A seven-run fourth inning outburst led the Los Angeles Dodgers to a 9-1 victory Sunday and a four-game series sweep over the Cincinnati Reds at Dodger Stadium.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (2-8) 1 4 0
Los Angeles Dodgers (7-2)
9 10 0
W: Heaney (1-0) L: Mahle (1-1)
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Cincinnati’s sixth straight defeat dropped the visitors to a major-league worst 2-8.

I know I’m talking to a core group of true diehards here. I am angry. This team went through a five-year rebuild to get to the point where they were competitive. Then the front office tore it all apart.

There are many injured players who are sidelined, but there is nobody on that list who is a season-saver.

It was interesting that Manager David Bell pulled Joey Votto and Kyle Farmer in the sixth inning today. That was, indeed, the signal to everyone that if you dared to dream about a big comeback today, don’t bother. Again, the message Reds diehards like us received was, that doing whatever we can to break a five-game losing streak is not really our objective. We’re not going to share with you what our objective is, but it certainly isn’t winning today’s game.

The Offense

Dodgers lefty Andrew Heaney, with a career 32-38 won-loss record and 4.66 ERA, absolutely dominated a Reds lineup that has not been able to be ahead in a game since their last victory a week ago today. In six innings, Heaney allowed one hit, a Farmer double, while striking out 11.

Over the past 54 innings, the Reds have not had the lead once.

Cincinnati is:

  • 29th in team batting: .180
  • 30th in on-base percentage: .254
  • 29th in slugging: .285
  • 30th in OPS: .539

The super-optimists will say, hey, it’s just a bad week and a team slump. We all hope that is true. When your team has lost two All-Star bats and not replaced either, it’s hard to see where that lost production is going to come from.

Cincinnati did score a run in the eighth on an RBI hit by Tyler Naquin.

The Pitching

Tyler Mahle eventually succumbed to the downfall of all Reds pitchers: allowing the opposition to score. After three brilliant innings to start the game, Mahle allowed seven runs in the fourth while recording only two outs. The frustration of knowing that your offense is incapable of scoring has to be as disheartening to the pitchers as it is to the fans.

Luis Cessa, Alexis Diaz, Jeff Hoffman and Ryan Hendrix had scoreless relief outings.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds at San Diego Padres

Tuesday, April 12, 3:10 p.m. ET

Nick Lodolo (0-1, 11.25 ERA) vs. Sean Manaea (1-1, 1.38 ERA)

143 Responses

  1. bryant

    This team is not just losing. It is sucking the air out of me!

    • Dewey Roberts

      At least we have the payroll in line. Who cares about winning???? Not the front office.

      So much for Bob’s statement back in 2008 when he fired Wayne Krivsky, “The losing must stop.” Now the mantra is, “If you want winning, be careful what you ask for.”

      • Alex

        Do they have the payroll in line? It’s currently $113, down from $122. They have somehow managed to turn a playoff contender into a 100 loss dumpster fire and only saved 9 million. The Minor acquisition has to be one of the biggest head scratchers ever. It is almost impressive how atrocious this front office is at literally anything they try to do. They can’t even shed payroll right. Good lord.

      • RedsMonk65

        Alex — my sentiments exactly. But where are we going to go?

      • Dewey Roberts

        Of course, I was just referring to their words. We all watched them trade good players and turn around and sign lesser players to high salaries.

  2. dhmorgan

    Taking a peek at the teams On-Base Plus Slugging percentage after todays game: the Dodgers are at .771 (6th in MLB) while the Reds are at .539 (last in MLB).
    Oh my, this is woeful. Right now – and surely the Reds will improve ?? – the Reds versus Dodgers is a cartoon: Roadrunner against Wiley Coyote.

    • CTscribe

      If Wile E. Coyote knew you were comparing him to the Reds, he’d be amazed we think so little of him.

  3. SultanofSwaff

    Slow start for the third year in a row. So glad the position players were taking minimal ABs in spring training, same as always.

  4. Jimbo44CN

    I cannot describe how I feel right now. Disappointment, anger, and on top of that, feeling sorry for the good players they have left. What a master move, getting rid of Suarez, Winker, Gray, et al and getting back Pham, Minor, Moran and Fraley(well at least he hits the ball once in a while). Someone had it right the other day, they need to rename the team the Cincinnati Retreads and start wearing bags over our heads to games. Worked for the Saints a few years back.

  5. RedsFan11

    This ownership Replaced our two best hitters , two all stars with the guys below and told us quit your cryin

    Aquino : 2 for 28 with 18 strikeouts
    Pham : 1 for 30

    • RedsFan11

      You could literally pull anyone off the street who has held a baseball bat and by blind luck get the same results. But signing Pham to a contract for same $ as Winker will make was such a great baseball move…

      • Redhaze

        I am starting to get tired of hearing that things will get better when everyone is healthy. Castillo can only help out every fifth day. Solano was a utility player for the Giants. How will this team team be able to get out of this hole they are already in? “Championships are never won in April but championships can be lost April.”

  6. Old-school

    Joey Votto is being paid $25 million and is awful
    Not as awful as moose or Aquino or Pham or Fraley.

    Admit the obvious.This offense is horrific. This offense is historically awful

    • Tom Reeves

      Joey is getting paid now for performance in past seasons. He’s been well worth his contract. He’s one of the few players in history worth his contract. But, he’s now 38 and off to a slow start and, with a back-loaded contract, it’s easy to scapegoat him.

