The Cincinnati Reds have made several moves this afternoon prior to the start of the series against the San Diego Padres. Jonathan India was activated from the injured list. He spent the minimum 10 days on the injured list after straining his right hamstring. The team also added Matt Reynolds to the 28-man roster. Cincinnati also designated JT Riddle for assignment. Creating more room on the 28-man roster the team optioned Alejo Lopez back to Triple-A Louisville.

Getting Jonathan India back will go a long way towards helping a struggling offense. The reigning rookie of the year gives the team more patience at the plate and some pop in the lineup that needs both more than ever.

Alejo Lopez heads back to Triple-A after going 5-19 (.263) with a walk and two strikeouts in the seven games that he played after being called up. After starting out 0-10 in the previous series against the San Diego Padres, he went 4-9 over the three game series against the St. Louis Cardinals this past weekend.

After acquiring Matt Reynolds over the weekend, picking him up on waivers from the New York Mets, the Reds officially added him to the big league roster today. He’s hit a little better than JT Riddle has in the minors over the past few years, but neither of the two should be asked to do any kind of hitting in the big leagues given their track records. Maybe he’s an upgrade of some kind in the field due to a little more experience playing multiple positions on both the infield and in the outfield.

Cincinnati picked up JT Riddle on a minor league deal in March. He began the season in Triple-A with the Bats, but was called up last week and played in two games with Cincinnati. Riddle went 1-4 with a strikeout in that time.

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  1. LarkinPhillips

    Great news to have India back. Hate to see Lopez sent to the minors for Reynolds. Seems like poor Lopez always draws the short end of the stick. Guess that’s part of what makes him so endearing.

    • Luke J

      He was just starting to get going. They are going to jerk him around like they did with Barrero last year. They don’t give the kids a chance to get in a rhythm and risk shattering their confidence altogether. It’s hard to watch. And for what? Matt Reynolds? Cmon.

      • LarkinPhillips

        That was my thought exactly Luke. Lopez is a contact guy that requires a lot of ABs (75+) to show whether he can hit for average at the major league level or not.

    • Nelson coble

      The management of this team is clueless.

  2. LDS

    Well, that didn’t take long. Someone should start a pool on how long it takes for Motter to be called up and whose place will he take?

  3. Mark A Verticchio

    Why Reynolds over Lopez, makes no sense. It is really hard to root for a team that has no clue what it is doing. Lopez is no star but, he does give professional at bats which is better than most on this team right now.

  4. Rednat

    one thing you never see anymore. if a guy is stealing a base, the batter used to swing over the pitch to distract the catcher. didn’t see hat on the senzel steal attempt.

  5. Chris

    Another stupid move by this organization. Reynolds over Lopez? Geez!!! Also, don’t tell us that Lopez can’t play SS. He did it in winter ball, and was apparently very solid there, we even got to see some excellent plays made by Lopez at SS; kid was literally promoting himself, and why not, seems no one else will. I’d take Lopez over half of this team right now.

  6. Andrewman

    Weird. Lopez seemingly might have a future here for the next few years whereas these retreads are simply that.

    • JayTheRed

      Yes, but they are getting better in a strange way. Sorry that line will never get old this season.

  7. VegasRed

    This organization is simply clueless. Constantly dumpster diving for failed journeymen “veterans” over younger organizational talent while luring to the fans about a youth movement. Bell’s hands are all over this particular move as he has toyed with Lopez’ career every chance he’s had.

    And the Krall/Bell nonsense with failed veterans over the last 6 weeks of 2021 ring in our ears.

    Bell is going to continue to do the same nonsense to Barerro when he comes off the IL.

  8. Tom Diesman

    Didn’t they clear a 40 man spot for Reynolds on 04/24 with the DFA of Hendrix? If so they only needed to clear two 28 man spots for India and Reynolds. One is optioning Lopez. The DFA of Riddle opens up the other needed 28 man spot, but it also opens up another spot on the 40 man roster I believe.

    • JayTheRed

      Over the past few seasons this team loves playing games shorthanded.

  9. SultanofSwaff

    Demoting Lopez probably has more to do with the idea he’s not the best defensive option at third now that India is reinstated and 2B is spoken for…..and maybe it says a lot about the condition of Moose’s bicep. I don’t dislike Lopez but his inability to hit to all fields doesn’t endear him to me offensively.

  10. Rob

    An old addage says: ” You can never have too much pitching.”

    With the Reds, it’s: “You can never have too many backup infielders.”

    Drury, Moran, Solano, Riddle, Reynolds, etc., etc, etc.

    Give the Reds credit for making these thoughtful, bold and impactful moves needed to build a consistent winner.

  11. Old-school

    Reynolds is the Reds new Backup SS. Drury is 230 pounds and must not be viewed as a credible back up SS. Lopez is not a back up major league SS. India will play every day so he’s never playing 2b and he’s not in the OF mix.
    Drury’s days on the roster are numbered.
    He will be sent down once Moose is back.

    This move is about one thing. Upgrading the back up SS

    3b- Moose
    2b- India
    Back up right handed 3b/SS/2b- Reynolds.
    Back up LH 3b/1b/DH Moran

    Solano and Barrero presumably back in 3 weeks.

    • Josh G

      plus they want lopez playing everyday

      • Chris

        Why? Lopez is never going to be a full time player on the Reds, so why do they need him playing everyday?

    • Chris

      You may be correct about “why” the move, but it’s just a stupid move. Also, it’s just not true that Lopez can’t back up at SS. He played there all winter, and was solid. Just because a failed organization says someone can’t do something, doesn’t make it true. Even good organizations are wrong, as in the Dodgers being wrong that Farmer couldn’t play SS. Heck, I remember this organization saying that Keppinger, back in the day, couldn’t play SS. A long-time baseball coach took over as manager, and put Keppinger at SS, and he was solid. Keppinger played SS often when he left the Reds too. Lopez can play SS, and he’s a much better all around player than is Reynolds.

  12. TR

    As long as Bell is the manager there’s no chance the Reds will go young.

  13. Ryan

    The Reds certainly know how to “sign a stiff.”

  14. doofus

    Why are the owners of the Brewers, Rays, Twins, smarter than the Red’s owners?

    Why are they and their front offices able to build competitive, sustainable rosters in “small/mid” markets in the poor economic environment that Phil Castellini decries?