Hunter Greene looked great early on, but the Red Sox broke through and never looked back as they beat the Cincinnati Reds 7-1 on Wednesday night and earned a split of the series.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (17-32) 1 7 0
Boston Red Sox (24-27) 7 8 1
W: Whitlock (2-1) L: Greene (2-7)
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The Offense

Cincinnati had four singles through the first five innings of the game and three of those four baserunners were erased on double plays. In the 6th inning the Reds were finally able to break through. Trailing 4-0, Aristides Aquino singled to lead off the inning and then he stole second base. The throw to the bag went into center and Aquino advanced to third. Nick Senzel would ground out to first base, allowing Aquino to score and get Cincinnati on the board, cutting into the Red Sox lead and making it 4-1. It would be the only run that they would get on the night.

The Pitching

Hunter Greene’s first three innings were outstanding. He allowed just one hit and he picked up seven strikeouts along the way while not giving up any runs. But then the 4th inning happened. The Red Sox went double, single, single, double, strikeout, ground out, single and scored four runs before David Bell made a pitching change. Luis Cessa entered the game and got the final out of the inning, keeping the score at 4-0. He’d retire all three batters the next inning, too.

Vladimir Gutierrez came out of the bullpen to begin the 6th inning and walked the first hitter he faced. Alex Verdugo followed with a double to put runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs. Gutierrez got a weak ground ball back to himself from Trevor Story for the first out and it didn’t advance the runners. Christian Vazquez grounded into a fielders choice when Kyle Farmer came up firing to the plate and he easily tagged out Xander Bogaerts for the second out of the inning.

That was the final batter for Gutierrez as Ross Detwiler came on to try and finish the inning and he did just that on the first pitch, inducing a ground ball to Joey Votto. He was back out for the 7th inning and while he needed more than one pitch to get out of that inning, it wasn’t many more as he threw just 10 of them to get the Red Sox in order and maintain a 3-run deficit.

Jeff Hoffman pitched the 8th inning and things didn’t go well as he walked the bases loaded with one out before giving up a triple past a diving Nick Senzel. That pushed the Red Sox lead to 7-1. It was more than enough to earn a split in the series with the win on Wednesday night.

Key Moment of the Game

The entire 4th inning. Hunter Greene had been dominant, but the Red Sox turned it on in the 4th inning and put up a 4-spot and Greene couldn’t get out of the inning.

Notes Worth Noting

The Reds only struck out one time in the entire game. They also didn’t draw a single walk. Boston’s pitchers threw just 106 pitches in the game.

Redleg Nation and Late Night Reds own Nick Kirby showed up on the television broadcast and got a shout out from John Sadak and Chris Welsh during the game.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Washington Nationals vs Cincinnati Reds

Thursday June 2nd, 6:40pm ET

Joan Adon (1-8, 6.08 ERA) vs Graham Ashcraft (1-0, 1.69 ERA)

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  1. Bet on Red

    It was the best of Greene, it was the worst of Greene

  2. GreatRedLegsFan

    I believe Greene should have a low innings limit this season, at about 100-120 IP. With a 6.19 ERA and 2.8 HR/9 so far it should be better to fine tune his secondary pitches in AAA. As soon as Lodolo returns he should be sent down.

    • VaRedsFan

      Greene pitched 106 innings last year. He should be good to go 130-140 this year. He doesn’t need to pitch those innings at AAA. If the Reds were contending, maybe he goes down, but that’s not the case. He can learn and adjust at the top level. Nothing to be learned if you go down and start blowing AAA players away.
      He does need to learn a changeup. Who better to learn it from than Castillo?

      • Doc

        Where does this idea come from the Greene would blow hitters away in AAA? He certainly didn’t blow them away when he was in AAA last year. I believe his ERA was north of 4 and his HR allowed number was high, pretty much a harbinger of what his performance has been so far this year. He didn’t earn his promotion based on AAA performance, he was given his rotation spot.

        Matters not to me whether someone thinks he should be learning at the MLB or the AAA level, but at least be honest about his mediocre AAA performance.

