Nine losses in a row since Phil Castellini stuck both of his feet in his mouth. The Cincinnati Reds are now 2-11 on the season after being swept on the west coast by both the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (2-11) 0 5 1
San Diego Padres (9-5)
6 6 0
W: Gore (1-0) L: Gutierrez (0-2)
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The Offense

Cincinnati threatened in the top of the 1st when Tommy Pham singled and Joey Votto walked to put two men on with two outs, but a fly out ended the inning. In the 4th inning Votto was trying to get something going again as he singled with one out and Nick Senzel walked to follow, once again giving the Reds a prime scoring opportunity. Aristides Aquino struck out, but Colin Moran came through with a single. Unfortunately Joey Votto was thrown out at the plate to end the inning and the Reds remained scoreless. That was the last time the Reds had a runner reach second base.

The Pitching

The first three innings went quite smooth for Vladimir Gutierrez, but the 4th inning didn’t start out as well as the others. Manny Machado took a 94 MPH fastball to the arm to lead off the inning and then Jake Cronenworth walked to put two on with no outs. Fortunately Eric Hosmer grounded into a double play because Jurickson Profar followed up with a 2-run homer to put San Diego ahead.

In the 5th inning Jorge Alfaro also was hit by a pitch in the hand on a checked swing. David Bell challenged the call as it may have caught the knob of the bat, but replay confirmed the call on the field and Alfaro got to stay at first base. He would steal second base later in the inning and then score on a double by Trent Grisham, making it 3-0. The Reds chose to intentionally walk Manny Machado and then brought in Justin Wilson from the bullpen to face off against fellow lefty Jake Cronenworth. The move worked out as Wilson got the strikeout to strand both runners.

Alexis Diaz came out and tossed a shutout 6th inning before giving way to Buck Farmer in the 7th. He did not toss a shutout inning, giving up a solo homer to Ha-Seong Kim as the Padres extended their lead to 4-0. Hunter Strickland took over in the 8th inning for the Reds and gave up two more runs before the inning was over.

Key Moment of the Game

Jurickson Profar’s 2-run homer in the 4th inning was all that the Padres needed.

Notes Worth Noting

Catcher Mark Kolozsvary made his big league debut after taking over for Aramis Garcia behind the plate in the bottom of the 7th inning.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati Reds

Friday April 22nd, 6:40pm ET

Steven Matz (1-1, 7.27 ERA) vs Hunter Greene (1-1, 4.35 ERA)

73 Responses

  1. Joe P.

    The Reds have scored only 13 runs in the last 8 games and 37 runs total in the first 13 games.

    The # of runs by inning for the first 13 games:

    1st: 2
    2nd: 1
    3rd: 7
    4th: Zero
    5th: 3
    6th: 13
    7th: 1
    8th: 3
    9th: 7

    • Mark Moore

      I replied on the other thread, so I’ll chip in my thoughts here as well:

      Second and third times through appear to be killing us. And that “7” in the 9th is really rough, especially when you consider we’ve not played the 9th in many games.

      • Joe P.

        The Reds have hit in the 9th inning of all 13 games. They hit in the 9th inning in the 2 home games because they trailed in both games going into the 9th and of course, they have hit in the 9th inning of all 11 road games.

        If anybody has gotten a break, it’s the Reds pitching. In 9 of the 13 games they have not had to pitch the 9th inning because the game was over.

      • Mark Moore

        My bad. I was thinking your post was about the opponents scoring on us.

  2. Mark Moore

    It’s just so very hard to watch this train wreck. Minor redeeming thing for me, my subscription comes courtesy of my phone carrier. And I’m in Raleigh, so I’m usually not under blackout. Then again, perhaps those who just can’t watch are better off right now.

    • West larry

      It’s not much comfort, but the closest team to the reds dumpster fire are the Texas rangers at 2-9. What can happen to turn this team around? Nothing ? This team is already out of the playoff race. I think though, if they get most of the remaining players off the d. L. This team can still finish with a better record than the pirated and orioles. Still a horrible outcome for this once proud franchise. The buck stops with you bob c – sell the team.

  3. Jonathan

    So what’s the over/under for attendance Friday? 7,000?

    • Bobby D

      I’ll say 10,000, with nearly half being Cardinals fans.

      • Mark Moore

        I’d say 10K given the Cards fans is about right.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Actually, with nice weather, temps in the 70s, and Friday night, I still expect over 20,000 there, although 1/3 of them might be Cardinals’ fans.

