The Chicago Cubs scored three runs in the top of the 1st inning and they never looked back as they put up 11 runs on 15 hits in an 11-4 whooping of the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday night.

Final R H E
Chicago Cubs (18-24) 11 15 0
Cincinnati Reds (12-30) 4 8 1
W: Stroman (2-4) L: Mahle (2-5) SV: Gsellman (1)
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The Offense

With Chicago grabbing a 3-0 lead in the top of the 1st, Cincinnati got things going in their half of the inning with four singles. The latter two, from Joey Votto and Tyler Stephenson, drove in a run each. That single by Stephenson was the last hit the team got off of Marcus Stroman before he exited after the 5th inning. The pitching change didn’t seem to matter much, first because it was 10-2 when Stroman was replaced in the 6th, but also because Cincinnati didn’t get hits in the 6th or 7th innings, either. Tyler Naquin finally came through with the first hit in 7 innings with a leadoff solo home run in the 8th to make it a 10-3 ballgame. Nick Senzel singled with one out in the bottom of the 9th and took second base on defensive indifference. He would come around to score on a Colin Moran single to make it an 11-4 game. That, however, was all Cincinnati would get on the night as they fell to the Cubs for the second night in a row.

The Pitching

Chicago got to Tyler Mahle early on Tuesday night. Back-to-back singles were followed by a sacrifice fly that put the Cubs up 1-0. Frank Schwindel homered later in the inning to make it a 3-0 game. In the 2nd inning Mahle worked around a single and a walk to keep the score at 3-2. He wasn’t so lucky in the 3rd when he allowed back-to-back singles before a 2-run triple by Alfonso Rivas as Chicago extended their lead to 5-2. After a scoreless 4th inning, Mahle headed back out for the 5th and gave up a leadoff home run to Schwindel before giving up another single and a walk – exiting the game after that as David Bell turned the game over to Luis Cessa.

Things didn’t get better for the Reds. With the shift on, P.J. Higgins laid down a bunt that was fielded by Joey Votto, but no one was covering 1st and that loaded the bases. Andrelton Simmons followed with a 2-run single and the Cubs went up 8-2. A ground out brought in the 9th run for Chicago. Rafael Ortega singled on a 102 MPH liner off of the glove of a diving Joey Votto to put runners on the corners. After a fielders choice plated another run the Cubs went up by a score of 10-2. Mercifully a ground ball ended the inning at that point as Chicago batted around on Tyler Mahle and Luis Cessa.

Joel Kuhnel pitched two shutout innings and picked up three strikeouts along the way. Jared Solomon pitched a perfect 8th inning. Then things got fun as infielder Matt Reynolds took the mound for the 9th inning. Of course the word fun may depend on your perspective. Reynolds got Alfonso Rivas to line up to start the inning, but then hit a batter, allowed a single, hit another batter, and then gave up a run on a sacrifice fly. That was all he’d give up, retiring Seiya Suzuki on a pop up to end the inning.

Key Moment of the Game

Tough to pinpoint an exact moment, but basically the entire 5th inning that took the game from 5-2 and within distance to 10-2 and the game being over for all intents and purposes.

Notes Worth Noting

Jake Fraley and Jose Barrero hit back-to-back home runs while on rehab in Louisville.

Robert Gsellman picked up a rare 3-inning save in the game.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds

Wednesday May 25th, 6:40pm ET

Kyle Hendricks (2-4, 4.89 ERA) vs Luis Castillo (0-2, 4.60 ERA)

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  1. Roger Garrett

    Best move of the night was Reynolds saving the pen by pitching the ninth.This could pay big dividends down the road.Now if you believe that matters at all well you know.Just a mess tonight and so far this year.Good to hear Fraley and Barrero went deep

  2. Indy Red Man

    Well they’ll get India back at some point, but Farmer/Moran will block Barrero so there’s that. I thought a few wins over the Pirates swayed too many people. This team still has 100 losses firmly in sight and they’re committed to the process! You have to believe in the process!

    I think the best the Reds can hope for with Mahle would be some kind of a Winker/Geno deal where they take Moose off our hands to get Mahle. He’s always been pretty decent away from GABP. Maybe you skip him at home to showcase him? Had enough of Moose and a roster full of DHs that don’t even hit that well.