        I think the biggest reason he should be in AAA is that the Reds only have him for six big league years before he is a free agent. I’d prefer to see him perfect his craft in AAA so the Reds get six good big league seasons from him, and this is not a good big league season in the making. Flashes of brilliance amidst stretches of awful is not a good big league season. I don’t care how many he strikes out, an ERA north of 6 is not getting the job done and we are now in June. I’d rather have a staff of Overton-like and Ashcroft-like pitchers, pitchers who know how to get batters out and keep runs off the board. Incidentally, Ashcroft and Overton proved themselves in the minors, their MLB performance is no surprise. Greene’s MLB performance is no surprise either, he wasn’t that good in AAA and he is not yet that good in MLB.

  3. GreatRedLegsFan

    Looking at the IF roster, there’re 10 players (6 active + 4 injured). Assuming that all 4 injured players will eventually make it back into the active roster (Barrero, Shrock, India and Solano), I wonder who’ll be removed. Barring further injures or trades, I’d say Lopez and Barrero will be optioned, Solano will be released and a tough decision will be made with Moustakas and the remaining $22M in his contract.

    • Indy Red Man

      The Reds are really in bad shape moving forward if Barrero can’t atleast compete at the big league level this year. They just can’t do much with so many aging and injury plagued hitters as well as cast offs from other organizations.

    • Luke J

      I can’t say I agree at all with your position to send Greene and Barrero to AAA. They are our top 2 prospects and they have nothing to prove or learn from playing in AAA. Their development is now at the major league level where they either figure it out or don’t. No way either should be sent down. They both have star power potential and both need to get major league time.

      • VaRedsFan

        Barrero needs to be in MLB. The Reds need him to succeed. Unfortunately, he isn’t knocking the cover off the ball in AAA. (batting .235 in 10 games). How do you promote a guy that isn’t killing it at a lower level?

      • Roger garrett

        Too simple to do that for this organization

      • Luke J

        @VaRedsFan Barerro isn’t about promotion. He’s on the major league roster and major league injured list. He isn’t in AAA to prove anything. He’s on a rehab assignment. And you have to view it that way. He is literally getting his spring training in right now against players who have been playing for 2 months. He’s doing just fine. The numbers aren’t eye popping yet, but they aren’t bad either. And spring training numbers don’t matter anyway.

      • old-school

        Barrero needs 1000 at bats and to play every day. But, there’s no rush coming back from an injury and only playing 10 games and 35 at bats in early June.

        You have the Farmer problem at least till the trading deadline at SS so let Barrero play every day in June at AAA and then bring him up after 150 at bats when he’s found his timing and rhythm and then he plays every day. As should Nick Senzel.

        Billy Hamilton got 2000 at bats
        Suarez played through countless 04- 4k’s and 3-28 slumps
        Jose Peraza got over a 1000 at bats.
        Scott Schebler played every day and 1500 at bats.

        Dansby Swanson in Atlanta had one of the worst years ever in MLB his second year. The Braves stuck with him and he was their shortstop on a World Series champion. Julio Rodriguez in Seattle had a bad first 75 at bats, but hes now warming up. The Uber prospects play always.

    • JB

      Barrero makes the team before Reynolds,Lopez,Aquino.

      • Old Big Ed

        Exactly. People are irrational about Barrero, who is likely the most talented position player in the organization above A+.

      • Votto4life

        I don’t get it either. It’s almost like some people are rooting for Barrero to fail. Remember how much grief he took for the collision last year? He was the Reds number 1 prospect last year and people are ready to give up on him already. I know people like Kyle Farmer, but Farmer is still going to get at bats.

      • greenmtred

        If he fails, it confirms that they’re right. He needs lots of at-bats, and I think he needs at the MLB level: He demonstrated that he can hit in AAA, but didn’t do much in very limited action at MLB level. He’s got too much potential to give up on. I do get some reluctance to proclaim him the next great Red, though, since he hasn’t proven it yet.

      • burtgummer01

        A few people here have this weird crush on Barrero even though he’s accomplished a whole lot of nothing.
        He hasn’t shown he can hit major league pitching so he has bust written all over him

  4. Indy Red Man

    The Reds play in historic Fenway with the wall seemingly right over the LFers shoulder and they can’t score an earned run in 2 games. You can see the young pitching talent in the organization and a path to respectability from that aspect, but the offense looks dreadful. You can only do so much with other teams hand-me-downs.

