A season where nothing has gone right for the Cincinnati Reds continued on Friday night in Denver. Hunter Greene was fine through the first four innings despite another dip in velocity, but gave up a 3-run home run in the fifth inning. The Reds offense had chance after chance, but grounded into four double plays. The Reds bullpen made this final score even more lopsided as the Reds fell to 3-17. The Reds are now one loss away from matching their 3-18 start in 2018 – which was their worst start in franchise history through 21 games. The Reds have lost 8 straight games on the road.

Final R H E
Colorado Rockies (11-9) 10 14 0
Cincinnati Reds (3-17) 4 12 2
W: Senzatela (2-1) L: Greene (1-3)
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Biggest Play of the Game

Source: FanGraphs

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the biggest play of the game was Hunter Greene allowing a 3-run home run to Ryan McMahon with 1 out in the 5th inning, giving the Rockies a 4-1 leadThat play decreased the Reds probability of winning by 20.9% (from 34.8% to 13.9%).


Tommy Pham had a pair of doubles and 4 hits overall to continue his strong play of late. He had a nice piece of baserunning after one of the doubles in the 4th. He advanced to third on a tricky bloop single by Votto that looked like it was going to get caught, and then scored on Farmer sac fly.

Jonathan India had 3 hits, but 5 hard hit balls according to Statcast. India has a hit in each of his four game since returning from the IL, and he has a 5-game hit streak overall.

Nick Senzel also had a 2-hit night, including a double. Senzel is 6-14 with 1 walk in the last 4 games.

Luis Castillo had a solid rehab start this evening for Louisville.


Hunter Greene had a fairly good looking start go by the wayside in the 5th inning when he gave up a 3-run home run to Ryan McMahon. The biggest thing that stuck out from his start was that his velocity was down for a second straight start. His average fastball velocity was around 96 MPH, but he did touch 99.1 in the 5th inning (the ball was smoked for a double however). He was throwing his slider much more tonight as well (47% of his pitches, his season average is 25%). Greene’s final line for the night: 4.1 IP, 6 H, 4 R, 4 BB, 6 K, 2 HR. The Rockies had 8 hard hit balls off Greene according to Statcast.

Phillip Diehl‘s return to Denver did not go nearly as well as his debut in Cincinnati. He got hit very hard and allowed the Rockies to put the Reds to bed. His final line: 0.2 IP, 5 H, 4 ER, 2 BB, 0 K.

The Reds officially only had 1 error – by Kyle Farmer of all players, but they had several plays that could have been made that really helped make this final score more lopsided. Pham had a rough night in leftfield.

Not so random thoughts…………

It’s not a lot of fun right now. I’m sure few want to hear it, but it will get better. The Reds are just one loss from matching the 2018 team’s 3-18 start. The positive is that despite that 2018 team losing 95 games, they had a really good stretch in June and July, going 28-22. A good stretch like that certainly wouldn’t change the course of this season, but it would at least be more enjoyable than what we are watching now.

Up Next:

Reds at Rockies
Saturday, 8:10 PM
TV: Bally Sports Ohio
Connor Overton (2.84 ERA/2.89 FIP*) vs Chad Kuhl (1.10 ERA/2.76 FIP)

*numbers at AAA-Louisville 

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  1. Joe P.

    Nick: One correction to the game recap: the Reds had 2 errors. Pham dropped a ball late in the game which allowed Iglesias to take an extra base.

  2. GreatRedLegsFan

    In some way the offense is slowly coming around, perhaps Votto shall sit a few days or be removed from 4th spot. However, starting pitchers are struggling to pass 2nd time opponents line-up and bullpen is being taxed early.

  3. DaveCT

    Tommy Pham, as advertised, is growing on me.

    • GMan88

      The poor guy will have trouble getting his numbers with no one on base. He will have 25 HR and 35 RBIS. Haha. I agree with your statement. He had me with wanting to meet Luke Voit to fight at the local gym.

      • Votto4life

        I hope he get his numbers so the Reds can send him packing in a couple months. Something is not right with that guy. He is always talking about fighting someone. Last year, he claimed Cincinnati fans were the worst and wanted to fight them for cursing at him. Then he was mad at the Padres for not bringing him back so he is now on his “Revenge” tour. How ridiculous. His real beef wasn’t with Luke Voight it was with his employer.

