The Cincinnati Reds will host the San Diego Padres this evening in a match up that we saw last week between Vladimir Gutierrez and MacKenzie Gore. After having their 1-game winning streak snapped last night, the Reds will try to get another one going tonight. First pitch is set for 6:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Here are your lineups for this evening’s contest:

San Diego Padres

Cincinnati Reds

Trent Grisham – CF Jonathan India – 2B
Jake Cronenworth – 2B Brandon Drury – DH
Manny Machado – 3B Tommy Pham – LF
Jurickson Profar – LF Joey Votto – 1B
Eric Hosmer – 1B Kyle Farmer – SS
Matt Beaty – RF Nick Senzel – CF
Austin Nola – C Aristides Aquino – RF
Luis Campusano – DH Aramis Garcia – C
C.J. Abrams – SS Matt Reynolds – 3B
MacKenzie Gore – SP Vladimir Gutierrez – SP

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
MacKenzie Gore 10.1 1.74 1.07 10.0% 25.0%
Vladimir Gutierrez 13.0 5.54 1.69 14.8% 14.8%
Links: Vladimir Gutierrez’s Stats | MacKenzie Gore’s Stats

Vladimir Gutierrez

If you’re an opposing manager you want to put as many lefties in the lineup as you can against Gutierrez. He doesn’t miss their bats and they hit for a ton of power against him. Or at least they did in 2021 (and this season there are hitting .35/.474/.571 against him with twice as many walks as strikeouts through two games). With that said, Gutierrez has also pitched significantly better on the road (3.80 ERA, .698 OPS against on the road vs 5.94 ERA at home with a .931 OPS against) last season.

2021 Splits

RHH 255 61 14 0 7 7.5% 21.6% .271 .336 .427
LHH 241 54 12 2 13 11.2% 13.7% .255 .336 .514

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 92.1 82.7 82.0 78.5
Usage 52.9% 13.8% 18.7% 14.7%

MacKenzie Gore

The lefty will be making his second start against the Reds in a row, and just his 3rd start in the big leagues. Last time out he dominated Cincinnati’s lineup, tossing 5.0 shutout innings while striking out seven batters.

2021 Splits

It doesn’t feel useful to cite his splits in the minors last year given that he pitched so little in games and when he did, nearly half of his innings were in rookie or A-ball.

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Curve Change
Velo 95.4 87.7 79.4 86.2
Usage 68.3% 13.0% 13.0% 5.6%

When and Where

  • Game time: 6:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 58°, partly cloudy, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Phillip Diehl called up, Justin Wilson to the IL

The Reds called up lefty reliever Phillip Diehl from Triple-A Louisville this afternoon. He’s taking the place on the roster of Justin Wilson who was placed on the injured list with a sore elbow. That move is retroactive to Sunday. To read more about Phillip Diehl, we wrote a little about him this afternoon.

Around the Beat

Mike Moustakas could return soon

Luis Castillo scheduled for his next rehab start on Friday

121 Responses

  1. realist

    Aquino? Aquino? why? he is still on the team? Why? Is that typo?

      • William

        I am preparing to listen to another Reds game. A ray of hope shined into my mind. Yes, the Reds are bad, but this is not a great division that they are playing in. Maybe they can get it together before their ten games back. Any of the teams in this division can go south quickly. Of course, Milwaukee is the best of the group, but I am not amazed with them, either. Hopefully, the Reds turn it around tonight. Go Reds!

      • Votto4life

        William I agree about the division. I think the Cards are going to have a lot of problems this season. Too bad the Reds decided not to compete this year.

  2. steven ross

    Aquino hits just .195 versus left-handers and has an on-base percentage below .300.

    So sure, put him the lineup. Maybe today is the day he actually doesn’t strikeout three or four times. Maybe. Have to think when rosters go from 28 to 26, he’ll be gone.

  3. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    I wonder when Bell and the boys within the “braintrust” will realize that having eighty percent of your starting rotation consisting of two prospects and two never gonna be’s is a recipe for a 120 loss season.

    I’m sick of watching this planned train wreck. We exist in a society where nobody is held accountable for poor planning/decision making.

    • Luke J

      I’m ok with most of the management bashing. But if you think Greene and Lodolo shouldn’t be in the rotation that’s crazy. Most all teams would happily slot them both into their rotations.