    • Old Big Ed

      They are still two starters down — India and Barrero — plus they haven’t figured out yet that Senzel can’t hit and that Moustakas won’t hit again.

    • greenmtred

      The Fenway Green Monstah (appropriate Boston pronunciation) has provoked a theory: Hitters seeing it for the first time alter their approaches trying to hit over it. They fail. But your point about the quality of the Reds’ hitters is beyond reproof.

  5. VaRedsFan

    Max Schrock left the game last night. Was there a setback?

    • Jim Walker

      I don’t have any specific information on Schrock from Wednesday night, but he has not been playing full games yet; so, it did not strike me as atypical that he left after 4PAs.

      It does seem a bit strange however that per the play by play, Shrock singled, ran bases, and played defense in the 7th inning then was replaced in the field for the bottom of the 8th after his lineup spot did not bat in the top of the inning.

  6. Maloney63

    Does Nick Senzel ever do anything besides ground out? Every time I look up he’s hitting an easy ground ball out. No extra base hits the entire month of May! Sheesh! The Reds entire offense the two days in Fenway was indeed rather pathetic.

    • Luke J

      His groundball percentage is 41%. His fly ball percentage is 22%. His line drive percentage is 30% and his pop up percentage is 6%. So he hits the ball in the air 58% of the time. Interstingly, his spray chart says he pulls the ball 31%, hits up the middle 31% and hits to opposite field 36% of the time.

    • Jim Walker

      I thought it was a tough night all around for Senzel. Yes, Fenway has its strange wall and perimeter; but, he looked overmatched and out of place during the Sox 4th inning onslaught. Almora saved his bacon twice from incidents similar to Sox the 8th inning bases clearing triple. There is more to being a top flight CF than just having the physical tools to chase after flyballs.

      • SultanofSwaff

        +1. Almora really bailed him out.

      • Luke J

        Diving for the ball in the 8th was the right play. Bases loaded with 2 outs and down 3 in the 8th you have no choice but to go all out to prevent a run. Whether he lets it fall so he can field it cleanly or he dives, at least 2 runs and likely 3 score either way. 6-1 or 7-1 makes no difference. He had to dive to tey to keep it 4-1.

  7. Roger garrett

    Please let’s stop it with playing older players cause there is nothing to gain.Get theses guys back from rehab and let Pham and Moose go.Does it really matter for the rest of this year if they play for the Reds.Moose is under contract for next year as well.We need to see what other players can do.One other thing 27 outs on 106 pitches is 4 pitches per hitter and that is a joke by an entire team.Team has one plan it appears and if it’s close hack away.Hard for me to believe only one strikeout and of course no walks.Something needs to change.I guess the 20 runs we scored 5 games ago made everybody think all they have to is start swinging on the dugout

    • Steven Ross

      Pham and Moose need to play to prove they offer value at the trade deadline. It’ll be tough to move his salary though.

      • Old Big Ed

        I think the other 29 teams have already concluded that Moose and Pham have no value.

        Time to move on.

      • 2020ball

        I dont know why you’d move on with months to go until the trade deadline. Pham’s power has disappeared, but his numbers arent that far off from last year where he was league average. He could easily go on a hot streak and become a middle of the pack trade chip for someone with injuries. Moose looks like he may require a salary dump trade if they want him off the books.

    • greenmtred

      I’m absolutely with you, Roger, but they need the younger players to be available. They need to part company with Moose; he’s not going to build any additional trade value. Pham I’m not certain about, but I’d think the red flags popping up about anger management would make him difficult to move unless he suddenly starts tearing the cover off the ball. But there aren’t many young outfielders ready for MLB.

