The Cincinnati Reds will look to even up the series after falling last night 2-1. Hunter Greene takes the mound for Cincinnati and will look to continue what he’s done over his last two starts. The Blue Jays will send Alek Manoah to the mound. First pitch in Toronto is set for 3:07pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for this international match up:

Cincinnati Reds

Toronto Blue Jays

TJ Friedl – CF George Springer – CF
Tyler Naquin – RF Bo Bichette – SS
Tommy Pham – LF Vladimir Guerrero Jr. – DH
Joey Votto – DH Teoscar Hernandez – RF
Tyler Stephenson – C Santiago Espinal – 2B
Mike Moustakas – 3B Alejandro Kirk – C
Colin Moran – 1B Matt Chapman – 3B
Alejo Lopez – 2B Lourdes Gurriel Jr. – 1B
Matt Reynolds – SS Raimel Tapia – LF
Hunter Greene – SP Alek Manoah – SP

Starting Pitchers

Hunter Greene 33.1 6.21 1.56 20 44
Alek Manoah 42.0 1.71 0.88 9 39
Links: Hunter Greene’s Stats | Alek Manoah’s Stats

Hunter Greene

Coming off of 7.1 no-hit innings his last time out, Hunter Greene will look to build on that against the Blue Jays. After allowing five home runs in a disastrous start against Milwaukee to begin the month, he’s given up just one over his last two outings. Control and walks have been a bit of a struggle at times and he’s walked four or more batters in four of his seven starts.

Right-handed hitters have crushed Greene this season, posting an OPS against him of 1.060 with 8 of their 18 hits being home runs. Left-handed batters haven’t had nearly the same kind of success against Greene, posting an OPS 350 points lower. Worth noting here that Greene has thrown zero change ups to right-handed batters this season as he enters his 8th start.


RHH 71 18 1 0 8 7 18 .290 .366 .694
LHH 83 14 4 0 3 13 26 .200 .325 .386

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change
Velo 98.4 87.3 89.6
Usage 54.2% 39.2% 6.5%

Alek Manoah

Since being called up last season, Alek Manoah has been one of the best starting pitchers in baseball. He’s made 27 starts and posted a 2.81 ERA in 153.2 innings for the Blue Jays.

His splits are quite big. Right-handed hitters have basically no chance against, hitting a cool .111 with an OPS of .359 this year – and it wasn’t much different last season, either. Left-handed hitters handle things much better, hitting .279 with a .364 on-base percentage. They don’t hit for much power against him, but they have a chance to get something going.


RHH 87 9 2 0 2 2 26 .111 .149 .210
LHH 77 19 2 1 1 7 13 .279 .364 .382

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change
Velo 94.1 92.9 80.9 86.3
Usage 40.3% 19.1% 29.5% 11.1%

When and Where

  • Game time: 3:07pm ET
  • Where: Rogers Centre
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: They play in a dome

News and Notes

Joey Votto’s legacy at his high school

Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer looked at Joey Votto’s legacy at his former high school and how he’s remained connected 20 years later.

“Joey is the most sincere person you’ll ever meet,” said Stath Koumoutseas, who was Votto’s baseball coach. “He’s honest and he’s humble. He has never forgotten Richview. He’s still one of the guys. He’s a superstar, but he really enjoys coming by and talking with us. He has never forgotten us. That’s what sets him apart from most.”

Injury updates

Reds prospect Connor Phillips struck out 13 batters last night

Last night was full of intrigue on the Reds farm. Connor Phillips, who came over in the trade with Seattle, struck out 13 batters for the Dayton Dragons as they swept a doubleheader that included a walk-off homer.

169 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    It’s going to take a very sharp Greene and some lucky breaks for our bats today. I wonder if the not-an-off-day in Cleveland played into setting this line-up. Then again, we do know we’re a bit hand-cuffed with those we left behind for this trip.

    C’mon, guys! Let’s pull one out here.

  2. LarkinPhillips

    Reynolds was 3-4 last night and is rewarded with moving to the 9 hole today. He has a bad matchup today though. Let’s hope for a big day by Greene and one of the LH hitters to carry the load offensively.