  4. Bet on Red

    Vlad needs to have a good spot to ensure that Sanmartin is the one who moved out of the rotation upon Luis Castillo’s return. Minor is throwing at least, and i think we picked up another starter from SEA, so they should still be hearing footsteps

    • MBS

      If they don’t hear those foot steps, Ashcraft is off to a nice start in AAA. Pre injury news in Spring Training I was thinking Greene and Lodolo would be putting pressure on Vlad, and SanMartin. Now it’s returning starters and Ashcraft that’s going to push out the weak. I like both Vlad and SanMartin, and hope whichever one gets pulled from the rotation, continues to start in AAA. We need depth, and are likely to lose one of Mahle or Castillo by the trade deadline.

      • Bet on Red

        Sanmartin is destined for the bullpen, but I would agree with you on Vlad

      • MBS

        You’re probably right, but I wouldn’t make that move this year. I think we’re going to need the depth this year. Next year there could be a few more guys ready to compete for a spot in the rotation. Ashcraft, Williamson, and maybe even Abbott could be ready.

  5. William

    Keep Greene and Lodola in this rotation. They are OK for now, but necessary for the future of this team as well. Maybe I just have a burst of optimistic tonight, but I am happy with this group of young pitchers going forward.

  6. Bet on Red

    Vottos BA may not be going up, but his OPS surely is over this last week

  7. Indy Red Man

    Typical Reds. Pham takes 0-1 right down the middle and then Ks. Farmer fouls off a 2-0 pitch on the black? Maybe the rookie doesn’t get the call and it goes 3-0? Farmer is ok, but you can’t win anything with a slow hackers unless they’re gonna hit 35 bombs. Good hitters just don’t hack at 2-0 borderline pitches with the bases loaded

    • Marklovepete

      Farmer is up there swinging.
      At least he swings at strikes mostly.
      If we had nine of him we would be competitive.

  8. Bet on Red

    Looks like Vlad is either hurt or wants a trip to Louisville as well

    • JB

      He has come down with Mahle disease. Nibbling

      • MBS

        I liked the way Vlad would go after hitters when he came up last year, but yes, he’s nibbling too much.

  9. Joe P.

    Too many walks by Gutierrez. You can’t walk Profar (to lead off the inning) and you can’t walk Nola (who’s hitting .208).

    • AMDG


      Wow, it sure would be nice if the Reds had a hitter who could hit 0.208 😉

  10. Joe P.

    Aquino was in horrible position to make a throw. Get your body behind the ball!

  11. JB

    Aquino seems so worried about the breaking pitch that he now is late on the fastball. The guy is just a hot mess now. Needs a change of scenery. He is 28 and it’s not going to happen here.

    • Joe P.

      He swings with his arms and not with his hands. His bat is slow to the ball because he doesn’t let his hands do the work.

  12. Old-school

    Reds have 10 home runs on the year. That’s 28 th in MLB with Game 7 in GABP today. It’s May this weekend.

    Power Outage.

    • Joe P.

      That’s a good comment Old-school. When the Reds fall behind, their lack of power makes it difficult to make a comeback.

      • Doc

        Also difficult to come back when half your lineup is hitting under .200, and part of that half is under .100.

        Common theme: two good innings then implode.

        Reading a book entitled The Baseball 100 by Joe Posnanski. For this septuagenarian it is a wonderful trip down memory lane, when starting pitchers were finishing pitchers. They pitched. Warren Spahn had something like 28 complete games in 32 starts one season, and he was reportedly one of the hardest throwers in baseball and .366 batting average wasn’t in the top 10 one year. Times have certainly changed.

  13. Magnum 44

    Please someone more educated than I am tell me Ballys is piping in crowd noise or is there free beer for anyone that attends the game? (I am including anyone under 21) It’s loud.

  14. Bet on Red

    shades of yesterday…. long bullpen game again… may have to change the rotation to have more bullpen games

  15. Votto4life

    I’m not able to watch the game right now. What is the crowd size like?

  16. JB

    3-15. I think somebody got fired with that record. Oh well hockey time.

  17. Indy Red Man

    Well they’ll look much better when they get some guys back and they get the Pirates and the Cubs, but they still might chase 100 losses. They’re that bad. They also really need to trade/dump Farmer and whoever else can’t help in 2024.

    • Redsfan4life

      I will say one thing for you Indy. They may or may not win if you were in charge. But it wouldn’t be for lack of trying.
      The roster turnover would be enormous.
      90% of the roster would be lucky to make it through a full season.

      • Indy Red Man

        I’d do better then those dopes, but so would Bubbles the chimp

    • Doc

      Farmer has 8 rbi. If it weren’t for him, they would just about have been shut out all year. Farmer is not the problem on this team.

