The Cincinnati Reds have called up outfielder TJ Friedl from Triple-A Louisville today to take the place on the roster of Tyler Naquin, who was placed on the 10-day injured list.

TJ Friedl was added to the taxi squad maybe an hour before the move was made to call him up. Last night saw Tyler Naquin start, but he was removed from the game following his at-bat in the 4th inning in which he grounded out. After he reached the bag he appeared to pull up a little bit and when the bottom of the inning started he was replaced in right field by Aristides Aquino.

Naquin had played in a majority of the games for the Reds this season. In his 39 games played he had hit .255/.315/.460 with 17 extra-base hits, 22 runs scored, 22 runs batted in, and he added three steals.

For TJ Friedl, he’s back in the big leagues. He had played in parts of 20 games for the Reds earlier this season, but he struggled at the plate. The left-handed hitter posted a .179/.237/.254 line with 14 strikeouts in 76 plate appearances this season. He hadn’t been hitting much in his time in Triple-A, either. In 22 games with Louisville this season he’s struggled, hitting just .188/.341/.348 with 15 walks and 18 strikeouts. In a weird statistical oddity, Friedl has four stolen bases with the Reds but none with Louisville despite being on base far more frequently with the Bats.

8 Responses

  1. Rednat

    say what you want about Aquino but the guy is pretty durable. i felt shogo was as well. that is why i was surprised when the reds let him go.

    • JayTheRed

      Aquino is a AAAA player at best. Yes that’s 4 A’s there. He may be a pretty good player in AAA but when it comes to the majors the guy is just overmatched.

      How many times in last night’s game did he not get anyone in? It’s just frustrating as sin to know when he is coming to the plate.

  2. Rcsodak

    When you start keeping players on the payroll simply because they’re durable, you’re doomed as a team. They couldn’t get rid of shogo soon enough, imo.

  3. LDS

    I’d take my chances with AA if for no other reason than he can stay healthy. I hate depending on fragile players like Senzel and Naquin

  4. RedsGettingBetter

    I think TJ Friedl is the less bad option to bring in place of Naquin. He is pretty good defensively. Who is the other OF player at Louisville that could be called up ? Cedrola? Dawson? Aside they are not in 40-man roster wouldn’t seem to warrant good offense and same Friedl defense skills at major level …

  5. David

    Well, Pham is back from his 3 day suspension, so he will play left and Senzel or Almora will play center. Aquino in right? He actually hits right handed pitching better than left handed.
    Or do they play Almora in Right?
    Max Schrock is playing in AAA for rehab, so he might be back soon. As usual, he is hitting. That guy can flat out hit.

  6. Old-school

    I would like to politely backtrack on my comment a few weeks ago about Naquin being a good platoon option in RF against lefties next year as well.

    Hes now been hurt every year since 2015 and makes Nick Senzel look like Cal Ripken.

    Play Senzel and Almora every day and see how they do. Give Friedl and Aquino lots of playing time. That’s what this year is about. All 4 might stink but at least you know.

    I will have a difficult time rooting for Pham over other players. I wish they would just admit hes not a long term or short term fit and part ways.

  7. DataDumpster

    Freidl, along with Senzel, gives David Bell another option to have a sub .200 hitter bat leadoff (and that almost always happens). Don’t know if that has any underlying purpose but weirder things have happened. Maybe the experiment with Suarez last year at leadoff was deemed a success (although when someone is batting about .150, its pretty hard to get worse.)