The offense never really got going for Cincinnati as the Reds fell 3-1 to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday night. The loss was the 4th in a row and the 6th in the last 7 games for the Reds as they fall to 2-6 on the season.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (2-6) 1 5 0
Los Angeles Dodgers (5-2) 3 7 0
W: Anderson (1-0) L: Gutierrez (0-2) SV: Kimbrell (2)
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The Offense

Cincinnati went quietly in the first two innings, but in the top of the 3rd they started to put together a rally. Aramis Garcia and Tyler Naquin both singled before a 2-out walk by Joey Votto loaded the bases. The rally fell short of bringing in a run when Aristides Aquino struck out to end the threat.

The top of the 6th inning started out in a scary way as Joey Votto was hit in the helmet by a pitch. It caught him on the bill as he was trying to hit the deck, so it could have been much worse than it was, and he remained in the game. He was erased on the bases on a force out, but back-to-back 2-out singles by Mike Moustakas and Kyle Farmer moved Aristides Aquino around the bases to put the Reds on the board before a strikeout ended the inning with the Reds trailing 3-1.

That was all Cincinnati would get the rest of the night as they went in order in the 7th, 8th, and 9th innings.

The Pitching

After getting the Dodgers in order in the 1st, Vladimir Gutierrez needed some help to get out of the next inning. The first two batters reached base before a 2-out single by Chris Taylor brought in the first run for Los Angeles. But a second runner tried to score on the play and was thrown out at the plate by Aristides Aquino to end the inning. The Dodgers added another run on a Trea Turner RBI triple in the 3rd. They would add another run in the 5th, though things could have gone much worse as Gutierrez allowed a triple to Gavin Lux, hit Mookie Betts, and then walked Freddie Freeman to load the bases to begin the inning before he was replaced by Jeff Hoffman. He would walk a run in, but limited the damage at just that as the Dodgers took a 3-0 lead.

Dauri Moreta celebrated his birthday with two strikeouts in a scoreless 6th inning to hold the score at 3-1. Fellow rookie Alexis Diaz took over in the 7th and worked around a single for a shutout inning to hold the deficit for Cincinnati at two runs. Ryan Hendrix worked around a single and a walk with a little help from Aramis Garcia who threw out Cody Bellinger on an attempted steal in a scoreless bottom of the 8th, giving the Reds one last chance to put runs on the board and extend the game. They couldn’t.

Notes Worth Noting

The game ended at 1:28 AM on the east coast.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Saturday April 16th, 10:10pm ET

Hunter Greene (1-0, 5.40 ERA) vs Luis Urias (0-1, 13.50 ERA)

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  1. J

    Stephenson couldn’t DH in this game because he needed to rest, but Bell pinch hit for Garcia in the 9th, so he was willing to let Stephenson catch for an indefinite number of innings if the Reds had scored a couple runs. There’s absolutely no method to his madness. It’s just plain madness.

      • MuddyCleats

        Dittos, on this team w/ a lack of power, lack of advanced hitting approaches and overall poor offense, Stephenson has to b n the lineup. Of course, he can’t catch everyday, so let’s figure out another way. The DH sign should b flashing in bright neon or at 1B vs LHP to give Votto a day off.

    • Dk072257

      Wow, only took a week for the Reds to have the worst record in the NL. Mis-managed and Mis-owned. This team has no spirit to win even if it could, the winners have all been traded or given away so ownership can cut payroll… then again did they really cut payroll or just the ability to win? With the way they have played against sub 500 teams the last couple of year, I’ll go out on a limb and say, the Reds will end the year in last place. Thank you Phil I’ll be following the Cardinals this year. Your threats fall on deaf ears.

      • PTBNL

        the Cardinals……the Cardinals, really?!? One has to question how diehard you really were to begin with then. Couldn’t have been a real fan. Goodbye.

      • realist

        PTBL keep insulting those who hold higher standards for their baseball teams than you. Enjoy your terrible team there is no reason to insult a guy who is going to support the Cardinals, i chose to support the LA dodgers until the Reds are sold and have competent management. Same reason i don’t go back to a bad restaurant even though they are in the same town. Why should you be loyal to a bad franchise that insults their fan base?

