Tonight’s game in Los Angeles between the Dodgers and the Cincinnati Reds will be available only on Apple TV+. There’s no subscription required, but you will need to download the app in order to watch the game. First pitch is set for 10:10pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Here’s the lineup for Friday night out west:

Cincinnati Reds

Los Angeles Dodgers

Jake Fraley – CF Mookie Betts – RF
Tyler Naquin – RF Freddie Freeman – 1B
Tommy Pham – DH Trea Turner – SS
Joey Votto – 1B Max Muncy – DH
Aristides Aquino – LF Justin Turner – 3B
Brandon Drury – 2B Will Smith – C
Mike Moustakas – 3B Cody Bellinger – CF
Kyle Farmer – SS Chris Taylor – LF
Aramis Garcia – C Gavin Lux – 2B
Vladimir Gutierrez – SP Tony Gonsolin – SP

Lineup note: Nick Senzel has been sick, but is feeling better and available off of the bench tonight according to C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
Tony Gonsolin 3.0 3.00 2.00 6.7% 14.3%
Vladimir Gutierrez 4.1 4.15 1.85 9.5% 19.1%
Links: Vladimir Gutierrez’s Stats | Tony Gonsolin’s Stats

Vladimir Gutierrez

It could be an interesting night for Vladimir Gutierrez against a lineup that has plenty of quality left-handed hitters given just how well lefties have hit against him in his career to this point. With that said, Gutierrez has also pitched significantly better on the road (3.80 ERA, .698 OPS against on the road vs 5.94 ERA at home with a .931 OPS against).

2021 Splits

RHH 255 61 14 0 7 7.5% 21.6% .271 .336 .427
LHH 241 54 12 2 13 11.2% 13.7% .255 .336 .514

Pitch Usage (in 2021)

4-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 93.2 83.3 81.4 77.7
Usage 47.9% 22.4% 12.2% 17.9%

Tony Gonsolin

Last season, and this year in his first start, Tony Gonsolin was not a pitcher who would go deep into games. He’s made 16 appearances – including 14 starts – and thrown just 58.2 innings in that span. He only pitched 5.0 innings or more four times last year, and only got into the 6th inning twice. His pitch count seemed to be 80 or less, as he topped out at 83 pitches in a start last year. He’s struggled to throw strikes, but he doesn’t give up hits all that often. Right-handed hitters do hit for power when they do get hits against him, though.

2021 Splits

RHH 99 15 4 0 5 16.2% 30.3% .185 .320 .420
LHH 140 26 6 0 3 12.3% 25.0% .213 .314 .336

Pitch Usage (in 2021)

4-Seam Slider Curve Splitter
Velo 93.8 86.8 80.2 83.3
Usage 43.6% 25.9% 8.8% 21.7%

When and Where

  • Game time: 10:10pm ET
  • Where: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles
  • Watch: Apple TV+ (No sub required, but you do need the app)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 63°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Alejo Lopez to the taxi squad

In a not-all-that-surprising move, Alejo Lopez has joined the Reds in Los Angeles as a part of the taxi squad. With Jonathan India feeling something in his hamstring and having to exit the game last night it makes sense to have an extra infielder around just in case a move does need to be made.

Mike Minor pulled back from rehab

In his rehab start earlier this week Mike Minor got lit up like a Christmas tree. That didn’t matter so long as he got through it healthy. But that didn’t happen and he’s been pulled off of assignment after experience more shoulder soreness following the outing.

From a Man to a Movement: Jackie Robinson Day

It’s Jackie Robinson Day and that means we’re going to see teams around Major League Baseball take the field tonight where everyone is wearing #42. And we’re going to see and hear a lot about Jackie Robinson and what he meant for the game of baseball. Over at Baseball Prospectus Shakeia Taylor wrote about an idea she had where teams could expand beyond Jackie Robinson in their celebration.

So I’d like to propose something different… what if we made Jackie Robinson Day, a day where we celebrate all of the firsts. Every single team had a first. Integration was not a high speed train, it was more like a glacier, slow-moving but impactful. There is a long list of players whose legacies hardly ever get touched.

There’s a lot more to Taylor’s idea and it goes just beyond on the field stuff on April 15th. Head over to the link above and give it a read.

Around the Nation

Reds have signed free agents Sandy León and Ross Detwiler

Cincinnati is adding some minor league depth with big league experience. Today they signed catcher Sandy León. He has parts of 10 seasons in the big leagues. They also signed reliever Ross Detwiler to a minor league deal last week.