  7. Dennis Westrick

    Congratulations Bob C. and the rest of the FO! You have turned this once proud and storied MLB franchise into the laughingstock of MLB! As a Reds fan since 1960, yes 1960, I have witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly! How sad for us longtime Reds fans! This current roster will be fortunate to win 60 games! As much as I dislike the current manager you can’t blame it all on David Bell. Can’t win MLB games with a minor league roster! Gonna be a long painful season!

    • Votto4life

      62 years is a long time Dennis. I’ve been following for 50 years myself. As a youngster, I saw a lot of great baseball, but for the most part, it has been a lot of bad baseball. I am sure glad I was a fan during the Big Red Machine era, but if I had it to do all over again, I would probably follow a different team. Too late for me, I’m 61 years old and I am convinced now I will not see another championship.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Will be 70 in December! Age is just a number! Memories last forever!

      • Tom Mitsoff

        49 years following the Reds for me, Votto4life. Your timeline seems similar to mine. I started following in 1973 at around age 11.

      • Tom Reeves

        I have a pewter mug on my desk from the 1975 World Series – also the year I was born.

      • Joey Red

        My mom was pregnant with me in October of 1961 when the Reds were in the WS against the Yankees. My dad went to a couple of WS games at Crosley and pitcher Joey Jay appeared in one of those games. That’s how I got my name when I was born that November. So I guess I was a Reds fan from birth which is why not being able to watch or follow the Reds out of disgust is painful. This team had a chance to at least be competitive before the trades before the season began. And as others have pointed out those moves did very little to cut payroll. Most teams that lose 100 games are in the middle of some sort of rebuild with at least some hope of winning down the road. But not this franchise. They traded some of best players on the team just to lose. Now I’m thinking Phil C made those comments about moving the team because that’s the ultimate goal. Kinda like the movie Major League.

      • Old-school

        @ TomR- I have that same pewter mug.
        And a ceramic 1976 one as well.

    • Dewey Roberts

      Dennis, I have been a fan since 1961. I never thought the Reds would become this bad.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Remember my grandfather and dad going to Crosley Field in the fall of 1961 to see the Reds play those damn Yankees in the WS! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go!

      • Dennis Westrick

        I remember my grandfather and my dad going to Crosley Field for the 1961 WS against the Yankees! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go! Reds lost that WS in 5 games! Good memories though!

      • West larry

        I have been a fan since 1955. Crowley field and family ownership, big klu, Wally post, Jonny temple Gus Bell … entertaining teams to listen to, I only got to go to a handful of games. I’m 77 and I moved to so cal in the mid 1960’s to get free college, so I missed seeing the ‘75 and ‘76 teams in person. I’ve seen a lot of bAd teams and bad trades in my time, but nothing like this. Ownership with no compass, a g. M. Without a clue and a team gutted by the loss of imaactful players to end up saving what, 9 million? We traded a handful of Rey good players for next to nothing.. we have an AAA caliber team. Bob and Phil- please sell the team. We need owners desperate to win, and a professional front office.

    • Scott Swaidner

      Imagine being born in 1988 and never experiencing a winning/consistent competitive team. So many of us don’t even know what that’s like and are extremely apathetic anymore about baseball

    • The Doctor

      Reds fan(atic) since 1956 – I will be 72 soon. First Reds game(s): 1961 doubleheader at Crosley Field vs. Pirates. Used to go to 15-20 games/year in the BRM days and BC (Before Children). I am so demoralized by what this franchise has become that I have about given up on baseball in general. The current ownership has no idea how to evaluate talent, either players or management. What a mess they have created! Hutch and Sparky are rolling over in their graves.

      • CTscribe

        I became a Reds fan in 1960. I never would have thought or could have imagined that the team would sink so low as to try and fool patrons with AA and AAA players. What a resounding slap in the face Reds fans are receiving. Did we do something to deserve this?

  8. JB

    It’s not good when the majority of your players are ” if” players. If Senzel can stay healthy.If Pham and Moose can hit what’s on the back of their baseball cards. If Votto and Naquin can repeat last year and on and on….

  9. Votto4life

    Not sure how the Reds turn things around. I guess they could start by firing Nick Krall. I am on the fence about firing Bell although he is frustrating at times. I would let the next GM make that call.

    They do need a house cleaning though and there is no sense in waiting until October to do it. It’s just wasting time.

    I would like to see new ownership, but that doesn’t seem to be happening in the foreseeable future unless Bob dies or just says screw it.

    • Jon

      Honestly, firing Krall is an absolute necessity. Every move made this winter was/is a disaster. Taking on $10 million in salary with Minor? Signing Pham for almost $7 million? Solano is still injured. Moran is awful. Dumping Gray for a no-name prospect? Dumping Winker to eliminate Suarez (and then spending that money on all the above highly questionable acquisitions)?

      • JB WV

        I don’t think Krall does anything without owner approval. Those comments by Phil led me to believe this. This is a meddlesome ownership group that the game has left behind. I thought Marge was bad but this group is a train wreck.

  10. Bet on Red

    I disagree. It’s obvious that the failure of Miami Valley Gaming to update its commercials is the reasons the reds are losing. Lol

      • Reds Fan

        Long time fan here as well. Soon to be 80, I started cheering for the Reds around 1950.
        Lots of god times, 1961, the 70’s, 1990 but lots of bad times since. As some one said, they finally start to get competitive with the young pitching about to arrive, so thefront office tears it down. We have an owner in over his head, his son who should keep his mouth shut, an incompetent GM who would not hold this position with any other team and a manager who doesn’t have a clue. Beyond belief that any ownership would do what they have done.
        Completely alienate the fan base so they won’t attend games. Never in my 70+ years of being a Reds fan (16 years as a season tix holder) have I lost hope until now. Ownership has taken away our hope!!! That is really sad.

