Nick Lodolo is set to make his second start of his big league career tonight as he takes on the San Diego Padres. First pitch is set for 9:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

And here are the lineups for tonight’s game in the hometown of Ron Burgandy:

Cincinnati Reds

San Diego Padres

Kyle Farmer – SS Austin Nola – DH
Brandon Drury – DH Manny Machado – 3B
Tommy Pham – LF Jake Cronenworth – 2B
Joey Votto – 1B Luke Voit – 1B
Tyler Stephenson – C Jurickson Profar – LF
Alejo Lopez – 2B Wil Myers – RF
Colin Moran – 3B Jorge Alfaro – C
Aristides Aquino – RF Ha-Seong Kim – SS
Jake Fraley – CF Jose Azocar – CF
Nick Lodolo – SP Sean Manaea – SP

Lineup changes just before 9pm!

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
Sean Manaea 13.0 1.38 0.54 6.7% 28.9%
Nick Lodolo 4.0 11.25 2.50 12.5% 16.7%
Links: Nick Lodolo’s Stats | Sean Manaea’s Stats

Nick Lodolo

The left-handed rookie will be looking to rebound from his big league debut in which he uncharacteristically struggled to throw strikes. With only one big league start under his belt we don’t really have much to lean on other than his minor league numbers. He was very good against lefties and righties, but was otherworldly good against lefties.

2021 Splits (in the minors)

RHH 137 26 5 0 2 5.8% 37.9% .211 .292 .301
LHH 64 12 0 0 1 4.7% 40.6% .197 .234 .246

Pitch Usage

2-Seam Slider Change
Velo 94.1 82.4 87.3
Usage 64.6% 24.1% 11.4%

Sean Manaea

Another left-handed starter coming at the Reds who has a history of being dominant against lefties. Last season right-handed batters found some success against him, and teams did their best to stack the lineups against him with righties. He won’t walk many guys no matter how the lineup is stacked, but he misses far more bats against lefties and they do significantly less damage when they do put the bat on the ball.

2021 Splits

RHH 577 145 30 2 18 5.9% 23.6% .271 .323 .436
LHH 177 34 3 0 7 4.0% 32.8% .204 .243 .347

Pitch Usage (in 2021)

2-Seam Curve Change
Velo 90.8 79.7 83.9
Usage 61.5% 12.6% 25.9%

When and Where

  • Game time: 9:40pm ET
  • Where: Petco Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 63°, partly cloudy, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Nick Senzel activated, Tyler Naquin to the IL

In a close-to-game-time decision, the Reds announced that Tyler Naquin was being placed on the injured list (with no injury designation) and that Nick Senzel was being activated from the injured list.

No decision yet on Jonathan India

Playing short for a week in order to not make an injured list move to get a player back for a few days earlier than they otherwise may is the Cincinnati Reds super power.

From the Game Notes

The Cincinnati Reds have not had a lead at the end of an inning over the last 54 innings. That’s almost as bad as when they went 56 such innings from March 31st through April 6th of 2019.

The offense is struggling…. big time

Around the Beat

Tommy Pham is frustrated by his start

It’s tough because if I was playing to my capability, we could have won a couple of more games.

Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer spoke with Pham about his slow start to the year. Pham breaks down why he thinks he’s struggled so far and what he’s looking to do in order to turn things around.

76 Responses

  1. LarkinPhillips

    The only thing I can figure out is Bell ran so many lineups out there to start to the season in search for the worst and settled upon this one the last three games. (I know lineups really aren’t a big deal, but there has to be something different than this every day verse LHP)

    • J

      This lineup doesn’t have Naquin or Moose, and AA is hitting 8th. It’s better than some of the previous ones. (Of course this wasn’t what Bell wanted. The original lineup had Naquin second and I believe Moose was in there too. Maybe Moose just got sick also.)

      • JB

        It did have Moose at 3b. Wonder why Bell yanked him?

      • LarkinPhillips

        When I first saw the lineup, moose and AA were back to back. Guess it changed since the mlb app originally posted it.

