This morning the crew over at The Riverfront podcast put the next piece of their plan into action to put up a billboard in Cincinnati asking Bob Castellini’s ownership group to sell the team. They’ve been selling their version of a “Sell The Team Bob!” shirt with the proceeds going towards a billboard, but they’ve also started a crowdfunding campaign to try and raise the $4,000 necessary to purchase the billboard space for four weeks.

Hi, we’re the crew from The Riverfront and we’d like a little help. Our goal is to take out a digital billboard ad asking Reds owner Bob Castellini to sell the team. In a perfect world, the owner of our beloved Cincinnati Reds would actually be a fan of the team and do something, anything really, to help put a winning product on the field. This billboard will run for 4 weeks, be seen by tens of thousands of folks daily, and will cost around $4000. We love Cincinnati and we love the Reds. Help us to help you!

Interestingly enough, the first company that was contacted would not take their business because the company did not want to get on the bad side of the Cincinnati Reds.

“We think that it’s a really cool opportunity to finally get the message across,” said co-host Nate Dotson. “And at the very least, make it abundantly clear to everybody that this is how Cincinnati feels and hopefully we can get the support and make it happen.”

At first, as noted by co-host Chad Dotson – who has been doing the podcast since 2006 – the campaign began as a bit of a joke. But the perceived lack of a commitment to what it takes to actually win, spearheaded by what felt like a sell off this offseason that saw the team trade away Tucker Barnhart for a 24-year-old who has hit .190 over his two minor league seasons, place Wade Miley on waivers and get nothing at all in return, move Sonny Gray, Amir Garrett, Jesse Winker, and Eugenio Suárez in trades, all the while claiming that the team is committed to winning…. well, that kind of thing has charged much of the fanbase to really adopt the “Sell the Team, Bob” moniker and got The Riverfront crew into action on trying to get the billboard from an idea to a reality.

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  1. Rednat

    I don’t envy the reds ownership at all.

    We have a fickle fan base for sure. It is always too hot or too cold or too cloudy or too sunny to go to the games. Ticket prices are “outrageous” yet they are the lowest in the league. Parking is too expensive yet if you are willing to walk just a little it is 5 bucks.
    Our outfield could be Aaron, Mantle and Clemente and we will still draw 10k on a cold Tuesday night at Gabp. So what is the incentive for ownership to go “all in”?

    i Think the answer is not billboards but to actually show up to games. maybe use the 4,000 dollars to buy tickets for inner city youth instead. If GABP was sold out every game and Ownership was still not putting a winning product on the field then, yes, put 10 billboards up.

    • Alan Horn

      Which comes first the chicken or the egg. It has been my experience from youth leagues on up, if you put out a good product ,that is competitive ,fans will show up. If you don’t they won’t. It is that simple.

      • Doug Gray

        Alan, I deleted your ridiculous post you started the replies off with. This will be your one warning about it.

      • Alan Horn


        You won’t have to worry about warning me anymore. I am done supporting a loser. Thanks for all you have done and good work in the past. I wish only good fortunes to you and the Reds. I am now a 100% Atlanta Braves fan(which I should have been all along). I will delete all links to your and other Reds websites.

      • burtgummer01

        Then something good came out from this article

    • Mike V

      I agree. .. I come up from Louisville 10 to 12 times a year and I don’t think it matters how good or bad the team on the field happens to be.. Never mind St.Louis , the Reds don’t draw as well as Milwaukee or even Kansas City … The ticket prices are as low as any in the big leagues , the ballpark is beautiful and very well kept . The economics of the game are the issue here. The current ownership may not always hire the best “baseball people” to develop the talent , but they are not alone among the “small market” owners in this area.