Around the Beat

Cartoonest Kevin Necessary of the Cincinnati Enquirer had a good submission today.

123 Responses

  1. Doc4uk

    Can the reds return Minor since he came to camp with a bad shoulder? If not then it is time to change medical staffs who must have examined Minor prior to the trade being consummated. I am betting the Royals knew something.

    So you trade for two pitchers and both have bad shoulders and may never pitch an inning for the Reds?

    • Doug Gray

      You know it’s far more likely that a pitcher just got hurt than that the Royals lied to the Reds and that the Reds doctors are idiots. Minor passed the Royals physical to begin spring training. He also passed the one from the Reds. Pitchers get hurt. He’s not the first guy and won’t be the last guy.

      • realist

        No way I am buying that at all, caveat emptor. Why wouldn’t we assume the reds medical staff was as incompetent as the rest of the organization? Seriously this whole organization needs gutted from top to bottom, the bones are bad.

    • Old-school

      The other thought would be players say im good and fine.

      Passing a physical or MRI isnt the same as throwing a 95 mph fastball or 87 mph slider

      Players with $10 mil on the line arent going to volunteer i might not be ok

      They are 100%!I’m ready

    • J

      He’s probably hurt because some terrible manager didn’t carefully monitor his innings when he was 22, because apparently that’s what causes pitchers to become injured rather than just random bad luck.

  2. Luke J

    Do you have to sign up for a free trial in apple tv? I downloaded the app on my tv and get no content without signing up.

    • Doug Gray

      No. You *may* have to create a log in, though – I do not know that part for sure or not.

      • Doug Gray

        Confirmed – you will need to create an Apple ID if you don’t already have one in order to watch the game.

    • Old-school

      If hes not sick, then what is it ?

      Inquiring minds want to know. Enlighten us .

      • realist

        I understand what DHud is saying, it seems to happen often a player has a myriad of excuses for not playing and then ends up on the DL.

      • DHud

        Dude with a injury history a mile long has been conspicuously absent 3 straight games after a collision in the OF

        You do the math

      • Old-school

        Reds said he is sick!!!!
        Whats conspicuous ??

        You are accusing the Reds of lying


        You are actually saying Senzel is injured and not sick but the Reds are saying he is sick and lying.

        Thats paranoid delusions !!!!

        Get some mental help pal !!!!!

      • Doug Gray

        The Reds didn’t say it. Nick said it.

      • Luke J

        He played the rest of the game after the collision with zero side effects. He was not injured and it really wasn’t much of a collision as both were sliding so moving fairly slowly. Pham getting a sore wrist was just a freak thing. Calking the Reds liars because he’s been hurt before is stupid.

      • Old-school

        Bobby Nightengale did

        @doug are u saying senzel isnt sick?

        Is nick Senzel sick or injured?

        David bell needs to answer that question

      • realist

        Old School, is it a stretch to think that the reds would lie? With this management group, it is not a stretch and how dare you tell someone to get mental help this is a fun little place to vent and make funny comments and talk about baseball. I can’t believe you would tell someone to get mental help!

      • DHud


        Yes. Yes I’m saying the Reds would lie about this (even though it apparently came from Senzel and not the Reds)

        What else ya got

      • Old-school

        Its reported nick senzel was sick yesterday by bobby Nightengale reds beat reporter and why he didnt play yesterday and isnt starting today but available

        If nick isnt sick… were now relying on internet rumors and lies and paranoia to explain why hes not playing . So yes. Ill believe nick and the reds and bobby Nightengale s journalistic credibility over internet paranoia

      • Luke J

        @DHud, what else you got? There is literally no indication whatsoever he is hurt. He showed quite clearly he wasn’t hurt after the “collision”. All you have is the fact he’s been hurt in previous seasons, which is nothing at all. People who make wild, unfounded speculations are unwise.

      • DHud

        Luke J fact he finished the game means nothing. Because there’s never been a knee before that hasn’t gotten stif and sore after the game. There’s never been adrenaline and constant movement that’s allowed a player to play through bumps and bruises before.

        If he’s truly sick – fantastic. Looking forward to him being back

        But as I see it, the dude is made of glass and this Reds organization is willing to spin us any bowl of crap they want because let’s face it, where else are we gonna go?

      • Luke J

        Baseless speculation. It’s just ignorant. I’ll stick to known facts and actual information to draw my conclusions. You do you.

      • realist

        Dhud, sometimes i think some of these guys are actually Castellini’s trying to get some positive spin out there on the Redleg nation. Not that I need mental help or am being paranoid.

