The Cincinnati Reds allowed six home runs to the Milwaukee Brewers in a 10-5 loss as they were swept and fell to 3-22 on the season. The Reds have just one single win in their last seven series and continue one of the worst starts to a season in Major League Baseball history.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (3-22)
5 9 0
Milwaukee Brewers (18-8) 10 12 1
W: Houser (3-2) L: Greene (1-4)
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The Offense

TJ Friedl lined a single up the middle off of Adrian Houser’s glove to begin the game. Tommy Pham singled to move Friedl up to third, and then back-to-back singles from Tyler Stephenson (who also stole second base) and Colin Moran put the Cincinnati Reds up 3-0 in the top of the 1st.

Cincinnati’s offense was quite in the 2nd and 3rd as the Brewers built an 8-3 lead. In the 4th inning the Reds got one run back on Tyler Stephenson’s 3rd homer of the season. They added another run in the 5th inning when Brandon Drury singled in Albert Almora Jr. to make it an 8-5 ballgame. From there, though, the Reds offense went silent as only a Mike Moustakas double in the 8th and an infield single from Albert Almora Jr. in the 9th.

The Pitching

After getting a 3-0 lead to work with, Hunter Greene struggled to keep the Reds in front as he once again struggled to keep the ball in the ballpark. Before the 3rd inning was over he was out of the game, having given up 9 hits – FIVE home runs – 8 earned runs, walked one batter, and struck out 7.

Luis Cessa took over and recorded the final out of the 3rd inning and all three outs in the 4th, holding the score at 8-4. Tony Santillan followed with a shutout inning of his own that included three strikeouts. Lefty Phillip Diehl threw a perfect 6th inning and held the score at 8-5. Hunter Strickland tossed a shutout 7th inning, walking a batter in the process. Art Warren came on to pitch in the 8th inning and after getting the first two batters of the inning out he gave up a single to Christian Yelich and a 2-run homer to Willy Adames as the Brewers extended their lead to 10-5. That’s where the score remained as Milwaukee completed the sweep.

Key Moment of the Game

Tough to pick just one of the six home runs hit by the Brewers on the day, but it was probably the 2-run homer from Willy Adames in the 2nd inning (not to be confused with the 2-run homer he hit in the 8th inning) that put the Brewers up 6-3.

Notes Worth Noting

The Milwaukee Brewers just completed a 6-game homestand in which they hit more home runs than the Cincinnati Reds have hit all season.

Big Yikes, starters

The Reds are 3-22 and have one single win in their last seven series.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Reds

Friday May 6th, 6:40pm ET

JT Brubaker (0-2, 6.20 ERA) vs Connor Overton (0-0, 1.69 ERA)

153 Responses

  1. Steve

    Don’t worry, the Cleveland Spider jokes will end after a few wins… which will happen any day now.

    I’ve been saying this for a week now.

  2. Rednat

    i always get made fun of when i say Hunter Greene needs to play shortstop but I am going to say it again, Hunter Greene needs to play shortstop. lets at least see what the kid can do in the field.

    • Bill J

      They have a lot of shortstop try the outfield.

    • CI3J

      I don’t think his bat can play there, no matter how good his fielding might be.

      Besides, that position SHOULD BE Barrero’s to lose. But with Bell, I’d be surprised if Barrero gets 100 PA this season once he’s healthy.

    • Cyrus

      There have been many on this site saying, “bring up all the boys on the farm and let’s see what they can do…they can’t be any worse than what we already have…”

      What they might be missing is the irreparable psychological/confidence damage that can occur when players are put into situations like this too early and in the wrong way.

      I know I’m not saying anything you don’t know already but competitive athletes can have their spirits crushed if they face “no win” situations over an extended period. That’s level 101.

      By the ASB, I won’t be surprised if many of those calling for the kids on the farm switch to some other battle cry because their first didn’t pan out.

      This season could inflict collateral damage that sets us back way more than 3-5 years if the young guys are not handled properly.

      Part of good management/leadership is assessing your people and knowing when they are ready to take the next step in terms of responsibility.

      • Dewey Roberts

        I agree. I also think the large number of pitches Greene three above 100 mph in Los Angeles might have damaged his arm. A pitcher needs more than a straight line fastball, no matter how fast it is.

      • Stock

        Green was not ready for sure. Lodolo should have started in AAA too. Reds management felt they would try to fool the casual fan by having both start the season in the show. Hard to suggest that this team is competitive now. I was stressing all winter to blow it up. They should start blowing it up now.

      • Doc

        Have to remember that Lodolo pitched college ball, giving him about 2 more years of pitching by age 22 than Greene has. Right now Lodolo has the better chance of success, he knows where his pitches are going. They are going where he wants them to go.

      • Oldtimer

        Reds have a history of young pitchers flaming out early.