  8. Joey Red

    I’ll choose to remember the 1975 Reds at Fenway. In the early 90s my wife and I went on a trip to Boston with my sister,brother-in-law and two kids. Unfortunately the Red Sox were on a west coast road trip including Seattle. But before the first game in that series ceiling tiles fell in the Kingdome so the series was moved to Boston. Tickets were first come first serve and $5 a ticket for all seats. We went and sat in the 5th row down the 3rd baseline. Roger Clemens started for the Sox and of course Griffey Jr. was a young superstar. I remember little from that game because I was in total disbelief that I actually was at Fenway Park watching a ballgame. One of the greatest thrills of my life.

      • Joey Red

        Thanks! Because of the 75 World Series it was on my bucket list to go to Fenway Park someday to watch a ballgame. We were going to tour Fenway if possible since the Sox were going to be out of town the entire time we were in Boston. When we got settled in at the place we were staying we turned on the TV and Boston local news was on. Their lead story was about the Seattle series being moved to Boston. It couldn’t have worked out better especially with the seating and $5 tickets. Oh and the Fenway Franks were UNBELIEVABLE!!!

      • TR

        I was at Fenway Park in the late 50’s for a game with the Kansas City A’s. Looks about the same, except for the addition of a few thousand seats. The antithesis of a cookie cutter ball field. A lot of character.

    • Votto4life

      Great story. My fiancée and I were in Boston in 2019. It was in late October, but it was a nice day, so we took a tour of Fenway. It’s pretty amazing. I remember thinking this is where Babe Ruth pitched!

      Now that the Reds will be playing there every other year (I think that’s right), we plan to make a trip there to see a game.

  9. Roger Garrett

    Greene will be just fine.Please let’s just let him pitch.Kid is 22 with electric stuff learning how to get big league hitters out.Just think of all the experiences good and bad he has had so far.Part of a no hitter yet takes the loss and gives up 5 homers and then 5 runs in 5 innings with 3 homers and gets the win.Only will make him better.

    • JB

      Agree. There is nothing to learn in AAA. He needs to learn against big league hitters. He runs into one inning of bad luck and suddenly the sky is falling.

    • 2020ball

      Hes shown flashes of brilliance so far this year, I dont see why you wouldnt pitch him in the bigs in a lost year. Makes no sense to me to send him down, though they might if Ashcraft establishes himself before Lodolo comes back. One of those three will be in AAA since the Reds might as well hope for some unlikely magic from Minor so they can trade him. Why Minor is even here still puzzles me, but he is so might as well use him.

  10. VaRedsFan

    Flying to Columbus today. My son is stationed in Dayton. We will be riding down to catch the Reds/Nats on Friday and Saturday.

    • old-school

      Weather supposed to be spectacular after today.

    • Jim Walker

      If you take I-70 from Cbus on over here to the Dayton area, be sure to wave at me as you pass the I-675 exit. I live about 5 miles south off of exit 20 from 675. I worked on base at WPAFB for 15 years leading up to my retirement 7 years or so ago.

      Hopefully, we will have some sunny weather for your visit. Big storms last night (Wednesday into Thursday) and still gray here this AM though.

    • Votto4life

      I was planning to go tonight, but decide to attend tomorrow night instead. I guess we will get to see the long waited debut of Mike Minor lol

      Enjoy your stay VARed!

  11. Jim Walker

    In 9 games (26 PAs) since returning to MLB. Aquino has a .846 OPS to go along with stellar outfield play and (mostly) good base running. His K rate of 30.7% over this stretch is workable (recall it was ~53% when he was sent down) if he can bump his OBP (~27% since he returned) up into the same 30% range.

    Fingers crossed and breath held.

    • Roger garrett

      I am in his camp because he can do so much to help win a game.Older one dimensional players have no value on this team and worse they take valuable playing time from more talented younger players.This isn’t big money teams that are loaded with talent that make their young guys wait their turn.This is the Reds for goodness sakes and that’s all there is to it

    • Rednat

      Aquino fits perfectly with the reds future plans. they are going to rely on young arms and cheap position players that can run and play defense. they are not going to score a lot of runs but the hope is they won’t need to with good pitching. could be some frustrating times but they could win just enough to compete for the final playoff spots most years.
      i believe mlb will follow the nba and expand the playoffs to 10 teams per league as soon as they can. 75- 77 wins should be able to get you in

  12. Jim Walker

    So what happened in the 4th inning. 4 of the hits off Greene came with him ahead in the count. So much for the perils of pitching from behind in the count.