      • Luke J

        @realist You can’t be serious? You quite possibly have the least accurate username I’ve ever seen.

      • realist

        Luke J I am not serious, but i still think you are Phil Castellini

    • DavecT

      If Nick’s illness is anxiety, they may not be able to make any other comment.

  3. ClevelandRedsFan

    I’m really not loving Apple TV running MLB games. The “free” promise will disappear really soon. Even iPhones don’t come with a feee charger anymore.

  4. realist

    Aquino hitting 5th, a guy who wouldn’t be touched by a single team if he was put on waivers today is batting 5th in the Reds lineup. Oh that’s right he hit a home run yesterday.

      • realist

        I guess we will see when he gets DFA’d in a few days or weeks

      • Matt WI

        Let him get claimed. Still doesn’t mean it’s the wrong call.

    • Chris

      There would be a line of teams that would claim this kid. He is NOT the Red’s problem. They have way more problems than AA.

      • Matt WI

        Now that is true. Far from the least of their problems. Whether he gets cut or not will not solve a lot, but he is also not part of the next team that contends.

      • Indy Red Man


        None of us (or our grandkids) will be around for the next Reds team that contends either

    • greenmtred

      They finally listened to all of you guys who thought it was criminal to not start Drury after he hit a home run.

  5. Mark Moore

    Cartoon is freaking BRILLIANT!!!

    Not watching. No interest in even a free Apple account. Plus it’s way too late for me.

    • realist

      It is fun to watch this train wreck

  6. Bet on Red

    Also think that this Apple + stuff is suspect at best… took forever to get it loaded… there are streaming problems. I buy the MLB ticket for all the games. If MLB cannot provide that then they should charge less. As far as the reds themselves…. well alot of potential cuts are getting an opertunity. They better take advantage.

    • MBS

      If you’re taking a long time loading, or streaming it would be your internet speed to blame. I have got rid of cable about 6 years ago. I’m glad sports are coming onto streaming platforms. NFL has Thursday Night games on Amazon Prime, MLS is negotiating broadcasting rights with with Apple TV+ now. Cable is almost as outdated as over the air broadcasts.

  7. Josh G

    yeah, if a day off from catching .. DH him

    • J

      Gotta rest him so he’s at full strength when the Reds are 20 games back.

      • LDS

        Second time not starting in the first 8 games. Though he did come in later last Saturday. He only leads the team in HRs and RBIs, why should he start?

    • Melvin

      I mean if there’s nothing wrong? Man oh man. One of our best hitters, already two starters out, playing arguably the most talented team in baseball, on the west coast, struggling to score runs, 2-5 start, brutal part of the schedule, the DH spot available, only the 8th game of the season? Sure. I understand why TS isn’t playing. No big deal. Smh

  8. J

    I wish someone could convince Bell that third is not the only place in the lineup where Pham can hit. This particular obsession is quickly becoming one of his most bizarre.

  9. Matt WI

    Just me or has Joey hit into that spot at 2nd base aboutn10 times already this season? Ban the shift now! 🙂

  10. William

    Go Reds! We still have Votto. So, there is still hope. Extend him three more years. I still want to see the Reds win a World Series with Joey Votto at first base.

  11. Votto4life

    Whatever is wrong with Nick Senzel, I do hope he feels better soon. From all the reports I have read, he came into the season determined to play a full season.

    Despite his best intentions, Nick has now missed 3 of the first 8 games. It is not a promising start to the new season.

    I used to roll my eyes when people would complain that Nick is always injured. For whatever the reason, it does seem to be the case. I don’t think Nick is a slacker, I do think there are things we don’t and are not entitled to know about him.

    I hope things work out for Nick whether it’s here or somewhere else. It does seem like he may need a change of scenery.

    • DHud

      Careful – comments like that and people may call you paranoid and tell you you need mental help

  12. Chris

    This Apple broadcast team is something else. Two of the three act like this is the 1st baseball game they’ve ever been to.

    • Matt WI

      You are not wrong. It’s bizarre.

    • MBS

      Is that you Bob? Tricky to way to get clicks

  13. DaveCT

    Dave Winfield!

    Two friends and I brought our wives to a Yankees game when Winfield was a Yank. All the women could talk about on the way home was … Dave Winfield. Especially a certain Maximus muscle

    • Chris

      That’s funny. My memory of Dave was as a 10 year old in San Diego. I got his autograph numerous times as a kid, and he was like this giant of a man; really cool. I was also at the game when he charged the mound, and Barry Foote, the Cub’s catcher tackled him from behind.

