The Cincinnati Reds go west tonight as they take on the Los Angeles Dodgers. They’ll be trying something new, sending reliever Luis Cessa to the mound to start the game in what appears to be a situation where they will be trying an opener before turning things over to the guy who was originally scheduled to start – Reiver Sanmartin.

Starting Lineups

Here’s the lineup for Thursday night out west:

Cincinnati Reds

Los Angeles Dodgers

Jonathan India – 2B Mookie Betts – RF
Tyler Naquin – RF Freddie Freeman – 1B
Jake Fraley – CF Trea Turner – SS
Joey Votto – 1B Justin Turner – DH
Tyler Stephenson – C Max Muncy – 2B
Aristides Aquino – LF Will Smith – C
Mike Moustakas – 3B Chris Taylor – LF
Kyle Farmer – SS Cody Bellinger – CF
Colin Moran – DH Hanser Alberto – 3B
Luis Cessa – SP Walker Buehler – SP

No Nick Senzel or Tommy Pham in the lineup tonight.

Starting Pitchers

Stats are from 2021.

Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
Walker Buehler 207.2 2.47 0.97 6.4% 26.0%
Luis Cessa 64.2 2.51 1.14 7.3% 20.7%
Links: Luis Cessa’s Stats | Walker Buehler’s Stats

Luis Cessa

The Reds are going with Luis Cessa in what appears to be an “opener” situation. It will be his first start since 2018 when he was with the New York Yankees.

Cessa has interesting splits. Last season he held lefties to a low average and low on-base percentage, but when they got hits they made them count as 10 of the 21 he gave up to lefties went for extra-bases. Righties made plenty of contact and walked at a slightly above-average rate, but they hit for next to no power last season.

2021 Splits

RHH 151 34 6 0 0 9.3% 17.2% .250 .320 .294
LHH 110 21 4 1 5 4.5% 25.5% .202 .239 .404

Walker Buehler

An All-Star in the last two seasons in which there were all-star teams (2019 and 2021), Buehler is one of the best pitchers in baseball and has been since his first full season back in 2018. He has been dominant against both left-handed hitters and right-handed hitters. Buehler throws everything, including the kitchen sink, showing off six different pitches.

2021 Splits

RHH 392 72 18 0 10 4.8% 28.1% .198 .245 .330
LHH 423 77 18 2 9 7.8% 24.1% .201 .267 .329

Pitch Usage (in 2021)

4-Seam 2-Seam Change Slider Cutter Curve
Velo 95.3 95.3 91.5 84.9 91.6 80.1
Usage 44.5% 7.4% 4.8% 13.8% 16.3% 13.2%

When and Where

  • Game time: 10:10pm ET
  • Where: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 63°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Mike Moustakas to donate his gameday salary on Friday

USA Today: Phil Castellini is everything that is wrong with baseball

A headline that doesn’t at all hold back. There are plenty of words in the piece from Andy Nesbitt, but here are the final five sentences:

Phil Castellini and his family are bad for the game of baseball. Bad for the people of Cincinnati. And just bad overall.

Reds fans deserve better. A whole lot better.

Around the Nation

Where I’m Going To Go

Richard Fitch wrote a little bit about Phil Castellini’s comments, but more so about why he’s still going to go to Cincinnati Reds games and the journey that got him there.

Mike Minor struggles on rehab, feels sore after

Last night the lefty made his first appearance in a game after not pitching during spring training and things didn’t go as well as anyone would have hoped. Minor allowed 6 runs in the 1st inning and reached his 45-pitch count before finishing the 2nd inning. As reported by C. Trent Rosecrans just before 8pm tonight, Minor felt shoulder soreness afterwards and will be re-evaluated.

Around the Beat

Hunter Greene at home in LA and on Jackie Robinson’s legacy

Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote about Hunter Greene returning to Los Angeles this week (where he’s from), what the means, and what his idol Jackie Robinson means to him.

143 Responses

  1. realist

    Did they keep the receipt on Minor, or were all sales final? I realize he was on clearance.

    • wkuchad

      If there was a thumbs up button, I’d give it to you.

    • Luke J

      If that was clearance I’d hate to see full price.

  2. Mark A Verticchio

    The Reds have traded for 2 injured pitcher this year, Minor and Dunn, and the hits just keep on coming. To add to the good news Aquino and Moose batting 6th and 7th tonight. I have followed this team through thick and thin for over 45 years and I don’t think I have ever been so upset, yet blindly hopeful, in the organization. There is a part of me that doesn’t see how they can not lose 100 games, hope I am dead wrong.