    • Challenger

      I agree. I can see a serious effort to build the Reds on a sustainable base, by saving salary paid to some lovable but unproductive players, who won’t help the team win now or be a part of a winning future.
      I’m not sure why some things were handled so abruptly, but I don’t disagree with the plan.
      Speaking of the plan, I like the end game as described in the Tommy Thrall article with Bob C. I wonder why it took so long to put the “vision” into words, but I believe in it.
      Will the Reds compete this year? I believe so. Also, I believe they’ll be better next year and into the future by spending strategically to keep the right players and upgrade where needed.
      I’m coming to games this year and watching on TV when I can’t come. I’m excited again to support the upgrade I see happening and support the players we have. I’m hoping for a championship before Joey Votto calls it a career. He deserves it, wouldn’t you agree?

      • Redsfan4life

        I admire your optimism. But this is a 4th place under .500 team. Might be a last place team depending on who they unload at the deadline or if they have many injuries.
        I will always watch. And always hope for the best but I just don’t see a winning team. Now or in the next couple seasons.

    • Joey Red

      Obviously you weren’t around during the 1970s. There were very few 10K nights at Riverfront. To blame it on a fickle fan base is kinda ridiculous but I also know why you do so. The majority of Reds fans today only know losing for the most part. They only know rebuild after rebuild. That’s not how it’s always been.

      • Redsfan4life

        Actually there were more 10k nights than you would think in the 70s. Weekday night game before school let out and after school took back up.
        Weekends had great attendance all season long though. They didn’t need reunions or bobblehead games to fill it.
        The product on the field did it as well.
        Bob Howsman knew how to promote a team as well.

    • Chris Wheeler

      How would you know how big a crowd would be if ownership went all in? You do NOT know. Assumptions galore with this guy.

    • burtgummer01

      If you want to support an owner who constantly lies to the fans that’s your business and as far as fans showing up the proceeds would go right into moneybags Bobs pocket.You’re being naive thinking otherwise

    • realist

      Yeah burtgummer, something good for Alan, he isn’t going to support a loser. I love baseball so I will watch the Reds when they are on, but there is no hope that they will ever win a world series championship with Castellini as owner. Some of you are fine with that others would only support a winner. We who like winners don’t understand how fans can support losers and you even chide us for supporting winners. The funny thing is that mindset only is present in sports, why support a poorly run team like the reds when you wouldn’t support a local restaurant that has become crappy.

      • burtgummer01

        Yeah because being a bandwagon fan is so much easier.I didn’t even see what he posted but last year he posted some real stupid stuff and he won’t be missed
        As far as ownership goes no one hates monybags Bob more than I do but I don’t act like a spoiled kid

    • doofus

      The Fans that you disparage ARE THE OWNER’S CUSTOMERS. Why are they at fault for Bob Castellini’s inability to build a championship team. He has only had 16 seasons to do it! He is the one who proclaimed in 2006 that he knew how to build a championship team.

      So, fans have to show up before ownership goes all in, seriously?

      Since 1963 the two principal owners with the most seasons in control are Marge Schott and Bob Castellini with 16 seasons each. One has a World Series Championship, the other has continually demonstrated that he has NO willingness to build a winning team and has proxies make excuses for his inability to do so.

  2. Greenfield Red

    If the latest firesale is truly about the future, then the Reds need to go all in. Mahle and Castillo (once healthy) must be traded for all the Reds can get for them. All this luke warm stuff (half in rebuilds or insisting on major league ready talent in return) is a recipe for failure.

    I am totally down with a rebuild if they go all in. There seems to be a ton of high end talent in the system in the 16 to 21 year-old range. Let’s build on that base and make sustained runs at the World Series rather than 83-79 and grabbing the last playoff spot only to be destroyed in the first round.

  3. RedsFan11

    I understand usage the bullboard to advertise your site as well, but please considering putting Bobs letter to the fans from 2006 on there as well!!!

    • doofus

      Dear Cincinnati Reds Fans,

      We are proud to be the new owners of America’s first professional baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds.

      We’re long-time baseball fans who have grown up with the Reds and have fond memories of going to the ballpark. In our lifetime, we faithfully cheered on the Reds through three World Series championships, six National League championships and eight division titles.

