Max Schrock strained his left calf muscle in Sunday’s spring training game and he’s going to miss 4-6 weeks, as first reported by Jesse Borek of Schrock, who was hitting .609 when the injury occurred, as the hottest hitter in all of Arizona. A super-sub for the Reds bench who can cover spots on the infield and the outfield will now miss at least the first month of the season, perhaps even more as he recovers from the injury.

What that move did help with, though, was lay out just how the final roster will look. Cincinnati will begin the season with 11 relievers and 4 starting pitchers – first reported by C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic – but manager David Bell confirmed again that the 5th starter will pitch the 6th game of the season following Tyler Mahle taking the mound on opening day in Cincinnati – which follows an off day, allowing the team to make that happen. He also confirmed to the media that Nick Lodolo will be traveling with the team out of spring training, which while not confirming he will be the 5th starter because trades or free agent signings could always change that before next Wednesday in Cincinnati, it basically confirms he’s going to be in the rotation when that date arrives.

With that news out of the way, it seems like this is what the 2022 Cincinnati Reds opening day roster is going to look like if there are no more injuries or acquisitions:

The Rotation

  1. Tyler Mahle
  2. Reiver Sanmartin
  3. Vladimir Gutierrez
  4. Hunter Greene

The Bullpen

  • Luis Cessa
  • Alexis Diaz
  • Daniel Duarte
  • Buck Farmer
  • Ryan Hendrix
  • Jeff Hoffman
  • Dauri Moreta
  • Tony Santillan
  • Hunter Strickland
  • Art Warren
  • Justin Wilson

The Catchers

  • Tyler Stephenson
  • Aramis Garcia

The Infielders

  • Joey Votto
  • Jonathan India
  • Kyle Farmer
  • Mike Moustakas
  • Brandon Drury
  • Colin Moran

The Outfielders

  • Tommy Pham
  • Nick Senzel
  • Tyler Naquin
  • Aristides Aquino
  • Jake Fraley

The Injured List

  • Tejay Antone (60-day)
  • Jose Barrero
  • Luis Castillo
  • Justin Dunn
  • Mike Minor
  • Max Schrock
  • Lucas Sims
  • Donovan Solano

A move will need to be made on the roster to make room for Nick Lodolo when it’s his time to start, but until then the team will have him off of the roster to try and maximize the ability of the bullpen to cover the innings that the starters can’t carry just yet due to the shortened spring training ramp up time. If things go according to plan, and they don’t always do that, it won’t be long before more moves need to be made to activate Luis Castillo, Mike Minor, Lucas Sims, and Donovan Solano – all of whom aren’t expected to miss much time as things sit right now.

The team will need to find some 40-man roster spots, though. Nick Lodolo, Buck Farmer, Aramis Garcia, and Brandon Drury are all going to need to be added to the 40-man. Two of those spots seem easy – Shogo Akiyama will be designated for assignment and Justin Dunn will be placed on the 60-day injured list since he’s expected to miss several months. After that the team will still need to find a way to clear two spots. Perhaps a trade could do that, or maybe the team is just going to have to find two other players to designate for assignment.

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  1. Nathan

    Seems strange, but Zack Godley is listed as having a 40-man spot. With him being sent to minor league camp, I would imagine he would be an easy man to DFA.

    • Krozley

      Not sure why Godley appears on the lists, but he is the 41st person so his removal still leaves 1 spot to open on the 40-man for Opening Day and 1 more when Lodolo pitches. Bell seems to not appreciate Alejo Lopez, so my guess he is the odd man out since Drury for some reason seems to be the choice for backup middle infielder. Figuring they wouldn’t drop Friedl or Cerda, the other choices at this point seem to be O’Brien, Solomon, Marinan, or Kolozsvary.

    • Doug Gray

      The Reds dot com 40-man roster is not correct. Godley is not on the 40-man.

  2. Melvin

    Too bad about Shrock. He’s a very good hitter. Fifteen pitchers on the 28 can’t last but maybe a month? Lopez, being able to play several positions including SS could be a help to cut down the infielders needed with Senzel as an emergency backup. When Barrero comes back Farmer could fill that role (probably wishful thinking).

    • Doug Gray

      Yeah – when the roster size goes back to 26 in May the number of pitchers on the roster is limited to 13.

    • Magnum 44

      Lol I am trying to be positive…..but I concur WOOF! Is the nicest way to put that without getting banned.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    Mr. Doug, Did you hear any rumors about any trade? Or are they just guesses? A trade to free spots on the 40-man roster would mean you will land only minor league players in return who wouldn’t be ready to play at major level so the Reds will get weaker…

  4. Brad

    What is the the feeling on our Bullpen this year? This is the least excited I have been for the Reds in a while but noting is worse then watching a game and the Bullpen just crumble and blow the game.

    • BatsLeftThrowsRight

      Stormy Weathers and Coco Cordero are still available.

  5. Optimist

    Looks like Kolozsvary, Solomon and O’Brien would be the initial list to lose spots. Hope they keep Lopez since he and Friedl would be the ideal AAA/spot-call-up for injuries bench fillers. And yeah, I’m with the Drury/Moran skeptics – especially when Barrero and Schrock return.

