The Cincinnati Reds made four roster moves this afternoon prior to the start of the series with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The team designated for assignment right-handed reliever Buck Farmer, activated outfielder Tyler Naquin from the injured list, called up right-handed pitcher Robert Dugger, and sent Ronnie Dawson to Triple-A.

Buck Farmer started out the season well. In April he threw 9.2 innings and allowed just three runs – good for a 2.79 ERA. He struck out 14 batters and had 5 walks in that time and allowed one inherited runner to score after he entered the game. But his two games in May did not go well as he allowed six earned runs in 2.1 innings between his appearances in Colorado and Milwaukee on the road trip.

Tyler Naquin returns after a short stint on the injured list – he was placed there on Wednesday. One would have to assume that he is feeling better and did not test positive for COVID. He’s back in the lineup tonight, batting leadoff and serving as the Reds designated hitter.

Wednesday afternoon saw the Cincinnati front office claim right-handed pitcher Robert Dugger off of waivers from Tampa Bay. With the Reds he had served as both a starter and a reliever, and throughout his career he’s done plenty of both – though much more time has been spent as a starter in the minors. This season in Triple-A his ERA was 3.94 through five starts, though he had thrown just 16.0 innings with seven walks and 13 strikeouts. His full career stats can be seen here.

Ronnie Dawson’s stint with the big league club was short-lived. At least for the time being. After hitting a home run on Wednesday afternoon for Louisville – the lone run of that entire ballgame for either team – Dawson was called up when Tyler Naquin went on the injured list later that afternoon. He started the game in Milwaukee yesterday, going 0-3.

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  1. SOQ

    Ho Hum 🙁 (This comment is not directed at you Doug)

  2. GMan88

    Remember the old Beckett Price Guide? It listed the value of players’ cards but not the “common” players, because it was understood that those cards were worth like 5 cents. We have all common players.

  3. Andy


    On losing…. I’m convinced 2 farmers was a curse from the almighty above

    Reds must be Farmer only not Farmers only

    Bob and Phil made a sacrifice to the Big Man above…

    Go Reds!

  4. LDS

    After Bell’s inane, vacuous comments in the Enquirer, none of this surprises.

    • TR

      DB’s comments are a head scratcher with the season, in effect, over.

      • LDS

        Hey, it’s important to be consistent

    • wkuchad

      If the Reds ever did fire Bell, you would literally have nothing else to post about.

      • LDS

        You guys still collecting checks from the Reds? Results matter. Bell hasn’t delivered them in 4 years. Its’ time for a change. I have plenty of things to comment about, but you start with the most egregious first. Unlike many here, I was glad to see Suarez go. And not overly disturbed by Winker’s departure. Letting Castellanos go however was dumb. I’ll stick with my opinion that he and Bell didn’t get along. And he certainly isn’t a fan of the organization generally as he’s made clear.

      • Luke J

        lol They weren’t complaining about you wanting Bell gone. Many of us feel that way. The complaint was that it is every single comment you make in every article. You aren’t “starting” with the most egregious “first”, you are a broken record.

      • LDS

        Would you rather talk about the need for Votto to retire and forego his remaining contract dollars? Actually, the FO should be trying to work out a deal for him to do just that. Or perhaps we should discuss the revolving door policy on the AAA, many of whom come to Cincinnati and collect splinters (yes, most benches are no longer wood). Or is the fact that the FO has yet to make a serious move since Williams left. No, I don’t consider any of this year’s moves particularly good, possibly Pham but the jury is out on that one still. How about the fact that tinkering with Aquino’s stance, Senzel’s, and probably others rendered them largely ineffective? Though I seem to remember Senzel complaining about it publicly and saying he was going back to how he hit previously. Maybe we should talk about rushing Greene because they need something to bring in the fans. As Rymer’s column today stated, the Reds are a good argument for relegation.

      • greenmtred

        LDS: A good exercise for you would be to look up the career records of Sparky, Lou P and Casey Stengel–just examples. Then take an honest look at last season. I won’t reprise everything that has been said about that team, but it outperformed the expectations for it – pre-season expectations made before the injuries to key players and non-performance of several other key players. As I’ve said, I don’t know whether Bell is a good manager or not, because he really hasn’t had a strong team to manage. Managers do matter, but they cannot overcome bad players. And you can look that up.

      • LDS

        Take away Sparky’s record with the Reds and the team has a net losing record. Simple as that. Both the 2020 and 2021 teams should have made the playoffs and while the 2020 team did, they likely wouldn’t have over a full season. And no, last year’s team did not exceed expectations. The correct way to look at the team is where they were when they entered the “easy” part of their schedule. They had control of the outcome but collapsed miserably. And sorry, broken record and all, that’s on Bell.