      We know this team truly belongs to you, and we understand what the Reds mean to our city and our region. We know what a winning team can do for a city’s pride. We also understand the unique legacy the Reds hold in baseball history and the potential to reignite an American love affair with the nation’s first professional baseball team.

      It is with a sense of both responsibility and respect that we pledge to Reds fans:
      • We will bring championship baseball to Cincinnati. The Reds have a long tradition of success. Only three cities have won more World Series than Cincinnati. We will work hard to be a championship team again.
      • We will build one of the most respected organizations in baseball. As partners in other successful baseball organizations we know how it’s done. We will build a winning management team by putting the right people in the right positions with the right resources to win. We will foster a winning attitude and culture.
      • We will have a greater community presence. We will continue to improve the lives of area children by building on already successful Reds Community Fund programs like the Rookie Success League. Whether it’s providing a way for inner-city children to play baseball or generating funds for charity, we’ll take this outreach to a new level.
      • We will rekindle the Reds Nation spirit. We’ll share our story and our strategy, communicating directly with fans everywhere who want to know what is going on. When you visit the ballpark, we’ll periodically be asking for your feedback so we can continuously improve the experience. Our goal is that you feel a part of the Reds Nation whether you’re at the game, listening on the radio or living in another major league city.
      • We will not rest until you are happy. The Reds are, after all, your team. You buy the tickets. You watch the games. You support us financially and emotionally. Without you, the Reds cannot be great. We know you won’t be happy until the team wins. We won’t be happy, either.
      Bringing championship baseball to Cincinnati is the ultimate goal. Like you we believe in the power, potential and magic of the Cincinnati Reds. We will work tirelessly to bring a winner home to you.

      We thank you for this opportunity and hope to earn your support.

      Robert H. Castellini
      Chief Executive Officer W. Joseph Williams, Jr.
      Chairman of the Board Thomas Williams
      Vice-Chairman of the Board

  4. realist

    Bob has owned the Reds since 2005 and has zero playoff wins. He meddles in the decision making of the Reds general managers. He sets up a so called interview with an employee of his, it doesn’t matter if he scripted the answers or not the employee will not ask him any real questions. The answer is not to support the team it is to be apathetic to the team under Bob’s ownership and support a real team that is actually trying to win. Sell the Bob, you are an incompetent owner! Fickle fan base? no just a fanbase that wants competency and a competitive team. Rednat has to be in the minority right?

  5. realist

    How about a movement to adopt a real team while the Reds are scamming their fans? I choose the LA Dodgers the exact opposite of the Reds. What team will you choose to adopt?

    • Alan Horn

      I will watch the Braves on TV and the Reds from a distance hoping something changes with ownership. If it does, the Reds as always will be my primary team. I can’t support a kamikaze plane.

      • JB

        My second team has always been the Orioles. We had their rookie ball team here in my hometown in the 60s and some 70s before redsox took over. Don Zimmer got married at home plate here.

      • doofus

        “kamikaze plane?” Poor analogy bro.

    • Greenfield Red

      No thanks. It’s the Reds or nobody for me. I once had a brother-in-law who loved the Yankees, Patriots, Bulls, Notre Dame football, Duke basketball, Tiger Woods, and Dale Ernhardt. I have no idea where his loyaties are now, but he probably still only follows winners.

      The need to be identified with a winner is a character flaw as far as I’m concerned. He also was a me first guy. His wife and kids always got his leftovers.

      Not a good look.

      • realist

        Greenfield Red, character flaw really? i suppose as a consumer you love all the bad products and bad service restaurants too? I think that is called masochism and that is a character flaw.

      • Greenfield Red

        Not at all Realist. I don’t need to identify with a winner to feel good about myself. I follow what I follow, and I can lay claim to 6 champions in my lifetime that I follow. I don’t need 6 per year.

        I put my wife and kids first, and Sports are in proper prescective which is someplace way down the list. And because virtually all Sports college and above have introduced politics into the mix, that I mostly disagree with, I care less and less.

