The Cincinnati Reds have agreed to contracts for the 2022 season with pitchers Luis Castillo, Luis Cessa, Jeff Hoffman, and infielder Kyle Farmer – avoiding arbitration with all four players. Kiley McDaniel of ESPN reports that Castillo will get $7.35M, Farmer will get $3.155M, Cessa will get $1.8M, and Hoffman $925,000 for the upcoming year.

Earlier today we learned that Luis Castillo may miss opening day after a sore shoulder set him back a little bit in preparation for the season. The right-handed starter has never landed on the injured list during his career. He’s currently throwing, but with opening day taking place in just two-and-a-half weeks, it’s tough to see how he will be ready to go when Cincinnati gets started in Atlanta on April 7th unless he’s going to be counted on for only one or two innings. However, with Major League Baseball and the Players Association coming to an agreement that there will be expanded rosters in April of 28 players this season (Joel Sherman of the New York Post had this information first), perhaps that is exactly what could happen as the team will have additional pitchers on the roster to bridge the gap for starters who aren’t going to be ready to give teams 5-7 innings during the first week or two of the season due to the late start to spring training and the short ramp up.

MLB Trade Rumors is usually pretty good with their arbitration projections and they were pretty good with the Reds from today’s agreements. Kyle Farmer came out ahead by quite a bit, but overall they were close.

Player MLBTR Actual
Luis Castillo $7.6M $7.35M
Kyle Farmer $2.2M $3.155M
Luis Cessa $1.6M $1.8M
Jeff Hoffman $1.1M $925k

After also coming to an agreement on a deal with Nick Senzel and Tyler Naquin on Monday, the Reds are left with Lucas Sims on the arbitration table. As of 1pm ET on Tuesday, teams and players had to file their numbers for arbitration. Deals can and have been agreed to after that deadline. Many teams, though, have generally gone to the file and trial approach, where once the deadline comes and goes they no longer try to negotiate a deal and just head to arbitration to argue for the salary they want to pay.

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  1. Old-school

    Opening Day is 15 days away and I see 3 main storylines.

    1.) Starting pitching, starting pitching,starting pitching. On the 40 man roster, only someone named Zach Godley has pitched more than 1 inning. That’s it. Season starts in Atlanta Thursday 2 weeks with Max Fried, Ian Anderson, Charlie Morton. Reds rotation is whom? This is emerging as the biggest storyline of spring training. If you dont have SP, you are a 90 loss team

    2.) Jon India is the best player on this team. Nick Senzel is 100% and playing well. Those 2 players could heal a lot of ailments as right handed hitters playing every day at 2b and CF.

    3.) Lots of Ex-reds piling on the owner. Nick Castellanos…fair enough. That guy can say whatever he wants. Baller. Wade Miley and Alex Wood and Zach Cozart- they’ve been paid tens of millions of guaranteed money sitting on the bench spitting sun seeds whining how bad they have it in MLB injured.

    • MuddyCleats

      Agree, I think Stephenson is a big part of pt #2. His bat needs to b in the lineup everyday. This makes backup catcher very important IMO. I like Garcia; he makes loud contact just not enough of it if you can believe his past write ups that is?

      • MK

        You know Muddy trading Barnhart was away to get Stephenson in the lineup and management has been trashed about it. And though I was disappointed they did not get a bigger return but I am confident due diligence was done to get the best deal possible.

    • Dan

      Re: #3 – I have no problem at all w/ anything those former Reds have said. In fact, I thought everything they said was totally fair. What did they say that you object to?

      I’d rather judge people’s opinions based on their substance, not on whether they were “ballers” – whatever that is.

      By the way, if you need to be a “baller” to have a valid opinion re: the Reds ownership, then we might as well shut down this website, b/c I doubt any of us (including me, and including you) would fit that description.

      • Dan

        Re: #2 – I totally agree w/ you there, Old School. India is the man, and has a little of that swagger and energy that we need (like Castellanos brought), in addition to being a really good player.

        And I sure hope Senzel can just stay healthy, and do his thing! The poor guy has never had that chance – he’s just snakebit. He still has a ton of talent, and is still pretty young.

        These are solid reasons for optimism.

      • Old-school

        Competitor who plays with intensity and passion and shows up every day and leads by example

        Alex Wood collected $9 million dollars as a Red and never played

        Miley was great in 2021 but injured in 2020 – made out pretty well

        Cozart cashed in at 3/$38 mil and literally didn’t finish his contract

        Those guys have zero credibility complaining about a system in which they had zero risk for performance and cashed in tens of millions

  2. Jeffrey Oakley

    Well look for Farmer to be next to go. He is getting too expensive for the fruits and vegetables man.

