The Cincinnati Reds only have bad luck. There is no such thing as good luck in Redleg Nation right now. An hour before the start of the game on Wednesday the organization placed outfielders Nick Senzel and Tyler Naquin on the injured list and called up outfielders Ronnie Dawson and Albert Almora Jr. from Triple-A Louisville as substitute players.

With Nick Senzel and Tyler Naquin joining the injured list, the Cincinnati Reds now have more than half of a team on the list with 15 players currently on it.

Ronnie Dawson and Albert Almora Jr. are both on the way up after having played a game this afternoon in Indianapolis. Dawson hit a solo home run in the first inning of the game and that single run was the only one that either team scored all game.

Albert Almora Jr. is hitting .357 this season in 4 rehab games with the High-A Dayton Dragons and 12 games with the Triple-A Louisville Bats. Since joining Louisville he’s only struck out twice.

Ronnie Dawson has spent the entire season in Triple-A. Over the span of his 26 games played this year he’s hit .281/.373/.458 with five doubles, four home runs, and four stolen bases.

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  1. LDS

    The porcelain doll is chipped again? Frankly, I hope Almora and Dawson tear the cover off the ball and neither Senzel nor Naquin ever start again.

      • ryan

        If they are vaccinated and feel fine they shouldn’t go on the IL

      • Colorado Red

        Not so,
        Not a real vaccine, as it does not prevent it.
        But you can spread it.

      • greenmtred

        That is a real vaccine: It reduces serious illness and death significantly, and reduces–but does not eliminate– infections and transmissions.

  2. Eddie

    Hb we put everyone on the il and end our season lol this is crazy

  3. Magnum 44

    Honestly I feel bad Senzel it is like he is snake bitten. His injury history has never allowed him to hit a streak. It’s true the best ability is availability.

  4. Maloney63

    Simply beyond belief. Well, outside of Pham none of our outfielders have hit a lick all year so might as well give some new blood a shot! Stick ’em in the lineup I say!

  5. Hotto4Votto

    Can we put Big Bob on n the IL?

  6. Old-school

    Votto naquin and Votto are ill

    They literally arent allowed to join the team if they have things like fever chills headache etc

    Tying this into the narrative of a soft tissue injury or broken bone is just weak

    Stuff like this happens when 26 people are grouped together in close quarters constantly in a pandemic

  7. Old-school

    Pham and moose are coming around

    Maybe Moose can be a 1 tool player- DH

  8. Eddie

    Just when you thought reds have something clicking our pitcher hits 2 batters tonight and then allow grandslam well this one over typical reds am I right haha nothing going right for reds.

  9. Doc4uk

    Curious what other teams have three people out with Covid symptoms?

    • Eddie

      The only team I know is giants but one will start Wednesday though. I check on website called

    • JayTheRed

      Blue Jays have two coaches who have Covid apparently it was announced on their game broadcast.

    • Votto4life

      I think I read the Cardinals have a Covid outbreak. I’m not sure how many players have been effected, but something like 21 in the St.Louis organization have tested positive.

  10. donny

    Makes you wonder how they’re getting covid when no one is showing up to the ball park . You would think that they would have the less possibility of getting covid than any other team in baseball.

    Not only are the fans not showing up neither are the players .

    • JayTheRed

      Only takes one person to give you covid.

      • donny

        It was a joke . With a mixture of facts like the fans not showing up and the players not showing up to play .

  11. William

    I would have never traded Winker or Suarez. They had great personality and were fun to watch. That matters in a game that can be boring without players with personality. The other players they let go would have placed them under their yearly budget. Pham is playing good now, but you did not need to sign him or anyone else. India, Winker, Votto, Suarez, Stephenson, Moose (DH), Naquin, Senzel, and Farmer would have been good this year. They would have done fine in the future with all of the young pitchers who will save future costs. Oh well… 3 and 21…..

    • ryan

      Suarez striking out and hitting under .200 was not fun to watch

      • Still a Red

        Agreed…but always a chance to hit a HR.

  12. Erik the Red

    This team may lose 125 games. I was not optimistic at all to start the season, however I figured worst case would be around 90 losses. There is no life anywhere in this organization. My summer will be open at least 3 hours per day .

  13. William

    The GM would be fired by most of the other owners.

    • donny

      The GM is the least of the Reds problems .
      The Reds owner is a triple down affect of the reds biggest problem.
      Get rid of the owner the problem will fix it’s self .

      • Votto4life

        No question that Nick Krall has been hampered by the orders to slash payroll. But there are teams with lower payrolls and who are having a better year. Milwaukee isn’t that much ahead of the Reds in terms of payroll and they are in first place.

        I am willing to give Nick Krall and David Bell some credit for working for cheap owners. But let’s not kid ourselves. Nick Krall and David Bell are very much part of the problem. They both share the blame for this mess.

      • donny

        I disagree
        Lets not kid ourselves .
        You can’t blame Nick Krall for all the payroll.
        A lot of the players on the payroll are players signed before Krall was even put in position.
        Krall also has a very limited payroll thanks to the Castellini Corporation . I put zero blame on Krall or Bell and every bit of the blame on Bob.
        As for the reds record is concerned . You can’t overlook the player injury’s and the bad moral that the Castellini family has put in place in Reds nation and a owner who changes his mind on what he wants to do every year.
        Then handcuffs Krall on what he can spend .
        Then Bob to save face because of the flak he receives from the fans. Changes his mind again and allows Krall to spend some when all the decent players are gone already.

