Offense was hard to come by on the night and Cincinnati was the beneficiary of two Red Sox errors that directly led to runs on the night. With that help and a dominant start by Luis Castillo the Reds picked up their first win in Boston since the 1975 World Series.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (17-31) 2 8 0
Boston Red Sox (23-27) 1 4 2
W: Castillo (2-2) L: Wacha (3-1) SV: Santillan (4)
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The Offense

Neither team was able to get much offense going in the game, but Cincinnati was able to finally break through in the top of the 6th inning. Albert Almora Jr. and Matt Reynolds led off the inning with singles to put runners on the corners. Almora Jr. was thrown out on a fielders choice to third base, though, leaving Cincinnati with runners on first and second base. After a pop up by Brandon Drury, things came down to Nick Senzel. The outfielder got some help as his ground ball was thrown past the first baseman by Rafael Devers, bringing Reynolds in to score and give the Reds a 1-0 lead. That was all Cincinnati would get in the inning.

The Reds threatened again in the 7th with back-to-back 2-out singles put runners on the corners but a strikeout ended the inning. In the 8th inning one of the weirder things of the 2022 baseball season took place as Joey Votto hit a double off of the top of the wall – literally – that bounced back into play for the second time in the game. Yes, two different doubles by Joey Votto landed on top of the outfield wall in the game and both ricocheted back into play. Just like when it happened in the 5th inning, Votto was stranded there.

In the top of the 9th inning Mike Moustakas lined a 1-out single into center and was pinch run for by Alejo Lopez. He moved up to second on a ground out on an outstanding defensive play by Rafael Devers at third base. It looked like it was going to happen again as Matt Reynolds grounded on to shortstop that that Xander Bogaerts caught on a dive, but the throw to first got by Franchy Cordero, bringing Lopez around to score and put Cincinnati up 2-0.

The Pitching

Luis Castillo had never faced the Boston Red Sox before Tuesday night, and if the Red Sox hitters get a say, he never will again. Castillo was dominant on the night, striking out 10 batters and allowing just one hit to go along with three walks over 6.0 shutout innings. Things did get a bit dicey for him in the 6th inning after he walked the first two batters of the inning without throwing a strike, but he got double play and a strikeout to escape the inning without any damage.

Alexis Diaz took over for Castillo in the 7th inning and he picked up right where Castillo had left off, throwing a perfect inning with two strikeouts. He’d return to pitch to the first batter in the 8th and got him out, too, before manager David Bell called on Hunter Strickland. He came in and needed just eight pitches to record the final two outs of the inning and hold onto a 1-0 lead.

With the Reds adding a run in the top of the 9th, Tony Santillan entered the game with slightly more wiggle room as he held a 2-0 lead. He allowed a ground ball single up the middle to start the inning. Rafael Devers followed up with a double off of the wall to put runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs. Santillan bounced back against J.D. Martinez, striking him out looking for the first out of the inning. A shallow fly ball to center wasn’t nearly enough to move the runners up. That brought up Alex Verdugo and on an infield single that went off of Joey Votto’s glove, he brought in a run and made it a 2-1 game. Trevor Story had a chance to make some magic happen, but Santillan wasn’t having it and struck him out swinging on a 98 MPH fastball to end the game.

Key Moment of the Game

The final out of the game as Tony Santilla struck out Trevor Story with the tying run at third base and the winning run at first.

Notes Worth Noting

Since returning from the injured list Joey Votto is hitting .313/.436/.719 in 10 games.

With the Reds win and the Kansas City Royals losing on Tuesday, Cincinnati no longer has the worst record in baseball.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Boston Red Sox

Wednesday June 1st, 7:10pm ET

Hunter Greene (2-6, 5.89 ERA) vs Garrett Whitlock (1-1, 3.49 ERA)

72 Responses

  1. Old-school

    Castillo dominant and establishing himself as the #1 trade target for a big market playoff team.

    Diaz and Santillan awesome and fun too watch. go Reds.

  2. Votto4life

    Exciting game. Joey is coming around and the bullpen looks great. Also, Castillo’s trade value just shot up. Now let’s catch the stupid cubs.

