The Cincinnati Reds have officially released their 2022 Opening Day roster. This year the teams around Major League Baseball will have a 28-man roster in April before it goes back to a 26-man roster in May and remains there until September when it will once again expand to 28 players. There are no real surprises here as we had a good idea of how everything would work out earlier this week after the unfortunate timing of injuries left just enough players in camp to fill the roster.

The Starting Rotation

  • Tyler Mahle
  • Reiver Sanmartin
  • Vladimir Gutierrez
  • Hunter Greene

The Bullpen

  • Luis Cessa
  • Alexis Diaz
  • Daniel Duarte
  • Buck Farmer
  • Ryan Hendrix
  • Jeff Hoffman
  • Dauri Moreta
  • Tony Santillan
  • Hunter Strickland
  • Art Warren
  • Justin Wilson

The Catchers

  • Aramis Garcia
  • Tyler Stephenson

The Infielders

  • Brandon Drury
  • Kyle Farmer
  • Jonathan India
  • Colin Moran
  • Mike Moustakas
  • Joey Votto

The Outfielders

  • Aristides Aquino
  • Jake Fraley
  • Tyler Naquin
  • Tommy Pham
  • Nick Senzel

The Injured List

  • Tejay Antone (60-day IL)
  • Jose Barrero
  • Luis Castillo
  • Justin Dunn (60-day IL)
  • Mike Minor
  • Max Schrock (60-day IL)
  • Lucas Sims
  • Donovan Solano

The Roster Moves

The Reds had to make roster spots for Buck Farmer, Brandon Drury, and Aramis Garcia who were all not on the 40-man roster. Those spots came at the expense of Justin Dunn and Max Schrock officially being placed on the 60-day injured list. The team also had one spot opened on the 40-man when they released outfielder Shogo Akiyama earlier this week.

What about Nick Lodolo?

The left-handed starting pitcher is not technically on the roster. He will begin the season on the taxi squad with the Reds. He will be in Atlanta with the team, but he won’t be used and is expected to start the 6th game of the season. Lodolo is not on the 40-man roster and when he is added to the roster the team will need to make yet another 40-man roster move to add him.

39 Responses

  1. JB

    Tough April schedule. The Redlegs need to come out hot. Hopefully the youth can bring some enthusiasm for the vets.

  2. LarkinPhillips

    How is everyone planning to watch tonight’s game if they do not have an active cable service that provides ESPN2?

    • Doug Gray

      Sign up for a free trial of one of the 50 streaming “cable” services and just remember to cancel before the trial is up.

    • Jim Walker

      If you have a streaming service or cable package that includes the main ESPN, the ESPN site/ app may let you stream it. I believe I saw the game is also available vis ESPN+. Anyone who streams can buy 30 days of access ($7 per month) to ESPN+ and stream it from there then cancel the subscription before it is billed for a 2nd month).

    • Bet on Red

      I want to be clear about this. If we have the MLB ticket. does that mean we are going to be blacked out tonight

  3. Mark Moore

    With it looking like Lodolo will end up on the 40, I have to wonder who gets bumped to make that happen.

    • Hanawi

      I’ve seen enough of Hoffman but he might be needed as a long man/spot starter this year. Hendrix might be next on the list for me

      • MK

        They really don’t need a long man early on with 11 guys in the bullpen.
        I wonder if they can get Koloszvary through waivers.

      • JayTheRed

        I suspect it will be one of the relievers.

        Oh PS. The team did barely enough to keep my interest for this year. Lets hope for some good surprises.

        Go Reds. It will be tough to win but you never know in baseball.

    • Optimist

      Clearly one of the relievers with an option, which is thankfully inconsequential. They still need LH help in the pen, but the they have enough roster flexibility for pitchers even when Castillo, Minor and Sims return. The tougher decisions will likely be when Barrero and Solano are ready. I suppose they can postpone Barrero by letting him play in AAA, but I expect Solano will displace either Moran or Drury.

      • Doug Gray

        One of the relievers will get optioned for Lodolo, but they still need to DFA someone (or put someone on the 60-day injured list) to clear a spot on the 40-man for Lodolo.

      • Jim Walker

        “or put someone on the 60-day injured list) to clear a spot on the 40-man for Lodolo.”

        The moment of truth about Castillo or Minor???

      • Optimist

        2 Interesting points Doug and Jim – if it’s a DFA, wouldn’t they just push it down the line into a Bats pitcher (i.e. I suspect Solomon?), OR, worse, per Jim – is someone else headed to the 60 day IL?

        Also, I was thinking Diehl, but he’s not on the 40 man, from the Reds website – and if he performs well, he’s surely a LH call-up candidate, correct? Which just starts the replacement issue all over again.

      • JB

        Why not Obrien? I believe he is still on the 40 and not much to see there.

  4. SultanofSwaff

    I dare say the bullpen this April is seemingly miles better than the bullpen last April.

