Since splitting a four-game series with the Braves to start the season, the Cincinnati Reds (2-6) have had a terrible week. They will try to end it on a good note when they face the Los Angeles Dodgers (5-2) in the third game of a four game series at Dodger Stadium and try to break this four-game losing streak.


  • Time: 10:10 p.m. ET
  • Place: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California
  • Weather: 62°; partly cloudy
  • TV: Bally Sports Ohio; MLB Network (out-of-market)
  • Radio: 700 WLW

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

Los Angeles Dodgers

SS Kyle Farmer SS Trea Turner
DH Tyler Naquin 1B Freddie Freeman
LF Tommy Pham 3B Justin Turner
1B Joey Votto 2B Max Muncy
C Tyler Stephenson DH Edwin Rios
RF Aristides Aquino RF Chris Taylor
3B Mike Moustakas CF Cody Bellinger
2B Brandon Drury LF Gavin Lux
CF Jake Fraley C Austin Barnes

Kyle Farmer, lead off hitter.

Starting Pitchers

Hunter Greene 65.1 4.13 4.46 4.04 1.29 28.6% 9.1%
Julio Urías 185.2 2.96 3.08 3.13 3.73 1.02 26.2% 5.1%

*Stats are from 2021. Greene’s 2021 stats are from Triple-A Louisville.


The rookie Hunter Greene makes his second career start tonight in his hometown of Los Angeles. After having success against a tough Braves lineup in his MLB debut, he gets to face another tough lineup in the Dodgers.

The key for Greene will be locating his pitches well, especially his slider. The success of his slider and change up will make his fastball that much more effective. He also has to make sure he’s locating his fastball well. The problem Greene will run into, and already did against the Braves a few times, is that major league hitters can catch up to 100 mph fastballs once they adjust to it. The Braves hit nothing against Greene and struck out five times the first time through the lineup. The second time through the lineup, the Braves had three hits, including a home run. It will be interesting to see how the Dodgers hitters adjust after one time through the batting order


Urías didn’t start the 2022 season well last Sunday, giving up six runs on six hits and two walks in just two innings against the Rockies. However, a bright spot for Urías was that only three of those runs were earned. He may have had a bad start to the 2022 season, but the 25-year-old left-hander had one of his best seasons in 2021, with an ERA under 3.00 and a FIP of 3.13. In 185.2 innings, he almost hit the 200 strikeout mark, falling just five short.

Throughout his career, left-handed batters have obviously not been great against Urías, but right-handed batters haven’t really fared much better. In 312.2 innings, right-handed batters are hitting just .235/.295/.335, compared to .214/.291/.390 for left-handed batters. Urías throws a fastball, curve ball, and change up. In 2021, he relied fully on those three pitches, but in 2020, he did throw a slider for about 5.5% of his pitches.

News and Notes

If you’ve been wondering why Nick Senzel is not in the lineup, well, he’s sick. He was placed on the Covid list, but as of right now, it’s not Covid. Daniel Duarte was recalled from Triple-A Louisville.

The Reds have also added another player to the taxi squad.

And ICYMI, here’s a Friday game recap of the Reds’ minor league affiliates for some pregame reading.

Cincinnati Reds Minor League Game Review: April 15, 2022

87 Responses

  1. Dennis Westrick

    Never thought I’d ask this so early in a Reds season but when is the first Bengals game?

    • Bet on Red

      if you are not counting preseason…. months

  2. LDS

    They need to drop Pham much lower in the lineup and move JV to 3rd and Stephenson to 4th

    • TheCoastMan

      Bell is clueless… I’m telling you, he throws dart at a list of players with a blindfold on to decide the batting order.

      • TR

        I had hopes of change. Then the extension arrived….

  3. J

    Reds might set two modern-day records today:

    A) Fewest available position player subs.

    B) Latest in a season to to have a guy batting third in the order with zero hits.

    It’s a unique and creative organization!

  4. realist

    Aquino is like a bad penny he just keeps showing up

  5. J

    I’m confused as to why this organization thinks it’s necessary to have 10 relievers when the bench consists of one corner infielder and one catcher.

    • LDS

      In Bell’s world, a pitcher rarely goes more than an inning (unless they are really bad) and seldom pitch on consecutive nights. So you need a lot of pitchers. And the DH has reduced the “need” for the double switch so you need fewer position players. And playing players out of their natural position is no big deal. So you only need @ couple of position players. Yes, yes, I know it’s weird but isn’t it so much better?

      • J

        Agreed, but if Senzel were healthy they’d have another outfielder today instead of a 10th reliever, so I’m not sure why they suddenly need the 10th reliever even in Bell’s world.

    • earmbrister

      How many relievers should they have?

      • J

        I’m not sure what the optimal number is, but I’m pretty sire some teams would try to survive with fewer than 10 when they have only have a corner infielder and a catcher on the bench.

    • Rod Andrews

      J…..because Reds starters are only allowed to pitch roughly the same number of pitches Jim Maloney pitched between innings. Over 70 pitches for a starter or 20 pitches for a reliever and their arms drop off. Need at least 13 pitchers to make it through a game. Position players are optional.

