The Cincinnati Reds hit the road this afternoon to take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. Nick Lodolo will get the start with first pitch set for 4:05pm ET.

Reds (7-7-1) and D’Backs (9-8-1) Lineups

Reds Diamondbacks
1 Jake Fraley CF Jake McCarthy CF
2 Aristides Aquino RF Carson Kelly C
3 Tommy Pham LF David Peralta LF
4 Joey Votto 1B Christian Walker 1B
5 Brandon Drury SS Pavin Smith RF
6 Max Schrock 2B Matt Davidson 3B
7 Colin Moran 3B Seth Beer DH
8 Aramis Garcia C Jake Hager 2B
9 Cristian Santana DH Geraldo Perdomo SS
10 Nick Lodolo SP Corbin Martin SP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster

Pitchers Infielders
Daniel Duarte Austin Callahan
Buck Farmer Allen Cordoba
Ryan Hendrix Ilvin Fernandez
Hunter Strickland Yassel Pino
Kyle Zimmer Outfielders
Donovan Benoit Ariel Almonte
Matt Pidich Ashton Creal
Vin Timpanelli
Juan Garcia
Garrett Wolforth

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

The game will be live on the Reds on Radio Network. The broadcast will be on 700 WLW in the greater Cincinnati area. No television option.

Reds links and news

Shogo Akiyama informed he won’t make the roster

This afternoon general manager Nick Krall told the media that outfielder Shogo Akiyama was informed that he won’t make the roster. Akiyama, who hasn’t hit since signing, is hitting .182/.182/.182 this spring in 22 plate appearances. The next move for the Reds and Akiyama still has not been determined as he can refuse to go to the minors and become a free agent, though he has not yet made that decision.

Should the Reds look at picking up Justin Upton?

Early this morning we took a look at whether the Reds should consider picking up Justin Upton if he becomes a free agent to fill out the right-handed hitting side of a platoon, specifically comparing him to Aristides Aquino as the last outfielder/bench bat in that role.

Game Recap: Reds 15 – DBacks 4

Two touchdowns, including a two point conversation for Cincinnati topped two safeties for Arizona on this Sunday. Wait, what sport are we writing about here?

The Highlights

Cincinnati’s bats went off on Sunday afternoon. Joey Votto went 3-4 with a walk, two doubles, and a 465-foot moonshot of a home run.

Aristides Aquino went 2-5 with a walk and a grand slam. Tommy Pham had himself a day at the plate, going 2-4 with a double and a home run. Cristian Santana went 2-5 with a double and a solo homer. Colin Moran went 3-5 with a double and 4 RBI. Jake Fraley didn’t pick up a hit but did walk three times in four plate appearances. Astron Creal came off of the bench and went 1-2.

Nick Lodolo was charged with two earned runs in 4.0 innings while walking one and striking out three. Hunter Strickland, Kyle Zimmer, and Ryan Hendrix all tossed a shutout inning of relief.

You can see the box score for the game here.

The Not Highlights

The Reds are already injured, but things got worse on Sunday. Brandon Drury was hit by a pitch and left the game. Max Schrock strained his calf and left the game. Those two were expected to be the backup infielders on the team, with Drury expected to cover shortstop off of the bench if asked.

Monday’s Game

Vladimir Gutierrez will start for the Reds against Kansas City at 4:05pm ET.

41 Responses

  1. BK

    One another note, looks like the A’s practically gave away Manaea to the Padres–a bat-first infielder in the lower minors and a marginal starting pitching prospect.

    • Redsvol

      I thought so too @bk. The infielder might become something but boy the price of one year of average major league starting pitching sure has gone down. They should have held on until the trade deadline.

      • Doug Gray

        On the flip side think of how much money the Oakland owner saved! They now have a payroll that’s less than what Joey Votto and Luis Castillo make this year!

    • BK

      It will be interesting to see if these rock bottom payrolls become more infrequent over the next few years after teams have had the opportunity to recover their pandemic related losses–the A’s are coming off two years of losses. However, I anticipate we’ll see teams continue to see teams do this as the pandemic isn’t the underlying problem.

  2. Old-school

    Hard pass on upton
    Dont need underperforming entitled vets with no hunger on the roster

    Glad the Reds sent Akiyama off the 28 man roster

    Get younger and keep transforming the roster

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      How do you know Upton is “entitled” and has “no hunger”?