  4. Magnum 44

    I’m glad they are done with the west coast so I can turn them off before the good tv shows come on. This late night 10 o’clock stuff made me miss the first 15 minutes of my shows.

  5. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    I hope nobody goes out to the games this year. If people do, they are complicit in the demise of this team.

    The fans must run Bell, Krall and the Castellini’s out of town. These people are taking the fans for fools. They deserve no respect, they must be mocked incessantly throughout this year.

    This is getting beyond pathetic at this point….

    PS Joey Votto is the worst and slowest baseball runner I have ever seen. He would make Ernie Lombardi look fast.

    • Rob

      If the Reds were competitive and in tight games this would bother me as-in previous years. But this is about #74 in the Reds list of needs. Never seen so many bowed heads after a strikeout today. Somewhere between hopeless and apathetic. I have no clue who the leaders on this team are without Nick, Tucker, Geno, etc.

    • JoshG

      sure… introducing your 2023 Montreal Reds/Expos..
      or Las Vegas Reds has a decent ring to it

      • GMan88

        Don’t forget Nashville. Lots of money and a hungry fan base.

  6. RedsFan11

    I think Vegas should set the over under around 20K for each game this weekend. Weather is supposed to FINALLY be good in Cincy. People want to get out. Fireworks Friday. Good game times for Saturday and Sunday. I’m one of those people for Saturday.

    Of course 5-7K will be Cardinals fans.

    • Joey Red

      I would rather have my head sewn to the carpet than spend any of my weekend watching this team being hammered by the Cards to the absolute delight of their fans.

    • Gonzo Reds

      Don’t forget to wear your paper sack to the Dreads games this weekend.

  7. Dayton Ducks

    Well just remember guys—it’s only April! ????

  8. Dayton Ducks

    That was sarcasm, as I’m sure you all knew…this is gonna be rough

    • realist

      I think all the posts are sarcasm now, it is cathartic.

      • Votto4life

        Yeah, I am so glad This site exists. It makes it all more bearable somehow.

  9. Daytonnati

    David Bell in the Enquirer: “All good teams go through it,” Reds manager David Bell said. “We’re going through it in a big way early in the year, so it’s magnified. This is still our time. We have to use this time to get better. The way you handle it will dictate that.”

    Reminds me of Baghdad Bob … “Baghdad Bell”??

      • Votto4life

        I mean what can he say “We are one of the worst baseball teams ever to take the field”.

        I mean I wish he would say it but he won’t.

    • Votto4life

      They are getting better in a weird way.

    • LDS

      Bell said things like this all last year. He said such things about Suarez. Pick a topic, he’ll spew a platitude. Eventually, either he goes or the few fans the team has left does. The Reds are 6.5 GB the Cards heading into Friday. Continue the losing streak and the season will be about over by Sunday night. Baghdad Bell is a great name. Hope it sticks.

      • greenmtred

        I’d think that few fans care about much besides whether the team is good, fun to watch, and winning games. This team was a marginal bet at best, and that was before 13 guys got injured/sick. I know that you believe that Bell is responsible for all of this, and I shake my head.

    • Votto4life

      I loved it back in the Spring when David Bell said he “wanted to see the team be more consistent and avoid peak and valleys”.

      I remember thinking to myself, should we really be trying to avoid peaks?

    • Melvin

      “All good teams go through this “. Smh hahahaha!!!! Is there ANY wisdom in the Reds management AT ALL? Is there anyone who’s able to make one smart/wise/true statement? Big Bob’s son is the worst of them all. That’s saying a whole lot.

  10. Redsvol

    I’m not a fan for piling on the manager and GM for most of this. Ownership, yes – pile away! Players like Votto, Senzel, Stephenson, Naquin, Moose, and Pham need to play better – that isn’t on management. It’s like none of these players trained during the offseason to expect a quick start to the season. The lockout was bound to be settled and bound to lead to a quick restart. The offensive ineptitude is unequaled. The pitching isn’t great but it has no room for error when your offense can’t score 4 runs.

    And then the injuries – where to start? Pitchers weren’t ready to go – Minor, Castillo, Sims. Then the soft tissue injuries to position players – Solano, India, Moose, Schrock. Come on! Get in shape and stay in shape, your are professional baseball players for goodness sake! Much rather watch the minor league teams.