    • LDS

      Remember, with Bell, one’s performance in last night’s game does not impact his lineup decisions that day. Often, the individual doesn’t even play the next day. Hence, many never build a rhythm, particularly the young guys. For instance, Lopez pull a Scooter today and wind up sitting tomorrow. It’s just the way it is. Of course, the odds of Lopez pulling a Scooter are vanishingly small.

      • Mark Moore

        Well, when you make out the line-ups for the whole season in advance …


      • LarkinPhillips

        LDS Bell is probably going to hit for Lopez before his first AB today anyway.

      • LDS

        @LarkinPhillips – that’s a really good point.

      • greenmtred

        A funny point, but not an accurate one. A player’s performance has little to do with what he’ll do the next day. Pitching matchups do, though.

    • Melvin

      Well, it looks like moving one of the best hitters in baseball up in the lineup from fifth, on the worst team in baseball I might add, lasted about one game. 🙂 I guess it’s because we have such a powerful good hitting lineup. I mean where else could you consistently put him? 🙂

  3. Tom Mitsoff

    Very interesting lefty-righty splits for Manoah reported by Doug above. Bell has all of his available lefty bats in there.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. The kid murders RH batters.

  4. Bet on Red

    Interesting lineup. I do not view Renyolds in the 2nd lead-off spot as a bad move. If he continues yesterday, great, if he does not then the harm is minimal. Finally seeing Lopez in the lineup. Is there any word on India?

  5. LDS

    And why is Friedl leading off yet again? He’s hitting .175.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Righties are batting .111 vs. Manoah, so pick your poison.

      • LDS

        And TJ is hitting .158 against RH’ers so a hit today from the #1 slot will be a huge bonus.

  6. LDS

    But then the cleanup hitter is hitting .128 – what you going to do?

  7. J

    With this team, my only goal for first innings is that the opposing pitcher is forced throw double-digit pitches. They saw 10 pitches, so it’s a solid start.

  8. Klugo

    Max Schrock makes Nick Senzel look like Cal Ripken, Jr.
    Be nice to get them both back.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I see what you did there. 😉

  9. Tom Mitsoff

    Friedl is showing me a lot defensively. I didn’t realize he had that much range and skill to track down long blasts.

    • Mark Moore

      And is it just me, or does the Rogers Centre play “big” despite only being 400′ to CF.

  10. LarkinPhillips

    Good start for Greene. Would love to see him roll another one out like last game, especially against a good hitting Bluejays team.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      No-hit inning streak now at 8.1 😉

  11. Mark Moore

    Nice inning for Hunter after all. Got by with a little help from his friends.

  12. Tom Mitsoff

    In the past few games, opposing pitchers are pounding Stephenson with fastballs inside, and he hasn’t been touching them. Something to keep an eye on.

  13. Mark Moore

    Somebody noted that TySteve appears to be looking to pull way more than what we saw before. Maybe he’s adjusting after getting banged up? Then again, this kid kills RH batters, so …

  14. Daytonnati

    There’s the 9-inning no-no 🙂

  15. Mark Moore

    OK, he’s looking pretty good so far. Mixing speeds. The breaking stuff is nasty. Not being squeezed too much by the umpire (despite the BB issued).

    The boys need to break through somehow. Now would be good.

    • Kevin H

      Yes we all know Greene should have at least 2 wins. Plus would be nice to score some runs!!!

  16. Kevin H

    Curious if anyone thinks we will.see Ashcraft today after Greene? Personally wouldn’t mind seeing Ashcraft and Solomon pitch today..

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I don’t want to see Ashcraft in a tied or close game.

      • Votto4life

        Tom, any chance Ashcroft starts on Monday? I was planning on going to the game assuming he would start. I don’t know why I made such an assumption. Lol

  17. Mark Moore

    Lopez just dialed in on that hump-back liner. good for him!

    • Mark Moore

      And just like that … we had 2 outs and nobody on

  18. Bet on Red

    everyone sleeps on lopez… wouldnt have had him steal there. No way he did that on his own

    • Mark Moore

      Likely not at his level. 4A guys do what they are told or what the “book” says to do.

