The Cincinnati Reds will go for a 3-game sweep today after a thrilling victory that ended on a play at the plate on Saturday. Tyler Mahle will take the mound against the San Francisco Giants. Alex Cobb will counter for the Giants with the hopes of avoiding the sweep. Today’s game is only available on Peacock when it comes to the TV side of things. You will need a Peacock premium subscription to watch the game.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for this morning’s contest:

San Francisco Giants

Cincinnati Reds

Tommy La Stella – DH Nick Senzel – CF
Mike Yastrzemski – CF Tyler Naquin – RF
Wilmer Flores – 1B Tyler Stephenson – DH
Joc Pederson – LF Joey Votto – 1B
Evan Longoria – 3B Brandon Drury – 2B
Brandon Crawford – SS Kyle Farmer – SS
Thairo Estrada – 2B Mike Moustakas – 3B
Luis Gonzalez – RF Albert Almora Jr. – LF
Joey Bart – C Aramis Garcia – C
Alex Cobb – SP Tyler Mahle – SP

Starting Pitchers

Tyler Mahle 47.0 6.32 1.49 23 50
Alex Cobb 31.2 6.25 1.55 9 39
Links: Tyler Mahle’s Stats | Alex Cobb’s Stats

Tyler Mahle

After seemingly getting things moving in the right direction in his previous three starts, Tyler Mahle allowed eight runs in 4.0 innings the last time out against the Chicago Cubs. He allowed multiple home runs in a game for the first time on the season. After not giving up any homers in April he’s given up five in May.

Mahle’s held lefties to a low average and not much power, but he’s struggled with keeping them from drawing plenty of walks. Righties are hitting better, but they are not getting on base nearly as often despite a .269 average against him.


RHH 102 25 7 0 3 7 27 .269 .314 .441
LHH 109 22 3 3 2 16 23 .239 .349 .402

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Cutter Slider Splitter
Velo 93.4 86.4 83.9 85.4
Usage 50.4% 9.8% 14.1% 25.8%

Alex Cobb

It’s been a strange start to the season for Alex Cobb. He’s posted a 6.25 ERA despite not allowing much power or walking many guys while also racking up plenty of strikeouts. But there have been plenty of hits along the way as teams are hitting .303 against him this season. Righties have shown some pop, hitting three home runs against him, but lefties are homerless – though they are hitting .322 against him.

Cobb has only pitched in two games on the road this season but he’s struggled in both of them. In his last two starts he’s given up 20 hits and 13 runs in 11.1 innings.


RHH 78 21 5 0 3 5 22 .288 .333 .480
LHH 63 19 4 0 0 4 17 .322 .365 .390

Pitch Usage

2-Seam Curve Splitter
Velo 94.6 83.4 89.5
Usage 43.7% 14.7% 41.6%

When and Where

  • Game time: 11:35am ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Peacock
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 71°, sunny, 1% chance of rain

News and Notes

Pre-Game Notes

To note: Jake Fraley was scratched in his rehab assignment with Triple-A Louisville. He was originally in their starting lineup in game 1 of their doubleheader.

226 Responses

  1. Earmbrister

    You can’t stop the Reds, you can only hope to slow them down …

  2. Mark Moore

    Looks like audio only for me unless I fork over the $5 for Peacock Premium. My wife says that’s cheaper than a ticket. She’s right, of course. Then there’s the matter of the cost of getting to Cincy from North Carolina (in under an hour).

    So maybe I will, just to see if we generate any fireworks. Tom Mistoff had suggested to try the MLB app first, but that’s telling me to go to Peacock.

    I guess somebody has to get the money, right?

    OK, off my soapbox. Let’s go for the sweep and hope for the “good and efficient” Mahle to make an apperance.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I’ve said this multiple times this year, but if they truly cared about growing the game of baseball they would make it easier to watch. In the 90s people fell in love with Atlanta and Chicago because you could easily watch their games. (Climbs down off my soap box)

      • Mark Moore


        This year’s experiments with alternate outlets (that sometimes require alternate funds for the fan) are frustrating. You are absolutely correct about the then mega-stations that broadcast those teams.