    • realist

      They are running Aquino and Moose out there again? Insanity. With all the talented baseball players in the world you run Aquino out there and keep him on the roster, it baffles the mind.

      • Chris

        I see your point, but in all honesty, who is a better option than Aquino, that is on this team. That’s how bad they a are.

      • Capt. Phreddie Pizazz

        Where are you going to go?

    • CI3J

      I have not watched a single inning of Reds baseball this season, and I don’t plan to ever again as long as Castellini controls the team. I used to visit this site daily, now I only check in about 2 or 3 times a week, and I can see that trailing off too.

      Castellini obviously doesn’t care about the Reds. So why should I care about the garbage he’s running out on the field and daring to call it an MLB team.

      You should try it. It’s nice just not caring any more.

  3. J

    If every major and minor league manager in America were given a shot to manage the Reds this year, I’m convinced none of them would have duplicated any of the actual lineups we’ve seen so far. (And for those who can’t stand negativity: please feel free to interpret this comment as a celebration of Bell’s creativity and unique management style.)

    • Indy Red Man

      I don’t particularly like Bell either, but Pham, Senzel, Schrock, and Solano are hurt. A few years ago they were evidently so loaded with talent that they couldn’t find a place for Jose Siri and had to cut him loose. They pay people that can’t play like Moose and Shogo and then get rid of people that can hit.

      You can’t give a guy a mule and tell him to win the Kentucky Derby.

      • J

        Perhaps it’s not true, but I read somewhere that Senzel is just being given a routine day off per the script Bell wrote some time ago.

      • J

        Sorry, I guess that was yesterday’s explanation. I suppose he’s hurt now. But this lineup is still uniquely David Bell.

  4. LDS

    Senzel out yet again. How seriously is he injured this time?

    • Votto4life

      Just posted the same question. The problem is no matter what the front office says, when it comes to injuries, it’s hard to believe.

    • MBS

      No, no, no, it’s just a planned day off. Ok, it’s just 2 days rest. Ok he’s just going on the 10 day IL. Look we need Senzel to be the best IL player he can be!?!

  5. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    Happy 81st birthday to Peter Edward Rose. Pete is the reason I became a Red’s fan. Followed this team listening to wlw radio static in nyc every night as a kid.
    …..Since 73, I’ve been a fan….

  6. Votto4life

    Any word on Nick Senzel? I hope this isn’t one of those situations where the Reds say “it’s day to day” and the next thing you know he is placed on the 60 Day IL.

    • Indy Red Man

      Nick SenzDL

      I say “Don’t go away mad. Just go away”. Its not like he hits on those rare occasions when he is in the lineup. Spring training maybe

  7. Old-school

    David Bell said Senzel not playing yesterday was planned day off.
    That only works if Senzel plays today.
    Why does the reds organization struggle so much with messaging?

    On the other hand, maybe they are planning the DFA of Aquino and what better way to seal the deal than starting him against Buehler.

    Jesse Winker led off last April in Chavez Ravine against Buehler with a bomb and the Reds won. See how this goes.

    • Votto4life

      I really don’t get the whole “planned day off” while you’re still in the first week of the season. Maybe in June or July but April 13th?

      • LDS

        Come on, you’re 26 years old, making a million plus, you need to rest every 4-5 games. However, if you’re 38, you never need to rest.

      • J

        It’s the same reason he can’t let a reliever pitch more than one inning. The coaching staff has invented a formula for keeping everyone healthy, based purely on hunches, unsubstantiated theories, myths, and a few anecdotal incidents, and Bell will stick to it for as long as he’s got the job. They very strictly limited Sims and Antone last season to make sure they’d both be healthy at the end of the year, so obviously there’s no reason to doubt the formula.

    • Old-school

      J has a point on Antone and Sims. Protection didnt work.

