The Padres scored eight runs in the 4th inning off of Reiver Sanmartin and Jeff Hoffman as they beat the Reds on Tuesday night 9-6. The loss drops Cincinnati to 3-14 on the season – the worst record in baseball.

Final R H E
San Diego Padres (11-7) 9 12 3
Cincinnati Reds (3-14) 6 8 0
W: Musgrove (3-0) L: Sanmartin (0-3)
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The Offense

After going 1-2-3 in the 1st inning, Cincinnati got a little 2-out rally going in the 2nd. Nick Senzel singled and later scored on a Colin Moran single to put Cincinnati up 1-0. After San Diego batted around and then some in the top of the 4th to take a 9-1 lead, the Reds offense loaded the bases on a walk, single, and catchers interference to star the bottom of the frame. Colin Moran grounded into a force out, but a throwing error on the play allowed two runs to score on the play as Cincinnati cut into the lead to make it 9-3.

The next inning saw the Reds chip away a little bit more. Jonathan India and Tyler Naquin led off with back-to-back doubles to make it 9-4. A Joey Votto ground out would bring Naquin across the plate later in the inning to make it 9-5.

The Reds were quiet over the next three innings before Nick Senzel led off the 9th with his first home run of the season to make it a 9-6 ballgame. That was all that Cincinnati would get as their winning streak ended at one.

The Pitching

Things were going fine for Reiver Sanmartin through the first three innings of the game. He had allowed just one run and the game was tied up. But then the 4th inning began and he didn’t record an out before being pulled having allowed five runs and leaving the bases loaded. All three runners would score and the lefty was charged with eight runs in the inning and nine on the game in just 3.0 innings as his ERA ballooned to 10.91 on the season. It was Jeff Hoffman who took over for Sanmartin and allowed all of those inherited runners to score. When he left the game after the 5th Cincinnati was down 9-5.

Alexis Diaz threw a perfect 6th inning. That put him at 7.1 shutout innings to begin his big league career. Hunter Strickland followed up with a scoreless 7th to keep the Reds within slam range. Buck Farmer kept the Padres off the board in both the 8th and 9th, giving Cincinnati one last chance. Needing four runs was too big of an ask as the Reds only mustered one in their half of the final inning.

Key Moment of the Game

Jake Cronenworth’s bases loaded triple in the 4th inning that made it 9-1.

Notes Worth Noting

Every hitter in the lineup except for Tyler Naquin ended the game with an OPS below .600.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

San Diego Padres vs Cincinnati Reds

Wednesday April 27th, 6:40pm ET

MacKenzie Gore (1-0, 1.74 ERA) vs Vladimir Gutierrez (0-3, 5.54 ERA)

59 Responses

  1. Keith

    Is this a valley? It feels like a valley.

    • Votto4life

      Since David Bell said they want to avoid “peaks and valleys” maybe they decided to start with avoiding the peaks.

      • Tom Reeves

        They’ve regressed to their mean… their very very mean.

      • Grand Salami

        Yeah. This is the Mariana trench.

  2. scotly50

    Are we better in a “weird way” ?

    • Daytonnati

      We’re aligning victories with resources.

      • Gman88

        We’re aligning wins with competence.

  3. LDS

    Having not watched the game, why did they stick with Sanmartin long enough to give up 8? Even if Hoffman allowed inherited runners to score, it seems like a huge tactical blunder.

    • DataDumpster

      I picked up the game near the beginning of the 4th inning mess. Sanmartin allowed the first 8 batters to reach base before being removed. The Cowboy said that no one was working in the pen, the pitch count was low and maybe there was a desire to see if the rookie could “adjust to the situation.” Oh well! Then after the Reds chipped away at the lead they brought in the walk king, Strickland, who gave up 2 more BB before getting out of the inning on a catch at the wall. This manager just always seems to want to prove something at the expense of trying to keep the team in contention.

      • LDS

        Thanks. It’s one of the reasons I’m paying attention this year than last. Spare myself the frustration of Bell’s unfathomable approach to winning. I haven’t comprehended the weird way.

      • TR

        The 4th. inning collapse was extended spring training for Sanmartin minus a real desire to win.

    • greenmtred

      They did it because they want to hear you complain. Or maybe because the know that they aren’t competitive this year and wanted to give him a chance to deal with a bad situation.