        Follow the money … always

    • Jim Walker

      Like I said on the result thread from yesterday, I am already paying them the $5 bucks for the Premier League coverage which I used to watch for “free” (on cable) every Saturday and Sunday but never remember to stream now. So the Reds telecast darn well better work today or I may cancel, especially since NBC no longer has NHL.

      • Mark Moore

        Given I tend to follow the WLW audio and the alternate delivery announcers leave a LOT to be desired in most cases, I’ll probably save my money and just listen in. I grow weary of the nickel-and-dime business.

      • LarkinPhillips

        I will definitely be listening as well. I prefer Thrall and Cowboy/Welsh over Larkin and Sadak. Sadak has a golden voice, but I just can’t get into the vast majority of his blabbing. Just my personal preference which means nothing.

    • DenL42

      I already pay for cable. I should be able to watch every game. Do they want me to shell out for Peacock, Apple+ and YouTube in addition to cable?? That’s absurd.

      • Mark Moore

        Spectrum, Cox, and Xfinity may give you an optional path to get Peacock Premium for no extra fees. You still have to set up an account.

  3. Daytonnati

    Is it me, or does it seem like Mahle starts every other game?

  4. Doc

    Dallas Keuchel DFA’d by White Sox after less than stellar performance in years 2 and 3, the current year, of his 3 year $55.5MM deal. I believe there were a number of posts clamoring for the Reds to sign him as a FA after the 2019 season. The FO’s non-move looks like a really good decision.

  5. J

    I’m assuming the game will be available on MLB at about 4pm for anyone who can stand waiting that long to watch Mahle’s latest implosion.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      This hasn’t aged well. No hitter through five.

  6. Jim Walker


    But it is increasingly a streaming world now. I just wish they would apply the technology so we could pay one price to someone to watch all the Reds games (or Blue Jackets et al) and the money would be distributed in proper ratio to whoever carried whichever games!

    It seems to me this might be the next great thing for some venture group to try.

  7. Jim Walker

    Pregame started at 11 on Peacock. I’m in.

  8. Mark Moore

    My wife badgered me into it … they’d better reward my $5.33 expenditure with a win today. And now I cannot Clete no matter what, right?

    The pre-game stuff is already annoying.

  9. Mark Moore

    Noticed there were just shy of 27K paid attendees yesterday. How many came just for the Tyler Stephenson bobblehead? They got a treat they didn’t expect, or most of them did.

  10. Bet on Red

    I am starting to get real angry at every other day some new platform being the only one to show the game. I pay money to watch all the games and should be able to watch all the games without spending extra. Paying the 5 bucks today to cancel tonight. SMH. I have no advice for today’s game, just rooting for the sweep

    • Mark Moore

      Same here. I did see where Spectrum TV customers MIGHT be able to get Peacock Premium for no cost, but I dropped them a long time ago. It is frustrating.

      Let’s go Kick this Pig!!

      • Jim Walker

        Got a link for Spectrum folk can get “free” Peacock?

        Thanks in advance.

      • Mark Moore

        It’s inside the “account” function for Peacock. If you already have it, I don’t think it shows up. But if you see the “upgrade” option, it should be right above it with Cox and Xfinity buttons as well.

      • Jim Walker

        Thanks. I’m due for a trip to the local Spectrum store to try and talk them down in price again since they’ve put me back on the escalator scheme they use to reward loyalty.

    • Bet on Red

      And if they have poor announcers I just might as well sue

      • Mark Moore

        Hit me up and we’ll do a class action suit 🙂

      • Bet on Red

        it would have to be, no lawyer is taking a Lawsuit for 1 person for 5 bucks, but 10 thousand people?