  11. realist

    New nickname for Aquino get rid of the punisher and call him the golden sombrero, he has earned his second one in less than a week.

    • JB

      3 of them this year. The fans are the only ones being punished

      • realist

        Wow three Golden Sombreros that is unreal.

  12. Harold

    It’s not really the Front Office, it seems to me they were directed by the ownership to gut the team to save money. It’s the fans time to save some money and stay away from the ballpark. The G.M. worked his way up to his current position. Sorry for Nick, not his fault. Just doing as directed. There are other things to do this Summer. Visit the Zoo (one the best), Kings Island, Riverbend, a Summer Festivals, have a picnic in one of our great parks or attend a Dayton Dragons game. We will never we will have a competitive team as long as we have Wonder Bob and the Boy Blunder. SELL THE TEAM BOB!!! Everyone would appreciate better ownership who want to put a competitive team on the field!!!

    • DaveCT

      Exactly. No quarter.

      I’ll offer this: Phil Must Resign.

  13. ClevelandRedsFan

    In related “talk-us-off-the-ledge” news, Matt McLain hit for the cycle today and is now hitting .344 with a 1.275 OPS on the year. Check out his highlights – might do the soul some good.

    You can chase away your 3-hole hitter hitting your 4-hole hitter’s age with his highlights.

    • BatsLeftThrowsRight

      Bring up all the youngsters who have potential. Stop trying to save them for another year of team control.

      Sign Conforto, if he is still out there. Shake things up a bit, fire Bell and Krall, this team needs a reset button.

  14. Capt. Phreddie Pizazz

    It’s interesting that the Redlegs haven’t held a lead since COO Phil’s ill advised diatribe. ?????

    • Capt. Phreddie Pizazz

      …But where are we gonna go, anyway?!

      • DaveCT

        Yeah, we shoulda been careful what we wished for.

        Thanks, Phil. Now resign

  15. TheCoastMan

    I realize no one is really hitting, but why does Bell keep putting Pham in the 3 hole?

    • LDS

      As he said about Suarez last year – got to let him work through his slump. I haven’t seen any of they games thus far but one question. Has AA gone back to his open stance? As best I can remember, he hasn’t hit at all si ce they changed him.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Same reason he kept Suarez in the lineup year! Stats don’t matter to Bell

  16. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    This team is depressing to watch, a non-existent offense, consisting of retreads and an unproven pitching staff, capable of tanking the game by inning three or four every night.

    I predict the Reds will set a record low in attendance for the season. I predicted a 9-16 to the first 25 games of a very tough April schedule, in retrospect I was too kind.

    Nobody within the retreads gives you pause for hope in this bunch. This team is already just going through the motions, you add in a robot manager and a stooge GM, and you have the potential to lose 110 games.

    Aquino is the probably the most clueless hitter I ever watched, no discipline, no plate coverage, no adjustments ever made. Just swing wildly and hope for contact. If he swung with his eyes closed, he would just about be the same hitter he is now, pathetic.

    Good God, Castellini is really playing his fan base for suckers, thinking they are going to watch this garbage for 162 games.

    The fans need to run Castellini out of town. Him and his stooges need to be held accountable for orchestrating this mess, the phonies who pretend everything is peachy keen.

    • Hanawi

      I don’t know how Zinter doesn’t get more flack based on what we’ve seen from the hitting. There were a lot of people questioning that hire given his previous experience with the Padres. The skepticism seems to have been warranted.

  17. Hanawi

    May be time to see what Cedrola can do? He’s at least right-handed. Not sure he would be worse than what we’ve seen from either Aquino or Fraley at this point. He’s one of the few actual prospects at AAA right now. Louisville is almost as bad as the Reds.

  18. Cyrus

    I have 2 things to say: 1) in an era where people communicate primarily without being face-to-face, baseball reminds us of a time when we could spend 3 hours together talking with someone who was actually with us and not accessible solely through a device. And these players spend a lot…A LOT…of time together at a level unparalleled in any other sport. Is this a statement about technology and it’s negative effect on society? No. Last year’s team liked each other. There were so many moments and post-game comments that revealed how healthy the clubhouse was and how united they were. Go back and watch Winker and Suarez in their final interviews. What is possibly being missed while we blame so many other things for the bad start (and no one is really hitting) is that a family was separated. To us that may just be business but maybe it means something more to the team that thought they’d be together after the lockout ended. Maybe the trades sent a stronger message of distrust to the players who remain than those of us watching from afar. Not trying to be dramatic here…these are human beings and it seems they had formed healthy relationships within the clubhouse.

    My second point is a challenge to all those loyal Reds fans who vowed they would still go to the ballpark and watch on TV no matter what. If this keeps up, I will check back in June and see how that is working out for you.

    If this kind of performance by our team continues, anyone sticking it out would likely need professional help. This is not a life or death struggle. It’s a game that serves as an escape for many of us. How many people enjoy a steady diet of dumpster fires?

    • Rednat

      i think as fans all we can do is show up and boo the heck out of the home team when they play bad. may be time to even throw stuff on the field to show our disgust. if we just stay home ownership can blame it on the economy, gas prices, inflation etc as to why nobody is coming to the games. We as reds fans have to send a clearer message than just “not going to the games” in my opinion.