  14. Old-school


    Is nick senzel sick or not?

    Bobby Nightengale says yes

    But this question has hi jacked the entire night

    I dont know but I also know no one else knows

    • DaveCT

      If he has an anxiety disorder, yes, he is definitely sick. No question. Whatsoever. Ask Joey Votto.

      • Matt WI

        Draw that connection for us. Joey missed a few games with anxiety after his dad died. What about Nick Senzel makes that feel similar?

  15. kevinz

    Used always get on Senzel but feel for him at this point.
    Feel like needs a change.
    Until then hope see him do well.

    • DaveCT

      He’s could benefit from a change. No judgment.

      But it’d great if he did it here. I think the town would love it.

      • kevinz

        Agree we all would love it.
        All been waiting for it to happen.
        Imo time is running out for it to be here.

    • Votto4life

      KevinZ apparently we are highjacking the thread for discussing the Red’s center fielder in a Cincinnati Reds discussion forum. Go figure.

      • kevinz

        I just want to see him play.
        Some kind of groove.
        Missed so much time.
        Hard get timing to play well or to be trusted.

      • votto4life

        KevinZ, agreed. I am rooting for him.

    • realist

      Aquino strikes out with the bases loaded! 13 K in 19 at bats?

      • Matt WI

        Seen they should have traded him before that happened. Value back down. Timing is everything.

  16. Jeff Morris

    Unless…I missed it, any update on Johnathan India?

    • realist

      He is feeling ill and out of the line up, no wait that is Senzel. He is resting his hamstring.

  17. Bet on Red

    Well this one is a little more under control then the usual massacres

  18. MBS

    I’m not hating on Pham, but why is he hitting in the 3 hole? The 5 or 6 seems a lot more appropriate. Also does Bell think DHing would tax Stephenson’s legs? How nice would it have been to have him in the 5 hole over Aquino in that spot?

  19. J

    Batting orders supposedly make essentially no difference, but I would rather see a guy batting ahead of Votto who actually has a hit this season, and anyone other than AA batting after him.

    • redsfan4040

      Maybe like a Winker and a Castellanos…

  20. J

    I’m just starting to appreciate the fact that Bell has sandwiched his Hall of Fame cleanup hitter between a guy with a .000 batting average and a guy who’s struck out in 65% of his plate appearances. (For those who can’t stand the negativity on this blog, feel free to interpret this as a celebration of Bell’s creativity and uniqueness.)

    • Matt WI

      At the very least Stephenson should be behind Votto 95% of the time

    • realist

      Exactly good point Votto is not going to get a ball to hit between that sandwich.

  21. Daytonnati

    It is as if Apple TV picked the three least funny Saturday Night Live cast members to do this game.

    • Chris

      Right. This group is horrible. It’s as if they drew their names out of a hat.

  22. MBS

    These Dodgers are just leaning over the plate, the brush back doesn’t seem to move ‘em back. Gutierrez might need to get a bit more inside, he needs to own his side of the plate if we’re going to keep that lineup at bay.

  23. kevinz

    farmer needs hit higher imo.
    Hit better second half last year, over few ahead of him.

  24. Bet on Red

    Once again I will point out to the Sadak naysayers, what we have here. minus of course David Robinson

    • Matt WI

      What’s great is that they will go from this serious interview and right back to the yuks in an inning.

  25. DaveCT

    Vladi: “Muy bien!”

    I agree, Vladi. Muy bien!

  26. Chris

    I actually think Roberts is a worse manager than Bell is. He pulls his pitchers faster than any manager I know of. This kid was doing very well, and he gets yanked after 4 innings. Kershaw yanked during a Perfect game (only Roberts has done that, and he’s done it twice now). Pulls his Cy Young pitcher Scherzer after 4 innings in the post season. He is the worst, and he gets away with it because he has the best team in baseball. This team should go wire to wire for the last three years. No team has been remotely as good as them, from a personnel standpoint.

    • realist

      Uh he has a world series championship and would have had another if the Astros had not cheated.

      • Chris

        Uh, did you see the team he has had to work with? There is no team even close to what he has had to work with over the last few years. HORRIBLE manager.

    • realist

      You might be the only one who thinks that, literally the only one on the entire planet who thinks Bell is a better manager.

      • Chris

        You’d be wrong. Dodger fans can’t stand the guy, and Padre fans laugh at Dodger fans for being stuck with him.