  2. LarkinPhillips

    Any Reds fans in East TN? How do you watch the reds games?

    • Randy in Chatt

      Yes, Bally Sports televises many games. They are supposed to televise tonight’s game.

      • LarkinPhillips

        Who do you have Bally Sports Ohio with. Both Spectrum and Direct Tv said Bally sports Ohio wasn’t available to me in Johnson City.

    • Randy in Chatt

      Comcast/Xfinity. They probably televise 100 of the 162 on Ball Sports South & Southeast.

  3. Keith

    This lineup reminds me of some of the late season lineups in the early 2000s or late 2017/8 when the Reds were far out of contention, most of the players wouldn’t be in a Reds uniform for long, and there was little hope of actually winning meaningful games. Hard to believe we’re at this point a few weeks into a season so soon after being in contention for the playoffs. I’ve already emotionally checked out on this team.

  4. DataDumpster

    Glad to see Nick is back in the fold (at least for his defense). Without Naquin, it doesn’t leave a lot of good options but at least Bell has a “well balanced” lineup tonight. There are 3 guys hitting less than a buck, 3 less than two bucks, and 3 in the clear. A hit by the Punisher and a good start by Lopez would improve this early ugliness. David Bell said in the pregame “yes, its tough and we are not winning but we are doing things that lead to wins.” (cut to commercial). As for Joey Votto, “just keep doing what you’re doing and trust it.” I don’t know what he was referring to but the impressive dunk on Joey’s Instagram account was probably not it.

    • LDS

      Same BS he spewed all last year, especially about Suarez. How’d that work out? If Bell is talking assume it’s vacuous or disingenuous because that’s what history has taught us to expect. You know, like India is only going to miss a game or two.

    • Melvin

      When it comes to hitting no place to go but up.

  5. Redhaze

    Who will make the playoffs first? The Detroit Lions or the Cincinnati Reds?

  6. Indy Red Man

    Sean Manaea going tonite. Solid 30 yr old lefty with sub 4 career era. A good #3 starter! He makes 9.7 mil. The Reds, on the other hand, pick up Mike Minor who was already injured. Not 30. Not solid. Not going to 1/4 as good as Manaea but gets paid slightly better. Typical

  7. Bet on Red

    Senzel is activated but not in the lineup… smh… India not available til Friday or next Tuesday… Miami Valley Gaming still hasn’t improved their commercials… the grind continues

  8. LarkinPhillips

    Well that lead didn’t last long.

  9. Indy Red Man

    Hows that old song go?

    Anything we can do they can do better. They can do everything better then us.

  10. VaRedsFan

    The other team’s best player always seem to beat them. That comes down to game planning…which falls on the manager.
    No…Bell didn’t throw the pitch, but it’s a philosophy game after game

    • MuddyCleats

      Dittos, spot on – happens way too often w/ Reds & really makes u wonder WHAT r they scouting if anything

  11. Bet on Red

    Lopez should be starting every game, he has minimal power but he makes contact.

  12. JB

    Moose-moran. First pitch swinging for their popups.

  13. J

    Brantley just offered AA more advice than he seems to have ever received from the coaching staff.

    • MuddyCleats

      Exactly what I’ve been saying! He doesn’t see the pitch away & can’t hit a curve ball – stop swinging at them. Attack the inside FB they keep using to push him off the plate. Step in the bucket & ambush one

  14. DHud

    The first reds lead in 54 innings lasted exactly 3 batters (1 red and 2 padres) and 10 pitches

  15. Darrin

    AA’s ops+ before today was -17, that’s right, negative

    • LDS

      So what? Pham is -29, much older, and not as good defensively. Moose is -26, older as well, and much worse defensively. Senzel is -16. Colin Moran is at 3. Votto is only 18 and he’s far older and much, much more expensive. AA isn’t the team’s biggest problem, just one of many.