        Ken Hunt in 1961. Wayne Simpson on 1971. Just to name two.

        The highly touted Robert Stephenson is a more recent example.

      • Luke J

        I think people grossly overstate the fragility of an elite athlete’s psyche. They won’t be crushed as easily as you think. You don’t become an elite athlete without some mental resiliency. They have been playing up to tougher competition their whole lives. It won’t hurt them to be overmatched while they develop and figure things out.

      • Dewey Roberts

        Luke J, I am supposing that you are under 40. I have seen too many elite athletes who have had their psyche destroyed by being pushed into competition over their head before they were ready. Here is the thing about elite athletes. It has always gone easy fir them. They dominated. They don’t know how to deal with big time failure.

  3. LDS

    How can anyone continue to support this management team? Fire someone.

    • CI3J

      Nope. Big Bob has the organization stocked with people who will kiss the ring, and that’s the way he likes it.

    • Scot Lykins

      Just as a statement that they care. Even if it is the ballboy.

  4. Kevin H

    2022 will be remembered in Reds history for tanking. They can say whatever they want but the product is on the field. I agree with the comment. Just fire someone and show you pretend to care.

  5. west larry

    since we can do nothing to harm Phil C, could we at least put him into one of those “dunk me” contest so that we can all line up to take three shots at the lever on the plank to dunk him? All proceeds go to charity-and make him wear that red sports coat.

    • Mark Moore

      I’d fly up, lay down $100 for balls, and make sure he got dunked over 50% of the time.

  6. Steelerfan

    Of course, tank in the first season with a lottery…


    Do you think that opposing teams have enough film on Greene that they know how to hit him? (sarc)

    • VaRedsFan

      Could be tipping his pitches. Could have been that they were just sitting on his fastball since he couldn’t throw other pitches for strikes.

      Could be Derrick Johnson issue.
      Pitchers have regressed under his tutelage only to leave, and experience immediate success. Trevor Bauer was a driveline disciple, so there’s a chance that he didn’t even listen to DJ

      • Stock


        Sonny Gray with the Yankees: 4.90 ERA
        Sonny Gray in thee year with the Reds: ERA 3.48
        Sonny Gray so far with the Twins: 5.68

        Wade Miley with the Astros: 3.98 ERA
        Wade Miley with the Reds: 3.55 ERA

        Castillo prior to Johnson: 3.89 ERA
        Castillo since Johnson: 3.61 ERA

        Bauer with Cincinnati: Cy Young and 1.73 ERA
        Bauer elsewhere: 0 Cy Young

        Sorry, but I don’t see this as a Derrick Johnson problem.

  8. RedsGettingBetter

    Well maybe Greene needed sometime at AAA yet but he was promoted before thanks to this fu**ing Reds IL situation
    Where are Castellinis going?

  9. Moon

    The worst start in baseballs modern era (the last 122 years) through 25 games:

    1988 Baltimore Orioles 2-23
    2003 Detroit Tigers 3-22
    2022 Cincinnati Reds 3-22

    The 1988 Baltimore Orioles had the worst 25-game start in MLB’s Modern Era (since 1900) at 2-23.

    • Moon

      Above Stats are from an article in the Cincy Inquirer

  10. Eddie

    What is there to lose have McCain shortstop come up he been homerun last 7 games now and farmer needs a break and season over anyways

    • DaveCT

      I wouldn’t put any good player in AA or below within 100 miles of this team right now.

      AAA vets or AAAA players only. This will be a 162 game lesson of exactly how not to do anything correctly. I would not subject any young, up and coming player to the despair and hopelessness this entire season will bring.

  11. DaveCT

    The oldest franchise in baseball is an expansion team. Casey Stengel should be named as Manager. Bell can stick around and still do everything, as nothing can help this team, nothing. But we need Casey right now.

    • greenmtred

      If the Reds have the power to get Casey Stengel, they have the power to fill the roster with great players from the past.

  12. DaveCT

    This organization is not only a farce, it’s a fraud. The Castellanis are frauds. Yes, injuries, illnesses, etc. have devastated things. No one can argue that. It’s simply useless to critique any of the team or players or them.

    I’ve been as hard on Krall(ing to the finish). He’s getting a pass from me from here on in. This is the Castellanis. This is all the Castellanis. Phil should resign. Bob should turn leadership over. It’s high time to take the keys from Grandpa.

  13. CI3J

    I just want to say this:

    I really wish Joey Votto had seen the writing on the wall and retired this past offseason. It’s embarrassing and heart-breaking that a player of his caliber has to be part of a season like this.

    • Jon

      Or requested a trade to a contender. Even if the Reds had to pay half his salary, it still would have been a win-win situation.

    • burtgummer01

      He won’t walk away from all that money

      • jon

        I think this will be Votto’s last year if he doesn’t turn it around.He said many times he will hang it up when he can’t play at a high level.