  8. Dennis Westrick

    Before the 2022 Reds begin their first West Coast road trip tonight I went back and reviewed the box scores of the first 6 games of this season. Mr. Bell is back to his old tricks when dealing with the current bullpen staff. It’s the same approach (which didn’t work last season) of generally using one (1) relief pitcher per inning regardless of performance and/or number of pitches thrown. Case-in-point: In the 8th inning of the first game against Cleveland, with the score tied 4-4 I believe, Tony Santillan pitched the top of the 8th inning, retiring the side in order on 11 pitches. Instead of using Tony S. in the next inning of a tied game Mr. Bell played RP Roulette and lost with the parade of RPs giving up 6 runs, essentially negating any chance for a Reds win. NOTE: The Reds scored what could have been the winning run in the bottom of the 9th inning! Live by the sword, die by the sword! I’m afraid it’s going to be a long season with Mr. Bell using failed tactics! I hope the Reds can split their series with the Dodgers but a 1-3 result is more likely!

    • Indy Red Man

      Alot of managers go by the 1 reliever/1 inning rule, but it is stupid in this situation.
      For one you have extra pitchers and secondly its not like we’re leading or tied so often in the late innings that Bell would have to worry about wearing guys out.

  9. Old-school

    Reds are giving Senzel and Pham an extra day off to avoid 0-4 from Beuhler and giving Aquino another 0-4. Aquino is being DFA’d when Solano gets added Saturday to the roster. This is scripted. Write it down.

      • Tom Reeves

        Well, Aquino must have lost his copy of the script because he just clubbed a tater.

      • Melvin

        “Well, Aquino must have lost his copy of the script because he just clubbed a tater”. hahahaha!!!!

    • CI3J

      It’s really shocking how much goodwill Aqunio has gotten just because of his one amazing month.

      My question is, if Aquino is DFA’d, who replaces him? It’s not like the Reds are swimming in outfielders.

      • LDS

        An older, inexpensive cast off from a mediocre team. Watch the waiver wire. A Reds candidate will pop up any day if they haven’t already. Personally, I’d hang on to AA and maybe dump Zinter. How many years of collective mediocre hitting does it take to realize you don’t have the right management. Besides AA and Senzel, how many other Reds have been coached to abandon what worked for them in favor of the “right” way?

    • Jimbo44CN

      Sure, writing it down now. Oh wait.

  10. Indy Red Man

    This is like watching the jock give the nerd a wedgie up to his chin. If you’re not gambling you’re a sadist

  11. Chris

    I’ll never understand this nonsense of starting a reliever. The guy is a good reliever, but he’s not good enough to be a starter, so starting him is not a brilliant move. BUT, Bell has seen other managers in this era do it, so I guess he’s got to be a “smart” guy too. Boy oh boy!

    • Luke J

      I don’t think you actually understand pitching. Starters aren’t starters simply because they are better. They are starters because they have the repertoire and ability to make it multiple times through the lineup. In reality, many relievers have much better stuff (though often just 2 plus offerings) than many starters. So your analysis is flawed. Relievers are often much better suited to come in for one inning and get out the heart of the order. It’s literally what their job description is. Starters aren’t designed for that specific task. In fact, statistically, the first inning is the worst inning for starting pitchers. So Rolling out a reliever to get out the top of the opponent’s order, then letting the “starter” come in to settle in with the less productive hitters before having to face the top of the order next time through the lineup makes perfect sense. Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t make it poor strategy.

  12. Old-school

    Jake Fraley is the Reds 3 hole hitter against Walker Buehler? This is Reds 1982 Duane Walker and 2017 Patrick kivlehan.

    How does this Reds media train lap at the feet of Castellini and Bell and not ask how Jake Fraley is hitting 3rd. Shame on C Trent.
    This is malfeasance. Jake Fraley hitting 3rd is the worst thing I’ve ever seen on the positional side of things the last decade

    It’s Deck McGuire-Esque and Burke Badenhop.

    This team is 6-14 after 20 games.

    • Luke J

      Fraley batting 3rd against a righty makes infinitely more sense than Pham batting 3rd the first 6 games. So I don’t know how it’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen on the positional side of things the last decade. It’s not the worst in the last 4 days.

  13. Mark A Verticchio

    I think 6-14 is a reach. Who are they going to beat. This team is not very good.

    • Votto4life

      I had them winning 69 games and that now seems optimistic. Since the Gray and Winker trades I’ve had them finishing behind the Cubs. I now think there is 50% chance of them finishing behind the Pirates. Braves must be kicking themselves.

  14. Bdh

    Bell’s opener strategy worked out nicely

    • Greenfield Red

      David Bell is playing Chess while the rest of the world is playing Checkers. The results prove it.

