After a nail-biting win last night, the Cincinnati Reds will look for the 2-game sweep in Boston against the Red Sox this evening. Cincinnati will send Hunter Greene to the mound and Boston will counter with Garrett Whitlock. First pitch is set for 7:10pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for tonight’s interleague contest:

Cincinnati Reds

Boston Red Sox

Nick Senzel – CF Franchy Cordero – RF
Brandon Drury – 3B Rafael Devers – 3B
Tyler Stephenson – C J.D. Martinez – DH
Joey Votto – 1B Xander Bogaerts – SS
Kyle Farmer – SS Alex Verdugo – LF
Albert Almora Jr. – LF Trevor Story – 2B
Mike Moustakas – DH Christian Vazquez – C
Aristides Aquino – RF Jackie Bradley Jr. – CF
Matt Reynolds – 2B Bobby Dalbec – 1B
Hunter Greene – SP Garrett Whitlock – SP

Starting Pitchers

Hunter Greene 44.1 5.89 1.51 24 56
Garrett Whitlock 38.2 3.49 1.14 11 44
Links: Hunter Greene’s Stats | Garrett Whitlock’s Stats

Hunter Greene

Through his first five starts this season Hunter Greene had an ERA of 8.71 and hitters had a .311/.388/.700 line against him with 10 home runs, 11 walks, and 29 strikeouts. Since then he’s made four starts and posted an ERA of 3.42 while holding hitters to a .172/.280/.368 line to go with 5 home runs, 13 walks, and 27 strikeouts.

Even though he’s pitched much better of late, he’s still struggled with right-handed hitters. Over his last four starts tehy are still hitting .270/.340/.563 against him. That’s an improvement – mostly in just giving up fewer extra-base hits – but it’s still a line that guys have won MVP awards with. Lefties, though, haven’t had too much success against him – though when they have gotten hits they have gone for extra-bases often. That isn’t so much the case in his last four starts where lefties are hitting just .051/.213/.128 against him.


RHH 110 28 3 0 11 10 27 .286 .355 .653
LHH 93 15 4 0 4 14 29 .190 .312 .392

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change
Velo 98.5 87.5 89.5
Usage 52.9% 41.4% 5.6%

Garrett Whitlock

The big right-hander has been very good this season in his time with the Reds Sox. He’s made seven starts and four relief appearances for Boston. All of his starts have come since April 23rd and all of his relief appearances came prior to that. Since moving to the rotation his ERA is 4.34 in 29.0 innings. However, since May began his ERA is 5.73 in five starts, and he’s given up a home run in four of those five games.

When it comes to his splits, things are a bit strange. Righties have no doubles or triples against him, but have hit four home runs. Lefties have just one home run against him, but they’ve piled up six doubles. Is that the Green Monster at play (four of his last five starts have been in Boston)?


RHH 88 18 0 0 4 8 25 .231 .307 .385
LHH 73 15 6 0 1 3 19 .214 .247 .343

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change
Velo 95.0 95.4 82.8 84.4
Usage 4.8% 54.9% 20.7% 19.6%

When and Where

  • Game time: 7:10pm ET
  • Where: Fenway Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 61°, cloudy, 35% chance of rain

News and Notes

Tyler Naquin to the IL, TJ Friedl called up

Prior to the game today the Reds placed Tyler Naquin on the injured list and called TJ Friedl up from the taxi squad/Louisville. Naquin injured himself in last night’s game and exited in the middle of the 4th inning.

Tommy Pham scratched from the lineup again

For the second day in a row Tommy Pham was originally in the starting lineup and then removed.

Reds acquire a prospect

Earlier today the Reds and Mariners completed their trade from mid-April when Cincinnati sent Riley O’Brien to Seattle for cash or a player to be named later. That player wound up being infielder Luis Chevalier, a switch-hitting 20-year-old that is still in rookie ball.

111 Responses

  1. Bet on red

    Beginning to theorize that there is a mental health issue with Pham. Regardless, another show it day for Aquino. Let’s get the sweep. Now that we are out of the cellar another good strings of games will have us jumping teams

    • Mark Moore

      You survive over there today? I just checked my personal weather station. Raw temp of almost 92. Heat index of almost 102. Barely a breeze out there.

      • Bet on Red

        I lost 8 pounds over the last two days on my runs. I know its water weight but still, its a great diet plan until I collapse of heatstroke

  2. Old-school

    I love the Reds
    I cant root for Tommy Pham. Hopefully they are realizing its not a good fit.
    Go Hunter and Go reds. Sweep the Sox.