      • PTBNL

        Realist, I will keep on insulting untrue fans. Good advice! BTW: it ain’t insulting when you are stating the facts.

        “Terrible team”. How about you find a new team and stay off a real fans blog?

        Dodgers, wow time to get off this site too chief. Tommy Lasorda would be so proud of you.

      • realist

        PTNBL, you aren’t very nice are you? What is a true fan? I support a Reds team that doesn’t jettison its good players for below league average players. I support a Reds team where ownership is not incompetent anything else was sadism. Does your loyalty to poorly run organizations end at just Reds? Or do you support poorly run restaurants and businesses as well. I will stay on this post because the Reds are the local MLB team. You must not get on twitter at all because most people are critical of the Reds. If you want to say nice unrealistic things about the reds go ahead, just don’t attack those of us who are venting. You must not watch any postseason baseball, i love the game so i always pick a team to follow in the postseason since the Reds are rarely there.

      • PTBNL

        “Not nice”, “attack” “say nice unrealistic things”. Hyperbole get you much???

        Who is the real fan? Someone who roots for a team many, many years through thick and thin, despite crappy ownership (and yes, I was a fan through the Lindner years and even the Schott nonsense). Or ones who uses cuss words like Cardinals and Dodgers. Could you pick two more hated teams in Reds History? Really.

        That’s what I take issue with. Only a thin-skinned fair-weather fan would turn away from the Reds to follow those two hated teams. Question my fandom will you? I guess I am a deeply rooted fan that those ideas would not even be entertained in my mind.

        Do I love the Reds. Absolutely. Do I like what is going on now, H no. But I’m not going to give up on the players or the team because Silver-Spooned Castellini insults real fans. Soon, they will be gone. I will still be here. Will fair-weathered fans be? Or will they root for their new teams. Doesn’t feel like a real fan to me.

        This has been fun. Thanks for the entertainment on what is normally a boring Saturday. Can’t wait for Hunter’s start against your Dodgers.

      • realist

        Hyperbole, not even close. I choose to not be a useful idiot for the Castellini family, the Castellini family appreciates your patronage, I guess you were who he was talking about when he asked where you gonna go?

    • greenmtred

      And the probability of your scenario? Maybe Bell has been paying attention to the guys here who bash him for not playing to win regardless of the consequences?

      • J

        I guess he must have waited until the 9th inning to start reading the comments, because if he’d listened to us before then, Stephenson would have been the DH. So then I guess he must have finally started reading those comments in the 9th and thought “oh, they want me to try to win this game? Ok, I’ll start trying to win by potentially forcing TS to catch on a day when they wanted him to DH. That’ll show ‘em!”

  2. kevinz

    Top 6 imo should be like this.
    Rather have those 3 behind votto, to drive in runners.

    • SteveO

      I like Senzel in the 2 hole instead of Pham. He’s a one year rental and can bat down in the order when in the lineup. India, Senzel, JV, Stephenson, Naquin, Farmer, Drury, Fraley, Pham hopefully in the lineup tomorrow. Moose and Aquino need the next 2 days off against the Dodgers.

      • redsfan4040

        Two lefties pitching for the Dodgers. Aquinio’s not going anywhere.

      • Daytonnati

        But … But … “I’m playing to get some numbers, I don’t care about anything else,” Pham said. “I got to look out for me. At the end of the day baseball is going to move on without me. I got to get mine right now.”

      • PTBNL

        Don’t attribute a faux-quote to a player like that. Pham does not set the lineup card. And honestly, you are accusing him of being selfish when you know nothing about him.

        Newsflash: all players want their stats up, taht is how they win arbitration cases and/or get the big contracts. You would do the same.


      • realist

        PTNBL there you go insulting another fan, why? just because he makes a valid point about the hitless Pham, maybe there was a reason he was still available for the reds to sign. I mean looking at this roster and signing for one year it is obvious he knew he was going to play and get a chance then he could polish his numbers and get a contract for next year who could blame him but also signing with a dog like the reds should open him up for criticism.