  19. Reds Therapy

    It’s been awhile since I’ve read articles here regularly. I’ve been a fan since the mid 80s. I feel like I need therapy and reading your comments helps. I can’t believe how bad things have gotten. This is so disheartening! I still love our team but I feel like I shouldn’t spend money because of the Castellini family either. I guess I will just continue to watch periodically, follow them, and not spend money. I am glad to see I’m not the only one frustrated beyond all measure. I hope you all had a happy Easter today.

  20. DaveCT

    The next rule change ought to a mercy rule and it should be named after Phil Castellani.

    This will, among other things, prevent injuries to over-taxed relievers and allow fans more rest.

    • Tom Reeves

      The “where are you going to go?” Rule?

      • DaveCT

        Or the ‘careful what you wish for’ rule

  21. Doc4uk

    Krall is perhaps the worst General Manager in the league and is the person who is solely responsible for signing Minor and Strickland and Solano. He is also responsible for trading for Dunn . But one also must look at the poor scouting department. Louisville may be as bad as the Reds and the other minor league teams are not much better.

    So I agree with most of the comments above. There is really no difference in winning 60 games and winning 40 games. Go with the younger players and get them game experience. DFA Aquino, Moustakis, and Moran and open spots on the 40 man for Cedrola and McClain.

    • DaveCT

      Krall lacks both leadership and communication skills (PR). It’s been obvious for his entire tenure.

      Plus he now has the kiss of death upon him — an endorsement from Phil. A ‘bull in a China shop.” Yay. Good with numbers …

      Krall must be dismissed. Phil must resign.

    • Buddy

      Krall was always supposed to be the fall guy for Dick Williams and his blunders. What’s surprising (or maybe not) is that they let him keep the job.
      That they wouldn’t hire an experienced GM with a respectful track record is proof enough that ownership prefers a yes-man lackey they can boss around. A sock puppet GM. Sad.

  22. Reddawg2012

    Please let someone else start over Aquino. Literally anyone else. A fan in the stands for all I care.

    • DaveCT

      He should have been DFA’d this past spring. Anyone would have been a better choice. Such as … Lopez has been thrown out in LF, and he’s a switch hitter. The same can be said for any right handed hitting outfielder down to Hi-A.

      There’s no choice now.

  23. Melvin

    As bad as Aquino is doing, and he is doing bad offensively, there are very few doing hardly any better. The biggest problem to me is the dumb stupid arrogent statements made by the son of Big Bob. Those basically took the air out of fans and players alike. Any excitement and enthusiasm for the new season is gone. It’s been going down hill ever since. Congratulations to the Casteyoyos.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Melvin, here is my thing with Aquino. He had a spectacular month three years ago, and has done nothing remotely approaching it since. Here’s what we know: He can occasionally hit a fastball a very long way. Anything that bends at all renders him helpless. A similar hitter from Redleg fan past was Nick Esasky. Esasky was never as bad as Aquino is right now, though. I certainly hope Aquino can figure things out, but three years of lack of production is way, way too much. It feels like the Reds are still expecting him to re-discover himself, but let’s face it. That is not going to happen. It’s a darn shame.

      • Melvin

        I think it’s most likely not going to happen here at least I’m afraid. This organization has messed with him and others like Senzel. There are probably several that would do better elsewhere. It’s hard to have any confidence with anyone of the Reds leadership.

      • LDS

        I still wonder about his stance change. His exaggerated open stance always made me cringe. He hit better from that stance than he has since. But several Reds have continued to decline over the last three years. We know the Reds tinkered with Senzel’s stance and messed him up. How many others? Broad, systemic failures lead back to management and programs. Something is broken.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        While I wish nothing but the best for him, the ceiling for Aquino is Wily Mo Pena. The absolute highest ceiling. Pitchers have been retiring him with ease for years.

      • Jim Walker

        Dave Kingman (never a Reds player) is the guy who had come to my mind as an Aquino comparison. But Aquino has fallen clear off the deep edge in the last week beyond “King Kong” proportions.

        The thing about Aquino’s season in 2019 wasn’t just the month he had at MLB, he had 3.5 months similar to that at AAA before he was called up.
        In this day and age, there should have been plenty of video available for teams to study him by the time he got called up. Yet he rolled for a month at MLB then hasn’t been a shadow of the same player since. Why???

        And certainly, the Reds must have video and tried to use it to get him back into a groove. Pitchers get the yips and can’t throw strikes. Infielders get the yips and can’t make throws they have reliably made for years. Is there such a thing as hitters’ yips?

      • Melvin

        I agree Jim. Aquino has fallen off the edge of the Grand Canyon recently. You are correct and I wrote about it just the other day. When you include AAA he really only had one bad month in 2019 instead of just one good month. I’ve never understood it. It doesn’t take a month to understand and figure out a hitter’s weaknesses. It only takes about an hour these days. I have to think it’s mostly mental and maybe a tweak in his mechanics/stance along with a new outlook would help tremendously. It would do him good to get away from the Reds. Even I could help him for crying out loud. As they say, “It ain’t rocket science”. After two strikes you widen your stance, shorten your swing a little and get a little closer to the plate. Instead nothing changes. He swings as hard as he can every time. Most every time he swings and misses on a third strike it’s on a ball. I agree with LDS. His stance is not as open as it once was when he was doing well. The more open the stance the better you see the ball for most people. The reason is that just as most people have a dominant hand, most people have a dominant eye too. Usually it’s the same as your dominant hand. The more open, the better your dominant eye sees the ball. We may and probably will never know his true potential in a Reds uniform. He’s pretty much at rock bottom right now and won’t be around for long. I will say that while he may be the only one right now falling off of the Grand Canyon there are several on the edge looking down at him that are very close to falling off themselves. I wish AA well and will be watching as a fan wherever he goes. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he comes back after a new hitting coach and new atmosphere and kicks our butts many times.