      • B-town Fan

        I think you meant to say Bell is playing Checkers and the rest of the world is playing Chess

  15. DaveCT

    Slider away. Strike three. Any guesses?

    • JB

      Lol “The Punisher” only thing he punishes is Reds fans.

      • greenmtred

        Well, he did punish a pitch for a homer, accounting for 2/3 of the team’s production. I’m hoping everybody noticed Santillan’s line for tonight. Just goes to show how easy it is criticize in hindsight and how hard it is actually predict success.

  16. Old-school

    @ Indy

    Doug Gray v. Aquino against buehler on base at bat

    Money line bet?

    • Indy Red Man

      LOL. Never bet a particular at-bat but if its Buehler AA again then I have to hit it

  17. MBS

    I’m glad Fraley is batting higher in the order, but not sure why he supplanted Stephenson in the 3 hole. 2 for 3 with a HR wasn’t good enough for Stephenson?

  18. DaveCT

    The least likely infield hit in history. Thanks, Moose.

    • DaveCT

      Or on base by error — it doesn’t really matter in this case. Lumbering is being kind.

      • Daytonnati

        Even after the bobble, I thought they would throw him out.

      • DaveCT

        Coulda rolled to the wall …

        Don’t worry, I’m rooting for you. I am. But still

    • JB

      2 hits in his last 2 at bats. Look out world.

  19. Votto4life

    I guess Bell using Cessa as an opener tonight hasn’t worked out.

    • Hanawi

      I wonder if we’ll see more of an opener being used this year since the DH has taken away his double-switching. Needs a way to tinker.

    • MBS

      I wasn’t a fan of it. Hopefully it was a one time thing.

      • Votto4life

        I think it comes down to personnel. Using Josh Hader in that role is one thing, using Luis Cessa is quite another.

  20. Hanawi

    Start of the season so far is unsurprising. Starting pitching was always going to be an issue, especially with Castillo out to start. I’d like to see them ditch some of the retreads and call up Lopez and Friedl at least. Just go with the youth movement. Bullpen might still be a strength, mostly on the back of some of the young arms.

    • Votto4life

      last season some here suggested that Hunter Greene will called up and used as a closer. I was opposed to it then. Looking back on it now though, it may have been enough to get the team in the post season. I’m afraid we may not see the post season again this decade.

  21. MBS

    It was a rocket, but BP would not have ole’d that ball. India added muscle limits him at 2B. We need a real 3B, but if they did move him, we have no 2B’s. Solano? Lopez? Barrero? Maybe McLain next year?

    I really don’t want to move India, but I wasn’t a fan of his D last year, he shows flashes, but has some legit holes. He’s a corner infielder, not a middle infielder. It would probably be a better offseason move if they did do it, after all this year isn’t likely to amount to much.

    • Votto4life

      It’s funny for a team that seem to collect third basemen they keep playing the ones who are unproductive. Last year it was Suarez and so far this year it’s been Moose.

      I would love to see India move to third base.

      It’s just incredible looking back at Bell’s defensive alignments the past couple of years with jerking Nick Senzel around all over the place, moving Barrero from SS to the outfield, having Moose at 2B and Suarez at SS.

  22. Dennis Westrick

    Calling it a night gents! Gotta work tomorrow! Enjoy!!

  23. Votto4life

    I am not sure there has ever been a wider talent gap between a Reds and Dodgers team.

  24. MBS

    That’s what we needed Sanmartin! I cringed a bit when Chris said maybe just move him to the pen. I think Lodolo to AAA is the right move, he just needs more innings 6 innings at AAA, and 60 some odd inning in total in the minors.

    • Luke J

      Lodolo doesn’t need more time in AAA. That would be an absolute waste of his innings. His stuff and his pitching is ML ready. He was just a young kid who lost is command in a big ML debut. That isn’t unusual at all. And since he is a command pitcher, it looked worse than it was. But I have no doubt the command will be back once he settles into the ML role and he’ll be fine, if not fantastic. Sending him to AAA will accomplish nothing.

    • Luke J

      One more point: I can’t stand the concept of letting good prospects toil away in the minors “getting ready” for the majors. The only way to get ready for major league competition is to face major league competition. The minors are for players developing skills that aren’t at the level of major leaguers. Once those skills are there, it’s time to call them up and let them hone them against major league opposition. Iron sharpens iron.