      • Old Big Ed

        Burt is right and Jon is wrong.

        Votto has the option making $25 million in 2023 in 7 months of work, or making $0 in 2023. It would be worth it for him to take the money, even if he gave it all away to Habitat or something. Given the choice of having a decent charity having the money, or else the Castellinis and their cronies keeping it, what do you think that Votto would choose?

  14. Jon

    Is anyone getting fired before the home stand begins tomorrow?

    • Mark Moore

      99.9% chance of a “big fat no!” on that.

  15. Alex

    The way this has played out… It’s bigger then just, dumb baseball team does dumb things… This is bigger than that. This is kharmic revenge of some kind. Let’s see… They align payroll with resources in the interesting way only they could. Flubbing the PR all along the way. The trust fund baby clown owners son actively trashes the fans before the season. They open the season literally as bad as any team ever. This all happens under a backdrop of a Bengals SB run, FA signings, practice facility etc. All the while it seems the Castellini and Williams family businesses have hit the skids and now this trash fire of a baseball team is their only revenue generator. Some kind of kharmic justice is being repaid here. Bob’s daddy choked the rural Midwest into submission with his rate hikes when farmers had no other choices. Have those chickens come home to roost? Na…. They are probably just dumb.

  16. Bred

    Even if, okay, when the season ends, and the reds have the worst record, they are not guaranteed the first pick. Correct? Isn’t there some type of lottery now?

    • VaRedsFan

      Correct….they could pick as low as 7th.

    • Greenfield Red

      Now is a good time to ask: is it a weighted lottery wherein the worst team has the best chance or is it staight up 1 in 7 chance?

      • Moon

        Greenfield, it is a weighted lottery. All 18 teams that do not make the playoffs are in. The first six picked get the first six picks in order selected. After that they next 12 picks are done back to the old way of worst record selects first.

      • Old Big Ed

        It is also thought to be a deep draft, so they ought to be OK.

        If they can get a guy who can catch a pop-up, then they have improved themselves.

  17. LDS

    Not much real content in the article though. Some statistical blather, e.g., reversion to the mean, coupled with a little Sabermetrics, the Pythagorean. None of this is predictive. As the article said, it’s a tendency. Outliers can be outliers for a long, long time. And sometimes things never “revert to the mean”, e.g., aging players no longer approach their historical averages.

  18. JB

    I’m so irritated with the Castellinis that I don’t even care if they win another game this year. I mean if we are going to lose, then let’s do it big time. Let’s smash the record and be great at it. Lets show the Oakland fans how not to show up at the park. Let’s do 100 people at the most. Let’s force the two numb skulls to stand down at the grocery stores and hand out free tickets so they can try to make a buck. All fans show up at local bars and eateries and root for the home team to lose. Let’s give the money to local businesses instead of the cheapskate. I’m tired of this crap every year it seems.

  19. Jim Walker

    Two things about Greene’s recent performance are disconcerting to me. The first is his loss of velocity. The second is his growing wildness and loss of command/ control.

    I watched most of Greene’s work last year at AA and AAA via MiLB(.)TV. Deep into the season 2021, he threw 90-100 pitches per outing at 100MPH with little or no loss of velocity or control. He typically threw 65-70% strikes. In the last several cycles through the AAA rotation, before he was shut down for the season, his pitch counts were lowered into the 75-85 range but his velocity and command seemed steady.

    In his first 2 outings this season, the Hunter Greene I saw was a more mature version of the guy I saw last year. He had steady velocity at 101-103MPH. He also had sharp control, especially on his slider. Now both his velocity and control/ command seem to have gone into the dumper.

    I am not a trainer or schooled in the details of pitching mechanics; but, folks with the Reds who know about these things need to get to the bottom of what is going on with him.

    • LDS

      Maybe the someone with the Reds is the REASON that Greene has reverted. Who on the Reds is pitching well? Mahle? Gutiérrez? Pick it.

      • Jim Walker

        I am open to the possibility that the apparent effort to teach Greene a 2 seam fastball and integrate into his game on the fly in the early portion of his rookie MLB season at age 22 could be a factor in his recent performance.

        Also, there are some guys who don’t need a “guru” to get them from point “A” to point “B” and the egos of “gurus” are not always conscious of this or amenable to it.

      • LDS

        Sadly, true in the corporate world as well.

    • Old-school

      Greene has never pitched professionally for an entire season. He didnt really do that well at AAA last year and then was shut down and then no contact with the organization for 5 months.
      I said ST keep him in AAA for 8 starts and then saw Atlanta and said wow… i guess I was wrong .