      • MBS

        You got to have at least one hot head on your team, and I’m not joking. A bit of crazy is good on a team.

  4. Votto4life

    Man, the NL Central stinks. The Reds are 3-17 and still only 5 games back of 3rd place.

  5. Rednat

    still don’t understand why we got rid of J. Iglesias. they said he didn’t walk enough or something like that, but he seems like a heck of a player

    • MuddyCleats

      Agree, he brought the moxy and performed well. Helped give the team some edge that they currently don’t have sans Tommy Pham. Reds just didn’t want to spend the $$$ – imagine that 🙁

  6. Jim Walker

    I watched Greene last season via MiLBTV and concur with those concerned about his velocity. Both at AA and later AAA, he was triple digit gas on his fastball nearly all the time and seldom threw a single FB as slow as his FB average velo over the last 2 outings.

    If someone has decided to start changing his mechanics and approach at this stage of the season after he had prepped in spring training and had a couple of strong starts, it is just another case of scattershot dysfunctional management by the Reds. However, I hope this is the case versus a physical issue for Greene.

    • Rednat

      i would give him one more outing in warmer weather. if he is still topping out in the mid 90s, yes, i would shut him down for a long long time. also, he really needs to think about taking more batting practice. i have a strange feeling he is going to be a position player sooner rather than later.

      • MuddyCleats

        Concern for Greene as well, but consistent fm what I saw from him last yr in Chattanooga and n Nashville. Kid gave up loud outs all 3 times I watched him, and when hits the wall and starts to lose it, it goes pretty quick. Hunter throws a lot of pitches in the middle of the plate; Very seldom are his strikes on the edges. 100mph or not, ML hitters aren’t going to miss those all night. Like so many other Reds SP, he has to learn to PITCH instead of throw the ball hard.

      • Jim Walker

        @Muddy, Greene was pitching last night and might well have escaped had he had his difference maker 100mph velocity to flash even from time to time.

        I think a secondary point of concern is his command doesn’t seem nearly as sharp as it was in his 1st two starts this season. In Atlanta, he absolutely painted the black on the edges of zone both vertically and horizontally all night long. Not so the last couple of outings

  7. Rednat

    the magic number for me is 113.
    113 more losses would put us at 130 losses for the season which would crush the old record. that would be a good round number that would ruffle some feathers in the commissioner’s office. maybe there really IS a problem with the game today.

    also remember the reds play the cubs in august in the field of dreams game. that would look bad for the league if the reds only have 10 or 11 wins going into that game.

    • Greenfield Red

      It won’t matter. The ink isn’t dry on the new CBA. Too late to change anything.

    • Dk072257

      Reds look more like a AA club than an MLB team. This team is HORRIBLE…. Thanks Phil

      • CI3J

        I actually think the Dragons look better than the Reds right now.

        Not saying they could compete at the MLB level but, as a team, they just look like a better, more cohesive unit.

  8. Jim Walker

    On the positive side of the ledger, India and Senzel are both showing signs of finding an offensive groove. Lots of solid contact for both Friday. It was Senzel’s 4th consecutive improved game at the plate.

    That said, it seemed all night the Reds offense was on the verge of putting some crooked numbers up but between the GIDPs and other failures at the plate, the chances went for naught till then 9th when they plated 3 garbage time consolation runs

    • scotly50

      India, Senzel, and Greene are the only bright spots in a dark, dark, dark team.

      • Doc

        Stephenson is a bright spot and should be back soon.
        Pham’s bulb is beginning to glow.
        Farmer is steady.

        Greene is a dim spot right now. If he were throwing his usual FB speeds, but getting hit, that wouldn’t bother me so much. That would be growing pains and very few are the modern era pitchers who step right into the bigs and dominate. Even Bob Gibson wasn’t dominant until about his fourth season. However, to suddenly drop 4-5 mph in consecutive starts, unless instructed by FO to work on things for the long haul, is worrisome.

  9. Melvin

    Let’s see. We’re on pace for around 25 wins right now. 🙂

  10. Hanawi

    Was just looking at some of the league-wide stats. Few things stood out to me. First, I was shocked that the Reds weren’t last in runs per game, batting average, home runs and other offensive metrics. Though they are tied for last in OPS and are by far the last place team in OPS+. One other thing that stood out is that they have the 4th oldest average age among hitters. Which, to me, is a true sign of failure. To be terrible and young is one thing, to be terrible and old is depressing.

