Today was supposed to be an off day for both teams, but Mother Nature had a different idea. Wednesday night’s game was postponed by plenty of rain and the off day turned into a make up day and the two teams will try it again. The Cincinnati Reds will send Tyler Mahle to the mound to try for a 2-game sweep. The Cleveland Guardians turn to starter Cal Quantrill to try and get a split of the series. First pitch is set for 1:10pm this afternoon.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for this afternoon’s interstate match up:

Cincinnati Reds

Cleveland Guardians

TJ Friedl – RF Myles Straw – CF
Brandon Drury – 2B Steven Kwan – RF
Tommy Pham – LF Jose Ramirez – 3B
Mike Moustakas – 3B Owen Miller – 1B
Tyler Stephenson – C Amed Rosario – SS
Tyler Naquin – DH Franmil Reyes – DH
Colin Moran – 1B Andres Gimenez – 2B
Kyle Farmer – SS Richie Palacios – LF
Albert Almora Jr. – CF Austin Hedges – C
Tyler Mahle – SP Cal Quantrill – SP

Starting Pitchers

Tyler Mahle 36.2 5.89 1.47 18 40
Cal Quantrill 34.1 3.93 1.28 15 20
Links: Tyler Mahle’s Stats | Cal Quantrill’s Stats

Tyler Mahle

After a tough start to the season, Tyler Mahle has pitched better over his last two starts. He’s given up just two earned runs in each start while striking out 14 batters in 11.0 innings against the Pirates. Mahle has been stingy this season with the long ball. He has given up just three of them in his eight starts, but he has allowed on in each of his last three games.

Righties and lefties are hitting .250 against him this season. Left-handed hitters are also drawing walks and hitting for a bit of power against him, while right-handed hitters aren’t making as much contact and aren’t really hitting for much power to this point in the season.


RHH 73 17 6 0 1 5 21 .250 .301 .382
LHH 90 19 3 2 2 13 19 .250 .356 .421

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Cutter Slider Splitter
Velo 93.5 86.5 84.0 85.6
Usage 50.2% 11.3% 13.0% 25.5%

Cal Quantrill

There’s not much swing-and-miss happening when Quantrill is on the mound. So far this season hitters aren’t doing much damage against him, either. Right-handed hitters aren’t doing much of anything, but lefties are at least drawing plenty of walks – they aren’t doing much at all when they do get the bat on the ball, though, with just a .320 slugging percentage against him.


RHH 81 18 3 0 1 5 8 .243 .288 .324
LHH 62 11 2 0 1 10 12 .220 .361 .320

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Change Curve
Velo 92.5 92.3 86.7 83.8 80.0
Usage 11.6% 37.0% 41.7% 8.0% 1.6%

When and Where

  • Game time: 1:10pm ET
  • Where: Progressive Field
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 64°, sunny, 5% chance of rain

News and Notes

Joey Votto to continue his rehab tonight

Last night was supposed to be Joey Votto’s final rehab game. It wasn’t. The game was postponed in Dayton and tonight they’ll play a doubleheader. Votto will play in the first game of that doubleheader before joining the team on Friday for the series in Toronto.

136 Responses

  1. DataDumpster

    If there is any emphasis on 2024 (or whenever “it” happens), the return of Votto should not impede the higher priority of giving Stephenson more time at 1B. Although Senzel needs a 300 AB season badly, there should be room to see if Almora can be a stronger component of the OF mix. Drury needs some more looks as well in the infield. I think that kind of “managing” is what they extended Bell for, now is the time to determine the core of the offense. Hopefully, there will be a more strategic emphasis than what has been seen thus far on the pitching end.

  2. CFD3000

    I’m happy for Votto that he’ll get to play in Toronto. I’ll be even happier if he’s ready to “do damage” soon. As for today’s game, why is TJ Friedl still leading off? I’d much prefer Pham or even Almora – someone who actually gets on base frequently. Otherwise looking for a solid start from Mahle and a sweep. Go Reds!