      • Bet on Red

        I am not ready to slap 4A label on him. He can hit pretty consistently for contact from both sides of the bat. if the power isnt coming then bell needs to recognize that and use him accordingly

      • Mark Moore

        I say “4A” in the sense that he won’t be a consistent starter in The Show. He’s the type of bench player that can provide value to a good team. Our Reds were chocked full of them in the 70’s if I recall.

        So that was my intent in using the label.

  19. Votto4life

    So basically, the players who on the “restricted list” are ineligible to enter Canada? Is that a fair assumption?

    • Daytonnati

      And broadcasters too, i suspect. LeCure in the booth, Graves in the studio, Welsh on the radio. Somebody’s absence is conspicuous??

      • Votto4life

        Good point, that never occurred to me. I think I heard he was at his daughter’s graduation ceremony a couple days ago, but that was Thursday I believe. Thanks Daytonnati!

  20. Bet on Red

    Alright, way to start an inning off

    • Bet on Red

      or not… or better yet Votto!!!! there we go

  21. Mark Moore

    Lead-off slap single and a double?? Got to love that action.

    And then THAT happened.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Really bad break. But Votto came through with two outs. Something we don’t see all that often.

  22. Mark Moore

    Oh what could have been …

    Nice smack by Joey!

  23. dhmorgan

    Finally a run.
    And it would have been better except for Pham’s shattering experience.

    • Mark Moore

      That and the “lucky” reaction by the pitcher and Friedl being off at the crack of the bat.

  24. Mark Moore

    Our heads are spinning here in my living room at this rapid turn of events over just a couple batters.

  25. Mark Moore

    Tom (or anybody else) … I asked above if the Rogers Centre seems to play “big” despite only 400′ to CF. Any thoughts? Was thinking that with Friedl’s snag in the 1st.

  26. Tom Mitsoff

    That homer by Bichette did not appear to be a bad pitch. Middle of the plate, but at the bottom of the zone. Sometimes you just have to give credit to a good hitter for good hitting.

  27. Mark Moore

    I had to step away and heard my wife yelling about the HR. Did Hunter groove that one? I mean, Bichette is a stud, so …

  28. Mark Moore

    Shut out over; No-hitter over; Now to get back to scoring and win this one.

  29. Mark Moore

    Just focus on getting one here, guys … hard to double up Tilapia.

  30. Daytonnati

    If we could just give these young pitchers some breathing room? They have to bear down on every hitter. They know one mistake might cost them the game.

    • Mark Moore

      I know. Working with even a 1-run lead helps. 2-run leads seem to be pretty rare these days for us.

  31. Mark Moore

    OK. That works. Now just focus on Springer.

  32. Bet on Red

    Alas, I got to the point where i was being spoiled into a no-hitter attempt or bust. We are still in a good position for this game. Hunter is doing very well lately

    • Mark Moore

      He is at that. We just need the boys to back him up with some crooked number action.

  33. Mark Moore

    Good mound management by Greene there.

  34. Mark Moore

    Oops … Moose had to rush that throw a bit after a not-so-clean field and transfer.

    • dhmorgan

      To paraphrase the late, great P. J. O’Rourke, letting Moose play defense is like “giving a teenager a bottle of whiskey and the keys to the car.”

    • Joe P.

      His right foot hit the ground 4 times before he threw the ball. Ridiculous.

  35. Melvin

    I know what everyone is going to say about Moose playing defense. I agree.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      He’s clearly best suited as DH. When Dick Williams signed him, he said that was how they projected him in the latter years of the contract.

      • Tom Reeves

        I agree with Moose as a DH if the Reds weren’t so decimated by injuries and talent exodus. At this point, there are a lot of guys competing for the DH role through their defensive performance.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. I was going to cut him some slack right up until that one.

  36. Mark Moore

    He needs to focus. Can’t let sloppy play lead to another run when you have the tools to get a guy out.

  37. Bet on Red

    Greene may have gotten help on strike 2 but the K was all his

    • Mark Moore

      Just a little help, but he did earn it anyway.

