The Cincinnati Reds will look to even the series up after the Chicago Cubs took the first game of the series on Monday night. Tyler Mahle will take the mound for the Reds and the Cubs will counter with Marcus Stroman. First pitch is set for 6:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for tonight’s NL Central contest:

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Rafael Ortega – CF Tyler Naquin – RF
Frank Schwindel – 1B Brandon Drury – 2B
Seiya Suzuki – RF Tommy Pham – LF
Ian Happ – LF Joey Votto – 1B
Yan Gomes – DH Tyler Stephenson – C
Patrick Wisdom – 3B Mike Moustakas – DH
Christopher Morel – 2B Nick Senzel – CF
P.J. Higgins – C Colin Moran – 3B
Andrelton Simmons – SS Matt Reynolds – SS
Marcus Stroman – SP Tyler Mahle – SP

Starting Pitchers

Tyler Mahle 43.0 5.23 1.35 20 44
Marcus Stroman 31.1 4.88 1.15 7 28
Links: Tyler Mahle’s Stats | Marcus Stroman’s Stats

Tyler Mahle

After having an ERA of 7.01 in his first six starts of the season, Tyler Mahle has turned things around of late. In his last three starts he’s posted a 2.60 ERA while striking out 18 batters in 17.1 innings.

This season Mahle has struggled with left-handed batters – something he did not have issues with last season. While lefties aren’t doing a ton of hitting against him he’s walked 14 of them with just 20 strikeouts.


RHH 86 19 7 0 1 6 24 .241 .291 .367
LHH 100 19 3 2 2 14 20 .224 .330 .377

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Cutter Slider Splitter
Velo 93.5 86.4 84.1 85.5
Usage 49.8% 10.1% 14.0% 26.1%

Marcus Stroman

Lefties and righties both struggle to get on base often against Marcus Stroman. What they have done this year, though, is hit for power. He’s given up a home run in five of his six starts this season. Lefties are also racking up doubles along the way against him, too.


RHH 53 11 2 0 3 3 11 .225 .264 .449
LHH 75 18 6 1 2 4 17 .257 .297 .457

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Slider Splitter
Velo 92.7 91.8 88.6 84.1 86.5
Usage 9.8% 36.4% 17.2% 21.2% 15.4%

When and Where

  • Game time: 6:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 74°, cloudy, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Jonathan India still 10-14 days away from rehab

Last night during the Reds broadcast Jim Day said that Jonathan India had told him that he was hoping to begin a rehab assignment soon – perhaps as early as today. But Day also noted that conversation happened before India met with team doctors. Well it would appear the doctors had a different idea than India did because this afternoon David Bell told the media (Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer beat the other beat writers to the tweet by a handful of seconds) that India’s hamstring was still not ready and he was 10-14 days out from beginning a rehab stint.

Jake Fraley heading to Louisville on rehab

The Reds are sending outfielder Jake Fraley to Triple-A Louisville where he will continue his rehab assignment that began over this past weekend with the Dayton Dragons.

Reds to honor Wade Miley prior to the game

The Reds Derek Johnson and David Bell will present Wade Miley with his 2021 Reds Most Outstanding Pitcher Award prior to the game tonight.

173 Responses

  1. Kevin H

    Question for all of you. Does anyone know why the Reds gave up on Tanner Rainey and Jimmy Herget so quickly? I am looking at their stats and both are craving out nice careers. Heck even Robert Stephenson isn’t doing too bad. We all know though a change is what he seem to need.

  2. LDS

    Hard to imagine that India is still that far away

    • Mark Moore

      I’d agree. I think DTBell is slinging the party line. The party is posturing.

    • Melvin

      I always get concerned when a player “bulks up”. Sometimes their bodies can’t handle it without injury.

  3. LDS

    Today’s lineup perfectly illustrates Belk’s weakness as a manager. AA has driven in 5 of the Reds last 7 runs, hit 2 HRs yesterday, and sits today. That’s not how you build high functioning teams in any environment – punishing performance. And the handiness argument doesn’t cut it.

