Nick Lodolo was placed on the injured list this morning prior to the game against the San Diego Padres. Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that it was due to a lower back strain. The corresponding move made was that the team activated Mike Moustakas from the injured list.

Nick Lodolo pitched on Sunday against the St. Louis Cardinals and allowed one run in 5.2 innings and picked up seven strikeouts. He looked good on the day and didn’t seem to exhibit any issues on the mound, so his back issue must have come up after he exited the game. His placement on the injured list is retroactive to Monday. He will be eligible to return to the team on Friday May 6th.

Mike Moustakas comes off of the injured list and jumps right into the lineup, functioning as the teams designated hitter today. He’s been out with a right biceps injury and may not quite be ready to play in the field yet, but is ready to hit. The left-handed hitter has hit just .129/.125/.129 on the season with 13 strikeouts and no walks in nine games played. He’ll be facing a right-handed starter this afternoon, so perhaps that will help get him going.

Who will take over in place of Nick Lodolo in the rotation is a big unknown question at this point. The only two pitchers on the 40-man roster who aren’t already in the big leagues are Jared Solomon, who is a reliever, and James Marinan. Marinan, though, is still in A-ball and isn’t going to be a realistic option to step into the big leagues and make a start.

The pitcher on Saturday in Colorado is listed as TBA, with Hunter Greene and Reiver Sanmartin listed for Friday and Sunday. Cincinnati may go with a bullpen day to just try and bridge the gap until Lodolo can return the following Friday, and an off day on Monday does help that a little bit as it would give the bullpen a full day of rest. But they may have to get creative and make a set of moves to bring someone up from Triple-A to fill in.

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  1. ryan

    Is it just me or does the conditioning of the Reds leave something to be desired? Granted that baseball players are the least fit of the 5 major sports, but isn’t this ridiculous?

    • Kevin H

      I don’t think conditioning has anything to do with it. These ball players tork, twist, bend, in ways that put strain on the body. Reds have just been unlucky this year with injuries.

      • jessecuster44

        THIS YEAR? They are “unlucky” every year.

      • greenmtred

        It might be worth checking. Most teams are “unlucky,” probably. A few years ago we were having a similar discussion and somebody looked into it: the Reds were about average in number of injuries per season, as I recall.

  2. Frostgiant80

    He is ready to jump right in the line up and hit .129. Good grief. I can’t remember ever checking out of a baseball season in April.

  3. Hunt4RedsOct

    To me this seems like a manage his innings thing. With the off day Monday and having already shifted Hunter Greene back, Saturday should be 1 start to cover. Rest of rotation remains on schedule.

  4. Gonzo Reds

    We could use Lorenzen out of the bullpen to start, he seems like a natural as a starting pitcher… oh but only when he plays for the Angels… dude can hit too out of the pitcher spot… oh but we don’t have that advantage either anymore.

    • Linkster

      Yes, the Angles now have two players who are SP and DH.

    • VaRedsFan

      Lorenzen can’t really hit. He hit pretty good, for a pitcher….until they started pitching to him like a real player

    • Mike in Ottawa

      Lorenzen could not stay healthy while in the rotation for the Reds. EVERY time he started he got injured!

  5. Votto4life

    Aye aye aye…get one player moving in the right direction and next thing you know he is on the IL. Who will be surprise when a minor lower back strain becomes something else and he is moved to the 60 day IL.?

    This is exactly why you can’t say “ oh we can trade Sonny Gray because we have Nick Lodolo”

    Good teams add talent nut just replace it.

    • Cyrus

      Isn’t Sonny on the IL as well…or at least he was a week ago?

  6. Cyrus

    You know, in a couple of weeks, the whole team may wish they were on the IL.

  7. Doc

    If a team loses, management will quickly (Reds not even excluded – Bryan Price) replace the manager, even though it’s usually the players.

    When you lead the majors in IL residents, the physical training staff should also, in my opinion, be replaced, unless they are being given specific instructions of what to do. Then it should be the ones giving the instructions.

  8. DaveCT

    It occurs to me that Bell has been tasked with the same thankless job as Bryan Price, guiding this crew of rookies, 2nd years, fill-ins, and veterans through a few losing seasons while waiting for the kids in A ball to arrive.

  9. Mike in Ottawa

    Could we have a situation similar to when Pete came back to the Reds? Years of suffering and suddenly a legend comes back to the franchise (Rose)……Could Barry Larkin be MIW (manager in waiting)?

  10. Bubba Woo

    What a joke of an organization. Lololol pitched less than 60 innings last year because he couldn’t stay healthy. So let’s give him an abbreviated ST and start him 2 levels above where he last pitched well. And Moose? He’s now a good 30 lbs. above when they signed him.