    • SultanofSwaff

      I think you have to lay some of the blame on management in the sense that the ramp up to the regular season had no sense of urgency. Taking 2 at-bats or two IP a week before opening day is malpractice. The Reds have started slow every year under Bell and yet the preseason routine hasn’t changed.

  11. bryant

    Did the major leagues in the new agreement modify process for draft order? If the Reds finish dead last do they automatically get first or second pick, or is there now an NBA style lottery for the last few teams?

    • Votto4life

      The six teams with the worst record participate in a draft lottery. So the Reds will likely pick between 1 to 6.

      • JayTheRed

        Beginning to wonder if that is the goal this season is to get in the lottery.

  12. realist

    I heard Aquino only struck out twice tonight, but then i saw he only had two at bats. People keep saying that well there isn’t anyone else to bring up or whatever, have an open tryout for a left fielder that hits right handed he would be better than Aquino. Each home game have guys or girls show up early and take the best one and start them in right field you would get the same offensive production.

  13. Oldtimer

    Just by way of the comparison, the 1982 Reds (who finished with 61 W and 101 L) started out 3 W and 10 L. So even they were better than the 2022 Reds after 13 games.

    Too many injuries all at once. Too little talent.

    • David

      Dat was a berry, berry bad team. Dat 1982 team. After the 1981 had de best record in Bassball, but stayed home. – Chico Escuala

  14. SultanofSwaff

    Their collective inability to hit and even swing at hanging curveballs today was truly a sight to behold.

    But hey we beaned Machado (deservedly) so honor restored.

    • greenmtred

      Wait! I thought Voit was the guy who ran into Stephenson! You’re saying that it was Machado?

      • SultanofSwaff

        It’s the best player on the other team who pays the piper…..been that way forever.

      • greenmtred

        I know that. I was just suggesting that, particularly when the retribution can cause serious injury, perhaps proxies shouldn’t be used. The punishment can’t fit the crime when the guy being punished didn’t commit the crime.

  15. LP

    Aquino is probably be DFA before Friday’s game. I expect Almora to take his place.

  16. JB

    This team can’t hit squat. They’ve all turned into Akiyama. Maybe big Bob should ask him back.

    • scotly50

      Sad, but true. He is still on the payroll, right?

      • Jim Walker

        One way or another Akiyama got or is getting his $8m for this year. But technically he was “granted” his unconditional release and became a free agent. The Reds cannot compel him to return as a condition of his settlement.

  17. LDS

    This is Bell’s fourth season. The roster has changed significantly year over year but the results haven’t. At some point, you have to start questioning the system and the management and realize there’s a problem. Yes, the injuries have hurt. Yes, they traded away a bunch. You can’t replace the entire team at this point but you can clean out the management from Phil and Krall down to the trainer. Start expecting results instead of making excuses. It’s time to KATN.

    • greenmtred

      The results last year bore no resemblance to the results this year and little resemblance to the results in the years immediately before it. There were better players last year and the team was in playoff contention.

  18. Jessecuster44

    This team SUCKS. From top to bottom. If the Reds disappeared, would anyone notice? I think not,

    • Votto4life

      Maybe that is the plan. Gut the team, insult the fans and beg MLB to let you move. Seems to be what the A’s are doing.

      It may take a decade or so to get there but Phil knows there’s a pot of gold waiting on the other side.

      I really do believe that some of the cuts the Reds made this Spring, were because Bob and Phil were being petulant for not getting their way in the new CBA.

      • CI3J

        I really do believe that some of the cuts the Reds made this Spring, were because Bob and Phil were being petulant for not getting their way in the new CBA.

        From what we’ve seen and heard about/from the Castellini family, they certainly seem like the types to do that. Then again, they were already talking about “aligning payroll to resources” before the lockout even began, so who knows.

  19. Jon

    We suffered through 2014 to 2019 in a delayed and prolonged rebuild. I think up until this year, most of us would have considered 2015-2016 as the low point of this franchise, at least since 1990. We have reached a new low. How will this end? Does Bell get fired (won’t solve anything whatsoever)? Does Krall get fired? Does Phil resign? Will Bob finally sell the team? Or will nothing happen and management just foolishly blame “injuries” as the cause of this 100+ loss season?