    • Jim Walker

      Especially when the “ready to return” Senzel is in the lineup batting 7th, right where Aquino could be. If AA could play CF at the Toronto stadium, he can certainly do it at GABP, especially with Naquin, a strong defensive guy on one flank.

      • Melvin

        I have to laugh sometimes. ? I guess it’s obvious why.

      • LDS

        Bell and the Reds certainly provide ample opportunities for laughter.

  4. Old-school

    Give Krall credit for finding Drury. He’s providing great bench depth from the right side and a solid fill in at 3b or 2b.

    • Jim Walker

      Drury’s performance may be why Solano seems to be on the eternal version of the IL 😉

    • Tomn

      I was wondering the same thing. What’s up with him?

  5. Mark Moore

    Once again, we sacrifice defense at 3B by not playing Lopez.

    • Bet on Red

      actually, my memory serves that Moran is the better defender at third. Lopez can do it but not do it well.

  6. Mark Moore

    Well, that’s a fine start to things.

  7. Bet on Red

    I see that some things have returned to last decade. Other team cheering loudly at the home stadium. Mahle just giving out runs at GABP. SMH

  8. Votto4life

    Last game I attended last season the Cubs pounded Mahle, looks like we may be headed that way again. *sigh*

  9. Old-school

    Senzel needs to play cf when healthy.

    It’s a do or die year and need to let things play out so that on October 1 the Reds can make a decision on who the next center fielder is when it matters. I vote Elly De La Davis Cruz.

    The lineup problem tonight is Colin Moran at 3b. I’d DH Pham and have Naquin Senzel and AA in the OF. This of course means Moran will go 3-4 with 2 bombs.

    • Luke J

      De La Cruz is a LOOONG way from the majors. And if he can’t cut down on strikeouts he may not make it.

  10. Mark Moore

    So the non-stolen base doesn’t end up mattering a bit

  11. Bet on Red

    This game is in danger of being over before the Reds bat. I was always of the opinion that Mahle was trash. Being proven right this season.

    • Votto4life

      His trade value continues to plummet. But yeah cut the best deal you can and move on from him.

    • Ryan

      Amen brother he’s a fourth or fifth starter at best

  12. Old-school

    Mahle cant pitch in GABP.
    Just start him on the road the next 2 months and trade him. He’d be Cy Young in Citi-field or SF.

  13. Joe P.

    Did David Bell start Gutierrez again?

  14. JB

    So are we safe to say it’s over already??

  15. Kevin H

    Mahle foe some reason struggling this year after a solid 2021. Wonder if the band box call a stadium is in his head. A 361 ft Homer to right center field is a joke.

  16. Mark Moore

    It’s going to take at least the 4 runs we scored in August against Stroman. Probably a ton more.

  17. Bet on Red

    Well Joey aint rolling over yet

  18. Roger Garrett

    Mahle has to stop getting behind in the count.Throw strikes and if they hit it out then they hit it out.He was lucky to get Happ after falling behind.

  19. Old-school

    Buckle up.
    It’s GABP.
    Glad Reds didnt pay 3 year $71 million to Stroman.

  20. Mark Moore

    For the briefest of moments, I thought Nick had gotten a hold of that one. Better than a looking or swinging strike, though.

  21. William

    Get the best deal possible for Mahle. My hope is in the younger pitchers.

  22. Kevin H

    Mahle went 13-6 last year. He has the talent. Just struggling this season.

  23. Mark Moore

    Reynolds running at him may have thrown Mahle off just a little bit. Still, spiking the ball into the ground rarely does the trick.

  24. Daytonnati

    Definitely not helping himself.

  25. Votto4life

    Mahle will be lucky to make it through 4 innings at this rate.

  26. Joe P.

    Looked to me like Mahle didn’t know who was covering 2nd base. Should have been a double play.

  27. LDS

    I think the Reds should shop Mahle before shopping Castillo. The more I see of the Reds “pitching program”, the more convinced I am that DJ has to go.

  28. Mark Moore

    Over half a game’s worth of pitches thrown. Only managed to issue one BB (surprising). And only down by 1 run.

    Gonna be a long night at this pace.