    • Luke J

      Pham should be leading off and Stephenson should be batting 3rd. It’s an absolute travesty that Stephenson is missing several at bats a week simply by reason he bats lower in the order. He should get to hit 5 times a game.

      • MK

        Analytics would tell you 2nd would be the spot for you most productive hitter.

  3. Mike Adams

    Somebody give Mahle a map so maybe he can find home plate.
    One of my wishes for the game is NO walks and fewer full counts.

  4. Dennis Westrick

    Maybe Mahle “The Nibbler” can get out of his funk today! Pitch To Contact! PLEASE!!!

  5. MK

    Almora in center hitting .320. Senzel rehabbing in Indy. Does Senzel get starting job back when he is healthy?

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      He is hitting 320 in less than 10 games so I would wager that Senzel will get his job back as the majority centerfielder when he is back.

  6. JB

    Stephenson is a hitter. A complete joy to watch.

  7. Frankie Tomatoes

    Love afternoon baseball. Makes work a little better with the game on.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Thats 3-0 in GABP. Mahle was fortunate. Idk about a 92-93 mph power pitcher?

    Great throw from Almora on that flyball to the wall! Just a hunch, but I’m guessing thier scouting report has Rosario tagging if Senzel was in CF

    • Dennis Westrick

      Well, at least Mahle hasn’t walked anyone yet!

  9. Bet on Red

    Remember when Nick Senzel said he was competing for a gold glove….. pepperidge farm remembers

  10. realist

    They have a sign your kids permission slip event in Cleveland this year. You get to choose to sign it or the ball players can sign it. They call it the Parents or Gaurdians night.

  11. J

    This game is a perfect example of Bell’s management (or lack thereof). You’re facing a pitcher who doesn’t give up a lot of hits — especially extra base hits — but he does have some problems with control. You’ve got a lineup with a lot of low batting averages. It seems to me that what you want to do in a game like this is take lots of pitches until he’s proved he can consistently throw strikes. So, naturally, they’re all being aggressive and getting themselves out. Quantrill has average 12 pitches per inning through the first three. Mahle can sometimes throw 12 to a single batter.

    • Mark Moore

      Why would we change our wicked ways and be patient at the plate in a situation like this?

      • J

        People focus so much attention on Bell’s crazy strategic decisions, but comparatively little attention to the fact that most of the guys on this team seem to have almost no sense of what they ought to be doing at the plate in any given situation. I suspect he’s never told anyone to take pitches under any circumstances, and they’re not willing to do it on their own. This is what “not really trying” looks like.

    • VegasRed

      Situational hitting and professional at bats are one of the key fundamentals lacking in Bell’s management-year after year.


  12. Mark Moore

    Good afternoon, RLN friends. I’ve had the game on but just opened the page to comment. And I’m rewarded with a TOOTBLAN!!

    • Mark Moore

      And it feeds the dreaded DP by Mr. Moose.

  13. GreatRedLegsFan

    I wonder how the IF roster will be set after everybody return from IL: Votto, Moran, India, Barrero, Farmer, Moustakas, Drury, Solano and Shrock – 9 players.

    • Mark Moore

      Of that list, Schrock is a bit away from returning from what I read. But you raise some good points. For me, Mr. Moose shouldn’t ever pick up a glove unless the sky is absolutely falling. Never.

    • JB

      Schrock and Solano will definitely need long rehabs in Louisville. Who knows who will else be hurt by the time their ready. What no love for Matt Reynolds? Lol sarcasm

      • GreatRedLegsFan

        I forgot about him, that would be 10 players, I guess he’ll be eventually DFA, Solano may never wear a Reds uniform, Barrero may stay longer in AAA and one more should leave.

  14. Mark Moore

    Nice tracking and leap by Almora to snag that one

  15. Jim t

    Really starting to think Naquin could be our regular RF’er going forward. He has played very well against his former club.

