuild. These half measures every three years are not working. .

    • Mark Moore

      A “proper GM” will require the kind of free hand the current FO and ownership group won’t allow. Y’all know I’m not a big Bell fan, but he’s more than a little handcuffed with his roster and the run of injuries we’ve suffered.

      • Votto4life

        I agree the problem starts with ownership. I am just suggestion how they could right the ship, but yes it would mean hiring competent baseball people and allowing them to do their job.

        I don’t think if ownership gave Nick Krall complete control that things would improve. He is the one who signed Tommy Pham and traded for Mike Minor.

    • TR

      Who is going to replace Nick Krall? He seems to be the guy for present controlling ownership.

    • Rednat

      i think as reds fan we just have to lower our expectations for the next 5 years. i think our core is good enough to play around .500 and make the playoffs maybe. then from there, who knows

      • Votto4life

        I have to disagree with you about the current core being able to play .500.

        The team is 18-35 and is playing .340 ball right now.

        How many more wins would a healthy India and Lodolo bring? The others on the IL are mostly replacement level.

  22. Kevin H

    I had a mike yastremski card green Refractor auto. Numbered. He wasn’t good and a career minor leaguer until a few years ago. Justin turner another guy who to my knowledge not the greatest early on then itclicked.

    This is why I am not ready to say Senzel is a bust. He is still young.

    Also we must remember Hunter Greene is went from high school to pros. Ashcraft and Lodolo played college ball. So they are in my opinion ahead of him.

  23. SOQ

    I think, realistically, we will never see championship baseball under the current ownership-primarily because he just doesn’t have the pockets to compete with the big guys. Heck, even his Produce business is suffering due to the growing trend of “Farm to Table”. I’m afraid we will always be cultivating talent that we will have to let go just as they enter their prime