      • Doug Gray


        That’s a real quote.

      • PTBNL

        I’d like to see that quote and the context it came from.

      • kevinz

        Yea same but Senzel usually does not play.
        Easy to forget about him.
        Feels like Pham and Senzel days here soon over.
        Small amount of control left for Senzel as well.
        Has not Hit or stayed on the field.

      • PTBNL

        OK, I stand corrected. I’m big enough to admit that. I do not believe he is a completely selfish ballplayer. If he hits like he wants to, the Reds will be a better team. I hope he does very, very well.

        So yes, I will be rooting for him.

      • realist

        PTNBL sounds like Pham is an untrue red fan too. Just signed to be on a revenge tour and get his stats. What a great teammate.

      • PTBNL

        realist, you are now going from the ridiculous to the sublime. He is on the Reds team as a player but not really a Red. Gotcha. Are you just trying to be troll now to me because I disagree with some of your points? Sounds insulting to not only Pham but maybe some PTBNL too, I dare ask???

      • MuddyCleats

        I agree that Pham should b down in the lineup until he starts hitting.
        I’d Rather go w/ Senzel, Naquin or even Fraley – someone that is likely to b a part of the future. This is a year to evaluate and develop young players. Last yr it was Stephenson, India, Gutierrez and Santillian. This yr: Greene, Lodolo, Fraley, Senzel back fm injury the other young RPs and hopefully – eventually Barrero.
        Realistically, that’s what this season is about unless they add at the deadline which I seriously doubt.

    • kevinz

      Muddy cleats I agree.
      Best served went all youth.
      But went with who Bell will play.
      If were up to me never signed Pham etc or kept Moose.

  3. Indy Red Man

    Professional baseball player has some solid seasons and then he comes to the Reds where he quickly displays that those days are over. He then goes from the Reds to his couch or Asia like nearly every ex-Card that Jocketty ever signed.

    Pham and Moose are a combined 4 for 44 with no extra basehits. Its the Reds Circle of Life just like National Geographic! Unfortunately its much more interesting when a bear eats an old moose rather then when an old Moose eats everything in Cincinnati.

    Please put all the Reds games on Apple TV or Neptune Space Orbit TV or something. Anywhere where I can’t find them.

    • Dk072257

      It could get better, they could have slow-go starting lol

    • redsfan4040

      I think Pham’s hits will start falling. He’s been hitting the ball hard, just not finding holes.

      At this point, I have little confidence in Moose. The optimist in me says he’ll click, but that is fading.

    • PTBNL

      And yet Indy, you are on here commenting. I guess you do care and probably DO want to find them. BTW: Hunter Greene is pitching tonight. I bet you will want to know how it turns out. Couldn’t find that out if the broadcast was shipped out to Neptune.

    • realist

      PTNBL why are you on the Castellini band wagon? That was a great post it is cathartic to post like this and some of these negative posts are hilarious! Keep it up even when the Polyana Castellini supporters attack you. Just look at twitter everyone is on the thump Castellini bandwagon. Tell Daddy to sell the team born on third base PHIL!

      • PTBNL

        Don’t put me in the Castellini camp. You know nothing about me or my preferences or how long I’ve been a fan. Just because I’m a died in the wool Reds fan does not mean I walk lock-step with the ownership. I’m a big enough fan that I will stay with the Reds thick and thin. I would NEVER betray the Reds by switching to the WLB Cardinals or the Dodgers..

        That would be a complete betrayal.

      • realist

        Betrayal to what? your conscience, in that case you are indeed true to your conscience as we who criticize them are to our conscience. To be true to the reds is to be true to the Castellini’s and that is something I don’t want to be. I love watching the reds because they are the local team but i am rooting for the dodgers to beat them because they are a better organization. It is great to watch a team where the fans show up to watch a good product on the field. i remember when the reds were like that, playing in front of big crowds and feeling your team had a chance to win and be in the playoffs.

      • PTBNL

        If one, in all good conscience, states that they are rooting for the Dodgers over the Reds, that belief basically says it all. Sparky A and Joe M and countless other Reds are shaking their heads in baseball heaven over that one.