  29. Votto4life

    Mahle has thrown 51 pitches through 2 innings

  30. Kevin H

    Curious question wonder Barnhart not catching Mahle has anything to do with his struggle this season? I doubt it, just a thought

  31. Roger Garrett

    Moran watches 91 right down the middle for strike 3.

    • Indy Red Man

      Mahle sucks and so does Bell. Gotta get the hot hitting Gritster in there named Colin Moran so AA can sit. Just gotta do it! If u stick Moose at 3B you might be able to make up for that with AA in the outfield.

  32. Mark Moore

    Does Mahle make it through 4 tonight?

  33. Mark Moore

    I’d say this game is causing my BP to rise, but sadly it isn’t … this is the kind of thing I’ve come to expect on nights like this. Stupid Cubs!!

  34. JB

    Just turned it back in time to see what Mahle does at GABP.

  35. Kevin H

    Gray is doing well this season. Miley not bad either. Do we miss them yet? I know I do.

  36. Roger Garrett

    Nope cause he has been a train wreck from the first pitch.Lucky to get out of the second inning but not this time.Game over and its really early to say that but it is over.

  37. Dennis Westrick

    Same old Mahle The Nibbler! Gets behind in the count and struggles to keep the ball within the confines of GABP! Pitch count nearly 70 with ONE out in the 3rd. Get the BP ready! I say trade him for whatever you can get and move on!

    • Kevin H

      Yes I hope they do, then he can pitch in a real mlb ball park. Disco of the giants did just that!! Struggled in the band box goes to San Francisco and has a phenomenal year.

    • Mike Adams

      Giving him too much credit calling him the “The Nibbler”.
      I don’t think he has much control, at least not enough to be an average mlb pitcher.
      Is it injury? lack of skill? head case? mechanics?
      Don’t know but I don’t think he nibbles on purpose.

  38. Bet on Red

    I said it last year, I know that Sonney Gray was the most expensive but Mahle was the one you needed to get rid of in the offseason. But No, got to get the castillini’s as much savings as possible. Need to get rid of Johnson as soon as possible as well before he corrupts the younger pitchers

    • Hanawi

      Yep. I was pushing to trade Mahle in the offseason. His splits last year home and road were huge and a good GM could have sold high to a team in a pitching park.

    • Bet on Red

      and now we have the No vax problem that eliminates most of the AL east teams for good now

  39. Joe P.

    The only reliable pitch Mahle has is a high fastball. Too bad’s he never developed a reliable curveball. If he’s traded, maybe the coach on his new team will help him develop that pitch.

  40. Dennis Westrick

    Nice job Mahle! 5 runs and 74 pitches in 3 innings! Not exactly a Quality Start eh?

      • Dennis Westrick

        If so, Mahle leads the majors in Anti-Quality Starts!

  41. Old-school

    Roger and Indy and I all in agreement on bell playing Moran at 3b on a 100 loss team doesnt make sense. Hes a bad 3b and a bad mLB player. He might be a decent lefty bat off the bench on a bad team.It’s no longer about wins and losses….but no one can claim the winning move is playing Colin Moran at 3rd base either. It’s about playing guys who have a future potential career with the Reds or just needing to confirm they dont.

    I can confidently say Colin Moran will not be the starting first baseman or 3b or Dh for the Reds in 2024.

    • Kevin H

      I say move Senzel to 3rd. See what he can do. I am sure he is better defensive and has range

      • TR

        It’s his natural position. But you know who does the moving.

      • greenmtred

        I’m pretty sure that the decision to move him to center was an organizational one, not a managerial one.

    • Cubano

      Hmmm—- Who do you see that is ready to play in MLB that they could just run out there? You act like there’s some untapped n resource in AAA. There’s not. Young guys struggle when you move them up to fast. The idea of someone on the minor league roster being ready to play now and stick in 2 years is laughable.

  42. LDS

    The Reds can’t beat the Cubs. The Reds can’t beat the Pirates. The dreams of a fourth-place finish are beginning to fade. But, at least, we have Bell for a minimum of two more seasons after this. By then, all the young guys in the minors that everyone is touting will have been ruined by Zinter, DJ, & company.