    • Randy in Chatt

      I want Pham to do phenomenal then is traded as soon as we get a good offer.

      • Melvin

        His attitude may be well known around the league. Maybe we were the only team that would take him. Personally I wouldn’t want to be around a guy like that.

    • Mark Moore

      I really hate to play with a man down (kind of assuming Pham won’t see dirt or grass at all tonight barring something very strange). But I’ll concede if this is the message they are sending, it’s appropriate in my eyes.

      Pham likely has pretty severe anger issues that need to be dealt with. Perhaps you take the first offer you can get and let him go somewhere else.

      • west larry

        What team would take him after all the recent antics? I think the only way to get rid of him is to cut him and eat his contract. someone desperate for a low-cost bat might take him. The Padres?

  3. JB

    A new month. Winning record this month will get us closer to where they want to be. A Win tonight will start it.

  4. Mark Moore

    Once again, this is the best defensive outfield we can run out there. Senzel and Aquino could be busy over in that gap. Have to hope we don’t see a bunch of wall-bangers from the Sox (but plenty from us).

    61 degrees is a little cool. It’s been in the 90’s at my place with a heat index over 100. My after dinner walk (highly suggested by my doctor) probably needs to wait until after 8 PM tonight. Maybe even a little later. It still won’t have cooled off much.

    Let’s Kick this Pig!!

  5. LDS

    Can we just get a Pham trade? He’s not that expensive and someone somewhere would likely make a deal.

    • Melvin

      I’m not so sure that’s true but if it is then make the deal today for sure. I say go for it.

      • Tom Reeves

        A good reason to sit him would be if he’s being traded. Don’t want him getting hurt before the move.

        His max value to the Reds is to be held accountable for idiotic behavior.

  6. Old-school

    Pham has no trade value but he needs help.He is not well mentally. Hopefully his agent and MLB intervenes and gets him help and the Reds can be a vessel for that. Put him on the IL through the AS break. Hes not ready to play baseball and there’s no way Reds fans can root for him unless he goes that direction. If he does that, I will be he biggest fan.

    • Mark Moore


      That’s an even better idea. It at least gives him a shot at redemption. Not sure how much MLB can intervene, though.

  7. west larry

    What team would take him after all the recent antics? I think the only way to get rid of him is to cut him and eat his contract. someone desperate for a low-cost bat might take him. The Padres?

  8. SOQ

    Now we know what Pham meant by “Revenge Tour”

  9. Melvin

    Another benefit of the absence of Pham is that David Bell puts Stephenson in the 3 slot where he should be. 🙂

  10. Mark Moore

    Hoping for a wall-banger … got a GIDP instead

  11. Mark Moore

    Devers looked a little peeved there

    • Mark Moore

      Truly it was.

      BTW, temp dropped at tick but the heat index went UP due to the humidity.

      Evening walk may wait a little longer tonight.

      • Bet on Red

        No, I was in Iraq 3 separate years… as hot as this is its not HOT hot. lol

  12. Mark Moore

    Hunter looking pretty good there. Zone appears to be pretty tight so far. We’ll see how stable it remains.

    Time for Joey to hit one OVER the wall, not just on top of one.

  13. Old-school

    Hunter Greene is now tied for 5th in the NL in K’s

  14. Mark Moore

    LF looks like a high school or even little league field from that camera angle.

  15. Mark Moore

    Base hit followed by a GIDP … please tell me that pattern won’t continue all night long

  16. Old-school

    Taking out Joey Votto.

    Quick – name a good Reds player who pitches left handed in the bullpen the next 2 years and 2 good regular lefty hitters in 2023/24?

    No longer than 5 seconds allowed.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Brandon Williamson from pen.

      LH hitter is far more debatable.

  17. Mark Moore

    Bogarts working his jaw a bit. Definitely caught the zone.

  18. Melvin

    Facing Castillo and Greene back to back is not really fair.

    • Mark Moore

      Not when that filthy junk is working it isn’t.

  19. Old-school

    Is Hunter Greene becoming the best storyline of 2022?

    I’d pick that back in March.

  20. Old-school

    Mike Moustakis is awful

    1 pitch pop out to the catcher.

    At least give a competitive at bat.