      • greenmtred

        I was not, of course, criticising Sparky. He was, indeed, a great manager with the Reds. He was the manager for the BRM era and had one of the finest lineups ever assembled. With the Tigers in ’88, though, he lost 103 games. Did he suddenly forget how to manage? Or did he have a crummy team? This is, and has been, my point all along, and you resist engaging with it, maybe because you choose to believe that the manager is more important than a number of historical examples can support. Casey Stengel: Great manager for the Mantle/Maris era Yankees. Lost 120 games with the ’62 Mets. I’d be delighted if you could take over the Reds for the balance of the season. We could discuss it in October.

      • LDS

        Replacing Bell would be a hoot. But alas I lack the technical baseball knowledge expected of the manager typically. I do however have a better grasp of management than he does. I’d hire the best baseball guys I could find to build out the coaching team. And I’d fire anyone that tried to coach or manage the team by “analytics”. It’s Fool’s gold.

      • wkuchad

        Lol, that last comment made my night

      • greenmtred

        LDS, your comment implies personal knowledge of Bell–his background and what he does or doesn’t know. Care to elucidate? If you had to work with the current roster, you might conclude that it wasn’t a hoot at all,

      • LDS

        The roster isn’t great but it’s more capable than it’s current record. I spent 30+ years managing for Fortune 500 companies, often in takeover or turnaround situations. Recognizing bad managers is something you learn. Anytime the manager goes out of his way to demonstrate how important he is, you have a bad manager. When a manager fails to hold team members accountable, you have a bad manager. When a manager continues to fall back on the same failing team members, regardless of performance-playing favorites, you have a bad manager. When a team is lackluster, unmotivated, and making mistakes routinely, you have a bad manager. It’s not secret knowledge. It’s experience.

  5. VaRedsFan

    So Hunter Strickland keeps his job.
    Doolittle must have left him the pictures.

  6. DaveCT

    Well, we saw this bullpen model last year. Sign re-treads, ride along with those that have had or are having success, DFA when their ride runs out, bring in other re-treads and continue. Maybe, maybe maybe bring up a kid or two. See 2021 with Doolittle, Hembree, etc. See 2022 with Strickland, Farmer, now Dugger. It may not quite yet equate to Einstein’s definition of insanity, below, but it sure smacks of incompetence. Or fraud. Why not call this organization what it is. A farce. And, IMO, fraudulent. Phil must resign. Bob must relinquish control of the team. Do we really want MLB to investigate, because they will have no choice.

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    • JK

      Bring up a kid or two? You mean like Phillip Diehl, Daniel Duarte, Alexis Diaz, Dauri Moreta, not to mention Santillan who was a rookie last year. I get being upset at the state of the Reds, but lets not pretend they’re not promoting pitchers.

  7. Melvin

    I wander if the Reds lead in waiver pickups.

    • TR

      I’m not sure, but certainly in retreads.

    • Jim Walker

      I don’t think the waiver order has reset yet to get them into the #1; but it will soon. I just forget the number of days off the top of my head).

      But this said I saw a quote from Krall this week that they were not really seeing waivers as a preferred way to build the team. Then of course they get Dugger.

    • DaveCT

      You must mean ‘major signings!’

  8. Jimbo44CN

    I had not watched the last two games in Milwaukee but record them all. It took me a grand total of 45 minutes to watch both games. That’s just how little action there was that involved any kind of decent baseball produced by the Reds. If Hunter Green gives up any more homers he is going to be crowned the King of Ding. PS, major league hitters(on other teams) can hit a fastball if they know it’s coming, and if they made him start throwing a two seamer instead of the 4 seamer, and that dropped his velocity, that was a major mistake. If not, then that straight fball is going to get crushed.

    • DataDumpster

      When David Bell boasts of a late game pitch introduction that was a “game changer” to his subsequent outing, it becomes very curious how that can be done. Can they be sure this does not put an undue strain or change in mechanics that hampered later outings in either pitch effectiveness or lower arm strain? I would have thought a new pitch would take weeks to develop properly but I really don’t know.

      • greenmtred

        Introducing a new pitch might–probably does–mean a pitch he’s been working on but hadn’t used in a game yet.

  9. JayTheRed

    Oh, good we can lose two games in one day in the future.

    • Greenfield Red

      There was already a double header tomorrow. Maybe they will make it the first ever triple header and be the first team in history to go 0-3 in one day. Epic.