  25. Moon

    That is at least six straight at bats Aquino has struck out…

    • RedsGettingBetter

      He´s gonna be DFA’d soon or later this season… it seems to be better it will be soon…

  26. J

    It’s amazing to me how many potentially good major leaguers have allowed their careers to go down the drain simply because they can’t stop themselves from swinging at almost everything — even after every pitcher in the league has figured out not to throw them many strikes. Taking pitches is the one thing a hitter can successfully accomplish anytime he wants to, but guys like AA just can’t manage to do it on a consistent basis.

  27. Mark A Verticchio

    Aquino has now struck out 6 straight times, how long can this go on? He is hurting not only the team but his own confidence. I think it is time to let him go. They should bring up Lopez and or Friedl.

    • LuciusRuber

      why not bring up both and cut loose Moose as well-there’s a 2 hit, 1 SO difference between the him and Aquino

  28. MBS

    I love it, 9 outs, 1 hit, no BB’s, no K’s. Last game Sanmartin was afraid to pitch to the Braves, today he’s letting players get themselves out.

  29. Old-school

    I said it before the game.
    Senzel Pham are sitting against buehler to give Aquino another 0-4 and 3 K’s. Pham Senzel Fraley and Naquin are the 4 OF’s

    Aquino is getting DFA’d

  30. kevinz

    Welp India hurt one main reasons still watch atm.

      • kevinz

        Looked like hamstring grabbed it hustling to first.
        Hopefully just being cautious.

  31. Daytonnati

    Our resources are matching last place.

  32. Old-school

    This team could be 2017 bad

    Hitting/Sp/RP/ depth

    75 wins is a real challenge now.

  33. Votto4life

    That .500 April that some were dreaming of seems to be slipping away.

  34. DaveCT

    Once again, thanks, Phil. You rock!

  35. kevinz

    Geez just when least expect it AA goes deep lol

    • Votto4life

      I would still release him tomorrow.

      • Chris

        Yes, because you have much better options behind him. Have you looked at this outfield?

      • realist

        any outfielder in any minor league affiliate could not do worse that Aquino

  36. MBS

    LOL, why would you pitch him there? Nice job Aquino!

  37. Josh G

    not sure why anyone would throw aquino a fastball anymore

  38. J

    AA obviously read my previous comment and decided to take all the bad pitches this time. You’re welcome!

  39. kevinz

    If AA could hit like did at home last year.
    Be okay with him honestly.
    not a large sample size but still.

  40. Old-school

    Aquino hits 1 and beats Doug
    San Martin is off schedule out of rhythm schedule lefty that keeps opponent off beat

    Very good outing from Reveir.

  41. Bdh

    Sanmartin has been fantastic tonight. It’s a shame Bell wanted to get cute to start the game.

    • MBS

      Also, now we shouldn’t hear, “sure he looked good, but it’s just the Pirates”


    Man, if we could only find a pitcher that could pitch the first inning. Sanmartin looks great tonight!

  43. MBS

    Playing long ball! Drury needs to play more!

    • kevinz

      2 pretty good season for drury with over 400 ab’s
      one Lousy one with that much playing time.
      Barely played since then.

    • MBS

      4 for 10, with 2 HR’s, he’s no MOUSTAKAS, but that will work

  44. Bdh

    Can’t say this group doesn’t battle. It’d be nice to see how they’ll play when they’re at full strength. Just hope the record isn’t too hard to look at by that point

  45. Bdh

    Sanmartin pulled at 75 pitches? 5 innings with 2 hits and no walks doesn’t really point to someone who needed to come out.

    • Chris

      Yep, he’s throwing less than 90, but his arm can’t handle anymore pitches. What a joke. Probably the only kind of pitcher this Dodgers team can’t hit. My guess is that they destroy Strickland.


      Its a tied game, David has to put Strickland in at this point. Thats how he builds confidence. He thinks outside the box and I’m too old school but hoping to learn this new game.

      • Chris

        Drives me crazy. Bell is so arrogant with his approach to managing. Strickland’s baseball card may look good, but since he put on a Reds Uniform this spring, he’s been terrible. Maybe let him work his way into tight roles in games, but no, not Bell.

    • MBS

      What you just laid out is the best start of the year, although technically he was a reliever today.

  46. Chris

    And now we have Strickland. Will this be the first time, including the spring that he gets somebody out? Sad that a young kid can’t pitch more than 80 pitches? And it’s not just Bell that babies pitchers; it’s the way this game is managed now days.