    • Roger Garrett

      I would not want Mahle to leave but if Moose goes with him count me in.Mahle pitches very 5th day but if Moose stays he plays every day and I have had enough of that along with as you said the rest of the DHs.Just tired of watching slow over paid non performing players while we continue to lose and not even compete.I am gone if Barrero isn’t given the keys to shortstop in a couple of weeks.No need to hang around and watch Farmer and Moran play.I watched Geno last year till I was just sick and I won’t do that any more.For the first time in years the Reds have some young talent and I won’t watch guys that aren’t even league average hitters hold them back. I won’t even mention their defense or speed.I love old people cause I am one but not on a major league roster.Its a fact that position players over 30 start to decline as hitters fielders and runners.

      • LDS

        I’m with Indy on this. I don’t see Barrero bumping Farmer. If so, it would suggest growth by Bell. How likely is that?

  3. Melvin

    Another good old fashioned butt whippin. ?

  4. LDS

    Well, at least it was better than the 18-4 whipping the Brewers laid on them. Now 5 GB the Pirates and 6 the Cubs. So much for making their move when the schedule softens. Kind of like last years playoff run.

    • Indy Red Man

      The O’s are tied in extras. They’re in the AL East and will be either 5-6 games better then the Reds.

      Didn’t know Ben Lively was back in the Reds system. 6 shutout tonite at Lville with 11 Ks. Why not give him a go.

  5. Chris Holbert

    Pitching bad, hitting bad, management (FO and field), bad, training staff, evidently bad….but there are still bobbleheads

  6. Jeff Morris

    I see new Bengals o lineman Alex Kappa is injured. Has a core muscle injury. He has to be hanging around the Reds players. That injury bug has rubbed off on him now!

  7. Votto4life

    What they say about misery loving company is so true. I am retired now and spend my days caring for my 91 year old disabled mother. I don’t have an opportunity to talk baseball with knowledgeable people like I once was able to do.

    I get so much pleasure reading the excellent articles here by the likes of Doug, Nick, Tom, Mary Beth and the other writers.

    In addition, I look forward to logging on everyday and reading comments by Kevin, Mark, William, LDS, Luke, VaRed, Tom, Bet on Red, Indy, J., Jim, Big Ed, Old School, Roger, Melvin, Hanawi, still a Red, GreenmtRed, Ryan, TR, Chris, Doc4UK, SteveO, Jeff, Reds Getting Better and the rest of you. (Sorry I know I’m leaving others out).

    I have been following baseball for 50 years and I still learn something new nearly everyday from you all. Thank you for allowing to be part of such a terrific community. One day when the Reds win World Series #6 I look forward celebrating here with each of you.

    • Bet on red

      Hey i appreciate that very much

    • Indy Red Man

      Best of luck to you! My Mom just had another stroke and probably went into a facility to stay this time. Its tough. She’s 77

      • west larry

        I am very sorry to hear that. I’m the same age as your mother. best possible results for you and your mother.

      • Old-school

        @ Indy. Love the dialogue. You make me laugh and we need more of that. Best.

    • Melvin

      Thank you buddy. I appreciate you. You’re a good man. I’m humbled that you would mention my name with the rest of these other fine people.

    • TR

      Nicely said, Votto4life. We all love baseball and certainly the Reds. And a shoutout to Doug who keeps this great blog going.

      • Votto4life

        Thank you so much much Old School. God Bless you too.

    • greenmtred

      Thanks, Votto. Many of us obviously agree with you, evidenced by how many of us show up and read and comment.

    • Mark Moore

      As the great Canadian philosopher Red Green is known to say, “I’m pulling for you. We’re all in this together.”

      That’s true on many fronts. I’m glad we have this forum to cheer and vent as needed. Makes nights like yesterday a bit more bearable.

    • west larry

      i have always appreciated your comments’ i wish the best for you and your mother.

    • Roger Garrett

      Thanks for the kind words.Been where you are now at with your Mother.Mine passed in 2018 but I had her for over 60 years and she was 94 when she passed.Prayers for you and and your mother along with your entire family.

  8. Mark A Verticchio

    We can only hope that the day the Reds are able to compete again isn’t to far off. Meanwhile, tonight let’s say a prayer for a small town in Texas, what a horrible day.

      • JohnnyTV

        Uvalde is not very far from where I live. Soul-crushing and heart-breaking. Glad to know you some of you Northerners 😉 are sharing our pain.

  9. Redsvol

    This is a miserable excuse for a team right now. No pitching, no offense and no defense. We need some leadership right now. If this is the best a 100 million $ payroll has to offer then I’m ok with seeing what a $40 million dollar payroll will offer next year. Not much backbone in these guys.

  10. Cubano

    Whole lotta whining about “play the kids.” These are the kids- this is the AAAA team. Aside from Barrero, who is presently injured, I don’t see who you pop up to MLB that wouldn’t benefit from further seasoning in AAA. I don’t see a ton of talent waiting to step up and thrive. How can you identify 2024 talent by giving more at bats in the majors now? Further, you are seeing the minor league talent on the field across these 30 losses. More youth is not going to boost confidence of developing players, or change the outcome on the field. The real issue is roster construction, from top to bottom.