    • Mark Moore

      Quite possibly. Pham has LF covered. You have Almora and Friedl as 4/5 (once Senzel returns). Or you get Senzel back to 3B and roll with what you have.

      • TR

        I’ll be surprised if Bell ever plays Senzel in the infield, where in my opinion he belongs.

  16. Mark Moore

    So who is pitching for our Reds today? I see the name and number of Mahle, but I also only see 80 pitches approaching a full 6 innings and no walks or nibbling.

    Anybody have any idea? Asking for a friend.

    • Mark Moore

      And there’s the first one. Took quite a while. No harm, no blood, no foul if he can sit Ramirez down.

      • Mark Moore

        And he did. Ramirez about came out of his shoes on that swing.

        Time for the crooked number parade!

      • JB

        Umpire called a strike on 3-1 was clearly a ball. Changed everything to the at bat.

  17. LarkinPhillips

    So what inning are we expecting Art Warren?

    • JB

      I like Warren and Santillan but not today in a 1- 1 game. They both need to fine tune their game but let them do that in a lose or win blowout. Cessation or Diaz or even Hoffman.

  18. Mark Moore

    Wow … that shot of the outfield shows a complete ghost town. I realize it’s an unplanned day game, but … if you can’t make it out to the Jake, are you really a fan? I remember when you couldn’t steal a ticket.

    • JB

      Blame that on cheap management and letting everybody go. They got 1 guy who is worth going and watching in Ramirez.

  19. Roger Garrett

    Offense will improve if and when we get some players back but right now it’s awful

  20. LarkinPhillips

    It is amazing how seemingly every pitcher that faces the Reds is pitch efficient and goes deep in the game, almost like the Reds approach is to always be extremely aggressive and never deviate from that approach. I honestly think the person I am down on the most this year is Alan Zinter.

    • JB

      Funny part is some of these guys let the first pitch fastball right down the middle go by. Basically the best pitch of the at bat. Suarez did it all the time. Friedl did it on first pitch of the game. Just don’t understand that. If you want to be aggressive, then at least swing at the cookie the pitcher gives you.

    • Jim t

      Lark what is so amazing about that? We are not a very good offensive team.

      • LarkinPhillips

        Jim, it was somewhat tongue in cheek and meant more as a complaint about the seemingly overall lack of game plan.

      • Jim t

        Lark game plan is important but you need talent.

    • TR

      The Reds offense has never been the same since hitting coach Don Long was let go when David Bell took over.

  21. LarkinPhillips

    Good job by Cessa. He seems like a perfect guy to stick in the 7th/8th inning role. Feels like 90-95% of the time he will get the job done.

    • JB

      Everybody here seems to know that but the guy making the decision.

  22. Dennis Westrick

    Best outing of the year by Mahle in my semi-professional opinion! Only 2 walks! Now lets finish it and win it!

  23. Bet on Red

    alright we got something here… something cooking….

  24. magi210

    I’m confused, I see clutch hitting. This can’t be the Reds?

  25. LarkinPhillips

    That couple days off has been great for Farmer!

  26. Mark Moore

    I’m good with the aggressive turn by Almora. As Thrall said, he was sacrificing himself anyway. Farmer on 3rd with only 1 out.

    • JB

      Agree. He got got an unfortunate bounce off the tarp to get him. Small ball! Go figure.

  27. LDS

    Almora or Senzel, they are both a bit older than I’d like to see. Almora is a sub .700 OPS hitter in his career and is older than Senzel. I don’t see either as anchors on a future competitive team. And Friedl is nearly 27 and a sub .200 hitter. Why is he still leading off or is he truly the best the Reds have available? Naquin is 31+, Dawson 27, Pham 34, Aquino 28, etc. In Louisville, Cedrola is 24 and seems like a better candidate for the long run based on his numbers. I’ll defer to someone who has actually seen him play to judge whether he’s going to be a candidate. So just a year or two ago, all we heard was how strong the Reds were in the OF for the long run. Now? They are badly depleted. And where’s the plan for 1B? Votto talking about hitting HRs wasn’t encouraging. If Moran weren’t so pathetic, I’d leave Votto in rehab longer until he starts hitting or realizes that he can’t anymore. As for the OF, rumors are the Nationals may be moving Soto. Come on Bob, open that checkbook.

