The Cincinnati Reds will open up the 2022 season tonight on ESPN2 as they take on the Atlanta Braves. It’s going to be a little bit different this year as the Reds are opening up on the road due to the lockout pushing the schedule back a week. The last time that happened was 1990 and some pretty good things happened that season for Cincinnati. After back-to-back winning seasons, Cincinnati’s roster looks a lot different now – some of that is due to injuries out of the gate, but a lot of it is due to free agency and trades. The team is without Nick Castellanos, Jesse Winker, Eugenio Suárez, Tucker Barnhart, Sonny Gray, Wade Miley, and Amir Garrett. But it’s a new year and with it brings new hope – though plenty of that hope has waned already after all of the moves.

Starting Lineups

Here’s the first lineup of the 2022 season:

Cincinnati Reds

Atlanta Braves

Jonathan India – 2B Eddie Rosario – RF
Aristides Aquino – RF Matt Olson – 1B
Tommy Pham – LF Austin Riley – 3B
Joey Votto – 1B Marcell Ozuna – LF
Tyler Stephenson – C Ozzie Albies – 2B
Nick Senzel – CF Adam Duvall – CF
Mike Moustakas – DH Travis d’Arnaud – C
Kyle Farmer – SS Alex Dickerson – DH
Brandon Drury – 3B Dansby Swanson – SS
Tyler Mahle – SP Max Fried – SP

Starting Pitchers

Stats are from 2021.

Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
Tyler Mahle 180.0 3.75 1.23 8.4% 27.7%
Max Fried 165.2 3.04 1.09 6.1% 23.7%
Links: Tyler Mahle’s Stats | Max Fried’s Stats

Tyler Mahle

The 2021 season was a breakout one for Tyler Mahle, though the breakout probably started in 2020. But some weird stuff happened in 2021 for Mahle as he was one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball when he was on the road (2.30 ERA in 18 starts), but when he pitched at home he pitched like a guy who should probably be in Triple-A (5.63 ERA in 15 starts). His splits versus lefties and righties were big, too. Mahle dominated lefties, while righties were quite good against him.

2021 Splits

RHH 387 92 18 2 18 7.8% 24.5% .270 .342 .493
LHH 372 66 13 1 6 9.1% 30.9% .198 .276 .297

Pitch Usage (in 2021)

4-Seam Slider Splitter
Velo 94.0 86.7 86.4
Usage 53.1% 31.1% 15.8%

Max Fried

The lefty is one of the better starters in baseball over the last two seasons, going 21-7 in that span over 39 starts while posting an ERA of 2.84. Surprisingly, lefties hit better against him last season – though it was almost exclusively because they hit for more power than picking up more hits or walking at a much higher rate.

2021 Splits

RHH 497 102 21 0 10 5.8% 22.7% .223 .277 .334
LHH 170 37 7 2 5 7.1% 26.4% .240 .298 .409

Pitch Usage (in 2021)

4-Seam Sinker Change Slider Curve
Velo 94.0 93.5 84.7 84.7 74.4
Usage 39.1% 11.4% 2.2% 21.7% 25.7%

When and Where

  • Game time: 8:08pm ET
  • Where: Truist Park, Atlanta
  • Watch: ESPN2
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 60°, sunny, 1% chance of rain

News and Notes

Redleg Nation Roundup

The Opening Day Roster

In case you missed it, here is the Cincinnati Reds opening day roster. There are no real surprises at this point other than maybe the part where Nick Lodolo is on the taxi squad and not on the 28-man roster.

Where the Reds are projected to finish the season

We took a look around at the various project systems to see what they thought the Reds could do during the season and where they would finish. It may surprise some to find out that most put them in second or third place within in the division.

Opening up on the road just isn’t right

This morning John Ring wrote about starting on the road and how strange that happens to be before looking back at past opening days.

Around the Beat

Tyler Stephenson and Jonathan India are ready to take over

C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic wrote about who could be the next “guys” on the Reds once Joey Votto’s career is over and focuses on two guys entering their second full season – reigning Rookie of the Year Jonathan India, as well as catcher Tyler Stephenson.

Alexis Diaz, Daniel Duarte are grateful for their opportunity

Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote about the two relievers who are going to be in the big leagues for the first time this year. Diaz and his brother Edwin will be the first brothers from Puerto Rico to pitch in the big leagues. Duarte, who a year ago was getting advice from the best hitting pitcher of all time – Bartolo Colon – while pitching in Mexico, has made an incredibly impressive year that’s now gotten him to the big leagues.