      • LDS

        So, you’re happy with the influence of Zinter & DJ on the team? Or Driveline for that matter. Excepting Gray, Bauer, which pitchers have really improved in the last couple of years. As for hitters? I’m not seeing any.

    • greenmtred

      A side from Gray and Miley? Aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play? Greene is looking pretty good. Lodolo did before he got hurt. Ashcraft shows serious promise. Diaz does, too. Hitters? You always forget India and Stephenson when you go on a rant. Coaches and managers and systems can only do so much. The talent of the player is a major limiting factor.

      • LDS


        Pham career 262, this year .218
        Drury career 249, this year .244 (this one is at least close)
        Farmer career 251, this year .227
        Naquin career .272, this year .270 (another close one)
        Moustakas career.249, this year .229 (and that’s after his Mil streak)
        Moran career .263, this year .202
        Votto career. 299, this year .144 (blame age?)
        Senzel career .240, this year .180 (blame injuries?)
        Reynolds career .213, this year .214 (yeah, we have a winner)
        Fraley career .186, this year .116

        We’ll leave out Stephenson, Friedl, India, etc. because they don’t have a long enough record to compare.


        Mahle career ERA 4.51, this year 6.32
        Castillo career 3.73, this year 4.60
        Gutierrez career 5.56, this year 8.70 (a little unfair because of short
        track record)
        Cessa career 4.10, this year 5.60
        Hoffman career 5.65, this year 1.59 (another win)
        Strickland career 3.23, this year 5.40
        Warren career 2.85, this year 6.14

        The other pitchers either have very few innings or all we have to compare are last year’s numbers, e.g., Sanmartin, Moreta.

        Bottom line, by any statistical category, when this many players are underperforming their career averages, at the same time, you have a management/system/morale problem. And that’s on Bell regardless of which it is. So, for all the analytics advocates and all the Bell supporters, these are real numbers. This is the reason the Reds are 18 games under .500 with 1/4 of the season over. Maybe they’ll run off a couple of good winning streaks with 120 games to go. They just need 69 wins to break even. That’s only a .575 winning percentage (69-51), it’s doable. Unlikely, but feasible. 90 overall wins and a possible playoff, a .658 winning percentage – really, really, unlikely. So, obsessive? Overreaction? Nope, it’s what the numbers actually say if you look at them. And if you go deeper, splits, etc., it doesn’t get better. Or in game decision making, bullpen usage, etc. – we can debate that and choose to disagree. But the numbers, they are unambiguous. Fire Bell and his team- TODAY. I put all the RLN folks’ names into a hat, draw one, and come out with a better manager than Bell.

  43. Mark Moore

    And Stroman isn’t exactly cruising here … so we need to make something of that. We can’t pitch our way to a win tonight.

  44. J

    I’ve always thought Mahle’s problems were mostly mental. He pitches like he’s scared to throw strikes, especially at home. I’ve never seen a pitcher who seems so determined not to let anyone put the ball in play. His body language always looks bad to me — like he just expects things to go badly and doesn’t particularly care. And now that I’ve been led to believe he’s willing to give up $100,000 just to avoid getting a vaccine for god only knows what reason, I’m convinced he needs a good therapist more than a pitching coach.

    • Joe P.

      That lack of confidence is because his breaking stuff isn’t very good and he’s mostly a one-pitch pitcher. It’s hard to get guys out when they can sit on one pitch.

      • J

        Yeah, I understand he’s got some weakness. But at some point you have to make a decision that you’re going to throw your best pitch, try to throw it for strikes (at least close enough to the strike zone to force a swing), and let the chips fall. This strategy of “refusing to give in” is just not working for him. Giving up a solo home run and three fly ball outs isn’t as bad as giving up a run without the other team even needing a hit — and throwing 25 pitches to get there.

    • Kevin H

      @LDS.. no not happy, but I feel you are really over reacting/reaching to suggest the pitching coach or hitting coach is is gonna ruin players. Also they have beat the pirates this year and 2 games so far vs cubs.

      I just think the over reacting is funny

      • LDS

        Not an overreaction at all. Show me the success stories. Splits with the Pirates & the Cubs isn’t going to cut it. They need to start taking 2 of 3 and 3 of 4 or they settle comfortably into last place.