    • JB

      No way Bob trades for Soto. Are you new here? Lol sarcasm. I agree with the outfield. The Reds really can’t afford an injury to Pham or Naquin. They arent great but they are compared to who else is left.

      • LDS

        I know but one would think with all the good draft picks the Reds have had throughout the Castellini era, they’d have nailed a superstar draftee like a Soto, Franco, Tatis, and so on. There should be some benefit to being a lousy team for decades. Apparently, in the Reds case, there isn’t.

      • Indy Red Man

        The benefit is “Great seats are available” lollllllll

      • greenmtred

        That post was about Cessa. This one is about draft picks: The Reds have gotten Greene, Lodolo, Aschcraft and McClain, among others. Not bad. They do need outfielders, but it’s hard to look objectively at the young guys on the team and in the minors and say they haven’t drafted well lately. Hard, but easy enough if you sacrifice the objectivity.

      • LDS

        Greenmtred, I’m talking about exceptional, once a generation type players, not potentially good players. I’m looking for guys that make it by 20 years old not 24-25, guys like a Bench or a Soto. Many young guys never realize their potential, e.g. Senzel.

      • greenmtred

        LDS: It seems very possible that some of these guys–Greene, for example–will be exceptional. Maybe making it by 20 is too restrictive? Senzel could yet prove to very good, but I agree that it seems much less likely than it did when he was drafted.

      • LDS

        @Greenmtred, we have to be careful and not agree too often. It’s bad for our reps.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I actually see the outfield as the place I would want to be weak in the development compared to other areas. You can much easier move a prospect such as torres or mcclain to outfield. And just like this year, you can always add a Pham, Ozuna, or the likes to fill in as well. OFs are typically much cheaper and more available than infieldes, catchers, or starting pitchers.

      • LDS

        McClain has his moments but at this point, as DG in his 5/17 Reds MiLB game recap, pointed out McClain’s lousy strikeout rate needs to come down. Looks like it’s on the subscriber emails not the website. Being a numbers guy more than a handicapper of a player’s future prospects, I recommend the subscription.

      • Votto4life

        The Reds front office’s failure to replace the injured LF Ryan Ludwick probably cost them the division in 2013. If you want to go deep in the post season, you can’t afford to have weak links.

  28. LarkinPhillips

    Who says Cessa pitches the 8th? or at least starts the 8th?

    • JB

      I’m completely terrified who Bell has come out. At least Diaz is up but I want him for the 9th.

  29. Mark Moore

    Thrall and Day are talking about the robo-zone and how “nobody” in MLB really wants it. Their main reason is because the zone is all that’s left to complain about.

    I’ll respectfully disagree. I get very tired of the wretched inconsistency we see, especially among some umpires who refuse to learn and change.

    But, hey, that’s just one fan “spitting in the wind”. I used to be against the DH as well. Go figure.

    Feeling better about the score. If we can hold them off in the 8th, I’ll feel even better.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I am still against the DH. The most exciting innings lately from the reds have come from small ball (today) and good fundamental baseball of stealing and getting the runner in from Tuesday. The DH in the game minimizes these things and maximizes the three true outcome approach. (Just my two cents, which are worth nothing as well Mark.)

    • JB

      For all those teams that don’t want it, maybe they should be asked after Angel Hernandez does their game.

  30. LDS

    I know but one would think with all the good draft picks the Reds have had throughout the Castellini era, they’d have nailed a superstar draftee like a Soto, Franco, Tatis, and so on. There should be some benefit to being a lousy team for decades. Apparently, in the Reds case, there isn’t.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Hunter Greene? India? Maybe Barrero if he pans out.