      But being a SP is about consistency every 5 th day over 30 starts and is a marathon with lots of things – errors, weather, nagging aches, bad luck, not a fresh arm , GAPB home runs, etc

      Greene has never pitched 1 full season- let alone the gauntlet of dodgers braves brewers cards- looks like adrenaline and fresh arm and talent and poise got him through first 2 starts but now the adrenaline is gone as well as the fresh arm and scouting reports are out and the mental part of being a pro every 5 th day ready to compete is omnipresent. Hiccup

  20. Rob

    I feel sorry for the players. Yes, they are part of the blame with their 200 averages and 9.00 ERAs. No doubt! But while we are talking professionals, we are also talking a lot of young impressionable players. Losing breeds losing and this is the worst. We currently have a team absolutely loaded with minor leaguers who we verify are true minor leaguers. Maybe as many as 10 guys and Louisville’s best. 2-3 of these guys will probably prove their merit and still be with the Reds in 2024. Maybe Lodolo,Greene, and Sanmartin will do a back flip and turn it around in June. For the sake of sanity, let’s hope so. I know if I were on this team, and I had a 10 year career in front of me, my agent would be telling Krall no more and let me go. Wink, Amir, and Lorenzen madei it out. I can’t imagine and good young competitive guy…..India, Mahle, Stephenson,Castillo ….not wanting similar. Yes, I would want to play for a team in a race and trying to win.

  21. Melvin

    The Pirates are licking their chops. Can’t wait to play the Reds.

    • TheCoastMan

      Uh, yea, as well as every other team on the Reds schedule….

  22. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    May 5 and already 14.5 games back of the Brewers. Nobody should watch or attend games for this franchise, going forward.

    Somebody needs to be held accountable. People look forward to watching baseball after a long Winter, and this is the product they put on the field.

    The Castellinis, Krall and Bell are cultivating a culture of losing. They must be held accountable in some way, time for the fans to ignore this team.

  23. Old-school

    @ Doug

    You used to do an occasional Q&A

    Any chance to revisit on a Reds off day ?

    Love to get your insights 1 month into the season on potential minor league promotions early summer

    • DaveCT

      On Patreon for RML, you can do an All Questions Answered/Mailbag. Worth it alone.

  24. Mark Moore

    Completely depressing game.

    On a brighter note, I got an e-mail offering for $25 and jumped on it. That way I can pick winning teams and see some cool team logos.

    I feel almost pathetic that it’s come to that.

  25. William

    Another day, another loss. I think the Reds will improve. However, they are probably the worst team in baseball right now. Owners are counting the dollars. They do not care about us.

  26. steven ross

    Been a fan longer than most of you have been alive so to have total apathy by May 5th is not something I thought would happen. By the 3rd or 4th inning, you know it’s over from our inanimate Reds.. Not that firing Bell, Krall or both would matter because the feckless ownership is culpable but somebody has to fall on the sword for this fiasco. I would expect changes to commence tomorrow.

  27. Michael B. Green

    Where is the interim President of Baseball Operations? When does Phil Castellini resign? Do the right thing for baseball, the franchise and the City. Address the toxicity that any fan sees with ownership by putting in place an interim President.

    • David

      Phil Castellini….Resign?

      Ha, ha , ha, ha….surely you jest? Phil will someday be the managing ownership partner for the franchise.
      Phil Castellini is not going anywhere. He will fail upwards.
      Seriously, time to find another team to root for.

      • Michael B. Green

        Yes. I jest. Just thinking in terms of the right thing to do. I think that family is on record stating they are committed to winning. I guess that definition has a different context.

  28. Randy

    No matter how much we Reds fans agree or disagree with management our hero David Bell signed an 3 year extension during the off-season and the team cash strapped Bell isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So we as fans has to deal with it and suck it up. The only thing positive is maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

  29. Ghostrunner_onthird

    Anyone know the URL to the Redleg Nation Support Group? Asking for a friend.

  30. vared

    Reds should own how bad this is and drastically, drastically cut ticket prices. I’m assuming that’s even allowed – may not be. It would really stink for those that have already purchased tiks for upcoming games (as I have for July 4th weekend), but it’s hold prices steady and play in front of sub 10,000 fans or own it, reduce the prices a ton, and maybe occasionally draw twice that. Obviously as far as competing the season is over – figure out a way to get warm bodies in the seats regardless (other than bobbleheads).

    • Indy Red Man

      When Hunter Greene pitches everyone is a bobblehead

  31. Mark Moore

    OK, so I didn’t realize the added bonus of included watching the between innings shenanigans. Great fun.

    • DaveCT

      Nice! I looked for it for an hour and came up empty.

    • Jim Walker

      Every locale is different in presentation and sophistication. I’ve wondered why MiLB doesn’t try to sell centralized advertising inserts between half innings. Guess it would require a level of centralized switching/ production beyond their current capabilities at an expense making it not worth the effort.

  32. Melvin

    The email updates on posts aren’t working for me. You guys having that problem?

    • Melvin

      Just got the subscribe comments email. I’m sure it will work now.