      • VegasRed

        Dude, what team are you watching? This is the worst one in all of baseball.

        Sadly, that is a fact, not an overreaction.

      • greenmtred

        It may be the worst, certainly. It has a very weak roster. Expecting them to be seriously competitive this season is not realistic. We could all see this coming when ownership announced that they weren’t going to spend money acquiring good players this year. LDS thinks the problem is Bell and the coaches. Overreacting may not capture that sentiment, but obsessive may.

    • Ryan

      The vaccine gives you COVID, dont’cha know?

  45. Mark Moore

    OK, Mr. Moose … time to earn your millions

    • J

      Maybe if the Reds traded him he’d start coming through for his new team in those situations, but I don’t think it’s happening in Cincinnati.

  46. JB

    Should be over by midnight with these two pitching.

      • JB

        I’m watching hockey so I’m flipping back and forth.

  47. Old-school

    Moose is just awful.
    It’s Memorial Day.
    Krall needs to sit Bell down and chart a new course for this franchise. Playing time isnt about 2022 or vets.

    This could be the worst Reds team in forever.

    Nick Krall needs to step up and if David bell wont play the players that need to play….he needs to fired. This season is about 2023/24. period.

    Bell starting Colin Moran at 3b is insanity.

    • LDS

      Now that is funny. Bell should have been fired ages ago. Krall isn’t going to step to the plate now. It’s not his mission.

    • Frogger

      You post different iterations of the same thing over and over. Who should they start? There no magic bench studs waiting in the wings.

  48. Bet on Red

    Completely Soured on Senzel as well. While some of these players are only going to be here for one year, I would seriously think about linking him with Moose and letting someone else have them both

    • LDS

      Yeah, right now, I think I have higher expectations of AA than Senzel and they aren’t that high. But at least he seems to stay healthy.

    • Mark Moore

      Nah … let him throw 150 pitches. What could go wrong?

      • Bet on Red

        he could do us all a favor and need tommy john, at least he isnt losing games then

  49. Mark Moore

    Great night for Schwindel …

    I do believe I’m done. Really nothing to see and expectations are zilch.

  50. Kevin H

    355 ft Homer. Pathetic band box of a park. The two Homer’s he has given up would have been outs in other ball parks.

    • Bet on Red

      I am not even going to knock the park, the hitters are not innocent in this, if Cubs are sending it out the ballpark, so should we, therefore making everything even

  51. Eddie

    Blog post reporting Mets contact reds about Tyler mahle wonder if that is true at all. If so this performance should put that to rest since he not performing well at all and he wasn’t on the trip to Toronto so he had plenty time off before today from last start.

    • Mark Moore

      Let’s hope they negotiated a price BEFORE this mess happened.

  52. Kevin H

    Obviously Mahle doesn’t have it and yet he is still out there. Another brilliant managing job

  53. LDS

    All you Bell apologists, explain why Mahle is still in the game, 6 runs, 100+ pitches, 9 hits, 2 BB, and only 4 IP. Horrible decision making. But he’ll pitch his way out of this funk, right? Isn’t that the theory?

    • LDS

      Cessa? The guy that’s been drilled in his last two appearances?

      • LDS

        Make that his last 3 outings. If Bell had any pride, he’d resign.

    • greenmtred

      Because the game before turned into a bullpen game early, and this one will, too, and there are games following this game and every one of them will require a functioning bullpen, too. Actual managers don’t have the luxury of ignoring this stuff.

  54. VaRedsFan

    10 second scout.
    Mahle tops off at 94. Hardly no movement….Can’t throw secondary pitches for strikes. Hitters just waits for a fastball in the zone.

  55. Roger Garrett

    Bell is looking ahead.He doesn’t want to burn out his pen cause it might mean another loss or two or three down the road.Doesn’t the bus still run to Lousiville?

  56. Mark Moore

    Yep … I’m done now. Night all.

  57. Joe P.

    Mahle couldn’t put Schwindel away with breaking stuff and the count goes to 3-2, so predictably Mahle goes to his only reliable pitch – the fastball – and what happens? Home run.