    • Oldtimer

      I think they have 11 relievers tonight. And 5 starters.

  6. Keith

    The lineup the last few days takes me back to the days of:


    *This offense stinks

  7. Old-school

    If things dont turn around soon , we will be talking about trade value at AS break and surely a fire sale.

    5 games under .500 9 games into the season doesnt bode well

    • Rod Andrews

      I say let the fire sale begin, and the youngsters take over!

  8. William

    Sebzel is not going to be a MLB star. His ability to hit is hyped. He is alright, but no star, healthy or not. Good news: India is a star. Hunter Greene will be a star. So, the Reds have made some good draft picks. There are others I could mention that were good draft picks. Senzel was hyped. The MLB stars knock the crap out of baseball on a regular basis. Do not see that in the 27 year old Senzel who is an excellent athlete and decent player. He is not a good number two pick at this point. Hope he proves me wrong.

    • LDS

      Betting on Senzel being a star is like buying a scratch off lottery ticket and hoping to win the jackpot. Occasionally, you win a free ticket or even $5 which you blow on more lottery tickets. The jackpot never comes. Every time Senzel plays a few games in a row, gets a couple of hits, or makes a good play, we’re sure this time is the breakout. And each time, it’s back to the injured list. Whether it’s physical or mental, sadly the guy doesn’t seem likely to become what he was hyped to be.

    • Indy Red Man

      No Garcia vs lefties? Nobody puts 4 lefties in the lineup vs a lefty unless they’re top flight hitters. The situation is beyond Bell’s control, but he definitely doesn’t help anything either. They’re going to lose 90+ games this year and next so the plan should be for 2024. I don’t think Bell can survive that because Bob/Phil will need a scapegoat.

      Matt McLain is off to a good start at AA and we’ll have money and possibilities at that point if they ever start making good decisions? They have to factor in the shift ban as well. No need for pull-happy non-athletes like Moose at GABP. Strong guys with some pop can put the ball in the seats in any direction at GABP and we need some speed and athleticism to win in these bigger parks

  9. Bet on Red

    Well, time to start hunting the good stuff, Trying to see how excited we should get about Fraley, he is healthy after all. Seeing some promise. I got them putting Senzel on the Covid list so he doesnt need to serve the full ten days. Aquino needs to produce now or risk being cut. I think this is the last game I am giving Pham the benefit of the doubt in regards to the late spring signing. Can already tell this will be a long season. Getting Hunter experence is a plus though

  10. Kevin H

    So India is out and Senzel is sick again after yesterday being ” available off the bench” sorry I don’t trust anything Bell says or gm. With hamstring injury rest is needed so why isn’t Lopez up? Friedl? Organization is a joke

    ” we are better in a weird way”

  11. Old-school

    Tommy Pham 0-20 – .000
    Joey Votto .148
    Moose .160
    Aquino .100
    Fraley .136
    Moran .143

    • dhmorgan

      Yeah, we thought it was terrible last year when 2 or 3 starters were batting below the Mendoza line.
      This is bad. It’s enough to make me weep in my Grape Nuts.

      • Daytonnati

        You know, I love Grape Nuts, but weirdly there aren’t any grapes and there aren’t any nuts?

    • Keith

      Joey is the only one on that list that doesn’t surprise me. The rest of them wouldn’t surprise me if they never did much better than that for the rest of the season.

  12. kevinz

    Come on Reds tough start to this season.
    But not how you start.
    Long season ahead.
    Go Reds you got this Boys.

    • DavecT

      I agree. He’s likely close to needing a fresh start. I just feel bad for the guy.

  13. DaveCT

    The oops and ahhh of Lala Land crack me up.

  14. J

    Take a weak swing at a 2-0 pitch out of the strike zone, then watch strike three down the middle. Seems to be what Reds hitters are coached to do.

  15. Old-school

    Aquino up in the count 2-0 and swings at a ball

    Then K’s again

    The guy doesn’t understand the first rule of hitting. Dont swing at pitches you cant hit

    Ship has sailed. Yes he will hit 1 home run a week playing every day

  16. Bet on Red

    Make a note in the log, Moose made a defensive play succesfully

  17. DaveCT

    Fun fact: Moose have been known to spring up to 40 mph.

  18. MBS

    Greene looks sharper tonight, his fastball at the top of the zone is unfair.

  19. Matt WI

    Oh my. Anyone else have the radio all on? Somebody is hacking up a lung while they are trying to talk to C Trent.

  20. Bet on Red

    Cleat pop free… more like a slight shove off the bag, defenders cannot push or pull a runner off the bag. Drury should have been ruled safe

  21. Old-school

    This offense is dreadful


    Get me some action on Reds being no hit soon

    Its coming

    • DaveCt

      Or, where else do you get a real chance to see a no-no every game?

    • Votto4life

      Not as long as Dave Roberts is the manager

  22. JB

    I like that the Reds are faster this year and are trying to steal bases. Now they have to stay on the bases. Although Drury got help there.