137 Responses

  1. Old-school

    Welcome back Doug and RLN to the 2022 season
    Go Reds!

    Theres my optimism post.

  2. doofus


    As much as I try to be an optimist about my Cincinnati Reds, I know that Bob Castellini will meddle with this team. He cannot help himself. He is incorrigible. The past 16 seasons has proven this.

    Last year’s squad was an inch from the playoffs, what did Mr. “We know how it is done” do? He blew it up. Why? Because HE IS CHEAP.

    Perhaps Elon Musk will come along and become principal and install a true baseball front office, one that will build a roster to win, and he as principal owner will allow his baseball people to sail the ship.

    • Mark Moore

      I’d say the right type of owner is Mark Cuban. But I doubt the other owners would let that happen.

      • JB

        In my mind there isn’t enough points for this comment. I would love Cuban to own the Reds.

  3. HoF-13

    It’s April 7th and the Red’s are undefeated! If you had been told in October that would be the case, think how optimistic you would have been.

    There’s my optimism post.

  4. SteveO

    Aquino in the 2 hole? Would’ve preferred seeing Senzel there instead. He’s a much better contact hitter and can hit behind the runner better than Aquino. Plus, I’d rather see Senzel possibly getting an extra Ab if the lineup turns over.
    India, Senzel, Pham, JV, Stephenson, Moose, Aquino, Farmer, Drury would’ve been my lineup with the same players

      • 2020ball

        Yeah lol, i was scrolling down looking for it. Mostly because i agree.

    • TheCoastMan

      For heavens sake. Here’s a good idea — let’s take the worst hitters in our lineup and give them the most ABs by putting at them at the top of the lineup.

      Does Bell just put on a blindfold and throws darts at names to set the balling order?

    • MK

      Aquino hit the ball well at end of Spring Training

    • Wallyum

      Exactly. Aquino showed nothing last night, which is unfortunately what I expected. Naquin earned his stripes last year.

  5. JB WV

    My two major disappointments are Wink traded away and Barrera injured to start the season. But hey, baseball is being played and the Reds are on the field. Let’s go!!!!

  6. MK

    I remember a few years ago posts that this guy has no power he can’t play or his defense and weak arm are terrible and will be a liability. Just an overrated prospect and how stupid the Reds were to count on him. Now, trading Jesse Winker isn’t the end of the world but they can at least see the end without him.

  7. Magnum 44

    I agree I know some posters around here think Aquuino is great but to see him in the opening day lineup makes me ill to my stomach.

  8. Mark Moore

    To borrow a line from one of Kelsey Grammer’s worst movies …

    “It’s time to kick this pig!!”

  9. Bet on Red

    So, if we have an MLB subscription, will we still be able to see the game on that? My optimism RN lol

    • Doug Gray

      No. You will need to have ESPN2.

    • Mark Moore

      Yes, the game is on the feed as long as you aren’t in a black-out area. I just confirmed that on my account.

      • Bet on Red

        ok and since i am litterally down the road from you…. should be fine as well

      • Mark Moore

        My bad. It’s audio only on


    • JayTheRed

      Is it because it is a nationally televised game? I have MLB and I can’t seem to get a feed. It Says the feed is from ESPN2 but it won’t come up. Only can get the audio. Isn’t MLB TV supposed to be every out of market game I live in Wisconsin Not really near any market for this game.

      I blame the Braves lol.

  10. Eric the Red

    If Adam Duvall can play Center in Atlanta, he could have played Center at GABP. I’ve often wondered what might have been if we had solved our CF problem by putting him out there.

    Oh, well. That’s the past. Here in the present, let’s try to do what we did the last time we opened on the road…wire to wire and a WS sweep. Go Reds!

  11. Old-school

    Pirates in mid decade form

    Holy cow they are bad

    Andy van Slyke Kent Tekulve might be an upgrade.

    Bobby Bonilla is still being paid by the Mets. Why not?

    • JB

      I was watching it as well.They are terrible. Move along…. Not much to see here.

  12. Kevin Patrick

    What’s this crazy talk about players after Votto? Joey Votto is forever…when he is 83 he will finally relinquish manning first base to settle into the DH role for the next 25 years at least after that. The Reds are looking to ambush Max Fried and pray that Mahle can give em 5 solid. Batting Aquino second is one way to do that. Quieting an opening day crowd…priceless.