    What looks like Mahle nibbling, is in reality, is that he has subpar breaking stuff, both in terms of movement and location.

  58. VaRedsFan

    Votto can take 1 step to his right and just tag the runner?

    • Joe P.

      Correct. Also Cessa can run to first base and cover it like he’s supposed to.

  59. Mark A Verticchio

    This team is rotten from top to bottom, 115 plus losses. Bell needs to go period.

  60. Roger Garrett

    Cubs are stealing bases and bunting up 6-2 and now 8-2.I love it.Just a mess of a team starting in the owner’s box.Normally I would hope for a fight or to get beat 18-2 to get us fired up but it ain’t going to happen.

  61. VaRedsFan

    Votto then drops the line drive….scored a base hit. Is it because he fell down?

  62. Bet on Red

    If it wasnt the absolute need to get Vlad out of the rotation I would say that when Minor returned Mahle should have been sent to the bullpen. send a message. Another garbage start from him

  63. Old-school

    Barrero 1-5 but homered.
    A SS with power.

    • Bet on Red

      anyone when Janish homered once…. pepperidge farm remembers

  64. Votto4life

    Tommy Pham’s revenge tour continues

  65. Roger Garrett

    Reds not even competing at the plate since the first inning.Two walks in 4 innings.Lets keep playing those veterans.Need to get them going.Just a joke of an organization with 100 + games to go.Can’t wait till football.

  66. Jeff Morris

    Is Mahle going to get it together this year and start pitching well or even decent?

  67. Jeff Morris

    Also…any Reds player bending down to tie his shoes may get injured. These Reds players are so fragile.

  68. Joe P.

    All the oddball shifts and playing the defense on the infield, those create additional opportunities for the opponent and allow the floodgates to open. Reference the Simmons at bat.

    At some point, you have to be willing to concede a run versus increasing the chance of allowing the big inning to occur. David Bell has never understood this.

  69. Bet on Red

    Pham is gone at the deadline almost certainly, please get rid of Mahle as well, Drury also prob going to get traded especially if India is healthy at that point. Naquin as well. Castellini better spend in this offseason now that he has near cleared the books

    • Votto4life

      But who would possibly want Tommy Pham ? Another brilliant signing by Nick Krall.

      • Bet on Red

        not saying we are getting a 5 star player for him, but someone will want him

      • Roger Garrett

        Good question even at the deadline he is still owed close to 5 mil.Of course I liked the signing cause I felt he may show enough to bring back a good prospect and he still could.

      • Bet on Red

        yea, as long as the Reds play the low numbers on the “late start” excuse

  70. Roger Garrett

    I am just hanging around to see how many more at bats these vets get in this game.I would have already emptied the bench.No need to see Joey or Moose or Moran or Pham any more tonight.

  71. Roger Garrett

    Aquino is now in left field.Pham’s revenge tour is over for today.Of course that at bat he had in the the 5th was more important then letting Aquino have it.

  72. Roger Garrett

    Kuhnel gutted out 2 innings.Unsung hero tonight when everybody else that pitched was awful.

  73. Joe P.

    I knew the Reds would lose 30 games this year. I just didn’t expect them to do it by May 24th.

  74. Raymond L

    This is probably even worse than the in 16 season or even nixon/rapp years but then at least there was change in leadership all we have to look forward to now is another interal hire to fix this mess because nobody outside of this organization is going to work for Bob/Phil. Their will be no free agents even if they spent money I doubt even draft picks will sign this is embarrassing. Absolutely nothing to look for my give a dam is totally busted as the song says.

  75. Roger Garrett

    Now if Solomon can give us 2 innings.Not even sure why I said that.

  76. Roger Garrett

    Now Lopez is going to get an at bat.

  77. Joe P.

    Maybe Solomon can get together with India and come up with a hamstring strengthening regimen. Solomon is one put together dude.

  78. Old-school

    Moran Moustakis Pham and Reynolds 0-12

    Moran ain’t a 3b and is hitting .194 as the Reds Starting 3b- Bell
    Moustakis 0-3 hitting .229 and awful defense- Dick Williams
    Pham 0-2 hitting .218- Krall
    Reynolds 0-3 SS .218- no one available . Bob Castellini

    This team is about to go 12-30.