      • Jon

        Exactly. If anything, guys like Upton (and Pham) are exactly what the Reds need. Guys on one-year deals trying to rebuild their value in a hitter-friendly ballpark for free agency this winter.

      • Old-school

        Age 35 season
        Career earnings $180 million
        14 year vet
        Wrc+ 90 with negative WAR 3 seasons

        Hes not coming to cincy nor should he. If he did, He d be expecting to play over Tyler Naquin in RF. Only entitlement and a delusional FO and manager would do that.

        If he came to platoon in RF maybe but the Angels are going with a youth movement? Why wouldnt Reds too?

      • DaveCT

        That’s not entitled, which implies a character flaw. Fair is fair.

  3. Frankie Tomatoes

    Joey Votto just hit a baseball to the moon!

  4. Jon

    Has there ever been a year when Votto actually looked ready for the season during Spring Training like he does this year?

  5. Rex

    REDS could get this Mack Lemieux guy with some cash and draft picks

    let’s do it!

    • J

      I think he pulled something on his way to first. I assume he’ll now start the year on the IL. These guys shouldn’t even attempt to run, slide, throw, etc. Too risky.

    • Doug Gray

      Not entirely sure if he hurt himself on the swing or the first step or two out of the box, but he did injure himself.

      • J

        Swinging is another risky activity they would be smart to avoid.

      • Redsvol

        @Doug – didn’t Shrock have a lower leg injury during last spring training which cost him almost 2 months? Man this a shame. He was playing so well. I hope they give Lopez a shot finally. He’s not as good but I think he deserves an extended look.

      • Melvin

        Lopez is a good line drive hitter like Shrock and can cover SS as well.

  6. Tom Mitsoff

    Interesting 28-man roster composition exercise with an apparent Schrock injury:

    position players:
    1B: Votto
    2B: India
    SS: Farmer
    3B: Moustakas, Moran
    C: Stephenson, Garcia
    OF: Aquino, Fraley, Naquin, Pham, Senzel

    SP: Mahle, Sanmartin, Greene, Gutierrez
    RP: Cessa, Hendrix, Hoffman, Moreta, Santillan, Strickland, Warren, Wilson

    Probable DL: Sims, Schrock, Solano, Barrero, Dunn

    By this projection, there are
    1) one 40-man roster spot to be cleared for Garcia
    2) four 28-man roster spots to be filled … with players cut in other teams’ final cutdowns (and who would also have to be added to Reds’ 40-man roster)?

    It’s going to be interesting through Thursday.

    • J

      It will become even more interesting as the presumptive backup shortstop just left with an injury. The Reds seem to average an injury per day, and today’s not even over yet, so we can expect a few more changes before Thursday.

    • Old-school

      Drury is a lock at 13 unless getting hit is more than a 4 day bruise

      Lodolo should be a lock to get pitching to 13

      Final 2 bullpen spots but its being reported Akiyama will refuse AAA so that opens a spot

      • MBS

        So if Garcia / Drury / Lodolo / Farmer (p) make it, who’s getting cut from the 40 man. Shogo gone (most likely) Antone 60 D IL, Dunn 60 D IL?

        The Reds website has 42 men on it which includes Antone, Dunn, and Shogo. That would seem as if we have 39 spots spoken for with 3 guys needing spots.

        Lopez could replace Drury, and we could bullpen instead of promoting Lodolo. That would reduce our 40 man cuts down to 1, and I don’t think we’d be missing out on anything.

    • Redsvol

      I’m game.
      If Drury not injured the 4 are; Drury, Lopez, Buck Farmer, Kyle Zimmer.
      If Drury injured; Friedl, Lopez, Farmer and Zimmer. With Senzel getting some reps at third base this week.

      DFA; Shogo, Dunn to 60 day DL, and try to sneak Solomon or Marinan thru waivers.

      • Grand Salami

        Yeah. Senzel needs to getting IF reps if Drury and Shrock are starting out on the DL

        It’s the simple answer and he’s a solution at 3rd base for sure.

  7. Melvin

    Looks like that 36″ bat is working well for Votto.