      • Joey Red

        The name Nick Esasky brings back memories. Every year he was with the Reds was going to be different for him. He was going to finally reach his potential of being a consistent 30 HR 100 RBI player. If memory serves he was traded for Todd Benzinger in like 1988 or 89. Of course Benzinger caught the final out in foul territory to secure the 1990 WS title for the Reds.

      • Luke J

        Not a justification for his terrible offense, but if I’m not mistaken, Aquino is leading the league in defensive runs saved. There is at least some value in that.

    • Votto4life

      Melvin. I couldn’t agree more. I have been critical of this front office for the past two seasons. But I was trying to get on board, just because I missed baseball so much. But after Little Phil’s comments I have felt nothing but disgust and it is even beginning to effect how I view the players.

      Little Phil’s comments will linger a long, long time. It will become a part of the team’s lore and not in a good way.

      Years from now when the Reds win their next championship, some network will recap the team’s history and Little Phil’s comments will be cited as the low point.

  24. Rednat

    I have been thinking about attendance this weekend and Reds ownership benefits from the 21st century phenomenon of opposing teams fans going on the road to follow their teams. (i don’t remember this happening at all in the 20th century). They can probably live off the attendance from the cardinal and cubs fans and to a lesser extent ,the brewers and do fine. In a way it is almost beneficial for the reds to be bad so more opposing fans will show up if they know their team will win. this weekend will probably have fairly decent crowd size but half of gabp will be cardinals fans.

    Also maybe these small market teams just need to go ahead and forfeit these games against the big market teams. IS there any point in the reds playing the dodgers or the orioles playing the yankees? that would directly hurt the pockets of the big market teams and maybe they would not invite us back. which would be a good thing.

  25. MBS

    DFA Aquino add Cedrola to the roster.

    India to the IL, and bring up McLain to play 2B, Minor to the 60 day IL. India returns from the IL, move him to 3B, and DFA Moran.

    Have Moustakas / Solano platoon DH. We’d be a much better team offensively and defensively. My 2 cents worth, feel free to follow it follow it Mr Krall.

  26. Moon

    Reds are going nowhere this year. Given that, I don’t really have a problem with them playing guys like Aquino. Why not give these younger guys a long look and chance to make it or not? Yes, so far AA looks to be a bust but might as well let him play and see if he can work his way out of it given the state of the Reds this year. Play the young guys. Keep the retreads that had a great season five years ago as backups or to give someone a rest. If your strategy is to use home grown players you have to use the home grown guys….

  27. Steven Ross

    I feel for Aquino but it’s time he’s DFA. He’s in there to hit against Lefties and he can’t even do that. 18 K’s in 27 ABs? He’s striking out 70% of the time. Hard to believe Bell continues to roll him out there. Embarrassing.

  28. Doc4uk

    Moustakis and Pham are not much better than Aquino. Votto is not doing well now but there is always hope with Joey . Moran was a mistake from the start.

    • Jimbo44CN

      Absolutely correct. I get excited now when somebody hits a hard foul. Pham is totally out of it. Lack of Spring training or not, this guy looks like Shogo at the plate and Moose unfortunately just got old, quickly.

  29. J

    Aside from all the other reasons to hate the way this organization is run, it really bugs me to watch the complete lack of leadership with guys like AA. His main problem is obvious to everyone: he swings at too many bad pitches. He can hit a fastball in the strike zone, but rarely sees them because pitchers are aware that he’ll swing at almost anything that even vaguely resembles a strike.

    If I’m running this team, I’m telling him (starting a LONG time ago) to start taking a LOT of pitches. “For today’s game, don’t swing at any pitches until you’ve seen at least two called strikes.” “Today, you need to take at least the first four pitches in your first two at-bats even if it means watching three strikes go by.” And so on. Since he apparently can’t learn how to identify pitches, he needs to convince opposing pitchers that he’s willing to stand there and let them walk him if they’re not willing to throw strikes. Once they actually start to believe he’s looking for walks, he’ll start seeing a lot more fastballs in the strike zone. After he starts hitting home runs. they’ll stop throwing strikes again, and he’ll have to start taking pitches again. The cycle repeats.

    Instead of doing that (or doing SOMETHING), the team’s approach seems to be “just keep doing whatever you want, and we’ll all hope it somehow works out.” The biggest adjustment they’ll make is to move someone up or down in the order, or maybe he’ll take some extra BP. They’ve been taking this approach with AA for two years, and he’s just getting worse and worse because every opposing pitcher knows exactly how to get him out, and he’s not making any adjustments whatsoever.

    The Reds do this same thing with everyone who struggles for long periods. Moose has the same problem. Suarez had the same problem. Other guys keep hitting into the shift and make no attempt to bunt or go the other way. And on and on and on. I see absolutely no attempt to get these guys to make any adjustments. There’s no sense of urgency to improve; the most important thing seems to be just letting everyone do their thing, whatever their thing happens to be, and hopefully it all magically works out despite a mountain of evidence proving it almost never works out.