  33. Roger Garrett

    I have always been a big fan of just let the kids play.I have no faith in anybody in the organization to say this guy is ready or nor ready beyond what the stats say or don’t say.Now we can discuss how long a player should stay in the minors and at what level but its usually comes down to if you do well you move up.The Reds bring players up and either annoint a player or throw him under the bus after a small sample size and we do the same thing.Greene may or may not be ready but if he isn’t who in the minors can assure he does get ready.I mean its not like this team is going to get any worse if he struggles and who better then your big league pitching coach to help him.Lets be honest we haven’t has a can’t miss prospect since Jay Bruce and may never have one.Greene as long as he is healthy needs to pitch and the same with Barrero and India and TySteve and any other player in the minors that has proven he can play.It will be at best 2024 before this team under this ownership even competes so why not see what we may have as we look forward.I have no clue about Greene but guys that are 22 that throw 100 well you know.Lets say we just give him 25 more starts and look see again

  34. Steve D

    At this point we need to send Hunter and Lodolo back to AAA to get their confidence up. Let them cruise through some easy lineups while counting their innings until August and then bring them back up after their confidence is back at the end of the year

    • DaveCT

      It may be be hard but could do well to keep their ML experience free of the despair this season will ingraine.

    • Doc

      After his last very good start, I would keep Lodolo up and give him another start or two. Can’t forget that he had multiple college seasons under his belt, unlike Greene who has multiple years of surgery and rehab under his belt.

      • DaveCT

        I believe you are correct. Lodolo looks like an old man already.

  35. Anno

    As someone who watched this team a lot from 2011-2015, and have barely kept up with them until around September last year, and decided to start getting invested in this team again this year

    I did not pick the right season to do that.

  36. GMan88

    The ’88 Orioles started 2-23 and finished 54-107, which is actually pretty respectable all things considered. With this rotation having an ERA hovering around 9.00, there will be too few games where they will have a chance. Worst Reds team in history (60 or fewer wins), possibly worst team in MLB history.

    • David

      Yes, this. I don’t see any way out. I have no ideas. If the Reds’ send Lodolo and Greene down to AAA (and that’s not a bad idea, at all), then who takes their place in the rotation? Mark Minor…is he even CLOSE to being ready?
      Castillo might be back soon.
      Santillan could be stretched out to start.
      And they got Roger Dugger from Tampa (on waivers).

      But yes, this will be an epically bad record and team. There is no escaping this now. The starting pitching is just awful. The bullpen has been called on too much, as starters rarely escape the 4th inning. So now, the bullpen is kind of ruined.

  37. Matt WI

    Anyone saying Greene should have been held back in AAA probanly isn’t being honest with themselves. If you can prove you were saying that after start #1, then good on you. But 99% of Reds fans, myself included, were hoping to see the kid, regardless of the team IL situation at the start of the season. Maybe he ends up going back, which is fine, but nobody should be fronting that they wanted him there to begin with without receipts to prove it. Almost everyone has resigned to watching the kids play. This is what we’re getting. But just for now.

    • Redsvol

      I can’t prove it but I said it in spring training that hee needed to start in AAA and I stand by that. I also said Lodilo was more ready and we needed someone like mike minor to absorb innings. If we don’t get some veterans in here to absorb some of these innings we’re going to need a whole new bullpen by July.

    • Old Big Ed

      Plus, if they had started Greene at AAA, then the board would be ripping them for service-time manipulation and not letting the kids play.

      • Matt WI

        That’s exactly right, Ed. People constantly bang on the Reds for waiting too long to bring guys up.

        And listen, I’m sure there are people who didn’t feel he was ready, I was speaking more to the general fan wisdom that makes it seem like it was an obvious mistake to bring him up after the fact. “After the fact, therefore because of the fact.”

        Now, if mgmt all felt he wasn’t ready and threw him to the wolves for publicity in the middle of a tear down, then there is a big problem.

    • Jim Walker

      I was mildly surprised Greene and Lodolo started at the MLB level this season because the conclusion to both their seasons last year was not conclusive that they were ready for MLB. On the cusp, yes. Maybe ready, perhaps even probably ready, yes. But clearly ready, no for both of them.

      I expected both Greene and Lodolo to start at AAA and once they were established and rolling move up to the MLB club, likely no sooner than mid June, perhaps around the All Star break. Ultimately the injuries to Castillo and Minor forced the Reds’ hand. Rather than start the MLB season with veteran innings eaters the team had on minor league deals, they chose to push the cream of the crop to the top.

  38. Redhaze

    Have there been any fan protests around the ballpark yet? Not showing up at at games does not matter to this ownership group obviously. Peaceful protesting showing that the city and the fans deserve better.