  13. RedsFan11

    Aquino hitting 2nd on a major league roster. Hahahaha

    • Eric the Red

      They’ve outlawed shifts from next year; maybe we can get them to ban throwing breaking balls to Aquino.

  14. Fanman

    Thanks Bob Castellini for getting season going in such a positive direction. Uugghh! What would have been the harm in trying to keep most of roster intact since last year’s team narrowly missed playoffs last season and playoffs extended this season. Then, if team wasn’t winning, blow it up. Sonny Gray had a reasonable contract for a pitcher of his caliber. Idk. Sell the team Bob!!!! Always a Reds fan. However, if Bob cannot afford to put a winning product on the field then I cannot afford to buy tickets.

    • wkuchad

      These posts are exhausting and add nothing to the conversation.

  15. JB

    India and Senzel hitting 1,2. Make it happen Bell. Then leave them there.

  16. Eric the Red

    Of all guys to call an obvious ball a strike, it had to come against Votto? That could have been a much bigger inning with JV facing a 3-1 count leading off instead of 2-2 after a terrible call.

  17. Old-school

    Senzel and stephenson and farmer gave you competitive at bats

    Aquino did not

    Mahle competed

    Its about players who compete

  18. jazzmanbbfan

    India showing off the leather!!

  19. Old-school

    Mahle on the road is Cy Young .

  20. DaveCT

    One of these announcers sounds like he’s got marbles in his mouth.

      • DaveCT

        Thanks. I didn’t recognize him. Almost sounds like somebody with a stroke.

      • MK

        Dave I’ve had a stroke and don’t sound like I have marbles in my mouth.

  21. Old -school

    Tommy pham big opportunity with india and AA singles

  22. JB

    We give it to Aquino when he fails, so nice hit. More of that and some dingers and we will be happy.

  23. Brian Rutherford

    Nice AB for Pham right there

    • Eric the Red

      +500. Also, nice read on the sac fly by House and/or Aquino.

  24. Old-school

    Reds with some really competitive at bats 1-9

    Havent seen this

    Senzel hit that 6-4-3 hard

  25. Mark Moore

    Well, this is fun so far. The hitting and Mahle are looking good so far.

    A lot of spin and movement.

  26. Eric the Red

    Man, professional athletes can do some amazing stuff. Mahle didn’t catch that ball by accident.

    • Mark Moore

      A little self-redemption after the walks

  27. dhmorgan

    Does Mahle have quick reflexes or not?
    A little higher and to the left and he’d be lucky to be alive.

  28. Chris

    What the heck is it with commentators talking to our players DURING the actual game??? How is that a good thing? Give me a break. While I enjoy the banter, I cannot imagine it’s good to distract these players during games that matter.

    • Kevin Patrick

      I’m old school regarding this change to baseball as well. I don’t like it. All Star Game…fine…real game? No.

  29. Mark Moore

    Joey mic’d up is freaking hilarious!!!

  30. Eric the Red

    Joey Votto could be a brilliant announcer when he retires. He’s way better than most ex-players. Although it seems crazy to me they’re allowing a running interview while he’s trying to play.

    • JVMH2009

      I may be in the minority but I hope they keep it up all season.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      It’s crazy but Joey was great to listen to. I was a little surprised he continued once there was a runner on first base.

      • JB

        Same here. Ozzy getting into it as well was awesome.

    • MK

      If you listen to Jim Day Podcast Joey explains how uncomfortable he is with microphones. He speaks in a manner that reminds of a person who was a stutterer as a youth.

  31. SOQ

    Joey is doing a great job of still staying focused

  32. JayTheRed

    72 pitches do they pull hm or let him go one more?

    I let him pitch one more,.

    • MBS

      Definitely let him go, his arm gets stronger as he goes

  33. J

    I don’t ever want to see that happen again, but Joey Votto is a genuine treasure.

    And great play AA! I don’t think Castellanos makes that play.

  34. Mark A Verticchio

    We are about to have the bull pen tested. Let’s hope for the best, a few more runs would sure help.

  35. Mark Moore

    Bullpen game coming up for everyone

  36. SteveO

    Moose probably wouldn’t have made it to 3B, but that type of mental error in game 1 of the season?

  37. JayTheRed

    Drury!!!! go man… Wouldn’t it be something if he had a good start to the year.

  38. J

    Can’t believe I didn’t bet on Drury for the first HR of the year.