      • 2020ball

        I follow another very successful baseball team, which I guess makes it easier to follow the Reds or at least be less negative than the typical Reds fans I encounter on the internet, but I’ll root for them regardless of what they do, even if I agree that I’d like to see them sell the team.

        Some of the financial decisions they made this offseason simply baffle me, but the trades they made recently have the potential to look very shrewd in the future, but thats not guaranteed. Not expecting too much from them this year, but they’re a team that could surprise.

      • realist

        Greenfield Red, sports teams are products and i choose to not support a bad product that is all I am saying. There is no reason to support a team that isn’t trying to win like the Reds, i will support a good product team like a good product restaurant. Bob is serving crap, if you research him he is a proven incompetent at selling good baseball. If Bob sells the team and the new owner moves the team they can have them. I keep sports in perspective too, and i don’t like the political stuff anymore than you do.

      • Greenfield Red

        I completely agree Realist. My wife offered Reds tickets for my birthday. I politely declined. We’re going to go to a National Park for the weekend.
        She likes that better anyway. I am not going to support this. I’ll watch from afar, listen to some games on WLW, and continue to hope they go all in with the rebuild.

        I will not choose to support another team.

        In some ways, I think we spoke past each other. The brother-in-law I described was clearly a front runner. He had to support teams that were always in the hunt, and then he would be boastful about their winning which was expected.

        You and others are not talking about doing that. You are talking about finding a team more in line with your thinking and values while you wait for the Reds to somehow get it together. I get it. I’m just not going to do that.

        I do think the Reds have an opportunity that is unique to my memory with a ton of young (say 16 to 21) in the system. I’d like to see them build upon that by trading Mahle and Castillo for more high end talent that is 3 to 4 years away. If all this talent arrives at once, they could be scary good, and it is sustainable.

        If they were to choose that path and play Lopez and Schrock and Aquino and other young guys like them, I would go regardless of wins and losses.

        Cheers. Go Reds.

      • realist

        Thanks greenfield Red, i feel like i would like you and agree with you on most things if I knew you.

      • Greenfield Red

        I agree Realist. I think my feeling on changing teams is jaded by that former brother-in-law. Other than Nascar, he didn’t know much if anything about the sport, the rules, or the team he supported. He just had to be a winner. Just not my style, yet I’ll never foget it.

        I agree that you and I pro ably mosy agree.

        Listening to Reds Giants now.

    • JayTheRed

      I will be more focused on the Blue Jays. Great young core and they are filling in pieces that are quality, plus there seems to be a long term plan. Bonus points for me I was born in Toronto Canada even though my parents are US. citizens.

      I have decided to keep a distant eye on the Reds and will continue to read and posts from time to time on this site. I’ve switched my mlb single team package to the Blue Jays at least for this year because honestly they have a realistic chance to be in the World Series. They have been my backup team for years and i’m going to just pay a little more attention to them this season.

      With that I’ll still HOPE the Reds can do something good this year.
      Go Blue Jays,
      Go Reds!

  6. James K

    To everyone asking Bob to sell the team: Are you offering to buy? Do you know someone who is?

    • Daytonnati

      Also, let’s make sure to insist that Bob sells to a person or group that intends to keep the team in Cincinnati. These things have a way of backfiring sometimes, you know?

      • TheCoastMan

        You got that right — we don’t want to jump out of the frying and into the fire.

      • TR

        Your comment is well taken. The Reds have been an integral part of Cincinnati and the metro area since 1869. A prominent billboard against current Red’s ownership is not the way to go, IMO, and would likely stir up interest in other cities to have the Red’s franchise in their backyard. Bob Castellini is at an age where people often make financial changes. Let’s give Red’s ownership, at least, this upcoming season, which with recent acquisitions could be better than expected. Red’s leadership knows the fanbase is not pleased.

      • 2020ball

        Why would Bob limit his potential buyers? I’d prefer they remain too, but thats the risk youre taking by supporting such a cause.