      • Mark Moore

        The emotional damages could be in the millions … each … 😮

  11. Mark Moore

    They just showed a super-imposed video of the Diaz brothers pitching. Looked freakishly identical. Probably the only thing in the pre-game I cared for other than the pee-wee catcher basically kneeling back there and snagging a pop-up without any effort at all.

    I may end up with the WLW audio playing through my laptop and Peacock video feed on the TV. All depends on the team calling the game. You’d think NBC would have the talent, but …

    • Bet on Red

      Larkin jumped ship and is on todays broadcast

  12. Mark Moore

    Didn’t realize Larkin called these. Let’s see how he does when he doesn’t have to mop up the oral diarrhea from Sadak.

  13. Mark Moore

    I’m laughing at the comment that Mahle has had a “slow start” … I’d call that a severe understatement.

  14. Bet on Red

    broadcast keeps freezing up, already getting agitated

    • Mark Moore

      I’m not having any issues. Running the Peacock app via my Roku box.

    • Bet on Red

      better then Sadak i will at least give them that

    • Mark Moore

      Switched to the browser feed on the laptop temporarily … TV feed is a couple pitches behind, so I got to see Yaz whiff twice.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      No issues so far for me. I have Peacock for soccer coverage so this is a treat. Refuse to have cable or satellite so I rarely see the Reds.

  15. JB

    Maybe Mahle will pitch better in the morning.

  16. Mark Moore

    Really thin crowd from what I can see. NBC might be scratching some heads (or slapping them) over this choice.

    • Bet on Red

      yea, I mean the obvious draw away on a sunday would be church. Must be something else on peacock that overrides the need for a 1 oclock start

      • Mark Moore

        Go figure … no idea what it would be. I tapped out of my online service when I paid the $5. Can always go watch it later this week.

  17. Mark Moore

    Already seeing early signs of The Nibbler on the mound.

    Looked like he was expecting a ball. Much better result.

  18. JB

    I’ve always liked John Miller. Especially when him and Morgan did the Sunday Night games. He just calls the game and doesn’t bring the drama that Sadak does or over saturate every stinking statistic there is in baseball over the last 100 years. There’s a time where Sadak needs to shut the pie hole.

    • Mark Moore

      Let’s be clear … there are a LOT of times where Sadak just needs to zip it and let the game action speak for itself. The constant extra fluff-n-stuff is annoying and the primary reason I choose the WLW audio feed.

      • greenmtred

        I wish you guys hadn’t been so specific about Sadak’s faults. I kind of like him–relaxed, funny at times, goof rapport with Larkin, Welch and LeCure, but now I’m going to start paying attention to this other stuff and probably get annoyed with him unless I can deploy some selective amnesia.

  19. DataDumpster

    To catch a baseball game or other sports events like “The Last Dance”, I did the trials for ESPN+, Apple TV, Peacock, and a few others. In all cases, I found little else worth watching on any of these platforms and cancelled within a month or less. I was hoping for the Bally Sports streaming service but somehow that didn’t move forward either after much early hype. So, it is back to to tune in WLW for the Cowboy no matter where I am. Not a bad option but MLB is just so dysfunctional (at least for the fans).

    • Jim Walker

      There was a piece in *The Athletic* a couple of weeks ago originating out of StLouis that Sinclair/ Bally is going to launch direct streaming limited to the area covered by each respective Bally Regional Sports Networks.

      IOW, people living in the St Louis area could only direct stream the Cardinals and Blues (NHL) but not the Reds for example. The cost they were floating was $20 a month or a year for $190.

      However, it still isn’t clear that digital rights contract provisions for all the teams they are involved with in all the regions will permit this. So, the service might be available via some of their regional networks but not others and some of the teams might not be available in areas where the service is offered.

  20. Bet on Red

    the stream is freezing up repeatedly…. this would be annoying if it were free. Its not. This is unacceptable

    • Mark Moore

      Once for me earlier. It’s been OK since. It is extremely frustrating and absolutely unacceptable when you have plenty of bandwidth.