  38. Mark Moore

    That was all Mr. Greene buckling down on Chapman. Nice poise and result.

  39. Daytonnati

    I’ll see your NICE! and raise you a FILTHY!! 🙂

  40. dhmorgan

    Ump checks Greene’s hands for…traces of dynamite?

  41. Tom Mitsoff

    That was huge. A few weeks back, that situation would have opened the door to a flood of runs. Not today. That’s probably it for Greene, but a heck of a job!

      • Mark Moore

        Cessa is warming, so I say he doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t). Not today, especially if we stake him to a lead.

  42. Mark Moore

    He can pull all day long with that result.

    My wife says now somebody needs to back him up … 🙂

  43. Mark Moore

    My cynical wife is saying “just like that” after Moran’s K.

    Lopez tried … good job by the Jays to get that out.

    • Kevin H

      Cesa in the game. I have no issue with this move. Greene pitched heck of a game last two times out, plus this game and got out of the base loaded jam last inning.

      Great game for Hunter Greene!!

  44. J

    I don’t bet on any of this, but I could have made a lot of money if someone had been willing to bet Moran would drive that run in.

  45. Mark Moore

    I have to turn my attention to getting ready to cook dinner in a bit. We’re doing pizza on the “big grill”, which is basically a charcoal or wood-fired convection oven. My dear wife is beginning to work on the dough and sauce. Sorry none of you can join me around 7 when it should be all ready to consume … 🙂

  46. Bet on Red

    I have soured again on Moran, we did over extend greene last start so I gotta agree with the early pull as well

  47. Joe P.

    So much for the lead off double. Horrible at bat by Moran. Can’t take a first pitch strike in that situation.

  48. Mark Moore

    And the QS string (and these really are with only 1 or 2 runs) continues.

  49. Mark Moore

    Completely buckled his knees on that filthy thing

  50. VaRedsFan

    Manoa was chosen 2 picks after Lodolo in the draft.

    • Kevin H

      Cool, two pitchers with all the potential in the world. I look forward to seeing both development into good pitchers.

  51. Moon

    OK Props to Bell for pulling Greene. He had another great outing and why ruin it by keeping him in too long? I like this move at this point in the season and in Greenes career

  52. Mark Moore

    Let’s see if this stands … Friedl actually overran that just a bit.

    • Mark Moore

      Good. 2 outs really helps here. Then again … Bichette is up.

      Nice throw by Pham.

  53. Daytonnati

    And so did Bichette … 3-1 seems insurmountable with this team.

  54. VaRedsFan

    Nice try by Friedl, though thought he should have had it. Great backup and throw by Pham

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Ultimately it probably doesn’t matter since you still face Bichette.

  55. Mark Moore

    And that pretty much closes the door on today for our guys. Bichette is just a stud. Kind of like Crash Davis saying, “If he starts me with curve, I’m taking him downtown.”

    • VaRedsFan

      Exactlly…he was sitting on Uncle Charlie

  56. Joe P.

    I think we can safely say that Bichette got all of that one.

    One of these teams can hit HRs and the other one can’t. In a well pitched game, that is often the difference.

  57. J

    I really ought to start betting on these games. I would have made a lot of money if anyone had been willing to bet the Blue Jays wouldn’t score with a guy on third and two outs.

  58. LarkinPhillips

    Yet another game where the Reds hitters are overly aggressive early and the opposing starter gets to go late into the game with a very low pitch count. We need a few grinders in the lineup who don’t hit the first or second pitch every single AB.

    • J

      If the team had real leadership, that would happen. But it has David Bell.

      • Jim t

        These are ML pitchers. They didn’t get to the major leagues by walking hitters. Do you have any idea what the league is hitting behind in the count versus ahead or even?

      • LarkinPhillips

        The pitcher we faced yesterday and last game of Cleveland series are both guys notorious for nibbling. No reason to be overly aggressive with a below average offense.

      • J

        I think it would come as a surprise to a lot of Reds fans to learn that major league pitchers don’t have trouble throwing strikes or they wouldn’t be in the majors.

      • Jim t

        @larkin I’m not opposed to taking pitches that are balls but I like hitters to swing at strikes not get in counts that gives pitches a advantage. It is a fine line.