      • Tom Reeves

        Said this the other night but I’ll say it again. The Reds will likely part ways with Kyle Farmer. But, somehow, he’ll end up on a World Series team. He just had the makeup. He’s not the greatest player ever but he’s darn solid and does his job regardless of whatever everyone else is doing. Love that guy.

  18. Mark A Verticchio

    The pitchers the last two nights are not major league ready and if they are in the future plans of the Reds this team is worse off then we all thought. Green and Lodolo have a future, we should all pull for Ashcraft and Williamson. These two guys just aren’t ever going to be on a good staff.

  19. Old-school

    This is really bad.
    Historically bad.
    Not competitive.
    They cant pitch or hit.

    For all the preseason angst over positional depth charts….I agree with Indy…blow it up and move on to 2024.
    Kyle Farmer isnt an every day SS. Count april 2022 the same as august/June/May/April 2021 and every other month of his career at age 32.

    We need a new young SS.

    • Jon

      How though? Do the Reds have any impact position prospects that will be ready by 2024? McClain and De La Cruz almost certainly won’t be up by then. Even if Barrero sticks, that only fills three spots in the order (India and Stephenson are the other two). Who are the other six? And how do you replace Castillo and Mahle when they’re traded? Gutierrez and Sanmartin certainly haven’t proven they belong in a Major League rotation yet.

      • Indy Red Man

        You keep Mahle then the rotation next year starts off with Mahle, Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, and TBD

      • Bet on Red

        na if we are keeping one of the two, I am keeping Luis C. I am not keeping a guy that cant pitch effectively at home

      • Votto4life

        I don’t see this team competing in the foreseeable future. Certainly not in 2023 and 2024. There are way too many holes. To expect them all to be filled by the farm system is unrealistic in my view.

        I mean, it wasn’t that long ago when fans here were penciling in Robert Stephenson and Phillip Ervin in the starting line up for the next decade or so.

        That is the problem with trying to compete through the draft. Very few prospects make it to the Major leagues and even those who do l,
        very few become everyday players let alone stars.

        To win a team must have multiple talent streams including the draft, trades and free agency.

        The Reds have some talented players in their system but not nearly enough to field a competitive major league team.

        In addition to drafting well the Reds must also get better through trades and free agency. The Reds are inept at making trades and are unable and/or unwilling to sign impactful free agents.

        Even if Bob decides to start spending dough, good luck attracting quality free agents. The best ones will just use the Reds to up their asking price.

        That leads to getting better through trades. I am not trying to be snarky when I say, I don’t think Nick Krall has any idea what he is doing. None at all.

        The whole “Tanking” idea is ludicrous. Some teams, like the Astros, have done it successfully, but successful teams are few and far between, I would argue that most teams who
        try it end up, like our beloved Reds, in a vicious cycle of tear it down and try to build it up, when it’s clear it hasn’t worked then repeat. Change managers, change GMs, change Director of Baseball Operations and then repeat. Some many of the poor teams are in this category.

        The frustrating part about this Team is they were so close to competing! So close! They just needed to add a couple of pieces and yeah that would have meant spending money. But this division is winnable. But instead of taking advantage of the opportunity, the Reds just folded up the tent.

        I never want to hear the Castellinis talk about how tirelessly they work to Improve the team. And how much they care about winning.

        The Reds had a chance to win but they tore it all down instead.

        We will be very lucky if we are not sitting here a decade from now, discussing yet another rebuild and how promising some of our players in the minor leagues look.

      • Luke J

        McClain is a college guy. If he’s not ready by 2024 he never will be. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a September call up this year. What makes you assume he won’t be ready in 2 years? Heck De La Cruz is possible for 2024 if he continues to progress. I think your timetable is off.

  20. A Former West Sider

    Guiterrez and SanMartin in a race to the bullpen

  21. Joe P.

    Padres with the dink, dink, boom.

    Rinse and repeat.

  22. LDS

    Down 5 in the 3rd? Looks like history will repeat itself 3-15 to open the season. Let’s hope the rest of history repeats as well. I know, I know, I’m like a broken record. But the organization needs to do something besides sleepwalk through the season.

  23. Old-school

    I said the other night Reds pitching over/under for Rockies series was 9 runs per game… That may be too low.

  24. Mark Moore

    And just like that, another big hole got dug

  25. Joe P.

    Looked to me like the catcher missed the tag. He went to tag the chest and didn’t apply the tag until the hands were over the plate.