  23. LDS

    Amazing how the Reds make most pitchers look like Nolan Ryan. The Reds need to give up their vision of “analytics” and start playing fundamental baseball once again. There’s more to the game than walk, strike out, or home run. Someone a few days ago lamented JV grounding out due to the shift and looking forward to the shift being banned. Me? I’m waiting for the team embraces the Willer Keeler philosophy – hit’em where they ain’t. I doubt seriously that guys like Rose, Gwynn, Carew, and Brett would have been stopped by the “shift”.

    • DaveCT

      You’re going to wait a long time. Analytics are here to stay. Can’t stop progress.

  24. J

    Greene would do really well playing for a team that knew how to hit.

  25. JB

    Pham goes another week of hitless ball and he will get Chris Davis’s attention.

    • J

      Another hitless week and Bell might have to start thinking about moving him up in the order to get him going.

  26. Votto4life

    The Tommy Pham revenge tour isn’t off to a strong start.

    • MBS

      Well he always hurt the Reds, some things never change.

      • JB

        I’m laughing but I’m trying not to cry in a weird way.

    • Tom Reeves

      I think Tommy Pham blames Cincinnati for all his pain – we’re the target of his revenge.

  27. Old-school

    Tommy phams broken bat had a higher exit velocity than the baseball dribbler.

    Moose pops up to the catcher on the first pitch

    Aquino gets up 2-0 and swings at ball and then takes strike 3

    Naquin and fraley cant hit lefties

    Stephenson gets a hit finally

    Aquino infield pop up round 2 and Moose K round 2 looking

  28. JB

    I could care less if Minor every pitches for the Reds this year. I would rather see the young guys pitch and get experience.

    • Bet on Red

      Agreed, while i do understand trading off Amir Garret, i do not understand trying to get Minor back

    • DaveCT

      Wonder if they were betting on the contract insurance money?

  29. Tom Reeves

    We all know that the league will adjust to Greene and he’ll have to adjust – so there’s a hump to still get over.

    But, wow, does he look amazing?!

    I can’t imagine what he’s going to be like that when he’s fully stretched out.

    • MBS

      You can’t adjust to what he’s doing tonight. If he hits his spots, especially that high fastball and that nasty slider, no one is going to fair well. He did not have this command in ATL. This is another level of pitching.

      • Tom Reeves

        The league will eventually adjust and it will make Greene even better. But, wow, he’s impressive. I’m shocked at this pitching maturity.

  30. Bet on Red

    While i am as skeptical as everyone else… remember the Bengals were 2-2 after the first month…. and i do believe they went to a special game last year

    • JB

      I’m pretty optimistic but I believe your picture is in the dictionary next to optimistic.

  31. kevinz

    Man Will not always look like this.
    But Greene Impressing me.
    Like fire shows as well .

  32. DaveCT

    Greene for Trea Turner, straight up. Who says no?

  33. kevinz

    Keep that approach Farmer.
    Even if was an out.

  34. Bet on Red

    better then last time, worse then the next one. Good start

  35. JB

    Only gave up 2 runs. Nice night from the kid. Unfortunately his offense got him squat.

  36. MBS

    Greene was losing control, and velo. He is just warming up, like all starters are. In the next few starts he should be able to add some more length to his outings.

  37. Bet on Red

    Thought this was going to be close… no just another murder….

  38. Broseph

    Turned on the game after wife went to. bed. Tell you where I’m gonna go…to bed.

  39. Indy Red Man

    3 pitches in told me all I needed to know. Farmer was ahead 2-0 and then made a weak out on the same exact borderline pitch that made it 2-0. Why not try for 3-0 or a center cut cookie? There is this thing called a walk. Feel bad for Pham( He looks miserable. Hunter looked great. He might be the best 2-17 pitcher in the history of the game? I don’t think they’ll lose 100, but there definitely isn’t any entertainment value I can see?

    • Daytonnati

      If you’re into dark humor maybe …

  40. LarkinPhillips

    Worst record in MLB after this loss. Leave it to the Reds to even screw up getting last place now that there’s a draft lottery.

  41. Erik the Red

    Tyler Stephenson has a lot to learn as a catcher. The good news his defense is not going to cost us many games, since the over under for most of our games will 4.5.

  42. J

    Hey, at least they’ve got 10 relief pitchers available to cover the last 3 innings. That’s the main priority.

  43. Stoney

    Pleasure watching Hunter Greene pitch tonight. The one bright spot. He’s going to be great. The offense is completely abysmal. Don’t even know where to start.

  44. BigRedMike

    Moustakas is really really bad

    Both Reds hits by Stephenson


    If the Shutout holds, Reds with only 4 runs in the 3 games against the Dodgers.

  46. Grand Salami

    This series shows the disparity in ball clubs. It’s almost like AA Vs AAA. We have been in the game 6 – 7 of the combined 27 innings of baseball.


  47. kevinz

    Another L. hard Win when on few show up.
    Expect better moving forward.
    Not saying anything special.
    But better then what have seen so far.