    Pitching-wise, they are one of the youngest and they are also the worst in runs per game and have the worst ERA by almost a full run. That’s not surprising given the state of the starting pitching at the beginning of the year. They are also leading the league in the bad way in a number of other categories including walks and WHIP. So, they combine terrible pitching and overall bad hitting. Fielding-wise they are pretty good at making outs on ball they get to, but not good at actually getting to a lot of them. Not sure I see it getting much better. I would be surprised if they avoided 100 losses.

    • Luke J

      Looking at average age doesn’t show the picture. The Reds are young. It’s just they have a few players inflating that average age and most of the roster filler they picked up is old.

      • Jim Walker

        Votto 38yr/232d;
        Pham 34yr/53d;
        Moustakis 33yr/231d;
        Farmer 31yr/256d;
        Naquin 31yr/06d;

        All these guy are on the backside of the development/ performance curve. There isn’t an obvious replacement for any of them in the high minors or on the MLB bench except for Farmer (Barrero).

  11. CI3J

    Calling it right now: Hunter Greene is injured.

    He’s already had Tommy John surgery, he may need another.

    • Jack

      No, whatever his problem is it isn’t tommy john.

      • David

        The word that I read (somewhere) was that he was throwing more “two-seam” fastballs to get more movement (sink) instead of the “four seam” fastball that has more velocity. Is this true? I don’t know.

        Worried? Not really. It’s still been cool for most games (was around 50F at Coors last night). He also might be going through a phase where his arm is “dead”. Not as much strength. Luis Castillo has been like this almost every Spring. His velocity will likely pick up when the weather is consistently warm. 96 mph is plenty fast enough. He has to learn how to pitch. Velocity without location will not win in the Major Leagues.

  12. Scott C

    The losing is bad but the worse part of this season is that the Reds shipped off or let go 6 fan favorites. We all knew Barnhardt was gone and that was acceptable. We knew that Castellanos was not coming back, but then to her the Reds didn’t even make an offer hurts, but to let Miley go for nothing and ship off Winker, Suarez and Gray for not much more than a few prospects is really hard to swallow. That makes losing even tougher.

      • Doc

        Right, greenmtred. It was more, I believe, than he would have been paid in the third year of his contract. Pesky when facts don’t fit the narrative.

      • Greenfield Red

        According to NC, other than the QO, they made no attempt whatsoe er to sign him. That’s a problem.

      • Indy Red Man

        Nick C. already had a contract, but he had the opt-out and used it. Didn’t get that big a raise to $20 mil? I think he was at $17 mil or something with the Reds. I wonder if he just wanted out or if he would’ve taken the same money with us?

      • greenmtred

        This year might look a bit better if they’d signed Nick, but I doubt that he’d be enough to make the Reds good this year. And in future years, assuming a 5- year contract, we’d have an aging, expensive player whose production was no longer matching his salary.

  13. Reddawg2012

    At what point will David Bell want to disassociate himself from this mess? I’m not his biggest fan, but I also think we could do a lot worse. I feel like this season could be ruining his chances of ever managing again, and I really don’t think this is his fault. I wonder if he would resign. I also just can’t imagine having to watch this nonsense every day.

    • Old Big Ed

      If Bell resigns, the Reds don’t have to pay him. If he gets fired, they do.

      Bell isn’t going to resign.

      • Reddawg2012

        Is it about the money? The man must be pretty rich by now. I would think career preservation would be more important at this point.

  14. RedsGettingBetter

    It’s very hard to see the end of the season about game #20. The only little consolation would be a good chance to pick up a top prospect in the draft 2023.
    The Reds lack of pop: 0 homers last night. Go to Coors field and don’t hit any homer should be like going to París and don’t see the Eiffel tower or something like that , doesn’t it?