    Finally – if Nick travels, he’ll need a simulated game later this week, correct? He cannot just sit for 10 days.

    • AllTheHype

      Catching depth is light in the org, don’t think Kolozsvary would be on the radar for a spot. Most likely relievers are on the hook for spots.

      • Jim Walker

        +100. But the Reds seem to have a history of losing position guys on waivers that they never expected to get claimed.

        I’ve not seen here or elsewhere whether Andrew Knapp opted out or agreed to accept minor league assignment. If he opted out, Kolozsvary is clearly the de facto #3 catcher in the org and would become #2 at MLB with an IL injury to Stephenson or Garcia. He is considered to have MLB quality receiving skills.

        Kolozsvary has been something of a personal catcher to Hunter Greene and emerged as the lead catcher on the Team USA Olympic Silver medal team last summer. He has also worked with most of the young pitchers in the mid to upper levels of the Reds farm and at MLB.

        It is hard to imagine that virtually any team that was not in a serious 40 man roster crunch itself would fail to put a waiver claim in on him; and a number of teams might well open a 40 spot if presented with the chance to get Kiozsvary on waivers.

      • Optimist

        I agree with Jim and Hype – Kolozsvary would be tough to lose, and easy for someone to claim. If they were a better team, or it were pre-1990, he’d likely be on the 26 man roster, and certainly the 40-man – by most accounts an excellent defender, and enough offense and intangibles to get by. But, teams of the current game, and the Reds in particular, want the extra pitchers and the multi-position fielders for the last few spots. Personally, I’d DFA more of the pitchers – they’ve proven they can go through those quickly, so just keep going.

        I’m impressed they’re keeping Aquino – he’s another case of some unique talents in need of a role.

      • Jim Walker

        @optimist> The Reds have a long history of defaulting to keeping pitchers over position guys on the margin. Catcher however, is neither fully fish nor fowl in this regard.

        The Brewers just lost Pedro Severino their projected #2 catcher to an 80 day PED suspension and are as shorthanded or more so than the Reds at catching depth. They’d probably snag Kolozsvary in an instant if he shows on the waiver wire.

    • Gonzo Reds

      Moran usually batted cleanup for the Pirates and always seemed to rake in our ball park… at some point Votto will need a break at 1B or be out with injury and I think he’ll be the first man up in that case. I really didn’t mind that addition given what else we have to cover that position. Think he could be one of the few surprises in this group.

  6. LDS

    Certainly not the most intimidating lineup/roster in Reds’ history. Maybe they can repeat yesterday’s performance, this time against the Braves. As long as they don’t repeat their 2020 playoff performance against the Braves, it will be a step in the right direction. Maybe it’ll be a lucky year. How many years in a row have we said that?

  7. Klugo

    Schrock seems to strain a lot of muscles. Too bad, because he also seems pretty good.

    • Matt WI

      They need to make sure Shrock and Senzel do not room together this season.

  8. JB

    Need two spots? Obrien hasn’t shown anything in my opinion. Reds won’t miss him. Cut Moran and that opens the last spot. Bring up Lopez to backup 3rd. Why have two lefties at 3rd. Bring up Lopez to hit against Lefties and play 3rd. The Moran signing was worthless.

  9. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    75 win team at best. Their first 25 games are going to bury them early. If they escape with being around 500 after the first month, it could be interesting.

  10. CFD3000

    Given the injuries this roster is unsurprising but I’m still disappointed by Santillan in the bullpen – I’d prefer him in the rotation ahead of SanMartin or Gutierrez. For that matter I’d have Lodolo ahead of both those guys as well. But that’s just me. And I’m not thrilled about Moran, but at least let’s hope he’s only around until Schrock or Barrero is fully healthy, or unless he just rakes for a month. Not holding my breath on that one.

    On the plus side, good to see a healthy and productive Senzel, some glimmers of improvement for Moustakas, and a stronger bullpen than opened 2021. With questions about the rotation and the offense, this team feels like it has a low floor and a moderately high (playoff contention) ceiling.

  11. DV

    Wow, talk about a roster weighed down with sub par veterans who can’t hit their way out of a paper bag…

    Colin Moran
    Kyle Farmer
    Aristides Aquino
    Tommy Pham
    Jake Fraley
    Mike Moustakas
    Brandon Drury

    That group has a collective slash of 0.253 / 0.322 / 0.433 for their careers.

    That’s on par with Juan Francisco when he was a Red, or the career slash line of Eduardo Perez. Heck, Phil Ervin and Chris Stynes had better careers at the plate than that current collection. Yikes!

    At least it will be fun to watch the young pitchers Greene, Lodolo, and Sanmartin.

    • Grand Salami

      That is very discouraging.

      It seems that they could push Senzel to the IF and bring up Friedl and move Moustakas to full time DH/1st base backup. By Dropping Moran in favor of TJF it seems like it’s a better move for a rebuild team.

      • JohnnyTV

        Senzel back at 3B makes total sense. He’s only going to hurt himself diving for balls or crashing into walls. At 3B he’ll thrive as a hitter and certainly provide comparable or better D than MooseSteaks.
        Clarity of vision has never been Bell’s strength.