      • Darrin

        Pham and Moose are also a serious problem, not worried about Senzel or Votto so much……as much

  16. Old-school

    Thought the game started 1005 but Pham gave a great interview today with Bobby Nightengale. Said frustrated and gave detailed process of hitting insights and mechanics and took responsibility for slump. Said lost games and he could have done more to win. Accountability is what’s missing from this team so I’m giving Pham some more time. He had no access to live pitching over the lockout and signed 2 weeks before the season started and hasn’t had enough live reps. Saw he just homered but any player who goes to the media and takes accountability for not winning….I’m in his corner.,

    Let’s go pham.

    • LDS

      Now if only the manager and owner would take some accountability.

    • Randy in Chatt

      I was happy with the Pham signing. Sad to see his slow-slow start but I hang that on David Bell for continually putting him in the 3 spot. After his early struggles, he should have been dropped lower in the lineup and less pressure after not having any semblance of a spring training. That is on Bell.

      I am glad he believes in Pham but he sure didn’t give him much of a chance to acclimate and then to succeed.

      Hope he keeps hitting. He will be an asset if he does.

  17. MBS

    I wish didn’t fall asleep during the 1st inning, the Padres fans woke me up cheating their 2 run HR. The pitching I’ve seen looks ok from Lodolo. I love to see him have a bounce back game today.

    • Redhaze

      Why is Votto switching his stance again?????? He hit 36 HR last season. Don’t change what works.

  18. Bet on Red

    Who is this man and what has he done with the real tommy pham

  19. Old-school

    Votto needs to sit against lefties. Cant hit ‘em and didnt last year or the year before or the year before. Transition to Stephenson as the next first baseman and it starts now against lefties.

    • VaRedsFan

      Agree, but Tyler must sit the bench when he’s not catching or he’ll get too tired…I checked the manual

  20. VaRedsFan

    Liked the approach by Lopez….stung it the other way, but it was right at the first baseman

  21. MuddyCleats

    Anyone else notice both catchers n the lineup 4 SD? Reds face 3 LHP n a row, and hard hitting Garcia can’t get a shot. Sure looks like Votto could use a day off. Even w/ Votto n lineup, one catcher could DH. Maybe bell will notice

  22. Old-school

    Joey Votto against lefties

    2022- .133 BA OPS .369 wRC+ 13
    2021- .215 BA OpS .702 wRC+ 86
    2020- .178 BA OPS .673 wRC+ 91
    2019- .243 BA OPS .656 wRC+76

    That’s 417 PA since 2019.

    You want to know why the Reds cant ever hit lefties? There’s a big reason.

    Make Stephenson the first baseman against lefties and bench Votto.

  23. kevinz

    Man the Punchless Judy stance from Votto again.
    Get struggling but early still.
    Honestly If continues that mayb platoon time.

  24. Hanawi

    Suggested in the game thread yesterday that Votto should sit tonight. He is obviously scuffling, had 6 Ks in two games coming into tonight and they had another tough leftie on the mound. Could have sat him for a game and had him come back against Musgrove tomorrow. Made too much sense for Bell I guess.

  25. MuddyCleats

    Can the Reds hire Cowboy 2 Coach / Manage please!

    Lodolo bowing up – like his moxie

  26. Old-school

    Called it on pham

    Should’ve got some action with Indy

    • Indy Red Man

      He scared me. I took SD -0.5 run thru 5 so right off the bat I was down 1.5 runs

  27. JB

    Padres get their guys in with small ball and Reds don’t have enough good hitters to get theirs in.

  28. DaveCT

    Lodolo belongs. Everything about him says yes.

  29. Indy Red Man

    With every Reds game we should be thinking of who will still be here in 2024.