      • LDS

        India had a good year last year. Greene is all potential at this point though his last game went along way to realizing that potential. But remember Aquino had a record-breaking month in August 2019. Where is he now? Greene & India have to show longevity (as do the others I noted with the exception of Soto) before they are canonized. Soto started his ML career at 19, India at 24. Big difference. Barrero is all potential right now. Does he play when he comes off the IL? Or does he back up Farmer (my guess based on Bell’s tendencies). And does he hit if he does play?

  31. Mark Moore

    Uh-oh … Farmer is “stretching” to work out some discomfort?

  32. Dennis Westrick

    Hate to sound like a stuck record but WALKS KILL!!!! Throw strikes! Please!!!

  33. JB

    Why does everything have to be difficult for us?

  34. MBS

    Maybe when we shed payroll, a closer needs to be on the top of the must get FA list.

  35. JB

    Moustakas at first has been a nightmare this year.

    • Indy Red Man

      Don’t worry he’s going back to 3rd now….lollllllllllll

  36. Mark Moore

    Well NUTS!!!

    I don’t want to see anybody injured, but couldn’t we have pitched him in a way that made him put pressure on that bum wheel instead of mashing it like he did?

  37. MBS

    The pinch runner for Moran gave the Indians that run

      • MBS

        Gee … I do, sorry for stating the obvious to you, just pointing out that the Reds would be better off with Bell managing less.

    • greenmtred

      And then saved one later in the game with a good play. You don’t think it was reasonable to pinch run for Moran?

    • MBS

      He has no other options. It’s sad but our pen lacks any viable option for closer.

      • Jim t

        MBS I read this blog every game and the would be managers imply he has plenty of options he just picks the wrong one.

        By the way I happen to agree with you we lack talent. That is on ownership. It infuriates me that many think replacing Bell would solve our problem. Sparky couldn’t win with this ownership. Also if they fire Bell and his whole staff it wouldn’t improve this team.

  38. JB

    That’s the old Tony!! Where you been?

    • Dennis Westrick

      Pitcher’s best friend, the ol’ double play! Nice job by Tony in that situation!

  39. Dennis Westrick

    Again, Bell with his carousel of releif pitchers! Cessa threw a grand total of 11 pitches in the 7th inning, recording 2 outs! Why not at least have him start the 8th inning?

    • Kevin H

      My thinking still is a 7inning guy, 8th inning guy and closer. I know reds r thin, however seems to me Hoffman has been good this season. See what Solomon can do. I agree Dennis his bullpen management is annoying

  40. Mark Moore

    OK, I think we’d all take escaping with only 1 run a good thing after what we saw. Tony looked pretty sharp as well.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Since Tony looked sharp and got the job done with only 4 pitches Bell will definitely not want to wear him out by sending him back to the bump for the 9th inning

    • Dennis Westrick

      Just curious Mark! Is the model plane in your photo spot an F-4 Phantom?

  41. Kevin H

    Votto, and Senzel on way back just what this team needs. Actually my thinking is you send down Lopez and 1 bullpen pitcher when they come back. I think a 4 man bench is fine.

    • Mark Moore

      I think Lopez is an obvious choice given how much he’s not playing.

      But if you swap 2 position players for 1 position and 1 pitcher, then don’t you end up with a 5-man bench?

      • Mark Moore

        OK. So Lopez, Reynolds, and Garcia now. Got it.

        I’d tend to agree with you on 4 instead of 3.

    • Jim Walker

      Unless MLB backs down again, they are 10 days away from a 13 man ceiling on pitchers versus the current ceiling of 14. At that point, they will have a 5 man bench (or choose to play with fewer than a full 26 man roster).

  42. JB

    Isn’t Guttierez in the bullpen? Why not try him in the 9th?