  21. JB

    Imagine a streaming service that allows you to pick what you want to pay to watch per month. Instead we pay for a package that has a couple of channels we want and 50 channels of garbage we never watch. That service would make a ton of money.

    • Mark Moore

      Cue John Lennon’s “Imagine” …

      Not sure it will ever happen that way. I’m completely with you, though.

    • Doug Gray

      Yeah, but the stations aren’t going to go for it because they make more money by bundling the 8 channels you don’t want together for $0.52 each with the 1 channel you do want for $5.00.

      • JB

        Doug a man can dream. Don’t be bringing me those negative vibes.

  22. Bet on Red

    ALrifght… Small ball to the lead

  23. Maloney63

    I’m rather amazed that neither Tommy nor the Cowboy knew that George Foster came to the Reds from the Giants. The trivia question about which Hall of Fame Red played for the 1971 division champ Giants is obviously George Foster but they both guessed Fred Norman I think.

    • JB

      Apparently they never owned the George Foster Rookie Card where they showed two Giant rookies. Terrible looking cards.

    • DataDumpster

      I think those questions are very hard as such details have no reason to be remembered. But, somehow a bulb went off in my head and I knew the answer was Foster. I don’t know why and I have no idea how Norman and Carroll were acquired. That having been said, I was slightly amused by the rare chance that I knew the answer at once while the announcers flailed.

      • Jim Walker

        I am not listening and have not Googled etc. My blind guess is Norman from the Padres and Carroll from the Braves. If right, not just points for being old enough to know but also for still being mentally agile enough to remember.

      • Maloney63

        I definitely remember Foster coming from the Giants and Carroll from the Braves. Norman played for so many teams I have no memory of how the Reds got him.

  24. Mark Moore

    43 pitches through 3. 26 strikes. Really want to see a solid 6 out of Mahle today. Another inning like the 3rd might just do that trick.

  25. Mark Moore

    Bat off the shoulder, Nick. Bat off the shoulder. And I’ll admit Cobb is going to be tough for him today. He just needs a little more time as I see it. His glove is definitely up to snuff.

    • Jim Walker

      And who you going to take if you had choose tonight just 1 between Nick and AA? The one you don’t choose becomes the final piece in a big blockbuster trade. 😉

      • VaRedsFan

        If both healthy…big if…Senzel for me.

      • Jim Walker

        That’s why I said tonight. The other team’s decision maker on the line and says it has to be now or never b/c they’ve got an alternate deal on the other line. 😉

  26. Tom Reeves

    Frankly, with the way Castellanos, Winker, Suarez, and Barnhart have played this year – moving them in the off season seem likes smart moves.

    • Mark Moore

      Can’t really disagree, especially when we watch this OF defense.

      We do miss Pham’s bat in this series though, don’t we? (sarcasm font off)

    • JB

      I’m all for electronic strike zone if it gets rid of these 3 blind mice from calling balls and strikes.

  27. Bet on Red

    This umpire is trash… zone is everywhere and totally inconsistant

  28. Mark Moore

    Probably the right reversal. That’s the kind of play it was intended to review.

    As for the 3rd blind mouse calling the flex-o-zone … just another piece for me that says it’s time for the robo-zone, no matter what Rondon was saying in his interview (I think he was being polite rather than candid).

    • Jim Walker

      I thought the reversal came down to whether Farmer’s heel got in ahead of the pitcher’s toe which clearly beat the front of Farmer’s foot. I was mildly surprised it was reversed versus allowed to stand because at least what we saw seemed inconclusive on that.

      • JB

        I thought his glove touched the hand before any foot hit.

      • Grand Salami

        Here at game. Very surprised wasn’t overturned. Very bad tag

  29. Mark Moore

    8 of 11 upside down K’s … many the result of the flex-o-zone like what we saw there to ring up Longoria.