    Votto gone
    Moose gone
    Farmer gone I would think?
    Aquino gone
    Senzel will hit like .225 with 4 hrs in the 300 at-bats between now and the end of 2023. He needs to be gone by 2024 too

    Hopefully Castillo will pitch well and they can deal him this year. He can be very good, but I’ve just lost my patience with him. Former cbb coach Dan Dakich radio show here in Indy…he talks about guys being good enough to get your fired. Castillo falls into that category imo. He blows 3-4 run leads multiple times every season and yet he’ll pitch good enough to lose 2-1 or 3-2. He finds a way to lose!
    Plus he’ll demand a ton of $ by 2024. He needs to be gone

    Maybe I’m nuts but old man Pham might have some value in 2024. He looks like he’s in shape and he can draw walks. Other guys are playing well past 36

    • Old-school

      No problem trading castillo but only when hes 5-4 with an ERA of 2.97 in late july

      He could land a top 20 prospect plus a future #3 starter

      Sonny gray DL
      wade Miley DL
      Tucker barnhart .133 BA
      Jesse Winker OPS under .600
      Eugenio Suarez sub .200 BA

      • kevinz

        Yup that is why cannot judge april results, good or Bad.

    • Votto4life

      Tommy Pham is 34 years old. In 2024, he will be 36 years old. The last thing the Reds should be doing is planning their future around a 36 year old outfielder.

  30. VaRedsFan

    It’s a close game so Strickland is the 1st guy up in the pen. SMH

    • Daytonnati

      And he walks the lead off batter.

      • JB

        He would have fit right in with last year’s bullpen.

    • Old-school


      How do you miss the catcher

  31. Votto4life

    Tommy Pham has had 3 hits tonight and still only hitting .138. Let’s not enshrine him in Cooperstown just yet.

    • Old-school

      Where is he on your outfield depth chart and position line up against lefty pitchers?

      You are David Bell.

      • Votto4life

        It’s a choice less choice. Thats the problem there is no outfield depth. Ideally, there would be options other than Aquino or Pham.

        If you want me to say he is the best of the worst, then yeah OK you win. He still shouldn’t be on the team.

    • MBS

      Slumps end, and streaks start, today might as well be the day for Pham to start hitting.

  32. Mark A Verticchio

    I honestly believe if the Reds had a competent front office by 2024 they could be a very good baseball team, but right now that is not the case. It’s sad because the pieces are there and the money should be available. The problem is they might do something beyond stupid like trying to sign Votto to another contract

  33. DaveCT

    MLB would like to thank the Cincinnati Reds for providing its competitive teams with an extended spring training of largely AA and AAA players.

  34. MuddyCleats

    Easy 2 b frustrated as a Reds fan. However, I think we all should realize this team isn’t constructed to win! It really is about the young guys developing!! Lodolo battled back & learned a lot IMO about what it takes at ML level. Hopefully we continue to see that type of improvement w/ the other young guys

  35. joshtrum

    I can’t think of a time, I’ve seen this team look so disinterested and lifeless. Castellini really sucked whatever life was in this team out of it. I know what I’m saying is rehashing, but this is the first game I’ve watched since the braves series and it’s just energy sapped look.

  36. Mark A Verticchio

    As you watch the game tonight let’s ask how many pure major league players are in the Reds line up. I would say maybe 4 and 2 are passed their prime and 1 is a nice utility player. That leaves Stephenson who is in his first full year. When you think about it that way there is no use getting upset about the outcome. As somebody said earlier just watch, or don’t, and think about what future could be. I also think when healthy they will win some games this year, but the hole their in will be way way to big.

    • Votto4life

      I hate to say it but losing may be the best thing that could happen to this franchise. If they continue this horrid pace, maybe the owner will be so humiliated that he will insist on cleaning house or maybe the league puts pressure on him to invest in his team or sell it. If it takes a calamity of a season to make it happen then bring it on.

  37. MBS

    So Pham pulled even with Votto on total hits on the year. Not good JV, not good.

  38. VaRedsFan

    Is Senzel not even on the bench? I thought he was activated. Why not bat him for Moran in the 9th…especially vs a lefty?

  39. Votto4life

    11 games into the season and we already trail the 4th place Pirates by 3 /12 games. Let that sink in.

    • TR

      We know. The season is sunk. Let Aquino and Moustakas go and bring up a couple young minor league players instead of retreads.

  40. kevinz

    Mayb just me but looks like AA stance similar to Pham tonight?