  26. Old-school

    Pham at least plays hard with passion and competes.

  27. Bet on Red

    Farmer doesn’t have time for your disbelief…. hitting commercial break RBIs

    • Old-school

      Farmer is decent against lefties.

      4 doubles in a month and no other power and an OPS in the 600’s doesnt cut it.
      Farmer is playing the same way he always has. Not in a slump. Just playing to the back of his baseball card.

      On the worst team in baseball at age 32… no thanks.

      • SOQ

        Still leads the team in RBI’s. He’s had a rough 4-5 games but was batting .300 + going into the Cardinals’ series. He plays with a lot of heart.

      • Nick in NKY

        Farmer would be a great guy to have in your lineup if he were surrounded by real hitting threats. He’s done well with his given opportunities, but he can’t carry a team. Might be a trade candidate, especially if he manages to have another Bonds-esque month before the deadline.

  28. SOQ

    Nice AB by Farmer, Nice hustle by Pham

  29. Bet on Red

    A little bit here and a little bit there… need for their to be no more runs

  30. Kevin H

    I for one am glad to see Winker, Suarez and Garrett doing well. Lorenzen, Castellanos, Barnhart as well. Good day to be a fan of the game of baseball and former Reds.

  31. Kevin H

    I guess I just don’t understand the dislike of Farmer. A solid baseball player. Nothing flashy. Just a ball player.

    • Old-school

      He turns 32 in August and has a career WAR of 1.9 on the worst team in baseball who has no chance of winning this year or next year. Love the guy but he’s becoming Skip Schumacher on RLN.

      Bobblehead is coming.

      • Tom Reeves

        Farmer’s career was totally mismanaged by the Dodgers and the Reds. Who knows is career WAR if the Dodgers didn’t try and turn him into a catcher and the Reds had been smart enough to listen to him.

        That guy will end up playing a great role in a World Series team once the Reds let him go.

        He’s not a super star but he does his job every game regardless of the buffoonery around him.

    • Hanawi

      He’s fine but not very good. Should be a super-sub type of player. Reds are full of those guys right now. Few everyday players with India and Stephenson out.

  32. Mark A Verticchio

    Please for all involved, let Aquino go. I honestly think he would be happy and there will be somebody pick him up.

  33. Bet on Red

    Garcia does not seem to be the long term answer as catcher…. need TyStephe back soon

  34. AMDG

    If Major League Baseball was anything like Premier League soccer, the Reds would be relegated to AAA next year.

  35. Bet on Red

    At least Gore is out after 100 pitches. of course we waive the flag by bringing in deihl

  36. Mark A Verticchio

    It is really hard to believe how bad this team is. 3 and 15 after tonight, I suppose it could get better when a few people return but I am not sure. The only thing left is to watch the development of a few young pitchers.

    • Dennis Westrick

      All in all the BP has performed admirably considering the deficits they are given!

  37. Dennis Westrick

    No defense for walks! BP doesn’t have a chance if given a 6-run deficit (tonight) or 8 runs (last night). Tough to watch or stomach!

  38. realist

    The cowboy on the radio in a deadpan voice. Aquino, pause, 2 for 40 with 23 strike outs. It was surreal he just said that, like are you freaking kidding me. Is there a worse forty at bats ever by a non pitcher?

  39. Hanawi

    Votto is hitting almost no line drives. Lots of Ks and lots of ground balls. Don’t know if he went back to his previous approach or just his normal slow start.

  40. Bet on Red

    That was not strike three….period

  41. Mark A Verticchio

    Bases loaded nobody out and this bunch manages to score 1 run. Why are we watching?

  42. Bet on Red

    I dont understand why we replaced a hitter batting 1.000 with a hitter hitting 2 something

    • Luke J

      lol Maybe because that 1.000 average has literally zero statistical significance.

  43. SOQ

    Diehl looks like he’s 16, but pitching like a seasoned veteran

  44. JB

    Just turned back in. Didn’t realize Diehl was only 12 years old. No wonder they didn’t bring him up last year.

    • JB

      I knew his mom would be there. She is his ride. To young to drive.

      • Tom Reeves

        He slept in his childhood bed last night and Mom made him breakfast.

  45. SOQ

    Wasn’t someone asking earlier for Farmer to hit more doubles? 🙂

      • Tom Reeves

        Can Farmer hit more nobody on base grand slams?!

      • Bet on Red

        I am sure that there is a glitch in MLB the show or RBI baseball that would allow you to

  46. Mark Moore

    It still has that too little too late feeling

    • SOQ

      True, but I do like the scrappy nature of these guys.