    I like that Bell for the most part has been handed a set it and forget it lineup. He’s never been good at playing the matchup game so limiting his options will serve the team well.

    It would be nice to see the team tread water the first month until returning players and a more favorable schedule present them with better opportunities to string together wins.

    • LDS

      I so hate it when folks underestimate Bell’s ability to screw up a game. Give him a couple of innings, he’ll think of something.

  5. JoshG

    Aquino and Drury in the Starting lineup

    • Jonathan

      Surprised Aquino is batting second! I would have switched him and Senzel…

      • JoshG

        trying to get him fastballs to hit , I assume

  6. old-school

    anyone who had Aquino hitting 2nd and Drury starting at 3b take a bow.

    • JB

      I like Drury at 3rd. There’s no reason for Moran to be on the roster. He is a lefty backing up 2 lefties at 3rd and 1st.

  7. RedsGettingBetter

    it is very important that Tyler Mahle could pitch 4-5 quality innings, leaving the game on the line so the bullpen takes the game and hold the Braves. I think the chance of Reds to win is keeping the score as low as possible…The Braves bullpen is elite…

    • JayTheRed

      I’ll be happy if Mahle can go 4 innings anything over that would be impressive considering how short spring training was.

  8. J

    It took Bell exactly one day to create a lineup that absolutely no other manager would ever use in a real game.

    • wkuchad

      I like Aquino batting there against lefties. He’ll get more fastballs, and you immediately remove home for Naquin as soon as righty reliever enters game.

      Don’t like Drury in lineup but makes sense against lefties until we get Barrero or Solano off the IL.

      • J

        Putting aside the question of where Aquino should be hitting (maybe second makes sense, statistically), has the “he’ll see more fastballs if he’s hitting ahead of so-and-so” strategy EVER worked? It seems to me that guys who struggle to get on base usually continue struggling, and pitchers will pitch them basically the same way no matter where they’re hitting (unless they’re hitting ahead of a pitcher). Sometimes, moving a guy to the top of the lineup seems to change their approach a little bit, which may make a difference, but I don’t think any pitcher is thinking “darn, now I have to groove fastballs down the middle to Aquino because the worst thing I can do is walk him ahead of Pham and a lefty who hits .215 against lefties.” Aquino may hit 4 home runs today, but I won’t believe for a second that it’s because he’s seeing more fastballs hitting second.

      • SultanofSwaff

        You’re right J. There’s not statistical evidence of ‘protection’ in a lineup. I mean, pitchers and catchers game plan how to get a hitter out on his individual weakness, not the skill of the hitter behind him.

      • Melvin

        When AA really did well is when he was hitting fourth behind Votto and ahead of (I’m having the year of my life) Suarez. Personally I’d like him to hit fourth again behind Votto and ahead of TS with Senzel at #2. I’ll take second though for AA. I don’t know much about Pham. He better be good hitting in front of TS. At least Farmer is batting eighth instead of third. lol

      • Melvin

        The idea of getting more fast balls to hit comes partially from, in a general sense, of a pitcher not having as good control with his off speed stuff and not wanting to put a runner on with a good hitter behind him. Of course if a pitcher has good control of all his pitches that argument goes down the toilet. A hitter would also get more fast balls if the hitter in front of him is a good base stealer. Let’s not forget the psychological part of it too. You can only carry it so far though. I remember Dusty putting his worst hitter batting second so he would get more pitches to hit batting in front of Votto. Used to drive me crazy.

    • JayTheRed

      I have to agree the lineup is… Wait didn’t they say they were going to win in weird ways. This must be the first example haha…

    • greenmtred

      A lineup that whipped the defending champs. Good execution by the players makes a manager look good. Bad execution does the opposite. A tough deal: any hitter you choose has considerably better chance of failing than he does of succeeding.

  9. Votto4life

    Tommy Pham vatting in the coveted number 3 hole after hitting .239 last season and .219 the year before that. Yep, sounds about right.

  10. Indy Red Man

    Not a serious criticism, but when Senzel can actually play then don’t you want to get him as many at-bats as possible? Also Stephenson seems to be better at getting on then driving the ball for rbis, but he is young. It should be interesting!

    Side note. Brewers have Ashby in a tie game bottom 7th? Didn’t know he was high leverage? Gave up the go-ahead run which was former 1st rounder Clint Frazier (double). Givens and David Robertson combine for 4 outs and a save. 2 guys with save experience as opposed to the Reds rolling the (loaded) dice

    • Votto4life

      I can’t understand why it’s assumed the Reds are better than the Cubs. Maybe they are better than the Pirates, but I don’t think a third place finish (or 4th place finish for that matter) should just be assumed.

  11. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I’ve been working and just looked at Mahle’s pitchcount. I don’t see this many pitches. Have the Braves been battering him with foul balls?

    Outside of that, he seems like he’s going pretty good tonight.