  30. Mark Moore

    I’d say that sailed on Mahle just a little bit

  31. Bet on Red

    Mark, I just realized that we are not going to be able to see Minors first start bak and are going to have to settle for the Radio. Nationals are blacked out here

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Nats and Orioles. Too bad. I think the reasons for blackouts are way outdated. Used to be to incent people to come to the ballpark. Nats have a great stadium, but not exactly our market for attending, are they? And no TV coverage either. Baffling …

      • Bet on Red

        Must just have fit under the O’s blackout curtain cause they are not for me

      • Mark Moore

        Odd. They’ve always been for me. I checked some other area Zip Codes and see both as black-outs.

      • Bet on red

        Maybe I just didn’t notice cause we only play the O’s once every three years. I will check again

  32. Bet on Red

    Officially moving not to say the thing that Mahle is pitching

    • Mark Moore

      Second. Plus he’s being way more efficient today that we are used to seeing with The Nibbler. Way more.

      • JB

        At 75 pitches. If it keeps going will he get a chance… pitch count wise.

    • Daytonnati

      He has done this before in the minors. I think he did it even better.

  33. Old-school

    At the game

    Im mahle’s horse whisperer

    • Mark Moore

      Keep it up. We may reward you for the effort.

    • JB

      That a boy Old School. Maybe you can get the bats going.

  34. Mark Moore

    Keep this up and we’ll see the debut of the children’s book “Mr. Mahle Pitches in the Seventh”

  35. Mark Moore

    Got to bear down. Old School, maybe whisper a little louder?

  36. Mark Moore

    George Foster was a complete stud!! He was my favorite from that era.

    I’ve got a friend who went to college in that area and was in the stadium when Foster hit one to the red seats at Riverfront (or so my memory recalls he claimed).

  37. Mark Moore

    Love Nick. Not happy with most of his plate approach of late (aside from that major day). Something’s not quite right yet.

    • JB

      I think Larkin is right and not seeing the ball good out of Cobbs hand. Of course the Umps got all these guys flustered

      • Mark Moore

        Some of it definitely goes to the inconsistency from the umpiring crew. I think Larkin is right. Cobb is very tough for him to see.

  38. Mark Moore

    Larkin telling us about his first day with the Reds. Pete Rose as the manager and Larkin didn’t arrive until 7 PM for a 7:30 start (travel delays). fun bit.

  39. Bet on Red

    NBC has no shame… commercials during the game as well…. this better stop soon

    • Mark Moore

      It won’t. Got to promote the machine, right?

      Follow the money

  40. Mark Moore

    Inches!!! A game of inches way more than not.

  41. LDS

    About time of JV to get a hit. Mahle needs the runs support

    • Jim

      Like I say
      “I here that train a Coming
      Coming around the bend”
      The Reds haven’t seen the sunshine
      Since I don’t know when.
      But the light at the end of the tunnel
      Is getting brighter.
      Mainly because of the brigade of young pitchers coming around the bend!

      • LDS

        Yeah, too bad they don’t have another Votto handy.

  42. Mark Moore

    Thank you Joey (and Old-School)!! Feels like a big insurance run.

  43. Old-school

    I got this guys

    Joey great oppo double

    Giants afraid naquin would steal
    So gave joey fastballs

    Bad decision

  44. Eddie

    Mahle pitching very good from the last game he had. This good to see we beating good teams. Finally things are clicking. Take care everyone out there and enjoy the holiday

  45. Mark Moore

    Crowd sounds a little energized at this point.

    Do we roll the dice with Mahle? I’m thinking yes, but DTBell better not be in “fan mode”.

    • LDS

      Go with Mahle another 20 pitches or so. Or until they make noise against. But then? Anyone but Cessa.

  46. Mark Moore

    Looks like Strickland is getting up in the pen

    Keep on whispering Old-School

  47. Mark Moore

    Upside here is all that “no-no pressure” is over. Now finish the next batter and then play some add-on.

    And we’ll see Strickland now.

  48. Bet on Red

    and that is that…. Idk why we are going to Hunter strickland though

    • JB

      His ERA is very low for May. He isn’t my first choice but I’m sure Diaz isn’t an option today.