      • Chris

        You realize the Dodgers didn’t even win their division last season. No one, and I mean NO ONE picked the Giants to finish ahead of them, nor should they have. Then the idiot goes and guarantees his team will win it all. How’d that work out?

      • realist

        The Giants only won the division by a game and the dodgers had tons of injuries, most dodger fans i talk with think he is a great manager.

      • Chris

        I’m not sure how many Dodger fans you know, but I raised my kids in that neck of the woods. I don’t know a Dodger fan who likes Roberts. And injuries have nothing to do with it. The Dodgers trailed the Giants all season long, and they had nothing personnel-wise like the Dodgers have/had. No excuse to not have won the division by 10 games or more with that staff and that lineup.

  27. J

    Call me crazy, but I feel that for the rest of the season the #3 batter should always be someone who has a hit this year. Maybe eventually that person can be Pham, but not until he has at least one. I’m old-fashioned that way.

    • realist

      I feel like this reds roster is out of a nightmare, like suddenly imposters have filled nearly every role on the team. My wife knew all of the team last year and past years she keeps asking me who these guys on the team are. Who is the catcher after he nearly threw the ball into centerfield on the throw to second base, I just laugh with them all wearing 42 i have no idea who anyone is. Except for Votto and Aquino i can tell by his swings and misses

      • Chris

        That cracked me up, regarding Aquino. Spot on. That we can agree on. LOL

    • Chris

      No kidding. Clearly Pham is scuffling a bit, so why do you have to continue to hit him 3rd. Just mind-boggling.

  28. Votto4life

    Winker with a couple of hits tonight. Suarez is 0-3 1 BB 1 RBI 4 LOB. Geno has left a small village of base runners on base so far this season.

    • Votto4life

      Castellanos also hit his 2nd bomb of
      The year tonight.

  29. J

    It’s like watching a video game where the game has predetermined the home team is definitely going to score no matter what. Hoffman impressively got two guys out and then mysteriously forgot how to pitch for just long enough to give up a run.

    • DavecT

      Like they’re playing a local semi-pro team for charity

    • Votto4life

      Even if the Red’s pitching staff somehow gets straightened out this season, I don’t think the team can score enough runs to win many games.

      Even if Bob would spend money to add some offense, I am not sure any impactful free agents would sign here in the current climate.

      So the team is either going to have to hope the position players in their system develop quickly or they will have to continue to sign players like Tommy Pham and hope for the best.

      The other option is trading pitching for some offense, but then you are just robbing from Peter to pay Paul.

      In any event, it’s going to be a rough ride for Reds fans over the next four or five years, maybe longer.

  30. Votto4life

    Between Pham and Aquino they have left 7 men on base tonight. Maybe this is the inning they get going.

    • Votto4life

      Pham is now 0-15 to start the season. He has 4 walks and one RBI. Must be pretty frustrating for him.

  31. Matt WI

    Update: Geno with a clutch HR to add to a 9-1 lead and now 11-1. Winker also and RBI tonight.

    • Votto4life

      I’m shopping around for a second team to follow this season. I am down to the Mariners and Twins. I want make a road trip this summer. I have been to Target Field and really enjoyed it. It’s a fun atmosphere. I like the M’s because of Winker and Suarez, but following a team on the West Coast can be difficult due to the time difference. I will still follow the Reds of course, but I also like the excitement of following a team that plays winning baseball.

      • DsveCT

        The M’s stadium is beautiful. And they have great talent.

  32. DaveCT

    You can see why LA felt ok keeping Trea Turner and letting Corey Seager depart

  33. MBS

    It’s sad 2 out of the 3 announcers don’t know baseball. You’d think they could have got some former announcers instead of never been announcers.

    • DaveCT

      Seems like they are using a lack of awareness to draw a new slice of audience.

  34. DaveCT

    Was that a change-up by Hendrix for strike 3 vs. Lux?

  35. Bet on Red

    Its gotten to the point where I can only say at least we were not murdered tonight. This announcing crew was hot trash

  36. J

    As if trying to prove he’s even worse at this than we thought, Bell pinch hits for Garcia in the 9th, so if the Reds had managed to tie the game, Stephenson would have had to catch for however many innings the game ended up going. But Stephenson couldn’t DH because he needed to rest the whole game. Brilliant.

    • Melvin

      Oh well. It would have been nice to have TS in the lineup tonight as the DH. He must have been plum tuckered out after seven games while starting in six of them…..and a day off for the whole team on Monday. Keep in mind he will be 26 in August so he’s getting up there. I’m sure he asked for it (not).