    • Rednat

      i actually enjoyed that 2019 team with Puig and Jose Iglesias, I thought we had something. but you are right that is what makes this year so tough. 2015-2018 was one of t the worst stretches in reds history . no major reward for us in 2020/21 and now this. it truly is depressinb

      • Jon

        2019 was a fun team and Dick Williams had the Reds moving in the right direction toward contending with the trade deadline swap of Puig for Bauer. Even the 2017 and 2018 teams were fun. It appeared there was a solid core (Barnhart, Votto, Suarez, Winker, Castillo, Disco, Mahle) that just needed built around, which the Reds did following the ‘18 and ‘19 seasons. Even players that ended up getting traded away or nontendered (Duvall, Gennett, Hamilton, J. Iglesias, Cozart) were enjoyable to watch. This year’s team is a bunch of over-the-hill, past-their-prime players who are seemingly all hoping for comeback seasons.

      • Greenfield Red

        The trades during those years were awful. Insisting on near major league ready talent is the kiss of death. No team will give up a high quality near major league ready player who is likely to be any good. Just look at the return they got for Cueto, Chapman, and Frazier. None of them amounted to anything. Trade for multiple high end guys who are 2 to 3 years away. That is why I liked the trades this Spring.

        Keep it up with Castillo, Mahle, Farmer, and anyone else who won’t be here by 2024 and can bring in good young talent.

    • CI3J

      No one is getting fired. No one is getting held accountable. Castellini doesn’t care one bit about the product on the field, all he cares about is that he has staffed the franchise with yes-men from top to bottom and none of them will push back against anything he wants.

      • Schottzie

        Except the ownership group could push back. They gave one of the owners sons a try and that went over like a lead balloon, but sooner or later even the Castellanos family will have to answer to 10k crowds and a dwindling fan base.

        I’d give it at least another year, assuming the Reds don’t feign a late season rally.

      • TR

        The Reds are adrift. Management leadership is not there to make needed changes. Last year’s player leadership is gone. Tommy Pham, a recent acquisition, is making an effort. It’s now up to the fanbase whether to show up or not at the ballpark.

  20. Tom Reeves

    At what point do we call this team:

    The Big Red Nose Bleed?

  21. Rednat

    went to my first dragons game of the year today. each year the experience just gets better and better. I usually go to about 5 dragons game a year and 20 reds games but i think the ratio will be opposite this year. getting rid of the shift, keeping the infielders on the infield dirt, and the oversized bases really do make a difference. Much more offense.

    In the first few inning i saw a triple, a 1st-2nd/3rd-home double steal resulting in a run, an infield hit. i may not see that all year at the reds game. Plus the players are just so much more energetic and speedy and they ALWAYS hustle. There are a few more errors, bobbles and wild throws than you see in the major’s but that creates more excitement. I Anyway if you want to get your baseball fix without watching the brutal beatdowns of the reds I definitely recommend going to see the dragons a couple times this year.

  22. Redhaze

    It’s time for fans to get out the sandwich boards and protest in front of the stadium. This is unacceptable. The oldest franchise in the history of the sport deserves better. Players do not know where in the order they are hitting. Pitchers don’t know when they will be pitching. Players are afraid to mess up. Fans need to visibly show their displeasure.

  23. Jim t

    While I understand Reds fans not wanted to go to the games to send a message to Bob C. My issue is that to do that we also impact the businesses and employees who work down on the banks. Bob is stressing trying to pay the bills but those people will.

    • Jim t

      I’m sorry I meant to say Bob isn’t stressing. Should practice proof reading before hitting send.

  24. Bill

    This team should be called Sanford and son because are you got is junk. You have a Minor League lineup. Please don’t use injuries as an excuse. This team well never get better until you get new management. Bell isn’t the coach you need for this team. Pull the plug on this season now DOA

  25. Jim Walker

    My wife is a nonsports fan; but, even she is noticing how bad the Reds are!

    She saw I was watching yesterday and noted the Reds were behind again. Later she confirmed with me that they had lost and then commented it seemed like they were losing a lot lately.

    9 Games in a row, I told her.

    Her reply: “Embarrassing”

    What else is there to say?

  26. Doc4uk

    Scouting is horrible. GM even worse. And the players showing up out of shape and not ready to play when the lock out ended is just a travesty and all should be held accountable.

    DFA Aquino and Moustakis and Moran. Shake things up! Send a message!

  27. Dennis Westrick

    Only 89 more losses to reach the 100 loss mark!

  28. Doc4uk

    Seems as if all of the Reds players showed up at camp totally out of shape and having had no baseball activities over the winter. Perhaps the reason all of the pitchers have shoulder issues especially Castillo and Minor . Moose got a fat contract and then got fat and does not seem to care whether he ever performs well again.