    Wow. Ive seen enough. He cant be on this team in 2023

    • Roger garrett

      Can’t wait to get back to the dugout.Same old story night after night

    • VaRedsFan

      He pops up more than anyone that I can recall

    • DataDumpster

      The Moose had his 2 HR day on May 13. Since then, he is 4-37. Aquino had his 2 HR day on May 23. Since then, he is 1-16.

      • Old-school

        Stop with the Data…Dumpster.

        Facts hurt.

  21. Old-school

    Reds 9 up 9 down on 25 pitches.


    • Roger Garrett

      Worse then pitiful.Doesn”t anybody tell our guys anything but swing early and often.

      • LarkinPhillips

        That is always the approach. I complain about it multiple times a week. This guy is pounding the zone,but often times they do it verse guys who struggle with command even.

  22. Mark Moore

    3 up, 3 down, times 3 …

    Got to find a way to string together some hits without the GIDP crap

  23. Bet on Red

    Needless to say, Always take the Over on Ks with Greene pitching

  24. Mark Moore

    Umpire have a late flight tonight out of Logan?

    • Mark Moore

      Isn’t he though? Or maybe JR Richard?

  25. Mark Moore

    Under 45 pitches through 3 with 7 K’s … I’ll take that every day, all day.

  26. Magnum 44

    They need to offer an Ozzie Albies/Acuna contract to Greene now…..The only that is going to stop him from being a perennial top 5 pitcher in this league is the organization…..By far the best stuff I have ever seen in my 40 years of watching baseball.

    • Bet on Red

      I gotta agree with that. I am more for the wait and see, but getting this guy cost-controlled early is going to be key

    • Mark Moore

      Cool and clammy there after rain all afternoon.

      Then that piece of bad luck by Votto …

  27. Old-school

    Reds need to make some trades and major roster reconstruction.

    Winker and Votto were 2 of the top5 lefties against righties in mlb last year. They have no one this year and naquin is hurt and they simply cant hit righties and are righty dominant with only 1 hitter in the lineup named Stephenson who is a legit MLB hitter. This isnt going to get better. It’s going to get worse.

    They need 2 young elite lefty hitters.

    • Mark Moore

      Seems to me this might have been a good night to play Lopez and his switch-hitting, contact, slap it approach. Ball isn’t carrying anyway.

  28. Reddawg2012

    I’m starting to get tired of watching Mike Moustakas play baseball for the Reds.

    • Mark Moore

      Mr. Moose is playing (and really looking) like a beer-league DH. Mash it over the fence, or go quickly with a whimper.

  29. Mark Moore

    Nice cover by Almora. Nick had thoughts of catching that. Not going to happen in Boston.

  30. Bet on Red

    Not going to blame Reds outfielders for Monster miscues.

    • Mark Moore

      You can’t. Almora did the right thing.

      The near-miss by Farmer hurts a bit, especially if we can’t hit and score.

  31. Melvin

    Farmer is a solid SS. An elite SS gets that ball up the middle.

  32. Bet on Red

    Starting to look like a standard Greene start. Destroy hopes and dreams first time through the line up, restore hopes and dreams second time through

    • Hanawi

      His splits the first time through the order versus the second are pretty jarring. He needs a third pitch.

      • greenmtred

        Yes, he does. I hope the change becomes lethal, because that would do it. The fastball has tremendous velocity and doesn’t appear flat, but it gets hit hard, particularly the second time hitters see it. Wild in the strike zone?

  33. Old-school

    Hunter is doing well
    Reds offense is the issue.
    No lefty bats.

    • Bet on Red

      Hunter is not doing well. needs to be seen once to be unlocked. Needs third pitch. Cant get through 5.

  34. Mark Moore

    May need to Clete here. We’re not hitting and digging this kind of a hole in Boston will be very difficult to fill in, especially if Greene is off like this.

  35. Joe P.

    Hunter’s giving them too many pitches to hit when he’s ahead in the count and he can’t find the strikeout pitch. Maybe he needs to pitch inside a little more. Need to find the thinner part of the bat and break some bats.

    • Ryan

      Wayne Simpson 13-2 after 15 decisions in ‘70; where will Hunter Greene be?

      • Joe P.

        I don’t know what his W-L record will be, but I’d like to think Hunter Greene is more like a young Bob Gibson or Nolan Ryan.

  36. Mark Moore

    McLain now up for the Lookouts with 2 on and 2 out.

    • Ryan

      Call Lance Mc Allister for “down on the farm” slobber

  37. Mark Moore

    OK, I’m out. No video feed while they are in DC. I guess I’m on a break for a bit.