    • Jim Walker

      I didn’t watch Sunday, however, box score the play by play indicates Aquino struck out 2x on 2-2 counts and 2x on full counts. In the process, he saw 23 pitches. Just from eyeballing box score play by plays most days, these are about typical plate appearance pitch counts for him when he Ks.

      I am not defending AA’s outcomes; but how does a guy routinely get this deep into counts and see so many pitches yet virtually never draw a walk or even get the ball into play let alone get a hit.

      • Jimbo44CN

        He’s too dm far from the plate and on two strikes does not shorten up and cut down his swing. Most strikeouts look like he’s wielding a 9 iron.
        They throw him junk down and he goes for it. My question is this, where the heck is the hitting coach. If anything he needs to be less upright. He has so much power all he really needs to do is make contact with the ball. He should be in the cage trying to hit curveballs until the cows come home.

      • J

        Because he swings at ball four and ball five. He does sometimes foul them off before striking out, and occasionally he does manage to take a pitch. But they can throw him one strike and five balls and he’ll end up striking out on a 3-2 count.

      • Jim Walker

        If the pitch location chart on MLB(.)com Gameday is correct. Aquino only swung at 2 pitches Sunday that were clearly balls. Both were 3rd strikes.

        One shows as clearly out of the zone, the other just off the black in a location he was called out on the previous PA. If he would have taken it and been rung up again, folks would have said after being called out the previous time on essentially the same pitch, he should have swung at it.

      • J

        Jim Walker, you’re focusing on one game. I’m talking about two seasons. We can find specific games in the last two seasons where Aquino looked like a very selective hitter with a great eye, but those games don’t prove he’s a selective hitter.

  30. kevinz

    angry as well playing terrible atm.
    Seems key is to devlp.
    Made wrong vet moves so far.
    Players tanked for are all just arriving.
    Senzel India Greene Lodolo.
    all top 10 Picks.
    Stephenson was an earlier Pick but top 10.
    Hendrick still Young but was 12th Pick.
    Now Mclain hopefully is a Hit closer to the 20th pick.
    So to me need Health Patience and Luck.
    Got to hope most hit even Barrero once healthy.

    • BK

      Yes, and lots of players on the IL. I expect us to improve as they return. We’re at a low point.

  31. GreatRedLegsFan

    Heading to San Diego to face no less than Manaea, Musgrove and Gore, let the bloodbath continue!

  32. Jim t

    This team could very well be historically bad. I’m 68 years old and have been a fan since 1960. I’m including the team and front office in my assessment. The only hope I have is that their seems to be some talent in minor leagues. I don’t advocate rushing the kids but I really don’t think I can watch this team as it is constructed now.

    Anyone have any theories on why Votto hasn’t asked to be traded?

  33. TR

    When momentum is going the wrong way, as it is now, change must be made by the principal owner, Bob Castellini. That means the removal of G.M. Krall and the owner’s son, Phil, whose sardonic statement broke the natural joie di vie of home opener day. The resolution of principal ownership can be resolved later. With change more than necessary, this is the time for Reds fans to support the team regardless.

  34. Jonathan Linn

    Maybe I’ll become a Mariners fan. 😉

    • scotly50

      Why the Mariners ??? Watching Saurez would not any better than Aquino, I would consider the Phillies with Castellanos.

  35. Hotto4Votto

    Sell the team Bob. And fire Phil.

    • Jim Walker

      Unless the team is sold, with Big Bob now in his 9th decade of life, it is difficult to see Phil C going anywhere except into the Reds’ top spot given the fullness of time.

      Are the Williams brothers also still principal owners? Do the corporate bylaws allow for an internal challenge to unseat the managing partner. This would seem to be the only avenue aside from a sale to keep Phil C from becoming CEO.

      • Scott C

        Whatever it takes, Somebody please kick the Castellinis out. This is going down as one of the worst ownership the Reds have had and that issuing something when you go back and look at the list of owners. Bring Schottzie back he hasn’t pooped as much on the astroturf as the Castellinis have on our team.

      • TR

        Big Bob is age 80+ and naturally wants to get his financial affairs in order. The Williams family of Western & Southern Insurance is the probable local buyer, imo. If major change in ownership does not happen within the next year, I doubt the Red’s franchise will, long term, stay in Cincinnati. Demographics, like it or not, say so. Phil Castellini is probably very good in produce management, but certainly not in public relations and the administration of a ML baseball franchise. Big Bob’s first move has to be the removing of his son’s ties to the Reds.

    • JoshG

      sell to who? and would they keep them in Cincinnati?

  36. Mark A Verticchio

    I was listening to the Dodgers radio announcers yesterday and it was sad, they were doing their very best not to make fun of the Reds and it wasn’t easy. This team is a mess and there is no quick solution. The first thing they should do is get rid of Krall and Bell they both need to go asap. Krall has made some major mistakes, the Minor trade by itself is just one example. As for Bell he is just an awful manager, I realize he doesn’t have a lot to work with right now, but he never should have been brought back this year.

    • Votto4life

      I would include Derek Johnson in the purge. I have to think he played an major role in the Mike Minor deal.

      • scotly50

        I agree. Johnson has done nothing to justify the accolades seemingly continually put upon him. Krall and Bell are jokes at their respective positions.

    • TR

      Extending Bell was a disappointment. He might be a very good coach, but coaching and managing take different skill sets. Without that ‘win at all costs’ trait, Bell will not be a winning manager.

    • greenmtred

      Sparky Anderson” “89 Tigers lost 103 games. Lou Piniela’s “03 D’Rays lost 99.