        Bob’s inability to run a baseball team or understand baseball in general or even fails to listen to the experts when they give him advice and goes with his own decision and changes his decision yearly is without a doubt the biggest problem.
        I don’t believe there is a GM in the world that can work efficiently under a owner that changes his mind on what he wants every year and even changes his mind during free agency when he receives flak.

    • donny

      The GM can only do what the owner allows him to do.
      If the owner ”BOB” fires the GM that should further tell you the problem.

      • Votto4life

        I doubt Bob ordered Nick Krall to trade for Mike Minor or sign Colin Moran and Tommy Pham. The money could have been used in future arbitration cases or even signing India or Stephenson to an extension.

        Nick Krall may not be 100% to blame for
        This mess, but he is guilty non the less.

      • donny

        What ,
        First of all , There is no reason they still can’t sign players to a extension.
        They don’t need to do it this year do they ?
        Second, it really is up to big BOB isn’t it.
        I am starting to wonder if the players even want to play for the Reds under this owner.
        The one who really makes the decisions on what they can spend.
        As far as the Mike Minor deal . I find nothing wrong with it. I will take Minor over Amir Garret every time.
        As far as Colin Moran . What else could Krall get for cheap . like Bob wants. Care to mention any names ?
        Tommy Pham , well i was against that signing But things don’t always work out do they ?

      • Still a Red

        I’m not sure Phil is committed to signing extensions. There’s only two or three players I believe that have contracts that go out farther than 1 year, votto, moose, and minor. I think his strategy is bring in the youngsters, keep them for 5 years, if they are any good, then trade ’em before free agency. Fill in with 1 year has beens. Every year will be year-to-year…no long term committments.

  14. William

    GM is a nice guy, but the fans come first.

    • donny

      AGAIN ,
      The GM is the least of the Reds problems .
      The Reds owner is a triple down affect of the reds biggest problem.
      Get rid of the owner the problem will fix it’s self .

      • Votto4life

        The GM is NOT the least of the Reds problems. He is a major contributor to the Red’s problems. Nick Krall has made just some horrific trades and free agent signings. He obviously has no idea what he is doing.

        If Nick Krall is still around to trade Castillo and Mahle in July he will set this team back years.

        Yes,the Owners are responsible for slashing payroll and should be held accountable. But let’s don’t pretend Nick Krall is innocent in all of this. The team that is currently 3-20 is mostly his responsibility.

        Nick Krall will never land another job in baseball after he leaves the Reds. Never.

      • donny

        I think you just don’t understand who’s really in charge here .
        First ,
        I find nothing wrong with the trades he made.
        I thought all the trades were pretty good trades.
        If your not going to spend money to make the team better.

        ”IF Castillo or Mahle is traded then that will be BOB C decision to reduce payroll” . Again,”IF Castillo or Mahle is traded then that will be BOB C decision to reduce payroll”.
        Can’t Trade Votto , he don’t want to be traded. Can’t trade M. Moustakas no one wants him. They did trade Suarez when no one wanted him. So i thought Krall did a good job to get rid of him to reduce payroll like BOB C. wanted.
        So who else can they trade to reduce payroll to please Bob C. who doesn’t want a winning team and is trying to go younger.

        The team that is 3-20 is a injury plagued team. ”First and foremost” You tell me how Krall is to blame for that ?

  15. Votto4life

    The writers at MLBTrade rumors were pretty bullish on the Reds before the season started. Even today one of them said he expects the Reds to play around .500 the rest of the way. Based upon what? What do they see in this team that makes them think the Reds will win as
    Many as they use over the next 140 games. I sure don’t see it.

    I mean we half-heartedly joke about the Reds losing 120 games this year, but it now seems more and more likely.

  16. William

    Ryan: Suarez may have had a bad season, but he is a good player. He has proven it in the past, and will in the future as well. Check his stats at the end of the year. See if he hits 40 home runs and has a 100 RBI’s. I agree that last season was bad for him, but enjoyed his personality. He was popular. Great smile. Loved by the players in the dugout.

    • Maloney63

      True about his personality but he will never hit 40 HRs or even bat .220 again. He’s up to his old tricks again this year with Mariners, currently batting .202 with 30 Ks in 89 ABs. Winker by the way is hitting .186 with 0 HRs. All Reds and ex-Reds are cursed this year!

      • Still a Red

        I truly believe the ownership (mainly Phil) has just sucked the air out of everyone, players (including those he let loose), field management, and fans. I really think last year’s team was something to build upon…and with a little risk taking on ownership’s part, they could’ve landed Castellanos to keep things going post Votto.

  17. William

    McClain hit two more home runs tonight. He has seven in twenty-two games.

    • Votto4life

      Very promising I wonder if we might see him in September?

  18. MBS

    This is why we can’t have nice things. 🙁

  19. Still a Red

    I certainly hope that Greene, Lodolo, Gutierrez, Santillian, and who ever else they try to promote don’t go the way of Cingrani, Reed, Finnegan, Samson, and Lamb.

    Also, this start is not his fault, but Bell will pay the price before the All-Star break.

  20. Hamer Campbell

    I honestly think the players go on , and stay on, the injured list because of the embarrassment of their record/team.