    • LarkinPhillips

      DC series is in Cincinnati.

      • Mark Moore

        OK. Was thinking it was in DC. Good, then it shouldn’t be blacked out.

      • Bet on Red

        no it doesnt matter where it is played. It will be blacked out for you and me Mark

      • LarkinPhillips

        Where are you and Mark located?

      • Bet on Red

        In the Triangle area in North Carolina, I am in Durham, and I believe Mark is located in the Wake forest area, (but I would not bet on that lol)

      • Mark Moore

        Yep. Just past Wake Forest into the next (more rural county).

  38. Bet on Red

    Well, it is good that we have the split. Hunter starting to waft back into “should he be here” teritory, Either lacks faith or ability in his third pitch. Needs to figure out a 4th pitch as well.

    • LarkinPhillips

      He is far from that territory. He is learning to pitch in the bigs. Let’s not forget that Max Scherzer was sent down to the minors in his second MLB season. And he had a full run through the minors, not a little over a year. Each start Greene has developed and improved. He does need to develop a third pitch and pitch to contact a bit more. He will be fine.

  39. Kevin H

    Greene will be fine. Some of you do this all the time when he pitches. It’s like no matter people complain.

    Greene is 22 years old pitching in the major leagues. He belongs, to question that is plain silly

    • Luke J

      Yeah, it’s funny, I just logged on in the 6th to read the comments. As you read throughout the game, it went from “this is the 2nd coming of Nolan Ryan” and his stuff is filthy and unhittable, to people saying he isn’t cut out for the bigs. It’s insane. The kid just needs a little development and refinement. He’ll be just fine.

      • greenmtred

        We are afflicted with extreme recency bias, Luke. I was thinking of posting, in the middle of the Sox hitting barrage, that The Reds were idiots for drafting him, Bell was an idiot for starting him, and could we get anything if we traded him? The problem is that people would have thought I was being serious instead of joking in an unfunny way. He’s learning at the MLB level, and, barring injury, will be a formidable pitcher for years to come.

  40. Joe P.

    Greene has all the attributes but he needs to pitch with a little more animosity. Chris Welsh said it well. He needs to keep batters uncomfortable. Those guys for the Red Sox were too comfortable at the plate.

  41. Eddie

    I think Greene need 2 other pitches to rely on to make him very dangerous to go up against with his speed changes will help his career. This one is over unfairly we keep hitting to double play or pop-up we can’t get Whitlock out to get into the pen unfortunately. I’m curious to see minor tomorrow for his debute

  42. Bet on Red

    Was that Our Nick Kirby getting the shout out ( you all lost out on that if you skip on Sadak)

    • Old-school

      Ive muted the Tv for well over a year now.

      • Bet on Red

        the constant suffering of my ears to Sadak has finally paid dividends lol

  43. Old-school

    Tommy Pham and Mike Moustakis need to go away.

    There’s no way you field this team and say these guys are part of the culture and franchise and movement forward.

  44. Roger garrett

    It is what it is.Not my money but why are we even talking about them.Their best is behind them

  45. Bet on Red

    Aquino about to be the offensive hero of the day

  46. Melvin

    The Punisher brings a lot. Just needs to make contact more often and he’ll be a very good player. Good steal and heads up after a good hard hit.

  47. Melvin

    Good situational hitting by Senzel to get the run in.

  48. VaRedsFan

    White flag waved in a 3 run game. Off day tomorrow, why not your best long guy in Hoffman?

  49. Roger garrett

    Vlad not helping himself or the team.Game was already over and guys were packing up so throw strikes

  50. Bet on Red

    That was the dirtiest clean inning I have ever seen

    • Joe P.

      Only Moose would swing at a pitch that hit him. Unbelievable.

  51. SOQ

    Sandy Koufax at age 22 had an ERA of 4.48 and had 131 strikeouts in 158 innings (after 3 prior years in the NL) He didn’t hit his stride and become dominate until he was 26. Greene looks like he has “Koufax stuff” and could be dominate much sooner

  52. Roger garrett

    I can lose with our younger players but losing with older players that bring nothing other then an occasional hit is very frustrating.India,Barrero and Schrock can’t get up soon enough.Three runs with two being gifts is just awful at any park but at Fenway we ought to have hit 8 or 10 off the wall by accident.Moose and Pham will play a bunch and we know it but it’s sad.

  53. SOQ

    I’ll still gladly take a split on the road, especially at Fenway