The Cincinnati Reds have acquired utility player Matt Reynolds from the New York Mets. Reynolds was placed on waivers and Cincinnati decided to pick him up.To make room on the 40-man roster the team has designated reliever Ryan Hendrix for assignment.

Matt Reynolds is a 31-year-old who has had 25 plate appearances in the big leagues since the start of 2018. He’s had two hits in that span. He has appeared in one game this year with the Mets, but didn’t get an at-bat. He had also been in Triple-A this season and had gone 2-17 (.118). The only time he’s ever had double-digit home runs is in 2019 in Triple-A when they had a juiced baseball and he hit 16. His career high outside of that season is 6, which came in 2015.

What Matt Reynolds can bring is some defense. He can play shortstop, second, and third base on the infield. He’s also got experience in center, left, and right in the outfield.

Making a spot on the 40-man for Reynolds meant that Cincinnati had to designate reliever Ryan Hendrix for assignment. The right-handed pitcher has plenty of stuff to work with, but he’s had a lot of struggle finding any sort of consistency with the strikezone with it. In 2021 he pitched in 36 games with the Reds and posted a 5.97 ERA with eight homers allowed, 16 walks, and 35 strikeouts in 31.2 innings. This season he made five appearances and posted an ERA of 8.10 while walking four, hitting one batter, striking out four, and throwing three wild pitches.

With all of the injuries the Reds have right now, having someone who can actually play some defense could be of value on the bench. With the designated hitter in the National League now it means you may not need that type of guy to hit very often. Cincinnati could bring him off of the bench later in games to give their pitchers a better defensive group behind them in the short term until the team gets a bit healthier and the bench (and subsequent defense) improves.

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  1. LDS

    If his first name was Bryan then maybe I’d care but this is another typical Reds pickup that doesn’t move the needle in the least. Maybe it means they are going to dump Moran. Who knows. Who cares.

  2. stuckonthenorthshore

    Ugh….just when I couldn’t care less, some how, I am forced to shake my head, smack my face, and run that single hand through my hair. It takes effort to be a Reds fan out of market. I think I’m too old and tired now. To para-phrase my favorite announcer ever “the old right-hander, rounding third and heading for home”….RIP Joe

  3. Gpod

    Perfect fit for the reds ….can’t hit his weight

  4. Votto4life

    Nick Krall is like a “Bull in a China Shop” as little Phil would say.

  5. Mark

    Really what’s the point here we should have someone as good in AAA to call up.

  6. LarkinPhillips

    Pretty sure we have several of these type of utility players currently, Drury, Riddle, Farmer/Barrero depending on who is the SS for the team. Losing Hendrix is no big loss either. This move screams mediocrity, which is what the Reds are hoping to be someday.

    • David

      Send us your poor, your mediocre, your discarded ball players
      Yearning to play MLB a little longer
      Though they hit below the Mendoza line
      They will play for the Reds

  7. Oldtimer

    He hasn’t seen much action lately but he was pretty decent Utility INF a few years ago.

  8. Tom Hume

    Who exactly is in charge of our pitching as far as draft choices and development? Name me the last really good consistent pitcher that was home grown? Tom
    Browning? Hendrix was supposed to be a can’t miss prospect, now he’s on the scrap heap with the rest of the guys who either can’t throw a strike or keep it in the ballpark. How does an organization consistently fail at developing its own talent?

  9. AMDG

    Wow, how many lite hitting utility men does this team need?

    It’s as if Moran, Farmer, Riddle, Moose, Pham, Drury, & Fraley aren’t enough 😉

  10. Steven Ross

    The final piece of the playoff puzzle. All up-hill from here. Let’s go.

  11. Max Smart

    WOW !!!! Allie Reynolds ex New York Yankee …………..wait a minute ……..he would be 103 now…………….oh well………….has to throw better than current Reds pitchers !!!! Sorry………….I’m wrong………he died at the age of 79…………..still probably throws better than our Reds hurlers !!!!!