  15. Votto4life

    Some long rambling, randomThoughts:

    1. As bad as this team is, they are only 5 games out of 3rd place.

    2. The NL Central is awful. It is totally winnable, which makes the Reds moves this past winter even more infuriating.

    3. The Reds are not going lose 140 games this season. As weird as it sounds, they are one winning streak away from catching the Pirates and Cubs. Granted that should not be the standard but it’s a start. The Reds will have winning streaks this year

    4. Hunter Greene is concerning. I look for him to be put on the IL soon. Hopefully, rest will be the cure. I know this is an over reaction, but in worst case scenario, If he would have to have another TJ surgery, it may be worth exploring the possibility of converting him to a position player. Like I said it is an over reaction, hopefully shutting him down for a start or two will do the trick, but a second TJ surgery would be devastating.

    5. Due to The fan’s reaction to the salary dumps, Phil’s comments (and to a lesser degree the concerns over Hunter Greene’s health) I think it’s less likely the Reds will trade Castillo and Mahle at the trading deadline. Maybe they will trade one or both next off-season, but I would wager they will remain Reds for the remainder of the season.

    6. Unless the Reds win the next two games in Colorado, someone will be fired on Monday.

    • Jim Walker

      RE: point #6. If they lose Saturday and Sunday, that’s a 6 game losing streak following a single win to break a 10mgame losing streak; and, I agree typically one or more people would be told not to let the door hit their backsides on the way out.

      But who? On a nightly basis, this team looks bad in multiple areas of play. If the manager is canned this early, it seems to me they can’t just promote Benavides and be done with it. They’d need to find somebody from outside with a record of some success as a manager to usher and evaluate the team through the season. That would cost not only paying out Bell’s contract but likely also a premium for the interim. Sometimes being penny wise and pound foolish costs more in the long run.

  16. Moon

    Reds are bad but not this bad. And I think they get better as the year goes on as the young pitchers get experience. They have pretty much put themselves out of the expanded playoff race already so as I keep posting, play the young guys and let them compete at the major league level. If the goal is really to put a competitive team in two years now is the time to start seperating the wheat from the chaff. They look to me like they will win around 70 games so if playing a younger team costs you a couple games and you only win 67, what does it matter?

    • LarkinPhillips

      I think them not playing the young guys is the most frustrating part to me. We have several guys who may be good major leaguers or may not (Lopez,Cedrola, Friedl, Kuhnel, etc) Instead of letting them get a real go at proving themselves, we are running out Drury, Aquino, Strickland, Moran, etc. This is a failure to even improve for the future!

      • Indy Red Man

        They’re playing alot of young guys. Schrock would’ve been playing but got hurt. Barrero is also hurt. Fraley is still pretty young. They just don’t see Lopez as nothing more then a utility man and they’re probably right, but I’d still rather watch him play.

      • Jim Walker

        IRM, You are more optimistic than I am in believing Schrock would play ahead of Moose or Moran. I hope I am wrong and you are right but doubt it.

      • David

        I would bet Aquino is gone on May 1, when the ML roster has to be reduced to 26 (?) from 28, where it is now.

        Yeah, all those old guy re-treads, and Alejo Lopez was sent down.

        This is a badly managed franchise, and they are talking about bringing Jocketty back. I’ll tell you what he will do. Trade a lot of the Minor League potential talent for some mid talent major leaguers, and the rest of 2022 and 2023 the Reds will be better, but no Pennant winner. And then, bad again, with the young talent gone. That is largely the reason he was thrown out of St. Louis.
        Is Skip Schumacher still available? 🙂

  17. Mark Moore

    Another big hole that the boys couldn’t fill. Good to see a couple of our guys hitting, but that’s only one piece of a much bigger puzzle. I keep reminding myself that the ST work was very short, but it feels like we should be over that hump by now.

    On the bright side, it’s a beautiful day in Savannah and we’ll make the most of it. No game watching for me again today or tomorrow (travel day). Perhaps that’s for the best.

  18. JB

    3-17. I don’t think anybody thought it would be this bad. It’s time to sit Votto against Lefties. I love the guy but dude you’re 38. I don’t care how young you feel. Aquino is relegated to pinch running. For the love of God just DFA him. Activate the batboy or something. For some reason the team came out against the Braves and played well and then after Phil’s stupid comments they just seem to have no life. The 9000 people a night is only going to get worse. Buckle up and hold on tight , this is going to get worse.

    • Jack

      Nothing to do with lefties, he hasn’t hit either side. He is late on fastballs and contact is weak. He’ll figure it out at some point but doesn’t matter this season is over.