      • LDS

        Nice try @greenmtred but they didn’t afford a similar opportunity for Lodolo just a few days ago when facing far less trouble. The Reds winning pct is almost as low as Joey Votto’s batting average. The next worst team has twice as many wins. The Reds at 3-14 are one loss short of 2018. Bryan Price was fired. Bell won’t be. Defend Bell to your heart’s content but facts are facts. Make excuses, injuries, etc. Bottom line, the Reds aren’t winning and are 4 games out of 4th place. Changes need to be made and it’s obvious. Start with Bell and the coaching staff. When a team, whether in baseball or the corporate world, performs this badly, it’s the manager (read Gallup’s research on the subject).

  4. Melvin

    I bet SD is loving playing us right now. Then again who wouldn’t be?

  5. Old-school

    Aramis Garcia 0-4 with 4 K’s. That’s gotta get a mention.
    Joey Votto .143 Ba and .455 OPS.end of April.

    Everyone’s haters- Tommy Pham and Nick senzel will be leading the team in hitting after Colorado.

    • Bet on Red

      Votto is collecting walks though

      • Jim Walker

        Votto is striking out about 34% of the time and walking about 13%. That works out to be his worst career net difference between the two. His career %’s are K/18.4%; BB/15.9%.

        His 2022 OBP to date is below .300. That’s unfathomable for Votto whose career OBP is .410 and whose 2021 OBP was .375

    • MuddyCleats

      And Garcia had a 4 game hit streak prior to this start when no one else was hitting so let’s don’t forget to mention that either. NO, he’s probably not the next Johnny Bench, but like so other many Reds players, he’s young & has some potential.

      This yr is NOT about winning! That’s obvious w/ the lack of off season additions and verified by Castellanos comments. It’s about seeing which young guys have ML potential. Can the young pitchers adjust and get hitters out? Can the young hitters continue to grow, make adjustments, have a solid approach AB and have some success ??

      • jeffversion1

        He’s not young. He’ll be 30 next January.

  6. Joey

    I never dreamed that as a Reds fan I would ever look back on this organization and prefer the Reds teams of the early 2000’s over the mess of a team we have now but here I am. At least with those teams we had a lineup that could mash the ball and were fun to watch. Sure Adam Dunn couldn’t man left field but him and Jr, Kearns, Felipe Lopez, Reese, E. Encarnacion were all fun to watch. Our ace pitchers were Paul Wilson and Eric Milton with ERAs in the mid 4′ and 5’s. With a good rotation and bullpen that would have been a nasty team come playoff time.

    • Jon

      The teams of 2017 and 2018 even look desirable right now. Give me Votto, Suarez, Gennett, Hamilton, Duvall, Winker…at least those were fun teams. This team is just depressing; even if they didn’t have a 3-14 record.

      • Jimbo44CN

        I agree, watching Billy run when he got on base was exciting, and Votto and Gennet were all stars that year if I am not mistaken. Fun team to watch.

  7. Redhaze

    When the Reds win a game this season the announcers need to play the tape of the 1980 USA hockey team when they upset Russia. “Do you believe in miracles?……..YES!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • Cyrus

      Now that is a hilarious post Redhawks. Brought a smile and loud laugh…good job!

    • Grand Salami

      LaRosa’s needs to adjust its free pizzas to just wins. They will save money on that promo.

  8. Ethan L

    Why was Hoffman being used in that situation? It was too high leverage. Why not use Santillan?

    • VaRedsFan

      Bases loaded. 0 Outs.

      They probably get 1-2 more on any pitcher.
      Not high leverage.

    • Jim Walker

      Because Hoffman is pitching in the traditional “long man” role. Not sure why the long man in a DH world faces only 8 batters or why a higher leverage guy doesn’t get used.

      Maybe Bell thought the horse was already out of the barn for keeps when SanMartin allowed the 3 run shot to make the score 5-1? But the 3 inherited runners Hoffman allowed to score ended up representing the final margin.

      BTW, so far this year, per MLN(dot)com stats, Hoffman has allowed 8 of 11 (73%) of his inherited runners to score. That’s not exactly sterling work for a “long man”.

      • MBS

        There was no sense burning a high leverage arm like Santillan, Sims, or Warren. They should have put in one of their mid level guys like Morreta Wilson, or Cessa to try and stop the bleeding.

        Hoffman should be used as the long man, but he should only come in with clean innings. He’s shown no ability to clean up messes.