  39. DaveCT

    How long before MLB is forced to investigate? The new labor agreement makes a point of not tanking. Even if tanking is due to incompetence as well as greed. Pretty sure the NBA did this get rid of an owner once.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      The truth is that the never-to-be-imagined injury and illness situation plays a part in all of this. This team was going to stink after losing three top run producers and two reliable starting pitchers, but having more than half of the expected roster disabled has turned this into a perfect-storm situation of unbelievable futility.

      • Jim Walker

        2022 reminds me of a season in the 1990s while Marge Schott was still in control of the team.

        Anything that could go wrong for the team was going wrong. The signature moment that sticks in my memory is Mrs Schott trotting out onto the field and hovering over trainers treating a prone on the ground Reggie Sanders who had been injured at 2B during the final play of a Reds loss. It seemed like the end of the Reds world for that season.

        All these years later, details are hard to find, but this was almost certainly the 1997 season. (Game play by play and Sanders’ game logs on BBRef indicate on May 23, 1997 Sanders drew a walk in the 9th inning, was out at 2B in a game ending GIDP 3-1 loss to the Cubs at RiverFront, and then did not play again for 52 games)

        That loss dropped the 1997 Reds to 14-31 on the season. What goes around comes back around. On the brighter side, Ray Knight was fired as manager after 99 games (43-56) with Jack McKeon taking over and leading the team to a 33-30 record to close out the season but it would take another sad season before the stage was set for the wonderful even if ultimately heartbreaking 1999 season.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Also part of the perfect storm is a very, very difficult schedule to start the year.

      I’m not removing any blame from the Castellinis. There is no way that a well-run organization would have cratered to among potentially the worst teams in the history of the sport. Right now my vision of Bob, Phil and Nick is a collective shrug. “Any ideas?” Someone needs to lead a revitalization of spirit and hope, and it certainly won’t be those three.

      • Jim Walker

        That was Dick Williams’ role and once the Castellini’s saw the bill, he was out the door despite his dad and uncle also being “principal olwners”.

    • DaveCT

      Yes, Tom. Truth in that, and thanks for the reply.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      In the absence of any logical explanations by anyone in a position of authority, it’s my belief that the front office decided to go fully the Tampa Bay route sometime between the end of last season and this year’s spring training.

      Krall is telling Nick and Bob to take a look at the treasure trove of pitching prospects in the low minors, and it is truly impressive. They got many of them at the expense of Winker, Suarez and Gray. It’s almost like Krall, with the mindset and orders to build a Tampa-Bay-type organization, forgot about the big-league team. Or made a massive miscalculation on what effect losing the veteran leaders would have.

      • DaveCT

        I think it’s worse, Tom. I think at the massive outcry at gutting this team, the organization panicked, made some ok signings and some of desperation. And the result is a team with no depth, and the performance worthy of an expansion team. It’s a terrible, terrible situation that is not worthy of major league ownership. Yes, they have some cover. But it doesn’t come close to reaching the level of incompetence having been demonstrated. If they believe their own delusions, things are as bad as we may believe.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Very good points, and you may very well have hit the nail on the head.

      • Joey Red

        I don’t think you can call it a treasure trove. The thing is know one knows how good they are. And why should anyone have any confidence the Reds will get it right? Isn’t this the second “rebuild” in like 10 years? How did the first one work out? Please don’t point to the 2020 playoff team as proof of success. I’ve said it before but to compare this franchise to the Rays is ridiculous. And even with their success the Rays haven’t won a WS title. Isn’t that the goal? I would say the Cardinals way is more effective. This whole idea of tearing down a team to its foundations and rebuilding again and again and again isn’t exactly foolproof. And it’s certainly not endearing to the fans. It’s tiresome and grueling. And it’s not like the Rays are packing the house attendance wise. Trading for prospects and tanking for prospects is like playing the lottery. This franchise has been in rebuild more for basically 30 years. It ain’t working.

      • greenmtred

        The first “rebuild” didn’t work out and you’re right: Nobody can know with certainty how a prospect’s talent will translate to a solid MLB career. But all good players were prospects once, and the Reds have a lot of promising prospects. Some will likely be good, some not, but this is a better position to be in than it would be with a bare cupboard. Of course, ownership could mess this up.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        @Joey Red — My comparison to the Rays is in management style only. It is clear that the Reds front office wants to depend on excellent prospects moving through the farm system and ending up on the big league roster with six years of control at reduced wages. That is the basis of Tampa’s management style, though they also make very shrewd trades to complement their own farm system. Whether the Reds can match Tampa’s success in this approach is completely uncertain.

        And regarding the treasure trove of minor league pitching prospects: Kyle Boddy of Driveline, former Reds minor league pitching coordinator, said in a recent tweet that Dayton alone has more major league pitching prospects than some teams have in their entire organization. And that doesn’t include Williamson and Dunn who came from Seattle and Petty who came from Minnesota. I regard Boddy as someone who knows what he’s talking about and who has no motivation based on organizational ties to exaggerate.