    • Indy Red Man

      Barrero and Ashcraft are ready. Or atleast more ready then Vlad (or Mahle). Aquino is no kid, but he’s got to be more valuable then Colin Moran. Thats what we’re talking about.

      • greenmtred

        Barrero will be here soon, Indy. Ashcraft may be. Aquino may be more valuable than Moran, but he may not hit better (last few games regardless) and he doesn’t play 3rd. The other young talent in the wings probably needs more time in the minors. This season is very dis-spiriting, but we knew it would be before it began.

      • Jim Walker

        Aquino is going to hit HRs at the rate that would equal a full time player hitting 20+ a year. He is going to play above average in the OF. He will get 1st to 3rd on most singles to the right field side of 2B. He will score from 1st on gap shots that are clear doubles off the bat and line huggers that die in hard corners. Who else do the Reds have that demonstrates this skill set?

        It was probably a perfect storm of timing and the horrendous start Aquino had that allowed him to slip through waivers. Given what he did at Louisville and his recent games back, he probably won’t clear again unless he has another 2-41 streak with 0 HRs. The Reds might as well use him and hope he plays his way into being a flippable commodity for a lottery return if nothing else.

      • greenmtred

        You may be right, Jim. I guess it will hinge on whether we see the current version–to some degree–going forward or we see the one who rarely makes contact and is unable to hit or lay off of the low outside slider. He clearly has value in the field.

  11. Rednat

    i was at the game. man these guys are just going through the motions. Naquin is the only one playing hard it seems. I do think at least some of this is intentional. This isn’t an expansion team or a team that is “tanking” with a 30 mil payroll. the payroll is well north of 100million. The problem is that the free agents reasonably available to the reds just are not very good. I Moran and Pham just are not very good, I think Castellini is trying to send a not so subtle message to the commissioner’s office, like hey, we are trying are best here but is just not working out. It is like even when the reds do land a free agent that is any good they have to pay them way too much or do the goofy opt out clauses which makes it very difficult to plan a future.

    i blame the league more than the front office for this debacle.

    • Votto4life

      The Brewers have a lower payroll and they are doing just fine. I get what you are saying, but there may never have been a level of incompetence such as we are seeing with the Reds ownership/front office. Signing the last free agents standing in Spring training is a recipe for disaster. The Reds have been following this pattern for years. It’s not the league’s fault that top free agents don’t want to sign here. It’s entirely, Bob Castellini’s fault.

    • Alex

      The reds are horribly run and league has nothing to do with it, and to keep making this excuse gives moron Phil a scapegoat. The league doesn’t make the reds cut players cause of money and then sign less good players for the same money 3 weeks later. The league doesn’t make the reds wait to long to trade guys, trade for guys who are hurt, or trade for guys who simply can’t play. The league doesn’t rob the reds of a basic year to year plan. I’m so sick of this. The only thing Phil is showing the league office is that he is a complete moron. STOP MAKING THIS EXCUSE. Teams with less money then the reds, or only marginally more, are more competitive then the reds in tougher leagues because they are smart and well run. The league office is laughing in phils face because he is an incompetent trust fund baby jersey boy looking fat faced clown show.

      • Alex

        And I almost forgot, the Castellini Group is apparently a dumpster fire as well. Meaning, trust fund baby Phil, despite the politicians he so aggressively spends money on (more then he does on the reds) that champion picking yourself up by the bootstraps, oversees not one, BUT TWO, dumpster fires he totally inherited and did nothing to earn. Phil, you are a loser of almost incomparable skill. Congrats.

      • Jim Walker

        Alex> I am not sure what you are referring to in saying the Castellini group is also a dumpster fire. Got any links a person could read? Thanks in advance.

        This said, if the CG is also a dumpster fire, it seems to me it is a fair question, which came first, and is the family trying to use the Reds as a money printing machine to bail out the main business.

      • JB

        If I remember right, Castellanos signed for 20 mil a year. Only 2 mil more than the QO . Reds cheap period. This front office is a joke.

      • Doug Gray

        Yes and no. The qualifying offer means $18M once. To sign Castellanos it meant $20M five times.

        Reds are cheap, but comparing a 1-year $18M offer and a $20M offer for 5 years is quite misleading. They are very different animals.