      That’s what happens to managers when they don’t have a lot to work with. The Reds last year, under Bell, generally exceeded expectations. I get that you guys think Bell is a terrible manager because he doesn’t do what you believe that you would do.

  37. old-school

    The Reds are now dead last in team OPS @ .539 and 29th in team ERA @ 5.57

    Fangraphs preseason had the Reds as a 10% chance to make the playoffs and 76-86 projection.
    They are now projected 72-90 with a 2.8 % chance of making the playoffs. The Reds are now projected to lose 90 games again in 2022 after losing 90 games (4) consecutive years 2015-18.

    • Grand Salami

      Clean house. Send a message to players and fans. Appoint interim coaches and search forth the right leadership.

      2023 represents a young and somewhat talented roster with a ton of payroll. It will present an intriguing management position. Spend the money to get the FO right.

  38. RedBB

    This ownership and management is such putrid garbage its not even funny

  39. Grand Salami

    Just caught 700 WLW and Sloan has a Bally sports reporter. She mentions kids opening day and sloan muses that the kids should bring their gloves bc one could start. She laughs and poo-poos it. He retorts well maybe not for everybody but definitely Aquino.

    It was funny but telling that casual fans don’t see much point in this team at the moment.

  40. Vada

    One must surely be wondering WHY the mayor isn’t getting involved. There MUST be some tool he has available to light a fire under these owners. The silence is OVERWHELMING and speaks VOLUMES. I hate to admit it but the citizens and city politicians have been DUPED. Airing out your frustrations on this site isn’t going to change anything. BOYCOTT the companies the owners own. Boycotts get attention. One might think ZERO attendance doesn’t hurt the owners financially but I disagree. Nobody shows, no food or souvenirs get sold. Now you have these employees complaining. Trust me. Once the MLB Commissioner gets whiff of the embarrassment of an empty stadium PLUS players being embarrassed you will see action by the owners. ALOT OF ACTION !
    As long as fans complain and still attend games the owners WIN the conversation. Think about it: baseball has become a BUSINESS. How do you affect a business in a NEGATIVE way? Stay away and boycott it. I am certain 150 continuous games with empty seats will get attention at the top. Keep in mind that visiting teams won’t enjoy playing in an empty stadium either. What are the chances fans will boycott games? ZERO, because they are addicted to the game or team. I had my say. So let the worthless complaining about owners, GM, and players continue. But you won’t get satisfaction that way. Some call it “an exercise in futility.”

    • Rednat

      the problem is that in this era opposing fans show up to games as well. in fact the worse the reds are the more cards, cubs, brewers fans show up it seems.

      i think we need to do the opposite. let’s try to sell out every game. that will make ownership look like greedy idiots and there would be more national pressure for them to sell the team

  41. Bill J

    I’ve been thinking, myself and a lot of others blame Krall & Bell but, the blame should all go to the top. One other thing, remember Jim Brown, he retired when he was on top, I think his last season was one of his best, wonder if JV wishes he would have done that.

    • Scott C.

      You are correct. We really don’t know how Krall and Bell would do if given a free hand and resources.

      • Votto4life

        We do know Krall wasted money on Mike Minor, Colin Moran and Tommy Pham. We can’t blame ownership for those moves.

        If Nick Krall is a bull in a China shop like Phil Castellini says, perhaps he shouldn’t be.

  42. Harold

    I suggest we use the opener every game it worked so well the first time. Bell is horrific. He should have been fired long ago and has held us back with all his stupid, jump on the bandwagon moves, since he has been here. Jenkins can go with him. Start over from top to bottom.

    • Votto4life

      I loved it when he said they are unlikely to use Cessa as an opener again. Bell said Cessa is too valuable for later in the game. Of course, he didn’t explain why it was OK to use him in that role the other day. His comments made absolutely no sense at all.

      Gettin’ better in a weird way.

  43. realist

    To the Reds marketing department, free tacos every time Aquino earns the Golden Sombrero. It will give reds fans something to hang around for at the end of the game. Down 12-2 in the 7th? Wait Aquino is coming up in the next inning and already has three strikeouts. Let’s wait around for our free tacos!

  44. Jim Walker

    Just to stir the pot a bit more, from C.Trent’s weekly “C.Notes” feature on The Athletic website, Scott Boras goes on the record that he personally called Big Bob and informed him of Nick Castellanos willingness to return to the Reds.

    Let’s keep in mind the AAV of the 5 year deal NC signed with the Phillies is only $2m a year more than the AAV of the remaining 2 years he walked away from with the Reds. $10m more over 5 years than the Reds should have been budgeted for in 22/23 with the Votto contract coming off the books after 23. Hmmmmm.


    • Jim Walker

      So, yeah, Nick Castellanos did not name names the 1st time he had his public say about tanking teams then did call out the Reds last week to remove any doubt about them being on his tanking list. Now his agent has doubled down and said they tried to open discussions with the Reds about securing Nick’s return.

      Sure it may be self interest for Boras but for NC on a 5 year deal at his age, not so much so. Whatever way, they are trying to help fix the mess the Reds are part of.

      • BK

        What are they doing to “help” stop tanking? Calling it out? Anyone even remotely associated with MLB knows tanking is a problem. Until the significant revenue disparities are addressed, tanking will remain a problem and continue to diminish the value of MLB.