  39. Rex

    1990 comparisons?

    this is a fun start but let’s slow down a bit

    • greenmtred

      Absolutely. John Ring pointed out that 1990 was also a year when the Reds opened on the road. I’d forgotten that, but it made me certain, the minute I read it, that the Reds would win the WS this year.

  40. Mark Moore

    Here we go. Need 4 solid innings.

  41. Indy Red Man

    Old School I know you remember me asking for Clint Frazier, but I had some Brandon Drury requests on RLN too. When he was in the AL! Always liked his swing

    I think we’re going to be alot better vs righties this year!

    • old-school

      @ Indy- you have a knack for that and also with relievers. You were high on Mychal Givens as well and Adam Duvall is your guy. I didnt think he had staying power with his K’s and BA but he’s been a solid outfielder for 5-6 years now and a World Series champion.

  42. Mark Moore

    Consistent zone, even if it’s not accurate

  43. J

    The DH is instantly making Bell a better manager by essentially eliminating opportunities to double-switch.

  44. MBS

    That’s where Greene needs to live, FB up in the zone

  45. Mark Moore

    Stupid Cubs already have injuries to some key pkayers

      • Mark Moore

        Simmons and Miley to the IL per the ticker

      • JayTheRed

        Did the Reds know something about Miley ? Is that why they just let him go?

  46. JayTheRed

    I like Wilson I think he has a lot of potential being a late inning person down the road.

    • MBS

      That’s the best! For a while I couldn’t eat a burger without egg.

  47. JayTheRed

    Yikes that Strider pitcher just took it to the Reds.

    • JB

      How isn’t that guy starting? He has some serious stuff.

      • Rex

        let’s hope he is wore out for a few days

  48. Bet on Red

    What is the history on this Drury kid

  49. Mark Moore

    Can’t dislike a kid like Riley. Moon shot.

  50. JB

    Every time I see Moreta I think of Roger Moret. Any old timers remember him? Let’s hope Moreta doesn’t end up like Moret. Google him sometime. Especially when he was dealt to the Rangers.

    • Votto4life

      Yelp. I remember him going into a catatonic state while in the shower.

      • JB

        Yep. Grounds crew had to take him out in a wheelbarrow. Lol

      • Votto4life

        Lol I hadn’t heard that part. LOL JB we are old.

  51. Mark Moore

    Open with a road win … please …

  52. Votto4life

    Golden Sombrero for AA tonight. Hope the bullpen can close this game out.

    • Bet on Red

      no, definitely got on base tonight with a hit.

      • Votto4life

        Really? I always thought a golden sombrero was striking out four times in a game regardless of whether you reach base or not. Learn something new everyday. Thanks Bet!

      • MBS

        Interesting, I did to, but a golden sombrero with a guy who hit’s the game winning hit, or a grand slam to put the game out of reach, doesn’t sound like a bad game. So maybe there is a caveat that you can get a hit.

      • Bet on Red

        the hat trick and the golden sombrero are always considered 0fors. Therefore, when he makes the base…. and incidentally has 5 AB you gotta look at the whole thing. The 4 K looks bad, but the hit produced a run at some point so he is saved tonight.

  53. Mark Moore

    And there we go!!

    Have a great Friday, friends.

  54. MBS

    There is you’re closer, Nice Job Santillan!

    • TR

      The look of this years bullpen is a positive.

  55. Kevin Patrick

    Great closing! That looked routine!

  56. JayTheRed

    Santillian looked impressive.. Reds Win Overall a nice game. Lets hope it continues.

    • Daytonnati

      Coach Lanasa, back in high school, used to say, “You can’t win them all if you don’t win the first one.”

  57. Brian Rutherford

    That’s a solid 9th for Santillan. Great way to finish off opening day. I have to say I was super happy to see some of the negative Nancys stayed on the sidelines after they got the obligatory Bell insults out of the way. Great way to start the season. Hope springs eternal.

  58. Votto4life

    Nice job by Santillan! Wire to Wire still in play!

  59. LDS

    Some good, some not so good, and a few surprises. The Reds beat a good LH’er, something we didn’t get to say often last year. Bell didn’t pull any of the starters despite the L/R change. Pitching was good or at least decent across the board, though they walked too many. First place.

    • Melvin

      Bell didn’t pull any starters? There might be hope. ?

  60. Optimist

    Easily overlooked crucial AB of the game – Pham, down 0-2 worked a 7-pitch walk to load the bases for Joey, after two bloop hits. Took the wind out of Fried for a crucial moment, and kept the order rolling to get Fried out of the game.