  9. Rednat

    i got to tell you i hate the shift. it just takes the dramatic scenarios away from the game. Jake Fraley hits a bullet to right field with 2 outs in the ninth. should have been a hit in any fair and just sport. in stead he is thrown out by 2 steps by the second baseman who is playing right field. game over. if it was a hit. that would have brought India to the plate with Naquin on the on deck circle with the tying run. at least you would have some drama.

    i am not sure if the yare getting rid of the shift or not in Mlb? i am sure the large market teams want to get rid of the shift as much as they want an international draft. but i hope they do.
    went to a dragons game last week. the rule states you must have 2 infielders on the infield dirt on both sides of second base to begin the play. It really created a lot more offense and was really more of a game of chance which imo makes baseball more fun

    • Mike V

      I agree .. I was hoping the shift would be gone by now . But as of today I think the plan is for next season . I really really really hope they actually do outlaw the shift . The type of situation you detailed happens all the time . Getting rid of the shift WILL help the offense and give the hitters a more fair shot vs these 95 plus pitching machines we have today .. I know the score was 9-6 last night anyway . But still I agree with your point . BAN THE SHIFT Please

    • VaRedsFan

      I hate watching professionals hit into the shift, more than I hate the shift.
      I watched Cabrera get his 3000th hit by hitting a down and in fastball the other way. Pure SKILL.

      • JB WV

        I wonder how batters 50-60 years ago would have reacted to the shifts. Probably raised their BAs 30-40 points until the shift went away. Now these guys just want to keep swinging for the fences instead of making adjustments to help the team win.

      • Doug Gray

        I’d love to see how batters today would fare against guys throwing 84 MPH fastballs that the players 50-60 years ago were facing. They’d probably hit .400 with 50 home runs.

    • Jim Walker

      If I interpreted the wrangling at the end of the lockout correctly, the skids are greased to severely limit or get rid of the shift whenever MLB decides to pull the trigger.

      I’m guessing there is a lot of number crunching analysis in progress so they have to make only one cut to get it right (or nearly enough so it is not seen as worse than how things are now).

      I saw an article yesterday that proposed that while virtually all the public talk has been about regulating infielder positioning, some numbers indicate that subtle adjustments in outfielder positioning are resulting in more additional outs than the infield realignments.

      My guess is while we can probably look forward to the elimination of a de facto slow pitch softball type “short fielder” and stacking the infielders on one side of 2B in the near future, there is a good chance what’s going on with the true outfielder positioning adjustments will fly under the radar.

      • JB WV

        You’re missing the point Doug. Can you honestly say that players are adjusting to the shift by going the other way?

  10. Steelerfan

    Doug, I feel sorry for you having to write these west coast recaps. Cannot be any fun at this point.

    • Joey Red

      It’s even worse when those west coast recaps are at home.

    • Doug Gray

      That one was not fun, for sure. But on the bright side I did get paid for it, and it wasn’t a west coast night game and I was actually finished with all of my work by 1am last night. Small victories for me on that front.

  11. Klugo

    Did anyone bean Voit? That’s all I want to know.

  12. RedsGettingBetter

    it is obvious the Padres have been better team than Reds in their games , at least , from last season where they won that series 6-1 and this year assured it while they are up 4-0 at this moment so there is a 10-1 favoring San Diego overall. Although, I think the Padres have been a little lucky and taking advantage in the starting pitching match ups since last year when they faced twice Santillán (as rookie) and faced twice Gutierrez (as rookie) too hitting them very hard in that games. The other games (Miley once and Castillo twice) were quality starts being the only win when Castillo threw the last game of the series. This year the history is repeating. The Padres saw Sanmartin twice and maybe will fight Gutierrez (he is scheduled to start tonight) for 2nd time too. The other game was started by rookie Nick Lodolo in just his 2nd career game. In that span the Padres did not face Gray neither Mahle last year and they hardly will see Castillo in 2022. Mahle finally is gonna pitch to Padres in the finale of this season series. Resuming Padres against Reds starting pitcher last 11 games :
    Vs Gutierrez 4 games (if tonight start is accomplished and two were as rookie) ,
    vs Santillan 2 games (as rookie),
    vs Sanmartin 2 games (as rookie)
    vs Castillo 2 games (both quality starts and the only won game)
    vs. Lodolo 1 game (as rookie)
    vs Miley 1 game (quality start)
    The likelihood of winning to the Padres having a rookie starting the game 7 times out of 11 is in fact quite low

  13. GreatRedLegsFan

    On the positive side the bullpen, other than Hoffman, was solid, Senzel looks sharp at all game’s aspects and the lineup, other than Garcia, made hard contact.