    The lead off hit was on an 0-2 pitch and was the 3rd straight ~99MPH fastball up at the top of the zone.

    The next hit came on a 1-2 count off the 3rd straight slider in the virtually the same horizontal and vertical location at the edge of the zone.

    Hit number 3 came on a 2-2, a fastball up on the 6th pitch of the PA after Greene had pounded the zone low to same corner with a mix of sliders and fastball for 5 pitches and run an 0-2 count to 2-2.

    Hit 4 came on an 0-1 count, off a hung change up following a strike on a low fastball. Hung change says it all for this.

    Hit 5 (after consecutive outs) came on an 0-1 count. It was a center cut fastball after a center cut fastball for strike 1. Greene was cooked by then and pulled after this batter.

    This entire sequence seems to me to be about not knowing how to put a guy away when he is ready to be set down. It was as if the Sox hitters were inside the brain of Greene or Stephenson or whoever may have been directing the Reds pitch strategy from the bench. Several times they stuck with the very same pitch or at least the same location for too long.

    Perhaps a change up works here, but the one he threw in the entire sequence was hung and the hardest (farthest at least) hit ball of the inning. I’d would have liked to have seen the apparent 2 seamer low backup fastball Greene used to get out trouble in the near no hitter. But mostly they probably should have moved the ball around more when they had favorable counts to work with.

    Another possible solution is that Greene learns a trick I recall hearing the late Tom Seaver talk about more than once, the art of incrementally changing the speed of his fastball from pitch to pitch just enough to disrupt the hitter’s timing. As the Ol’ lefthander used to say in reply when Tom would say this, take a little off or put a little on but make it otherwise look like the same pitch as the previous pitch.

    • greenmtred

      Seaver was a smart pitcher. It looked to me (blacked out, but I get NESN) as though the Sox hitters were shocked the first time through the order. Second time, though, they were seeing the ball and maybe realizing that there was no third pitch to throw them off. Maybe the fastball isn’t well enough located to be a consistent out pitch. Just guessing, though: I’d get a bat on any of Greene’s pitches at about the same time the million monkeys finished transcribing the complete works of Shakespeare.

      • Jim Walker

        The apparent 2 seamer he flashed at the end of his run in the near no hitter in Toronto is a pitch I think could fit the bill in the short run. If you didn’t see it, there was more of a break than a flat arm side run to it. It was at about 95-96MPH as I recall and much like a Soto or Castillo change turned arm side and dropped on a dime right at the hitting zone. The movement was not as dramatic as those change ups, but at the speed it was thrown, it did not need to be.

  13. JohnnyTV

    “It looked to me…as though the Sox hitters were shocked the first time through the order. Second time, though, they were seeing the ball and maybe realizing that there was no third pitch to throw them off.”

    Well said. That about sums up my read from last night.

    Cingrani, Chapman, maybe Bob Steve and Garrett all wound up in the bullpen for the same reason. Well, Cingrani only had one pitch….

    Adding a Soto / Castillo change would make Greene unhittable. But how many guys have that kind of a changeup?

    That’s reason #1 for me not wanting to trade Louie Castle. Just so I can watch him throw that thing.

    • votto4life

      Hunter Greene doesn’t need a change up as good as Castillo’s. Even if he has one half as good, to go along with his fastball and slider, he would be amazing. He just needs to keep the hitters honest.

      Hunter Greene will get there..he is a just young. People want the Reds to play the young players. I agree with that approach, but young players are not consistent. Some days they will look great and some days they will look terrible. Just let him play.

      We are not going to win the pennant this season. The knocks he is taking now will pay off in 2023 and beyond. It’s better than watching Mike Minor pitch.