  19. Doc4uk

    Agree. Platoon Votto with Stephenson when he returns next week. DFA Aquino and Moran and bring up Hopkins from AA. Let’s see what he can do. No need to waste time in Louisville. Try Barrero at SS and give him a long leash. Farmer should be placed at 3B until Solano gets back (if he plays this year) . Agree also about resting Greene until his velocity returns . Definitely worrisome when velocity drops this much for a 22 year old when in fact the velocity should be increasing.

    Move Connor Phillips up to AA . Must draft a power hitting 1B because this should be Votto’s last year. Make him the interim manager after Krall and Boone and the pitching coach and batting coach are fired. He deserves a shot at the position before Larkin and others.

    Bring up Williamson and Castillo and move Diehl down to AAA and DFA Strickland who has not shown anything but velocity and has been hit harder than any reliever.

    By the way it is time to start terminating some of the scouts who recommended signing Akiyama (who likely could not hit at AA either) , Minor, Moose, Strickland, Solano, and Moran. The Pham signing was the one bright spot perhaps. 1 for 7 is not a very good average !!!!

    And yes there have been injuries but how many have been muscle pulls like hamstrings , biceps, and calf. This to me shows players who were not staying in baseball shape when they came into camp. You want to sign players who show a desire to hit the ground running and so many of the Reds clearly were not ready to play when they came to camp. At least Votto is always ready and rarely shows muscle injuries but his age is finally catching up with him.

    And of course we have not even mentioned the role players like Fraley and Drury who are strictly back up role players and would not start on any team.

    At this point it is time for upper level management to show that they are at least trying to overcome the many bad moves made in the past few years.

  20. Dennis Westrick

    Pitching aside, this 2022 edition of the Reds is not good enough to overcome 4 DPs. Jeezy Pete! Stop the madness! We called ground ball outs “Worm Killers”! back in the day when I played ball! The fishing industry will suffer if the Reds batters keep this up!

  21. Alex

    Doug, I feel like it can absolutely get worse. Green velocity dip? Has lodolo shown any signs to date he can pitch 160+ innings? Long term injuries to any young pitchers/players would make things even worse. Especially if it caused the org to have to speak in public. The worse thing this team could be is old and bad.

  22. Votto4life

    I think instead of “#SelltheTeam” We should be giving Bob more practical advice, such as “#BringBackDickWilliams” (just using him as an example) or something to that effect, in order to lead the horse to water.

    Bob is definitely cheap, but that’s not his only problem. I honestly think that he doesn’t have a clue on how to run a MLB franchise. Not only that, but he listens to all the wrong people (Walt).

    Bob is not going to sell the team, but in the current climate, maybe he would be open to constructive suggestions from Reds fans.

    • Jim Walker

      I have no idea if Dick Williams or his family is interested or in a financial situation to try it; but, if DW is ever “back” with the Reds, he will be the CEO/ managing partner in short order if not immediately upon his return.

      It would be ironic if Phil Castellini won the battle short term and essentially forced DW out only to lose the war with the words that came out of his mouth on opening day.

  23. Kevin H

    Little to be positive about, but gonna do my best from here on out. The future is here in terms of Greene and Lodolo. With players like Stephenson, India, Senzel, the future is bright. I like the young arms in bullpen as well. Injuries have hurt yes, however they seem to be hitting better.

    I know it is a flip from other post. Just looking at the bright spots for rest of year. As we have said a long season awaits this team.

  24. Jeffery

    1982 is the worst season ever for me…Very hard to swallow after the fun of the BRM

    • Indy Red Man

      Especially considering the Reds had the best record in MLB in 1981, but the split season killed them.

      • Jim Walker

        True. And they lost the “first half” by a half game they held in hand (to the Dodgers).

        I was present at Riverfront Stadium the day in 1982 when they handed out the “Best Record in Baseball 1981” pennants to fans and made a ceremony of presenting the team with a “life sized” similar pennant which was hoisted alongside the real pennants flying in the stadium. Don’t recall how long they left it flying.

      • vegastypo

        To be this bad nowadays just seems to me to be so, so much worse than the early ’80s …

        Back then, a limited number of teams were willing to partake in the pricey free agents, and there wasn’t a gulf between teams that had found an edge via analytics/player development and teams like the Reds.

        The more the industry evolves, the farther the stubborn and ill-equipped Reds fall behind.