    • Indy Red Man

      It was too little too late at 6:40

  47. Joe P.

    No sooner had the words “most consecutive scoreless appearances to begin a career as a Red” came out of Sajak’s mouth, Hosmer blasts one out. Talk about a jinx.

  48. Old-school

    This is for sure the scrappiest 3-14 team Ive ever seen
    No doubt

  49. west larry

    moose, aquino, Hoffman and Striskland. Is that our core four?

  50. Bet on Red

    During the losing streak, there was not any scrappiness…. at all. These last two losses, though are different, the teams are competing…. heck with competent starting pitching the last few days we could have won the games.

    • Old-school

      Good luck in coors field this weekend

      Pitching stinks

      We should get some runs though but 11-6 doesnt feel any better

  51. Indy Red Man

    Idk brother? Scrappy reminds me of “Gritty” Skip Schumaker, Jim Edmonds, Edgar Renteria, etc. Where Cardinals went to die. Losing is losing

  52. LDS

    3-15, 8.5 games off the lead, 4-5 games out of 4th place (depending on Cubs-Atl outcome), worst record in baseball(by a wide margin), worst run differential, cellar dweller in nearly every statistical category – it’s going to be a very, very long year. Either the club fires some folks (several) or the ownership needs to shut up and quit pretending they care about winning. Obviously, they don’t.

  53. Indy Red Man

    Michael Lorenzen (2.93 era, 0.98 whip) outdueled Shane Beiber last night, but why would we need a starting pitcher when we can pay Mike Minor more $ not to pitch.

    You always know a company sucks when they’d rather hire somebody off the street then promote the people that are already working for them. Minor sucked pitching in the biggest park in mlb so I’m sure he’ll do great in gabp!

  54. Bet on Red

    Brandon Drury evidently does want to survive the roster cuts

  55. Bet on Red

    Kyle Farmer out here matching franchise records while you all want to cut him

    • Indy Red Man

      Trade not cut. You trade while he has some value. I’ll be dead and Farmer will have grandkids by the time the Reds are good again, but in theory you trade when you can get something and build for the future

      • LDS

        I agree. Krall needs to be on the phone tomorrow shopping Farmer aggressively. Throw in AA as a bonus though I’m one that tends to think there’s something there. But like Suarez, I don’t know that he’ll ever find it in Cincinnati. Get the best prospects available for the two of them. Play whoever at SS until Barrero is ready. Call up McClain. Doesn’t matter, this season is over. If Farmer isn’t traded, he’ll continue to play ahead of Barrero and like last year will likely end up as a below league average SS. He’s 32, get something for him while you can.

    • Old-school

      No one wants to cut him!!!

      Hes just not part of the next Reds winning team

      Scooter Gennett hit 4 home runs in a game.. where is he now. People screamed to pay him $50 million

      People screamed to sign zach cozart to a $50 mil deal?

      Phil ervin went 6-6 at Coors field

      Kyle Farmer is the SS on the worst team in baseball . Great game and great guy . Hes not part of the Reds solution to winning 90 games

      • Indy Red Man

        None of us are part of the next Reds winning team. We’re Detroit Lions status now

      • Old-School


        But at 3-15 you cant be thinking about tomorrow at the GM/ ownership Level

        Its about how do you win in 2023/24

      • William

        Keep Farmer. You will get nothing of value for him. The critics of this guy do not know baseball. He can play today and will when he is 35. Atleast a good utility guy. I think this team needs to build it’s winner with Green and Lodolo. This means you have an open window now before you have to trade them in four or five years. Have the team ready to compete by 2023. Do not listen to people who say this team cannot win. Not true. Watch them get better this year. They started off playing some of the better teams … Dodgers, Braves, Padres. They can and will play better. Votto will kick in gear soon.

  56. William

    Votto is having his normal slow start. He will hit. Pham will hit. Stephenson will hit. India will hit. Senzel will hit. They will be better. However, all that said, not enough money spent on the team to compete. I like the Reds, but wish the owners would leave.

    • TR

      Until the Red’s have majority ownership that has enough financial resources to spend money on at least one offensive free agent like Castellanos, they will not be a competitive team.

  57. Doc4uk

    Krall and many of the incompetent scouts must go for sure. Bell should be gone as well given how the team folded at the end last year. Oakland, Tampa, Minnesota , Seattle and a few other teams spend less money but none come close to being this bad.