        Let’s not forget Nick C. had a contract with the Reds for 2022. He opted out of that contract, because he believed he could get a better one elsewhere. I don’t blame him for that choice, nor should he (or his agent) blame the Reds for passing on him. Signing aging vets at the tail end of their most productive years is not a recipe for success for small market teams. Boras understands this and benefits enormously from the current structure of MLB. He’s taking full advantage of Red’s fans rightful dissatisfaction with our Owner/CEO and his son the COO.

    • BK

      To me the question is how much of Castellanos contract ends up being dead money on the back end. Contract covers his age 30-34 seasons. He was a fan favorite here for good reason and he’s looking like an all-star again early this season. He’s never been good defensively. I don’t really know the answer, but I’m not sure a small market team is going to win too often by signing players in their 30s. NC’s contract looks pretty sweet today, but all of the charts show productivity in MLB trending towards players in their mid to late 20s.

    • LDS

      As I have contended all along, NC didn’t like Bell and didn’t like the organization generally. Did he want more money than his remaining Reds contract or the QC? Sure, who wouldn’t. But at the end of the day, he was likely more interested in playing for a serious organization.

      • greenmtred

        You state this with such certainty, LDS. It seems to contradict the information implicit in Jim’s comment above about Boras.

  45. Harold

    Hey, if AA plays every day, he could set a record for strikeout in a season.
    Really disappointed that sports is about to turn to betting, for more money. This will be a major step in what is already a huge and somewhat new issue in society. England went to sports betting some time ago and saw a huge increase in suicides.

    I worked with young people as an educator for 37 years and I feel that to allow young athletes to be paid for their images is a terrible mistake. We already have crazy parent who push their kids to extreme to become athletes. I recently heard of a parent who was talking about which camps was going to send his 8 year son too! He was also talking about money for students in H.S. for their images. The World is a crazy place! Sorry for my rants!!!

  46. JoshG

    I would have predicted them to have 3 or 4 wins at this point
    they needed to win one against Cleveland
    8 games against the combo of the Dodgers and Braves.. did we think they would win a lot of those?

    • RedsFan11

      4-6 and things are better but still bleak. If you can’t win 1 game against and average Cleveland team nor 1 of 4 chances on the road, then 2-8 and laughing stock of the league is right where you deserve to be

    • Hanawi

      I think so. The Braves caught lightning in a bottle in the playoffs. They aren’t some juggernaut. And expecting to take one game in a 4 game series against the Dodgers is reasonable. The best baseball teams still lose 60 games a year.

    • Rednat

      i think it is the way we are losing. most of these games have been blow outs. i think the dodgers took it easy on us. they could have ran up the score more if they wanted

      • Jimbo44CN

        I was thinking the same thing as I was watching the game. Could have really piled on. Sickening making Heany look like a world beater.

  47. Frogem

    A New Hope – After mashing a few more years, Votto and partner(s) lead hostile takeover of Reds ownership and brings much-needed outside the box thinking to revise the front office, Reds strategic direction, and properly elevate the success, reputation and fortunes of this storied franchise.

  48. Votto4life

    It the Reds were a government, we would be teetering on a revolution.

  49. Moon

    The Reds will be better later in the year. If Senzel can stay healthy. They get India back in the lineup and Votto always seems to start terribly slow before returning to form around Mid-late May. I think the Pitching will turn out to be pretty good. Castillo, Mahle, Greene look to be three solid pitchers. Santillian has looked good. Lodolo was better than Greene in AA so if he can get it back together we can put together a decent rotation. BP has some arms as well. The biggest problem I see is the team has no depth. You get a starter hurt you are playing a guy that does not belong on a major league roster. I may be seeing things but the Reds seem to be playing 4-5 of them right now.

  50. Jim

    The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
    First 10 games assessment:
    The Good
    Pitching Rotation looks like it can develop into a First Place Team Rotation.
    The Bad
    Our offense, They Have to get runs for our pitchers – looks like they can’t.
    The Ugly
    Top 3 on the Payroll Votto – Moose – Pham
    40% of Payroll (Should be on the Bench). They would Never make any good teams lineup, and they have Huge payroll on the last place Reds!
    That is the first 10 games.
    Let’s see if that changes – probably not.

  51. LDS

    So the Reds signed Detwiller today, 36 years old and hasn’t had a decent season in ten years. And tonight’s line up is out. Glad to see Bell made some adjustments. Oh wait – he didn’t.

    • TheCoastMan

      Hey, but don’t worry. He just gave us his personal assurance that things were going to turn around.

  52. Scott C

    I know it is early and a small sample size but the lineup tonight has 5 (count ’em) That is five players hitting below .200. And that is with the DH, who by the way is hitting .038. What a powerful line up the Castellannnos have given us .

  53. Ron

    You reap what you sow. Feel sorry for guys like India, Stephenson and Greene. Their talents will be wasted on a last place team.

  54. Mark A Verticchio

    Why in the world isn’t Lopez starting against a left handed pitcher? I realize Moose is hitting so well against lefties but Bell knows best. How can anybody still support him as manager?

    • Indy Red Man

      The Lopez stuff needs to go away. He’s Jose Peraza except Peraza is a better athlete. When your best attribute is looping the ball over an infielder then GABP is not for you. The outfield is super small and just not enough green between infielder and outfielder. I’ll still take him over Moose.

      • Indy Red Man

        and yes I know they’re not in GABP. Yeah he should be playing tonight

  55. Michael B. Green

    This is the worst hitting team that I’ve seen perhaps ever. Can anyone put the ball in play even with a little bit of juice? Strike out after strike out…