      • greenmtred

        Jim, I have the newspaper clipping of the day they gave themselves the award. It’s hanging on the bathroom wall, in fact, since my wife won’t hear of me hanging it anywhere else.

  25. Jeffery

    1990 was very cool. Minus that ..all we have really had as far as great was the Great 8….and Votto by himself. We have a bunch of Woody Woodwards and Jimmy Stèwarts….throw in a Bob Baile.y for good mesure

    • Daytonnati

      One wonders how Sweet Lou would react to 3-17?

      • David

        Ripping bases out of the ground. Screaming in the dugout.
        Lou Piniella hated losing.

  26. Jeffery

    Actually be a 500 team with those guys…lol

  27. VegasRed

    Phil would resign if he only cared even a little bit

  28. Indy Red Man

    Dan Straily left Korea and signed a minor league deal with Arizona. 4 starts and he’s got a 4.22 era (solid for PCL) and allowing .179 batting average. Reds could get him cheap and he could help teach the young guys for a couple of years and probably have an era under 5. He’s better then Vlad. I enjoyed watching him pitch with the Reds before and I saw him interview when they were showing KBO games in 2020. Outstanding baseball IQ

  29. RedBB

    Another pathetic effort. You can’t be this bad without the entire organization contributing including ownership, management, coaching and yes the players themselves. Congrats to the Reds the worst organization in MLB

  30. Votto4life

    The Reds actually has a very rich history and have fielded some great teams over the years.

    The 1919 Reds were much better than many believe. The White Sox were favorites in that series, but they were not overwhelming favorite as portrayed in “Eight Men Out”. In fact, that book/movie was filled with inaccuracies.

    The 1939 and 1940 Reds team was very good. They went to the World Series back to back seasons. Losing to Lou Gehrig (in his last season) and the New York Yankees in 1939. The Reds defeated the Detroit Tigers 4 games to 3 in the 1940 season. The 1940 series is the only time the Reds have clinched the World Series at home.

    Interesting note the Reds All Star catcher and future hall of fame catcher Ernie Lombardi was injured most of the 1940 season. The Reds back up catcher was a promising young prospect named Willard Hersberger. He got off to a slow start and ended up committing suicide in a Boston Hotel room by slicing his own throat with a straight. It’s the only time an active MLB committed suicide during the season. The Reds were forced to turn to one of their coaches Jimmy Wilson to come out of retirement and take over the catching duties. He did an amazing job and had an awesome World Series. I don’t think they named a World Series MVP back then, but if they had Jimmy Wilson may have won it.

    The Reds of the late 1950s and early 1960s were a great team with players like Frank Robinson, Big Klu and Vada Pinson.

    The Reds of the late 1950s and early 1960s was a great team with players like Frank Robinson, Big Klu and Vada Pinson. They won the National Pennant in 1961 losing to the Yankees in the World Series. That team also nearly won the pennant in the 1964.

    I don’t consider the team in 1979 part of the Big Red Machine. The Reds won the NL West that year, losing to the Pirates in the NLCS.

    The Reds also had the best record in baseball in 1981 but missed out on the post season because the season was shortened by a strike and the league created a strange criteria for making the post season that left the Reds holding the bag.

    The Reds had several good teams in the 1990s. Beside the aforementioned wire to wire team, the Reds would have made the NLCS in 1994 had the season not ended in a lockout. The Reds were in the NLCS in 1995 before losing to the Braves.

    One of the most exciting season for me was the 1999 season when the Reds came from no where to make the post season before losing a one game play-off to Al Leiter and the New York Mets.

    Of course the Reds won the NL Center in 2010 and again in 2012. They also made it to the post season as a wild card in 2014.

    I think we tend to focus on the losing because the Reds have had more losing seasons than winning ones. But outside the Yankees, Dodgers and Cardinals most teams have had far more losing seasons than winning ones.

    • SOQ

      Great Recap of our Reds colorful history. My most heartbreaking season was 1964. I wa in 6th grade and doing poorly in school. I got called into the counselor’s office to discuss my grades and I said simply, I’m not going to be able to concentrate on schoolwork until the Reds win the pennant.” Missed it by one game 🙁

      • Votto4life

        That was the craziest pennant race ever! What a heartbreaker!

  31. Votto4life

    Shogo has signed a minor league deal with the Padres.