Mike Minor had a sore shoulder early on in spring training and that kept him from pitching during games in the shortened ramp up for the regular season. He was throwing during much of the spring, but never got to the point where he was able to go in games. This week that changed, though, and Cincinnati sent him to Double-A Chattanooga to begin a rehab assignment. Things went about as poorly as they could go, too, as he allowed six earned runs in the first inning and reached his 45 pitch count limit before he could get out of the second inning.

As we wrote at the time, think of the outing more like a second spring training start – all that really matters is getting through it healthy. Unfortunately for the Reds and Mike Minor, that didn’t happen. This afternoon it was announced that the team had called Minor back from his rehab stint because his shoulder was once again sore.

At least for now this means that the rotation isn’t going to be changing soon. If Minor was able to get through his rehab starts, he probably would have returned to the rotation for the final week of April. That would have left one of Reiver Sanmartin, Nick Lodolo, or Hunter Greene looking at a trip to the bullpen or to Triple-A in order to make room in the rotation for him. That is still a possibility, but it’s one where the decision is going to be kicked down the road.

Of course it’s also something that could happen if and when Luis Castillo gets back. Like Minor, his spring training didn’t ever really get started due to a sore shoulder. He was a little behind Minor, but threw a bullpen session on Tuesday and is scheduled to throw another one today in Los Angeles. At this point he’s likely to return before Minor is.

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  1. gregmlb

    I guess all there is to say is “just have faith”

    • realist

      yeah cause where else we gonna go? We just need trust them and route for the team because most of us fans were born on home plate.

  2. Greenfield Red

    Reds ownership constantly talks about saving money. Minor, Pham, and the other last minute signings were like putting millions of dollars through a paper shredder. I guess they were trying to fool us again that they are trying to compete.

    I can’t think of the words to desribe this level of sheer stupidity.

    I hope I didn’t break any rules there, Doug.

    • Hanawi

      Yeah. This is what I didn’t really get. I don’t really mind a rebuild, but just play the young talent. Are Friedl and Lopez going to give you that much less production than Moran and Pham based on their recent history?

      Some of these signings seemed like real panic buys to show that they are still trying to compete, but I don’t think any one actually bought that. I’d much rather root for players that are developing and might be the leaders of the team in a few years.

      • Kevin H

        I agree if this is a rebuild okay fine. Let’s see what happens, but don’t lie to the fans and from has transpired that has happened. Making trades that make no sense. Period. Then Bell’s comment about being better in a weird way. I mean wow.

    • Hotto4Votto

      What’s unfathomable to me, is that Pham and Minor cost roughly what Winker and Gray would have cost them anyway, just a lot worse as players. I mean, I get there were other components to each deal…but c’mon how are fans supposed to get behind that?

  3. LDS

    What an acquisition. A game changer to say the least. But where are Reds fans going to go? Have a little faith.

    • TR

      A little faith as a Reds fan will go a long way.

      • MK

        Well today Winker is hitting.067, Suarez .120, Barnhart .143; Garrett an 11.57 ERA

        Today Yahoo forecasters encouraged players to cut Winker and Suarez from the Fantasy teams

  4. catcard202

    “Little faith” is exactly what I have in the Reds organizational leadership.

  5. MBS

    How did we acquire 2 potential starters Minor, and Dunn in trade, that both are injured? I’m sure they could have replaced Dunn with someone healthy, since I know we were aware of Dunn’s injury, it makes it a real head scratcher. I don’t think we know about Minor’s health, but geez what a couple of screwups.

    • Luke J

      And no Stephenson either. Pham DH. Tonight’s lineup is brutal.

    • William

      At this point, I am moving on from Senzel. He has been injury prone. Too bad. The Reds cannot count on him. I have seen it all my life with some athletes. They get injuried too easily. I already do not think he has a swing that leads to being a star in major league baseball.

      • Old-school

        Are you sure?

        He was sick yesterday and is available off the bench .

        Have you ever been sick?

  6. MBS

    Looks like Apple TV+ is working on a deal for broadcasting rights of MLS games. Pre Apples Friday night baseball announcement I was talking about a streaming service buying up all the MLB broadcasting rights. I thought Disney would be the best because it could also stream games on cable with it’s ESPN wing. If baseball did go to 1 platform, the revenue sharing could increase dramatically, helping to even out the league.

  7. LDS

    India, Senzel, and Stephenson all out of the line up? India is injured. Senzel, no real news that I’ve seen. And Stephenson? Wait, I’m sure Bell’s just keeping Garcia “fresh”. Pham’s back. Well, maybe he’ll get his first hit tonight. JV? Apparently, despite his age, he never needs a day off unlike those younger guys.

    • Votto4life

      Let me guess, Stephenson “is a scheduled day off”.

  8. William

    Good news: Although the Reds are two and five, some of those games could have been won with better luck. Hey, I enjoyed watching Suarez and Winker play, and wish they had not been traded. However, I still enjoy the Reds.

  9. Mark A Verticchio

    For all those who protect Bell, I admit he has been dealt a bad hand, but take a look at tonights line up. With India and Senzel out how do you not start your best hitter. The most he could have done is put Stephenson at DH. His planned days off are driving people crazy. How bad will the record have to be before he is gone? I ask because I am afraid it is going to get real ugly real soon.

    • Votto4life

      On the other hand, David Bell would make an excellent manager at Pizza Hut.

    • greenmtred

      Consider that neither Votto nor Senzel is hitting .200, and India just got to .243 (OBP of .267) before he got injured. Stephenson is better, but still hitting .250 or so, with a good OBP. Do I believe that these guys are this bad? No, of course not; the Reds haven’t even played their tenth game yet after an abbreviated spring training.

  10. Steve

    This is crazy, why no word on sensel

  11. Rod Andrews

    I know Pham said he was on his”revenge tour”. I just didn’t realize what team he was seeking revenge on until now.