      • JB

        Like I said Strickland has been on in May. Like a 1.93 ERA or something. Bullpen is rounding into form as well.

    • VaRedsFan

      The best relievers have pitched last 2 days maybe?

  49. JB

    Starting pitching has rounded into form.

    • Mark Moore

      It does seem to be the case. And we’ve still got some more coming (or coming back).

  50. Jim Walker

    Probably a very good thing for Mahle and the Reds both those last two balls were hit at 1:30 in the afternoon and not 3:30 or later on a day like today….

    • Mark Moore

      We’d have to look to Old-School for a specific temperature reading, but I suspect you are correct. It does make a difference.

  51. Mark Moore

    3 pitches, 3 strikes … got to love that outcome.

  52. VaRedsFan

    Strick for the 8th…Warren for the 9th maybe?

    • Mark Moore

      He handled the clean inning on Friday night/Saturday morning just fine.

    • JB

      I’m thinking. Seems like Strickland/ Warren on one day and Diaz/ Tony on another.

  53. Mark Moore

    Single and a MAJOR error on that?

    What would Granny say?

  54. Mark Moore

    Farmer says, “Joc, it’s not kickball, buddy”

    Nice play by Joc to get that.

  55. Bet on Red

    I think he got his foot in under the tag

  56. Mark Moore

    Oh that tag was way late … gonna reverse that call.

  57. Mark Moore

    Bad review call. This umpiring crew needs to get out of town fast.

  58. Bet on Red

    Horrible non reversial. Lets just get these last 6 outs and get the sweep

  59. LDS

    Blind mice or not – not great execution with a runner on third and no one out.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. It was a “go on contact” kind of thing I believe. There was one out.

    • Slicc50

      Nope, I blame Moose. the “veteran”/”leader” that he is supposed to be, he has to have a better AB to get that run in!

      • JB

        Yep. These guys have been hitting behind the runner and the other way but Moose failed there. 1 for his last 28 I believe. He would be first on my list to DFA when India, schrock and Barrero come back.

      • Slicc50

        Totally agree JB. It’s not just that AB either. I wouldn’t ordinarily blame a guy for just one AB. Moose has continually failed in situations like that all year it seems to me. Plus he hurts the team defensively. He just isn’t very good anymore…

  60. Mark Moore

    Still like burning the challenge there. Pay them back by sitting them down in order. That’s what matters in the end.

    • Mark Moore

      Probably riding on the pitch count here, though the day off tomorrow should also factor into any decision.

  61. Mark Moore

    So what happened to the flex-o-zone?? It shrunk back again?

  62. Slicc50

    Watching this team evolve and get better this season has been fun. I am starting to wonder if the Reds are in much better shape than we all thought they were? Obviously, by the way this series has gone, you are only as good as your starting pitching. It appears the Reds have PLENTY of starting pitching when all guys are healthy and throwing up to their capabilities. I’ll tell you what……if Elly De La Cruz and just one or two more of the young position players pan out. This team could be in good shape for many years to come! I know there will be ups and downs. They will get blown away in some games going forward. But you don’t have to squint too hard to see the makings of a pretty good team here!!

  63. VaRedsFan

    Moose pops up an insane amount of times

  64. Mark Moore

    Need to focus and get Flores here or just waste it and move to the next batter. No cookies here, please.

    • Mark Moore

      Not quite sure what that pitch actually was.

      And we’ll see Warren with inherited runners … count me among those NOT thrilled with that.

      • LDS

        Yep, let’s pour gasoline on that fire.

  65. Mark Moore

    Nasty hop. Can’t pin that one on Warren. Just in a bad place to try and field it.

  66. JB

    Well that wasn’t Warren’s fault. He got the groundball.

  67. Slicc50

    Come on Art, buckle it down…. we need this game bad!

  68. JB

    How far around does Longoria have to go?

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. That blown call may have cost us the ball game now.

  69. LDS

    I think most of us saw that coming from miles away.