  3. Roger Garrett

    All of our pen guys competed.Tony was resilient in the ninth after second and third and no outs.He went right after some really good major league hitters and beat em with the game on the line.Got to love it

  4. Kevin Patrick

    I came here to make sure the comments section included praise for Santillan. Almost every comment has up to this point. Honestly, he went through some really tough hitters at a really tough point in the game. And yet, Castillo’s performance as awesome as it was, I think the story of the game could be when the Reds started to run out of outfielders again.

  5. Tom Reeves

    The team has played .600 baseball since beginning the year 3-22. Considering the off season and the insane injuries, this is amazing.

    Does Bell deserve some credit here?

    • LDS

      No. 14-9 is a big improvement over 3-22 but they gave away a number of games in that 14-9 record – most often on bullpen management. And while starting pitching has been decent, hitting has been weak against most teams. And lineup choices often perplexing. Giving Bell “credit” would be generous in the extreme. Let them run off 17-18 consecutive wins and then come back and ask that question.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Absolutely, Tom. This team could have thrown in the towel in late April or early May. Bell deserves credit for preventing that from happening.

      • LDS

        Then let’s give him credit for the 3-22. At 17-31, there are far better options.

      • William

        I would rather the Reds extend Castillo, but know that is wishful thinking. If they get two top 100 prospects for him (who actually become stars), it is acceptable. If they only get one, it is a FAILURE. I have a baseball card collection loaded with cards from the 50’s. Do you know how I got most of them? I traded stars from the 70’s. There is an art to trading. Get it done GM.

      • greenmtred

        We’re waiting with bated breath for you to take the reins, LDS. You’ve modestly declined in the past, but this is clearly your moment.

    • Jim t

      Yes he does. Team is playing well after dealing with a lot of adversary. The thing that sticks out for me is this team never quits playing hard.

    • TR

      Yes, after the collapse of April, May is in the books and the Reds look a bit like a competitive team. I like the way Bell now occasionally uses relievers in more than one inning. With the offense he’s been given, Bell, at best, is an average manager. This is a developmental period and with on-third of the season done, the Reds are an interesting team. I’m in the middle whether to extend Castillo and Mahle. Proven pitching is tough to give up but this could be a pivotable time for the Reds similar to 1969 when Lee Maye was traded to Houston and Joe Morgan came to the Reds.

    • VaRedsFan

      Everybody’s happy until he sticks Art Warren into another close game.
      He finally stopped using Strickland after blowing 4 games, and put him into spots to get his confidence back.

      • greenmtred

        Prior to the most recent game–Warren’s two previous appearances–he allowed one hit, no runs. Statistically outperformed Diaz for that same stretch. Very small sample size–2+ innings–but at this point in the season, all sample sizes for relievers are small. Small enough to be accounted for by something relatively minor and fixable. That said, I’d like to see Warren in low-pressure situations, too, but they’re infrequently way ahead and don’t seem to be getting blown out with any regularity

  6. JohnnyTV

    All the “Trade Castillo!” talk has me worried. The Reds haven’t proved themselves competent enough traders to feel confident about that kind of move. Top of the line pitcher who will set you up for a W every 5 games. Greene / Lodolo / Ashcraft / Overton are all still potentials. If three, or even two, of those four are performing close to Castillo at trade time, then I’m in. Otherwise, spend the money you’ll save ex post Moose and JV.

    • Dewey Roberts

      To me, Castillo is the type of pitcher you have to keep— not trade. I don’t like to trade a great pitcher for prospects. What if both prospects fail to pan out? Then where are you? I don’t trust the Reds organization to make the right trades. Bob Howsam is no longer GM.

  7. Indy Red Man

    Idk about dealing Castillo? They have $17 mil coming off the books next year just from Pham and Minor alone. They have $40 mil coming off the books in 2024 with Joey and Moose.

    What can Luis expect? He’s 29.5 and has a career 3.73 era

    • Indy Red Man

      Would 75 mil for 4 years (17.5 per) get it done?

      • Hotto4Votto

        He’d probably get more. That’s roughly the QO amount, and I think he’s worth more. Consider that Stroman signed a 3 year/$71m (23.6m per), Gausman signed a 5 year/$110m (22m per), and Robbie Ray signed a 5 year/$115m (23m per) and Scherzer signed a 3 year/$130m (43.3m per) this past season. Castillo is closer to Scherzer than the rest, IMO.

      • AllTheHype

        Gausman and Robbie Ray, both with lesser stats, signed 5/110 and 5/115 this past offseason.