  14. DataDumpster

    It was heartwarming to see old Fenway Park (and have the old memories rekindled), but I thought the game last night just reinforced some bad tendencies that even David Bell looked dour and concerned about. Hey, Greene is a great AND young talent but each outing seems a unique adventure. His game plan, pitch usage, speed, and consistency are all question marks at this point. When you are 2-7 with a plus size ERA and homers allowed, you are not ready for this league and neither is Vlad. Wow, maybe Minor will come through like Overton and Ashcraft have. Meanwhile, fairly soon Hunter needs to go find his game, head space and another pitch somewhere else.
    The hitting just can’t seem to get out of a rut. I am tired of saying “plate discipline” but seeing Moose and Senzel putter around while Votto and Aquino got some “momentum” this series to push their averages to about .150 combined does not impress me. Seeing some nice things from Drury (at times) and Almora but they, along with Naquin/Farmer, are about the only trade bait left if a blockbuster Castillo deal can’t be dealt. And, what about that youth movement and the Red’s farm talent? It may be there but the only possibly ready MLB player is Barrero now (I guess that is why people seem almost obsessed with him getting his chance NOW). Let’s just say the “core” moving forward is hard to identify.
    Outside of the pitchers, we have a solid core of two in 2024. Who else in this lineup survives? Keep in mind that both Drury and Naquin are FA next year and their trade value is probably peaking in the next few months. Almora has another year of control but maybe the best value of the bunch. They also must be chomping at the bit to lump in sunk cost Moose with somebody (anybody) to get rid of him. Its looks like a longer road ahead but maybe Nick “bull in a china shop” Krall can untangle this sorry roster.

  15. Kevin H

    How many of you were facing big league hitters at the age 22?

    Amazes me the criticism the guy takes. Why would you want him to pitch in triple A. Makes no sense. He is a dominant pitcher who learning how to be a big league pitcher. I am actually surprised people haven’t mentioned trading him, but sure that will happen soon enough

    • MBS

      I agree Greene doesn’t need to be in AAA. I am against you on the criticism part, he’s getting paid to play a game that people care about. Criticism and accolades come with the territory. Give me 3 more seasons and I’ll get back with you on the trade front. Everyone is tradeable if the deal is right.

      • Kevin H

        Fair point, my point about the criticism is the fact he is a 22 year old rookie. He in my opinion is learning how to pitch at this level and a few are acting like he should be the 2nd coming of Roger clemens, or Dwight Gooden

  16. old-school

    Hunter Greene has given up 15 home runs, which leads the NL.
    Greene has 64 K’s. good enough for 5th in the NL.
    He also has allowed 24 BB, tied for 4th worst in the NL.

    Tyler Mahle has allowed 26 BB, 2nd worst in the NL and sits ~10th in K’s at 58

    The problem is Derek Johnson’s approach to pitching. Strike everyone out.
    Greene and Mahle do that as well anyone, but when you are pitching to avoid contact, your going to walk guys and nibble and have your pitch counts soar and get behind in counts or be predictable when you are ahead in counts. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional solo home run but you have to prevent baserunners and the Reds cant have 2 of the top 5 pitchers in the NL in walks.

    The other Derek Johnson mantra is be great at what you are good at. Well, Greene has to learn a change up or sinker or some off speed to add to his FB/slider combo and get soft contact, easy outs so guys aren’t sitting on his fastball. Pitching is about disrupting a hitter’s timing and Greene isn’t doing that enough, especially 3rd time through the line up last night.

  17. AMDG

    Greene continues to impress as a rookie in his age 22 season.

    Consider aces like Scherzer, Wheeler, DeGrom, Fried, Bieber, and Keuchel didn’t even pitch in the majors in their age 22 season.

    While both Beuhler and Bauer pitched in their age 22 season, but were arguably worse than Green has been this year (lower K’s, higher WHIP).

    A very few guys had great MLB seasons at age 22 (Giolito, Kershaw, Cole) but they all had tallied up about 150% ~ 300% more innings in college and pro ball vs Greene by the time they reached their age 22 season.

    • JB

      Amazing what you can do when you get away from Zinter.

  18. Mark A Verticchio

    Look at tonight’s line up, no Stephenson and Moose at first base with Votto at DH. There are several things Bell could do to keep his bat in the line up and Mr. Moose out. I don’t understand Bell and never will. The sad thing is this team will play just well enough to keep him around, not lose 110 games. Many have been giving Bell credit for the recent 14 and 10 stretch ,which isn’t that great. However if that is true he also should take the blame for 3 and 22, works both ways folks.