  70. Mark Moore

    Oh for crying out loud!!! This one is really going to hurt. Totally changes the mood here.

  71. JB

    Ground ball should have ended the inning. Missed check swing hurt as well. It always comes back to haunt.

  72. Bet on Red

    this is on bell… hoffman could have gotten someone out. really regret this 5 dollar purchase now

    • LDS

      And Warren has gotten exactly NO ONE OUT. Sticking with Hoffman would have likely turned out better.

    • Slicc50

      I have to disagree with you. I am NOT a fan of David Bell either. For the record, I would have left Strickland in…… To me, this all goes back to the last inning. The Reds failed to add on and make it a 3-0 game. That makes a big difference this late in a game. We all know, with Art Warren and a two run lead with a couple guys on base may not work out in our favor very often!

      • LDS

        I agree with that. Moustakas didn’t deliver. Bell almost never brings a reliever back for a second inning. But he routinely leaves a guy in to get pounded. A sweep of the Giants would have been a big deal for the players as well as the fans. Instead, we get the Reds reverting to their mediocre mean. At least, I won’t listen to Bell’s empty platitudes post game.

      • Slicc50

        I am with you LDS. I keep looking for reasons to like David Bell. I mean, you have to give him credit for how hard the team has played. The fact that they have gone from a joke to playing good competitive baseball and winning games. Then you look at some of his bullpen decisions….He still has alot to learn about how to use his bullpen guys! Some games you have to just use the best you have to win the game! Forget about tomorrow, you need this game! When a guy comes in and throws 3 pitches and blows a guy away, why not let him start the next inning?

  73. VaRedsFan

    Strickland 3 perfect pitches…..yet Bell thought let’s go to another guy for the 8th.

  74. Mark Moore

    And now the wheels are coming off.

    • Mark Moore

      Mahle has to be thinking, “What more could I have done?”

  75. LDS

    And Warren has faced his 3. Why is he still in there? What’s the betting line today? Has Bell covered?

      • LDS

        Give me a better explanation. Incompetence? I’ll take that as well. A manager? Nope.

  76. Mark Moore

    We get burned by the shift twice this inning.

  77. Hanawi

    Disaster of an outing by Warren there. Unfortunate for Mahle.

    • Mark Moore

      I’d like to see the actual stats, but seems like inherited runners vs. clean start makes a huge difference.

      • Hanawi

        Not sure how to look that one up but just looking through BR page, he seems particularly bad with 2 outs and runners in scoring position. And that was before today.

  78. Mark Moore

    6-run inning 😮

    I may need to Clete here. My $5 is already gone.

  79. Bet on Red

    Well at least we still won the series

    • Mark Moore

      True. And see how that raised our expectations? That isn’t truly a bad thing. Great outing for Mahle.

      Onward to Boston!

  80. Hanawi

    Reds will need to cultivate or bring in some more top end relievers in 2023 or 2024. They have a couple with promise but need a closer.

  81. Gpod

    how many games has warren blown this year?

    • Bet on Red

      he is becoming this years Amir Garrett

    • Joe P.

      This is Art Warren’s 3rd blown save in 6 opportunities.

  82. Slicc50

    The Giants are a good baseball team. You leave them an inch, they are going to take a mile. Too bad we keep blowing these opportunities to get back to the ten under .500 mark

  83. Dennis Westrick

    Wow! Nice job by the Reds BP there! Not so nice job by the umpiring crew!

  84. Dennis Westrick

    Bell just infuriates me! Strickland pitches to one (1) batter, strikes him out on 3 pitches and DOES NOT start the next inning?

  85. Joe P.

    Somebody please explain David Bell’s bullpen managment. Strickland threw 3 pitches, recorded a strikeout and Bell took him out of the game. Did Strickland’s arm get sore sitting on the dugout bench, that he couldn’t throw more than 3 pitches?

    Bell needs to realize that the more times you open up that bullpen door, the more likely you are to get an uncertain result. Stick with the guys that are getting it done.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Same observation I made Joe P. Ride the hot horse!