        Castillo would be looking for 5/$140 at least.

    • Votto4life

      The bigger question is Castillo willing to sign an extension or is he determine to test free agency?

      The Reds need to make their best offer and if he says no, then they have to trade him next month. Hanging on to him any longer won’t help the Reds and will diminish Castillo’s value.

      Extend or trade by the end of next month. If they do neither it will be a disaster.

      • wkuchad

        I strongly agree with this. I actually prefer to resign him at the right price, but it needs to be one or the other.

        I feel like our best trade chips get injured right before the trade deadline. Hope this doesn’t happen again.

  8. Nick in NKY

    Count me among the people who would love see Castillo stay a Red. But that’s with me knowing it ain’t my money. If it was, I probably move him on the best deal I can get this summer. Hate to say that, but his age and lifetime numbers never quite match what you see when you watch him. But I plan to enjoy every pitch he throws here until that happens.

    • Indy Red Man

      Marcus Stroman is older and has a career era only slightly better at 3.64 to Luis 3.73. He’s getting 23.6 per for 3 yrs from the Cubs. Reds ain’t paying that. I know that much

  9. LDS

    I can’t see them forking over that kind of money. Trading Mahle makes sense to me. Striking a deal with Castillo does as well. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see both shopped by trade deadline. Hope I’m wrong but they have to align payroll and resources.

    • Indy Red Man

      You have half your current payroll coming off the books for 2024 and none of the essential guys will be able to demand big money then. Unless they go into A’s/Pirates mode there will be $ to be spent

      Eduardo Rodriguez is 29 like LC and era 4.17 is pretty solid for a career in Fenway and AL East. He got 77 for 5 (15.4) from Detroit.

      I’d give Luis a very competitive offer and if he declines then deal him off.

      • David

        I think offering a good deal to Luis Castillo would be interesting. What would he accept? Who is his agent?
        But frankly, Castillo may never be the pitcher a lot of people expected. He will look brilliant for stretches, and then mediocre. He has always started slowly in the Spring (he was hurt this Spring).
        He looked brilliant and overpowering tonight. If he could do that 20 starts a year, and then just be around league average for another 12-13 starts, that would actually be pretty good.
        Has he ever pitched 200 innings in a season? I don’t think so.

  10. CFD3000

    Really good game for the Reds pitchers, starting of course with an excellent outing from Castillo. Santillan was much better than his 1 R / 3 H line – the first hit was a seeing eye grounder, and the third was an odd play by Votto caused in part by an unfortunate shift. Tony pitched well. Also a weird night in at least two other ways. I can’t remember a game where only 2 runs scored, both on balls thrown away to first. And I definitely can’t ever remember seeing one hitter (Votto) bounce two doubles off the top of two different walls. If it had been a normal late May temperature instead of mid 50’s both of those balls are home runs and it’s a very different game. A good road win against a team that has been playing and especially hitting well. How about a sweep behind Hunter Greene? Go Reds!


    What a win!!!
    Is Santillan about to be the go to guy, with Diaz the 8th inning compliment? When was the last time we had two back end guys with the moxie/stuff of these two?

    Along with the starter’s we have the making of a really good pitching staff! Please, please, please…stop talking about dealing EITHER Luis Castillo OR Tyler Mahle!!! These are exactly the kind of guys you can build a staff around…not trade to another team that ends up catapulting into a favorable spot in the playoffs!

    Add in the Reds next great starter in Hunter Greene, along with Nick Lodolo, Connor Overton AND Graham Ashcroft…it is mind boggling!
    We could turn the corner on a dime! You do NOT give away guys with arms like these!

    Along with all the money coming off the books and one or two REAL free agent additions we could be a Contenduh! Next year! Well, just one man’s opinion, but this is as excited as I have allowed myself to be for a long time! Despite the horrendous start, this team has seemingly pulled together and has some key players due back soon! Wow!

    • greenmtred

      I don’t think you’re wrong, REDSMAN, but even with India back, the Reds are not a very good hitting team. I don’t know if any of the position players in the minors will be ready to make a difference in the next year or two, and an impact free-agent signing seems unlikely unless the Castellinis win the lottery. So a trade is the answer, and the trade chips that make any sense are limited.