        BTW: I am not rooting for the Castellini Reds. I am rooting for the Cincinnati Reds. Just because the Castellinis are running the show (not for too much longer), that’s not going to erase thousands of great memories through the years from 1975, 1976, 1990, Homer’s two no-hitters, Jay Bruce’s homerun to get deeper into the playoffs, do I need to go on more? That is what I care to remember and hang onto.


      • VaRedsFan

        PTNLB….I’m with you bro. Either you a Reds fan or you aren’t. I’m not rooting for a team because of the management.
        I don’t like the front office at all, but I’m still going to root for the players on the field.
        I’m dang sure not going to ever root for the Dodgers, or Cardinals.

        Dudes here probably used to like the Celtics…switched to the Lakers….went to the Bulls next, and probably like the Bucks now.

    • Votto4life

      Week One of Tommy Pham’s “Revenge Tour” is not going to well.

  4. GreatRedLegsFan

    Unsurprisingly, the offense is struggling mightly after loosing a combined 89 HR & 250 RBI over the offseason. Pitching is mostly a WIP, it’s good but not good enough to win games, at least not for the time being. Reds are inevitably heading to a 100 losses season.

  5. Joey Red

    The moves made by the Reds before the season was classic tanking. This team is horrible. I don’t dare watch Reds games but that doesn’t mean I can’t look at stats and figure out how bad they are. It’s not the fault of the players who I’m sure are playing hard. I don’t think it’s Bell’s fault or the coaching staff. They have been handed a team of retreads and misfits with little major league talent. The ownership wants to lose because they think Reds fans are dumb enough to believe in yet another rebuild. That it’s going to work like it did in Houston or Chicago. In reality that’s never going to happen with the Reds. They can’t choose players. They can’t develop players. They’re not interested in winning championships. They want just enough success to get fans interested but then pull the rug out from underneath them by selling off any players that performed well or showed potential. The Reds are a ponzi scheme. You buy into it by going to games. You spend money and invest your emotions but the only ones who actually get anything out of it are the owners. They become richer and then have the absolute audacity to tell you where else are you going to go. I have to hand it to those who still have faith and buy into what the Reds are selling.

    • Luke J

      The Reds can’t choose players and can’t develop players? Hmm. Their first round picks from 2015-2019 have all currently made the majors and are on the roster at the same time. Seems choosing developing isn’t the main problem here.

      • Joey Red

        Where are these players you speak of??

      • PTBNL

        Joey Red, really. You cannot be that blind or lazy:
        2015-1: Tyler Stephenson
        2015-2 Tony Santillan
        2016-1 Nick Senzel
        2017-1 Hunter Greene
        2018-1 Jonathan India
        2019-Nick Lodolo

      • Joey Red

        PTBNL you can lose the attitude. For one I was being sarcastic. And secondly the list you provided isn’t exactly a group of all stars. So you kinda made my point.

      • PTBNL

        My attitude is my prerogative. Next time note your sarcasm and I will laugh along with you, There are a few uniformed “fans” on this site so you never know.
        BTW: Give those youngsters a chance before you decide if they are All-Stars or not. Seems to me that JI just won Rookie of the Year…not too shabby.

      • Joey Red

        PTBNL point taken on the sarcasm. And I would say I’m a uninformed fan you speak of. I was a lifelong Reds fan until the rebuild of a few years ago. I’ve simply been through enough failed Reds rebuild since I’m 60 years old. I follow the scores on ESPN and get info here. I don’t go to Reds games or watch them on TV. If I want to experience going to a baseball game I go to Lexington for a Legends game. I simply refuse to hand my hard earned money over to a franchise that isn’t interested in winning. And the comments by Phil C on opening day kinda proved my point.

    • Vada

      Joey Red, your spot on. I didn’t renew this year. My objective now is to find a team to support with a dedicated owner or give up the passion for the game. The team is eventually gonna turn into a AAA team. Even an empty stadium for 81 games will still make the owners RICH AND RICHER. I feel the players union folded regarding teams that tank. They should have DEMANDED a minimum team salary of $175M as the lowest allowed to compete in the ML. That would have forced the owners to SELL. At least on my part the owners aren’t getting a penny from me since I dropped

      • Joey Red

        Vada unfortunately I could never become a fan of another team. But I can understand others going that route.