        Of course, they all won’t make it. That never happens.

      • Joey Red

        I agree green to a certain extent. All teams have prospects and always have. Not all teams are winners though so the difference is ownership and front office. The Reds accept being small market or so they say. Because of that prospects are developed for the sole purpose of trading them at some point. I’m sure when the Reds developed Rose,Bench and Perez they weren’t thinking that way. Yes times have changed but it doesn’t have to be this way with perpetual rebuilding. And it’s very difficult to catch lightning in a bottle and win a WS within a 3-4 year window before trading away the proven players for prospects.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        It’s my belief that it is very clear that the front office may always say their objective is to try to win the World Series, but the true goal is to be competitive on a yearly basis on a tight budget. If that can actually happen, it’s not a bad goal considering the past 30 years. They’re going to build around the young prospects who make it in the bigs, and hopefully make some trades to fill gaps. But they aren’t going to do any more Votto, Homer Bailey, etc., contracts. You almost never see Tampa make a big move at the trade deadline, even if they are in contention. This is how I believe this team will (TRY TO) operate for as long as the Castellinis own the club.

    • Rednat

      i think this home series is very important for the league to watch. if they go 0-7 the reds would blow by the historic worst starts by the tigers and orioles. i think the commissioner would at the very least give the reds a warning for poor play to maintain some legitimacy.

      i do kind of hope a battle does begin to brew between the reds and the commissioner’s office. it is not like the reds cut their payroll too significantly. they made some questionable trades, sure. But they did go out and spend money on players like Pham, Moran, Fraley. problem is these guys are just not very good. And I think that is the main problem with league right now. there are just too few good position players to go around. And the rich teams are gobbling them all up.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Well, we know that if the commissioner’s office gets interested enough that things can happen (ahem, Marge Schott).

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Krall was searching through the thrift-store player bins when he started signing players in spring training.

      • DaveCT

        I hear you loud and clear. Posted about this same thing earlier. The incompetence at a minimum. This is an ethical issue now, given Phil’s remarks. It reeks of fraud. As in Conspiracy to Defraud.

  40. DaveCT

    Jesse Winker, first home run, against the Rats’ left handed Shane McClanahan, throwing 100. And Geno with a great defensive play.

    Doug, maybe one way to salvage this season (on a business side) is to post ‘where are now’ reports on our former players. UCONN basketball used to do this with their many players in the pro’s. Just like us, with our many players graduating to a professional organization. I’m only half kidding

  41. Rednat

    i think what happens next with the reds depends on how the national media reacts. In a sadistic way i want the reds to keep losing just to see how much national attention it would generate. i think the negative national media attention was a big reason Mike Brown finally starting opening up his wallet to bring in some free agents. If the reds win 60 games this year, nobody will say a word. If they win 20, yeah, that would generate some negative attention

    • Indy Red Man

      Lets not get silly. Nobody is going 3-25 X 6. I do think the 62 Mets are within reach though at 40-120. The Reds have to go 37-100 to be worse if they play 162.

  42. GreatRedLegsFan

    Moving forward with the starting rotation: Castillo, Mahle, Lodolo, Overton and Ashcraft until Minor is back from IL. Five pitchers shall be removed from the active roster this month to accomodate Castillo, Lodolo, Minor, Wilson and the reduction to 13 pitchers. They should be Greene, Gutierrez, Diehl plus two of Warren, Farmer and/or Strickland.

  43. TR

    I’m resigned to the fact this ownership is hunkering down and meaningful change will not be made until MLB and/or Reds fans begin demonstrating around and in GABP. If change, starting with ownership is not made, down the road, I can see Cincinnati eventually losing the Reds franchise.

    • Daytonnati

      If MLB has not intervened in Pittsburgh, the Castellinis are safe.

    • Rednat

      and at this point, would it be such a bad thing if the reds left town? i have been a fan since the 1950s and imo the last team worth the price of admission was the 1999 team. it has been a quarter century now of boredom, disappointment, sadness. and it is just getting worse.

  44. Jeffery

    Need to move Pete to 3rd and put Foster in left.

    • Daytonnati


      But whatever you do, keep Tony and trade Driessen for pitching.

  45. cinvenfan

    Perhaps I´ll get the heat for my opinion, but at some point facts should be said to evaluate this tragic season:
    – None of the players gone (Gray, Miley, Suarez, Winker, Barnhardt) are doing great. Not even Castellanos is playing that great.
    – No team could survive with all the injuries the Reds have had since day 1. Especially if the first month of games was against Atlanta, Dodgers, SD (the always nasty West Coast trip), Cardinals, Milwaukee….just today they´ll play the Pirates.
    – As always, Votto hides the first month of the season. Just when he was most needed with all the injuries (see above). The rest of the vets too, especially Mahle, Moose. Senzel always hurt.
    – Unfortunately, Greene is well….green. Same for Lodolo and the rest.