  12. Votto4life

    Sonny Gray pitched 7 shut out innings today. Allowing just 4 hits walking one and striking out 10. His record is now 2-1 with a 2.60 era

    When Bob and Phil Castellini are alone do you think they recognized what a total disaster this team really is? Or do you think they really believe they have made the right decisions?

    • VegasRed

      I think if they even watch baseball at all they watch the cardinals.

      Where you going to go…..

    • Old-school

      I really like Gray and his competitiveness. What told me his days were done is when the Reds refused to pick up Miley’s $10 mil option in 2022 as Gray had a team option as well for 2023 at a similar number. IF they weren’t going to pick up his 2023 option, had to trade him. I can live with it since they weren’t going to compete this year and they got a first round fireballer for him. I will still root for Gray. Cant wait for Nick C to come back to GABP. Ill root for him too.

    • greenmtred

      I like Sonny Gray. I was sad to see him go. If the Reds had kept him, he would probably have helped a bit every fifth day, once he got off the IL and the Reds might have avoided the cellar. Or not. But do you think, realistically, that he would have figured in the plans for 2024?

    • MuddyCleats

      I like Sony Gray, he is a tough competitor, but the Tigers aren’t exactly a hitting machine at least right now. That being said, Sony relies on his Curve more, which bites and breaks on two planes, and his Fastball has much more movement than most Reds pitchers. He combines, pitches, with those two pitches much better than the avg Reds pitcher.

  13. SteveO

    Michael Lorenzen has as many wins as all our starters combined. He leads the Angels with 5 wins in 7 starts. I wonder if the Angels have him on an innings limit. He hasn’t pitched more than 80 something innings since 2015.

    • Jim Walker

      If Lorenzen is on an innings limit, the Angels will probably come up with a reason to put him on the IL then send him to AAA on rehab to work on his hitting and get his outfield skills honed then bring him back to use as a bench piece the remainder of the season.

  14. RedsGettingBetter

    All is going so bad again… Only seeing Mahle giving 2 HR up to Schwindel is aberrant.. The other teams are taking big advantage of the poor Reds pitching at GABP…On the other hand Reds offense had 4 hits in the first frame and force Stroman to reach 37 pitches but after that , unexpectedly, there was nothing more and let him settles and throw quiet 5 innings to get the win… They couldn’t finish the opposite starters ever..

  15. Pablo

    Bludgeon is the word to define this season. Reds get bludgeoned by their opponents while the fans are bludgeoned by ownership buffooneries.

  16. Andrew Brewer

    The Reds scored 4 runs both games with the Cubbies. No they didn’t win, but this is something we can build on. We had close series with both the Pirates and the Blue Jays. If we had had 4 runs in any of those games we would have won. Mostly, I think the disappointment is that we lost to the Cubbies at home. What happened to our new No. 4 hitter ? It only shows 1 at bat ? I can only hope he isn’t hurt … I love the flashes of his brilliance on the field and at the plate, after a very cold start to the season…

  17. Mark Moore

    Bludgeon … what an appropriate word. I’d have to look it up to get the actual textbook definition, but a large, heavy, knotted, wooden club comes to mind. And a whole lot of “beat down” as a result.

  18. SultanofSwaff

    Kyle Boddy is a good Twitter follow. Every so often he pulls back the curtain about his tenure with the Reds. Last week he touched on how the he disagreed with the organization on the overusage of Greene’s fastball. Yesterday he was speaking respectfully of Dick Williams, about how he was trying to implement radical change but the incrementalists in the organization won out. I think what we see on the field is a testament to the incrementalist approach. That approach is what leads to the long cycles of rebuilding and smaller windows of contention.

    • Jim Walker

      +1000 to you and Boddy.

      On mornings like today, I fantasize Dick Williams emerging from the mist as front person for a deep pockets individual or group and leveraging his family’s significant holdings in the Reds (his dad and an uncle listed as “principal owners” along with Castellini) to break the managing partner agreement and depose the current regime.

      • Optimist

        I’ve been commenting on DW’s return since he left. It will be as an owner, if it happens. It comes down to finance – notably, does the family want to take over the managing partner role. I suspect they’d only do so under strict conditions limiting their exposure. That, and getting the Castellini’s shares suitably rearranged.

        Unfortunately, many moving parts and variables, almost none of which directly involve the product on the field.

        With all that said, Boddy’s comments are very intriguing. As I read them it seems he’s biding his time and has a tacit contingent offer to return to the Reds, but it must be sooner rather than later.