    • Gpod

      don’t you know Bell (thinks) is smarter then anyone in baseball

      • LDS

        Front office @TR? I agree, maybe for Milwaukee or the Dodgers.

    • Mark Moore

      I can’t explain it. It’s baffling. This is why I keep adding the “Tinker” moniker to him. It just gets ugly too many times like this did.

  86. Mark Moore

    Really hoping Nick doesn’t wind up with a Golden Suarez here. Completely different look with a submarine pitcher here.

    Good – a BB to start.

  87. JB

    I know everybody is mad at Warren but if Farmer makes the play the inning is over. If the obvious check swing strike on Longoria is called for strike 2 , then Longoria strikes out on the called strike 2 pitches later. Ah well we won another series. Do that every time and we will be good at end of season.

    • Joe P.

      Winning a series is good, but you can’t give away games like this one.

    • Mark Moore

      Very true. And Farmer had to play the shift because … shifting. That and a wicked hop added to the mess.

      The umpires this series have been a completely different stack of hot mess. We all hoped it would get better today, but that didn’t pan out.

  88. Mark Moore

    Not sure why I’ve still got this on. I’m glad I chose to watch, but man that inning really stunk it up something fierce.

  89. JB

    I have to go mow the lawn. Have a great holiday and see you Tuesday.

    • JB

      And don’t forget “You Gotta Believe “

  90. TR

    It looked like a sweep. Too bad to lose momentum with a 10 day favorable schedule coming up.

  91. JohnnyTV

    Just last night I was touting a bullpen that came through in a game that the Reds relievers would have typically blown. Today, they reverted to form. There was no way they were going to hold onto Mahle’s gem. Bell chews through his relief staff like they are Chiclets so it seems like he is “managing”. Reds starters need to revolt.

    • Hanawi

      He just has too much faith in Warren. I would have just left Hoffman in there. And I say that as someone that wanted Hoffman cut early in the season. But anyone other than Diaz is kind of a crapshoot at this point. Need some reinforcements.

  92. Hanawi

    Still too many of these games, but some positive signs the three weeks. Going to be interesting to see the roster management when some of these guys get back from the IL. Would they eat the rest of Moose’s money and play Schrock instead?

    • Slicc50

      I don’t think they will. To me, that is one move that needs to be made though. I have saw enough of Moose! That is one move that could be made that makes the team instantly better!

  93. Gpod

    what are the chances someone will someone ask Bell in the postgame: “is not Strickland able throw more than 3 pitches in this game?”

  94. Mark Moore

    If it weren’t for the massive hole they dug to start the season, we’d all be disappointed at a loss today, but not nearly wrecked because we won the series. Somehow, the higher level of performance of late makes the loss like this today worse.

  95. Kevin H

    Unless they make a comeback in the 9th. I will take a series win over the giants. This team has improved alot from April to May. Needless to say I am enjoying baseball more than I thought given how the season started.

  96. Kevin H

    Kuhnel seems to be fitting in. I would use him more in 6th inning and maybe 7inning.

    I am not convinced Warren is the answer. I still wish Reds had a 8th and 9th inning guy

  97. Mark Moore

    And, for the record, I did some research on making a pilgrimage to GABP. Airfare is prohibitive, even with the Delta credits I have. I’ll keep an eye on it, but it doesn’t seem likely to happen this season.

  98. Mark Moore

    Might be too little, too late, but it’s good to see Almora do that.

  99. Votto4life

    Edwin Diaz is a free agent this winter. He would be a nice addition. He would help to shorten the game for our young starters.

  100. Doc4uk

    Warren and Cessa (and Wilson) are the last left overs from the failed bull pen additions in 2021. Both have been responsible for late inning melt downs in the past week . Like others from the 2021 bull pen, they cannot be relied upon and should both be replaced by younger arms like Diaz. Look at their respective ERA’s and it becomes very obvious.