    • MBS

      I 100% believe in top down success. If the owner stinks they make bad choices for GM’s. If the GM stinks they make bad choices on the coaching staff. If the coaching staff stinks they don’t know how to get the most out of the players. I got bad news the owner stinks, so…

      • David

        Yeah, because of his big contract, Moustakas MUST play. Those instructions are probably…..from the TOP.
        Every once in a while, Moustakas looks like he is turning a corner and getting better….but I doubt he does.
        He’ll bat 0.230 for the year, hit 15-20 HR, and get 500 AB’s. Yeah, he’s just wasting the Reds’ time, but HE MUST PLAY.

      • 2020ball

        Is there someone obviously better than Moose on the roster? I’m not so sure, so might as well play him and hope for some magical turn-around.

  19. LDS

    So, today’s lineup is out and Stephenson is on the bench? A guy that is hitting .294 against RH’ers. The rest of the lineup against RH’ers: (DH) Moose 211, (1B) Joey’.171, Pham .241, Garcia .146, Senzel .263, Drury .240, Farmer .224, Almora .371. Sorry folks, Stephenson is the youngest non-pitcher on the current roster and if he needs a day off from catching put him at 1st or DH. Can’t sit Joey? Reds legend and all that. Who cares? He’s not producing particularly well though better in the last week. Moose? So feel free to defend Bell but this is a perfect example of why he’s useless and the Reds are mediocre. If Stephenson isn’t injured – PLAY HIM.

    • Luke J

      Yeah, I am typically one who is excited to watch every game, no matter how bad the product on the field is. But I definitely didn’t feel a ton of excitement when I saw the lineup. It’s amazing what just removing Stephenson does to that lineup for me. Without so many other players I really enjoy watching (India, Schrock, Barrero, etc…), the prospect of getting to watch Stephenson bat was one of those bright spots that kept me excited. When he sits right now, I can only get excited about the pitching. So at least I can be excited for Ashcraft. I guess I will watch the game after all. lol

      • Jim t

        Guys like you I love our chances better when Tyler Stephenson is in the lineup but after going to Frenway with my two sons and watching Tyler play I think he really needs a day off. Had no answer for anything middle in. His bad speed looked very slow.

    • 2020ball

      Jesus, its just a day off. If you dont want him injured then rest him occaisionally.

      • Jim t

        @2020ball exactly but some will take every opportunity to trash the manager.

  20. MBS

    The Reds would be smart to sign Drury to a 3 year deal. It wouldn’t cost much, as he’s a role player and not an everyday starter. The more I think of it, I like the Idea of Schrock / Drury as the DH tandem for the next couple of years. They both can play 3B, 2B, and Drury can at least play LF.

    • LDS

      Or, I don’t know, they could get over their infatuation with utility players and sign/develop players that are very good at their natural position. Utility players certainly afford the opportunity to field a line up each day, just not much opportunity to compete and win. No one on the Angels ever says: “hey Mike, we’re starting you at 3rd tonight”.

      • MBS

        Who’s natural position is DH? It’s the spot you put poor fielders with good bats, kinda sounds like Schrock to me. Drury is a better fielder than Schrock, but not as good as India, Barrero, Pham, Or Farmer. Everyday guys and utility guys are needed to make a complete team.

    • old-school

      Drury was a super 2 I believe so he is controlled as a 4th yr ARB eligible player in 2023 and affordable. Not a bad option for depth 2nd/3b with a little pop in his bat.

      • LDS

        With a different manager I would tend to agree. But with Bell, he’d likely be a regular. He clearly prefers older and less talented players.

  21. Jim t

    Day after day I read on Redlegnation how horrible our Cincinnati reds entire organization is. I read how we should fire David Bell and his staff. You people do know that if that occurs the group doing the hiring is the same group in control right now. With that in mind until we get a new ownership who puts winning baseball above all else changing the coaching staff nets us very little.

  22. Votto4life

    It depresses to think we will have to watch Moose struggle another year and a half before he is no longer in a Cincinnati uniform. Please do us all a favor and just release him. He has to be the worst free agent signing on Red’s history.