    David Bell needs to go. No one can survive back to back historic awfulness. Colin Moran at 3b ended it for me on David Bell. He chose that. Aquino hit 2 home runs last night and got benched.

  79. Roger Garrett

    I forgot Solomon pitched last night but hey give him another inning dude is only 24 so why not.Joe P. says he is put together so lets roll with the youngster.

  80. Roger Garrett

    Naquin with our first hit since the first inning and its a homer.

  81. Redsvol

    Other than the injuries, I think the 2 biggest disappointments this year for me are Mahle and Votto. @ players that I thought would have very good seasons in a Reds uniform. They are both absolutely terrible this year. Its May 25th – by this time you typically know what type of a season a player is going to have. Votto has shown the ability to turn a season around mid year but I think age will limit his ability to do that this year – and I really wish it were not the case.

    The injuries are just incredible. I know everyone keeps saying lets watch the young guys play but most of them are injured. Lodolo, Barerro, India, Senzel, Fraley, Dunn, etc. I assumed we would have a tough year but we would get to enjoy watching them develop. This is shaping up to be a tough year while not even having the fun of doing that. This could be a totally lost year of development for these guys – which is very costly in a number of ways. Sheesh!

    • JB

      I’m a Votto guy but seriously, it shouldn’t take a guy 2 months to finally warm up. If he does. This team is not put together well. Like I said at the beginning of the season, this team was put together on hope and ifs.

  82. Votto4life

    Other than Stephenson, I’m not sure anyone one in the tonight’s starting line up deserves to be on this team next year. Obviously, Votto will be around and I might keep Naquin, (although I bet he walks) but for the rest, I don’t think you could do much worse by just picking names out of a hat.

  83. LDS

    Why in his infinite wisdom did Bell go to a position player pitching? The save the bullpen strategy of his has been failing his entire tenure. Fire him before he touches the microphone tonight.

    • Votto4life

      He will say this is a difficult thing to go through but it will make them a better ball club yards yada yada

  84. Old-school

    This is a new low.

    Matt Reynolds pitching to the cubs in a 10-3 game

    David Bell isnt the only problem but there’s no way he can stay at 12-30 and the manager of the worst team in Reds history.

    • Daytonnati

      Upside, Reynolds with a better stat line than Mahle.

    • Roger Garrett

      I am with you but we are using common sense Old school but it isn’t common to this organization.Bell can do whatever he wants and nobody will say anything.He is acting as if saving a pitcher means anything on a losing team that may set a record for losses.Reds and their leadership starting with the owner is the laughing stock of the league.I mean you have to laugh at this circus.

  85. Votto4life

    I was opposed to training Castillo but I think the Reds almost have to now. Hopefully they can get a couple of solid prospects for him. They need to get at least position players with some pop. They absolutely can not get this trade wrong. It would be a mistake to wait until next year when his value will plummet.

    There is no sense waiting until the deadline if they can get the right package now. Too much can go wrong.

  86. Joe P.

    Dusty Baker used to talk about keeping the deficit within “slam” range. I don’t recall him mentioning “double slam” range.

  87. Old-school

    Worst reds team in my lifetime
    David bell got 3+ years
    Move on.

  88. Daytonnati

    To paraphrase David Byrne and the Talking Heads, Barry Larkin “talks a lot, but he doesn’t say anything.”

    • VaRedsFan

      Larkin lack of insight just allows Sadak to talk more.
      In Sadak’s defense he tries to tee it up for Larkin, but Lark can’t take the ball and run.
      Welsh was in the booth last night, and it was 10x better

  89. Bet on Red

    Lopez needs to start, I dont care that he cant hit homers, he can get on base. Mahle needs to go…sell low to the Mets and Get him out of here and Ashcroft up

    • Votto4life

      And it’s not like anyone else is hitting home runs either.

  90. Votto4life

    I don’t want to offend anyone, but if you sign a contract you should be available to play every game when you are healthy.

    If you make personal decisions that does not allow you to do that, then you should find a new line of work or play in a league that doesn’t have games north of the border.