The Cincinnati Reds have made four roster moves today. The team optioned pitchers James Marinan and Jared Solomon, as well as outfielder Allan Cerda to Double-A Chattanooga. Lorenzo Cedrola, not on the 40-man roster like the other three, was simply re-assigned to minor league camp.

It is worth noting that simply being optioned to Double-A Chattanooga does not mean that when the minor league season begins that is where the guys will be assigned. For now it’s simply a move on paper for bookkeeping purposes. Those guys may very well wind up there, but the option today doesn’t necessarily mean that is where they are heading.

With a crowded outfield that now includes options with Nick Senzel, Tommy Pham (did you miss that the Reds are signing him?), Tyler Naquin, Aristides Aquino, Shogo Akiyama, TJ Friedl, and Max Schrock, it was unlikely that Cedrola or Cerda were going to be grabbing a spot on the roster to begin the season. That’s particularly true for Cerda who has yet to play in Double-A or Triple-A. Cedrola spent a full season in Double-A Chattanooga last year and hit .320/.356/.461 with a career best 9 home runs to go along with 17 walks and 50 strikeouts in 106 games. When the Double-A season was over he moved up to Triple-A for the final 9 games of the season where he picked up his 10th homer of the year. With more upper level experience he probably had a better chance than Cerda, but still was in a situation where a lot of things would need to go just right for him to grab a spot on the roster.

A similar thing can be said for James Marinan. The big right-handed starter struggled at times in 2021 in Low-A. He turned things around late in the season and made his final two starts of the year in High-A Dayton. He’s got plenty of stuff, but consistency was a bit of a problem for him and he’s got no upper minor league experience. His chances of getting a spot on the roster out of spring were slim-and-none.

Jared Solomon missed all of the 2021 season after having Tommy John surgery. Back in 2019 he pitched at both levels of A-ball and posted a 3.98 ERA in 26 starts. He flashed plenty of stuff, but had some control issues at times, walking 61 batters with 111 strikeouts (and hitting 10 others) in 115.1 innings pitched. While his chances were higher than Marinan’s were to grab a spot, the Reds have a lot of arms to look at in the bullpen with more experience and it could give them more time to continue looking at Solomon in the rotation if that’s the route they choose.

This leaves 61 players remaining in big league camp for the Reds. With rosters set for 28 players in April there are still going to be at least 31 cuts to be made. Tejay Antone and Justin Dunn are going to begin the year on the injured list, so we’re not including those two in the numbers.

10 Responses

  1. Rednat

    i’m starting to understand Bell’s statement that “we will be better in a weird way”. With Winker and Suarez gone we may not hit the homeruns we did last year but we should be more fluid on the bases and may be better defensively. i am slowly but surely becoming more interested in the 2022 season. So far we have been producing runs in spring training at a high clip. I don’t remember the last time we did this. maybe 1987? and that was a fun year

    • KG

      Yep, I agree. If we can get a healthy season out of Senzel we might just surprise a lot of people.

      • TR

        Castellano was the leader last year. The emergence of a leader such as Senzel could be the key to a good season.

      • AC

        Is this the 3rd or 4th year in a row we’ve said that? At this point I’ll believe it when I see it.

      • greenmtred

        We’ve probably said it every year before the real games start. We weren’t wrong last year, though.

  2. SOQ

    And if Moose and Pham can get close to their pre-injury forms, this could be an exciting season

  3. Pat Conrad

    Moustakas was not a good pickup for the reds. His time in the majors is just about finished. In my opinion he’s not even a good choice fot DH. He looks lost at the plate. Even worse than Suarez was last year.

    • MuddyCleats

      Except for Suarez played & was available all season. Likewise, Suarez actually produced. Third? N HRs & RBIs – more than Winker. 4th in Runs, 6 behind Winker, yet Winker soooo much better

      • wkuchad

        You continue to talk up Suarez’s terrible year last year. Again, I’m a fan of Suarez, but last year was really, really bad.

        Compare Suarez’s OPS to all other qualified 3B last year – he’s dead last.

      • Old Big Ed

        Chad has the correct opinion on Suarez’s 2021 season.

        It could be fair to state that Suarez in the last month may have stopped his ritualized over-swinging, but the emphasis is “may have stopped.” The fact of the matter is that Suarez was atrocious last year.

        Another fact of the matter is that Moustakas was atrocious last year. He tried to play through the unplay-throughable plantar fasciitis condition, and the Reds should not have allowed that. So it is theoretically possible that Moustakas can recover and be worth maybe one-quarter of what his salary is, but the emphasis here is on “theoretically possible.” I would like his chances better if he didn’t fill his uniform in much the same manner that Derek Johnson does.