  12. earmbrister

    Man, Castillo was dealing tonight. Just filthy. And then, suddenly it was gone, like a light switch turning off. Something like 10 pitches with 9 balls and 1 strike. Kept his calm, reminding me of Jose Cueto who would often pitch out of trouble, and got out of the inning. Louie, Louie, way to go. What a performance!

    On another note, man Votto must be getting ribbed in the clubhouse. Just a couple of inches short (twice in 4 innings). Happy to have him back.

  13. earmbrister

    BTW, the Reds don’t even have the second worst record in MLB. KC at .333, Nats at .353, and Reds at .354.

    We’ve come a long way baby.

  14. Melvin

    Out of the basement? I guess we should be thankful for small improvements. 🙂

  15. Rednat

    not a bad week for the reds. 5-3 so far against 3 big corporate teams. what I am seeing with these big corporate teams is yes, they have some good hitters, but they aren’t dynamic offenses. they ain’t the big red machine or 27 yankees ok. they can be dominated fairly easily with good pitching which the reds have shown.

    all the reds have to do is play .400 against these teams and then .600 against the family business teams like pirates, marlins, tigers etc and then you are probably in the expanded playoffs most years. the owners strategy of good young pitching, speed and good defense just may work. maybe we could survive with an outfield of Senzel, Aquino and Almora.

  16. Andrew Brewer

    I didn’t see exactly where Votto’s first ball hit the wall, but the second was right on the angle. Who can say what this means, except that Baseball can be spooky. Anything is possible in this game, and sometimes the baseball gods decide the outcome. This is already a mystique season, and I have no idea where it’s going to end up… If the Reds can keep scoring runs, they are going to win a lot of ball games…

  17. Reddawg2012

    What’s up with Senzel? The man looks lost at the plate. He definitely brings value to the team with his speed and defense, and I like him. But it’s starting to feel like he isn’t going to be the guy we were hoping for when he was drafted in the first round. I realize he’s had some nagging and fluky injuries, but when you look at his stats during the times he has been healthy, it’s pretty rough year in and year out.

    (Here’s hoping he goes on an absolute tear now and makes me sound dumb for posting this).

    • jon

      I said this 2 years ago. No one wanting to trade him in a deal for a real good SS.was insane. I wish him luck but he is going to be a bust imo.

      • burtgummer01

        Agreed about Senzel being a bust unfortunately Barrero will also fall into that category

      • earmbrister

        Gotta respectfully disagree. When I watch Senzel, I don’t see a hitter like Willy Taveras or Billy Hamilton. Yeah, he is scuffling a bit, but he also missed a solid month (again). Play him everyday and let him sink or swim.

      • greenmtred

        I wouldn’t trade a real good shortstop for him. Who would? He hasn’t been able to stay on the field, and has only shown flashes of hitting competence at MLB level.

    • Luke J

      I don’t think he looks lost at the plate at all. In fact, other than Sunday, over the last 5 games or so (since his 4 hit, 2 walk outing), he has hit the ball really hard directly at defenders. His expected batting average over those games was significantly higher than all the outs he ended up with. He’s just been unlucky.

  18. Old-school

    Castillo is a good pitcher who can line up in October and win a playoff game now. Can he do that in 2026 and 2027 and 2028 though?

    Jose Berrios is a good comp for Castillo. His stats are very similar but he’s about 1.5 years younger. Twins traded him at the deadline in 2021 to the Blue Jays for … the time…… top 15 prospect Austin Martin and a top 75 ish pitcher in Simeon Woods Richardson. Toronto then signed Berrios over the winter to a 7 year 131 mil contract. Berrios makes $24 million in 2027 and $24 million in 2028.

    Kevin Gausman turned 31 in January and signed a 5 year $110 mil FA deal with Toronto- thats $22 mil AAV.

    He’s going to want market value and to get paid past age 35 and Gausman and Berrios set that market in the $110-$130 million range extending past age 35.

    I say trade him for 2 elite prospects and keep clearing payroll and keep building the under 25 talent pool. Reds get #18/32/#55/#73 in the upcoming draft. Keep stockpiling and developing the young players and when the time comes ,then go spend money on areas of need. I’d also part ways with Pham soon and then Moose after this season. We still dont know a lot about Senzel and Barrero and Santillan and Diaz and McClain and Greene and Lodolo and Ashcraft and De La Cruz. Let them all develop and play and see where their health and development trajectories are at the end of the season.