      • greenmtred

        We can insist, and Bob can disregard us. I find it inexplicable that he hasn’t sold the team yet. Why does he want it? I’ll still follow them, though. I’m very interested to see what happens with the young players, and I’m not as rabid about most things as I was years ago, and still like to watch a ball game. I’ll certainly feel free to stop watching, though.

  7. LDS

    Hey why should Castellini sell the team. He just stated in an interview that the Reds are committed to winning. What more do you want? Who are you going to believe, the owner or your lying eyes?

    • MBS

      I think he is committed to winning, as long as that doesn’t hurt his wallet. I wonder if the spending he made after the slashing was the plan or a reaction to unfavorable media coverage.

      • LDS

        Hard to say but insufficient either way.

      • 2020ball

        maybe not insufficient, but for sure unnecessary.

      • JayTheRed

        You are probably right here. I saw several media sources at the national level just not understand why the Reds are doing what they are doing and made comments that would make Bob look bad at this point.

      • greenmtred

        It looks like they’re pursuing a youth movement. They have added some veterans after trading veterans (for prospects), but haven’t given up prospects in the trades. I can’t speak to why the media are so confused about this.

  8. MK

    20 years ago these same arguments were made about the Brown family and the Bengals. Today, the toast of the town. Without their utter incompetence in a season three seasons ago so they could draft Burrow then taking Burrow’s advice to pick Chase they would still be there.

    What environment do they both have in common? The community they operate in. Maybe the economic climate of southern Ohio does not lend itself to make it financially competitive.

    There are not great media dollars available, large corporate sponsors are limited and the stadium is seldom full (when Cards or Cubs are playing poor, the stadiums are still full).

    • Hanawi

      Yeah, I think this may be it. Cincinnati has the market to be able to compete in the NFL, with the salary cap and only 8-10 games a year, but trying to get enough fans to come out 81 times a year might be too much. And the disparity between the haves and have-nots in baseball is much greater than the NFL, especially given the television money.

      Personally, I don’t mind if they took a more off and on approach by planning for competitive windows. The bigger problem for the Reds is that they have never really gone all in or all out. They had a window but refused to buy a LF to complete the team. Then they tried to rebuild while being competitive instead of maxing talent acquisition. You could argue that they should be shopping either shopping Mahle and Castillo or extending them to align with a 2024-2028 window. A more Rays or As type of approach would be much better IMO.

    • Chris Wheeler

      The Bengals had to be horrible for a long time for high draft picks. It is just now paying off. The Reds have already used those draft picks over the last handful of years. Now we have another rebuild in just a few years after the first one. Bob doesn’t want to spend money to help. He also stands behind this horrible management of the roster. It is right in front of our eyes.

  9. Magnum 44

    Their is a thing called Loyalty……A value that is very undervalued in this new generation… I am not old, but I am in not young, but I always had love for my Reds the Bengals OSU football and basketball I loved the Bulls because of Jordan. I am 44 guess what those are still my favorite teams I visit each one of those sites daily I am an avid sports fan. It has been miserable but I will say this the run the Bengals had this year was glorious I appreciated it. I hate Bob I think he needs to sell the team. I will say though I will always watch, and will always be on here complaining..If I am not I quit watching baseball, because my only team will be the Reds….You don’t switch teams its in your blood.

    • JB

      Agree. I’ve loved the Reds and my A.L. team Orioles since the late sixties. It’s in your blood and the Dodgers I will forever hate because of being in the same division for so many years. If it’s not the Reds then I’m not watching. One thing about loving the underdog like the Bengals is you put up with losing for so long that when a team like last year comes along, it’s so much sweeter.

    • JayTheRed

      Loyalty is what made me decide to watch the Reds from a distance this season I like you am in my mid 40’s and have stayed loyal to the Reds. It’s funny my dad used to say why are you so loyal to the Reds. They are like rocks they don’t really do anything for you but yet they are still there. When I squint hard and have high hopes for the team I could see them having a shot this and next season. My loyalty is still there but its shifting to my 2nd Favorite AL Blue Jays, who I have followed from a distance for many years now. I hope both teams do well honestly.

