The Reds are off to the second-worst start in MLB history. How are we still having fun? In this week’s episode, Nate and I discuss why this ridiculous season has quietly been kinda fun, and what we can expect from the Reds of the season.

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12 Responses

  1. Alex

    Actively rooting for them to lose. Actively rooting for the Castellini’s and Williams outside businesses to fail. Whatever it takes to make them desperate enough to sell. Less then 5 grand in the stands, all with bags. Make it such a dumpster fire, make them so embarrassed, they’ve got no choice. We must take to their social media, not take to the stands, fly planes around the banks that say, you suck Phil, whatever it takes. And if you are concerned the team would move, don’t. The team isn’t moving, the politics of baseball make it a near impossibility that the other owners would approve something like that. We deserve ownership that recognizes what a great fan base this is and the respect it should be treated with. Not a fourth generation fail up trust fund baby jersey boy looking clown show.

    • centerfield

      I have nothing to add to that.

    • Joey Red

      I like my idea better. Fans show up at GABP but not buy tickets or go inside the ballpark. They can wear bags and carry signs that say “Hey Phil I found somewhere else to go”.

    • TR

      As a Red’s fan since the late 1940’s, I only stated my opinion about ownership and Phil C’s statement about where we can go. At the age of 85, I’m well beyond concern or worry about the possibility of the franchise moving. But, politics is never a sure thing, even in baseball.

  2. Michael B. Green

    With Castillo nearing a return and CIN clearly Sellers at the Deadline, I strongly fear the trade Krall could make. Would it surprise anyone if he deals Castillo for Jason Heyward or Steven Strasburg? Castillo should bring someone like Triston Casas if he is healthy and productive. Bobby Miller of LAD is a candidate too.

    The point is – Not some teams 5th or 6th choice.

    • Old Big Ed

      Krall will make a good trade for Mahle (whose value has sunk since his inexplicably bad start) or Castillo. His trades for prospects (i.e., other than the Minor-Garret trade) have produced Connor Phillips, Chase Petty and Brandon Williamson, all of who have done well.

      If Krall was half as incompetent as people on here say he is, then a judge would have institutionalized him years ago. I will grant you that he does not have a strong TV persona, but the job doesn’t really require that.

      He got his marching orders from his boss, and did fairly well in executing those execrable orders.

    • TheCoastMan

      Honestly? You over estimate Krall. Jason Heyward or Steven Strasburg would be too much for him.. He’d rather take a box of cracker Jacks and bag of used balls.

  3. LDS

    Successful GMs/bosses are not yes men for those above them. It happens in the corporate world, as long as they can hide their incompetence. Bell doesn’t hide his nor does Krall. I’ve known very few individuals at Krall’s level that are willing to surrender as much autonomy as Krall has. One can’t be successful that way. Nor respected.

    • greenmtred

      I’d guess that successful GMs/bosses work within the budgetary constraints imposed upon them, though. And the ones who remain employed probably don’t publicly disagree with ownership very often. We do not know anything about the conversations Krall may have had with ownership.

  4. Stock

    Start the trades today. Farmer, Cessa and Wilson for Jo Adell and Arol Vera

  5. JayTheRed

    The Media, The Fans and MLB all need to put continued pressure on the Castellini family. Running the team like this is exactly what the Players Union was trying to prevent. Bob didn’t get his way in negotiations, so he said OK, we will just do nothing and show baseball just how bad we are because we are a poor team.