    • Votto4life

      Joey I only disagree with you on one point. The Red’s offense wasn’t classic tanking. Tanking implies a team trades their expensive players in order to lose a lot of games and be rewarded with draft picks.

      The Reds traded their expensive players and then turned around and wasted money on guys like Pham, Moran and Minor.

      Tanking implies a team wants to eventually get better. The Reds have no such interest.

  6. RedsGettingBetter

    Pham is .000/.174/.000 in 23 PAs , what a shame of start… Only six players are hitting above .200 AVG and just Farmer and Naquin are above .300… Could be an option to put Naquin and Farmer in the top of the lineup and Stephenson as 3rd , maybe they can produce more at this moment while India as well as Senzel are out of playing

  7. Alex

    Man, that line up is just brutal with no india or Stephenson. This team is so pathetically run. They gave up so much star power in the off season and ended up only saving $9 million in payroll after those joke signings. It’s almost impressive how many different directions they’ve chosen to go and how much they absolutely suck at all of them. Spend money=suck at it. Trades=suck at them. Cutting payroll=suck at it. The only real thing they’ve managed to do this year is ensure they’ll lost 100 games and not really save much money to do it. I hope all the free money they never earned soothes the soul because being a complete and absolute screw up like a Castellini son would be depressing.

  8. JB

    Last place- where else you going to go?

    • LDS

      Not just last place, the worst record in MLB. At this rate, the playoff prospects will be over by May 1st. I was expecting a 4th place finish, but this is worse than I expected. Joey is hitting less than Moose. Some regression from last season was likely but that’s a lot of regression. Pham is still hitless and still in the #3 slot. The team’s HR & RBI leader rested for the 2nd time in 8 games. This is shaping up to be another 2018. At least in 2018, they fired Bryan Price. If only we were so lucky this time.

  9. Greenfield Red

    Kyle Farmer is an underappreciated good baseball player. With or without him, the Reds will lose 100 games this year and probably next. Luis Castillo is a very good pitcher who is about to be ready to pitch. The Reds will lose 100 games this year and probably next with or without him too.

    The Yankees need a SS for a couple of years and they need pitching.

    The Reds have a lot a good base of talent in India, Stephenson, Greene, Ludolo, ect. They have a lot of really good talent that will begin to arrive in 2024 to go with the good base they already have here.

    Farmer and Castillo to NYY for Volpe (or Peraza), Selvidge, and Lange.

    Those three added to De La Cruz, McClain, Williamson, Allen, Petty, Ashcraft, Hinds, Callahan, Hendrick, Nelson, Abbott, Phillips, Bonnin, Roa, Torres, Siani, Richardson, Johnson, Cabrera, Cerda, Miller, Vellogin, Confidan, Almonte, and Valdez along with two top picks for the two 100 loss seasons give the Reds the talent to compete for the World Series, not just the last playoff spot… even if a significant percentage of these these 25 don’t pan out.

    Make a similar trade with Mahle and add even more to the system.

    Whatever they do avoid the “major league ready” trap. Get young guys with a lot of potential.

    If only half of these guys work out, the Reds could be very very good in 24, 25, 26, and beyond.

    • RedBB

      I guarantee you the Yankees have zero interest in Farmer

      • Greenfield Red

        Yankees need a shortstop. I disagree. Again, you are underappreciating him.

      • Greenfield Red

        I saw an article just last week from a Yankee insider suggesting Kyle Farmer was the perfect target to get the Yankees through this year and next. Granted, the writer was not Brian Cashman, but he was a Yankee writer.

    • Greenfield Red

      Forgot Barrero on my list. Makes my case even stronger.

    • realist

      Farmer is truly a great baseball player, the reds were lucky the dodgers threw him in that horrible trade for the reds. I enjoy watching Farmer play and i hope for his sake he can get traded to a team with a good owner!