  10. Mike McSorley

    It’s all well and good to run with this idea, but if successful there is no guarantee that the “new boss will be any better than the old boss.” Remember how happy everyone was when Marge Schott got controlling interest? “Here’s someone invested in Cincinnati and the team.” Fast forward a few years and it’s “Off with her head!”
    I recall the same sense of euphoria when Bob Castellini took over. And now it’s come to this.
    I am as nonplussed as the rest of baseball fans as to why any owner doesn’t put the best product on the field as possible each and EVERY season. To paraphrase Ray Kinsella, “If you build it (a competitive team), they will come.”

  11. Rod

    Hey Reds fans, how about showing up to games other than Opening Day, Fireworks and Bobblehead Night. That’s kinda how this works.

    • Greenfield Red

      If they build it, we will come. That’s how it works.

    • Chris Wheeler

      Bob has not put a team on the field that has won 1 playoff game in a decade. No, Win games and fans come. That is how it works.

      • 2020ball

        @Chris The Reds won 2 playoff games in 2012

    • Redsvol

      @Rod – you hit the nail on the head. I live 5 hours away and make 2-3 games a year. The fact that Cinci is a small market should only impact corporate sponsorship and media revenue. There is more than enough population in the surrounding 3 hour radius to physically a few baseball games a year. I think its pathetic how sparse the crowds are at GABP. It is one of the best and most affordable MLB parks to watch a game. Get out there and quit making excuses. Milwaukee, Colorado, St. Louis, and Atlanta should not outdraw us by hundreds of thousands of fans.

      I’m disappointed in the last few months like many of you but you don’t turn your back on your team – even when they get rid of some good players and especially when its clear they have talent.

    • doofus

      This is “kinda” how it works: Prospective customers will determine to purchase a good or service primarily based upon quality, price and need. If the owner fails to provide a quality product, which is the case of Red’s ownership, you have an almost empty stadium every game. No lame incantations from the chief owner or his proxies will change that.

  12. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I heard a bit of Bob C’s pronouncement today. Oh, I heard fury behind it trying to defend his position, but I heard no substance. I heard exactly what I heard from the rich/wealthy trying to “rally” their downtrodden workers with, “Come everyone. We only need to tolerate this for another 2-3 years. Then, maybe we will get together for a pizza party or something.”

    I heard no substance. I mean, with the moves made, especially this offseason, how is this bringing “winning baseball” here?

    Mind you, I don’t believe I’m like other fanatics here, and I do mean fanatics, who dream of the 70’s Big Red Machine coming back. For example, with what I saw from Vlad and Tony last season as starting pitchers, I really didn’t have that much of a problem letting Gray go. He was coming off a injury riddled season. We may not have known anything about his current medical status, which may still be “not good”. And, Gray was in his last contract year, if I recall correctly. So, I really didn’t have a problem letting him go. I believe Tony or Vlad could potentially replace him (for the haters, I said “potentially”, not “definitely”).

    And, I do believe Tyler S could replace some offensive punch lost by playing more this year. But, to lose TWO All-Star OF’s in the same season, who had good offensive stats, I don’t believe Tyler can make up that much. I mean, making up the offensive punch of Nick C AND Winker with the moves that were made? Come on. I mean, I could even understand letting one go, honestly, IF we had a prospect like Tyler ready to take their place on the major league field. But, we have no one ready to step in for Nick C nor Winker.

    I’ve been on here before specifically stating, “I want to see what the Reds bring opening day.” Well, in the current timeframe, I don’t see anything happening. Where, now, I am looking to get on board with the others and stating that Bob C isn’t helping the team with these moves.

    The only thing I can see is Bob is going to try to copy the Rays or the A’s plan, maybe the Astros plan. Go extreme low budget, for several seasons, work on the minor league development, “hopefully”, then have a good young team in, oh, about 3-4 years.

