The Cincinnati Reds picked up a new prospect today, acquiring infielder Luis Chevalier from the Seattle Mariners to complete their trade from April that saw right-handed pitcher Riley O’Brien head to the pacific northwest. O’Brien has only appeared in one game with the Mariners, making another 10 appearances for their Triple-A affiliate in Tacoma where he’s posted a 2.70 ERA in 10.0 innings with 11 walks and 14 strikeouts.

Luis Chevalier is a 20-year-old infielder who played in 2019 with the Dominican Summer League Mariners and in 2021 with the Arizona Complex League Mariners. He has not yet played this season – presumably he has been in extended spring training with Seattle while awaiting for the rookie league season to begin (which it does on Monday).

The numbers for Luis Chevalier don’t look good. In 11 games as a 17-year-old in the Dominican Summer League he hit just .139/.279/.167. Small sample size there doesn’t leave one worried about much of anything. But in 2021 he played in 47 games with the Arizona Complex League Mariners and hit .221/.345/.329. He struck out 35 times and walked 25 times, showing he seemed to have some understanding of the strikezone. The switch-hitter did struggle to do much hitting, though. As a left-handed hitter he managed a .200/.346/.300 line. He didn’t get much time as a right-handed hitter, but in his 31 plate appearances from the right side last season he hit .310/.355/.448.

During his playing career he’s spent time at second base, shortstop, and left field. Most of his time has come at second base, where he’s started 33 games. He’s also started 14 games at shortstop and had seven starts in left field – all coming in the 2021 campaign out in Arizona.

Originally signed for $180,000 out of the Dominican Republic, Ben Badler of Baseball America reported that he had good athleticism and plus speed, but that those things stood out more than his bat did at the time.

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  1. Dennis Westrick

    New Seattle pitcher will fit right in with the current Reds pitching staff! 11 walks in 10 innings with Seatlle’s AAA affiliate!

      • AMDG

        I think he is confusing who the Reds received with who the Reds traded away 😉

  2. LDS

    At least it’s a young guy. Hopefully too soon to have a firm grasp on his upside but it’s not another has been in his 30s. That’s a good sign from Krall.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Kralling our way back to relevance! One player at a time!

    • TR

      Chevalier seems to be a potential late inning pinch runner with good defensive skills.

  3. Ken

    Great acquisition! We’d be better off with Maurice Chevalier, and he’s been dead for about 60 years.

  4. jmb

    You’re not going to get much back for a player you’ve DFA’d, and the Reds didn’t get much back. Cody Reed was going nowhere with the Reds, so he was traded to the Rays for O’Brien. Reed has been doing well for the Rays, so a change of scenery was in order. O’Brien was doing just okay with the Reds but has done well since Seattle picked him up. He’s from Seattle, so that must be an extra incentive for him, that and knowing that the GABP won’t be his home field–any pitcher would be happy about that.

  5. Randy Peterson

    He sounds like a Hall-of-Famer.

  6. west larry

    the lineup is out, and i see that Naquin is not in the batting order=is he healthy? just a coach’s decision?

    • Luke J

      They called it a “strained quadricep” last night. I hope for the best, but that usually means a stint on the IL.

  7. Dennis Westrick

    The Reds must have the worst medical staff in MLB. India still out, Barerro still out and now Naquin is out! Senzel has missed a lot of time as well!

    • LDS

      Naquin and Senzel are both injury prone. So that’s not on the med team. India’s injury seems like only part of the story. He’s been out a long time for a simple pulled muscle.

    • Chris

      Are you suggesting the medical staff is somehow injuring these players? That’s a strange accusation.

      • LDS

        I’m not. I’m saying Naquin and Senzel aren’t physically viable for a full season, even assuming they could reform adequately

      • Luke J

        @LDS The whole concept of being “injury prone” is a medical falsehood (at least without some underlying disease like brittle bone disorder, etc…). It get thrown around too much. Senzel has been unlucky. And the medical likelihood he suffers another injury is the exact same as any other player. He may never be injured again. We don’t know. But we do know being injury prone isn’t a real thing. It’s completely a figment of our imaginations.

    • Doc

      Medical staff handles the diagnosis and treatment after an injury has occurred, and the final assessment that a player is ready to play.

      Training staff handles the preparation to avoid injury. All of these muscle injuries are more likely training staff issues, not medical staff issues.

      • Luke J

        All the muscle injuries are more likely players not being ready after an off season in a lockout. Such injuries are common all over the league right now.

  8. Joey Red

    The lions tremble in their dens at his appreciation….


    Luke J. Strongly disagree re: Senzel, Naquin, et, al.
    Having watched, followed MLB for decades and thousands of games pouring over stats, data, etc., you could NEVER convince me that ‘injury prone’ players do not exist! The Senzel’s, Alex Woods and others of the world tell a different story.

    On the flip side, guys like Lou Gehrig, (the one and only Iron Horse) Cal Ripken, along with many more colorful characters through the ages, add to the notion.

    I think it has to do with much more than simple ‘mechanics’ or ‘tools’.
    It has to do with desire, determination, dedication and out and out LOVE for the game. This is something that cannot be taught…it is endemic to the Gherig’s and Ripken’s of the world. Whether that is an unknown force, quality or something else, I cannot say. I just KNOW that there are currently and previously have been ‘injury prone’ players, just as sure as there exist ‘clutch’ hitters, ‘gamers’ (or as the Cowboy likes to say…BALLPLAYERS!) and other colorful Unicorns!

    It is one of the many things that make baseball such a captivating pastime. And disagreement’s like this one keep us interested in seeing how this season will turn out! It has so far, been both exasperating and encouraging! I don’t have any notion this team will make the playoffs, but hope I am wrong. And that is truly, the crux of the matter!!!