      • Melvin

        That’s why we have one of the best hitters in baseball batting 5th gentlemen. You just don’t understand. He’s right in the middle and balances everything out.:)

    • Kevin H

      That’s their style, or the style of todays game. I feel gone are the hitters who as you say are grinders. I agree I wish that would happen as well

      • J

        And yet, most Reds pitchers seem to have a lot of trouble lasting 6 innings because their pitch counts are so high. It seems like not everyone approaches the game the way they do.

    • greenmtred

      Lecure commented on this. His take was that Manoa was throwing strikes. If you take pitches, you probably get behind in the count and Manoa can just toy with you. He’s good. I’d completely agree with you if the pitcher had shaky control.

  59. Mark A Verticchio

    They need a new line up period.

    • Votto4life

      Yeah, the Reds line up is pretty anemic as currently constituted. India’s return will give it a little boost, but I’m not convinced the return of Barrero, Senzel and the like is going to matter all that much.

      The Reds really need a RH power hitter in the middle of their line-up. This team really misses Nick Castellanos.

      • TR

        Yes, backed up by their former all-star left fielder, but I realize he had to be sacrificed to deal with the Suarez situation.

  60. Mark Moore

    So, that’s 4 hits and 2 ER’s in 13 innings for young Jedi Greene. Just think of what he could do if he gets some run support … 😮

  61. Jim t

    Maybe Bell should have used Warren. LMBO!!!

    • Mark Moore

      Oh do NOT go there!!! I’ll fish out all my negative points for that.


  62. VaRedsFan

    Manoa furious that he’s getting pulled after only 83 pitches.

    • VaRedsFan

      Maybe Toronto will get popped by the “closer rules” book.

  63. Mark Moore

    Textbook perfect throw by TySteve to nail him.

  64. Joe P.

    That error by Moustakas ended up costing Hunter Greene 15 pitches. Hunter was at 69 pitches when the error occurred and he ended up at 84 pitches to get the last out of the 6th. That error enabled the Blue Jays to get to our bullpen sooner. Greene might have got us through Bichette whereas Cessa didn’t.

    • Mark Moore

      Excellent point. You would have liked to see him have a chance. I think the error rattled him just a tiny bit. Without that, he could keep on cruising through 7 and we don’t see Bichette until later.

    • VaRedsFan

      Thought the same thing…those 15 pitches cost him another inning.

  65. Kevin H

    Excellent article about Joey Votto and his hometown. Truly a great person.. The article is in the Cincinnati Enquirer.. Very Humble

    • Mark Moore

      He’s a completely stand-up guy by all accounts. It’s hard to see him battling Father Time.

    • Joe P.

      Pham had a bad game at the plate. He looks like he did to start the season. He’s not seeing the ball and he’s pulling off of everything.

      • Votto4life

        Tommy Pham has been bad the past 3 years. I have no idea why Nick Krall signed him. There is a reason why he was still available in April. So much for the “revenge tour”.

  66. Dennis Westrick

    Can someone issue an APB for the Reds offense! I believe the 2022 Reds are 1-7 in games this year in which they have score only one (1) run!

    • Mark Moore

      That’s a VERY telling stat. Plus it illustrates they’ve scored only 1 run in 8 games. Add to that the shut-outs and the 2-run games, and that’s a mess. a BIG mess.

      I need to star prepping to cook.

      • greenmtred

        The salient point is, as you mention, that they’ve scored one run in eight games. I bet few teams have good records when they score one run, though. I hope your pizza meets expectations.

  67. Bet on Red

    and a losing series finally gets us again…. oh well.

  68. Mark Moore

    Good night all … tomorrow is another day …

  69. Votto4life

    This is just not a very good baseball team. They have at least the making of core of good young starters, but the bullpen is shaky and the offense is non-existent.

  70. Dennis Westrick

    Gonna have to start calling them The One Run Reds!

  71. Mark A Verticchio

    They may have some nice players down the line that can hit but they are all 2 or 3 years away, if all goes right.

  72. TR

    Drury has been missed in these two one-run losses.