Mike Moustakas is the latest player on the Cincinnati Reds roster to be placed on the injured list. He’s been put on the COVID injured list. As always this is your reminder that being placed on that list does not mean a player has tested positive for COVID but that they could also simply be showing symptoms that could be that. There is no timetable for how long a player must remain on the injured list in these cases. Taking the place of Moustakas on the Reds active roster will be outfielder Ronnie Dawson, who was called up as a “substitute player”.

After hitting .129/.125/.129 through the first nine games of the season and then winding up on the injured list, Mike Moustakas had turned things around over the last two weeks. The left-handed hitter has hit .344/.462/.531 with five walks and six strikeouts since returning.

For Ronnie Dawson, this is going to be the second stint with the big league club as a “substitute player”. Last week he played in one game for the Reds, going 0-3 with two strikeouts. Much of his time this season has been spent with Triple-A Louisville. In his 28 games with the Bats he’s hit .267/.373/.436 with five doubles, four home runs, four stolen bases, 15 walks, and 29 strikeouts over 118 plate appearances. He’s also played all three spots in the outfield for Louisville.

With the addition of Mike Moustakas to the injured list, Cincinnati now has 14 players on the injured list.

  • Tejay Antone – 60 day IL
  • Jose Barrero
  • Daniel Duarte – 60 day IL
  • Justin Dunn – 60 day IL
  • Jake Fraley
  • Jonathan India
  • Nick Lodolo
  • Mike Minor
  • Mike Moustakas
  • Max Schrock – 60 day IL
  • Nick Senzel
  • Donovan Solano
  • Joey Votto
  • Justin Wilson

The team that could be made up of the injured players may be as good on any given day as the team that’s run out by the current squad.

11 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Well nuts! At least this explains his absence against a RHP.

    Wondering when Senzel and Votto get out of jail.

  2. LDS

    The COVID list is starting to look like a parking lot for slumping players.

    • Doc

      Doesn’t seem to take much to get on it. It is probably quickly shifting from a Covid IL to an abusable IL, especially considering that we are not hearing about any positive covid tests and that the current omicron variant is not much more than a cold for the majority of people.

      Castillo coming off the DL does hurt the argument that the DL could compete on any given day with the big league club, weakening my earlier “my IL can beat your IL” comment. Until his removal, it would have been a tossup

      • MK

        I have always liked Ronnie Dawson back to his Buckeyes days but I really think they could have used a right handed bat like Amburgey more. Team is a little too left handed in the outfield and bench.

        As far as the CoVid list I think there is a stomach virus going through the clubhouse and they are using the CoVid rules to their advantage.

      • BK

        MLB is following the rules of most every other business … if you’re sick, don’t come to work.

  3. jeff morris

    Unless I am missing something, seems like the Reds are the only one dealing with this covid thing, that should be an afterthought…..with the vaccinations and all. Looks like the Reds have stricter covid rules than the league has, why else are no other teams dealing with this as much as the Reds? At my work, covid is pretty much an after thought, no one is sick anymore from covid or any symptoms. Everyone is working like normal. Why are the Reds dealing with this? How long are Votto and Senzel out? That is why I think the Reds have stricter rules on covid, than the mlb has!

  4. AMDG

    I thought the MLB dropped regular covid testing?

    Also, with the prevalence of false positive tests among both the pcr and antigen testing, I’m wondering if it’s just a single positive test that places them on the list? Or do they get the benefit of the doubt if they can follow up a positive with a negative test?

    • greenmtred

      I’ve heard that there’s a prevalence of false negatives with the antigen tests. Hadn’t heard that there were many false positives with the PCRs. There actually is a surge of sorts presently, and it is evidently hard to quantify because so many people are testing at home and not reporting the results.

  5. Broseph

    Votto now out for a week due to Covid like symptoms, but no positive test? I’m a year younger and got a nasty cold/flu a week ago. Fever, migraine, aches and soreness, stuffed nose, sore throat. Bad stuff. A week later, I’m ready to roll.

    Everyone’s health is different and it’s total conspiracy, but the timeliness of players struggling and hitting the IL is interesting to say the least


    • greenmtred

      Since all of the Reds are struggling, it’s hard to make a conspiracy out of it. If you mean Covid in general, talk to some of the millions of health care workers and survivors of deceased patients–they’d all have to be in on it, wouldn’t they?