    Giants have an elite top 10 bat in Marco Luciano and a top 50 elite lefty AA pitcher.

    • Indy Red Man

      Whats up with Justin Dunn? The Reds guys are continually hurt so they trade for more guys with severe injuries. Oh boy.

      As for Castillo, I didn’t know the market was set that high. Stroman only got 3 years but $23/mil per. He’s been bad and Jose Berrios has been horrible too. The Berrios deal is so bad its going to make Moose’s look reasonable. I guess Luis has got to go.
      I don’t see his game aging that well. 98 mph and he’s nasty, but as he ages and that drops to 94-95 then he’s got problems. His slider has been a work in progress and comes and goes so “No thank you” on a 34-35 year old thrower with 2.5 pitches making that kind of dough.

    • doofus

      Kyle Harrison, just promoted to AA. He is the #3 LH pitching prospect on Number 1 is Lodolo. He needs to tame his walks, but his other numbers are good. FB, slider, change. He and Luciano would be fair for Castillo, but Castillo has to have a few more starts like last night to get these two in trade.

      Additionally, Luciano’s future is at 3B or in RF. He has the arm and bat.

      • doofus

        I would like to see Patrick Bailey, switch-hitting catcher with good defensive skills also be included. This would probably mean another player going to the Giants in return.

    • Votto4life

      Old School what would you think about a match up with the Mets? Castillo for their young catcher Francisco Alvarez and SS Ronny Mauricio

      • Old-school


        David Bell has articulated the Reds position that they view Stephenson as a primary catcher and are committed to such. Conventional wisdom is Cohen is willing to throw $$$$$ to help the Mets win. Scherzer and Degrom are injured but they are also still finding a way to still dominate the NL east. I’d make that trade if the catcher is healthy and Stephenson is willing to move to 1b and be a backup C.

        Long term, I think its in REds best interest to have Stephenson as a primary first baseman and secondary catcher

  19. Steven Ross

    Fun game to watch then an exciting 9th to cap it off. I don’t want Castillo to go. Last night shows how dominant he can be. Pitchers of his ilk are hard to find.

    Still don’t understand why Bell doesn’t use Diaz as our Closer. The guy is lights out. Strickland would be fine too. Santillan did the usual Closer dance: put runners on, get your BP up then close the door. Good win.

    • Indy Red Man

      Diaz pitched to 4-5-6 in their lineup. Plus their 7 hitter in the 8th. He’s trying not to wait til the 9th and protect a lead with Diaz getting more then 3 outs. I think he clearly sees Diaz as his best guy. Their pen is thin and if you blow the game in the 7th then there is no closer. I haven’t studied the numbers and I was in the military far away in 1990, but I thought Randy Myers was the weakest pitcher of the Nasty Boys and wasn’t he normally the “closer”?

  20. Grand Salami

    Joey raised his OPS by over 40 points last night. A few more multi-hit games and .200 will be in the rear view mirror and everything will start to look very normal.

  21. JB

    When everybody comes back ,there won’t be enough room for Reynolds. The guy has done an exceptional job for a light hitting journeyman. For me personally I would keep him over Moustakas but the front office won’t do that. I would keep Aquino over Moustakas as well. Reynolds had another good game tonight and always puts in a solid at bat. With the pitching they have and the small ball they play , I’m still saying this team makes it to 500 and playoffs.

    • greenmtred

      I agree, I agree, JB. Moose is old and one-dimensional only when he’s making good contact. No-dimensional otherwise.

  22. Luke J

    Is it just me or are official scorers getting far more generous to hitters these days. So many “hits” that would have been errors back in the day. That play by Votto in the 9th was an error. Yeah, he made a nice effort to get there, but when a relatively slowly hit ball goes in and out of your glove, that’s an error. I understand the ball rocketed at 110 mph that a fielder has carom off their glove. That is a hit. But otherwise, a ball hits your glove, the play should be made and not making it is an error.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Joey being the old Joey—instead of charging and taking the ball on the short hop he sat back and made a routine play look near impossible. Don’t like to see it especially since he’s been finally taking some balls off his chest this year.

    • VaRedsFan

      He routinely goes to the ground when he has to move left or right. Plays the ball off to his side in an ole’ attempt.
      He’s well above average on his feeds to the pitcher covering. Above average in scoops by my eyes.