    I might be leaning more to be on the bandwagon come that time. But, right now, I’m leaning to get off the bandwagon right now. Not that I don’t believe these Reds can’t win. But, I believe it’s extremely unlikely for them to win. A couple of “surprises” are going to have to happen for winning to occur this season. For instance, maybe Vlad and/or Tony can come up and be a 15 game winner for us? India did a pretty good job once he get into the starting lineup, entirely unexpected. Maybe Shogo or Senzel will bust out. Yes, I did include Shogo. For, I don’t care about HR’s. I just want to see men get on base. For, you can’t drive anyone in if others can’t get on base.

    I believe Bob C is trusting for “a lot of surprises” this year for winning to occur with this team. He reached into that bag last year, and India came out. Good for Bob C. You have to be careful reaching into that bag too deep and too often.

    As well as, with India, that was only one season. You don’t think all of the other teams right now are studying the stats and films, seeing how to get India out right now? And, given that, will India be able to adjust back and still be effective offensively?

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      Steve did you actually hear it or did you read it? I read it but if there is audio I would love listening to get the feel for the tone he was using. If you did hear it could you share where? Thanks!

    • Redsvol

      @Steve – have you looked at MLB payrolls the last few years and projected for 2022? Reds have been about league average payroll the last 4 year. They are projected to be about $100 Million for 2022. That is not going extremely low on the budget. If that was the plan they are certainly not succeeding at it. Athletics, Pirates, Cleveland and Baltimore are all less than $50 million this year.

      Reds have fielded some phenomenal talent the last 12 months and are going to field some more over the next 12-18 months. They’re going to be a fun team to watch but will also have some stinkers as the young guys learn to compete at a higher level.

  13. VegasRed

    I hate to read that statement made when bob took charge. It’s hard because you can tell he really understood the connection between the team and the city, and he said All THE RIGHT THINGS!!!

    If he got it correct back then, and he did, the proof being in his detailed letter of promises, when did he change his mind? And Why? And why go from that detailed letter about his plan and intentions to where he is now, when his actions obviously gives lie to all the promises?

    Why not just level with the fans now? What is the plan now? And why the change?

    If he wants the fans to support the team, STOP LYING BOB! Tell us the truth and trust that if you have a good faith plan, AND, if you tell the truth, trust the fans to buy in. Stop the lying and treating the fans like idiots. Stop showing contempt and start acting like a leader. Show us you are the same guy who connected with the fan base at the beginning.

    Stop acting like the enemy to all that is good and holy to reds fans and start being the honorable man you pledged to be 16 years ago!

    Or go down in history as the bald faced liar that you have become now. It’s your choice Bob.

  14. Frank

    I dont understand what kind of fan you are, when you try to raise money to get ownership to sell a team.

    Off course every fan wants a team on the field that has WS caliber players, but that seems impossible for all 30 teams.

    Living in Amsterdam Netherlands, soccer is a big thing here, people always rave about the fans of Feyenoord. They live in the biggest city, yet their team wins maybe once every 20 years, but still they stand behind their team, even in dark days.

    What would red sox and cubs fans do during the long lasting WS drought?

    we have some very interesting and exiting players coming up, why not root for them to make it to the bigs fast, instead of making them wish to play another organisation where the fans actually like their team.

    I cant wait to see player like Delacruz and some other rake. Every team is a mix of older and younger players, so even if they do come up quickly, you will still players like Votto and Farmer. So no need to bash them, rather support the team on the field.

    Just my two cents.

  15. Redgoggles

    I think the messaging should be a bit more subtle. A picture of Bob with his quote of being committed to bringing championship baseball to Cincinnati would be enough imo.

    • doofus

      There are so many passages from Castellini’s 2006 epistle to the fans that can be quoted on a billboard.

      Face it, Reds fans are faced with mediocre ownership that continues to meddle in baseball operations and as a result handicaps the front office from build winning rosters.