  43. MK

    Diaz picked up Santillian on Tuesday and they reversed it today.

  44. Mark Moore

    OK, folks. Buckle up. We’re 3 outs away from a series win at the Jake on our way out of town (and out of the country).

  45. Kevin H

    And your right Dennis, 11 pitches and Cesa doesn’t come back to at least start the 8th

    • Jim t

      Cesar has had blisters issues lately. Per haps easy him in is the right move.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Didn’t know that, thanks! And I agree that it was probably the right move!

  46. Mark Moore

    That was much more fun than Tuesday. And infinitely more fun than losing.

    Tony looked pretty sharp today. Would love to see that continue.

  47. Kevin H

    Gonna be a tough weekend against the Jays!! Reds pitching had looked better last few games. Let’s see of offense can come to life in Toronto

  48. SOQ

    3 Straight Quality starts. Reds are 7-3 over the last 10 games. Tied for best in the NL

  49. J

    Good win. I hope Bell noticed what happened when he allowed a relief pitcher to pitch in two different innings. It isn’t always the catastrophe he seems to imagine it will be.

    • greenmtred

      Not always a catastrophe, but don’t you suppose that given the state of the pen this year and last year he needs to be concerned about not burning guys for the next game? If he had 3 or 4 reliable pitches, it would be different. But today, for example, Diaz–the people’s choice here lately–demonstrated that he’s still a work in progress.

      • J

        Given the way this season has gone, I think he needs to focus on winning every winnable game. When you’ve got a late lead, that’s a winnable game. Worrying about tomorrow, when they might be winning or losing 10-1 in the 6th inning, shouldn’t be of any concern in today’s game. He doesn’t have that luxury with this roster. Play to win today; worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

      • Jim t

        J, you couldn’t be more wrong. This season is about development. Finding out who is major league and who is not. As a older fan it is very hard for me to say that but we are in the mist of a rebuild rather ownership wants to admit it or not.

      • J

        Okay, Jim, then I guess there’s no point in letting Votto, Moose, Pham, or Farmer play another game this year. We already know what they can and can’t do, and they aren’t likely to be a big part of the future, so why not just stick some younger guys into those spots and let the chips fall where they may?

        I believe it’s possible to try to win every game AND develop players. For example, when a guy is pitching well and has only thrown a few pitches, can he pitch a second inning, or will he lose it? That’s worth finding out — AND it’s a good strategy for winning. This isn’t an either/or situation.

        Regardless, what I’m objecting to is the idea of saving a guy today, and reducing the chances of winning today’s game, because you’re worried about winning tomorrow’s game. I think you’re missing that point.

      • Jim t

        J, I would have no problem playing the youngsters. Honestly all 4 players you mentioned will not ever play on another reds season winning team.

      • greenmtred

        I think he–the Reds–needs to focus more on sorting and developing. I like it when they win, of course, but even before the losing streak, it was clear that the current roster wasn’t going to go anywhere.

      • J

        If this is what they should be doing, then there’s literally no reason to allow Farmer, Votto, Pham, Moran, or Moose to play another inning this year. And let’s not bother activating Solano no matter how healthy he is. For that matter, they probably might as well replace Mahle, Castillo and Cessa with prospects, because we already know what those guys are capable of. Every time those guys play, they’re taking away opportunities to develop and sort unproven players.

        This seems like a bad idea to me. I want the Reds to put the best possible team on the field every day, and try to win every day. When that means letting a rookie play, then let a rookie play. When it means letting Cessa go two innings, let him pitch two. Don’t bring in an unproven player just for the sake of doing it. It’s not even summer yet.

      • greenmtred

        I take your point, J, but they have to field a team, and I expect that the prospects for the outfield, at least, are not ready for MLB. I don’t know if they a good prospect who plays first, for that matter, though I’m in the camp that would like to see Stephenson play there.

  50. Bet on Red

    And the sweep gives us 4 straight non losing series