  47. Votto4life

    Poor Geno is off to a similar start to last year hitting .182. Today, he was 0-3 with 3 strike outs and 4 runners left on base. He did walk twice at least.

    Such a shame, he seems like such a nice guy.

    • Bdh

      It’s what happens when you hunt for home runs. He led the league in k’s the year he hit 49, said at redsfest he’d go for 50 the next year and he’s hit under .200 since.

      I agree that it’s a shame because of how well liked he is but he broke himself with this approach.

      • Votto4life

        Yeah and I think his shoulder injury played a role as well. But I agree with you, I cringed when I heard him say he was going to hit 50 home runs.

  48. DataDumpster

    Well, Bell doubled down on Strickland. I guess the analytics say that in a tie game with an outstanding! reliever (according to Bell), there is almost guaranteed success….now, its a tough job now for Wilson to come in and clean up the mess Strickland created

  49. Greenfield Red

    David Bell is playing Chess while the rest of the world is playing Checkers. The results prove it.


    Sure hope Strickland’s outlook on the mound, in tight game like this was improved by facing 3 hitters that inning. Now lets go Win this game! Go Reds after all where else are we going to go

    • MBS

      I live in Florida, so Tampa Bay Rays could be a nice place to go.


        We want to be like them anyway, so sounds good!

  51. MBS

    Wilson and Cessa for Jason Parker! That’s was a pretty good trade. I have to admit I wasn’t excited about Wilson, but he’s been good since becoming a Red.


    Both hitters going opposite field and it scores a run! Thats what good hitters do!

  53. J

    Limiting Santillan to 11 pitches when he cruising on Tuesday has clearly paid off.


      Tony is in love with his slider too much tonight, and so are the Dodgers. 22 pitches so far with 10 strikes. Change coming on.

  54. Votto4life

    Yes sir, it’s going to be a long season.

  55. kevinz

    Well That does it folks finish game up off here.
    Long season but keep battling.

  56. Gpod

    Having fun watching the reds on a scale of 1-10 this year is maybe a 2…what’s the point

  57. J

    This is why, when a pitcher is cruising along and has thrown 11 pitches, you leave him in for the 9th inning and don’t worry about what might happen two days later. For all you know, two days later the guy isn’t going to be very good even if he’s well rested. This business of “protecting” pitchers by taking them out of games when they’re cruising along is just plain dumb.


      J- You already know that is the correct way! David is still learning, hopefully a light will go off and then in 5 or 6 years he will know it too. At least that is my hope.


        David has always been this way. Just look up his record in the minors. That light may never come on but if it does it will take that long if not longer. He is a tad slow to change his managing style.

    • greenmtred

      Of course, if you were the manager, you’d have to worry about tomorrow and the next day. What a luxury it is to be free of the burden of responsibility.

      • Chris

        Bird in Hand Green. Win today, worry tomorrow about tomorrow. Losing today because you worried about tomorrow, makes tomorrow less relevant.

      • greenmtred

        I understand the point, Chris. But the point makes the implicit assumption that your preferred decision would have worked. The Reds don’t use a different pitcher every inning, anyway. It seems possible that Johnson has mapped out a plan of some sort for each pitcher.

    • Chris

      AMEN!!! Also the reason you don’t plan a game with 1 pitcher per inning, because you don’t know what any given pitcher has on a given day, so your odds decrease when it comes to success.

  58. Hanawi

    Hendrix probably on the top of the list to go next with Hoffman. Has never really been able to get consistent outs in the majors

  59. DataDumpster

    I should have gone to bed but this game was fascinating in a weird and not good way. Excellent outing by Riever (who started with a 3 run deficit) only to see the Reds come back and tie it. Then, a gigantic beat down by the Dodgers with a 6 spot in the 8th. Something doesn’t seem right about this but that’s what happened…

  60. Votto4life

    Approximately 1/3 of the Reds line up is made up major league talent. The remaining 2/3 is made up of triple A talent.

    Last year, other than that poor excuse of a bullpen, the Red’s roster consisted mostly of major league talent. Granted some of the players were flawed, but still major league talent.

    This is just what happens when the front office decides to slash payroll and replaced established major league talent with players they pick up on the waiver wire or players available at the end of Spring Training because their former team had no room for them.