  19. Old-school

    Looks like a string of lefties coming
    Thurs cubs-Steele
    Fri Giants- Rodon
    Sat Giants-Wood

    Aquino should get 3 straight games of Ab’s

    • Pete Blowers

      I’m probably in the minority here but given how difficult it is to watch a game right now, I prefer to see Aquino in there every day. Merely for the fact that the guy has a chance to put balls in the upper deck. Hopefully he’ll have a big three games and either gets a full-time nod or traded to another team.

      • greenmtred

        Or maybe he’s a valuable platoon outfielder, pinch runner and defensive replacement. Full time would be great if he can right-handers, but if he can’t and plays everyday anyway, we’ll be running him (and Bell) down like dogs.

  20. Jim t

    If this is a rebuild as many on here have speculated who on this team are keepers for 2024.

    Mine are:

    Stephenson. Not as a catcher

    Are there any other keepers?

    • Rednat

      i agree Jim. the starting pitching i do believe will take care of itself. but you are right we need 6 new position players and a dh to even get back to the 500 mark. I have not seen Mclain yet but De La Cruz looks pretty raw to me. 50/50 shot he makes it up here. i am not sold on Barrero and i have given up on senzel and Aquino. i think we would likely have to sign 4 solid position players in 2024 at least to be competitive again. very tall task/ Are there even that many good position players left in the league and why in the world would they want to come to the reds?

    • Old-school

      Id like to see Santillan pitch 60 innings this year in high leverage situations and get back to you in september.

    • Votto4life

      Barrero is a keeper in my opinion. I know others don’t think so. I would also give Senzel more time.

      • Pete Blowers

        I agree and what choice do they really have? Need to find out if these guys can play or not and now is the perfect opportunity. I see Aquino is getting the start tonight against the right-handed pitcher tonight.

        I wonder if Nick would be less injury prone if they put him in the infield God forbid even designated hitter. It would be nice to see him play for two or three month stretch without any injuries. If it takes keeping him off the field, I’m all for it.

    • G-Man

      I agree Jim…but I would include Barrero on my list. Pretty discouraging when there are only 5 or 6 keepers on the entire 40-man roster…ugh! #Competeagainin2026

    • greenmtred

      We don’t know enough about Santillon or even Guttierez to yet. Senzel might finally realize his potential.

  21. IrishMike

    Can’t imagine how demoralizing it must be to be a Reds pitcher and have Moose and Votto playing defense behind me. Look back at some of the recent losses. You’ll see how often an error or misplay played a key role in an adverse outcome! In contrast…think about the kid Friel…some of his plays in centerfield have saved crucial runs. He may not have a great bat but saving 2 runs with an amazing catch is just as good as getting 2 runs with an RBI. I’d put Stevenson at first. Get Tucker back here to catch. Trade Votto to Toronto to dump the salary and let him walk to work from home. Sorry – I know this sounds like blasphemy but it happens. Dump Moran (lousy) and Pham (the same – just going for himself to try to get one last decent contract) – we owe some of these guys nothing and they bring nothing – and play the kids. I see glimpses of good play….taking an extra base…etc. We need some enthusiasm and better leadership. I’ve always wondered about the leadership JV sets…it’s by example but seems to lack the kind of positive energy that India or Castellanos brought…

  22. Old-school

    Some back and forth dialogue about roster construction and keepers going forward. Why not Tyler Naquin? He had the OF collision that ended his season last year- that stuff happens- but otherwise he has been a solid contributor.

    We are nearing Memorial Day so slash lines are becoming relevant.

    .270/.319/.492/.811 and wRC+ 117.

    Krall has done a nice job of clearing payroll x for the Moose who just keeps blocking traffic from moving forward.

    Naquin is 31, former mid first round pick, makes $4 million in 2022 and is a FA after this year. He is a decent OF and can play all 3 positions in a pinch, nice pop from the left side and with the DH and a righty complement platoon( AA- wake up ) he might be a candidate to extend for ‘23/‘24- say 2 years $16 mil at AAV $8 million.

    Last time I checked, MLB still requires 3 outfielders in a game.
    Thumbs up or thumbs down?

    • Rednat

      i agree he is a keeper. i thought he was a little older than 31 for some reason. what i like most about him is that he hustles out of the box. he doesn’t stand and stare at the ball after he hits it. he also has a pretty strong arm and decent speed

  23. Mark Moore

    No Kyle Farmer again tonight. And more Mr. Moose with a glove action. Cannot imagine what La Piedra must be thinking about the team behind him. And TySteve gets the evening off from any role.

    On the bright side, the National Rescue Dog Show is on tonight.

    • Old-school

      Day game 1235 tomorrow. I like Farmer but he’s wearing down.

    • Melvin

      Hahaha Didn’t know about the dog show. Wow! Compared to the Reds anyway. hahaha