  8. Jimbo44CN

    Absolutely no to Upton. He hasnt been any good for a few years now. NO!
    Oh and if they need a roster spot, DFA MORAN!!
    A retread and a Pirate retread at that!

  9. Optimist

    Doolittle didn’t work as a FA signing, but it’s not a bad idea to grab LH RPs from spring training cuts. Minimal $$ and quick DFA to see if they pass thru to AAA. Pen actually looks playable, but needs another southpaw.

  10. DavezcT

    It is the exact correct moment to trade AA. Like this second.

    • Jimbo44CN

      For what another retread? I am on the fence about him too, but he deserves another chance .

    • Jim Walker

      Except there is AA at .855 OPS (.355 OBP) for the spring after strong games late in the week and the weekend. And a fair amount of the punishing has come versus RH pitching.

      I certainly understand the skepticism about him until/ unless he does that in real games. However, if his backstory was a bit different, the buzz would be that he is coming up to speed for opening day.

  11. DaveCT

    Jesse Winker is batting 0.038 this spring. Bummer. He’ll be hitting in a ML stadium this year that’s a tough place to put up his usual numbers. But, for a ‘true hitter’ (remember that term?), he could spray the ball all over the PNW. Geno is probably doomed. They are already way, way down on his defense.

    • MuddyCleats

      Not sure what you saw, but this is fm their Team Page on MLB today.

      His .198 batting average last year sounded some alarms, as do his minus-13 defensive runs saved over the past three seasons, especially at a position where Kyle Seager brought such stability. Yet Suárez still packs enough power to make up for the production Seattle lost from Seager.

      His 9.8 WAR since the start of 2018 ranks 11th among all third basemen, per FanGraphs — ahead of Seager’s 8.5 and just behind Kris Bryant’s 11.1 — and Suárez’s 129 homers in that stretch lead all MLB position all third basemen, per FanGraphs — ahead of Seager’s 8.5 and just behind Kris Bryant’s 11.1 — and Suárez’s 129 homers in that stretch lead all MLB position players.

      Have to take the good w/ the bad. Far too many in Cincy only spout the bad. Hopefully, he has a good year and players Reds got for him and Winker come thru n Cincy. Saw where Billy Hamilton made a Griffey like HR saving catch 4 them. Also notice backup Catcher / DH, Torrens – another former Reds top pick fm 2016, is hitting real well for them. Winker is really struggling as you mentioned.

      • Jim Walker

        Nick Castellanos fanned a competitive fire and edge in Winker that sometimes was not apparent previously; and, he had slipped into Jay Bruce’s previous spot as Votto’s compatriot. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to life with neither of them around as the season goes along.

    • Jimbo44CN

      Last I checked Geno was at .045, so him not lighting it up either.

      • MuddyCleats

        Agree, I believe the Toro kid has been their top hitter this yr and may start in front of Geno at 3rd? The Rule 5 pick Reds traded to SD, Torrens, is also hitting well this spring. Right now, looks like all eyes are on the rookie Julio Rodriguez and Kelenic

  12. CFD3000

    Wants the appeal of Colin Moran? I so don’t get it. Otherwise I like what I’ve seen this spring from Senzel, India, Votto and even the temporary shortstop Kyle Farmer. Real baseball in FOUR days. If the Reds still have a full healthy team I’m really excited that baseball is (almost) back.

    • CFD3000

      “What’s” the appeal… of course. Stupid spell check.

    • J

      I think the main appeal is that he’s a serviceable 29-year-old major league player who was willing to sign with the Reds for $1 million.

      This isn’t saying much, but offensively he’s an upgrade from Freeman, Shogo, Blandino, and Deshields, and those guys had 388 plate appearances last year. If he winds up with the same number of PA’s and most are against righties, the Reds are ahead offensively. Defensively he’s less useful than any of those guys, but with the DH being used in every game, Bell’s obsession with double-switching may not be quite as strong this year, so he can be used primarily as a hitter against righties and won’t be needed on defense much. I’m not excited about him, but I think it’s far from the dumbest move this team has made in the last few years.

      • MuddyCleats

        Dittos, I didn’t realize he was only 29. He’s been a solid performer w/ a bad Bucs team. I’m sure Cincy is hoping he’ll provide incrementally improve for them at a low cost. Agree, w/ the DH idea. Likewise, he might b a good trade piece at the deadline if performing well ?