  10. Indy Red Man

    I’m betting Chris Farley Vogelbach to go Rowdy Tellez on the Reds although I think we split if Brubaker pitches one of the games. He stinks

    “Fat guy in a little jersey”

  11. Votto4life

    Interesting article in Deadspin on the Reds and future drafts. It’s not promising. In addition to participating in a pre-draft lottery next year, under the new CBA, no team can participate in a pre-draft lottery more than years in a row.

    So when Nick Krall says their plan is to get better through their farm system, it’s going to be a very difficult path to take under the new rules.

    • Doc

      If they finish last and flunk the lottery they still draft 7th. Good talent at that spot. Wasn’t Lodolo picked 7th? With a 5.51 ERA he is the staff’s ace in his rookie year!

    • MBS

      To be fair you’re talking about tanking. Krall is talking about coping the Tampa way. I’m not sure if we could do it here, but it would be great if we can.

      • TR

        Imo the Tampa Way will not work in Cincinnati. The Rays are gradually building a fanbase that will take years. The Reds have a long established fanbase that needs a leader. That’s what they lost when Castellanos was not retained.

  12. Rednat

    i hate the word ‘tanking” as it applies to mlb. you can apply it to the nfl and nba because in those leagues you have a meaningful draft. these players will be ready to contribute the first year. because college basketball and college football reflect the nba and nfl as much as possible. College baseball and the major leagues may as well be 2 separate sports. And high school baseball, forget it. there are just so many busts now days that the mlb draft has really become a joke.

    i think the only way for teams like the reds to compete is to have an international draft where you can get major league ready players. But i just don’t see teams like the Yankees or dodgers signing off on this. Why would they want an international draft? they can just sign these guys directly. i just see a future where we will look back at 2014-2021 as the good old glory days of the reds. depressing indeed

    • Rednat

      that was meant to be a response to votto for life

      • Votto4life

        Rednat, I get what you are saying. I don’t think the Reds are intentionally tanking, but the result is the same in terms of the draft.

        I think both things can be true at once. They aren’t intentionally tanking, but they are also not trying to win.

        Tanking denotes a plan of some sort. The Reds have no such plan.

        Those of us in this group think about the Reds winning every, single day. I don’t think Big Bob and Mini me think about winning. I don’t think Nick Krall thinks about winning.

        I do however, believe David Bell and players think about winning But I do believe David Bell accepted the extension last fall knowing the Reds going to drastically reduce payroll.

    • Doug Gray

      What good would an international draft really do as you lay it out? There is 1 impact international player that’s big league ready every like 5 years. That wouldn’t change anything.

    • Luke J

      While obviously the major league draft is different in major league ready talent than the other sports, there is a major statistical correlation between being a first round pick and making the majors. The draft is far from a joke.

  13. Jeremiah

    I think the Reds are tanking in a sense, but that might be too kind. I think they were actually trying to be respectable signing Pham, Solano, trading for Pham. They are under the Castellini Curse it seems ever since those comments! Almost everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

    They’ve wasted so much money so far when you look at money they are paying Akiyama, Solano, Minor, Strickland with little or no results…Pham may be ok, Moustakas maybe will start to hit again a little?

    • DaveCT

      Except the new labor agreement specifically targeted tanking.

      It would appear this degree of severe tanking is perfectly in line with a rationale for MLB investigation,

      Sorry boys Castellani, you’re finished. Can we not destroy Reds baseball in the process?

    • AMDG

      Yes, the Reds are TRYING to win.

      But the leadership just isn’t competent enough to form a roster capable of doing that.

      • TR

        Thankyou Bob Castellini, for a fast turnaround from a competitive team to a non-competitive team replaced with retreads.

      • Doc

        They have a roster capable of winning. It’s called the IL!

      • TR

        We’re waiting for winning to happen after the IL releases it’s grip.

      • Votto4life

        I agree they are incompetent. But trying to win? Come on now.

  14. GreatRedLegsFan

    Has Aquino cleared waivers already?

    • DataDumpster

      I was a week ago today so I would think word would be coming soon. I am confident that our team couldn’t “fix” Aquino but I would bet someone else will give him a MiLB contract to try. Last year it was the SF pitchers, this year we run across Robert Stephenson and Travis Jankowski as guys who were DFA by the Reds but have now gone to a respectable standing for other clubs the last couple of years.

      • Daytonnati

        Wasn’t Stephenson traded for Hoffman?

        Edge: Rockies

    • burtgummer01

      Not surprising that he cleared waivers and will go to Louisville