    • Votto4life

      I like this plan a lot and would be totally on board, but it only works if the Reds commit to keeping players India, Stephenson etc. I just don’t see this ownership doing that. As soon as players like India, Greene, Lodolo, Stephenson etc. become too expensive they will be jettisoned.

      • Votto4life

        The above comment was in response to Greenfield Red post regarding how the Reds could come out of this.

    • Jon

      You talk about 2024. By then India and Stephenson will have three years of service time and will be eligible for arbitration. If Krall is still in charge, he likely will trade them before the 2025 season. Especially India, who has Boras as an agent.

  10. RedBB

    This team is just awful and the Ca$tellini family has run it into the ground. Too bad the lottery is coming to 2023 as the Reds could definitely get the #1 pick

  11. Jim Walker

    To accentuate the positive, the Apple TV streamed very well for me. No doubt they will probably put up a paywall at some point in the (near) future but for now no issues aside from the quality of the content on the Reds part.

    • Jim Walker

      Caveat> I never listen to the play by play/ commentary. As I normally do with the Bally production, I had the closed captioning turned on, but nothing happened on the field that drew me to focus on the captioning to figure out what was going on.

      • Votto4life

        I almost always put the games on mute regardless which network is carrying it. Announcers usually just talk in cliches and the fake banter drives me up the wall. I do enjoy listening to Chris Welsh and a couple of others, but for the most part I watch in silence.

  12. Steven Ross

    The rally fell short of bringing in a run when Aristides Aquino struck out to end the threat.

    Imagine that!

    • Jim Walker

      AA also had an 8 pitch PA which resulted in an inning opening BB (but others failed to take advantage), went 1st to 3rd on a single (something this team seems to have issues doing) and threw out another runner at the plate.

      His OPS, woeful though it be, is 2x Pham’s and .079 better than Moose’s. As the projected 5th OF/ RH platoon bat, he is far from the team’s greatest problem at this point.

      • LDS

        And his arm took out a runner at the plate and ended the Dodgers threat. While his hitting is lousy thus far, so is nearly everyone else’s, with the exception of guys who are injured or otherwise not playing. Votto is posting numbers thus far that make Suarez look good. The Reds are in the bottom 3 of nearly every major team statistical category (.avg, era, ops, slig, obp, etc.). A bad team, badly managed. Simple as that. I don’t see it getting better with top down changes. Usually a 2-3 year trend is a clue but not for this organization.

      • Melvin

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks AA is valuable. His Ks drive me crazy too. I hate em. There’s no excuse for them. He’s better than that. I’d like to kick his stinkin butt but I don’t want to see him go though. He may actually have more raw baseball talent than anyone else on the roster. I have a message for the coaching staff when it comes to getting the most out of him. TRY HARDER. Everyone is different and there are different ways of motivating players. Some need the soft touch. Some need a kick in the rear end. Most likely Aquino needs the latter.

  13. Mark Moore

    Checked the final score this morning and my slim hope faded to nothing. So frustrating on multiple fronts. And the late start again tonight means I’ll go without watching a Reds game for 3 days in a row. Not that I’ve missed much …

    Then again, where am I going to go?

  14. Mark A Verticchio

    I knew the first month , 21 games, would be tough for various reasons = injuries – Castillo – Sims – Schrock – Barrero – Solanno and others, a tough schedule, and poor management on and off the field. I was hoping for 10 – 11 or even 9 – 12, which I thought with luck they overcome. However after 8 games I realize things are much worse than I thought. I think we could be looking 5 – 16 or worse which would be the end of the season. I would feel so much better about it if they just said we are shooting for 2024 and made the proper moves for that plan, but this group is not capable of such forward thinking.

    • MBS

      I think they are moving for 23 / 24, they just added some players like Solano, Pham, and Minor to help bridge us there, as opposed to having AAAA players on the team. Everyone who is ready to be up is up, and really Lodolo should probably be in AAA for a bit more time. My fan’s heart want them to sign Castillo to an extension by the trade deadline, but after last years slow start, and now this years injured start, he is looking less reliable. Maybe the best thing would be trade him at the deadline if he comes back healthy and pitching well. Put the money into Mahle, who’s been very healthy, and honestly less expensive for Bob.

