Joey Votto’s rehab assignment has been changed. After playing two games with the Triple-A Louisville Bats, Votto will now spend some time with the High-A Dayton Dragons. The first baseman went 1-4 with three walks and an RBI while with Louisville. The Bats are hitting the road for their next series, and with the Dragons playing at home in Dayton, Votto will make the short trip up the interstate to continue to see live pitching starting on Tuesday night.

It won’t be the first time for Votto to rehab in Dayton. Back in 2009 he played in two rehab games with the Dragons and even homered in one of them. He returned to Dayton in 2012 for three games and went 1-5 with three walks in that stint with the Dragons.

Joey Votto last played in the big leagues on May 1st. He went on the COVID injury list two days later. He didn’t begin his rehab stint with the Bats until May 14th – missing nearly two weeks where he didn’t see any live pitching.

More from the minor league front: Robert Dugger has accepted his outright to Triple-A Louisville. It’s been a whirlwind two weeks for the right-handed pitcher. Cincinnati claimed Dugger on waivers from the Tampa Bay Rays on May 4th after they designated him for assignment. Three days later he was pitching for the Reds in game two of their doubleheader against the Pirates, giving up three runs in 3.0 innings. Cincinnati then designated him for assignment the next day. He cleared waivers and was outrighted to Triple-A Louisville.

The team then added him back to the 40-man roster four days later. He didn’t pitch before he was once against designated for assignment on Saturday. He could clear waivers again and was outrighted back to Triple-A. This time, though, he had the choice to accept the outright or to choose to become a free agent. He opted to accept the outright and report to Louisville.

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  1. LDS

    I wasn’t thrilled with the signing, but the way the Reds have jacked him around is pretty disrespectful.

    • jeffversion1

      I probably missed something, but if the Reds were going to send him down to bring up Detweiler, why didn’t they just bring up Detweiler in the first place? (I looked at the transactions just now) Diehl and Moreta went out the 12th, Solomon and Duggar came in the 12th. Duggar didn’t pitch before they sent him out on the 14th to bring up Detweiler. Did they forget that they didn’t have any lefties in the bullpen without Deihl? Does someone in the front office get paid per player move? Why didn’t they just bring up Detweiler instead of Dugger on the 12th?

      Again, though, it’s probably something I’m missing. Can anyone enlighten me?

    • 2020ball

      How is giving him a big league salary then offering him free agency and him turning it down disrespectful? Jeez, i mean this org does dumb stuff all the time, but lets be reasonable.

      • DaveCT

        It’s standard operating procedures for these AAAA players. Watch the Yankees if you want to see callousness in the way players are used.

      • LDS

        They signed him. He pitched 3 lousy innings. Subsequently, he was DFA’d. Initially, refusing the outright, he did sign a minor league deal. Shortly, thereafter he was again called up, did not pitch, and was again DFA’d, the club apparently forgetting they needed a LH’er in the bulllpen. I view that as very poor management but then that’s what I expect from the Reds, so I wasn’t surprised. Basically, Dugger was Charlie Brown to the Reds Lucy.

      • DaveCT

        LDS, I think it looks worse than it is. The ‘shuttle from AAA to the ML’s a few days has been around for years. Hence the expression, “cup of coffee.” It’s one reason why teams like AAA teams right next door. Seattle’s AAA team is in Tacoma, a 20 minute drive. And, in fairness to baseball management everywhere, it’s expected for these journeymen. And it’s not just Dugger. Ronnie Dawson has flown to wherever the Reds are a few times already. Is, I really think it not nearly as bad bad as imagined.

  2. RedsGettingBetter

    Votto should will have a short stint at Dayton so he is close to rejoin the major team…
    About Dugger case , it is how the things going in this business, he had the choice to refuse to go to Louisville but he didn’t so prefered continue playing for the Reds org…

    • TR

      It seems doubtful Joey will be able to play in his hometown of Toronto starting Friday.

    • Jim Walker

      Money> If a player refuses assignment, his contract is immediately voided.

      This is a tricky situation because Dugger was originally signed to a minor league contract by Tampa, subsequently elevated to their MLB 40 man roster then waived and claimed the Reds who in turn have DFAed and assigned him twice.

      Dugger may have been due 45 days’ pay at the MLB rate, the entire balance of the season at MLB minimum level or some other amount based on the original minor league contract amount.

      I am not a CBA guru, so this is as nearly as I can say. Whatever the amount is, it is probably more than he thought he could sign for somewhere else right now. So, he took the assignment.

      On the other hand unless there is a change in the new CBA I missed, someone like Aquino who was an MLB 40 man roster guy all along that signed directly to an MLB contract, draws the full amount of the MLB contract after being assigned outright.

    • MK

      I hope it is short. Dragons have a good mojo right now and major league rehabbers have a tendency to mess that kind of stuff up.

  3. Doc4uk

    Until I see Joey destroy minor league pitching, I am not confident he can add anything to the big league club. He has one extra base hit on the year and that is not the production that is needed from a 1B . I think he will actually stay in Dayton until he starts seeing the ball better and producing extra base hits which he did not come close to doing in Louisville in the two games there. He does not need to go down and draw a bunch of walks!

    • Mitch

      He went 1-4 with 2 strikeouts yesterday. In High A. A standout performance that is not.

  4. Mark Moore

    Joey’s rehab stint is about his timing and zone recognition. I watched his AB’s with the Bats. He’s standing upright. But the pitching at AAA and High-A isn’t going to be elite, so it’s really more about him getting his timing down. So whether or not that happens in 3 games at Dayton or takes the entire series (through Sunday) is anyone’s guess.

    I’ll tune into the Dragons’ game tonight to see how he’s doing. Happy to pass on any observations.

  5. Rednat

    Headed to the Dragon’s game tonight and i can’t wait. the games have been really fun to watch this year. no shifts, baserunning actually is a big factor in the games. just overall more excitement than what i am seeing at gabp this year. i hope mlb adopts the rules they are using in high A ball this year with the shift ban. And as a guy that works i appreciate the later start times of 7:05!

    • Votto4life

      Lucky you you will get to see Joey and Scary MvGarry hit and Joe Boyle pitch. Enjoy Rednat!

    • ryan

      Yes, God forbid the defense be allowed to use all the tools at their disposal

      • JoshG

        the game was not intended for the massive shifts we see now

        original rules had the three baseman required to stay near their respective base, and the short stop roamed, so you would shift, but the 3B stays close to third base

  6. William

    Go Joey! I am really looking forward to your big hitting months. Hope the Reds make the comeback of the century and end up with a winning record.

  7. Bill J

    I see 2 former Reds, Cueto & Miley, pitched a total of 13 innings allowed 3 hits and striking out 13, walking 2 and no runs.

  8. DaveCT

    In the spirit of Jason Stark and his quirky baseball notes.

    Geno with his 200th career HR the other night for the Mariners.

    Also, Alex Blandino and Stuart Fairchield were traded for each other between the Giants and Mariners.

    The Mariner I was interested in acquiring from the Mariners in the Winker/Suarez deal was Jarod Kelenic. He was sent down to AAA.

    • Dan

      And Moustakas’s next HR will be his 200th!