  23. Kevin H

    Not sure why people want Castillo traded. Reds have a young staff and need a veteran. Like a Castillo or Mahle. Sure Greene, Ashcraft and Lodolo are mlb ready and the future and maybe Overton, however the pitching in triple A isn’t there and no need to rush the guys in high A or double A.

    I will give Bell Credit for the teams competing and winning. 14-13 in May after the horrendous start. Give credit were it’s due. I still believe he mismanages, however I am in my chair and not there or behind the scenes. LOL

    • Mark Moore

      I don’t see it as a “want” but as a matter of how the organization tends to operate. It’s about the money and the current FO won’t pony up what he can get elsewhere, so get value for him now outside of the wins he produces.

      I think the “veteran mentor” bit is overrated.

      • Kevin H

        Ah yes, the business side and I tend to agree they won’t pay both. I am hopeful for one, but unlikely. When I say veteran pitcher, I am meaning someone who goes about there business and helps the younger pitchers. Not necessarily a mentor, but someone who leads by example. a Sonny Gray or Wade Miley type of pitcher. I feel a team needs at least one guy to be ” the guy”

  24. JohnnyTV

    Many of these speculative trades for Castillo sound alluring.
    But it’s been a long time since the Reds pulled off one of those successful blockbusters. They usually wind up overpaying, the trade for Latos comes to mind. Or the one year rental of Choo from Cleveland. The Cueto fiasco probably looked good on paper or in chat rooms.
    When the Reds get overanxious (or “all-in”) or in salary dump mode, I get very worried.
    Anyone who picks up Louie Castle for the stretch run will lock in numerous playoff wins.
    Knowing the Reds are itching to move him and Mahle — before any of the young arms have truly established themselves — will likely result in some low-balling of offers and not the generous terms suggested here.

  25. Mark Moore

    The win was good. We did what we needed to do (for the most part) when we needed to do it. The Sox were EXTREMELY helpful at least 2x 🙂

    I’m not in the camp that wants an “official closer” but I don’t like the round robin, 1-batter here, no real consistency approach either.

    I’m also in the camp that says sell high on Castillo if you can get the return you want. Focus on 2024 and 2025. We seem to have plenty of pieces here or coming swiftly. That seems to be the next logical window.

    We’re not going anywhere this year. The hole we dug is far too deep even for the NL Central. Enjoy the wins. Curse at the losses. Keep on keeping on.

    If only airline prices would drop, I’d wrangle a trip to see a couple of games.

  26. Chris

    Great job by Castillo, along with Mahle on Sunday. My issue with Bell, and unfortunately, with most managers of the day, is handling of starting pitchers. Sunday’s loss was mostly due to running out of excellent bullpen options. Yesterday was almost a similar case. You just can’t pull starters out of games that have no runs allowed against them, and a hit or two, just because they hit 100 pitches. This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in the last 10 years or so. It was just foolish to pull Castillo after 6 yesterday. There is a reason the guys in the bullpen are not starters and that’s because they typically are NOT AS GOOD as a starter is. This mindset burns your bullpen up like crazy.

    • Indy Red Man

      Well thats the game today. They don’t have a day off so if you start throwing 120+ pitches every game then you might not have a healthy Castillo to trade. Yeah Nolan Ryan might’ve thrown 140 per start with the Angels or whatever, but the average starter probably barely hit 90 in those days. This is a new world.

      If they were in September and the Reds were in a pennant race and it was cooler and LC had an extra day then why not, but that wasn’t the case.

      • Chris

        Sorry, but that’s not even a valid argument. Ryan was one of MOST starters to throw well into the 120+ pitches a start. Secondly, and since you mentioned Ryan, in that era they had 4 man rotations. And they had same or similar days off back then as well; even played double-headers without adding pitchers to their squad on those days/nights.

        There is NO proof that 100 pitches is some sort of magic “keep them safe” number. Taking dominant starters out of a game is costing teams game’s all the time. Very much like going with a pitcher an inning out of the bullpen. You can’t expect 3 or 4 pitchers to come out of the bullpen and be on; the odds diminish the more pitchers you uses. Basic statistics.

  27. jmb

    The Reds officially do not have the worst record in baseball! The Royals now hold that title! The Nats, Tigers, Marlins, Cubs, and Athletics will be passed by the Reds in the coming days, working their way up the ladder to .500.