      • Jim Walker

        Castillo is that box of chocolates Forrest Gump was always talking about. When he is good, he is so good he makes us forget about the times the box is empty or the fillings of the chocolates have gone old and beyond stale.

  15. MBS

    This offense is in rough shape, with Stephenson not DH’ing on off days, India pulling up with a Hammy, Senzel ill, and it IL crew Barrero, Solano, and Schrock all missing. That put our Offense at like 40% last night, and the Dodgers seemed to be at 100%, and honestly if they have more stars players injuries now just give them the ring now. So I think our pitching kept us in both games so far, but the offense needs to play their butts off to make up for all the missing parts. It will be fun when the pieces start to come back.

    Pham to the DH
    Barrero to LF
    Schrock to 3B / Solano 3B

    Bench Moustakas / Cut Moran / Cut Aquino

    • Doc4uk

      Agree. Pham is done. Wasted money for sure. Just like Akiyama. Horrible scouting department. Dunn may never pitch again. Moustakis is also done and was a huge waste of $$$$. Minor fits into this same category. Not sure but Strickland may as well.

      So the Reds have not really made any good decisions over the past off season.
      Even their minor league teams and top prospects like Hedrick seem to be struggling.

      My opinion is replace all of the current scouts and hire a new GM.

      • Votto4life

        Nick Krall is a bull in a China shop according to little Phil. Perhaps he shouldn’t be.

        Although I would love to blame ownership for the Pham and Minor deals, these are all on Nick Krall.

        Krall should be fired for Mike Minor if nothing else. Even if he was healthy, he would be a waste of money. If Pham bombs too, it’s hard to imagine Nick Krall being retained. Yet with this ownership nothing is out of the question.

        I swear it was like the Reds front office saying “ Oh, you want us to sell the team? Let us show you it can get a lot worse”.

      • MBS

        The only thing about Minor is he’s a former DJ guy, and I wonder if DJ politicked for him. If DJ says we can use a pitcher, a good GM should listen. The injury thing does stink, especially when combined with the know injury Dunn has.

  16. Jon

    I thought Krall’s plan was to eliminate peaks and valleys. The peaks have certainly been eliminated, but the team continues to crash head on down into the valley.

  17. Old-school

    Through 8 games, Reds team ERA is 5.29- 27th in MLB
    Team OPS is .577 28th in MLB.

    Bobby Nightengale reports Nick Senzel is feeling better and like himself again. After the team traveled to Los Angeles, Senzel woke up up sick Thursday. After the Reds road trip in 2019 when a large number Reds got sick, team policy now is players are not allowed to report to the ballpark is they are ill. Bell stated Hendrix had the same thing and missed Wednesdays game.

    • LDS

      And Fangraphs has the Reds at the bottom on the hard hit % and numerous other “advanced” metrics.

  18. Old-school

    Sonny gray exited in the 2 nd inning with the athletic trainer

  19. TLR

    I am an old man now. Old enough that when my Dad took me to Crosley field in the late fifties early sixties I was a 5 or 6 yr old . One time as batting practice ended all the kids moved down to the front row by the dugout for autographs. I was a small kid, even as an adult only 5′ 5″. Not noticed in the crowd by the ball players, except by Gordy Coleman , who signed my popcorn megaphone (I still have it). I fell asleep to Reds games every night listening to Waite Hoyt and the Burger brewing company of Cincinnati , Ohio. Moving to Alabama in 1968 I still listened to WLW for my Reds. As a college kid, I reveled in the Big Red Machine. Brought my kids up as Reds Fans. (Chris Sabo) and wired my radio with an antenna wire in my attic to better receive the games at night. Now MLBTV for the last 7 years my Wife and I watch every game possible. I could never root for any other team . NOT EVER. But I could just stop caring. I am tired and discouraged with the constant rebuilding/downsizing of the Reds. It is obvious the owners have no desire to be competitive. I have lost hope that I will ever see a pennant winner (let alone world series) in my remaining years. I hope something changes. I love the Reds, but detest this management.