    Yes, the FO deserves every single thing said about them, but we can´t turn away from reality. Bell, the coaches and the players are definitely to blame too for this embarrasment.

  46. IndyDoug

    Suarez is who he was and is:
    2021- .198/.286/.428
    2022- .202/.298/.427

    • wkuchad

      Sadly, his 2022 stats are still better than any Red with at least 40 at bats other than Pham and Drury.

  47. DHud

    I was playing MLB The Show last night with Live Rosters and noticed 4/5 of the players on the reds bench in the game aren’t real players, but computer generated stock players

    This reds roster is SO BAD, that they’re fielding players not even bothered to be programmed into The Show. Two of them who weren’t there STARTED this game!

  48. old-school

    Reds are obviously at their lowest point in forever and not much to be optimistic about, but the first inning 2 out opposite field RBI single from Tyler Stephenson was a thing of beauty. Moose had just K’d with a runner on 3rd but Stephenson didnt let the scoring opportunity go to waste and picked up his teammate. Little things like that are big.

    In a season as bad as this, you have to look through the fog and look for bright spots for a better day. Tyler Stephenson is a building block. Jon India is a building block. Those are 2 good reasons to go watch this team and hopefully another 2-3 young high talent position players step up with their performance on the field the next 5 months and realize their potential and join them at the MLB level as building blocks. Are you listening Jose Barrero and Nick Senzel and Matt McClain?

    • Jim Walker

      I agree but the new generation has to get on the field; and, there is no assurance Barrero or McLain are going to get the chance.

      Also, the clock is seriously ticking on Senzel. This is his age 27 season; and, he will be a second year arbitration guy in the coming off season.

      Schrock is a guy to keep an eye on at the next tier down in a super sub role. He just hits and hits some more given consistent opportunity and is credible anywhere but C, CF, or SS in the field.

  49. LDS

    The weather looks promising in Cincinnati today – Come on rainout

    • Jim Walker

      Wondering how the Reds and league will play this given there is already a double header Saturday. It looks to be set up for a dual admission day/ nite event. Anybody for let’s play 3 in one day?

      • LDS

        Haha, I was shooting for heavy rain all weekend. When a 3-22 team makes NO changes, it’s better they don’t play. My career, now pleasantly behind me, would have been much shorter if I had delivered lousy results without taking action.

      • Jim Walker

        I was thinking just get them over and done with 😉

  50. Michael B. Green

    A doubleheader increases our probability of winning a game.

  51. Reddawg2012

    Can we dunk him into a tank of gasoline. Too far?

  52. Harold

    We could have gone to the playoffs last year with 2 bullpen pitchers. We won 82 games. That’s really a lot with the people we have in charge of this team. Bell is about as incompetent as anyone managing the team in baseball. Krall is a G.M. in name only. He answers to Big Bob and hopes to collect some experience and I wish him well on his way out the door. I call on the ownership group to get together and find money to buy the team or bring in new owners to build this team back to what Reds fans deserve. We deserve better that Bob and Phil. They can’t go on, in control, nor should they. Nothing good can happen this year. Bring in NEW OWNERSHIP, A NEW FRONT OFFICE, AND NEW MANAGER. People will accept a complete house cleaning. START OVER and rebuild this team with new people!!!!

    • LDS

      I agree completely. Start today by firing Bell, Zinter, and DJ.

    • Votto4life

      The Reds might have made the play-offs last year had Bell had the guts to use Greene as a closer. But David Bell doesn’t take any chances.

      My beef with Bell is there is never a sense of urgency with the guy. As the Wild Card lead dithered away last season, he was still following his silly “Scheduled days off”.

      David Bell is much better suited to manage a local Pizza Hut than he is a Major League Baseball team.

    • TR

      Agreed, but who is going to bring in new ownership, new front office and new manager but Bob and Phil?

  53. Mark A Verticchio

    100 percent correct about Bell they need to get rid of him or people like Mclain will never get a chance to play. You would think 3 and 22 would have done it. I want them to get rid of him so I can support them 100 percent again.

  54. Old-school

    The radar clears at 9 pm.

    Are they really going to play till past midnight and then play a day night DH tomorrow and a game Sunday? Boy the players went full out to get paid 162 games when the logistics of the calendar said 154 was much better. If you thought injuries were bad now, wait 4 weeks.

    But at least Moose gets his full salary.

  55. HoosierBadger

    All my comments seem to get deleted here because of my criticism of ownership. I suspect this one will be too.

    All I can say is that the Castellinis for once are facing accountability with an historically pathetic record, team ERA and batting performance. I feel so bad for the players, like Joey Votto, who have to persevere in a toxic environment. Where you going to go?