  14. Jon

    It figures. The year MLB removes the draft order being linked to team records is the year Cincinnati has a legit chance for the number one pick.

  15. Steven Ross

    Almost through April. One month closer to Bengals football. Oh wait? The draft is tomorrow. Let’s go!

  16. Hotto4Votto

    “I’ve been playing my whole career to be part of an organization that wants to win” – Jesse Winker on getting to play with the Mariners.

    We all feel ya Jesse. Glad you’ve been able to move on to greener pastures. I’ve been waiting for over 30 years for the same organization to show it wants to win.

    • MBS

      Meanwhile they have a lower payroll than the Reds. I’m definitely not caring water for Reds ownership, but Seattle is not spending money to win either. They seem to be the 2019 Reds, instead of the 22 Reds.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Maybe it’s not the money spent but the execution of the moves made that matters more. TB, Oakland, and others generally spend little but also win more than the Reds. Or maybe just wanting to win more than wanting to set a budget is like important or something for team morale. Just a few recent former Reds expressing enthusiasm that they are no longer with the organization. Not a good look.

  17. Mark Moore

    It was hard to get a glimmer of hope in the middle innings only to see the bats go silent. That huge inning did us in once again.

  18. SultanofSwaff

    League average OPS is .675 right now. Offense is down across the board.

    Well, Sanmartin made sure even Bell can figure out who Castillo will replace in the rotation when he returns. Last night wasn’t the first time Sanmartin failed to throw his pitches with conviction when in a jam. Not a good look.

    Anyone else see Eno Sarris’ new ‘stuff +’ stat? Basically a metric of which starting pitchers have the nastiest stuff, irrespective of things like ERA and control. Of all starting pitchers, Hunter Greene was #2, Lodolo top 15. Interesting.

  19. Rob

    Bell seemed to be on the upbeat side after the game talking about SanMartin’s pitching and the Reds comeback and fight. Holy bejeebers! SanMartin got bombed and the Padres made 3 errors leading to a whole bunch of Reds runs. Just because the Padres made a bunch of errors isnt anything for a manager to be upbeat about. The Padres played a bad ballgame which allowed the Reds a bunch of runs. If this clown show doesnt stop soon, Bell and his bunch are going to have a hole too deep to dig out of. Saying SanMartin is going to pitch alot more seems counterproductive. Seems like an express ticket to more losses. And in a different breath, he will talk about the great turnaround coming. He is the captain of the ship.

    • DataDumpster

      Since I usually tune in to the radio, I catch a lot of Bell’s pressers. They are almost as frustrating as his field management. The nonsense you speak about is repeated in some form everyday along with praise for the opposing pitcher. Earlier, he kept on harping about Strickland being “high leverage” and is now doing the same with Sanmartin after he let him take an absolute beating (8 straight runners reaching). How many pitchers did he overuse the last few years only to lose games and wind up with a DFA. The will and ability to succeed comes with the player’s talent, attitude, and coaching. Bell’s happy talk doesn’t improve upon any of those factors. Just “keep on doing the same thing and trust it”. Perhaps the “it” needs to be changed for results to be seen. Another vastly underperforming team (again).

  20. Matt WI

    To be fair, SanMartin started out brilliantly…. clean innings and under 40 pitches before the 4th. It just blew up fast, and that can’t happen, but does with young guys. The Reds had no business having someone up in the pen until they all of a sudden needed someone in an eye blink.

    I agree that the offense was more lucky than good or gritty in making it closer. Bell has nothing but straws to grab at. I’d hate that job for almost anyone.

    • TR

      Imo Freddie Benavides, the bench coach, should be given a chance to manage the Reds. In a time of uncertainty, Benavides is an experienced baseball guy who should be given the opportunity to see what he can do with this Red’s team.

      • Matt WI

        I like that. As we are fond of saying of players, Bell is not part of the next contending Reds team. Freddie could take over the wheels, and maybe even another team would want him. Nice idea.

  21. Doc4uk

    I think this team came in totally unprepared to play. However the moves made by Krall are beyond mind blowing. He should be the first one who has his contract terminated. Then some scouts should be fired especially those who recommended Akiyama , Moose, Strickland, Moran, Hedrick, and Minor. All were expensive mistakes! Meanwhile there were some good finds and additions especially the Dominican scout(s) .