    • Votto4life

      I’m OK with that. There will soon be better and cheaper options. Maybe he will moved at the deadline. The Reds can finish last without him.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    No extension for Luis Castillo so we have him until 2023 when he becomes free agent and The FO/Ownership will not offer a multi-year contract letting him go…

    • TheCoastMan

      They’ll trade him for a bag of peanuts before then.

    • AMDG

      He’s potentially a trade deadline casualty. Especially if Greene and Lodolo show they can pitch halfway decent at the MLB level.

      Last season he was sporting an ERA north of 5.00 at the beginning of July, so his value was deflated.

      But from that point forward, his ERA was sub 3.00

      If he picks up where he left off in 2021, he could bring a significant trade return (unless the reds water it down by insisting Moose or Shogo get added to the deal).

      He could bring in a huge return via trade, although I don’t trust the Reds front office enough to make a competent trade equal to his market value.

    • MuddyCleats

      Maybe find out what’s wrong w/ his shoulder b4 offering an extension that MIGHT b hard to move later on…….? Luv the guy, but maybe we’ve seen his best?? Hopefully he get’s healthy, regains form and gives the Reds some really good options later on?

      Reds appear to need a quality young player – OF or 1st/3B type seems like a need at this pt?

  4. Grand Salami

    Where’s payroll now that nearly all the proverbial dust has settled?

  5. Krozley

    Mahle’s arbitration also needs settled.

    • Krozley

      Apparently settled, but can’t find terms.

    • BK

      While agree with his sentiments, a CBA more like the other major sports would solve this problem, but alas we’re stuck with one that advantages large market teams (his Giant’s easily fit in that category) and elite players above competition and a pay structure aligned to reward the most productive players.

      • Votto4life

        I agree BK which is why I wasn’t excited when the latest CBA as it didn’t address competitive balance. So now, fans of teams like the Reds will have to wait another 5 or 6 years and hope it is addressed in the next CBA.

        I wish MLB would adopt a hard salary floor
        and cap. There is such a wide gap between the owners who are willing to spend and those who are not.

        If an owner purposely tanks, then they should be put on a closely monitored corrective action plan. If they are unable or unwilling to sufficiently fund their team then they should be forced to sell.

        Owners who refuse to invest enough capitol into their teams to compete are causing irreparable damages to the game in markets they operate in. MLB has a vital interest in keeping those markets viable.

      • BK

        @Votto, I totally agree with everything you said.

        @Jeffrey, I would characterize the Twins as a mid-market team; the Twin Cities are the 14th largest media market according to Nielsen ratings.

        The Cardinals are a smaller-market team (#23) that has at least mid-market revenues. When they rebuilt Busch stadium, they developed a city block outside of their RF bleachers that is a huge revenue generator AND they ALWAYS field a competitive team which drives hire gate revenues. In short, they are really well run.

        The Brewers and the Reds are similar, #37 and #36 respectively. Looking at payrolls over a multiyear period the Reds spend similarly to the Twins and Brewers.

        But here’s my point, Pederson’s team has between $160M and $200M annual revenue advantage over the 3 teams he chose to call out. He signed with a large market team and has never played for a small market team–teams that have a structural advantage to survive free agent contracts that go under and can overcome losses from a pandemic with relative ease.

  6. Magnum 44

    I wasn’t upset with Tucker getting traded but I will be honest I think the Gray trade stunk if they held onto him they could of got more at the deadline. Obviously the Winker Suarez trade. If Geno and Gray come back we are in contention they can’t trade them without backlash…..I think Bob Bananas told Krall “make sure we suck”

    • Jeffrey Oakley

      The day of the small market is on its way out. The new breed of owners are mega rich and don’t worry about the fiscal budget all that much. They know if they put a winning product on the field the value of the franchise will grow exponentially. They are in it to buy it for a billion and sell it for two. Bob can’t afford to do that according to him so he needs to sell. He and his people would realize almost a billion dollars gain if he did that. Not a bad investment. Sell it Bob it is more money than you will ever see selling fruits and vegetables. Although he can’t be too bad off, he jjusr SD a spa on Arizona over the w I nter for 85 million. The plain and simple facts are these: he lied to us when he said he would bring a championship back here. He is a very small fish in a big pond that is MLB and the fans deserve better, and oh by the way his act as a nice old man is a fraud…just ask Hal McCoy. Let a guy like John Barret put a group together to buy what is considered a cherished franchise from a guy that doesn’t deserve it and let Bob ride off into the sunset. We all would be better off.

      • Votto4life

        I really hope Bob does sell but the others owners will need to on the same page.